Vision Boards: Magically Manifest Your Dreams and Goals

What if all it took to achieve your dreams was some glue, scissors and imagination? I know what you’re thinking; it sounds too easy! I promise you, making a vision board is easy and it works. I’ve seen it happen many times in my life. Vision boards are powerful tools many successful people like Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry and even Beyoncé use to achieve their goals and you can too.

Vibrate at the Frequency of Your Dreams

Manifesting begins with learning about how to use the Law of Attraction. The law states that thoughts are real, physical vibrations in your mind and these vibrations impact your physical world. So whatever you spend time thinking about, you’ll manifest in real life. If you take this idea one step further and think about the life you’d like to be living and begin to vibrate at the frequency of your dreams, you’ll attract that same vibration into your life. This law, popularized by the movie The Secret, has worked over and over in my life and the lives of millions of seekers including many of my teachers, mentors and clients. And it will work for you, too.

Proof of the Power of Vision Boards

Maybe it seems a little far-fetched; you make a collage of your goals and they materialize like magic. But the fact is vision boards work: I’ve used them time and time again to manifest amazing things in my life. Years ago, when I lived in New York City, I made a vision board that included a picture of one of my favorite teachers, Dr. John Demartini.

Since then, I’ve gotten to meet Dr. Demartini and interview him for an article I wrote for the Huffington Post. I also made a vision board for the man I hoped to marry one day. I put everything I could feel about him on my board and while he didn’t materialize over night, he came into my life at the perfect time. I recognized him immediately and we’ve been married now for over a year.

The Science Behind the Magic

Manifesting with vision boards may seem mystical but it’s actually much more scientific than that. It’s what John Assaraf calls “neural reconditioning,” a way to rewire your brain into the reality you want. By spending time focusing on your goals, you create a mental picture of your future. From this picture you’ll begin to think and act in ways in the present that will help you arrive at your future vision. It’s like working backwards, sketching the blueprint of the life you want in your mind and then watching your dreams take shape in your world.

It doesn’t matter what your dreams are either, just that you focus on them. Manifestation works by turning on your reticular activating system (RAS), the part of your brain that works like a GPS. You know when you get a new car and suddenly it seems like you see your car everywhere? That’s your RAS. The same thing happens when you create a vision board, you activate your RAS and suddenly you’ll begin to see, act and manifest your vision for your life effortlessly. Learn more about using your RAS to find love on my NBC interview here.

The power of your subconscious mind is life changing. Use a vision board to meditate and vibrate on the life you desire and the life you desire will appear. Want to make your own vision board? Check out my step-by-step guide and start living your dreams.

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