Episode 14 | February 8, 2022

Stellar Experiences: Soul Retrieval Meditation with Burge Smith-Lyons

A Personal Note from Orion

Your spiritual health involves determining your purpose and knowing what brings you joy and contentment. Being disconnected from your soul can lower your overall quality of life. Soul retrieval meditation is a powerful means of healing to take back pieces of yourself that you have left with your past. 

In today’s Stellar Experience, Burge Smith-Lyons guides you through a soul retrieval meditation. A lost soul can result from events that don’t align with your soul, including traumatic experiences, abusive relationships, or simply disregarding your passions and interests. Soul retrieval meditation helps re-integrate these parts of yourself to feel whole, centered, and aligned in your energy field.

Burge Smith-Lyons is president and CEO of Essence of Being®, Inc. For more than 40 years, she has helped thousands of men, women, children and companies globally with emotional and spiritual healing, self-development, communication techniques, team building, and leadership development. She specializes in helping people identify their “Bubble Talk” — subconscious negative self-talk that blocks them from achieving what they want in life.

Get ready, find a quiet space, and meditate with Burge Smith-Lyons!



About Today’s Show

Just listen to my voice. You’re perfectly safe. Allow yourself just to let go of your body, let go of your thoughts. You’re perfectly safe.

Imagine a meadow. In the distance is a large ancient tree. This meadow feels so beautiful. You feel the sun on your face. You see this ancient tree in the distance. You feel the flowers in the meadow, grass on your feet walking toward the tree.

You’re going to the tree; connect with it now. It’s beautiful, old, and sacred. Feel the bark. All of a sudden, you see a door appear in the tree. Go ahead and open the door. 

You’re inside the tree trunk. Feel the energy of the tree and find yourself looking around, feeling safe and warm. And you see stairs, and you go down. Walk down the stairs. Circular staircase going down, down into the roots. 

You are feeling the roots getting longer and thinner until you are actually in the cells of the roots. Explore and move into the soil. Smell what it smells like, the belly of the Mother – the Mother Earth.

Deeper into Mother Earth. Safe and warm. Look around until you get to a place where you find an underground river. There’s an underground river flowing; see yourself on the banks of the river.

Feel that beautiful river with your fingers and your toes. It’s so beautiful, and it’s flowing so easily. So you decide to get in and immerse yourself in the water. You are feeling washed and refreshed. You’re feeling clean and cleansed and refreshed.

Look around for an animal or energy to travel at your side as you float down the river. It helps keep you safe. If you like, you can find a vehicle to carry you down the river, but you’re flowing on the river with your animal or your energy.

And you feel yourself floating with ease in the water. Let it carry you down deeper and deeper into Mother Earth. Feel yourself being gently washed ashore. 

And you look around for the guardian of the underworld. Each of you may see this guardian in a different way, but once you spot him, or her, or it, tell the guardian, “I am here. I’m here to retrieve a soul part that I am ready to receive.”

Once you have received permission from the guardian, look around for a cave. When you see it, go to it. Then, enter the cave into the first chamber; this is the chamber of wounds. Here you will perceive the details of how you were wounded. You’ll see or feel literally or symbolically your wounds. Observe them. Do not make a judgment on what comes forward.

Explore this chamber with your power animal at your side. Once you have seen these pains and these wounds, request that the part that was lost through this pain and this wounding now come back to you.

Do not judge it. You’re safe. If this soul part cannot return with you at this time, request one that can. And feel that part that was lost leap into your outstretched arms and hold that part of you close. Now it’s time. But that part of you, that soul part of you, now move into the next chamber. 

You leave the chamber of wounds, and now, you’re in the chamber of promise. Here you will see a fireplace with a roaring fire and a desk with paper on it. And written on that paper is the soul contract you made. Something you gave up in return for safety or love, or something else you thought you couldn’t have without making a sacrifice of a part of yourself.

So take a moment to explore this chamber with your animal and read what is written on the paper. What was your contract? Why did you sacrifice? What part of you?

Now, tear the paper up after you’ve read it and throw it into the fire. Go to the desk where there is a clean sheet of paper and a pen. Rewrite the contract to something that will better serve you. Write in your contract.

Now, take this new contract with you. And move on to the next chamber of the cave. This is the chamber of passion. Look around here for the joy and excitement you have not been able to access. This may come to you in the form of objects, events, or something even more literal – your passion. Ask your passion if it is willing to return with you and accept each into your outstretched arms. All your passions bring them in.

Finally, move into the fourth and final chamber, the chamber of treasures. With your power animal still at your side, look around for a gift. A gift that is to be brought back. This is your special gift to jump into your waiting arms so you may carry it back.

And then, find yourself moving back through the chambers with your power animal, with your gift, with your passion, with your new contract, and your soul – the part that was missing.

And begin the return upriver. Get back in the river, floating back, floating back. Travel back up on the river now, on the riverbank, up through the soil. With your passion, soul, contract, and gift, leave your power animal there. Moving up, up the tree. Up the tree, going up the stairs, going up. Going up to the tree, up to the stairs, opening the door back to the tree. Now, you’re back in the meadow. 

Now, take a deep breath, keep your eyes closed, come back into the room, and blow between your hands three times into your heart. Place your hands over your heart to seal it in. Seal it into your heart. 

And now, you’re completely back, listening to my voice. Rub your feet on the floor, wiggle your toes, your hands on your knees, wiggle your fingers. And when you feel like it, you can open your eyes and write down what you saw, what you felt. Your power animal, your gift, your soul contract, your passion.

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Burge Smith-Lyons is founder and CEO of Essence of Being®, Inc., Healing Forest Foundation, and The Conscious Leadership Academy. For more than 40 years, she has helped thousands of men, women, children and companies globally, with emotional and spiritual healing, self-development, communication techniques, relationships, abundance team building, and leadership development. Burge is an international bestselling author, motivational and keynote speaker, channeler, spiritual healer, hypnotherapist, relationship and communications expert.

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