Attract More Wealth into Your Life with these Hacks

Why do some individuals seem to attract a lot of money and others seem to repel it? Is wealth really just for those who have an advantage? Or is it pure luck? 

What if I told you that wealth can be achieved by anybody- and certainly by YOU? I’ve interviewed a lot of financial experts and entrepreneurs on Stellar Life Podcast in the last four years. From Dr. John Demartini, DC Cordova, and Barbara Huson, to a lot more. I’ve learned so much from them in terms of managing finances, making investments, and having the right mindset to be financially free. But one thing they all agreed upon is that for someone to be wealthy, they should not be afraid of abundance.

One of my favorite episodes is with the feisty and brilliant Shanda Sumpter. In our discussion, we dive deep into the things you need to do to become financially abundant. And it’s not just about that –  money is just icing on the cake. What’s important is that, along with all your wealth and success, you end up truly happy with your life.

I love our conversation because Shanda is naturally frank about how she coaches her clients. She’s a no-BS type of gal, and I 100% resonate with her. Some of the advice that I consider noteworthy is:

  1. Finish what you started. During the interview, I kept throwing curveball scenarios at Shanda and guess what her answer was every time – “finish what you started!” Goal setting is a critical part of wealth building. If your target is clear, you have higher chances of hitting the bullseye.
  2. Forget about the fear of rejection. Instead of dreading the word no, just accept that it’s part of the game. Failure is definitely part of success. You cannot please everybody, so might as well keep doing what you love, stay in your lane, and finish what you started!
  3. Get into endurance training. Randomly tangential advice, but Shanda swears by it. She would place her clients through hard-core, athletic endurance training. Months after, their change in behavior led them to attract more wealth in their life. If you sense the trend here, endurance training essentially is key to finishing what you started!

So there you have it. We have access to all the knowledge and tools such as The Law of Attraction, Think and Grow Rich, etc. But if your willpower and grit are absent, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will forever stay a myth. 

So what are you waiting for? What’s one thing you’ve always wanted but haven’t started working on yet? This is your figurative neon sign telling you, go for it! You are capable of becoming who you want to be and more. 

For more tips on how to become more financially abundant, tune in to Shanda Sumpter’s Stellar Conversation!

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