Episode 320 | May 30, 2023

Everyday Miracles with Stephan Spencer and Orion Talmay

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to another captivating episode of the Stellar Life podcast, where we delve into the extraordinary and the miraculous. Today, we have a very special treat in store for you. Orion is joined by her husband, Stephan Spencer to embark on a heartfelt journey to discover the incredible transformative power of miracles. 

In this episode, we invite you to witness the unique dynamic that unfolds as we dive into the personal stories of the miracles that have shaped our lives. We navigate the depths of our experiences, both individually and as a couple, to shed light on the profound impact of miracles on our personal growth and relationships.

Join us as we unlock the steps to recognize and invite miracles into our lives. We’ll explore the art of cultivating gratitude, harnessing the power of intention, and surrendering to the infinite possibilities that await us. Whether you’re seeking guidance, hope, or a gentle reminder that miracles are ever-present, this episode will surely leave an indelible mark on your soul.

So, prepare to enter a world where miracles abound. Get ready to witness the beautiful synergy Orion and Stephan share through their transformative experiences and inspire you to believe in the extraordinary.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this remarkable conversation on miracles!



In This Episode

  • [00:39] – Stephan Spencer and Orion introduce each other as they define what is a miracle and what is not.
  • [04:10] – How do Stephan and Orion improve their connection with God?
  • [11:18] – Orion advises you to stop beating yourself up and release guilt.
  • [14:29] – Orion and Stephan discuss how we can manifest miracles daily.
  • [25:53] – How can we block our egos?
  • [30:12] – What is rebirthing, and how does it work?
  • [37:06] – Stephan discusses some calls we receive that are obvious. They also share their experience with karma and charity.
  • [43:41] – How can our intuition guide us? How important is gratitude in receiving miracles?

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About Today’s Show

Hello, and welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I’m going to be hosting today. I’m Stephan Spencer. I am the husband of this beautiful and amazing, talented, brilliant Orion Talmay, who’s the host of this show, Stellar Life. In this episode, we will discuss miracles and how they can appear in everyday life.

Thank you, my love. This is my husband, Stephan Spencer. Stephan is an incredible human being. He’s kind, sweet, loving, and very brilliant. He’s the co-author of The Art of SEO and the author of Google Power Search, but he’s beyond the technical genius side of him.

He’s been on this incredible journey over the last decade, especially over the last few years of spiritually evolving. I used to be the crazy woo-woo one with the pendulum, but you surpassed me now. I’m very grateful to have him here and in my life. It’s like I won the lottery with you, really.

We’ll explain what a miracle is and isn’t. There’s this expression. Maybe it came from above, and I was tuning into my intuition. I don’t know where it came from, but either everything’s a miracle, or nothing’s a miracle.

Either everything’s a miracle, or nothing’s a miracle.

If everything’s a miracle, then little things like a butterfly catching your eye, a number on a mailbox that catches your eye, or something you just intuitively think of out of the blue are all divinely guided. It’s all miraculous. It’s all designed to help you on your journey. Whereas if nothing’s a miracle, then you’re a diehard materialist. If it can’t be scientifically validated, it’s not real.

You could also apply this idea of everything’s a miracle, or nothing’s a miracle to things like signs. Either everything’s a sign, or nothing’s a sign. Or you could apply it to randomness. Either nothing is random, or everything’s random.

That’s so black and white. It’s all or nothing. It can add some pressure if everything is not random or a miracle. Like, “Oh, every number I see is a sign, or every movement I make is a miracle.” Everything that I see is a miracle. Isn’t it too overwhelming?

I don’t know. Isn’t one of the core precepts in Judaism that everything is a blessing? Whether it’s defined for you as a revealed or unrevealed blessing, it’s how you discern it.

I guess it comes from connecting and believing in God, the Creator leading your life because if the Creator is leading your life, then everything is a miracle. If not, then some things are, and some things are not. Sometimes you are connected, and sometimes you’re not. How do you improve your connection with the Creator and see things more as miracles?

I make my morning connection. One of the things that help me frame my day is to intend to live my life like a prayer. Everything in my life is part of my prayer.

Even when we fight?


How so?

I’m just a channel of God.

Because I need to restrict myself, I need to see that it’s coming from God and not just from you. You’re his instrument, his mouthpiece. It’s tough love that I’m receiving at that moment because I’m supposed to.

Okay, I like that. That makes me very special. Even when I’m angry, I’m just a channel of God.

What comes to your mind when thinking of everything being a blessing and whether it’s revealed or unrevealed?

What comes to mind is that I have proof in my life that things were mega hard and difficult. Later on, looking back, I saw it as a gift. I saw it as a gift with a bow on the bottom, where you can see the gift right there. But later on, you look back, like, “Wow, that was from my highest and best good.” If I didn’t have this painful event, I wouldn’t have arrived where I am today.

I like that. It’s just that they say that awakening is you don’t just get awakened, and that’s it. There are many levels of awakening, and it’s not a straight line. Some days, we were very connected. Some days, we were not connected. On days when I’m not connected, I don’t see things as miracles. I see it as suffering.

Sometimes I go into a little victim mode. Sometimes some hormones and emotions are involved in the mix. It’s an ongoing thing to review things as a gift and as a miracle and trust. The core is how to trust a journey.

And trust God. You’re trusting that He is guiding you through this journey, and it’s not just random. Everything you’re experiencing is for your highest and best good.

Practice awareness to identify your flaws and missteps and create a solution to become a better person.

Right. Sometimes you know it cognitively. You’re like, “Okay, I’m on the spiritual journey, everything is a gift, but I feel bad right now. I don’t feel connected right now.” What I know from what I teach is not to deny your emotion and put it aside because everything is a miracle, and we’re all spiritual right now.

Our emotions are valid. It’s very important not to put them down, even to remain on a spiritual path. It’s also spiritual to feel our emotions, sadness, anger, and everything because they can be our compass. They can be our guide. Our emotions can guide us, and we have them for a reason.

When we deny our emotions, we get in trouble and push things down. They can surface later in life as a disease or a problem in a relationship. What is not being dealt with at the moment can surfaced even a decade later as something that can sabotage our lives.

We both went to India together. The monk said, “Let the tiger devour you. Just don’t stay there very long.” You let the tiger devour you. You let the emotions take over you. You feel it, but you don’t stay there for more than ten minutes.

Our emotions can guide us, and we have them for a reason.

For me, the practice is, and I’ve done a really good job of it throughout the years, and it’s a practice, like going to the gym. It’s a muscle you must train to feel the emotions but not stay there too long. You could stay in one emotion for a week, but then you get better, and it’s just a few days, or it could be 24 hours. It could be an hour.

The monk said ten minutes. It would be nice to stay in a negative emotion for only ten minutes, but it’s a journey. Sometimes I stay there longer, and sometimes I stay there shorter. But the more I practice, the more tools I have. I have a lot of tools. So I don’t stay there for too long. You saw changes in me throughout the years, right?

Absolutely. You’re less reactive and more proactive. You’re more connected. You’re more in the miracles and less in the minutiae.

What’s minutiae?

The little details of the trivia. The trivial things that don’t matter at the end of the day. It’s something that would bother you three or four years ago that you would make meaning about somebody who was personally attacking you, belittling you, or marginalizing you. Instead, you let it roll off your back like water off a duck’s back.

I like that. Thanks. That’s nice because, being in the process, sometimes I don’t see myself. I sometimes give myself a hard time for being unable to act or say a little better, and then I get stuck in guilt. Guilt is a big part of the ego as well.

Google Power Search by Stephan Spencer

Sometimes we make ourselves feel bad by perceiving ourselves as better human beings. I’m also trying to get rid of the guilt. It’s a journey of self-acceptance. I am who I am. I’m doing my best. Every day, I’m doing better. That’s the journey. The journey never ends, and there is never a destination. You never reach a summit because as soon as you reach a summit, there is another one.

How do you differentiate guilt from shame? And how do you address either or both of them?

I don’t. They’re both the same for me.

I remember somebody, I forget, who defined it as guilt as I did something bad, whereas shame is I am bad. It’s something along those lines.

In Hebrew, there is one word for that, Shammah. We don’t have guilt and shame. Shammah is guilt or shame, so I never made that difference.

For me, it’s just like I’m a bad person, and I’m a bad mom, and I’m a bad wife, I’m a bad friend, I’m a bad daughter. That’s where it goes. Immediately, I’m so bad. I’m not that bad, though.

That’s not good for your soul.

I know, and that’s why I’m working on it. It’s bad for my soul.

What practical exercise could you give our listener right now to help them stop beating themselves up?

Just stop it. Stop doing that. It’s awareness.

When you said just stop it, I thought of that Bob Newhart skit for the lady’s afraid of being buried in a box. He yells at her, “Just stop it.” He’s supposed to be this amazing psychologist or a therapist, and his advice is just to stop it. It’s really funny.

Yes. It’s just stop it. Also, it’s hypnosis too. When I do hypnosis with my clients, it’s about returning to childhood and getting to very important times when they formed a belief. But as soon as they see the belief, information is power. You can fix it as soon as you know what’s preventing you from moving forward.

Awareness is the first key. If you’re somebody like me that take on I am bad and take on a lot of guilt and shame, actually not as me, it’s the person that I used to be because I’m working on it, I work in progress, but I’m doing much better because I have the awareness. When I see that I am guilty, I just remind myself that it doesn’t serve anyone. It doesn’t serve me to be a good mother if I’m always guilty, so self-forgiveness is crucial.

You can do it instantly at the moment. “Okay, I did that, but I am not proud. I’m not going to do it again. I got to commit to myself not to do it again. How can I get better?

Guilt is a way to run away from the solution. “Oh, I’m guilty, I’m guilty, I’m guilty.” Let’s focus on shame and guilt. Instead, let’s focus on how to correct this. How can I make this better? How can I elevate? If everything is a gift and a miracle, then this moment of guilt was a gift and a miracle for me to elevate. It is my choice to take this information and do something about it.

If somebody is listening to this and they’re wracked by guilt, what would you say is the first thing they would start doing?

Guilt is a way to escape from the solution and prevents us from seeing miracles.

Awareness will be the first step if they identify with that guilt. To see it and think about how I can be better. And focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Right, because the Law of Attraction is focused on what you’re focused on. If it’s good or bad, you will amplify it either way. So if you don’t want negative self-talk and keep focusing on how you want that to go away, you’re still amplifying the negative self-talk.

How does this then tie into manifesting miracles? Now you’re working on being less guilty, shameful, and self-critical. How does that then jump to the next positive thing of being in a place of miraculous manifestation?

In hypnotherapy, you always focus on one thing. You focus on either I want to quit smoking, I want to stop having a phobia of something, I want to heal my relationship with my partners, or whatever it is, but you always work on one thing because our subconscious mind, you always need to work on one thing. You can’t work on ten things at once.

It’s the same. How can you focus on miracles if your mind and your subconscious are dealing with guilt, shame, and negativity? It’s exactly what we said. If you want to focus on miracles, you need to focus on miracles. If the focus is on guilt, shame, pain, anger, and suffering, and you are just stuck in that loop, you are preventing a miracle in your life. You are not a vibrational match to a miracle in your life.

What’s that expression or adage that if you believe you can or can’t, either way, you’re right?

Henry Ford said that. Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right.

You’re right if you believe that a miracle will manifest or that no miracles will manifest.

You usually see the world as a video game.

I do. Yeah, or a movie. I see everyone as playing a part. They’re either an extra or a supporting actor or actress, and I’m Truman in The Truman Show. I don’t make myself out to be this super important actor. I’m Tom Cruise, and there’s no room for another big role if Tom Cruise is in the movie. No, I see myself as the unwitting main player in this video game or this movie because I am the observer.

That is very connected to what they discovered in quantum physics because when you see an item, it’s there, but there is nobody to see it, and then It’s not there. It’s like the saying.

If the tree falls in the forest?


Did it make a sound that it fell in the forest and no one could hear it?

But it’s exactly it.

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The answer I learned, which I didn’t know until adulthood, is no. It didn’t make it sound because there was no ear to hear it. The vibration gets translated into sound by having an ear to listen to it, an observer. It’s still a vibration until it gets converted into a sound.

If you take everything like it’s a vibration, whether it’s a thought, a feeling, or a word, and go behind the scenes, pull back the curtain. There’s vibration everywhere like the code in The Matrix Neo could see the green code and everything’s vibration. You say a phrase like, oh, my God instead of Oh, my goodness. I was corrected on that before, multiple times from above, like, stop saying that. That’s disrespectful, so I’ve stopped.

If I think about the vibration behind that expression, it’s not respectful. It’s an exclamation, but it’s not reverent. If I am self-critical, saying something negative about myself, my skills, abilities, experience, or whatever, that’s a lower vibration. I’m careful with my words, I’m careful with my actions, and I’m careful with my thoughts.

In the world of being so careful with everything, it sounds like–

You’re walking on eggshells.


No, it’s not like that. I’m mindful. I used the wrong word. See, there’s an example right there. I said the wrong word. Careful has a vibration. That vibration is a walking on-eggshells kind of vibration.

For me, I’m a freedom-seeking butterfly. When you say careful, I’m just like, “Ah, that doesn’t feel good in my body being too careful.” Yes, we need to be mindful. We need to protect ourselves. But living in a situation where everything is, I have to be careful of what I say, what I see, how I speak, and what I say. The more you say that, I feel a little tension in my chest.

The Art of SEO by Eric Enge , Stephan Spencer & Jessie Stricchiola

See, this is exactly how you get the lesson. You teach me this stuff all the time. You give me tough love about my ego, arrogance, and things like that.

You teach me too. I have the stuff that you helped me with.

Thank you. It’s like, okay, careful isn’t the right word. You corrected me a month ago when we were parenting, and you said, don’t tell him to be careful. That’ll give him some phobia. It will make him nervous and create anxiety.

You say everything is a test. I’m like, “Oh my God, I don’t like tests.” If I live in a world where everything is a test, it just feels like paralysis.

Does it feel stifling?

It was stifling, yes.

I don’t feel that way. It is an opportunity to grow. You’re not winning. You’re winning or learning.

For my Aries personality, if you call it a game, I like it because I like games. If you call it an adventure, that resonates with me completely like this is an adventure. Even if we’re going like Indiana Jones and have to watch the bad mummies or whatever happens there, it’s more fun because it’s alive. But the more it’s careful or a test, I can’t.

Okay, one video game term that I like is Easter eggs. Easter egg is something where you get extra lives or get up-leveled in skills or powers, or you get some extra potion or magical weapon, or something like that because you somehow figured out where something was hiding that was not obvious. It’s buried in the game by the game developers, and it’s just sitting there like a little buried treasure for the person who stumbles on it or somehow figures it out.

Ready Player One, which is a movie we both saw. I love that movie. I loved the book even more. I listened to the entire audiobook.

Without me?

It was a long time ago. Now I listen to audiobooks with you. It was 20 hours or something. It was a lot of commitment to listen to that whole thing. It was amazing. It was so much better than the movie.

A lot of time, books are so much better because it allows you to activate your imagination. The book has so many details that they can’t do in a short movie. I understand that.

Yeah, so they have to leave a ton of stuff out. The details matter. One audiobook that we both listened to together was The Alchemist. I love that. It got so many powerful lessons. Imagine how much would be left up for a movie about The Alchemist.

Who is the person that narrated it? It’s really good.

Jeremy Irons.

When you’re in the state of creation, you become very analytical.

It’s so good. Seriously, that’s a great audiobook. It’s nicer to listen and see. That’s interesting because I enjoyed listening to it more than reading it.

Jeremy Irons is an incredible actor, and what a gift to be able to have landed him as the narrator for it, rather than just a regular audiobook narrator.

That book was a miracle, too, because he wrote it in two weeks.

It sold 150 million copies, and it was written in two weeks.

My goodness. I’ve been trying to write my book for the last decade. How do we move? How do I connect to that level of miracle where I can write my book in two weeks? How do you even connect to that level of inspiration? It’s like some things in my life happen in a very miraculous way.

Really like I’m on the fast lane, and things just happen. Some things I’m just dragging my feet for so long, and it’s now moving forward. Is it divine intervention, where God doesn’t want me to do it right now because the knowledge is incomplete, or it’s just because I’m not aligned with the miracle?

If I had to guess, it’s the latter. We have a lot of baggage that we bring to things. Let’s say, for example, with the children’s book I’m working on, I have some baggage around, I don’t have the skills, and I don’t have the experience to read a children’s book. I don’t know how to make it simple yet profound and fun for a young child and a young spirit. I could talk myself out of this children’s book if I wanted to.

Sometimes, the most brilliant things are the things that are not overanalyzed and are spoken simply. Sometimes, the deepest truth is in the simplest sentence.

I’m telling our son stories every night about a certain character. I need to record them because some of them are good. They come to me when we both are so tired, and I have no idea what the topic will be. I either take something that he’s going through, and it’s hard for him, or I tell a story about that so he will get the lessons through the story. Or I was like, “Okay, so what are we going to do?” Either he gives me the topics or something happens.

We just stick it from there and allow creativity. Creativity is the right side of our brain, a channel for divine wisdom. This is creation. Creation comes from the word creator when they’re in the zone or creation mode. When you’re in that state of in-between, and you are very analytic, it’s great and helps you with everything you do.

To get into creation mode, sometimes you have to tell your brain to stop it because you’re overthinking it. If you just open, especially at that time of meditation, before sleep, or ask it to come to you in a dream, the right answers or the right next step and allow creativity to flow through you, then there is nothing for you to know because creation has all the knowledge. Creation knows everything. It’s just about connecting that channel.

You’re just a channel for the infinite. If your ego is involved, you block it.

How can I make it so it will be the most brilliant, sharp, this, and that? It may not need to be the most brilliant. Sometimes the most brilliant things are the most basic things when they are not overanalyzed and when they are spoken in a very simple way. Sometimes the deepest truth is in a sentence that is so simple. Whether you think again or whether you think you can, you’re probably right. Simple. Sometimes you can say so much in a few words.

You realize you’re coaching yourself, too, not just me.

I know. I don’t know. It’s so easy to get somebody else, and it’s so much easier.

We learned from Donny Epstein that you’re internal or you’re external. He’s an energy wizard, healer, worker, whatever. What he’s created is a modality or method for awakening your Kundalini energy and getting the spine to create this wave. You can see it in the person. I’ve seen it in your spine, where just a wave flowed through it.

It looks like a snake underneath my skin on my spine.

It’s wild. I had never seen that before. He’s done this for many, many people. He’s created something called Network Chiropractic. It’s all over the world. It has all these Practitioners who practice it, their clients, and their patients getting these entrainments. They’re energetic and not so many physical adjustments.

Our son got his first entrainment when he was six months old. That was awesome.

Some of the entrainments I’ve gotten in Israel from one of his practitioners in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Dr. Itzhak Dreamer, who goes by Dr. Dreamer. He learned his craft from Donny Epstein. Donny was a guest on your show, right?

He was a guest on my show. Yes.

And he was a guest on mine on Get Yourself Optimized.

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We’re very lucky to know Donny personally. He’s a big leader in his field. He’s like the Tony Robbins of the chiropractic/healing world.

And he’s friends with Tony.

Yes. He helps Tony before he goes on stage.

Yeah. He’s going to do a 12-hour stint. Tony focuses on having the right people around him to support him through that.

The first time I saw Donny entrain Stephan was so wild. It was freaky. It looked like Stephan had this demon goes in. His face was all twisted, and his spine was erected.

That might scare our listeners.

Yeah, be scared. It’s beyond anything that if you’re unfamiliar with this type of work or Kundalini awakening work, it’s wild to see. From personal experience, we both are better people because he opened us up. It’s like he’s helping you exchange versions or making you more of an open channel to the light.

Yeah. What I experienced at that time is I looked unrecognizable in my face and stuff.

It’s called technique.

Yeah. I don’t know what the modality is. It’s not a modality. It’s something. Anyway, it’s a physiological reaction.

Yeah, physiological reaction to the energy that makes your face, and maybe you get tightness in your hands.

Yeah, you can get it in your face, get it in your hands.

A lot of people get at me after deep breathwork.

Yeah, the hyperventilating like Lion’s Breath kind of energy thing.

Yeah. Any rebirthing or intense breathwork can create that.

Yeah. What’s rebirthing for our listener who doesn’t know that?

When you oxygenate, you activate your brain’s DMT or God molecule. It’s almost like tripping without taking acid or hallucinogens.

Some people call it rebirthing. It’s just an hour-long or two-hour-long breathing. When you oxygenate, you activate your brain’s DMT or God molecule. It’s almost like tripping without taking acid or hallucinogenics. You just go into different realms.

You see more into different realms, different realities. Once when I was rebirthing, I returned to a time when I was in the Neonatal ICU because I was born prematurely.

I had a vision of being there that was incredible and healing. Every time I do rebirthing, most of the time, it’s very healing. This is what it is. You can just Google it. There are a lot of YouTube and a lot of practitioners.

Just do me a favor. I spoke about it in the previous solo episode. Go to somebody you know, trust, and have much experience with. Because if somebody does not know how to hold space, it’s not that great. With any work like that, you want to put yourself in good hands, just like you want to go to the best doctor. You want to go to the best doctor for your soul or spirit.

Getting back to this idea, you are coaching yourself on how to release those blockages around your book.

I just don’t have time.

Yeah, you do. I have this belief system that I have to dismantle that is not good enough to write a children’s book because I don’t have the experience because, because, because.

If you take the I from it and connect it to the I Am, God, that’s it.

Yeah. I have to get out of my way. My ego doesn’t like that because my ego is very much tied to personality, identity, roles, etc.

I know because you’re used to being that person that steps into a room, and everybody looks at him. Then, somehow, everywhere you go, within an hour, you’re being mentioned, and people talk about you on stage. He used to be a star. So when it’s an area where you’re not the star yet, it’s hard.

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right. – Henry Ford.

But if you do this meditation process, where Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about being nobody in no time, no place, and nothing, I’m nobody, I’m nothing, I’m no place, and I’m no time.

I had some experiences where I felt the energetic part of me disconnected from this physical body.

So much more than the physical body. The physical body is just a vessel, a container of a much larger soul. Your personality is just part of the container, part of the vessel. It’s not who you are in your essence.

What do you think about what creates your reality? That’s what Dr. Dispenza says a lot.

To be more limitless, you need to be outside your personality.

Yes, I get it.

Before I look at my vision board or vision list, I try to get…

I have beautiful vision boards. If you have vision lists that are not beautiful, it’s just as effective.

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I don’t know about that. What I do to help make them effective is I get into that place. I’m one with God, and there is no separation. All the separation that was disconnected from the creator and separated from each other is an illusion.

If I feel it in my essence, I just get into that place of no time, no place, nobody, nobody, and then I will look at my vision list. That is a much more effective way to manifest these miracles because my ego is sidelined and not trying to get what it wants for selfish purposes. In Kabbalah, they say it’s a desire for oneself alone. So I’m in a place of service, not self-service. Secondly, I feel one with the Creator, much more so than if I’m in my regular beta brainwave state.

I’m looking at the vision list with a sense of certainty and appreciation that it’s not about gimme, gimme. It’s about how best I can serve. Oh, by having these things, by being these things. Having access to these, this is going to help me with my mission. So that’s a useful addition or adjunct to the vision boarding process.

Can you share some of the miracles that happened in your life with our listeners? Let’s talk about it. How did you manifest them? Can they happen without manifestation? It’s a lot of questions in one.

Miracles are everywhere in everything. Everything’s a blessing, and everything’s a miracle. This is something I learned in Kabbalah class. A miracle is not defined as the impossible becoming possible. Instead, the illusionary veils are removed that disguise the fact that everything is a blessing.

The Practical Tanya by Rabbi Chaim Miller

If I can see above the clouds, above the treeline, or whatever the analogy is that I get to see more of the bigger picture, then I can see like, oh, having this disease, having this ailment, or whatever, it led or will lead to this amazing epiphany, which changes my life, and I wouldn’t change a thing once I am past it and able to connect the dots. You can only connect the dots backward, not looking forwards. So I’m like, “Okay, that makes total sense that I just need to have that mindset and that bigger picture viewpoint.”

Tell me about some obvious miracles.

Let’s start with small ones. Yesterday, for example, we encountered a homeless lady as we were getting off the off-ramp on the highway. Just an hour or two earlier, I had recited a prayer, which you’re supposed to recite on the first day of Sivan this month, and it was yesterday.

There is the Jewish calendar. We count the months differently. We have different names for the month. In Israel, most of the everyday life is according to the universal calendar. But the Jewish calendar is very special and spiritually very special. It goes with the cycle of the moon.

Every time in a month in a Jewish calendar, the full moon is exactly in the middle of the month. There is a pregnant year every three years, where you have 13 months. It will always follow the lunar. It’s a lunar calendar.

According to the moon, astrology, and mysticism, there are times when there is more energy, and it’s good to ask for things or recite prayers. Yes, there is the month of Sivan, and there is a certain prayer for the children that you do. It’s a recommendation. You don’t need to. It’s good to give to charity.

To somebody of merit, so not just anybody. This homeless person, there was something about her. I know you don’t judge a book by its cover. She could have been an angel.

It was a gut feeling. Yes.

Yeah, my intuition told me she wasn’t the one to give the money to. So, you asked me, “What do I feel?” I feel conflicted.

When you give, give from the bottom of your heart. When you do something, finish it.

Usually, when we see a homeless person, it’s been my thing since I was young. My mom taught me that. My mom gives money to everyone in need. She never discerned. Even when she does not have money or does not have money, she always puts something to give something. It’s very embedded in the way I was raised.

The more you got into mysticism and Judaism, the more you started to open up to that too. But then came the part of discerning. I do agree with that, and sometimes I don’t. I won’t do it if somebody is out of whack or I’m scared to open my car window.

Mostly, I give. But every once in a blue moon, I won’t open my car window or won’t feel called to, and I just go with that.

The lady passed by opened the window or anything, and then I was conflicted. We’re talking about it. She was getting farther and farther away. She wasn’t looking back, so I said, “Okay, that one’s out.” I asked the creator for another opportunity, but somebody who would be of merit.

Within ten minutes, we’re still on the drive home, and there she is. I saw her first, but then I lost track of her because we couldn’t turn off at a convenient spot. Five or six blocks later, I was finally turning to get off this main road.

Yeah, and I was not feeling that well. So it was like, “Oh, my God, Stephan, are you going to chase her? I want to go home.”

We found her.

If your vibrations focus on guilt, shame, pain, anger, and suffering, you won’t be open to experiencing miracles. Instead, focus on miracles and break out of the loop of negative emotions. Click To Tweet

We found her, and you didn’t see that. But the moment you gave her the money, I had this humongous smile on my face. She was an older lady, and she had a beautiful smile on her face. I got emotional at that moment. I was very proud of you too. It just felt like that, even though it was cranky.

I was cranky because I was very sick. I was just getting dizzy in the car. I was very dizzy. But the moment I saw you give her the money, you didn’t see me, but I had a big smile, and she had a big smile. It was beautiful.

Yeah, she wasn’t on the street asking for money. She was just walking. She was hunched over. She didn’t have a good posture. She had this shopping basket thing. I just knew that she was the one. I asked for another opportunity, a more aligned opportunity.

How does that connect to miracles?

It was a miracle that manifested because if I hadn’t asked, I have absolute confidence that that opportunity would not have shown up. I would have just gone home and not given any money to anybody.

Because of the times we are in now. It’s like in the past. You would have done something and gotten karma in your next life or the next couple of lives. Now, karma is more instant. You do something, and something happens to you the same day. So the time between cause and effect is shortening.

That’s not universal. That’s been my experience.

It’s universal.

That’s part of the veils thinning?

Just be a good person, and do good things. Do it from the bottom of your heart.

Yes, I think so. Things like that. It doesn’t matter if you do it because you want to get good karma or because you do it from your heart. As long as you do a good deed, that’s what matters. Just be a good person, and do good things. It’s important. Do it from the bottom of your heart. When you give, just give from the bottom of your heart. When you do something, finish it. Just do it.

Do it a hundred percent.

Yes, a hundred percent.

I didn’t do it with her because that was part of the prayer, and I wanted all these blessings for our children. I did it because I wanted to be the light. Intention matters. If you do it from a selfish place because you want to get something in return, you want to get some brownie points.

It’s important, and yet it’s still good to do.

Yeah, it’s better than nothing. If you’re just going through the motions doing your prayers, it’s better than nothing, but it doesn’t rise to the same level of higher dimensions as if you did it from a selfless place. That’s at least what I learned from studying. So I’ve been reading The Practical Tanya.

I grew up so poor and got a lot of hand-me-downs. When you don’t have much as a child, and people give you something, you learn to appreciate everything. I also think my father looked like a homeless person because of how he was.

That’s why I have this sensitivity for the poor or people in need. I care about them as souls. I’ve got a maternal instinct that when you give charity, it’s not enough to give it, like looking into the person’s eyes and saying, “Hey, how are you doing today?” Exchange a smile, care for them, not from I’m better than you because I am in a place to give. I’m just another loving soul here for you now, and we will have this beautiful exchange. That’s what’s important.

When you give charity, you care about that person. Look in their eyes. It goes back to doing it 100%. It will be nice to take the extra second to share a smile, look into their eyes, and make them feel important.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Sometimes, if you’ve tuned in to your intuition and listen to that still, small voice, you’ll be guided on what will mean the most for them. For some people, it might be to be asked what their name is. Ideally, when you see that person again, you remember that person’s name.

There’s Wayne, whom we haven’t seen in over a year. He would be at the parking lot of Whole Foods all the time. I haven’t seen him for a very long time. I asked him his name one time, and then I always greeted him by name after that. That mattered.

There was a time when I didn’t have cash on me, but I felt guided to talk to him. I’m like, “Do you want something from the store?” I’ll pick something up for you, and I did. I asked for a tuna sandwich or something. I brought that out with some water. That was the right thing for that time.

Sometimes we think we do this for them. Oh, we’re so good. We give charity. Sometimes when you give, you feel better. Sometimes that person is there to provide you with good karma. Everything that you think, nothing is what it seems like. It goes back to the illusion. You never know if that person is an angel in disguise.

You’re told afterward.

They are there for you and your growth, for your evolution, for your karma, for your heart.

We learned from Janet Doman, who you have that great episode on childhood education and teaching babies that you don’t test your baby.

No, don’t.

Yeah. Like, and what color was that?

I still do that, but it’s not like a test. It’s a game. If you gamify everything and make it fun, it’s good. But if you’re like, was that blue, it wasn’t blue, say blue, blue, the intention behind what you’re saying. I don’t like tests. No.

Regardless of whether you see it as a test of an opportunity.

I do not like tests. Please don’t test me.

Okay, but I don’t mind it, as long as it’s for my highest and best good and done in a way that is not a smack.

How can you take a person and take everything that they are, everything that they know, and just limit it in this little test? Is our education system not great because people learn different ways, remember different ways, and have other skills? That’s another topic.

Anyway, back to the test I was given.

Back to miracles.

Okay, it was a miraculous test.

Not a test, a miracle.

There was an angel. I didn’t know it then, but I was zipping past. You were in the car, I was in the car, and so was our son. It just was so compelling to me. She was going through her stuff. She wasn’t asking for money or anything.

A lot of people are very lonely. Sometimes they need to know they are being cared for, even if it’s a stranger.

She was embroiled with her meager possessions. Whizzing past, I’m like, and I need to give her money. I was going 35 miles an hour. I found a way to turn, then turn, then come back around, park in a parking lot, and go over to her and give her money.

I just love seeing people’s smiles when they have so much gratitude because you made their day. For you, it wasn’t a big deal. Giving a few dollars, $10 or $20, is not a big deal. It won’t change your life. But for somebody in need, that’s such a big deal.

It doesn’t matter if you give a dollar or you give more. Just that act of giving is so important. A lot of people are very lonely. Sometimes they just need to know they are being cared for, even if it’s a stranger.

When she smiled at me, she had one tooth. She was so grateful. She had this joy about her. Do you remember what she looked like?


You were watching it from the car.

It sounds like I’m only watching you giving money from the car. It’s not like that. I do my own thing. I just don’t talk about it a lot.

You do. That was a miracle because I knew, I don’t know how much later, if it was minutes later, hours later, or a day later, but it was revealed to me she was an actual angel.

That’s awesome. Beyond charity and focusing on the miracles, is there anything else you can recommend regarding manifestations? I learned that whatever you dream about or desire to have is in your mind because you can achieve it.

You wouldn’t have the desire or get the desire from God if you couldn’t achieve it. You just need to be aligned with the fulfillment. How can one be aligned more with the fulfillment?

It’s about trust and faith. I see those as two separate things. I don’t see them as interchangeable. If you’re in a place of trust in God, and faith in God, then nothing’s impossible. When you believe it’s impossible, you make it impossible. You get back to that Henry Ford quote.

I recommend being in a place of service and humility. Try and set your ego aside. This isn’t about you looking good or not looking bad. This is about you serving. Ask God for more faith, more trust, and more desire.

One of the things crucial to manifestation is being grateful for things that have yet to happen because time is an illusion, bendable, and not exactly what it seems like.

Another aspect that Joe Dispenza talks about a lot is gratitude. You’re grateful for the miracles that happened, but one of the things crucial to manifestation is you can be in gratitude for things that haven’t happened yet because time is an illusion, bendable, and not exactly what it seems like. When you’re already grateful for things that happen, you attract them to you.

In her book, Louise Hay said, “Say thank you for my healing.” You must be in gratitude for your healing. You’re in gratitude for achieving that thing. You’re in so much gratitude. You already see it as done, and you see it as done with so much certainty that you have gratitude. You are so grateful.

You go into the vibration of gratitude and the feeling. What would it feel like when that thing happened? Who am I going to be? How am I going to react? What am I going to feel in my body? You connect to joy and gratitude, and that will for sure bring that thing that you desire.

Yeah. I learned this in Kabbalah, and I know you know it, too, that you’re praying for more certainty because it doesn’t exist in this physical plane, in the Malkuth. In this physical world, certainty does not exist. It’s in the upper world, and you’re praying it will be dropped down on you like manna from heaven because it’s not part of this experience. To have certainty is not part of this experience, so that you will be gifted it.

I’m not trying to power through this on my own volition. I’m trying to be a channel and a vessel, an instrument for the creator and ask for more certainty and desire for the things meant for me. Anything that is not divinely guided, I don’t want. I don’t want the desires for those, and I pray for that too. Please remove those desires that are not divinely guided.

Right. I love what you said, which reminds me of when I was sitting by a waterfall after a whole day of feeling all emotional about my relationship vision. I had this experience of laughing, crying, and asking God to help me manifest my true love. I said, “God, I can’t do it alone anymore. Please help me.” I gave my pain. I gave my suffering. I gave control from my limited, physical me, a tiny dot in this universe, to God.

I took that weight off my shoulders and said, “Here, God, it’s in your hand. Please help.” I’m like, “I can’t do it alone anymore. I tried, I tried. I pushed, I pushed.” Here, this is yours. Take it. When I did that, my miracle happened. Within 48 hours, he showed up. Within nine days, he proposed to me.

She’s pointing to me.

This beautiful man, and that happened from God directly. From me, being in surrender, saying like, “I take it off of my shoulder. I’m giving it to you, and please help.” I was nothing from a place of no ego, nobody, nothing. I was nothing. It’s for you, God, to help me with. It happened and happened quickly. As I said, instant karma within 48 hours, it happened.

That’s a big part of it, where you take the weight off your shoulders and give it to the Creator, whatever you call it. Maybe you don’t call it God. But if you believe that somebody’s breathing through you, making your heartbeat, making the plants grow, and directing your life, if you believe in that power, then you give your prayers, your desires, your pain, your hurt, everything. You just give it to this power.

You come from a place of I was a nobody, a nothing. I was in complete surrender, and then a miracle happened. A miracle can happen to you today if you just desire. So many miracles are coming your way. So many beautiful experiences are coming your way.

There is a reason for you to be here and listening to this right now because this is your message. You are a miracle, you are created as a miracle, and a miracle is who you are. Just align with them, trust them, and give them to the Creator. Give it to God to create everything that you desire in your life.

From a place of service, yeah. Beautiful. That’s a great ending.

Yes, I guess so. Do you want to say something before we say goodbye?

No, that was the mic drop.

We used to have a company called Mic Drop.

Yeah, that’s fun. If you, a listener, want to manifest miracles with the assistance of Orion as your coach, she’s an incredible, super-gifted, miraculous coach, go to orionsmethod.com and sign up for a transformational coaching session with her. It’s the free initial session, so sign up for that.

Please sign up at least two weeks ahead of time. Just don’t sign up for the next day because that’s hard.

Don’t surprise her with no notice. All right. This was fun.

It was awesome, babe. Thank you so much.

Thank you. I’m so, so blessed to have you in my life, to have you as my soulmate, and for you to have chosen me. We chose each other before we even incarnated. I believe that with every fiber of my being.

Yes. Thank you. We love you. Thank you for listening. I’ll catch you on the next episode of the Stellar Life podcast. Bye for now.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Nurture your Divine Connection. Start each day by awakening your sacred connection with the Creator. Live life as an ongoing prayer and watch miracles abound.

{✓} Embrace hardships and difficulties as heaven-sent gifts, beautifully wrapped with a bow from above. Every experience, whether revealed or mysterious, is a blessing allowed for your greater good.

{✓} Surrender and trust in God. An unwavering faith in guidance from the Divine allows you to realize life is a tapestry and nothing that occurs is random.

{✓} Acknowledge the profound role your emotions play in staying aligned with your spiritual path. Use them as your compass to guide you toward authenticity and self-discovery.

{✓} Embark on a profound voyage of self-acceptance to shed the weight of shame and guilt. Embrace your true essence. Recognize that you are perfectly beautiful and worthy of good.

{✓} Shift from self-criticism to an empowered focus. Redirect your energy to envision and manifest your desires to free yourself from limiting beliefs.   

{✓} Unlock boundless imagination. Immerse yourself in the wisdom and knowledge found within books. Let the written word ignite your creativity and expand your horizons.

{✓} Allow the wellspring of creativity to surge through you. This opens the channel for divine wisdom to flow effortlessly. Embrace your creative potential in every aspect of your life.

{✓} Create your own reality by venturing beyond the confines of your personality. Embrace the freedom of exploration. Dare to dream and live limitlessly.

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