Episode 260 | August 24, 2021

The Liberation of Our True Self with Kai Schliebusch

A Personal Note From Orion

Years of conditioning have led us to believe that our emotions and thoughts define who we are. But today, we learn how creating space allows us to observe our feelings and reactions and work towards finding inner happiness and peace.  

In a nutshell, Kai Schliebusch shares 20 years’ worth of holistic healing and spiritual awakening stories. Already observant as a child, he’s seen the world from above—a blue planet with more than 7 billion black dots. 

He’s an uncompromising heart, rebel, and ambassador for the new era of arising consciousness. He lovingly guides people through the next phase of human evolution, our true selves’ practical experience and experience. 

Kai is a spiritual teacher, speaker, author, and life coach representing modern and practical spirituality. He’s helped people find their path towards inner growth, self-empowerment, and self-realization. With his wisdom, discover how you can find the essence of who you are. Join us today!

In This Episode

  • [01:28] – Orion introduces Kai Schliebusch, a spiritual teacher, speaker, author, and life coach representing modern and practical spirituality. 
  • [06:37] – Kai shares events in his life that changed his perspective. 
  • [10:43] – A synthesis between Eastern wisdom and Western psychology.
  • [15:38] – Kai’s three tips for a better life. 
  • [21:01] – Kai encourages observing thoughts and emotions to start inner change. 
  • [31:43] – How the COVID-19 Pandemic revealed our internal division as a species. 
  • [36:19] – An awakened person cannot harm anyone. 
  • [40:18] – Kai’s advice on how to block the fear inflicted from social media and TV programs.
  • [45:15] – Dealing with emotions and focusing on your inner self connects you to your true essence.
  • [48:14] – Visit Kai Schliebusch’s website to find more information about his story, his work, and the process of self-realization. Follow him on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay updated about his live events, and seminars.

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About Today’s Show

Hey, Kai. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Hello, Orion. Very nice to talk to you. Thank you for having me on your show.

I’m excited to be talking to you. I was just telling you I watched one of your recent videos. You’re so calm and so soothing. I was like, oh my God, I need some of that. I can’t wait for this conversation to unfold.

It’s a pleasure. Let’s unfold it.

Before we dive into techniques, your point of views, and all that, can you share a little bit about your story and how you become more awakened and become the person you are today?

Sure, it’s a pleasure. I have to shorten it a bit because it’s a way of more than 20 years of really practical work with myself, of emotional healing, and what we in common call the path of inner growth. In addition to that I had—I think it was 2015—that moment that completely changed everything in my life when I had that spiritual awakening. It’s a pleasure to share that a bit with you. 

I learned very early to observe people.

I would say everything started quite early already in my childhood. Just as a part of my personal story and circumstances, I learned very early to observe people. First of all, in my personal environment, I paid attention to really every little detail in facial expressions, gestures, and the behavior in general. Besides that, I always had that interest in the bigger picture. I have that eagle’s eye view of the world. To be honest, I couldn’t really understand what I was seeing. It was just confusing and irritating.

I remember one evening when I was watching the news with my parents. It was back in the ’80s at the time of the Cold War. I couldn’t understand why humanity was so (let’s say) stupid and divided itself into two large parties—the red one and the blue one, the good one, the bad one, all the spies, the violence, the missiles, the mutual accusations, and the suffering in general. It was really confusing. 

I had that view from above very early. I just saw that beautiful blue planet with 6 billion, 7 billion little black dots cruising around. It was too much for me because I already, to that time, felt pain about it. It didn’t feel right. 

At first glance until today, it’s seemingly nothing has really changed, but what I have learned from my path is from a higher perspective is that everything is really okay because the madness and the pain that we have caused ourselves by being identified with our ego is actually leading exactly to this evolutionary shift in collective human consciousness that we are currently experiencing.

Did you have any events in your life that shifted that perspective?

Yes. It was in 2015, as I told you, when I (in that moment) could see Jesus Christ, I’m just a neutral observer of everything that is happening. I’m neither my thoughts. I’m not my body, so I’m not the doer. It’s just life unfolding itself completely free. Or it’s sabotaged and perverted by being identified with my conditional thinking, which we all do have coming from our upbringing, the conditioning in society, in kindergarten, primary school, and everything that we have done in our lives.

Everything is already here at this moment.

When you practically feel that our essence is truly love and compassion and that our suffering is literally just a misunderstanding because we are identified with a protection mechanism, and we are running around as what we are not. The truth, what we really are and what we’re all trying to reach, is already here. It’s beyond that mental construct, beyond the thoughts and the feelings.

This is what my heart actually wants to share. Everything is already here at this moment. I know it doesn’t feel like that, but it’s the truth. We cannot understand Orion, we are intellect, what we are. The true self is not a concept. 

The funny idea is that our self is like an object that we have to find, but it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense that you have to go 5, 8, 9, 10 steps to get where you already are. Just the identification with our conditioned thoughts makes us believe that we are that person of flesh and blood having a life.

This is Orion here, the body you see in the mirror every day with a name, a birthdate, and a star sign having a life. You were thrown into it. Nobody really asked you if you wanted to join the party. Then, you have to deal with it.

We are bombarded with concepts, strategies, and recipes. There are millions of books, movies, theories, and techniques. The simple thing is it’s already here at that moment. But as I said, just as a practical direct experience and not as philosophy because I want people to be really free. 

As long as we are comparing content, that’s why I’m saying, please don’t believe me either. It’s just my invitation for the practical experience. As long as we have to believe, we are dependent, we are not free, life is a concept. But what we are is free and what we are is in peace. There is a happiness that you don’t have to fight for, and this is the truth. This is what came step by step from that moment of awakening.

There is a happiness that you don’t have to fight for, and this is the truth.

You said that you don’t need to go find yourself because you are already here, but it seems everybody is looking for themselves, a way to elevate themselves or become a better version of themselves.

Yes. They are talking about versions, rising frequency, and all that. That’s what I call the synthesis of Eastern wisdom and Western psychology. 

If you have a closer look at those two worlds (let’s call it), in the West, we are assuming, as I said before, that we are a person having a life. We are separated. In the East, we are that spiritual being, what we actually really are. But the problem is the physical body in that approach is just a bad evil we have to transcend.

This, to be honest—if we don’t have a really grounded and conscious companion—can be the direct path into psychiatry. Because if we haven’t learned to contain and to hold all those emotions coming up—that fear, panic, desperation, and all that—we are completely lost. 

What I came to learn and understand on my path and what I want to offer as a bridge to every human being on the planet is that we actually have to combine both and can really practically confirm that both are the truth under the line. We are spiritual beings. We are the life, the energy unfolding through that physical body spontaneously referring to its own destiny, what we call inner voice, where we are led by intuition. We also have that physical human being making the human experience.

Within that experience, we start as a baby and we have natural needs. If those needs are not met, we have a problem. We have that need for being safe, for being seen, for being mirrored, and accepted and appreciated for what we are. From that time, conditioning starts because I think there’s nearly no one on the planet that had two Buddhist parents.

We have the greatest power, which is observing. We have the capacity and capability to observe what is going on outside and inside of us. Click To Tweet

No, I don’t think so.

I can’t remember. The problem is if those natural needs are not met, we start really adapting ourselves because we need that acceptance and appreciation, but it’s not really coming from the heart. We start sabotaging ourselves by suppressing the truth because if mommy or daddy is not in a good mood—and normally, with five, six, seven years, you don’t get your backpack and say, it’s enough—you have to deal with it. You intuitively know, I will die if I don’t find a solution. The solution is I suppress myself. 

If you observe babies, they just are. Everyone wants to sit next to them and to feel that unconditional love and being. This is what we seemingly have lost. But it’s not lost, it’s just covered.

So when one is covered—and I think most of us are covered with layers of feeling, separation, suppressing our emotions, and all that good stuff—what are some practical ways we can peel the layers?

The most important thing is that we start to understand that we have the greatest power, which is observing. We have the capacity and the capability to observe not only what is going on outside of us, but also especially inside. That means we have a chance to observe our inner world. 

It’s an absolute truth that everything we’re experiencing outside is just really a reflection. I’m not talking about that energy, frequency, and all that, but literally, our perception is really determined by our identification with our conditioned thoughts. 

It’s an absolute truth that everything we’re experiencing outside is just really a reflection.

These would actually already be my two, three tips for people asking, what can we do to have a better life? Don’t try to solve problems. Withdraw the attention from all the daily conflicts, turn the attention back inwards, and start just observing what is going on here inside of me. What is my reaction again and again in always the same situations?

If it’s with my partner, my children, my boss, my parents, my neighbor, my friends, it’s always the same story. We are reacting and are not aware of the fact that it’s not the situation itself, that it’s not the people around us causing those feelings, causing our problems. It’s inside, coming from that process of conditioning over so many years. 

If we start observing, my recommendation would be, above all, to ask who is really making that experience right now? Is it really that body? Who am I really? This is a completely practical approach, Orion. Everything that happens is observed. Otherwise, you couldn’t report a body. You couldn’t tell me, Kai, there was fear, panic, and a problem with my partner if you wouldn’t be aware of it. 

Who is making that experience? Am I really my thoughts? No, it’s not possible. They are arising and fading. If I’m my thoughts, I would go as well, but I’m still here. Am I my emotions? No, cannot be. Fear is coming, fear is going. So what is left? Am I really my body? 

Modern science has proven that literally every cell of our body is renewed every seven years. If I would be my body, I would die every seven years. Who is then the next one for the next seven years? Who are you before you get your name as a little baby? Who is that being before there’s the imprint on the hat? This is Orion. This is Kai. This is Sophia. Who is making that experience? By that process, we start getting an inner distance to our thoughts.

When you say that process, when do you do that process? Do you do it every day? Because I feel like in the heat of the moment, if you’re really angry or something is scary to you, it’s hard at that moment to say, okay, let me absorb the experience. What are my thoughts? What are my emotions? How do you prepare for that moment so when you’re in the moment, you can snap out of it?

Open yourself for the fact and the thought that maybe I can observe my thoughts and emotions.

That’s true. The point is depending on where we are in our process and our path, for sure, we have to start practicing and we have to start somewhere. My recommendation is if you just open yourself for the fact and the thought that maybe I’m capable of observing my thoughts and emotions. I have the chance to make a pause between that triggering stimulation from outside with friends and my reaction so that I get a feeling for that mechanism within myself that I see, okay, it’s not coming from outside. But the truth is something is coming from outside going through my personal filter of perception, and then there’s a thought arising about that situation, about people talking to me or arguing with me. 

If I cling to that thought, there’s an emotion coming. This emotion is leading to my real action. As we all know, that reaction is never good. It’s always a fight. I am right, you are not. I’m better, you are not. I’m more spiritual than you. You have the wrong God. I have the right God. 

This is ego. This is our mental construct. My invitation is whatever is arising—your thoughts and emotions—give them space and start observing. Go in an inner distance and start observing what is happening. For sure, we need help with that. But normally, if we’re only in the reacting mode, nothing can really change. 

I always say if you have a little dog in your house and he made a present on the floor, it’s ugly, and it’s stinking, what can you do? You can put it out in the garden or you can just lay a new carpet over it. This would be all the kinds of techniques, the positive thinking, and all that, which is okay. 

Actually, everything on that path has its time and justification. There’s nothing better or worse. No one is better or worse. It’s just as it is. But at the end of the day, when we are growing, maturing, and becoming more and more conscious, the solution is not anymore to have the next carpet, another carpet, the blue, and the yellow one. We have to remove all the carpets, all those layers, all those conditioned thoughts, all those suppressed feelings, and get directly to the root of it.

Awakening means you realize you’re the neutral observer of everything that is.

This is the pain that we carried with us for decades. It was just responsible for us reacting and feeling separated from life. That’s why we have to fight in our life to become happy, to become free, to find love, to come in peace. But as soon as we start turning the attention inward and getting in an inner distance, then we might come to that moment where we have contact with that stillness, with that which is always here, always available, and which is persistent. This is actually what is experiencing everything. This is the surrounding, this is the space within which life is unfolding.

Do you have any daily rituals that you do to get to this point or did you just have the awakening in 2015 and now you’re done?

No. First of all, you’re never really done. One of the biggest misunderstandings is that you have an awakening and then there is no pain at all for the rest of your life. It’s exactly the other way around. 

This is very important for me because there’s a lot of business going on outside of the spiritual market. This is very, very dangerous because most of it is just not true. 

The thing is that process is tough. Awakening means simply that you realize yourself as the neutral observer of everything that is. I’m conscious. This is what happens at that moment practically, but after it, everything that has ever been suppressed is coming up layer by layer. There’s just a picture with the carpets.

You’re never really done.

I feel like I’ve experienced the same thing because when I went to India in 2013, I had this moment of awakening where I was at an out-of-body experience. I felt oneness with everyone and all that. The monks also say that awakening is not that you get awakened and that’s it. It’s almost like you glimpse into what’s possible. Every time you work on it, you get closer to experiencing that again, but it’s not constant. 

We still, like Wayne Dyer said, are spiritual beings having a human experience. Having this human experience and dealing with the 3D reality of what is, is quite difficult. It sounds really beautiful in theory to say it, absorb your thoughts, and not react, but I feel like, in reality, it’s way more difficult.

It is. That’s why I’m so keen on sharing that because this is the truth. If we wake up, it just means having taken the lift and you’re arriving in the penthouse. You’re passing all those different floors and ways of human experiences. From above, you have a complete overview. You have that complete understanding about that mechanism of suffering (how I call it), but then the process itself is to stay awake, which means that protection is staying home and not going on vacation every five seconds. This trigger, that’s my mom. I told you we have to do this.

That confusion is coming on that path of self-realization because all those emotions have always been suppressed actually by distracting ourselves with all kinds of addiction, with thinking, alcohol, and working.

It could be good addictions like workshops in spirituality. That can be an addiction too. We can distract ourselves with so many things as long as they seem to be so beautiful and positive and yet, a couple of years, COVID happens and then people are losing their […]. Even spiritual people, it’s sometimes really hard to deal with what is. Can you give me your perspective on how to deal with what the world is going on right now and with the old fear that is happening?

Whatever is arising—your thoughts and emotions—give them space and start observing. If we're only in the reacting mode, nothing can change. Click To Tweet

Sure. First of all, any crisis in our life or what our mind has called crisis has always to do with a certain kind of loss. We’re losing grip on the outside world. We lose our (let’s say) wealth, our property. We lose our jobs. We lose safety. We’re losing someone who was really very important to us in our life. We’re losing a loved one. We lose our health.

At that moment, what practically happens is that our attention is literally forced back to our inner world. It’s forced to become aware and take care of the pain. This is a function of pain actually. At that moment where it’s really painful, I have to look at it. I’m always comparing it. Have you seen The Lord of the Rings

I have, yes.

You’ll see that Eye of Sauron, that fire eye that’s moving around. I always say if you take that picture as your attention, you yourself have the power to turn that attention. But as long as we are unconscious, that eye is just always fixed in the outside world. At that moment where we feel the pain, the eye is turning back inward and we start seeing what really happens. Then, we are confronted with everything that we were running away from. This is, at the same time, the biggest catalyst in our life for healing and growing.

Corona—I know it’s really, really hard for a lot of people around the globe and it’s a really big catastrophe for a lot of people, even losing their lives. I know it’s very tough to see something positive about it, and I don’t want to do that. But from a higher perspective, corona is an invitation and a chance for humanity to wake up because right now, there is no chance for distraction.

Right now, it’s getting a bit better with all the regulations changing, but the last 1 ½ year, I don’t know how it was in your country, but here in Germany, there was almost nothing possible. People were locked up in their apartments. No parties, no dancing, no cinema, no restaurants—nothing. 

You don’t have to fight for freedom. You only have to realize you’re already free.

How did you deal with that? What was your process with all that? 

I think I was lucky enough that I already had that intense process before, that it was working a lot from my home and preparing actually my vision coming into practice, starting recording videos, and making the website new. So I spend a lot of time at home. I had my family nearby so it was okay for us, but I know a lot of people who are really, really suffering and I know people that had to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks and it was close sometimes. I know a lot of negative examples. 

For me actually, it was okay. I could observe, especially in Germany, the discussion and how the ego works. This is a great chance to understand our human experience if you take a closer look because also with a vaccination topic, you are good and you are bad. This is always that judgment.

Corona hasn’t divided humanity. Corona just showed us that we are already divided inside. This is the truth. I can just invite and encourage everyone around the globe or everyone who’s listening right now to make use of that chance right now to interest yourself in your inner world, withdraw your attention from the conflict and find that which is always available.

This is not a theory. This is really your direct practical experience if you start with meditation, for example. Just one, two, three minutes a day and to experience that inner stillness, which is always there. At that moment, you start experiencing that there are no more conflicts, it’s just situations, and that you are not forced to react. But that life is always spontaneously finding the right answer. 

Interest yourself in your inner world, withdraw your attention from the conflict, and find what is always available.

This is true freedom. Freedom is nothing you have to fight for. Freedom is to realize I’m already free inside. Right now, after corona, the business world has changed a lot. There are a lot of jobs not available anymore. Now, I have the chance to listen to my inner voice, to feel what is really my truth. What is my heart telling me? What do I really, really want?

The only thing I feel in my heart is that we are much further as a species as it seems and there’s a lot of every reason for hope. I know the individual process can be very tough, but my advice would be to reach out for help. Start observing what’s happening, try to understand what is the mechanism of suffering within yourself, and start honoring your feelings. Don’t try to suppress it. Don’t try to push them away. Welcome them. They are here because they are supposed to be here. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be.

Right. Before we started our conversation, you mentioned something about looking at the people that are ruling the world. It’s us versus them, them versus us, they’re ruling us, and everything is done to us. Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

I know that it sounds a bit strange for our conditioned intellect, but at the moment where we have that practical experience of waking up, we come to that clear seeing and understanding that there is literally no guilt. That everyone out there has just his own story of conditioning, that everyone is fighting his own inner battle, and that the problems that you’re facing outside are just ego versus ego. As long as we’re blaming others for doing what they’re doing, we are still trapped.

I know this is very difficult to do. If you think about Gandhi and his battle against Great Britain in those days, this is actually the same thing. He tried to invite people to see, okay, at that moment where we go into resistance and fight back, this is no solution. The suffering will be even much worse. But at that moment where we open our hearts because right now, I may be a bit more conscious than the one next to me and I see the truth out of my own practical path of healing and growing.

A conscious person cannot harm anyone.

I know you’re just wearing your own mask, that you have your own emotional wounds within yourself, and your own filter of perception. I know that you don’t want to harm me. The truth is that our true nature, our true self, what we all want to be, and all want to find is in essence unconditional love and compassion. An awakened person, a conscious person cannot harm anyone. This is actually the process we are forced into right now. We have to take full responsibility—every one of us on this planet—for our own level of consciousness, for our own healing and process of growing.

Yes, because we cannot change. If you look at evil or people that are doing things that you perceive as evil, there’s nothing you can actually do about it. You can’t change them. They have their own journey. You can scream, shout, yell, and throw a tantrum, but you won’t do anything. You can talk with your friends about how bad things are and be really mad about it, but at the end of the day, can you do something about it?

The only thing that you can do is to look inside, clean your own inner wounds, peel the layers that are preventing you from shining your light, and then just shine your light in the world and shine your light with others. This is how you bring in more.

It’s a ripple effect because if you shine your light, if you are more positive—truly, not just, I want to be positive right now because this is the right thing—you find that joy and that child-like happiness. You connect the gratitude. You shine your light from the inside. Just by being that person around other people, you already affect them. That’s a ripple effect because they will get some of that, they will elevate, and the people around them will elevate. That’s how we elevate the world.

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That’s beautiful. Exactly how it works. Do you know why? It’s because as long as you are not identified with the ego, the other ego has no reason to feel any aggression and doesn’t feel like, oh, he wants to attack me. It’s really going literally through that egoic perception and touching directly the people’s hearts and the people’s truth.

That said, we are being brainwashed with fear through the media. Spending nine months in Israel and because I know hypnosis, linguistic programming, and the language of influence, when I look at the media, what they’re doing, and how they are (I believe) manipulating numbers to support their agenda and to inflict fear in the heart of the people. And in the Israeli media, it was 24/7. It’s quite hard not to get touched by it or not to be influenced by it. But sometimes, when you look at it and you see the illusion, you can deal with it better.

Exactly. It’s absolutely true what you’re saying. It’s the same here in Germany and I think all of the world, honestly.

How do you battle those fears? A lot of times, our thoughts are not our thoughts. It’s like we receive it from somebody else or we look at TV programs. They’re called programs because they’re programming us. Hollywood movies, TVs all have some kind of hidden programming in them. 

How can you block that program? How can you block that fear that is being deliberately inflicted on you whether it is to serve an agenda or to get more ratings on the news? Because if somebody will post about saving a cat, nobody will watch the news. We are so wired to look for the saber-toothed tiger and for what’s bad. If the news is really good, nobody will watch the news. On so many levels, we are being bombarded by fear.

The path is to open yourself, look in the center, face your demons and all the suppressed stuff, and reintegrate. Learn to heal.

Exactly. My advice would be to stop trying to block and not identify yourself with the one who thinks I have to go into resistance, I have to fight, and I have to block because at that moment, you are also already identifying with your ego. At that moment you try to block. You’re already blocked inside because if you compare your pure being just as the sky or let’s say the sun—I think it’s a better picture right now—at that moment where we identify ourselves with the negative thought maybe in terms of I have to fight against those bad media guys, blah blah blah. We come to that dark, rainy cloud, and then we are screaming out, I want to have better weather. Where’s the sun? 

What we literally need is a change of perspective that we draw our attention back from the things we have to fight. I have to protect myself, turn it inwards, to experience this is my true place, and this is safe. Here, I am literally untouchable, but as I’ve said, not as an idea. That’s the problem. Now the mind says, yeah, sounds like everything is very nice, but the truth is different.

What came to my mind was that if you tell yourself a lie enough times, you will believe it. If you’ll hear a lie enough times from whatever outside sources, you will start to believe it. I understand that just going inside and strengthening your own feeling of trust and believing in yourself can make you actually invincible because you’re going to be untouched or less fazed by all this, yet we are humans and it still can affect us.

Exactly. That’s why what I’m telling you or what I want to share is depending on where we are on our path, we have to start somehow for sure in the beginning. If the people listening right now—maybe some people say Jesus Christ sounds everything very good and it’s nice, but I’m really suffering. 

What we need is a change of perspective.

That’s why my invitation is to start focusing on your inner world and start inviting your emotions because the suffering itself is just a consequence of being separated from your true self, the consequence of fighting against. If you step in the middle of a river against the flow, you immediately feel the pressure, but the river is not guilty. It’s your responsibility to withdraw your own resistance by not identifying with that thinking pattern. They are evil and I have to defend myself. Just observe. It is as it is, full stop. 

There are very many unconscious people doing bad things, that’s the truth. But the other side of the medal is also that by growing, healing, and becoming more and more conscious about the truth, who you really are. It’s that you are not affected that much anymore by the outside happenings because you feel it in a connection. You make the practical experience, hence, I don’t have to react. I just can stay put here at my own place and let my thoughts come and go, my emotions come and go. I don’t have to react. I don’t have to see you as my enemy.

This is really something that literally changes if you’re on the practical path. In the beginning, just start by turning your attention from the outside world, opening yourself for thought and the possibility that it’s happening within yourself. Then, you lose that feeling of powerlessness. 

As long as you try to manipulate and change the outside world, you have no chance at all. What you can take care of is what is happening inside. You can reach out for help. You can learn how to deal with the emotions, not suppress, accept. Give them space to flow. Then, they can come and go. 

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Start learning about the connection between thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Learn to contain, to hold your emotion. Learn to understand what conditioning really is, how it worked, what happened when you were younger. See the reflection in your grown-up life with all your different kinds of destructive patterns in business and private life. Start there. 

The path itself is to open yourself, look in the center, facing your demons, facing all the suppressed stuff, and reintegrate. Then, with every emotion, you have integrated you feel more and more complete. Forget spirituality so far. Forget awakening. This is what I’m always sharing. Forget all that because as long as you are completely unconscious, it’s just another idea and you feel more and more lost. Practically, it’s deal with that what is. Learn to heal.

Learn to heal. That’s the message.

Awakening, maybe just a few words to that. Awakening is nothing you do. The person cannot awaken. Awakening is from the person, from the mental construct, realizing yourself as pure consciousness. But this has nothing to do with the healing process itself. This is a completely separate process of self-realization with all the confusion coming up. Jesus Christ, I exist. Oh my gosh, I did this all my life and I harmed so many people. 

At the same time, you feel humility. You’re grateful for the chance, for the experience, but this is a complete other process depending on where you are. No one is better. No one is worse. Everyone out here is just where he or she is. 

This would be just my advice. Don’t try to fight anymore. Don’t try to search any longer. Try to reconnect with what is already here.

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Beautiful. Thank you so much, Kai.

Oh, that was quick.

I know.

It was a great pleasure talking to you.

Yeah. It was a great pleasure talking to you. Before we say goodbye for now, can you share with our listeners where they can find you, learn from you, and get coaching with you?

Sure. First of all, we just started a few months ago with reshaping all that. First is my website, www.kai-schliebusch.com. It’s a bit difficult, I know. Sorry for that. You’ll find more information about me, my story, my work, and the process of self-realization. This is the place where we’ll publish current events—right now, still online like Q&A sessions and all that. If corona will allow that in the next few months, we will also start bit by bit with live events, seminars, retreats, and all that. Then, also on social media, @kaischliebusch. You’ll find me on Instagram and all that.

You can learn how to deal with the emotions, not suppress, accept.

Thank you very much.

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Thank you, and thank you, listeners. Remember, don’t try to solve problems and turn your attention inward. Ask yourself, who is really making this experience right now? Am I really my thoughts? Am I really my emotions? Who was I before I got a name? With all those incredible ideas and realizations, I would like to wish you a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Learn how to observe. Pay attention to your feelings and how you react to situations. This skill will help you outgrow negative conditioning and react better to conflict. 
{✓} Start meditating. Follow a spiritual practice to find inner stillness. Through self-awareness, you stop feeling the urge to react and realize there are no conflicts, only situations. 
{✓} Acknowledge your freedom. You are already free. You just need to channel your inner voice and let go of inhibitions. Don’t let your environment tell you otherwise. 
{✓} Stay positive. Allow the light of gratitude to shine inside. Let it create a ripple effect. See how your life and environment change. 
{✓} Prioritize your happiness. Put yourself first before everyone else. Once you elevate, the rest of the world will follow. 
{✓} Avoid triggers. Distance yourself from media that may cause fear or anxiety. Instead, focus on what is relevant to you and be open to different perspectives. 
{✓} Accept your emotions. Let them come and go. Suppressing them will only lead to an accumulation of bad feelings. 
{✓} Understand your conditioning. Learn the connection of why your thoughts, emotions, and behavior are the way they are. Identify destructive patterns and slowly uncondition yourself. 
{✓} Allow healing. Open up and face your demons. You stop feeling lost when you learn to heal and let go of suppressed emotions and behavior. 
{✓} Visit Kai Schliebusch’s website to find more information about his story, his work, and the process of self-realization. Follow him on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay updated about his live events, and seminars.

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About Kai Schliebusch

Kai is a truly game-changing spiritual teacher, speaker, author and life coach. He represents a modern, practically tangible spirituality. The living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western psychology.

As an uncompromising heart rebel and ambassador for the new era of arising consciousness, Kai is a loving guide through the next phase of human evolution. The practical experience and liberation of our true Self.

Kai only shares his own experience of his more than 20 years of holistic healing and his intense process of spiritual awakening. He´s guiding people worldwide (virtual/in-person) on their path of inner growth, self-empowerment and through the process of self-realization.

Kai says: “Unconsciousness and ignorance are the real cause of our human suffering. But humanity is in the midst of change. I am here to build a bridge to everyone now. The time has come, when every human being on the planet has the right and the chance to wake up and to stop suffering forever. The truth is so simple!”

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