Episode 216 | April 14, 2020

You are Meant for More with Lisa Sasevich

A Personal Note From Orion

I’m so excited that you’re here. I think this episode is going to be relevant for many of you who are looking for new ways to create income from home, especially with everything that is going on- with the economy shifting, with all the staying at home and working from home. A lot of people will start looking into creating home-based businesses. Both my husband and I work from home. If you are looking to take your passion and make it into profit while you are at home, this is the episode for you.

I invited one of the most extraordinary marketing guru females on the planet. Her name is Lisa Sasevich, and she’s going to teach you how to take your passion and how to profit from it. A little bit about Lisa; after helping corporate giants generate millions in sales, Lisa Sasevich was fired from her dream job the night before Christmas Eve, devastating. With her husband in medical school and two toddlers at home, it was devastating. After some soul searching, the Queen of Sales Conversion decided it was time to parlay her talents into her own profits, and to help others do the same.

She started a home business with nothing more than her phone, her laptop, and the stolen hours of the night after her kids were tucked into bed. Wow, I can’t imagine that. That must be so hard. Having your husband in medical school, having two little toddlers, and still creating a business that will change the lives of so many other people. So, this is such a cool story. A few short years and over $40 million in sales later, Lisa has helped over 15,000 clients in 134 countries earn more by doing what they love, all without being pushy or salesy.

Many entrepreneurs are afraid to sell because they are afraid of being pushy and salesy. In this episode, we’re going to talk about that and how you do that without being pushy or salesy, but by sharing your true gift, and helping others, and making good money while doing it. Lisa’s mission to help people make the difference they know they were put here to make, and to make great money doing it.

Now, without further ado, on to the show.


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About Today’s Show

Hey, Lisa, welcome to Stellar Life podcast. It’s wonderful having you here.

Thank you so much. It’s been wonderful to see you, and all the different conferences we go to, and to see you in our own conferences, and now to get to be here with you on this super special platform.

Yeah, I’m very grateful. You’re one of the most respected female marketers that I know of, and you achieved extraordinary things. I know you started from a humble beginning and you just built your way up. Can you start to touch a little bit about how you got to this point today?

Like with everybody, it’s a long compilation of all the schools I went to. There’s the life school, and there’s my actual education, and there’s the schools of hard knocks. But today, we’re connecting now, I’m really excited. I have just come through a decade of really teaching entrepreneurs around the world, 134 countries actually. I didn’t even know there were that many countries.


I didn’t travel to all of those. We’ve done those through our courses, workshops and online, but teaching how to get out there and make an irresistible offer. Most of the people that I’ve worked within the last decade are already entrepreneurs and service professionals. They have found my work, because like you, they want to get out there in a bigger way. Now, I’m entering a new decade, where I’m really taking everything that I learned from the last 10 years and being able to put it out in a broader way through a new book that we have coming out, and decided to share more about that as we unfold this interview.

You are known as The Queen of Sales Conversion, and you’ve done so many things. You teach people how to sell their events, you teach people how to do masterminds, you teach so many things. How is all of this related to your new book?

Meant for More by Lisa Sasevich

Well, we were talking prior to this. You and your husband had been out to our workshops. You’ve kind of intersected me where you were learning how to use our systems to get out there and make your offer irresistible. Now, we see our work actually reaching out to more people. It comes in three phases. All of this is tucked under what we call “Living Your Meant for More Life.” Meant for More came to me when I thought back over the 15,000 clients that we’ve helped all around the world. I thought about what I see in their eyes at our workshops and seminars, and what I see in my own eyes, and even in your eyes when we got a chance to just be on video together recently. 

What I see for all of us is that inside, there’s a feeling that we have. It’s actually more of knowing that just won’t go away. It’s knowing that we were meant for more. You call it a Stellar Life, right? We were meant, our gifts, our knowledge, our heart, our service were meant for more—farther reach, more abundance, more contribution—even than any of us are experiencing now. When that started to bubble up, that Meant for More feeling, I realized from looking at my own path and all of the folks that we’ve helped that there’s a specific journey that you can take if you want to turn that Meant for More feeling into a Meant for More life. I decided to put that journey into a book. 

I was so honored by Hay House Publishing, who is a publisher that published a lot of my personal development gurus that I learned from since college, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer. So many of the great gurus’ books came through Hay House. When they asked it if they could publish the book, it was just a perfect partnership and I was so honored. It’s coming out depending on when the listeners might be listening to this episode, it may already be out. It ships on April 14th of 2020. We’re in pre-order now, so folks can go to Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, their favorite bookseller, and order Meant for More by Lisa Sasevich now. 

What I’m really doing is taking the last 10 years of helping entrepreneurs and putting it into a path that anyone can follow to lead their Meant for More life. To answer your question more directly now that I’ve kind of laid the groundwork, there’s three phases to it. The phase that I’d love to talk more about today, because I think it touches so many of us, is phase one, it’s called Discover Your Unique Value. It’s really being able to see what is it that you were uniquely made for? What is that unique contribution that you have to bring to the world? That’s phase one of our work, and we go deep into that in the Meant for More book. 

And then phase two, once you know what your unique value is, then you might want to turn it into something you can offer. Many of us have chosen to make our life’s work and our career out of our unique value. You have, I have, a lot of the people you’ve interviewed on this show have. Phase two is called Nail Your Offer. This is the work you’re already familiar with me. It’s like how you take your unique value and turn it into your offer, something that you can make a difference and make money with.

Once you’ve gone through phase two, and you know your unique value from phase one, you’ve priced and packaged, and you know how you’re going to deliver your offer, then you can enter our work at phase three. That’s where you build what we call your Love Your Life Sales Machine, and you’re also well familiar with this. That’s where you decide how you want to sell this offer. Do I want to talk to people one-on-one? Would I rather be someone who speaks on stages, and gets interviewed, and really sells one-to-many? Or maybe I want to have my own events, workshops, retreats. Or the fourth possibility, maybe I want to get my work out using online systems. All those four things, the way people discover you, we call that your Love Your Life Blueprint. That is all the long, the bigger picture, the 60,000-foot view of what we do with people on our campus.

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For today, I really want to hone in on this idea of being Meant for More. Share a little bit more about what inspired me to write that book and a little bit of a personal story. Also, I would love to give some tips that your listeners, those of you here with us now, could use right away to uncover your own Meant for More life. What is your unique value? Those are all possibilities, wherever you want to dance on the dance floor, I’m open.

Did I lose my host?

I’m here. Here we go.

Welcome back to the show.

I muted myself, because there was a background noise.

You have a new human in your home. There’s a new human in your home.

Indeed, a very cute one. Lisa, how did you know that you are meant for more at dark times where you probably were not feeling it?

That’s a good question. I didn’t have the words Meant for More, but I’d say the first time that I realized that there is a different way to live life, actually came very young, I was 19. I was going to San Diego State, I live in San Diego now. About my second year of college, I got a call from my mom, who was only 48 at the time–I’m 51 now, so I’ve now outlived her–she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She wasn’t a smoker and it came out of nowhere. It was a really quick path, like it was maybe 10 months from the time she was diagnosed until the time that I drove home from college, took her out of the hospital, brought her home, and literally held her in her bed as she took her last breath. 

You’re a new mommy, that mother-child relationship, it’s so significant. I feel blessed that I got to be there and be so present with her at that very magical, last moment, but I don’t remember a lot of what happened later that day or week, because it was a blur. It was unexpected and I was really young.

About a week later, we had a special get-together with family and friends in our backyard. We lived in a modest home in Canoga Park. She was a single mom just trying to get by, working a corporate job, doing side hustles just trying to make ends meet. A lot of family and friends and people who loved her came to our backyard to honor her and honor her life. I know they felt awkward around me and my younger brother, because what do you say? I do remember overhearing many conversations that sounded like the same thing buzzing in my ear over and over.

What they sounded like was, “Oh, Ayna,” That was my mom’s name. “She was so extraordinary. God, I wish she would have gone out on her own and done more. If only she could have had the courage to start her own business. She really should have just made the leap.” It was just this chorus of would’ve, should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. I realized that of all the people who love my mom, that was really what they were left with. It’s that, “Ayna could have been, and done, and had so much more if she had only had the path, if she only had the support, if she only knew how.”

I think at that moment, somewhere internally, I made a decision that I was not going to live a “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” life. I was going to figure out what life would look like so that at my wake, people were saying, “Wow, she did it. She got out there. She took advantage of her gifts. She had a huge contribution.” I think that kicked off my journey, over 30 years ago, to figure out what is my unique value. Sometimes, I like to call it my million-dollar value. How do I get on my dime, think of a dime on the ground. My point that was uniquely made for me, that contribution that specifically comes from my life experience, my education, my knowledge, and my passion. 

I really worked hard, and I think when I cracked that code, that’s when my business of teaching other people how to do that really took off over the last 10 years. We made the INC 500—the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States—two years in a row, number 20 in women-owned businesses.

Very cool.

Yeah, that was my path. I think I made that decision, I went on the path, and then I’ve had the privilege to show other people how to do that. Meant for More is really a guide of where you start with uncovering your own unique value, and then turning it into your irresistible offer as we call it.

Believe your life is meant for more especially if you have a burning desire to chase your dreams and be a light to others.

What do you think is the most important thing that you’ve done in your life so far?

Well, I think that everything I’ve done ultimately since becoming a mom has been around raising great ­humans. For me, there’s three words I say to my kids all the time. I also abide by these myself. Whenever they’re walking out of the door, I’m dropping off at school, or when I’m making my own decisions, but what I say to my kids at every turn is make good choices. I think that the thing I’m most proud of is instilling that in them, doing that myself, and always being open to what good choices mean for me right now.

I feel that one of the blessings I got from my mom’s early passing is that I went on a personal development quest. I really looked for new parenting. I really learned that there’s a life we’re given and then there could be a life that we choose, that’s the one I’m interested in. Making good choices is what I’m most proud of, and how it’s showing up in my kids, and how it’s showing up in my life.

Beautiful. How do you juggle motherhood, and your extraordinary career, and still do?

Well, I think that batching is a big strategy that I use. When I say batching, for example, if I know I’ve got some video and podcast to do, a client coming by, a date with my honey, and a thing from my kids’ school. Everything that requires me to do my hair, I do it all at the same time, right? Things that I can do a little more behind the scenes. I’ll go to the gym, have a facial the day before, like things that require me not to have to do my hair, I do those together. I’m kind of being a little facetious, but you know what I mean? I’ll do all of my client coaching calls on one day, and then I do all my promo stuff on another day. 

I take Tuesday and Friday off, mostly, I make some exceptions to that. Especially if there’s something like right now with our book coming out, I’m making some exceptions to that. I really enjoy my Tuesdays and Fridays. I’ll batch see friends. I’ll just do a whole day breakfast, lunch, happy hour with friends, and then maybe a whole self-care day on the other day, just all the little things I do to take care of myself. I like to batch; I think it helps. 

I batch in the bigger sense too. When I’m looking at my calendar, I put my kids’ days off in first, and I put in when they’re with their dad. Those are times where I want to just like personally travel with my honey and use the time that I’m not on mom duty for myself, whatever is fulfilling me at that time, so I’ll batch. I’ll be gone for a week, but then I make sure… For example, I have a trip coming up where I’m going to be in New York for four days, doing some filming for the new book, and then when I come back, it’s spring break. I’m going to be with my son for four days going to Colorado to look at some colleges and be with some friends of ours.

So exciting.

I won’t see him for four days, my son and my daughter, but then I’ve got this four-day concentrated trip with him back to back. My batching is kind of micro, and it’s also looking at things at a macro level too.

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Right. Do you plan everything at the beginning of the week, the month, or the quarter?

I would say if there’s one app I’m in more than anything, it’s my Google Calendar. I’m a huge planner and my kids are into it too. I’ve got the kids calendar and they can see that, then I’ve got my own calendar. That’s personal and work. I’ve always put those together because I have a lifestyle business. We have a marketing calendar, that’s separate. I’m just always moving the pieces too. 

Here’s a piece of advice. I wish I could remember where I got it from. People will respond, like, “Do you want to get together?” They’ll say, “I have to check my calendar.” That always cracks me up, because it’s as if we’re checking with somebody else. I try to remember as much as I can that I am the author of my calendar, right? I’m the author. Yes, we have to check our calendar, because we can’t remember everything in our head. We may have made a prior agreement, but ultimately, we get to say what goes where. I think that’s a very powerful view to take, at least, it worked well for me.

In Meant for More, I haven’t read the book yet, but it seems like a part of it is to shine as your authentic self. Part of finding your unique ability is finding what makes you, you, and what makes you unique. What are some ways to connect to that authenticity and to find your unique ability?

I appreciate that question because there’s a Meant for More formula that runs throughout the book. Step two of the formula is to discover your unique value. It’s so important that we actually have a new course I just came up with called Discover Your Unique Value. Right now, I’m actually giving it away as a gift. I want to give you guys some tips right out of this mini-course that you can get for free if you go to meantformoregift.com. Make sure to jump on over there, put your name and email, and we’ll put you right into our training academy. There’s video, and there are worksheets, so meantformoregift.com

To answer your question, here’s a couple of the kinds of exercises that we’ll walk you through. They’re easy, and they’re fun, and they don’t take extra time. This is more about paying attention to things that are already going on in your life.

Here’s an example again, from step two right out of the Meant for More book. One of the ways that you can start to unveil your unique value, or what I like to call your million-dollar value, is look into your life and think about times when people have come to you and said, “Orion,” Is that how you say your name, by the way? I want to make sure.

Yes, good job.

Well, we’ve met at my events, and you and your husband are so great. I love your energy. You’re always so much fun.

Thank you.

Think about times where people have come to you and said, “Orion, listen, can I take you to Starbucks sometime this week, 20 minutes. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. I really just want to pick your brain about x with your husband. I want to pick your brain about SEO. I want to pick your brain about how to get to the top of the search engines. I want to pick your brain about how you get such great guests on your podcast.” Things that you have a gift for that other people are noticing. It usually sounds like that; they want to pick your brain.

Wherever you see yourself excel the most, your main purpose in life is to be of help to the people around you.

That’s one of the breadcrumbs. That’s one of the clues toward your unique value that there’s something that others are seeing that you’ve accomplished, that they want to know more. Start to pay attention to those things, because it very well may be that that’s a clue to a place where you could make a bigger contribution, and maybe even great money if it’s something that you’re interested in helping other people with.

I had a lady from my mommy group reached out to me. We don’t know each other but she reached out via WhatsApp. She was freaking out about 5G, and the world is coming to an end, and everything else that is going on. I calmed her down. I used some techniques to calm her down, make her laugh, and talk to her. She doesn’t know me at all. At the end, she’s like, “You should be a life coach.” I was like, “That’s very interesting. That’s exactly what I do.”

Yeah. You don’t even have to tell her, she knew that is a gift that you have. It’s showing. Here’s another one that’s kind of fun. I had a practice marriage in my early 20s. My girlfriend calls it a pancake marriage. I said, “Why do you call it that?” She said, “Because you always burn the first pancake, you have to throw it.” I’m like, “Okay.” So, I had a pancake marriage. I was very organized. I mean, one of my unique values is organizing a structure.

Simplifying knowledge as well.

Yes. Simplifying and organizing knowledge is why people do so well in our courses, because they’re not hard, you can just follow the system, and get results. Thank you for that. When I had this practice marriage, everything he did, no matter what he did if it had to do with organizing or simplifying anything—we were running a little construction company together—I always had a better way. Whenever he did, I had a better way. It got so bad that he actually started calling me Mrs. Better Way. Now, when it comes to your unique value, though, this is a clue. You want to ask yourself, “Where am I Mr. or Mrs. Better Way? Where do I meddle? Where do I intervene? Where is it that I can’t not offer my two cents?” I mean, it’s how I give.

If there’s an area like that, it’s how you show your love, you always have a better way, again, this is a clue toward your Meant for More. For those of you that choose to pick up the Meant for More book, which I hope you will, you got to get Meant for More by Lisa Sasevich, which you can search it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. We have all kinds of stories where you can start to see and shine the light on this. For example, I love this story, I had a client here. She owned a website, testingmom.com. They help middle schoolers and high schoolers to do better on state tests that happened through school. Well, the schools will tell you that you can’t study for those tests, but trust me, it’s otherwise.

She had a big following and a great business. She was here doing a VIP day, some clients come out and do the VIP work with me. We took a break, because it was a long day. Halfway through I always let my client go in the kitchen, we give them some snacks, and I step away, so they can really think about what we’ve accomplished so far and what they want to accomplish in the second half of the day. Little known to me, I went back upstairs. She’s down in my kitchen. My daughter comes home from school, she’s a middle schooler. I come back 20 minutes later when the breaks are supposed to be open. 

Is Karen taking a break? No, she is hunched over my daughter’s laptop, finding out what her next day test is, and showing her exactly how she can do better, and showing her exactly how she can have an advantage from pre-study. I came down. I thought, “Karen, you can’t not do this, right? This is how you give; this is how you love.” She made that into a multi-million-dollar business, helping families all over the world. That’s a great opportunity for each one of us.

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That’s beautiful, and that’s beautiful that you were there to notice, and let her know this is your gift, use it, and also as a friend, guide her. That’s beautiful.

Well, that’s what Meant for More is about. It’s what I’ve seen all these years working with client after client in every single industry and watching them try to figure out “How do I harvest this? What is this? How do I turn it into an offer? How can I help more people and be paid handsomely?” Putting all that into the Meant for More formula is like super rewarding for me. The stories are just fabulous. 

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

I read the book by the way; it’ll be coming out in a while on audiobook. I read it for three days. It’s such a trip to be in the studio and read your own book. Since I finished writing it quite a few months prior, it was so cool to be there, and read the stories out loud, watch the editor of the audio. Her eyes were lighting up, she was taking notes. I thought this was good. This is like The Purpose Driven Life of our time. I was super proud of myself, I have to say.

That’s beautiful. For somebody who finds their unique ability, but sometimes when we have conflicting beliefs in our mind—like “I want to be a superstar, but I’m not good enough,” “I want to be on stage but I’m not confident”—it’s hard to breakthrough. How can somebody who’s reading the book and finding their unique ability tap into having more clarity and more confidence?

That’s a great question. I love that. There are two different steps in the formula. We just covered step two, which is about clarifying your unique value. I think there’s two parts that step one, which is called Making Peace with Sales; and step four, which is really about clarifying your irresistible offer. Those are two things I’ll say a little bit more about that really helped give you confidence, and have you realized that your gift is valuable, and how you claim that gift.

Making peace with sales has to do with realizing that you are not doing something to another person. You are offering another person the opportunity for transformation, the opportunity for a new outcome in their life. Whether they want to lose weight, or learn to dance on a pole, or learn to talk to their dog, or learn how to invest their money, or learn how to get great guests on a podcast, whatever your area is, your unique ability, or your unique value. 

When you make an offer to help someone, it’s not really about them accepting or rejecting you. That’s the thing where we lose our confidence because we think it’s an acceptance or rejection of us personally. It’s really about you being responsible to make it clear enough that they have the chance to say yes to themselves or no to themselves. When you can separate those two things, Orion, where it’s not personal, whether they say yes or no, it gives you a lot more freedom and a lot more confidence to be out there making your offer. So that those who do want the transformation that you offer have the chance to say yes.

Yeah, because you’re doing a disservice to someone. If you are thinking about rejection, you’re just thinking about yourself. You get out of your own bubble, and you focus on the other person, and what will benefit them in their life, your coaching or whatever service you give is aligned. Like you said, if you are not offering that, you’re doing them a disservice.

Exactly. The other disservice is that if you’re out there and you’re educating the world—you’re speaking, you’ve got your podcasts and videos, you’re on social media and big following—but you’re not making your offer, it’s like you’re doing the heavy lifting for your competition. If you’re educating the world as a mortgage broker, or an insurance professional, or a naturopath, but you’re not making an offer—what we call an irresistible offer, meaning it really serves your client—the next naturopath, or mortgage professional, or insurance broker that comes through and does make an offer, it’s like you did the expensive part. You did the time-consuming part, you did all the education, and they get to swoop right in and get the client. 

For so many of our clients, they’re tired of being the best-kept secret. They want to help more people. I think that when you start to dive into the Meant for More formula, this explains to a lot of you who’ve been doing your thing for a long time, and then the newbie comes in, right? You’ve been doing real estate for 30 years. Now there’s this new kid on the block that just got their license and they’re crushing it. We scratch our head and we wonder why? Well, maybe they’re out there not just educating but also making their offer. That’s really what the opportunity is for all of us.

You’ve done it beautifully throughout the interview, but maybe you can teach us. How do you leave your offer in a way that doesn’t sound salesy or irritating?

Utilize different marketing strategies to share what you do and reach as many prospects as possible.

Hopefully, my seeding, as what we call it, has landed well with all of you. First of all, it’s about your ‘come from’. My ‘come from’ is that there’s value here and I want everybody to have it. If you don’t truly believe in what you do, if you’re just trying to make a buck, it will feel offensive. It feels like you’re just plugging your stuff all the time. For me, I want every single person here to go right now—while it’s still free, it’s a $500-coure—to go to meantformoregift.com. I figured I’ll just do it, and then we’ll talk about it. I want every single person here to go to meantformoregift.com and get this mini-course to discover your unique value because I care that you know what your life can add up to if you want to. When I say it like that, that’s not a pitch, that’s my heart to yours. That’s where it comes from.

Seeding is what I just did to put a blatant example out, is how you create hunger and desire in your prospective client without being pushy or salesy. Seeding is really about this. It’s about giving great value, and then showing people where they can get more. That’s what I’m doing. I’m giving a piece of value, and then I’m referencing where it came from. I’ll give a tip on how to discover your unique value, like where are you Mr./Mrs. Better Way, and then I’ll reference, at meantformoregift.com, you can find five different exercises to help you dig into that further. If you liked what I gave you and you want more, that makes total sense. It feels like a gift.

What people do that feels offensive is instead of giving value and showing where to get more, they withhold value and show where to get more. Yes, everyone needs to have your unique value, and if you buy my thing or if you go here, you can go find out how. We’re not generous upfront. All of our sales conversion models, everything we teach, is a give-first model. I did a lot of personal development work over the last few years. There’s something about your 50th birthday that just spurs that revival of personal development.

You do.

On my 50th birthday, almost two years ago, I did a wonderful seminar called Heartcore Leadership that my friend Shanda Sumpter put on. Right now, I’m doing some other workaround–I don’t even know how to describe it, but discovering… It’s like if you were a star, what would your coordinates be? I can tell you more about that one after I do it in a minute. There’s another thing when you asked me about balancing. I like to do a fitness challenge. Usually, it’s a couple of months. I’m in my second month of a two-month fitness challenge.


I like to do personal development along with it. I’ll pick something I haven’t done before and dive in. There’s something for me about balancing the physical and my spiritual growth, this is part of my Meant for More journey. I get more impact when I’m doing them at the same time. I don’t know why, it’s just like how I’m wired. Maybe I just integrated my body better, anyway, I don’t even remember what question we were on.

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I don’t know, but you just really inspired me. After the pregnancy, I developed all kinds of weird injuries, my shoulders, my wrists, my lower back. I’m so out of shape, where in the past, they used to be so in shape. In the past, I did the Tough Mudder as a fitness challenge and it was extraordinary. I used to do martial arts, pole dancing, dancing, this and that.

Now, I just feel like “Ugh, I’m a little different right now.”

Listen, I have a 13- and a 16-year-old, and you’re in your first six months of motherhood. Here’s what I can tell you. Be kind to yourself. Your body just birth a human, not just birth but like create-

I had to go through a C-section, I didn’t expect that.

Yeah, I did all that too. There is a road back. You’ve got to be kind to yourself, take baby steps, just keep yourself moving every day. I’m sure a lot of you moms and probably, dads who are part of this parenting experience can remember this. I remember, a year after having Elijah, my firstborn, sitting there at my home desk and thinking, “Oh my god, I just got my brain back.”

Yeah, my brain. Let’s not talk about my brain.

It was almost a whole year where it felt like half a brain. Anyway, we are so blessed all of us now that we have podcasts, experts, and so much right at our fingertips. I think the key is not to get overwhelmed, just to find somebody that you love and respect the path that they’ve taken, and don’t reinvent the wheel, just follow their system. I believe that about everything that you want a transformation. That’s why I put my system in this book so that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

If you want to turn your knowledge into profit, I have 15,000 clients that have already proven this. It’s a proven formula because of them, not because of me. You can pick up the formula and do it. If you want to find your way back after pregnancy to feel like yourself and be empowered, there’s a lot of different places. It’s just picking the formula, the person that you respect, and being willing to walk the steps.

I got a session of network chiropractic with Dr. Christopher Jones. I told him, “I want to go back to my old self,” and he said, “You’re never going to get back to your old self. You are now creating a new version of yourself.”

I love that because I’m better. I had my kids at 35, I’m better at 51. I look better, I’m stronger, I’m smarter. You can go back to a better version of yourself than you ever knew.

That’s beautiful. 

I’m sure you will because that’s the kind of person you are.

You’re an extraordinary woman on so many levels, but you are also a very sensitive person. Do I get it right?

I’m not super sensitive. Inside, I’m sure. I don’t cry easily. I mean, I’d love to, but here’s what I am. If I had to describe myself, I am a generous, courageous, compassionate woman.

I guess compassion is what I was feeling. Did you ever have to deal with rejection or naysayers?

I think it’s part of the path. They say they only tackle the guy with the ball, I’ve been fortunate to be one of the gals with the ball in my space for over a decade, and have worked with, and had the privilege of coaching the top of the top service professionals and change agents in every industry—from real estate, to finance, to health, to relationship, to personal development. I’ve seen the backside of all of those businesses and personal lives. I did a little video seeding, I went to Bali recently with my boyfriend. It was magical and amazing.

I want to go to Bali. I have traveled over 48 countries, never been to Bali.

I was on the way home on United Airlines and their beautiful new Polaris lay-flat seats and I made a little video. I opened the video saying, “I’m flying the friendly skies today.” Somebody that saw my video took the time to find my website, right into support, and say “By the way, did you know that saying is trademarked from United? I hope you were on United Airlines.” I thought, “Wow, this person was a lawyer, I guess, a trademark lawyer.” I thought, “Wow, I’d love for this person to do my work, so that they had more interesting things to do with their time than that,” but I just wrote back, “Thank you. I was on United, so I guess all is well in the world.” 

Come on, people! Choose your battles. You’re a trademark attorney, go out there and make a difference. Come to our Speak-to-Sell course, so you can be out there doing a talk that inspires, that gives fabulous content and inspires people to work with you. Let’s spend our energy on our unique value, and getting it out into the world, and create our Meant for More journey. When you put yourself out there, you’re always going to have the armchair critics. I love Brené Brown‘s whole thing that she includes… I can’t remember where it came from, but I remember seeing it again in her book. It’s the person on the court. I’m totally paraphrasing, but it’s the man in the arena. It’s not the folks sitting in the stands saying how it should be done. 

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That’s my invitation to closing things up, Orion, here. That’s my invitation for everybody listening. You want to look back and be like, “That wasn’t a would’ve, could’ve, should’ve life.” You want to say, “My life was a life of purpose. I led a Meant for More life. I took my gifts. Even in the school of hard knocks, I turned them into something that made a contribution. That’s how I created leadership and abundance. That’s how I made a difference.” That’s the buzz we want in the backyard for your life at the end of the day. If that’s true for you, my contribution is to pick up Meant for More, start to unpack this for yourself, and see what opens up for you. This life is a grand experiment.

Beautifully said. Lisa, thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you. Thank you for taking the time to share all this beautiful wisdom with us.

My pleasure. I just admire you so much that you have a six-month-old and that you care about people having a stellar life at such a degree that you’re already up and at it. You’re putting out this beautiful podcast with so many amazing guests; and so many are my friends, my clients, my mentors that I’ve seen on your show. Thank you for the work you’re doing. Thank you for helping me spread the word about what matters to me. It’s really been an honor to share the path with you, Orion.

Thank you. Thank you, listeners. Remember to live a life of purpose, turn your gifts into contribution, and create leadership and abundance in your life, and live a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Believe your life is meant for more especially if you have a burning desire to chase your dreams and be a light to others. 
{✓} Aim to utilize your gifts with the mission of helping others. Wherever you see yourself excel the most, your main purpose in life is to be of help to the people around you. 
{✓} Discover your unique value by internalizing what you really want in life, which areas are you best at, and what type of traits serve as your biggest strengths. 
{✓} Turn your unique value into an offer. Target people who are most likely to need what you have and let them become aware that you provide a solution or an improvement for their life.
{✓} Learn how to sell your services. Utilize different marketing strategies to share what you do and reach as many prospects as possible. It’s best to have a website so people can easily find you. 
{✓} Plan your week and stick to a strict schedule. Be disciplined enough in making sure you’re doing everything you can to accomplish your goals. Having a planner or an organized calendar allows you to be more productive. 
{✓} Don’t forget to give yourself a break. Leave yourself some breathing room. Spending time with your family and friends or just spending time alone can help recharge your batteries. 
{✓} Ask the right questions. This applies to others and yourself. When you ask the right questions, you get to clearly see the answers you’re searching for. 
{✓} Check out Lisa’s free course offer for Stellar Life Podcast Listeners and learn how to Discover Your Own Value. 
{✓} Grab a copy of Lisa Sasevich’s latest book, Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits.

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After helping corporate giants generate millions in sales a Lisa Sasevich was fired from her dream job the night before Christmas Eve. With a husband in medical school and two toddlers at home, it was devastating. After some soul-searching, the “Queen of Sales Conversion” decided it was time to parlay her talents into her own profits—and to help others do the same. She started a home-based business with nothing more than her phone, her laptop, and the stolen hours of the night after her kids were tucked into bed.

A few short years and over $40 million in sales later, Lisa has helped over 15,000 clients in 134 countries earn more by doing what they love, all without being pushy or sales-y.

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