Episode 40 | November 29, 2016

How to be Authentic in your Videos, Branding and Marketing: Sarah Michael

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Mission #40

On Board: Sarah Michael
Mission: How to be Authentic in your Videos, Branding and Marketing

The Co-Pilot:

This time on Stellar Life, we have the absolute pleasure of hearing from the lovely Sarah Michael. Sarah works with spiritual entrepreneurs ready to do both inner and outer work. As the founder of Sparkling Results Coaching and the creator of Project: YOU, she guides clients toward creating a business that does good and feels good.

In this conversation, Sarah emphasizes the importance of being authentic — and sets a wonderful example. She’s warm, engaging, and utterly herself as she walks us through women’s deepest motivations, how to come to peace with your inner cavewoman, and the best ways to communicate your message.

Connect With Sarah Michael:

Sparkling Results Coaching
Sarah Michael on Facebook
Project: YOU
Talk With Sarah

The Mission Log:

  • [04:08] – Sarah gives us an introduction to who she is. We hear about her experience in marketing and branding, and her specialty — what she calls “the intangible of the intangibles.”
  • [06:18] – Most of Sarah’s work is with women, because she focuses on how feminine survival instincts show up in business. She describes how ingrained neural pathways shape women’s desires.
  • [08:41] – “Masculine and feminine” are different from “male and female” or “men and women,” and Sarah talks about why. She then explains that the masculine urge is to protect and provide, as opposed to the feminine desire to connect.
  • [10:26] – Sarah digs further into the differences between what constitutes safety for the masculine and feminine.
  • [11:11] – We learn more about Project: YOU, which Sarah started after noticing that people didn’t see all of her or her work until there was already a connection. It emerged from a self-imposed authenticity challenge.
  • [14:34] – Sarah talks about posting videos herself, this time emphasizing the importance of discernment.
  • [17:35] – Orion and Sarah talk about the possibility of oversharing, with Sarah advising that you be careful of your details and make sure your posts and videos make sense to others. The specific advice she gives is “Don’t tell the story until you’ve stopped bleeding.”
  • [19:38] – Does Sarah generally have an outline for her video, or does she just talk from the heart? It’s a combination, she reveals. She emphasizes authenticity, which means not scripting or memorizing things.
  • [23:50] – Is it better to talk faster or slower in your videos? Sarah emphasizes that it’s better to speak more slowly, and gives an explanation of the science behind the reason this is important. She and Orion then debate whether to speak more or less quickly when presenting your offer.
  • [28:11] – Sarah explains what she thinks are the biggest challenges that her community’s members in general face. First is the inner problem of not letting oneself “be enough,” second is the challenge of describing what they do in a way that others immediately understand, and third is having taken lots of training and courses, and having lots of marketing materials that don’t necessarily work together.
  • [30:38] – How do you get over self doubts? Sarah speaks specifically to the feminine in her answer. Her answer involves creating a safe space, and she elaborates on what this safe space may be.
  • [34:00] – Sarah talks about the possibility of declaring yourself safe. Orion responds, exploring how important it is to women to feel safe. This leads to more discussion of the differences between men and women.
  • [37:47] – What are Sarah’s tips on refining your message?  Her biggest tip is to use what she describes as “vivid words.” These are words that paint a picture in the other person’s head as close as possible to what you mean. She gives some specific examples of abstract versus concrete words.
  • [40:20] – Orion asks if Sarah means simplifying things in a way that a five-year-old would understand. Sarah clarifies, and she and Orion discuss the words Orion uses for what she does.
  • [42:16] – We hear Sarah’s explanation of how people can refine their message. She says you need to identify what your clients believe their needs are, and then address those in all of your messages.
  • [44:45] – How does Sarah build and nourish her community? She talks about the importance of receiving, as well as giving.
  • [45:32] – The craziest thing Sarah has ever done is having gotten her belly button pierced at 24, with no forethought or planning. It was completely unlike her to jump into something like that without knowing what she was getting into. In response, Orion shares her own belly button piercing story.
  • [48:26] – When asked about the best thing that’s ever happened to her, Sarah has a hard time coming up with just one! She settles on going to Loral Langemeier’s 3 Days to Cash workshop, which she describes as a safe space.
  • [51:10] – Sarah gives us her three top tips for living a stellar life: 1. Know what you want your stellar life to look like. 2. Develop, cultivate, and nurture relationships that will get you there. 3. Be yourself! Be as much of yourself as possible, in all situations.

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

What would a self-imposed authenticity challenge look like for you? Think of a few examples, and then work toward implementing them and living more authentically.

Look into Sarah’s Project: YOU. If it sounds like something that might work for you, sign up and participate wholeheartedly in the three-week process.

“Don’t tell the story until you’ve stopped bleeding.” If you’re thinking about sharing something publicly, check whether you’re still bleeding. If so, don’t share it yet.

Links and Resources:

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