Episode 82 | September 19, 2017

Creating a Money Paradigm Shift: Dame DC Cordova

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Mission #82

On Board: DC Cordova
Mission: Creating a Money Paradigm Shift

The Co-Pilot:

Money can be a complicated and tangled subject for anyone. We wrap  so much of our self-image and sense of worth into our financial situation. As a woman, though, there are even more layers to deal with when it comes to money. You have to navigate a balance between your giving feminine side and your businesslike masculine side in the world of entrepreneurship.

Dame DC Cordova joins me today to discuss this and much more. As a powerful, successful woman, she knows all about the struggles and triumphs of women in business. I met DC in Cancun, Mexico at her powerful Money & You seminar, where I learned to deal with money and eliminate my limited and negative beliefs about it. DC is also the owner of Excellerated Business Schools, which I highly recommend. Please listen and take what you hear today to heart because it can truly change your life.

Connect With DC:

DC Cordova
Dame DC Cordova on LinkedIn
DC Cordova on Facebook
Dame DC Cordova on Facebook
@DCCordova on Twitter
Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs

The Mission Log:

  • [03:16] – DC starts things off by talking about herself, explaining what she does and discussing her background. She touches on some of the losses in her life and shares how this led to her enlightenment experience.
  • [06:53] – We hear in more depth about DC’s moment of enlightenment, which came when she was 26 years old.
  • [10:21] – DC talks about the programs that she runs, and explains that her younger self wouldn’t have been able to imagine creating so many social entrepreneurs. She then reveals that it wasn’t until she reached her 50s that she felt she had really found herself and her path.
  • [13:01] – What did it take for DC to see the opportunity and follow the clues to find her path? One of the aspects she discusses in her answer is that after a major disaster or war, there’s tremendous prosperity from the rebuilding process.
  • [16:54] – Money is a tool of exchange, DC explains, and discusses why it was created. She then talks about cryptocurrencies and the different responses of various countries.
  • [19:54] – DC talks about Buckminster Fuller’s futuristic views, and how they relate to generating tremendous wealth. She then differentiates between wealth and money.
  • [21:42] – Orion talks about her own relationship with money. She talks about how she used to put people on a pedestal if they had money.
  • [22:50] – What can DC say to someone who feels this way about putting rich people on pedestals? In response, she offers listeners a gift, which you can find at this link.
  • [25:14] – DC talks about an exercise that an early mentor of hers took her through to explore her parents’ relationship with money.
  • [30:01] – Orion brings up the topic of money and women. She and DC then go over beliefs that can block women from achieving wealth.
  • [33:49] – How do you integrate femininity into a business deal? As she answers, DC talks about growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and how she used people’s negative assumptions about her intelligence to her benefit.
  • [38:31] – DC talks about why education is so important, specifically entrepreneurial education.
  • [40:44] – Sometimes DC offers programs just for women, she explains.
  • [41:25] – Orion explains that she loves coaching and talks about what she does for women. She and DC then talks about the relationship and similarities between love and money.
  • [44:30] – Whenever you feel trapped, remember that you need to give yourself at least five choices for getting out of that situation. As soon as you do that, the pressure disappears and you can think straight.
  • [46:39] – DC shares the strategy she uses when her ego takes over and gives into the addiction for suffering.
  • [48:13] – Orion chimes in to talk about affirmations, and brings up Huang Ming. DC then talks about what he does with his money. She then offers a simple formula for becoming a millionaire: create a product that a million people will buy for $1.
  • [52:06] – You would never realize from meeting him that Huang Ming is a billionaire, Orion says. DC then talks about a “millionaire next door” who she knows.
  • [53:37] – What are DC’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Clear your consciousness and have emotional mastery. 2. Create a business that will leave a legacy and is systematized. 3. Maintain mental, physical, and emotional health.

Links and Resources:

DC Cordova
Dame DC Cordova on LinkedIn
DC Cordova on Facebook
Dame DC Cordova on Facebook
@DCCordova on Twitter
Excellerated Business Schools
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Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs
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