Episode 250 | June 8, 2021

A Glimpse of The Matrix with Stephan Spencer

A Personal Note From Orion

I feel grateful and proud to share with you an interview with my husband I did for his podcast, Get Yourself Optimized. Stephan was the one who pushed me into podcasting at a time when I didn’t believe that I could. I had all the excuses in the world not to do it, but today I’m so happy that I did. 

I grew so much from this podcast. I gained confidence and enhanced my ability to communicate and help people through sharing my message with the world. On top of that, I met wonderful, inspiring, intelligent people along the way. Of course, the Stellar Life podcast wouldn’t be where it is without its excellent lineup of guests. I learned so much just by talking to them, and I hope my listeners get some major takeaways. It’s just a beautiful, multilayered experience, this whole journey. 

And even at times where I find it so challenging to work on my show, Stephan kept pushing and supporting me. I am so grateful for him. So I want to share this episode again on my show to share how proud I am of his growth. We talked about the events that happened to him in the last year because the previous 14 months have brought tectonic shifts to our lives. 

Most of us felt fear and uncertainty during these global shifts, and yet, there’s always a silver lining. Some of the most powerful epiphanies and transformations have come through this challenging time. In this episode, Stephan digs deep into his journey of finding the light within the darkness and thriving in times of chaos. He shares the intense experience of moving abroad to one of the strictest countries when it came to COVID lockdown. I took my husband to Israel, my hometown, and came back to the US a different person. He has evolved and brings good news. And now, without further ado, on with the show.


In this Episode

  • [00:45] – Orion introduces her husband, Stephan Spencer, a recognized SEO Expert, Author of three books, Professional Speaker, Consultant, and Founder of Netconcepts.
  • [06:30] – How did Stephan have his awakening, and what was his inspiration?
  • [11:07] – Orion and Stephan tell a fascinating story of when they acted on the guidance given by their spiritual teachers and coaches about departing Israel.
  • [17:23] – What is Ana beKo’ach The Prayer of the Kabbalist?
  • [21:41] – Stephan explains what it means to protect your eyes for you to receive messages from angels and the Creator.
  • [26:46] – Stephan describes what it’s like to have the purity of thought, word, and deed aligned.
  • [31:11] – How to identify if an energetic non-physical entity is pure, and how to act on it if it’s not?
  • [36:21] – Who is Wim Hof, and what is the Wim Hof Breathing Method?
  • [42:02] – Stephan and Orion discuss what Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
  • [45:01] – Connect with Stephan Spencer by sending him an email at stephan@nullstephanspencer.com, or visit his website at stephanspencer.com to learn more about him.

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About Today’s Show

Hello and welcome to Get Yourself Optimized. I’m your host, Orion. I’m here with a world-renowned SEO expert, a spiritual seeker and guide, and my beloved husband and the father of our son, our little baby, Stephan Spencer. Stephan Spencer, hi and welcome to Get Yourself Optimized. It’s really an honor and a pleasure having you here. 

It’s great to be here. 

How are you doing today? 

I’m doing amazing. Every day is such a gift. 

Wonderful. Why don’t we start with some thoughts about the passing year, which was crazy. What was it like for you? 

For me, it was just blessing after blessing after blessing because I felt like I had been gifted this incredible insight, foresight into why things are happening, how things are happening. It’s like getting a glimpse into the matrix and seeing what the matrix truly is, and it has been incredible. It has taken out a lot of the fear, anxiety, and just frustration that I had experienced in the past because I can see more of the bigger picture, I can see more of the connections between the cause and effect.

That’s very, very interesting and I’m sure everyone listening wants to know what is the matrix? Before we get into that, how did you get this? Would you call it an Awakening

Yes, it was an awakening. It’s not the first awakening I have experienced, but it’s the most powerful one to date. My first awakening was in 2012. We talked about it in our past episode, maybe it was 100 or 200. Now we’re episode 300. Now I can say looking back, that was such an incredible, beautiful gift to have received that awakening in India in 2012, two months later we met and we fell in love instantly. I’m so grateful for that. 

This most recent awakening started because I had prayed to God for a job. It was from watching an interview of Sheila Gillette. I was preparing for my interview with her. I saw this video of her explaining how she had this near-death experience. It had gotten really to the brink of her passing. This was on her deathbed from complications from childbirth. It was in 1969 and she prayed to God, please let me raise my kids. Let me stay on the planet. Please God, give me a job. That just really inspired me and stuck with me. 

I prayed to God for a job. I didn’t want to have a near-death experience in order to get it.

Several months later, I decided I’m going to pray for a job. I didn’t want to have a near-death experience in order to get the job. That was part of my prayer. Please just give me a job. The next morning, when I awoke, I had this new perspective, this new insight, this new view into reality, and I could see the “simulation.”

Would you say that you had some guides or helpers in the way here in the physical realm? Like Dr. Dreamer, our coaches?

For sure. I’ve had so much assistance from both the physical and the non-physical realms. You have been instrumental in my path of awakening. 

How so? 

You’re my teacher. You point out when I’m getting off the path, when I’m being arrogant or having a spiritual ego, or when I’m getting stuck in my head or not seeing the bigger picture. You keep me on the path, you keep me honest, you keep me humble. 

Thank you. 

Dr. Dreamer is one example of an amazing coach/practitioner that has helped me with this awakening—this most recent one. 

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What does he do? 

You know full well from experiencing his amazing entrainments as well, but let’s talk through this for our listener who isn’t necessarily familiar with this thing called Network Spinal Analysis or Network Chiropractic. It’s a form of energy healing. I had the creator of it on this podcast a while back, maybe 100 episodes ago. That’s Donny Epstein. Donny is amazing.

Donny is a wizard. 

He’s trained many practitioners on network chiropractic. You lay on a chiropractic table and you’re face down. You feel stuff happening and they’re not even touching you. The practitioner may touch you lightly, but they may not as well, and yet you respond. It’s incredible seeing somebody have this wave on their spine that just starts happening. 

In the video, you can actually see Donny’s hardly even touching the air near that person’s body and you can see a wave on the spine. You can actually see that the energy goes on the spine. What it does is it aligns the spines and the physical level, but also on the spiritual level. It’s a very in-depth method that people are studying for years to figure out. People have been studying the wave in universities for many, many years. It seems to do miracles for people. 

Some people get spontaneous remissions and recoveries. For people who are spiritual seekers, it helps them plug into the fabric of creation. 

Yes. What else was instrumental in your journey this year?

Dr. Dreamer is based in Tel Aviv. 

Yes, we were in Israel experiencing lockdowns. It was awesome, and it was also really hard with all the lockdowns. 

But now we’re in Florida, having left two weeks ago.

Now, in the last four days, there have been about 2000+ missiles that have been rained on Israel. A house near where my sister lives got hit and some people died, unfortunately. It’s just a terrible, awful war. 

Because we are listening to our guidance and we are lucky enough to have some spiritual teachers that are in our lives and coaches, and we got the same information from three different sources on almost the exact date of when we should leave. 

NetworkSpinal helps them plug into the fabric of creation.

Actually, one of them was our Kabbalah teacher who actually gave us the date to leave. We acted upon it because when you get the guidance, when you get the message from more than one person, when you’re tuned in and you get the message and you act upon it, it can launch you forward in a better way. It can highlight your path of where to go. 

We got guidance from our Kabbalah teacher, and spiritual coach for both of us. Definitely an episode worth listening to. We got guidance to leave Israel. Also from Ann Marie Pizarro who was also a guest on this podcast. That was the Akashic Records episode, an amazing episode. Also, Mark Nelson, again, a guest on this podcast and that was about a year ago. 

In both of our podcasts, we like to share the people that we truly enjoy. Some of them are friends, some of them are a part of our lives in some way, shape, or form. Some of them are just like strangers that we let in and find that they’re amazing and want to share their wisdom.

Everything Stephan and I bring to you on our podcasts, both Stellar Life Podcast which is mine, and Get Yourself Optimized and Marketing Speak are all people that we are—less Marketing Speak, it is more your world—connected to, learn from, and things that are so important to share what they are doing and their knowledge with you and with the world. Because this world has been pretty tough in the last couple of years. 

It’s like a cup of Turkish coffee. I don’t know if you have ever had Turkish coffee, but it’s just powder and water, then the powder sinks to the bottom, and you drink the coffee, but it just seems like whatever forces are in this world are just stirring, stirring, stirring. All the mud is getting up. You need some clearance, to connect to some guidance in order to see the light sometimes because this is a difficult year for many, many people.

Yeah, it is. It’s also an opportunity. I’m talking to people I’ve known for years and years telling me, they’re sharing, confiding that they’re receiving guidance, they’re receiving messages, they’re getting awakening. It’s beautiful. Some are seeing angels. 

When you view every waking moment of your life as a blessing, you become more content and grateful about everything.

A friend that we both know from Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership told me on a Zoom call maybe three months ago that she saw angels and it started happening in the last year. 

Yeah. We get it from many sources. It’s almost like a taboo. We live in a world where BDSM is not taboo, but talking about angels is taboo. 

Yeah. Strange, isn’t it? Another mutual friend of ours has been seeing angel numbers. Didn’t know what it was for a decade and then his wife. Do you know who I’m talking about?

Which one?

The one I speak to every two weeks. What was it 333 or something? Yeah, I think it might have been 333 was the number and he didn’t realize that’s an angel number. Angels are trying to…

Communicate through numbers, yes. Sometimes when you see sequences of numbers like 1111, 2222, just like different sequences of numbers that keep reappearing in your life, you can just go and Google and say angel number 1212, 1111, or 5555 and you’ll find the meaning for that.

There are lots of meanings you’ll find in Google, but the one that just pops off the screen for you is the one that the angels are trying to communicate to you. 

Angels are trying to communicate through numbers.

If it’s not just going and maybe you’ll find a different meaning. 

Yeah, just keep digging. Click on some of the results that you’re guided to click on. There are also angel number books. I just ordered one, in fact. 

Awakening, the way I see it is it’s not a straight line. You don’t just one day I’m awakened, I am so holy, nothing can affect me, and nothing can shake me. I feel like we experience a lot of moments of awakening and it’s not linear. We go like this and that. It’s our job to maintain our state. It just takes some time during the day, even if you’re so busy, do something—if it’s a breathing exercise, if it’s meditation. What is your ritual every day? What do you do every day to connect?

Since I had a recent awakening. Actually, I just figured out the date because I had taken some notes on the notes app and I just checked the creation data of that, January 22nd. Ever since January 22nd, I have, without fail, done my Ana beKo’ach prayer every morning and now every night. 

What is the Ana beKo’ach prayer? 

It is the most powerful prayer in Kabbalah. It has seven lines. It’s the 42 letter name of God broken down into 7 steps. Each line has a meditation. The first letter of each word in Hebrew corresponds to a letter of the 42 letter name of God. So “Ana beKo’ach, g’dulat yemincha, tatir tz’rura; Kabel rinat amcha sagveinu, tahareinu nora.” I don’t know, Hebrew. I don’t understand it.

That’s the most Hebrew he knows, unfortunately. It’s been years. 

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You want me to learn Hebrew. 

Our 1.7-year-old son knows more than you know. We got to catch up, baby. No excuses.

Yeah, well he has a lot of neuroplasticity. 

You can do it. 

Okay. The Ana beKo’ach prayer. The power of it isn’t just in speaking aloud the words. You don’t have to know Hebrew.

You can scan it. 

You scan it and you speak it by scanning it. 

And it does not make you Jewish. It’s not a form of becoming a certain religion. It is of the Jewish tradition and everyone can do it. You don’t need to change who you are and what you believe in, it’s just like adding a little bit of sugar to your coffee. You can add sugar to coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cakes, cookies. 

I’m using the Ana beKo’ach prayer as a way to connect to the Creator to open up the channel of receptivity and receptiveness. And to meditate on each line of the seven lines gives me a reminder to, for example, be more aware of the bigger picture. I’m asking for clairvoyance for access to the bigger picture. I’m asking for the ability to connect to the tree of life and disconnect from the tree of knowledge. 

I’m asking for the ability to connect to the tree of life and disconnect from the tree of knowledge.

What’s the difference? 

The tree of knowledge is all about good and evil.

Right and wrong.

Duality and…


The polarities and the separation.

Black and white. There are more shades in the world, more colors in the world than black and white. Sometimes we see it as just this person is completely good, and this person is completely bad. This situation is completely good, and this situation is completely bad. Our focus, our energy goes off to that, and it can be out of balance, out of harmony. 

We create our own reality. In quantum physics, there was the double-slit experiment that showed that light is both a wave and a particle. When you observe the light, then it collapses down into only a particle. It is no longer a wave by the fact that you’ve observed it. So if we have that kind of power to change reality just by observing it, then we have the power to make somebody be judgmental, angry, selfish, or whatever because we characterize them that way. We’ve collapsed their infinite possibilities down into a single particle of selfishness, distractedness, or pettiness, whatever we think that we see in that person.

We create our own reality.

Right. Not only that, there is the concept of protecting your eyes that we just heard, right? 

Protect your eyes. That’s beautiful. So important. I knew that message was for me because I was swapping my Israel SIM card and the US SIM card. One of the SIM cards, as I was swapping it, fell to the ground. It’s like it flew off onto the ground. As I was picking it up and I looked to the desk, to my phone that already had the US SIM card in it that I just put in. Of course, it was blowing up with all sorts of new text messages, and the one that caught my eye was this one. David Khan, who is a guest on this podcast. Amazing, amazing Kabbalah teacher.

Yes. I just happened to notice that one text message from David because he has a daily one minute of wisdom. I tap on it. It’s all about protecting your eyes. That we receive messages from our angels, from the Creator all the time. We become disconnected from those messages if we are stuck in lower vibration, if we are focusing on the negative news, if we’re focusing on things that are not of the higher realms, but of the physical realm. 

It’s all about protecting your eyes.

For example, lusting after other people. Let’s say that you are walking down the street and you see some pretty woman or whatever and you pay attention. You are the most beautiful. This is what you need to protect your eyes against is looking at other people and feeling lust or desire for them when you have already been gifted with your soulmate. Also, to lust after or envy the other things in their life like a neighbor has a new Porsche or whatever.

Yeah, it’s hard.

Protect your eyes from the stuff. You don’t even go to the beach where all the women are. 

That sounds a little extreme to me because we are going to go to the beach. You are going to come across beautiful women and I’m going to come across handsome men and we are going to see all that. Protection, meaning we need to just isolate ourselves at the top of the mountain and don’t go anywhere or is the protection just an awareness? 

I think awareness and the acknowledgment of our feelings are like, this person is attractive and I do feel attracted to that person. Now, I’m in the awareness, but I am married to the love of my life. I’m just going to put it away and just appreciate the beauty of that person and let it go. Because I think that if we’re just going to shove it down and be like, I don’t see that, but you do see it. It’s going to be more of a struggle. As soon as you feel you’re feeling, let it be, and let it go, that might be, as far as I see, a better way to handle it. 

The 90/10 principle: ten percent of life is made up of what happens to you. Ninety percent of life is decided by how you react.

Yeah. What you resist persists. I’m not saying to fight it. I’m saying if you can avert the eyes, that’s good. If you can avoid situations where you’re going to get a lot of exposure to things that are going to tempt you, that’s good.

If you’re going to have to go to work at the ice cream store every day, then you’re not going to be able to avert the eyes. I’m being figurative when I say the ice cream store, whatever that means for you. If you just simply have the awareness. As I would walk down the street, if I noticed that I was coveting, okay, so that’s number 10 on the Ten Commandments; thou shalt not covet. 

I have no idea what coveting means. 

Envy or desire, and I would just make a note to myself. I would speak it in my own internal voice without speaking it aloud, covet, coveting, or I’m coveting, right? And if I’m walking down the street and I’m judging somebody, then I say in my head, I’m judging.

What you resist persists.

What happens if you say I’m judging?

It helps me to be aware of those lower vibrational states, and then over time, I don’t experience that as much. It helps me to stage one, be aware, and then stage two, to do less of it as time goes on.

What’s the big deal about coveting after your neighbor’s Porsche? Really what’s the implication of that? How can we do it in a way of “Yeah, I want it and I want to manifest it into reality,” without feeling the weight of it and the jealousy?

If you’re coveting the neighbor’s Porsche, the neighbor’s wife, or whatever, then you’re not in a place of gratitude and abundance in your own life. You are also not in a place of purity, purity of thought, and that then spills over into purity of word and then purity of deed. If you have impure intentions and you still create pure words and pure deeds, to the outside world, that looks beautiful. They don’t know what’s going on inside your head, inside of your soul. 

But if you have all three aligned—purity of thought, word, and deed—you elevate to this higher place of, I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s like you become Neo in The Matrix. You get the plug-in for Kung Fu and all that sort of stuff. It’s amazing. 

And then when you drop down, you just lost the program temporarily. It’ll come back, but the difference between purity of thought, word, and deed and impurity is like being a regular human, Wonder Woman, or one of the other superheroes. In terms of being able to manifest stuff, to receive messages, and to have clairvoyance, clairaudience, any of these kinds of special abilities, it’s a huge, huge, huge difference between purity and impurity.

Not only can God hear each and every single one of my thoughts, but they are also on display for the entire unseen world.

What if your values are, this is okay to be impure, this is okay to do this and this and that. 

I mean, that was okay for me. When I saw The Matrix, so to speak, I’m like, “Oh. None of my thoughts are private. I’ve never had a private thought.” Not only can God hear each and every single one of my thoughts, but my thoughts are also on display for the entire unseen world. It’s as if I’m speaking it aloud with a loudspeaker. Family members, loved ones who have passed hear these thoughts. Angels, fallen angels, demons—everybody hears it. 

So are you doing it? It’s a pure intention that you’re doing it from. Are you doing it out of fear of everybody’s listening to me so I got to be a good boy?


What is the reason why you are doing this? 

That’s a beautiful and important question. 


I do it because I don’t want to create negative angels. 

Tell me about that. 

This is a teaching from Kabbalah. Angels are created by our thoughts, words, and deeds, and if our thoughts, words, and actions are all pure, we create very powerful positive angels. If we have impure, problematic, negative thoughts and yet we create the positive action, then we create angels that are mischievous or that are duplicitous and they will lie to us. They will trick us. We’ve created lots of these angels over our lifetimes. If we listen to angels, we need to know that these angels aren’t the ones that are kind of tricksy. 

Angels are created by our thoughts, words, and deeds.

These are the ones that are pure and telling us the truth. We always have to check the information, the guidance, the messages that are coming. If it’s an impure kind of ‘tricksy’ angel—that’s not even a word but you know what I’m saying. It’s not necessarily that the information is wrong, it might be mostly right. If you go into it with some kind of trust but verify positioning, then you’ll be able to get the information, the messages, and to also know that not everything that you get is absolutely pure and spot-on. 

How can you figure out what’s pure and what’s not? 

When you’re getting a message—let’s say that you’re not even just getting a message, you’re getting an entity in the room. You interviewed Karen Noé, that’s a great episode by the way, I love that episode. Karen Noé, the psychic and medium, had this incredible experience where something in the room that was an energetic, non-physical being entity that was glowing came close to her and it was coming closer and closer. She said to it, “If you’re not of the light please leave.” It ended up being St. Francis of Assisi, but she didn’t know that at the time. 

If you are not of the light, please leave and it still kept coming and she repeated herself. If you’re not at the light, please leave. Of course, it was of the light. So you can ask whatever entities to leave if they are not of the light. You can do saging, smudging, these sorts of cleansing and clearing things to clear the space. In fact, there is a great episode on your show.

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Which one?

Kim White where he talks about saging, smudging, and clearing energy. Then you can ask the guidance that comes in your head that’s like in the form of intuition, “Is this of the light, is this from you God, or is it not?” You basically ask a question. “God, is this you speaking?” If you get a yes, then that’s the way to test it. It’s either a no or a silence, then you can’t trust it. 

Okay, good. I want to go back to your morning ritual. You said you were scanning the Ana beKo’ach, which is a Kabbalah prayer. What else do you do every day to keep yourself on a higher vibration? 

There’s this prayer called the Metatron Prayer of Protection and Abundance that I was led to through the guidance, through the angels that led me to this prayer, and to the website of a particular medium. I’ll get to it in a few minutes. This was channeled, this prayer, and I do it every morning and night and it is very protective. It’s very, very powerful. 

I have to say that I know without a doubt that these prayers are protective and powerful because not only am I listening to my guidance in the form of intuition and messages that come into my internal voice and my consciousness, but also I get goosebumps all the time, and goosebumps are very important.

I can give you some goosebumps. That’s very true.

You were placed in this world with a purpose, and that is to find what your gift is so you can share it with others.

I also get goosebumps from doing the Ana beKo’ach prayer and doing the Metatron Prayer Protection and Abundance, a lot of times. That feels amazing and it helps to give me that feedback that I’m plugged in. 

One more thing that you do that I think it’s wonderful because Dr. Wayne Dyer says that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Having the human experience, we need to do something physical too that will help us connect and also can calm our physical nervous system, which is breathing. Breathing is so powerful and such a wonderful way to calm down your nervous system, calm down anxiety, and also connect to the higher realms. 

Yeah. We are physical beings.

We need to take care of that too. We can’t just leave it to angels, and all that. It’s wonderful, it’s great, it’s nice to connect, but we live in a 3D reality. Our souls came here into the physical body and we live here. We have to do everything that we need to do in this 3D reality. 

We can also coexist in the 5D reality too. 

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We need to do both. So we need to take care of both our physical bodies and our lives, our loved ones. Whatever we need to do.

Pay the bills. 

Pay the bills. Live like a human being. We can coexist in both the three-dimension reality and the fifth dimension where you can have glimpses, find answers, and connect more to your intuition and guidance.

And have intuition, have to have awareness of your awareness. 

Awareness of the awareness. 

The awareness that the intuition is actually angels whispering in your ear and not just this is your subconscious.

Breathing is a wonderful way to take care of both. All types of breathing practices are fantastic. Stephan is practicing a certain one that he likes the most for now. 

Wim Hof breathing. Wim Hof, the Iceman. 

Who’s Wim Hof? Let’s talk about this extraordinary man.

He’s won many medals and lots of awards, recognitions, Guinness Book of World Records many, many times. He can submerge himself in freezing cold water or ice for an incredible amount of time. 

Every time I see him, he looks like such a pure genuine guy. You know what, let’s manifest it into our reality to have him as a friend. I want him to be my friend. 

Not just a guest for our podcast.

I want him to be my friend. Wim Hof, if you’re hearing this, be my friend. 

He’s an amazing, amazing person, an amazing soul. I have been doing a lot of Wim Hof breathing. I don’t do it every day, but I do want to get to that place where I do it every single day for 20 minutes. You can do the breathing where you breathe in and breathe out, breathe in, breathe out fully and quickly (breathing) to a point where you get kind of lightheaded like 20 seconds, 30 seconds, or whatever it is. Again, just listen to the guided exercise with Wim Hof. 

They also have an app. You can download the app and practice. 

There you go. And then you hold your breath for 90 seconds. And then you do another in-out, in-out, in-out, in-out. And then again, hold your breath. But instead of for 90 seconds, 2 minutes. And then again, in-out, in-out, in-out, in-out, and then 2 ½ minutes. It’s amazing.

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I can’t hold my breath like that. 

You can. You actually can. How many times have you done the Wim Hof breathing?

I’ve done it a couple of times. Three times maybe, maybe four. I’m still struggling to hold my breath. 

Do it for a week. If you want, you could commit to our listeners that you’ll do it for a week. 

If you want, you can commit that you’ll do babysitting for a week.

Babysitting, it’s my baby. 

Babysitting your baby and I can do the Wim Hof breathing. 

Okay, I’ll take care of David while you do the Wim Hof breathing. 

Got it. It’s a deal. High five, let’s seal the deal.

That is amazing and it has benefits for your immunity, it has benefits for you spiritually. It’s just amazing. It didn’t start with that, it actually started when you taught me a breathing exercise that was super simple, really fast to do. And why don’t you share it? 

You do it. You demonstrate.

Why me?

Because you do it well. 

I learned it from you. 

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It’s okay. It’s your interview. 

Okay. We breathe in. I’m just going to describe it now, you breathe in and you hold it, then you breathe in a little more, then you breathe in a little bit more and keep holding it, and you tap with your fingers on your chest and you keep holding it, and then you let it out. Okay? Let’s do it all together. We’ll do it twice, actually.

If you’re driving, please keep your hand on the wheel. Actually, if you’re driving, it’s not a good idea to do that. Any type of breathing exercise, you need to be focused.

Okay, here we go. Breathe in, keep holding, breathe in a little more, a little bit more, keep holding, and tap, tap, tap, tap tap on your chest with your fingers. Let it out. Okay. One more time. 

It’s so good. I feel lightheaded. It feels great. 

It’s energizing. It wakes you up.

You started using it in conferences to wake up the audience, right?

If I’m speaking after lunch, everybody is asleep. I will have everybody like, “All right, you guys look pretty sleepy. Stand up everyone and we’re going to do a little breathing exercise.” People look at each other and be like, “Who is this guy?” And then they do it and then I ask, “Who is feeling more energized and better now after you’ve done this?” and everybody raises their hand. It’s pretty awesome. 

Okay. So here we go, one more time. Breathe in, one more, one more, keep holding, and tap, tap, tap, tap tap.

Remember to take care of yourself.

I feel good. How about you?

I feel great. Since we’re physical beings, what was the thing that Wayne Dyer said? 

We’re spiritual beings having a human experience. 

We’re spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s so powerful and such a mindset.

It’s almost like it can become an obsession of, “Oh wow, I see more than this reality. I listened to my intuition and miracles are happening in my life.” My whole life I had miracles happening, but I didn’t notice that. Now I notice them and I want to learn more and I want to learn more. Have you noticed that you had that in the beginning? 

Yeah, I still get that and I still need to feed myself. 

Remember to take care of yourself, yes. 

And part of taking care of myself and feeding myself “right” is actually praying and blessing my food before I start eating it because that actually transmutes the food. 

That makes complete sense. So Dr. Emoto did the water experiment where he attached boards to bottles of water and then he looked at the molecules of the water. The bottle that had the word anger on it, the molecules look…

The crystals, he crystallized the water somehow.

I think he just looked under a microscope, but I’m not sure. We’re going to get back to you on that. 

Yes, you can see the difference between the word love created this beautiful chandelier-like crystal, and the word alone created this grayish, greenish-looking molecule that was really awful-looking. When you bless your food, words are so intentionally powerful to create your reality. When you bless your food, you transmute the energy in the food and it will assemble better in your body. 

When you bless your food, you transmute the energy in the food and it will assemble better in your body.

He did this, not only with water, with food too. He took rice and he let it sit for long periods of time. The word on the rice that said hate or whatever just got gross, disgusting, and super moldy. It looked bad. The one that said love, happiness, or whatever didn’t get all disgusting. It developed maybe a little bit of mold, but after two weeks or whatever of sitting out, it wasn’t gross looking like the other one.

Wow. This was an incredible interview. I love you and I love your wisdom. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview you for your 300th episode.

Thank you, baby. I couldn’t have done it without you. You inspire me, you give me so much joy, guidance, and direction, and help me be a better man and a better soul. 

Thank you, I love you. 

I love you too. 

And we love you too. 

Yes, we do. Thank you for being a loyal listener to this podcast, and I look forward to lots more episodes with you. So please just let me know you’re out there and drop me a note, send me an email, stephan@nullstephanspencer.com. If you’d like to post a review on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, or wherever you listen, that’s great too. I’d love to see what you have to say about the podcast on those ratings and reviews. I do read them all. 

Yes, and thank you for being here. And have a beautiful rest of your day or night. Wherever you are, just remember that you are guided, protected, and loved.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Treat every day like a gift. When I view every waking moment as a blessing, I become more content and grateful about everything. 
{✓} Focus on the bigger picture. It’s so easy to get side-tracked with life’s little moments. Never lose focus on the ultimate goal.  Remember Stephen Covey’s 90/10 principle: ten percent of life is made up of what happens to you. Ninety percent of life is decided by how you react.
{✓} If I ever feel lost in life, know it’s possible to ask God for a mission. I was placed in this world with a purpose, and that is to find my gifts so I can share them with others. 
{✓} Find a partner who loves me unconditionally but also keeps me in check. It’s important to build and nurture a relationship with someone who understands me to my core and supports my goals.
{✓} Pay more attention to the messages my guides are sending me. These messages often come in symbols and metaphors.
{✓} Pay attention to angel numbers. Sometimes we see repetitive numbers such as [11:11], 555, etc. These numbers have meanings and are often meant to serve as messages from our angels.
{✓} Include saying a prayer in my daily rituals. Stephan recites the Ana Bekoach prayer every day. It doesn’t matter what type of prayer it is as long as it brings peace to my heart and it creates a connection with my spirit.
{✓} Gain greater awareness in deciphering what is best for my spirit. This world is surrounded by sin. Make it my duty to live righteously and continue to raise my vibration, learning as I go. 
{✓} Remain pure in my actions and intentions. Always look out for everyone’s best interests in whatever I do. Make sure every effort comes from the heart.
{✓} Keep myself in check. Accept that I am not perfect and I will make mistakes. I am human. However, let my spiritual awakening be a journey of continuously improving myself.

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