Episode 241 | March 23, 2021

Clear Life Blockages with Kim White

A Personal Note From Orion

It’s always refreshing and enlightening to talk to people who are well connected with their spirit. While it helps with getting answers from the beyond, it’s also eye-opening how we are all connected, not just as physical beings but also as spirits. According to this week’s guest, Kim White, there are more spirits than humans on this earth. Some of them may be good, some happen to be our guides, and some of them may be bad entities that can obstruct our lives. 

Kim White is the founder of Kim White Coaching who considers himself a Life Architect. Together with his team, they transform blockages and limitations into freedom, peace, and goal achievement—Kim and his team work on homes, businesses, and individuals. Transformational healing is done with God’s unconditional love and compassion. The results are immediate.

If you’re curious to know how to eradicate the bad energy and vibes in your life, this episode is for you. Without further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:49] – Orion introduces Kim White, a Life Architect. He and the KWC team transform blockages and limitations into freedom, peace, and goal achievement.
  • [05:18] – Kim shares how he connects with God and explains what intuition is and where it comes from.
  • [11:27] – What are energy cords, and why do you need to clear them?
  • [15:41] – What is the essence of spiritually cutting cords to disconnect yourself?
  • [19:39] – Orion tells a story of how powerful her mother’s intuition was when she gave birth to her son. 
  • [24:47] – How to attract and communicate with the light spirit?
  • [29:46] – Kim describes how he and his team clean stagnant energies stuck in rooms, houses, buildings, etc.
  • [35:14] – Kim talks about the feeling you can get when you communicate and create a relationship with your guardian angel.
  • [40:42] – Kim explains the importance of listening to our intuitions and heart and be discerning to avoid following the negative spirit.
  • [43:50] – Visit Kim White’s website at KimWhiteCoaching.com to register for their group transformation and clearing sessions.

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About Today’s Show

Hi Kim, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. It’s lovely having you here. Thank you so much for being here.

Thanks, Orion. It’s good to be here. Thank you.

Yeah. Before we begin, can you share a little bit about yourself? And how did you discover your extraordinary passion?

That’s a good question. My gift, my unique ability, the sensitivity I’ve had my whole life, I thought it was negative. I thought it was a weakness. My whole life, I was constantly fighting against it. Then it was about 30 years ago that I asked myself the question, “What if it’s a strength?” As soon as I asked that question, my whole life turned upside down in a great way. I started to look at it, “Wow, this is a strength,” and God just started putting people in my path that would help me with my strength. Instead of having all the naysayers trying to put me down. I’ve always been passionate about how can we get better? As humans, how can we improve our performances? How can we improve our schoolwork? How can we improve our businesses? Everything. Anything to do with improvement I love. It just lights me up, and I get excited that I can, “Wow, what if we do this? Will it get better results? What if we do that? How will this change?” That’s my passion. 

The two areas that I’m passionate about are business and sports. My faith and my connection with God have been so strong in my life that I married spirituality with business and sport, which is unheard of when I started. It’s like,  “Are you crazy! How can you do that?” But I said, “I love it. I want to do it.” Even though my parents weren’t that religious or spiritual as I was growing up, I still had this inner drive with my passion and faith. I would go to church on the weekends on my own. Or if I had a chance to go with my relatives, I go with them. I just had this calling to go and just connect with God, even though I didn’t know what God was. That’s how it began.

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What is God to you?

The Great Spirit, the Creator, unconditional love, everything like that.

How can one connect with God?

God is thoughts. God is a spirit; God is not religion. So my interpretation is, all the religions of the world are man-made ways to connect with God. Every religion is to follow a way or path to connect with God. Everyone has different ways of connecting with God, but the basic is “God is God.” That’s how I look at it.

What is your unique way of connecting with that energy source?

Praying would be number one. Just talking to God, the main part of my teaching is teaching people to listen to their intuition. When I say intuition, it is God answering your prayers. God is answering back. Every time we have an intuition, it’s God trying to guide us to have a great life. If we don’t listen to our intuition, we always say, “I should have listened to my intuition, or at least, I wish I’d listened to my gut instinct,” because it just is so much easier. Life is easy when you follow God’s guidance for you. That’s the way I interpret it.

How do you make the difference between the voice of the ego and the voice of your intuition?

It’s a challenge. In the early days, I would hear my voice change when I spoke. And I thought, “Why is my voice different?” The first thing I noticed was that if I was repeating someone else’s words, it was different from coming from within. When I felt that I would stop speaking, I wouldn’t speak those words until I felt something came up from within. That’s when I knew that this is mine or this is intuition. Another thing was the ego is a certain feeling. Intuition is like knowing, I would say, it’s below the neck. Whereas the ego is more mental or it’s more words, or it’s full of emotion, but it doesn’t have a knowing aspect. There are very subtle differences. Learning to feel and sense what is true versus what is just ego, or conditioning, or training or, whatever. And knowing and learning that difference.  Then helping people to discern, “Is this my intuition?” Once you do, it’s so clear. 

There’s a couple of stories the way I learned because I prayed to God to say, “God, please help me with my intuition. Please show me how I can listen to my intuition.” This is in the early days of my business and the first time it happened was I had a client lady came to the door; she was in the mid-50s. And I opened the door, and then I’m looking at her, and I got, “Go and buy her flowers. ” I’m like, “Huh?” And so I say, “Okay, I’m on this path of trusting.” I say, “Look, we have to go to the store first before your session.” We went down the store, and I bought this big bunch of flowers and then I gave it to her. I said, “These are for you.” And she just started crying uncontrollably. I’m like, “Oh, my God, what have I done?” And she said, “No one has ever given me flowers in my whole life.” And so that was the whole healing for her just to receive. But the thing is, there’s no way my conscious mind would think to buy this lady, who I don’t know, a bunch of flowers. So that was my first lesson. That was God trying to guide me.

The second time it happened was another session. A lady came in the door, and I knew this lady. When I opened the door, I got, “Oh, she needs to do a cartwheel.” A cartwheel? Where’d that come from? So I said, “Okay, I’m trusting.” So I told her, “I need you to go out the back and do a cartwheel.” And she goes, “Well, I trust you, Kim. So I’ll do it.” So she did it. And every issue she got was gone as soon as she did the one cartwheel. And she’s like, “Wow, that was amazing.” I was like, “It’s just God telling me what to do.” The third time, which was a profound change in my career, I was in the yard and felt a ghost beside me. I started to feel terrified. And my intuition said, “You weren’t terrified a minute ago.” And I go, “Oh, this is not my fear. This is the ghost’s fear.” 


Suddenly, I had all this compassion for this spirit who was in the darkness and lost. And that was a big turning point where I could help spirits. That was real knowing. And I teach people all the time when you feel something that you didn’t feel five minutes ago, check if it’s yours, most of the time, it’s not. And so what I teach people to do is to say, “Thank you, my intuition, for showing me.” And if they say those words, immediately, the energy leaves you because you’ve acknowledged your intuition. And so suddenly, it’s like, “Oh,” and then if it’s still there, it’s yours. But if it’s gone, my intuition is guiding me of what’s happening with the person around me, or the situation or whatever. This is the second step; then you have God’s gift of freedom of choice to help that person or not. It’s our freedom. God showed you, this is the pain of someone else, or this is the laughter or the joy of someone else. “Thank you, my intuition, for showing me.” 

When used right, being emotional and vulnerable can be used to your advantage.

Then, you can ask the second question, “How may I serve?” And by asking that, your intuition will guide you what’s the next thing you can do to help that person or that situation. Sometimes there’s no one around you, and you get it, and I ask, “Okay, thank you, my intuition, for showing me.” It leaves me, and then I ask, “How may I serve?” And I give a blessing. So I just send a blessing to that person or whoever. Immediately I’m free.


So that’s what I teach people on how to listen to their intuition. Thank their intuition for showing them and then the option to help.

I am very empathic. I take on other people’s suffering very easily and unconsciously. I can be with people and come home and be nervous or uncomfortable. So, this is good for me is to say, “Thank you, my intuition. How may I serve?”

Yeah, thank you, my intuition, for showing me. Sometimes you don’t say, “How may I serve?” because you’re tired or it’s just not appropriate. 

How about, “May I go to sleep now?” 

Another thing you can do, if you’re connected with a lot of people, is to cut the connection. Especially if you’re empathic, you’re connected with them like an umbilical cord. All the energy is coming from them to you. I first noticed this with a lady who came to me for healing. She was a Reiki Master. And she was fine, but she was so sick. And so she came for the session. I could see all these cords coming off her. And I’m like, “Why are you still connected with your clients?” So we cut the cords, and immediately she felt amazing. She didn’t realize that she was connecting with everyone but not disconnecting after she helped them.

Yeah. Do you cut the cords from your family members too? Isn’t it dangerous? Because they’re your family members. You don’t want to cut the cord with your family members.

The great example I give is that if a family member is in the hospital, you go to help them because they’re ill, sick, or whatever. You go there because you want to give and you want to help them. So you connect with them, you’re giving them energy, and then it’s time to leave. It’s important to cut off so that you can recharge your energy to go back the next day and give them more. 

Got it. 

If you’re constantly drained, you go back the next day; you’re not helping them. You actually can be hurting them. Is that a good example?

Yes. There is a part of me that says; God forbid, somebody that I love won’t feel well, I just want to give the whole of me, and I don’t care if I’m drained. I just want to give and give and give. And I can logically understand what you’re saying. But my heart is like, “I don’t want to ever cut that cord with that person. I want to give everything that I am.”

It’s only an energetic cord. As soon as you reconnect with them, you’re back again. It’s not like a disconnect for life or anything. It’s just for the moment. And this other incident is when I first learned this, I was teaching sales reps. They would be making calls all day, and they all suddenly get a bad call; they’ll be down for two hours. So I taught them how to cut the cord, and immediately they can go back to work and make a call. And then I started looking at, what about when a good friend calls you and then suddenly you’re exhausted afterwards. You needed extra energy. And so you cut the cord, and then, they call you back because they can feel you. We have good days; we have bad days; this is life. You want to help those that are down. When you’re down, have someone else help you. It’s that flow of energy to help each other.

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How do you cut the cord? Do you just imagine it happening?

So the way to do it spiritually is if you take the palm of one hand, and you do like a karate chop across the palm.

I knew that. I know how to do that.

And then you do that. And immediately, you cut the cord, especially if you do it in front of your navel. And if it’s meant very mental energy, you do it in front of your head. It’s like whatever cord was connected to you is gone, and then you can charge. 

Do you do this after you watch TV?

I do it after every client so that I can be ready for the next client. I don’t drag from one client to the next. I do it sometimes when I finished work; I’ll cut off from the day so I can just be at home and not be dragging work home. TV? Not really, unless it’s negative. Then I’ll feel it. But then you can also just cross your legs while you’re watching it, and that’ll protect you as well.

Wow, that’s powerful. Do you do any other ways to protect yourself? Do you put together like a bubble, and a mirror, and some light, and all that? Do you do any of those?

The problem I’ve found is when you’re imagining, even like with the golden scissors cutting cords or the bubble around you, it only lasts as long as you’re putting the thought energy into it. That’s so powerful. But when you stop thinking about it, it just disappears. So that’s why this spiritual way, the cutting over, is more dramatic. I can get into the scientific aspects. This is connected to your small intestines, so that’s why it’s disconnecting from your belly region. That is always the explanation, but it’s just a spiritual disconnect. Whereas when you’re doing it with the mind, the mind power lasts only as long as you’re giving power to it. That’s why visualization only works. It makes you feel good when you’re visualizing walls. But until you go below the neck and take action, it just sits there. Those techniques are great for the moment. For an emergency, you need to get out of there; you just quickly do around to dissolve some of that energy, whether it’s ultraviolet light or some high-frequency light to burn off some of that energy. And then you get yourself away, and then you’re okay again. But it only works short-term; it’s not going to last for the whole day or whatever. It’s just for the moment while you’re thinking about it.

I had something interesting happened to me about three weeks ago. Stephan, my husband, just taught me how to do this protection bubble. I forgot the name of it, and I forgot the source of it. But the main idea is that you put a bubble around yourself, and then you put a mirror for negative energy. You imagine light inside and outside of that bubble. And you put yourself inside of Merkava, which is a geometric shape. It’s like a 3D star of David. So you put yourself in it, and I did that. I was in the shower. I did some chakra cleansing, and I put that bubble and the Merkava, and then I put my baby with me. I gave him his own. I’m very creative. And then I put the whole thing inside mine, so he is double protected. As I left the shower, he’s a year and a half old, and he goes everywhere. And he just reached into the shoe closet, and just dropped the whole thing on himself, and missed it by a millimeter. So I was like, “Whoa, that was awesome.” It just worked.  I felt it worked. That energy field protected him. That was powerful. What can we do to protect our loved ones?

I always say the best protection is following your intuition. The guard will always guide you where your safest. That is the strongest. If you don’t listen to intuition and you listen to your mind, it can harm you. Especially as a mom, when your intuition is so good with your children, you know when something’s not right, it’s so deep inside. It’s not because you were taught it; it’s so innate in you. That’s your motherly instinct, the mother’s intuition. You can share that with your children, when they understand or as they get older. Of course, it’s up to them. It’s the freedom of choice. Do they choose to listen to you and trust you? Or do they go and not listen to you?

I hope he will. When David was born in the hospital, it was difficult. I had to go through an emergency c-section, and I lost lots of blood. And then I was sorry for myself, but then I forgot about myself because David had super low blood sugar. Talking about the mother’s intuition,  I’m holding my baby, and he was just a day-old. He was cranky and didn’t stop crying. The nurses were like, “Well, It’s your anxiety that affects him. That’s why you can’t calm him down.” And he kept doing it, and then they’re like, “Oh, he’s nursing so much. He is using you as a human pacifier.” And I’m feeling like the worst mom on the planet. And then I’m holding him, and he’s a little hot and like, “Okay, can you please check his temperature? Something is wrong.” They check his temperature, and I asked them to check his blood sugar. His blood sugar level was 20 out of 50, which is extremely dangerous. That night, we had a horrible night; it was worrying. The moment the nurse saw his blood sugar, she got pale and called for help. But at that moment, I learned to trust my mother’s intuition. 

A Higher Power is an experience you go through, not a person, place, or thing to worship.

Very good.

Sometimes I forget, but I have to get back to that place of like, “I’m the mother, I know best.” Everybody else has good intentions, but I’m the most connected to that beautiful being. When that night happened, I was delirious because I didn’t sleep and the surgery. So I was open to seeing other things that I don’t usually see. On top of his bassinet thing that was near my bed, I saw like it was in this physical realm and not in this physical realm, but I saw this dark entity trying to threaten him. And physically with my hand, I told it to go away. I felt like that was powerful. What would you get from that story?

Two things. The first thing is, you’ve given your son a very powerful name. David is very powerful. So he’s going to be challenged by the dark side. The second thing you can do as a mom is when you see that because you’re slightly out of your body, so you’re able to see what was going on in the room. You can tell the darkness, like in this case, to say, “This is my home. You’re not welcome here.”

That was pretty much what I did.

If you say, “Leave now in the name of God,” it will happen. But if you just say, “Leave now.” It can be your ego. It can feed the darkness. So you want to bring God and say, “Leave now in the name of God.” It’s like you’re being the instrument for commanding God’s will on the planet. Rather than just being a mum protecting your child, this will take care of it because they have to listen.

What are those dark entities? What are all these beings in the non-physical realm? What’s going on there? It’s such a mystery to me.

There are more spirits than there are people on the planet through humanity’s existence on the planet. A lot of those spirits are lost souls, or they’re dark souls. They’re just looking for food. They’ll see the light and want to feed off it. It comes back to your question about, “How do we protect ourselves?” The more you trust your intuition, you’ll always be in the right place at the right time. The less chance that you’ll be in a space that has that dark energy. Having that faith you have that connection to God and calling on God to assist you gives you extreme power. When I work with people who don’t believe in God, their lives are so hard. Even though they have teams around them to help them, everything is a struggle. Because they don’t know how to ask for help, even though they’re there, it’s an innate thing to ask outside of yourself or asks the Creator or God for help. It gives you extreme power by asking. Again, the protection is by following your intuition being in the right place at the right time. Suppose the spirits come because they go everywhere. If the spirits come, then you just say, “No, you’re not welcome here.”

But they’re good spirits, too, right?

Yeah, lots. And the more you’re in the light, you’re going to see a lot more white spirits or light spirits, or you just feel amazing for no reason. It’s like, “Wow, I feel so good.” Because these spirits are around you. 

How do I attract the light spirit? How do I communicate with the light spirits?

Be good. 

Be good.

Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Focus on joy. Positive goals. Giving. All these things that we learn about it all helps. Light attracts light. If you’re positive and you’re beaming, then you’re going to attract light to you. It’s only when there’s a threat or a negative that they come.

I wasn’t positive in the last few months; I didn’t feel that positive. I am in Israel right now; I see things in the media and the government that are getting close to breaking the basic law of human freedom. It seems like things are being forced upon the citizens. From a democracy, it doesn’t look like a democracy anymore to me, and it worries me. I’m worried about that more than I’m worried about anything to do with getting sick from COVID. For example, I’ve been sucked into–and I say it’s sucking me, in Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and discussion groups, and what’s the next news. It just seems to get darker. How do I uplift myself? I’m already on the way up. I do some workshops; I focused on other things, I limit my time watching those things. But every once in a while, it just like, I’ll see something, and it will crush me.

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In the beginning of COVID, I was in the States. I was in this house, and I saw the darkness in the house. And I said, “Okay, what is this?” So I asked, “Well, how do I get rid of it?” So I cleared the energy of the house, and it was all clean again. And then the next day, it was back. And I’m like, “I just cleaned this yesterday; it shouldn’t be back. Where’s it coming from?” It took me down this path where I started to see that this energy came through the media, social media, TV. When the TV was on, I started to notice the darkness coming into the houses. It was affecting the thinking and the feelings of the people in the home. So I prayed and asked God what I do, then I got told to place a white candle and light it to absorb and push away the darkness. So I did it. Whenever it was lit, the house was clean from negativity. Then I noticed after a few days, the people in the house, the candle was continuously going, they stopped and lost the desire to listen to the TV or the media because their light was stronger than the dark. 

The point is, you can use your willpower to “I’m not going to listen to TV. I’m not going to listen to social media.” And then your friend calls you and starts telling you this. So then you call on God. “Okay, God-” This whole situation, this global situation with COVID, is an opportunity to ask to connect God to get back to our roots. Here’s a chance, “Okay, it’s coming into my space, and I’m aware of it, and I’m not going to let it affect me. So that’s it. God, I need your team.” Teamwork with God, that’s what I say. Let’s connect up. Let’s build the team. How can I improve the situation? How can I protect and improve my home?” You’re just asking, and then you’ll be guided on what to do. The real thing is to build up the strength with the light so that you’re pushing the darkness out of your space. 

This particular darkness is not negativity; it’s a consciousness. It’s not a spirit. But it’s enough to affect our thinking, feelings, and attitude with life; it starts to manipulate us to be a certain way. So you become this puppet; you’re just being pulled by this darkness everywhere. Cutting those strings, and saying no, and then calling in God. Say, “God, this is your home.” Just building up that strength with the light, so it empowers you. And I have people that said, “Well, I call on the universe to help.” And I say, “Well, why do you call on the universe? The universe has positive and negative, so you don’t know what you’re going to get.” Why don’t you go straight to the light and it goes straight to God, the Great Spirit, and just say, “Let’s bring the light in.” That’s the differentiation between the universe versus God. The universe has both positive and negative.

Do you have a whole team that helps you clean houses energetically? How do you guys do that? What does it do to the house when you clean and clear the energy?

What we’re doing is removing the stagnant energy; it’s a bit like if you have dust in the corner, you get the broom out or the vacuum, and you dust it out. We’re using different modalities to clean the space of stagnant energy that’s stuck. It’s just built up over time, whether it’s mental energy or emotional energy, or it could be spiritual. It could be ghosts in the house, it could be cords, or it could be magnetic, where there’s a distortion or a hole on the property. When you go through that space, you start to get dizzy, or you start to think differently. It’s just the distortion that’s affecting me. One example was this real estate company that called me to clean their offices because everyone was having car crashes and fender benders in the parking lot. It was always in one spot, and we did the clearing and everything. And what I found was this hole there. So we researched the property and found out that it used to be an old farm. And that was where the well was.

Oh, my God.

Even if the well was gone, the energy through the hole is still there. As people were backing into it, they were not thinking straight, or they are reacting. So that was causing all the fender benders. That’s an example. Another house I did, where I walked in and said, “You don’t use that side of the room very much, do you?” And she goes, “Yeah, how’d you know that?” I said, “Because there’s a big wall here.” And she goes, “How did you know that we took that wall out ten years ago?” So they remodeled to expand the rooms so they could have more space, but they never went there because the energy was still there. Unconsciously, they weren’t walking to that side of the room because there was a wall in their unconscious—things like that.

What I do is I go in because of my gift of sensing where problems are going, and then through asking and praying to God, how may I serve, I’m showing what to do, whether it’s using light like a white candle or it’s using my hands to grab energy that I’m collecting like a vacuum, of course, not keeping it. We’re getting rid of it. Or use certain incenses that have a certain spiritual capacity to break energy down and dissolve energy like soap and water to be moved out of the house. Or using fire to extract out of walls or something that needs to be extracted from the building. All these different modalities, whatever is appropriate for that space. Sometimes the problem is from the past, and it’s not from the present. 

Your gut feeling and instinct are right most of the time. When you’re more in tune with your divine wisdom, you become more guided in life.

Like I had on the house, a couple called me in because they have such a loving relationship, but they’re always fighting at their new home. And they couldn’t understand. As soon as I walked into the house, I said, “Are you guys sleeping in different rooms?” Because the energy was so separated. They said, “No, we’re sleeping together.” They called me because when they would go out to dinner, they were fine again, but they come home, and they start fighting. Long story short, we cleared the energy and reconnected that grid, so the house’s energy flow instead of being separated. And then, they did some research and found that there were five separations in the house. The first separation was a massive divorce. All the energy was still sitting there in the house. So anyone who moved in separate.

I keep getting goosebumps as you tell me those stories. What does that mean?

The goosebumps are the confirmation that what you’re hearing is great. So like your intuition, but quite often, the goosebumps you’ll feel is your angel guiding you. That’s a way of communication; your angel will find different ways to communicate to you to give you confirmation that this is right or it’s not right.

I’ve been seeing angel numbers a lot lately. 222333444555111. What does that mean? 

Ask God. “God, what does that mean? Or what do you want me to do with this?”

It’s so much easier to ask you.

I don’t know. 

You know, the idea is.

My answer was it’s time to talk to God. Sometimes, it’s a mental manipulation in your brain from someone who messes with that sort of stuff and a guardian. So you will see it; eyes only see what your brain is looking for. If you have a mental programming for a certain aspect, you will only see that like you buy a blue car.

I thought that but it’s like, I’ll turn off and on my phone, and I’ll see it. Or it happens so randomly.

I could try. So that’s why I say ask God because then you can know. God will guide you through your intuition of what’s right or not right.

Yeah, the concept of asking God sounds like a big deal. For me, It’s almost like I need to talk to an angel or a spirit. Talking to God sounds like a big deal.

If you want to take baby steps, talk to your guardian angel. Your guardian angel is with you, from the day you’re born till the day you die. Always by your side, always looking after you, protecting you, guiding you. So go straight to your angel, and if people say, “Well, I don’t know how to talk to my angel.” The first thing I recommend is to build a relationship. So you’re just like going to your heart, and you say, “My beautiful angel, my guardian angel.” Whatever or however you want to address your angel. “Please come close to me.” You do that, and you will feel something. If you try it now, just say, “My beautiful angel, please come close to me.” 


Put your hands on your heart and just say, “My beautiful angel, please come close to me.”

My beautiful angel, please come close to me.

Did you feel anything?

Yeah, I felt a rush of excitement.

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I forgot to mention; you should check how you feel before you say it. So you can compare the before and after. You got it because you’re sensitive. So now that you know, if you practice this a few times, you will start to know how your angel will communicate with you. If it’s that little rush of excitement, or that real joy, or whatever you feel, then, “Oh, this my angel.” You’re building a relationship with your angel so that you can reach out and ask, “My angel, please help me.” You’ll feel it as like, “Oh, okay.” Or you’ll turn your head, and you’ll see, “I need to go there.” It’s so clear, but you have to ask first. Asked, and you shall receive. 

The first time you asked. How did you ask? How did it happen?

I put my hands on my heart. And I asked my angel and said, “My angel, my guardian angel, please let me feel your love.” The first time I said, “My beautiful angel, please give me a hug.” And then when I asked for the hug, I felt something, but it wasn’t very crystal clear. But I did notice there was a difference. Something’s changed when I asked. So then, as I practice more and more and more, it got clearer and clearer and clearer. Like practice to build the muscle. So I do it right now, and I say, “My beautiful angel, please hug me.” Immediately the angel comes to me. When you ask for that love, say you’re having a tough time lying in bed, your life is just a mess or whatever. You say, “My angel, can you please give me a hug.” And you’ll feel that peace, and sometimes you just fall asleep because you feel safe. That’s about building that relationship with your angel, who is an instrument of God to protect you. So if you don’t feel like going straight to the boss, just go to the next thing, which is your angel, the closest.

How do I know if I call in dark or white energy when it comes to angels? Can dark energy be deceiving and say like, “Yeah, I’m your white angel, but nah.”

100%. I’ve been tricked. I remember the first time it happened to me was, I was cleaning a house. I was going through the room. I was really like in the zone, switched on I’m cleaning up. All of a sudden, I saw Christ on the wall. And I go, “Christ is here to help me.” I got excited, but that was my mind. Because my intuition immediately said, “Ask and look at the hands.” As I was looking down, I saw the face change. And I was like, “Oh my god, I just got tricked by the negative.”

I got goosebumps again. I’m getting so much confirmation from this conversation. I feel goosebumps on my knees.

You want to have that compliment. You don’t want to stop. So then I was so grateful for that. As I was praying, I was being deceived. And then later, I asked for the real Christ to be there. The real Christ appeared, the Christ consciousness. And immediately, I felt this piece run through my whole body. Whereas before, I didn’t feel anything; I just saw, and I got tricked.


So that you know, sometimes the negative will work with your mind because we’re easily deceived. We are just human, and it’s just the way of life. So you’ve got to check your heart. That’s what I was saying. Hands on your heart, go below the neck and see what you feel. If you can’t, sometimes people can’t feel, so I just say feel where your hands are pushing against your chest. So you got all your attention there; bring your attention down. And then you’re asking, and you’re looking for subtle changes in the energy. The imposters, the negative, will always impose themselves to trick you. It’s important that you listen to your intuition, listen to your heart, and be discerning. And always, the great question is, “Is this gonna hurt somebody?” If it’s not going to hurt anybody, there’s a good chance that it’s from the light. You’re not blindly following. 

Like I saw this one lady at this expo, she was doing healing on a client. And I’m looking, and I could feel the spirit behind was so dark and even more low consciousness. She was hurting the lady on the table getting the healing. The lady then got off, and she was all dizzy, and she’s walking around like she was lost. So the spirit was sucking the life force out of that. I’m like, “Why would this person work with the dark side?” And I found out she wasn’t doing it intentionally. She was just so excited to help people that she wasn’t discerning who was helping her. She was just feeling energy. “Oh, it’s great. I can help because I can feel the energy.” I was like, “Hang on. Was the energy good or bad?” You got to listen to your intuition. Listen to your feelings. Does this feel good, or does this not feel good? And discern. 

For me, when I’m doing my healings, I’ll ask my feeling, is my heart feeling warm? Or is it completely blank? Is it shut down? And I’ve been listening to that as well. Here’s a great but unfortunate example. This lady called me in who was dying of cancer to clean her house. And I walk into the house. It was so full of spirits. I was like, “Oh my God, you can’t even move here. It’s so full.” What happened is she bought all her furniture with her eyes because it looked good or was fashionable, but every piece of furniture had spirits attached to it. But she wasn’t listening, so what happened, she had all these furniture that looked good, but it was not good that it was sucking her immune system. It was draining her immune system and shutting her body down, and that was why she was getting sick.

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It is important to listen to your feelings, not listen to your brain, or your eyes or ears—they’re tools for us. Like when we focus on a goal, we’ll see things aligned with the goals to know which way to go. But we still have to feel, “Is this good for me?” It is so important to listen to your heart. Listen to your intuition, your guidance, even with the numbers. I mean, it’s not you’re not feeling it. It’s just the coincidence. Is this good for me? Check your heart, and if you feel nothing, nothing is there, but if you start to feel your heart getting tighter, you go, “Oh, this is no good for me.”

Yeah. It brings a smile to me. So I guess it’s good.

Okay. If you feel at peace, there’s a good chance that it’s okay. 

Amazing. Wow, there are so many more questions that I have for you. And maybe we’ll have to just meet again next time. I have so many questions, but I want to respect your time. Before we say goodbye for now, what are your three top tips to living a stellar life? The second one is where can people find you, work with you one-on-one, or get help with their houses and properties from you and your team?

My website is kimwhitecoaching.com. So that’s the place to go to. I have regular group clearings where people can sign in and get a clearing on either a specific subject or just to get rid of stress in their life. I have a power clearing. I do offer one-on-one sessions for people. They can look on the website to get involved with that or group training with my team. And the reason I have a team is that everyone has different gifts. So I have different people on my team who have gifts that I don’t have. So if I’m working on a particular house, and I’ll need to bring in someone else for my team who has a different gift, I can call on them to get the best result for my client. So that’s why I have this. The first question was, what three tips, right?

Three top tips for living a fantastic, fantabulous, awesome, fun, great, wonderful, superb, stellar life.

So number one, pray to God and listen to your intuition. That’s God talking back to you. Number two would be to follow your intuition to have a great life because God always wants you to have a great life. The third one, probably at a will, of course, thinking intuition is important, but also the cutting off from the connections that are draining you. So doing the chop-chop to disconnect, so you can recharge yourself to go out and deal with life. That will be the three things. Even though they’re all spiritual, the third one is more on a human relationship, but it also can be a place. You can go to a place, you didn’t miss any intuition, or you went in, and you leave. And then you chop-chop because you’re cutting that connection with the place, and then you feel light again, you feel yourself, and come back.

I like that.

If people go to my website, they can download all the instructions on how to do the cutting-off technique. So they can go straight there and download all that, which is fantastic.

And that’s kimwhitecoaching.com


Awesome. Thank you so much, Kim. You’re wonderful. It was nice connecting with you again. I appreciate everything that you shared, and you taught me today. So thank you so much.

You’re very welcome and thank you so much for inviting me. It’s wonderful to talk with you.

Thank you. And thank you, listeners. Remember to pray to God, follow your intuition, and chop-chop and cut off the connections that drain you and have a stellar life. This is Orion, till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Use your sensitivity as a strength. When used right, being emotional and vulnerable can be used to your advantage. 
{✓} Treat God as a spirit and not as a religion. According to Kim White, a Higher Power is an experience you go through, not a person, place, or thing to worship.  
{✓} Access the higher energy source through prayer and meditation. Find a safe space to remain in silence for several minutes and ask for guidance from God.
{✓} Listen more to your intuition. Your gut feelings and instincts are right most of the time. When you’re more in tune with your divine wisdom, you become more guided in life. 
{✓} Aim to serve and create a world where people help each other. Let the light that guides you become the light that guides others along the way. 
{✓} Learn when to detach from bad energy. Cut off toxic people and information that doesn’t serve you well. These matters shouldn’t have space in your life. 
{✓} Prioritize your own well being first. Take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. You can’t pour from an empty cup. 
{✓} Have faith that all is well and everything will be alright. If things aren’t currently in place, it means that the situation you’re in is still a work in progress. 
{✓} Live life where you continue to enlighten your spirit. Keep on loving yourself, being kind and forgiving to yourself, and focus on joy.
{✓} Transform your energy and relationships and learn how to clear the energy in your space when you visit Kim White’s website.

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