Episode 4 | March 30, 2021

Stellar Experiences: The Money Block Release Process by Claudia Arnold-Sawaf

A Personal Note From Orion

It is your birthright to be affluent. Abundance is not just a concept. It is something you can actively obtain as long as you have the right mindset for it. What makes it difficult to accomplish such a thing begins in the mind. How your brain is wired today says a lot about what you’re destined for tomorrow. However, if ever you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t worry. That’s what’s beautiful about us and our minds; we all have the power to change them. 

In this exceptional Stellar Experience with the incredible Claudia Arnold-Sawaf, you will learn some essential traits that will help you achieve affluence. Get in the flow when you tune in to this short guide. 

Claudia is a wealth manager who empowers and educates her clients to elevate their money stories and gain confidence. She “un-complicates” the money game and helps her community eliminate anxiety and make peace with money to create massive shifts in their lives. If you haven’t tuned in to her Stellar Life podcast interview, I highly recommend checking it out if you like this mini-episode. She has so much great advice on how women can grow and manage their finances better. Without further ado, on with the show!



About Today’s Show

In his book, Creating Affluence, Deepak Chopra provides us with the A to Z steps to a richer life. He says that being affluent or, as I’d like to say, being in a state of affluence is our natural state. We just need to restore the memory of what we already know. Knowing that it is our birthright to live in abundance and in the flow, it is my intention today to share with you the three keys and action steps to pave the way. 

The first is being aware of our stories that we attach to money and abundance. Stories can be like carrying around extra baggage, and then the journey becomes more challenging. I recently heard the story of two monks on a canoe going downstream of this beautiful river. Then they reached a point on the river where they decided to tie the canoe to a tree to climb up a mountain. You see, carrying extra baggage would equate to these two monks carrying the canoe up with them, when what they need is the extra energy and alertness as they maneuver through the forest to successfully reach the mountaintop. 

Here’s what I’d like you to do. Find a quiet spot, a favorite pen, and a journal. What I’d like you to start thinking about and writing down is, when in your life have you made what you perceive a mistake around money? Journal and feel what it may feel. Where in your body do you start to feel uncomfortable? Triggers and emotions always start in the body; it attaches to the knot in the throat and stomach pains. Just be aware of those and gently let them go. Now go back to your childhood and ask yourself, how was I raised around money? What was talked about when I was five years old, six years old, full of desires and dreams and hopes? What are the three phrases I learned and overheard? Write those down as well. And I’m going to ask you, do these beliefs still serve you today? 

This brings me to my second key. The second key to paving the way to abundance and affluence is the art of letting go, just like the two monks decided to keep the canoe down by the river to walk up the mountain. Letting go of old stories, opinions, judgments around money is a key to unlock affluence and abundance. When we hold on to negative events, we judge them, we possibly even beat up on ourselves. We create blockages, and those blockages essentially block our natural state of affluence. Oftentimes, unwanted situations will repeat and keep surfacing until such time that we simply let go. 

Easier said than done, right? Well, let’s journal and review everything you know about them. Let’s see what these failures, mistakes, and stories you created were and how you experienced them. And now simply and lovingly accept them. Yes, you’re right. I’m asking you to simply accept that what happened in the past happened. And now know that these were part of your history. They were part of your journey; they were part of your learning. And know that it’s okay to let them go. Do not judge them. We’re not even looking for forgiveness at this point. 

All we want you to do is just let them go and be back in your power, your strong core, and be empowered. You may want to use methods such as tapping or simply meditation to take all these stories lovingly. Pack the old beliefs, the failures, the bad emotions, put them all inside a beautiful box. And tie a beautiful ribbon around this box. Now gently release the box in the river. Watch it float downstream underway. As your box floats away, you look up into the deep blue sky. What appears right in front of you is this beautiful, colorful rainbow. 

Now that you let your box go and all those old stories, the third key to affluence and abundance is to take action. Take inventory. The most meaningful way to do so is to first go through a values exercise. I’d like you to spend some uninterrupted time to renew your commitment to your values. Why is this such an important step? There are two types of values in our life, the means value, and an end value. And money is a means of value; it’s the means to the end. When we can identify our core values and use money in such a way that it is aligned to our deepest core values, we now take part in the universal exchange of giving and receiving our state of affluence, our birthright. We spend and give money in meaningful ways. By doing so, we create the flow to receiving money from both expected but also unexpected sources. 

Now, take your journal and write down as many values that you can think of. We will help you with this. We will also post a very lengthy list of values for you. And then circle your top 10 values, and then bring it further down to your top five. As you review those top five values, I’d like you to now take inventory of your current spending patterns. I know I’m going to ask you to look there. And yes, awareness and being alert to your spending are part of this exercise. But again, without judgment. If a negative emotion triggers or surfaces, just gently let it go. Put it in that box, release it down the stream. 

Now highlight where you spend money that is not aligned with your top five values and look at ways to reduce or remove those expenditures altogether. Then use a different color and highlight all those expenditures that made you feel really good. Something that’s truly aligned with your core; where you gave to an institution, and you know you made an impact. Bit by bit as you continue doing this exercise, you’ll be able to live and use money as a means to your values. Remember, in all these exercises and all this process, be kind to yourself and just know you’re worthy. You are worthy to receive abundance, live in flow, have a just joy-filled rich life, and live an affluent life. Be kind to yourself and live in affluence.

Check out Claudia Arnold-Sawaf’s interview with Orion.

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Claudia Arnold-Sawaf is a wealth manager who empowers and educates her clients to elevate their money stories, and gain confidence. She “un-complicates” the money game and help her community eliminate anxiety, make peace with money to create a massive shift In their lives!


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