Episode 82 | September 19, 2017

Creating a Money Paradigm Shift with Dame DC Cordova

A Personal Note from Orion

Here’s a riddle for you:

The tighter you hold on, the more of me you’ll lose. The more of me you give, the more I’ll come back to you. What am I? 

Did you guess it? The answer is money.

For many of us, money plays a very volatile role in our lives – it comes, it goes, its never enough or it can even be too much, to the point where it’s overwhelming. Wouldn’t you like to get to a point where money doesn’t rule you and how you live your life – instead, you create a healthy, stable relationship with it?

My guest today is a woman who’s Money and You program has over one hundred thousand graduates – including Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. You have to tune in to listen to her powerful message on how to see the abundance in life and how to stop being afraid of money and embrace the idea of wealth instead. One of her greatest secrets – you can have an incredible amount of wealth, without having incredible amounts of money. There is a huge distinction and once you learn what that is, you’ll find more opportunities for abundance and a healthier relationship with the concept of money.



In this Episode

  • [03:16] – DC starts things off by talking about herself, explaining what she does and discussing her background. She touches on some of the losses in her life and shares how this led to her enlightenment experience.
  • [06:53] – We hear in more depth about DC’s moment of enlightenment, which came when she was 26 years old.
  • [10:21] – DC talks about the programs that she runs, and explains that her younger self wouldn’t have been able to imagine creating so many social entrepreneurs. She then reveals that it wasn’t until she reached her 50s that she felt she had really found herself and her path.
  • [13:01] – What did it take for DC to see the opportunity and follow the clues to find her path? One of the aspects she discusses in her answer is that after a major disaster or war, there’s tremendous prosperity from the rebuilding process.
  • [16:54] – Money is a tool of exchange, DC explains, and discusses why it was created. She then talks about cryptocurrencies and the different responses of various countries.
  • [19:54] – DC talks about Buckminster Fuller’s futuristic views, and how they relate to generating tremendous wealth. She then differentiates between wealth and money.
  • [21:42] – Orion talks about her own relationship with money. She talks about how she used to put people on a pedestal if they had money.
  • [22:50] – What can DC say to someone who feels this way about putting rich people on pedestals? In response, she offers listeners a gift, which you can find at this link.
  • [25:14] – DC talks about an exercise that an early mentor of hers took her through to explore her parents’ relationship with money.
  • [30:01] – Orion brings up the topic of money and women. She and DC then go over beliefs that can block women from achieving wealth.
  • [33:49] – How do you integrate femininity into a business deal? As she answers, DC talks about growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and how she used people’s negative assumptions about her intelligence to her benefit.
  • [38:31] – DC talks about why education is so important, specifically entrepreneurial education.
  • [40:44] – Sometimes DC offers programs just for women, she explains.
  • [41:25] – Orion explains that she loves coaching and talks about what she does for women. She and DC then talks about the relationship and similarities between love and money.
  • [44:30] – Whenever you feel trapped, remember that you need to give yourself at least five choices for getting out of that situation. As soon as you do that, the pressure disappears and you can think straight.
  • [46:39] – DC shares the strategy she uses when her ego takes over and gives into the addiction for suffering.
  • [48:13] – Orion chimes in to talk about affirmations, and brings up Huang Ming. DC then talks about what he does with his money. She then offers a simple formula for becoming a millionaire: create a product that a million people will buy for $1.
  • [52:06] – You would never realize from meeting him that Huang Ming is a billionaire, Orion says. DC then talks about a “millionaire next door” who she knows.
  • [53:37] – What are DC’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Clear your consciousness and have emotional mastery. 2. Create a business that will leave a legacy and is systematized. 3. Maintain mental, physical, and emotional health.

About Today’s Show

‏‏A few years ago, I went to Cancun, Mexico, not to enjoy the beautiful beaches and margaritas but to attend a seminar called Money & You. This was a very unique seminar. It taught me in a very experiential way how to deal with money and my limiting beliefs around money, how to eliminate those negative beliefs around money. I got the honor and pleasure of meeting DC Cordova. I really like DC, I got to meet her a few times since. She is such a beautiful soul. She’s done so much to help thousands and thousands of people. Actually, hundreds of thousands of people with their relationship with money. She owns The Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs and Money & You. I highly recommend you attend one of these programs if you have any limiting beliefs around money. It’s just incredible. Attracting money is like attracting a partner. As soon as you let go, it shows up. I hope you will enjoy this show as much as I did. Really, if you have any limiting beliefs around money, the concept of money, making money, go and attend her seminars because she is wonderful. Another connection we had was we both are founding godmothers of Heart Of All Women Media, which was pretty cool. I like hanging out in good company. Another interesting fact is that when I was in Mexico, it was DC’s birthday and as a gift from me, I sang her a song. I’m not going to sing it now, but I’m going to let you get to know her a little more. Onto the show. Hi DC, welcome to Stellar Life Podcast.

‏‏Thank you, it’s so nice being here with you.

‏‏I am so excited to be talking to you. I have so much admiration for you as a person, as a teacher. I know that what people are going to learn today, if they take it to heart and use that information, it can change their lives.

‏‏Thank you. I will do my best to give them the best tools that I have.

‏‏Why don’t we start by you sharing a little bit about yourself?

‏‏What I’m really known for is being in the original circle, in the team of people that created the industry of transformational, experiential, entrepreneurial trainings. My mentors were originally the people that created that industry and I had the honor of being there when I was only 28 years old. I learned the principles so well. I was a student of the first business school for entrepreneurs of his kind. Fast forward nearly 40 years later, I inherited the work back in 1985 and then I took on a partner by the name of Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad, now he’s famous for that. At the time, nobody knew him and he didn’t have that level of success. He was actually someone that we really supported with our work to creating that kind of success and even setting it up that way. How to find the partners, how to work with teams, how to work with organizations. I have had the honor of being around people that have tremendously good hearts who want to do good and also have very profitable businesses and lives. I am really well known for putting on a program called Money & You. Again, I inherited that work, I didn’t create it. I had the opportunity with many awesome partners around the world to work with them, set the systems, and really be in the background and put this work out in the world and churn out many social entrepreneurs. I originally grew up in Chile, came to the States when I was 12, was a typical teenager. I was very successful in the legal field. By the time I was 24 years old, I had everything I could possibly want but I had quite a bit of tragedy and sadness, my first love had been killed, a miscarriage a couple of babies. I was a very unhappy 24 year old. It was really my going away from Los Angeles where I worked in the Criminal Court System as a court reporter, moving into going to Hawaii, almost escaping my own self, having that enlightenment experience when I was 26 years old that had me go looking for something which I didn’t know what it was. Then when I did find it, it was in the form of these business schools and these programs that got people clear about money and consciousness. It was just my destiny. I started off very, very roughly in life, very tough, very sad. No matter how much I had, it didn’t fulfill my heart. It was so crazy for me because just like millions of millions of people that worked so hard to get to a place of success and then find out that that wasn’t it. I was blessed, and that’s what I do. I love it. I’m purposely not famous, I purposely have not written a bestselling book for many different reasons. Now, I’m getting ready to settle in and write more books, do more things to pass down what I have learned and hopefully making life easier for others.

‏‏Wow. What was that moment of enlightenment at age 26?

‏‏I was in the island of Hawaii. I was so, so sad about nothing and everything. I had stopped drinking and partying and everything and it was the first time that I had been sober for years. What I mean by that, sober in the sense of not only from alcohol and influences but I had an opportunity to really settle into my heart. My heart had been really shut down for eight years since my boyfriend had been killed and I lost my babies. What happened was that I had this heart opening experience that was like an epiphany of self-realization moment, an enlightenment moment if you may want to call it that where I really was in touch with the ever presence of the eternity of God, I guess you could call it. It was so much more than that. It’s crazy to say that when you’re speaking about God. What I mean by that, it was about nature, it was about space, it was about the infinite you, the infinite me. I just woke up. And then, I had a sense that he said, “I didn’t put you on planet earth for you to be a party girl, you have a job to do.” And then threw a series of circumstances, I found this work. I truly believed that it was that… I think that a lot of people have experiences like that but they don’t heed the calling. Then, they pass up the opportunity on really going for their dreams, it takes so much courage. Now, I realized how hard it was but I had no choice because I had been so unhappy. I couldn’t go back, I could only go forward. Enlightenment, consciousness, and the ability to be able to know that the only thing on the planet that I had control over, the only thing that any human being has control over, is their consciousness. That realization took me on this beautiful path that we actually activate in people, through business and money, because that is such a big thing on this planet. It’s so fascinating because I don’t have the hooks of ‘to money and success’ the way most people do. It hasn’t been inconvenient for me to do that, but it is a little bit different than how most people feel.

We actually activate in people, through business and money, because that is such a big thing on this planet. Click To Tweet

‏‏When you look back at your life and the 20-80 role that just started this program, would you ever imagine leading it and touching so many lives?

‏‏I actually lead certain programs. I do lead my business schools but always in conjunction with other magnificent co-leaders and people that take even more responsibility for the front of the room than I do. I’m in the back. What I could imagine that we would churn out so many social entrepreneurs, and then I also through the years, what has happened, I’ve been following the clues. This is really the biggest secret of them all because I hang out with so many big names and people. Jack Canfield, we trained Tony Robbins when he was 23 years old, Kiyosaki was my business partner from 9 years and was with us for 17 years. Eker studied with us, just all these big names. I am business partners with one of the world’s leading solo architect, the billionaire with a heart. One of the things that I noticed, that all of them, so many people are successful because they follow the clues. Even Tony Robbins has that teachings that success leaves clues. I think that I feel blessed and I’m happy that I was wise enough to do that because it takes a lot of trust. I think this is where spiritual practices really help you because otherwise, it’s so scary. It’s so confusing, it’s so crazy. The world is so crazy that unless you’re really grounded on spiritual principles or even if you’re not agnostic or an atheist, I notice my agnostic and atheist friends are grounded on something. Even if it’s science or even if it’s logic, they are grounded on it. I think that’s really important to have a true north, that’s like your GPS, that takes you to where your heart really wants to be and then you create systems around them, around your heart, and your intention, and your work. And then you become really successful. It’s easy for me to talk about it now in my 60s. I just remember when I was in my 20s and 30s and even my 40s, I was still practicing, it wasn’t until my 50s that I got my sea legs, you know?

‏‏Wow. How do you follow the clues these days? Do you just see the opportunity? What did it take for you in the past to see that opportunity?

‏‏Well, we are students of Buckminster Fuller. It’s interesting that you should ask me that because we are creating a whole new curriculum. We’re taking our business schools for entrepreneurs which is already so far advanced than any educational curriculum on the planet. We’re taking it to a whole other level. We are students of Buckminster Fuller who taught us literally how to look into the future. For instance, there’s three major things that our business school is based on. One is teaching people about new technologies, about renewables, and about contribution. Those are three areas that I have identified are very important for entrepreneurs to know. The reason is because we almost have scotoma, a blindness. We get secure in our environment, we get secure in those things that we’re used to doing. The world is changing so fast. It really scares people, even the most macho, courageous people that I know. It’s staring us in the face right now, the whole environmental issue. People can still be in denial after what has happened in Texas and in Florida, in the Caribbean, complete destruction of all countries. What happens is that this we knew was coming a long time ago. It’s only going to get worse, it’s not going to get better. This is only the beginning, it’s a whole new paradigm.But if you notice, if you read economics, if you read history, after a major disaster or after war, there’s tremendous prosperity that happens. There’s going to be so much prosperity in Florida, and in Texas because now you have to rebuild, now you have a lot of jobs. We know that the 45th is going to try to take credit for all of that, but it’s actually a pattern that occurs worldwide. When a country really suffers, then they have to rebuild it and then that creates a lot of prosperity. When you see that, and you can see that as a business opportunity, after you cried, after you saw those people that lose everything, it’s just so sad. There’s another thing that’s happening, the other piece in contribution is that the third world situation and circumstances are landing in our backyard. You look at Florida, it’s easy for somebody to look at Barbados and say oh yeah, 95% was destroyed, we’re used to that, or Haiti and all that. But when you look at a place in Florida that’s 95% destroyed, it looks like a third world country where people are having to cook outside, they don’t have any water, they don’t have electricity, this is an awareness, this is an evolution. If you can just see the business opportunities out of that, then you’re not only going to create profitable businesses, but you’re going to add value and contribute to humanity and take it to a whole other level. These are taps for the whole country that if we heed that calling, we can learn and really prosper from it. If we take it to a place of disempowerment and fighting and separation, it’s just going to put us back in the dark.

‏‏That’s such a good message for all those people that are suffering right now from all the destruction. There is hope. I’m sending them blessing and much love. What is money?

‏‏Money is a tool. Money is a tool of exchange. It was created because it got out of control, people couldn’t just trade milk and butter for sheep. They couldn’t trade leather and clothing for things that they needed. After a while, the population really grew. They had to come up with some kind of a tool that would facilitate exchange, that’s how money really came about. What happened was that then countries were formed and economies were created, governments were created. And then, there were certain things that would back up money, that would say this is worth so much and originally was gold and resources, there’s a whole science there that we don’t have time to cover. Then, it got crazy. Then, it got completely taken out of context. We’re actually seeing all evolution into crypto currencies. I have a feeling that especially with the 45th that we have in place, they’re not going to allow for that to occur for very long. The Chinese just passed laws against it, but then Japan is going completely cryptocurrencies. Japan is the opposite of China. Money really is just a tool of exchange. What most people confuse is the emotions, the hurts, the upsets and what occurs around money. Then, they think that’s money. This is a really good time to ask a very powerful question that we teach in all of our programs which is is it a fact or is it an opinion? Is it a fact, is it an opinion? When you begin to see and you begin to discern through all the noise, through all the confusion, and you begin to really get down to brass tacks, you begin to understand that there are systems in place that can support you in generating money but also money is not wealth. This is very important to understand.These other teachings about Buckminster Fuller and these people go to my Facebook, you can just find DC Cordova, that’s my regular page, then Dame DC Cordova is my fan page; it’s easy to find me. You will see a headline which Buckminster Fuller says, “How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without any ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone?”

‏‏That’s very interesting that he was asking that question back then. It’s almost like he did look into the future.

‏‏Oh my god, he started asking that question in the 30s and 40s. He was completely a futurist. If you can answer that question and monetize your product or service, you’re going to generate tremendous wealth which can contain money. But what has happened in the world is that people are very confused between money and wealth. In our business school, people can go to gbseschool.com, they would read in there about the three different factors that are really changing the future. That’s what we’re teaching now which is new technologies like in the future, in the very near future, education is going to change, entertainment is going to change because of artificial intelligence and then virtual reality. Medicine, my friend, one of my closest friends that sadly passed away, he was given a little chip. They couldn’t figure out whether to do his brain surgery until they had him swallow this little teeny chip. It cost $25,000 that went through his whole body and was able to check that every organ, his heart, everything was ready, that he could have this brain surgery. Otherwise, it could have killed him.

‏‏Nanotechnology is amazing, the things that are going to happen in the future are mind blowing.

‏‏That’s what you have to be prepared for, and then you can have a greater understanding of wealth and money.

‏‏Yes. So many people have this attachment to money. I know that I have many limiting beliefs around money. I grew up very poor. It’s really funny because I grew up in a very rich neighborhood but our place looked like a dump. Growing up, I had the me versus them. I used to wear second hand clothes, it was pretty dramatic to see me step into my girlfriend’s big house, three floors, big garden. Such a big difference between me and her and I could see that. I think that even today, there is a little part of me that is like me versus them, it changed a lot in the last few years. I remember in the past it was so strong where I looked at people who had money and they were different and they were bigger and it almost put them on a pedestal. If somebody’s feeling this way right now, what can you share with them?

‏‏I want to tell you that I have a solution for this challenge that you have. I want you to go tomoneyandyou.com/magicalexercises. That is a gift that you and your audience can download from my book Access To Cash. Let me just tell you my new definition, people think that Access To Cash is going to be a book about how to raise money and all of that. It could have been, but my new definition of wealth is to have access to; access to cash, access to networks, access to resources, investments, support, that is what wealth is. That’s how you can create the life of your dreams. There was a little challenge which is the where did we grow up, you just made a very good point. You grew up exactly the way many of us grew up, you’re not the only one.

You grew up exactly the way many of us grew up, you’re not the only one.

‏‏I’m not? Just kidding.

‏‏There’s many, and there’s many who are extremely wealthy that have the awareness that you have and are completely run by that. You meet a lot of really cheap, rich people.

‏‏I did, sometimes I do.

‏‏They are cheap and they are terrified of their money getting lost, they don’t trust anybody. It’s incredible the number of people that are not clear about money that have a lot of money. One of the things the magical exercises do, I really recommend that you also do this with your spouse or your partner or your business partners because you want to know each other’s blocks to money. Think that every human being has a deserve-ability level. Somebody shared that with me, I wish I remember who it was. I love that word. It’s also receive-ability, the ability to receive, the ability to feel like you deserve. What we have to do is we have to clear from our unconscious and that’s what the magical exercises are. These were taught to me by my beautiful first spiritual teacher called [00:28:52]. When I was 27 years old after my enlightenment experience, I met her. She had these exercises; what are your mother’s most negative thoughts about money, what are your father’s most negative thoughts about money?

‏‏Where will I begin? There’s so many.

‏‏You make the list, you make the list. Then, you go into what were the most negative experiences you had around money, business, anything related to money. It’s really interesting when you first do it, it reminds me of those cables behind your television or that big mess that occurs with all these cords. That’s what your brain looks like, that’s what your unconscious looks like when it comes to money, finances, and all this. What you’re doing is you are unravelling each little cord, each little string. Then, what happens is what you begin to clear. And then you’re going to come up with an affirmation and you’re even going to clear that affirmation. I have every step in there and I want to recommend to all of you, and don’t give me any excuses. I tell people, I meet people years later, very rarely do I run into somebody from my Money & You program and says, “That program didn’t work for me.” I have, I usually say did you put anything to work? Did you practice any of the principles? “Oh no, it was just a great weekend.” This is the same thing with these exercises. These exercises are from my business school and my advance program that we do in our curriculum. In our business school, I’m going to do this with everyone every single day, different aspects of it, I’m going to go much deeper with them. The reason is because I want every single person to bring up the deserve-ability level, otherwise, no matter how much you make and worth you built and if your businesses are very profitable, if you don’t experience enough, this is what Buckminster Fuller used to teach, the word sufficiency. Most people live in scarcity. These exercises help you experience sufficiency and only from sufficiency can you move into abundance. It is that piece that is so important for people to understand that you have to work on you. This is why it’s called Money & You, and this is why it’s called the Global Excellerated Business School, because we excellerate; it’s the combination of the words excellence and accelerate. We excellerate people’s ability to be able to clear themselves. It’s always going back to your own consciousness. I have friends who are so wealthy. We never deal with money, I don’t ask them for money, they don’t ask me for money, we treat each other to beautiful gifts and we do beautiful things for each other. But a lot of what I do with them is support them in experiencing joy with that wealth because so many of them don’t and they become entrapped by it. We will have a few billionaires that come into our business school in November. I really want people to go to the website gbseschool.com and apply to the school because it’s an interesting process. If you apply, there’s going to be an interview to see whether you actually fit with the participants. There are certain people that won’t fit because they just want to make money, they just want to come and pitch their ideas which of course you can do that but that is not the purpose of our school. Our school’s purpose is to give you a huge dosage of business instruction, but more than anything else, clearing the vessel so that you can allow all that knowledge so it excellerates. It’s the same old conversation about if your cup is full, it’s impossible to give you more information or give you more wisdom. But if we can clear that, then we have the ability to be able to just contribute to you. Otherwise, you’re too full of things that you probably didn’t want to have, don’t want to experience, but you do everyday.

‏‏Right. I want to talk with you about money and women. I went online and I found an article named Ten Money Fears That Block Women From Wealth. I want to go over those limiting beliefs and maybe you can guide us through how to look at some of those or how to transform them. The first one is ‘I’m not worthy of success and abundance.’

‏‏That’s the deserve-ability level. Not being worthy just means that you need to clear. The magical exercises will do that. By the way, a lot of the big names, Kiyosaki, Harv Eker, I know Tony Robbins did it when he was 23 years old, I know that Jack Canfield has gotten quite a bit of those work, we’re part of the transformation of Leadership Council. We started that 12, 13 years ago and we know we do clearings like that on money and business all the time. Women, there’s this thing about us women that we have this nurturing side and our GPS is set to serve us. We will do so much out of the name of service. People, particularly certain, men, love to take advantage of that because they know that women will do it, they will selflessly stay until [10:00]PM every night without being paid overtime. Most women are afraid to ask, again that’s deserve-ability, to ask to be paid for that overtime. The statistic of the number of countries, there’s no equality on planet earth when it comes to men and women in the workplace. There’s no equality. We haven’t found one country that has equality, and some of them, including the United States, are so abusive. That it happens in the states is unbelievable. There’s so many countries that have the same, men will make this amount and the women will make 20%, 30% less. But we can use that knowledge. If you know that you are stepping into an environment that is not going to be empowering of you, then power up with entrepreneurial education, power up with clearing, power up with knowledge. We do. That’s what we do. That was very clear to me in the legal system. I was in the legal system in the 70s. There were hardly any women attorneys. All the law clerks were running all the law firms, they still do, and you get charged by an attorney $400 an hour for something and they pay a legal person $25 an hour. They’re the ones who are doing all the research and they’re the ones who put it all together. Most of those are women. What you have to understand that once you know what the weakness is, work with it and then be able to really get smart about it and don’t ever compete with other women. Help other women, collaborate. That is the biggest sin I see with so many women that attack other women and don’t support other women. There is the women’s code in the sisterhood. The reason there is because the odds are against us and there’s no man on the planet that can argue with that.

‏‏I’ve never been in corporate, but I see friends of mine that are or I see just women that are in corporate and they are closing deals, they fight like the men. When I look at you with everything that you’ve created in your life, you still kept your femininity, you kept your goddess part. What would be your advice to integrating that feminine aspect of you into a business deal?

‏‏In Money & You, we teach about a thing called The Fruit Bowl, it’s the framework, it’s the context. What you have to do is you have to be very clear that you are the CEO of your own life, that’s the first thing you have to do. Then, you have to have this thing called rules of the game on how you’re going to participate. You have to be a scanner, you have to take a look and look out there just like a person that likes to hunt, a good hunter. They spend a lot of time looking at the field and scanning and scanning. Then, they find their prey and then they shoot at it. It’s very similar for women. What women don’t do is prepare themselves for it. Within that context, you can be feminine. I would be lying to you if I were to tell you that I was always like this. I grew up in the 70s and the 80s. You talk about sexual harassment, we would’ve had the laws that we now have, they have gotten a little bit over the top. How we were trained to use our sexual hooks in order for us to advance. It was unusual if you didn’t get harassed by some men in the company. You kind of learn how to navigate about that. I always brought my boyfriend to parties and he would pick me up from work so I would make it really clear that I had a mean, big boyfriend that they’d have to deal with if they harass me too much. That was a common thing. Women and the young women, I was telling my godchildren this and I tell young women this, you have no idea what we’ve gone through. You haven’t made right now, and you still don’t have it made because there’s so many unspoken things. What you do is when you are very intelligent and you use those things, you need to know that immediately you’re going to be considered not to be a smart ass. There are quite a few men now that are very, very brilliant about this and there’s a lot of young men that are…

I tell young women this, you have no idea what we’ve gone through. You haven’t made right now, and you still don’t have it made because there’s so many unspoken things. Click To Tweet

‏‏That are not.

‏‏No, they are young men in their 20s and 30s who really get this. They know. But there’s a whole bunch that don’t. For instance, I was very well endowed as a young girl, I was very sexy, I was very beautiful. Immediately, there was the assumption that I wasn’t smart. I just didn’t look smart. I had an accent, I was Latina, I had long hair, I knew the look and it was like great, let them think that.

‏‏That’s so smart, you just used it for your own advantage.

‏‏By the time we were done, I had done my homework so well, I learned negotiations very young, we talk about negotiations in our business school. It was my favorite class. I always remember this about negotiations, is that you better be really clear on what your parameters are, how much are you really willing to give up, what is your ceiling, that you’re not going to go below that, and then you play with whatever figure, whatever terms. I learned that from some of the best attorneys, I was a court reporter, I was an interpreter, I was an assistant legal secretary. For eight years, I was surrounded and attorneys thought that I was a piece of furniture so they talked in front of me all the time. I learned so much from just listening in. Then what I would do is I was so clear and then by the time we got done, they would look at me and go she is not as dumb as she looks. They would say that out loud. I would just look at them and go, “Thank you so much, it was an honor doing business with you.” That didn’t take long for the word to get out. Before you know it, the word gets out, don’t mess with her because she’s a lot brighter than she looks. That you can use for a little while. People say that’s not a really nice thing to say, there are certain environments where the only thing you have is your brilliance. This is why education is so key. True entrepreneurial education, I always tell women if you want to have an advantage, you power up with entrepreneurial education, you become wealthy, you become successful, and then don’t give it all up—I’m going to be so rude, is it okay for me to be rude?

‏‏Go ahead.

‏‏I’m going to write a chapter of the things that women give up for orgasms.

‏‏Oh, yeah. It goes both ways.

‏‏Well, yes, it goes both ways, but we’re just talking about women right now. It’s like as soon as we meet—it’s not like I didn’t do it, I’m talking from experience. As soon as we meet this one whatever, the one whatever, at this point, so many women go, their power, their energy, their brilliance goes out the window. I’m not saying not to keep your hearts open, what I’m saying is that this is where the spiritual foundation, the intelligence, the emotional intelligence, the emotional mastery, the way that you power up with things that really make a difference and matter in the real world, that will balance you out and you will attract men, you will attract a partner, you will attract someone in your life that is so beautiful, that will love you exactly the way you are and will support you in being as powerful as you want to be without any of the games. This has a happy ending.

‏‏Happy ending or happy ending?

‏‏Happy ending, in every level. It’s a really beautiful, beautiful way of being. I’m talking from a lot of experience and from making many mistakes, but sometimes I do courses just for women. I have a platform called Women, Cash, and Divine Matters. That could be two ways that you say the word, divine matters, and divine really matters. It really is about women really knowing themselves so well, so no matter what comes at you, this is true for both men and women. If you know all your strengths and you know all your weaknesses, then when your weaknesses show up, you can actually deal with them as opposed to having them sabotage you and hijack you emotionally.

‏‏DC, I do love coaching and I help women awaken their inner goddess and feel more confident and love themselves more so they can attract their soulmate, so they can have better relationships. What I find, my hallucination is that money and dating is pretty similar. When you lose the attachment and all the anxiety around that thing, it comes to you. What do you think?

‏‏Yeah, you are 100% correct. I make a little joke with women. I said, “You want to have all the boyfriends in the world? Get wealthy.” Men are as attracted to money as women are attracted to rich guys, it’s the simple. In our society, you see the most gorgeous women, young, just go to Aspen, Colorado if you don’t believe me. Go to Miami. I’m not making this up, go to Beverly Hills. You see it all the time. You see these gorgeous women with men that are old enough to be their fathers, grand fathers, unattractive, and they are willing to do whatever and some of them fall madly in love and they marry them and they do whatever they do. They really do love them, some of them do. But what they love may be more of other things. That’s a radical, radical, radical example. But then you have the other side, and things have really shifted a lot. Then you are now having a lot of women who are very well to do that don’t care and have the most gorgeous, young boyfriends. I have done that myself. It wasn’t a permanent thing for me, but it is for certain women. The world is changing radically. What I prefer to do personally is to attract people, my sweetie is the most gorgeous man and he is very, very caring and very, very grounded and grounded and grounded. For me, if someone is not as successful as I am, if they’re not, then what I do is I just create it so that they become that. You begin to have an equality. It depends on what it is that you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for security… Remember, in many ways, our brains are very reptilian. We do look for security, there’s many women that stay with men for their children because it is in their DNA to do that. They don’t even have a choice about it because their children must be cared for so they put up with all kinds of stuff. The solution to that is to become very, very successful yourself. Then the choices, and this is true in every area of life. Whenever you feel trapped and you’re up against a corner, what I want you to remember is that you need to immediately give yourself at least five choices of getting out of that situation. As soon as you do that, the pressure disappears and you can think straight and never, never make emotional decisions that are major decisions. We’re talking about in every area of your life. You have to be sober because there’s certain decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life and you can’t afford to be high in alcohol, or pot, or emotions.

‏‏I love that distinctions. Women, men, everybody, we only look at being high as drugs or alcohol. Our own chemistry, our own emotions, it’s the biggest pharmaceutical. The addiction to endorphins, people can be addicted to sadness just as much as they are addicted to bliss.

‏‏To struggle. I was having a conversation with my sweetie, he was so glad that he caught me after I cleared that. I used to be very attached to suffering. I used to make a joke. DC, my name is Doris Del Carmen Cordova Michelle, long story, spelled like Doris and I don’t like that so my best friend, my boyfriend back in ’71 changed my name to DC and I loved it. But DC stands for many things, and one of them is devout Catholic. The devout Catholic in me was very, very addicted to suffering and the process of getting out of that. When I had that realization, it took me years to clear that. I even noticed there’s still a little part of me that wants to make me suffer a little. There’s enough suffering in the world and I make it now into a little joke. What the heck did you have to suffer about? You have everything a human being could ever want, there’s true suffering in the world. When my ego takes over on this one, that’s when I take myself to an ICU and give chocolates in the waiting room. If you’re too stuck in your emotions, there’s some things you can do. The closest thing you can do is go to any hospital, ask where the ICU is, take a bag of chocolates and pass chocolates around and sit there for an hour and see what true suffering is.

If you’re too stuck in your emotions, there’s some things you can do.

‏‏That’s so beautiful.

‏‏Or go to an old home with people that have no one and they’re sad and lonely, truly sad and lonely. Keep them company and you will go home and kiss the ground because you’re so blessed. You are so correct in regards to that addiction to the emotional endorphins that get created over situations that are a lot of times outside of our own control.

‏‏It’s interesting, one of the beliefs that I wrote down was I have to suffer, I have to work really hard in order to attract money.

‏‏That’s right. I have the affirmation for you. Money now comes easily and effortlessly to me from the most unexpected avenues. You still need to clear it, you still need to do the process, but that was mine. We had identical ones.

‏‏Yeah. Another one is—by the way, some of these are mine and some of these are just some that I copied but I will take this affirmation because this is for sure aligned with what I feel sometimes. If I don’t work really hard or provide an incredible amount of value, sometimes I give out way too much because there’s this idea that I need to work really, really hard and give you everything that I am in order for me to receive. Another one is—I know you’re gonna talk to that because I want you to mention Huang Ming, because some people think that money is evil, it’s not a good thing to have money. From my perspective, money, like you said, is a tool; it can be used for good or for bad. When I went to Money & You in Mexico and I met you for the first time, I also met Huang Ming, I have a photo to prove it.

‏‏Yes, you remember how beautiful he is.

‏‏Yeah, can you share a little bit about what he does with his money, it’s just so beautiful.

‏‏Huang Ming was actually a man who was an engineer that had an epiphany when he started which is about 31, 32 years ago. He was a tap engineer for the coal and oil industry in China and had an epiphany that his daughter was not going to have a world if he continued working in the field that he was in and went on to create miracle after miracle and became the world’s leading solar architect and created a solar valley, half a million square meters of hotel, a conference hall that fits 5,000 people, factories, I don’t know how many factories he has. He has a university, the first micro-emission university which we are teaching entrepreneurship in there. The school that we’re doing that in Cancun in November is kind of like an offshoot of that, that’s what the new paradigm that we’re creating and he’s going to be with us there. He passed the first green law in China. He created a product and service, a solo product that millions and millions of people liked. He became a billionaire with a heart. This is so simple, such a simple formula. If you want to be a millionaire, just create a product that a million will buy for a dollar. I know that sounds really silly, but when you think about it, it is that simple. That’s why you have all these new rich people in China who come up with the craziest idea and then a million people buy it from them and they have no idea how it ended up, how they did it, and then they end up in our business school for entrepreneurs because they want to duplicate that. Huang Ming is a man who’s completely committed to the greening of the planet, not only China. He’s not a communist, he is a Chinese man who is not even an entrepreneur, he’s an engineer and inventor. He had a product or service that people really wanted, and that’s how you can create outrageous wealth. He talks very little about money, only when he has to. He just keeps adding value, creating new products and services that really support humanity. He is one of the greatest examples of these generalized principles that we teach in our Money & You program in our business school. I really want people to go to solarvalleychina.com. They will see the story there, his picture, his video, and he’s a very, very humble man. You would never know. You remember how he was.

‏‏Oh man, no, never. He had his pants up to his belly, he had this old t-shirt on. You would never, ever, ever, in a million years, think that this guy is a billionaire.

‏‏Right. We just had a guest over here, this gentleman that is an in-law of my sweetie. He’s rich, he’s a millionaire. He does the most amazing things, he’s got all these [00:57:54] and all of that. He’s what we call a millionaire next door. You would never, never know the level of wealth that this man has. I looked at it when I said this is incredible, he works for humanity. The days of people covering themselves up with jewels and with designer clothing and all of that. Unless you are in that environment, unless you are in Beverly Hills or Miami Beach or South Beach, Aspen, and you are part of that group, there are so many beautiful people that commit themselves to the betterment of humanity and use their wealth. That is what I’m committed to, to continue and to educate. Seriously, you want to be invited to the best parties and hang out with the best people, just become a humanitarian. You’ll get invited to the best parties on the planet.

‏‏That’s beautiful. Before we finish, what are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

‏‏Clear your consciousness. Just have emotional mastery, that is so key. The second one is to create a business that will leave a legacy and is systematized. What you’re going to do is you’re going to go ahead and set systems in place. There’s this thing called The Business Assist Model, if you would call from Money & You, you create a niche, you leverage that niche through an aligned team and systems and then you create an amazing team that creates energy and create results. That’s the business assist model. You systematize a business that you can sell within five years and you create a legacy that will dupe it way after you’re gone, that’s the second thing. The third thing is health. Health is at every level; mental health, physical health, emotional health, and healthy life, healthy habits. What I mean by that is once you’re grounded in health, you will never want to hurt another human being.

Once you’re grounded in health, you will never want to hurt another human being. Click To Tweet

‏‏So powerful. To get the gift, they can go to moneyandyou.com/magicalexercises.

‏‏Yes. And they will love it. Then you can have more, there’s all kinds of things. Once you start looking for me, I’m crazy about giving free education all over the place. For those of you that can’t afford it right now, any of the programs, or other people have, there are a lot of places where you can get educated but put them to work. Practice and then come and let us empower you and take you to a whole other level.

‏‏DC, thank you. I really respect and honor you. I’m very grateful that you agreed to come on the show. Thank you for all the beautiful wisdom that you shared with us.

‏‏You’re very welcome, and thank you for what you do. Great job, thank you.

‏‏Thank you.

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Remember Tony Robbins’ words “success leaves clues.” Pay attention and be wise enough to follow the clues in your life that will guide you to success. 

✓ Find some form of spiritual practice to keep yourself grounded and guided in making important life decisions.

✓ Let your heart and intentions follow a true north direction like a compass. Find what you truly want to do in life and create systems around it to become really successful in achieving your goals. 

✓ Embrace new technology in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Always be updated and find emerging and valuable resources and opportunities to offer the world.

✓ Focus on renewable resources and find ways to preserve the precious world that everyone calls home. 

✓ See business opportunities that can add value and enable you to make a contribution to society on a greater level. 

✓ Remember that money is just a tool of exchange. It is how you get it and what you do with it that actually matters. 

✓ Understand that there are systems in place that can help you generate money. Remember that money is not the secret to true wealth. 

✓ Clear your limiting beliefs about money by working through the Magical Exercises from DC Cordova’s Money & You Website.

✓ Be conscious about your emotions when it comes to dealing with wealth and finance. Focus on leaving a legacy and helping others as much as you can. 

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