Episode 30 | September 20, 2016

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities with Dr. John Demartini

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Mission # 30

On board: Dr. John Demartini
Mission: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

The Co-pilot

Dr. Demartini is a leading authority on human behavior and personal development. He’s the author of 40 books that have been published in over 29 languages. He has produced over 60 CD’s and DVD’s covering subjects such as development in relationships, wealth, education, and business. Each program is designed to assist people to empower themselves in all seven areas of their lives; financial, physical, mental, vocational, spiritual, family, and social.

“Either set goals that match your values or change your values to match your goals, but there has to be congruity if you want to match your highest potential.” – Dr. John Demartini

Mission Log:

  • How John fills his day with high priority actions that inspire him.
  • Why you should set a morning routine that includes gratitude exercises.
  • The breakthroughs that people are able to get from working with John.
  • John’s Values Assessment tool, how it works, and why you should use it.
  • How we can awaken our genius, find our purpose, and enhance brain activity.
  • The nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits that you should consider for a healthy life.

Your Pre-flight Checklist:

  • Travel, learn, and research everyday. When you continue to grow, you can completely change your life.
  • Even if it’s a slow process, never give up on something that you truly want. The time will pass anyway, stay determined and you will reach your goals.
  • Use Dr. Demartini’s Values Determination to learn your unique hierarchy of values, and which of your values you should be focused on the most.

Links and Resources Mentioned
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Dr. Demartini

From all of us here at Stellar life; the Captain, Copilot and the entire crew, I’d like to Thank You for joining us on this trip! We are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a nice stay and thank you for choosing to live your life to the fullest!

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