Episode 374 | June 11, 2024

Awakened Feminine Leadership: A Conscious Path to Unlocking Mega Success with Christine Marie Mason

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome, Stellar Life listeners! I’m thrilled to join Christine Marie Mason for a deep dive into the transformative realm of feminine leadership.

Christine is a true trailblazer devoted to love and liberation for women across the lifecycle. As the founder of Rosebud Woman, Sundari, and Radiant Farms, she has created a powerful platform for celebrating the divine feminine and honoring the sacredness of the female experience. A mother of six, yogi, tantrika, author, and podcast host, Christine’s journey is a testament to the power of embracing one’s authentic essence and walking the path of personal evolution.

Christine’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, spiritual awakening, and the importance of nurturing one’s true self. Whether you’re dealing with personal challenges, seeking to understand how to balance discipline with freedom, or interested in innovative approaches to aging and well-being, this episode is packed with transformative insights. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [02:42] – Orion welcomes Christine Marie Mason. Christine shares her personal story of overcoming challenges.
  • [10:17] – Christine tells about how she started Rosebud to address personal pain points, evolving into a lifestyle and intimate wellness brand.
  • [14:50] – Christine recalls how her team in the company was built, emphasizing the importance of building a core of trust.
  • [19:27] – Christine emphasizes the importance of integrating emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical aspects of life to achieve clarity and authenticity.
  • [29:29] – Orion reflects on the duality of life from her discussion with Christine about trauma, grief, and resilience.
  • [32:14] – Christine discusses her evolution as a spiritual being, and the idea of lineage and the interconnectedness of beings.
  • [39:39] – Chrsitine explains peptides for anti-aging.

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About Today’s Show

Hello, Christine. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

That’s really a joy. My pleasure. Thanks for inviting me.

Thank you. Before we begin, can you tell your core story, how you discovered your passion and what you’re doing now?

The 9 Lives of Woman by Christine Marie Mason

I think I knew my passion when I was three, four, or five and then forgot. You know how you’re little and out in nature, and everything is full of wonder and amazement; you can be looking at bugs, trees and stars. Even then, I had a strong pull to what I call revered life. But I was taught that the things that were valuable in life were things that dealt with numbers, engineering, and money. Be practical. As a very young child, I was a dancer, a poet, and a mystic, and that went away. That’s what’s returned in these last years. 

Somewhere around my mid-thirties, when I had a bunch of children at home, and I was turning the same age that my mother was turning when she was killed, and my daughter was the same age that I was, I had a realization that all of those forms of work that weren’t aligned with my soul’s essence, that I would run out of time. I would never have done my dharma. Around that time, I started practicing yoga, meditation, tantra, etc. It was concurrent with being the founder and CEO of multiple tech companies. 

I was running parallel processes of deep introspection and investigation of the interior life, spiritual principles, and metaphysics while running companies and raising a family. That’s all been quite a long process. I would say about a decade ago, it really took form, and I gave up anything that wasn’t related to wellness and expanded consciousness. That didn’t mean I gave up working, starting businesses, or writing books. It meant that I focused all those energies on things that could uplift people.

You mentioned your mother was killed.

You are not just the body; you have an essence that extends beyond that. Share on X

She was killed in a random violent crime when I was young. I think that was very formative. Knowing that no day is given to you, and also planting in my young mind the question of how can we be so separate from one another that we can do violence? Which is one of the core questions of human history. But obviously, the person who took her life didn’t know her, her family, her story, her community, or who she mattered to. To them, she was just an object. As long as we’re in an objectification mode, we can do harm. That also fed into the things I’ve been carrying out in the world, initially unconsciously or subconsciously, and now quite consciously, because of the question.

What ran through my mind was, “Wow, this woman is such an overachiever, raising a beautiful big family and running companies. What is the drive?” You kind of answered it right now. Like, “Oh, I get it.”

Yeah, it’s part of it. The drive is like, it’s not promised, but it’s also a lot of things that I did look like achievement in retrospect, but when they were happening, they were just in response to need. I had the kids really young. I had my first child at 16 and married my husband at 18. We had our first child before I was 19, and then we had two more by 21.

As long as we’re in an objectification mode, we can do harm.


We were an overachiever. It was an unconscious teenager having babies. It wasn’t like, “I’m going to get my kids out of the way young,” but I was still pulled toward academics and wanting to learn, and I didn’t give that up. Father joked when I got pregnant. He said, “You’re going to end up in a trailer park.” No offense to people who live in trailer parks. I’m sure you’re wonderful. But he said, “You’re going to end up alone and a single mom in a trailer park.” He’s really trying to talk me out of it. But I was like, “I don’t think so.” However, the feelings of the children then became why I couldn’t work in a traditional starting position or middle management position in a corporation; they didn’t accommodate being a good parent and worker. 

They became the driving force for the only place I could be: to be the boss and to control my own schedule. All these very interesting ways, which look like mistakes, interweave to create the fabric of your life. In retrospect, they look like they were planned, but in no way were they planned.

That’s beautiful. How did you start your company?

I started the first one out of necessity because I was working for a global consulting firm and couldn’t manage the schedule. It was a staffing firm for other MBA women who wanted to work half-time. This was a long time ago, and it was considered quite novel at that time. Then, that entire practice was purchased, and I found myself without a next move. In the process of unfolding, I started to work in technology at the beginning of the Internet. I was doing supply chain automation in the grocery industry as part of that project I mentioned. That turned into building supply chain exchanges in the first dot boom, where we paired up with some of my classmates and started a metals industry exchange. We had chemicals, documents, and venture-backed software companies. They all grew, and they all sold.

Modeling for the kids is a way of curiosity, and growing is a lifelong commitment.

But it was again happening around that time that I found yoga and meditation. They also became a laboratory to implement. “If I apply the yoga principles of ‘first do no harm’ into my business, what happens?” My customer retention rate went to 98% within six months. There are just ways that these ways of being in the world immediately manifested in better practical things, better relationships, and better work. 

I kept going on and doing innovation consulting. We had a large consulting firm in San Francisco that worked with companies like Autodesk and Estee Lauder to prototype new things, Singularity University, and with everything you can think of, like really out-there stuff at the time. 

Then I had this awakening around. All of these technologies are amazing, but unless human consciousness can keep up, we’re just going to do evil with them. You can have automated drones that can create warfare, or you can have automated drones that deliver medicine to people who are far away and can’t get it.

Reverence by Christine Marie Mason

I started to say, “Well, where’s the biggest need?” I felt it was in bridging these worlds that I was really able to be a credible, western, logical, and practical person. But who could bring the awakening of consciousness and trauma healing into that world? I was sitting with that, wanting to start a retreat center, an eco-farm, or something like that. But this idea of something oriented toward women wouldn’t leave my consciousness. I gradually started working on that topic, and then Rosebud was born. But the impulse to start and create was there long before Rosebud; this is my 7th company.

That’s incredible. Tell me more about Rosebud. What is it? Why Rosebud?

I really want to do something qualitative and healing. I was thinking about you often serving from the places of your greatest suffering. For me, that was violence and its side effects. And also, almost every point of suffering in my life came from being in a woman’s body. Whether my mother’s murder was because she was female, but also my own things, like being shamed sexually, being discriminated against in the workforce, or being predated upon, I guess, by the masculine, and this sort of struggle with my embodiment, like, “Is my body adequate? Is it enough? Is it pretty enough? Is it strong enough? Is it thin enough? Is my sex allowed? Can I have desire? Or does that make me a slut?” Those kinds of things.

They gave me goosebumps.

Such a tremendous amount of energy is caught up in managing those questions and living into them. I know my male friends weren’t dealing with that. They didn’t have that. They might have had other things like, “Are they man enough?” But not that. When I hit sort of perimenopause, I wanted to have some support with vulva and vaginal care. I went to look for products, and they were icky, farmy products in the back of the CVs, or they were sex aides that were really for the transactional moment of having intercourse to make it easier on the mandatory, or you wouldn’t get. “This does not suit the quality of care that I want. I think I can make something better.” 

So, I started with vulva and vaginal care–really beautiful plant-based things that had a lot of traditional medicine baked into them, and wisdom from ayurveda, which is Indian medicine, wisdom from Chinese medicine, wisdom from shamans and South American herbal traditions, Northern European, white witches, and everybody. 

Wherever there has been an upwelling of human civilization, plants have co-arisen to deal with the common problems of being in a human body. We went to those traditions, found those extracts, and made these products. In the process of making the products, what I realized was that, to this point of following the thread of my own need, I had unconsciously developed a company that would deal with the exact issues that had caused me pain, that suddenly I could see that the vulva, a woman’s sex, her womb, all of those things had been blacked out from the body. The body care never included that. They were like a ghettoized part of yourself that you shouldn’t really shame and hide, and by bringing it into the light and putting it on Facebook ads and trying to have these conversations around restoring visibility, honor, and self-care.

Talking about it with other women was a reclamation I needed. It turned the company into a lifestyle company of reverence and care for yourself and your full embodiment. Then, the intimate parts evolved into skincare for the body and lifestyle items, books, home goods, and things like that that supported that, even like plant-based supplements designed to create less anxiety and more joy in the body. The whole motto of the company is “more joy, less suffering.” That’s seven years ago now, and the team has done an amazing job. We created a new intimate wellness category, which has often been copied into new product categories. We made the first arousal serum. We’re in Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus. It’s crazy to me.

Wherever there has been an upwelling of human civilization, plants have co-arisen to deal with the common problems of being in a human body.

Med spas and doctor’s offices across the country really embraced it. My joy is, “Okay, now I’ve restored the embodiment of the feminine to take it a step further, reconnecting with the earth.” Like the spirituality that descends into the body, expands around the body, and connects us to Earth, we’re really a celebratory spirituality that returns us to Gaia, returning us to the Earth. It’s not like about a heaven out there. That movement goes way beyond Rosebud.

That’s really beautiful. I love your vision. How did you call on your team?

People got wind of what I was doing and came to me.

That’s amazing.

My head of sales has been there since we launched the first product. This is actually a sweet memory to talk about. I mentioned that Estee Lauder had been a client, and there was a woman who was my client there. I was helping her create an innovation practice, and she left to have a baby. She called me right after I’d committed to starting this company and said, “I’m looking for consulting projects if you hear of anything.” She helped me find my formulator and the factory, the oldest organic manufacturing partner I could find in the United States. They’ve been doing organic cosmetics for 50 years.

I was at my daughter’s house, sitting at the table, saying that I was starting this thing and wanted to find the best packaging and branding person in this area. Her classmate from Parsons was sitting at the table, and she said, “I just did Fenty. I’m the best. I’ll do it for you.” 

Then, I was running TEDx in San Francisco, and a woman helped out on TEDx. It was like a 2000-person TEDx. She got wind of what I was doing, called me, and said, “I ran sales for Aveda. Can I come and work with you on this project?” I felt that everywhere I turned, I was divinely guided by people I trusted and trusted me. That was how we started.

Like the spirituality that descends and expands into the body and connects us to Earth, we’re really a celebratory spirituality that returns us to the Earth.

Then, the rest of the people have all been referrals from those people, which is this core of trust. Whoever you hire next, you have to work with them every day. You better pick somebody who won’t annoy you, does their job, and can lean into referrals, which is the best way to hire.

Absolutely. That sounds magical. If I want to be that magical, to be this vortex that draws to her all this abundance, connections, and people, what do I need to do to get there?

Be full of you.

I love that. Okay, let’s dive deeper into that.

I think about my kids. Did I see them as anything other than perfection when they were born? The answer is no. You look at them and ask, “Who’s this?” I wonder what they’re going to grow into. Then you watch them do their thing, and you notice where they lose all sense of time, get completely absorbed in something, and feel most joyful, and you just keep bringing them back to that so that their essence can shine. You don’t try to impose on them your view of what’s a good thing to do. You help them. Now, that, unfortunately, is not the case. And also, you try not to kill their spirit. But that’s not what most people grow up with. 

Most people grow up with being sat down at a desk and taken through a manufacturing line model of education that makes you into a good worker. It can work for some kids, but it can also strip you of wonder and your innate self, knowing your potency, and split you from your body, energy body, and emotional body. You get very fragmented, and you twist and warp over the course of your life, please other people or fit the culture’s idea of what’s right. But nothing innovative, authentic, or cool ever came out of that.

I look at kindergartens in China, where a bunch of little girls do the most amazing gymnastics. They do it perfectly, but it seems like they’re all clones of each other. There is no place for self-expression or for being wrong. They always have to be perfect.

When you can integrate your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual life and your whole body, you are in your authentic essence. Share on X

I have the same feeling. Two feelings arise out of that. One is that the discipline and control over one’s own embodiment that you get from that kind of training is a wonderful thing, as long as it’s accompanied by the freedom to innovate and express. Imagine somebody who’s been trained as an amazing ballet dancer or an amazing martial artist.

I actually got those two as well. But I don’t think they have the latter. I think it’s only discipline.

Well, I don’t know that. There’s that piece, and then if you can couple that kind of physical discipline or mental discipline with the invitation to expand and create, you’ve got the best of both worlds. I don’t know enough about China to speak to that.

I felt that everywhere I turned, I was divinely guided by people I trusted and trusted me.

Me neither, I’m just assuming.

The sense that there is something truly your authentic essence is when you can integrate your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual life and your whole body. Then you have this reference point inside, like, “Does this feel right to me? What is my intuition saying? Where do I really want to go? What is my desire?” Desire is such an important pointer toward your true desire, not your craving, your true desire, and then continually returning to that so that your clarity, integration and authenticity create breakthrough insights because everyone’s wired for it. It’s just been kind of pasted over. The more you’re yourself and in your full, radiant, glorious, effulgent essence, the more the system spins up.

How do you deal with life challenges? You want to be your radiant self and be like, in your juicy body, feminine, radiant, creating, attracting, and all that. Then you watch the news, and some external things are happening in your life.

I don’t watch the news.

Good idea.

I’ll expand on that. I majored in political science. I do like understanding human systems. Your physical and emotional bodies are wired to deal with things within about 100 miles from where you live and about a few thousand people at most. To care deeply about 100 to 150 people like you is wired for 3D in real life experiences where a crisis like an earthquake, a forest fire, or a sudden accidental death or conflict like war would be very rare. When you experience those things, the community holds it together. That is a pacing and a spaciousness that the human body can take when you have on this little device the news coming at you from all over the world, the struggles of 8 billion people all at once.

Be full of you.

Like, it’s a constant. “Should I be worried about it? Should I be politicizing? Should I be campaigning for this, camping out for that, or going and marching?” I’ve just decided that I’m going to do that locally. I’m going to care for the people in my local community, in my local city, see if they can have clean food, clean water, more community, more connection, more meaningful support for one another, and then see how that blossoms out. That’s in terms of handling the news, making it relevant to your life, and gating those inputs.

My position is a bit more unique because I’m from Israel originally, and my community has been mega traumatized in the last six months. News is coming at me from everywhere. I have to go through sleepless nights when my mom is in the shelter because of rockets. Now, there is news even on my community channels that are like, “Oh, there are some Israeli Jewish students, and they’re really afraid to walk down the campus.” It’s very close. It’s very real.

Right. It seems like you’re at war. 

The more you’re yourself and in your full, radiant, glorious, effulgent essence, the more the system spins up.

Yeah, even though I’m trying to detach from them. I just came back from a beautiful retreat, connecting to my feminine essence, feeling my power, and getting magical experiences every day, and I am extremely expanded. I am coming back home and trying to create my bubble. Please share more tools that help you in your life. That would benefit me and my listeners. 

There are a couple of things that come to mind. First of all, before I even go into that, I’m feeling you in this, wanting to be there for people you love and the urgency of it. Then there’s the long line of multigenerational trauma that it’s touching—not just what’s happening now, but unresolved things from epigenetic generations.

And it also looks like it’s never going to be resolved. That’s the frustration.

No. This conflict guarantees it won’t be resolved for a couple more generations. It’s incredibly sad. It felt like it was getting close as if it had potential. Then, now what? There’s a lot to grieve. There’s a lot of grief in that. When my husband had cancer, someone told us that the most important thing that you can do is to be a normal part of every day, not to be a person with cancer part of every day and that this is part of, if you’re in any crisis or trauma, every day, find the rhythm of normal. 

I studied for five years with a man named Thomas Hübl, an Austrian teacher who was really in the nondual philosophy tradition but was also a physician. He became very interested in collective trauma healing. He started to research, write, and teach on that, probably along with Gabor Maté, one of the leading trauma teachers who embodied trauma around. His wife is Israeli. He says that when you’re doing your own internal work, you can be present with your own feelings, and you can have your feelings without me taking on your feelings. I can witness and be with and attune to you and feel you in what you’re experiencing without letting it attach to myself. He teaches this as a practice so that you can listen to your friends who are afraid of walking on the campus, or you can listen to your mother and feel her, and your heart might break, but it doesn’t become your trauma. You’re not in the foxhole with them. That is, unfortunately, not a short-term fix.

There will be times when you are in the fire, so lean heavily into your internal practices, meditation, and identity.

That’s actually like learning those practices and practicing those. You probably have a lot of them already. But this way of creating spaciousness and distance between the person in the suffering, yourself, you feel them, but you also know it’s not yours. Your time might come. There will be times when you are in the fire when it’s your direct experience. Then you lean heavily into your internal practices, meditation, and identity, that you are the body, not just the body, and that you have an essence that extends beyond that. You lean into all the self-regulatory tools, breathing, shaking, and all you can learn. I think I’m kind of running on.

But the Thomas work, attunement work, and then just the long arc of cultivating an understanding of who you are and then the other thing is, because you’re bringing it up in the context of this incredible active armed conflict, if people are talking about things that are not life and death, and they’re experiencing them as life and death, let’s say you’ve got a financial crisis. That’s not life and death. Even death isn’t that bad. It depends on your worldview. Like, this is not all there is. So, whatever is facing you in your daily life, there’s nothing.

My friend Dream Mullick used to. She’s a wonderful death doula. She used to run a big jewelry company, and her husband was trying to.

I never understood how someone can be a death doula. It sounds so scary, but there is a beautiful expansion there.

The Nine Gifts by Christine Marie Mason

It’s like being a birth doula. It’s like they’re guiding people through the portal to the next site, and they can go along for a little bit of the ride and get a little taste of that. It’s like they’re supporting the family. It’s one of the most sacred times in life as someone says goodbye to their body and goodbye to their family. It’s often like the moment of enlightenment for people. Anyway, Dream became a death doula after her husband, who had a fatal disease, died. She said that when he was ill, and she was running her big giant jewelry company, people would run into her office in crisis mode.

She goes, “Nothing in the jewelry business is a crisis.” Just put this in perspective, right? She quit that and ended up, because of her experience with investigating psychedelics and death, becoming a death doula and a death worker in a lot of ways. She does many other things, but that kind of puts it into perspective. Being my age means I’ve gone through three major economic cycles of boom and bust. We’ve gone through times of building and selling a company for millions of dollars and then being bankrupt in the wrong order. You go through so many cycles like this idea that I think I was brought up with the idea that it will be a steady-state launch and a linear upward progression. It’s just going to get better and better. It doesn’t work like that. It’s like life is like this.

Your core skill set of being in a human body is cultivating the ability to be resilient and joyful while the curve is down. You’re still alive, you can still love, and you still have a lot of choices, even at that moment.

That’s so true, even in our darkest moments. I think for Israelis, the best black humor happens during a war. People come up with really funny stuff, and that’s just a way to relieve and find joy. For me, just being away and having stories in my mind, I think, in some ways, my experience can be even more painful because I am not there. Also, I’ve been fed information from social media, and that’s only just curated videos for my eyes by some AI robot that decides that I need to see this.

Your core skill set of being in a human body is cultivating the ability to be resilient and joyful while the curve is down—you're still alive, can still love, and still have a lot of choices. Share on X

But alongside those extreme, really painful things happening in the world, there are things they don’t show in the news. Like when people are united, when people are in oneness when they come together, acts of kindness, beautiful things that are happening in the world that not only the drones that are there for war, but the drones, as you said, that are there to provide for a family in need because there is duality in this world, darkness, and light. And when darkness also expands, the light expands. It’s where we look. It’s an ongoing realization for a long time. But now I’m committed to having the discipline to push away what does not serve me and just owning my pleasure, owning my desire, being in my body, going back to breathing, going back to connection with God. I woke up one night and was disturbed because I watched something before bed, which I shouldn’t have done. But I picked up Louise Hay’s book and started writing affirmations. “I’m safe. I’m infinite.”

Well, you can reprogram your mind that way. Something was coming while you were speaking around. When people are in a high conflict or war situation, it feels like it’s about them and personal. And yet, you know, and I know, that it’s thousands of years old, and you’re part of it. You have no control. One of the worst parts for people is that they’re in a situation where there’s nothing they can do except just go along for the ride of forces much larger than themselves. It’s in those places where every act of kindness, every way you hold yourself, every time you can drop into your fear, breathe through your fear, and return to love, you become a walking blessing field, and it’s so natural to think it’s you. But I wanted to mention you’re in these much larger, nested waves. I wanted to touch on that for a minute.

How do you think your evolution as a spiritual being and connecting to that identity affected your family, and how did it affect your business?

You can reprogram your mind.

Well, I have four biological children who are now adults and grandchildren. I have two girls that I parented from two to eight, and I’m their bonus mom, but I got to have the experience of them. Then, a couple of other kids I’ve had played a big role in their life. Whenever I did a big piece of healing, my oldest daughter would say, you must have done a big piece of work because I feel better today.

Wow, I love that.

I could go back to things that had happened in their earlier childhood and validate their words without fear. Like, “Yeah, that sucked, I’m sorry.” I could speak to things that I did that weren’t great or situations that were unconscious in their childhood, and that allowed them rapid healing. That’s one thing. I don’t have any defensiveness around what happened then because that’s where I was and their dad, too. Modeling for the kids is a way of curiosity, and growing is a lifelong commitment. 

Every time you turn a corner, there’s much more to see. This plays back into the roast bed. There are misconceptions about midlife and later years, like there’s another. I have another 30 years. If I’m on a normal timescale, what will you do? Like stopping growing and modeling for them, continually growing, learning new things, making new friends, being willing to be wrong, and expanding. That’s impacted them a lot. The other direction was a long time ago. I would say 12-15 years ago, I was studying Shiva Tantra in a school of philosophy in India.

One of the worst parts for people is when they’re in a situation where there’s nothing they can do except just go along for the ride of forces much larger than themselves.

My teacher, I told him I was having trouble forgiving my mother. He also gave me a 30-day ancestral prostration practice. So I will describe it so you can get a feeling for what it’s like. You’re standing and envisioning in front of all the people who’ve ever looked at you with blessings. All of the faces, like teachers, some people come up with pets, friends, and strangers they’ve met in different places, and you arrange them. You arrange all of these blessing beings visually in front of you. Then you reach up, grab all their blessings, pull them down, and go down into what is essentially a sun salute but full prostration.

You’re laying flat on your belly with your hands outstretched in front of you, and then you scoop all of that up, and you put it onto your spine, and you send it backward through your maternal lineage and your paternal lineage on the two sides of your body, out through your feet into the ethers. Then you get up and do it again, 108 times every day for 30 days, passing all of the blessings you’ve experienced back through your ancestral line. It worked. It worked. Weird things happened. My cousins, whom I hadn’t spoken to in years, started calling me. I’m not going to make a direct causal connection there. But it could be correlative that while you’re healing the line, the other people who stem from it are also open in some way. But just to notice that you don’t just heal forward to your children, your husband, your boyfriend, or whatever, or your girlfriend in some cases. You don’t just heal back; you can also heal backward up the chain in time and space. It’s a much bigger invisible field than we think when working.

The other thing is that the quality of my friendships and the quality of my lovers changed. It just went to a much deeper place. I could be present in lovemaking. I could be more curious, more allowing, and more enthusiastic. I didn’t have as many stories. I wasn’t in a hurry to get somewhere with it. That also really changed. It’s the same thing with friendships, like being able to sit longer and not have anything you have to do. There didn’t have to be a point about why you’re getting together.

That sounds amazing. I just don’t understand why you’re sending blessings to your lineage. You’re doing it to heal your lineage, right?

You can also heal backward up the chain in time and space. It’s a much bigger invisible field than we think when working.

To heal, connect, and let them know. People say that the thought form of the past is still alive. This is pretty esoteric stuff.

No, I’m all about it.

If you like, send your blessings back in time to your mother, your dead mother and your dead grandmother. Sometimes, I’ll do this. I think you will like this. I got to Malaga. I’ve never been here before. I’m here to do this nine-day program. We’re set up days today, and it’s going to be great. But I’ve never been here.

I land, take a bath, do my breath work, and then go to a very beautiful place. I sit down and invite my grandmothers and my mothers into my field. I ask them, “Can you believe where we’re now? We’re now in the south of Spain.” They were stuck in a kitchen. They didn’t travel. I see the whole world. I see it as the out-picturing of what they hope for. And so, I invite them in.

It’s a great practice—being alone as flesh bodies when connected. As a pulse in a long process, we’re like continuations of a process and creation. They were up, and then they declined. Then I arose and my children. It’s a full line. When they say lineage, it’s not like this is who I came from as a separate being. It’s like you’re in this uninterrupted chain and can feel it, and I never feel alone.

That’s so powerful. Even when you say that I have a deeper sense of belonging, there are some people in the room. You know what I mean?

If you ever do a group, if you arrive in the room, you are there with your consciousness, the consciousness of your mother and your friends. And just realize that when anyone sits down to meet with you, there’s an entire field of beings with them. It’s almost like filaments connecting everything.

Let my doctor know.

We’re talking to each other, but your mother is talking to me, and she’s talking to my mom, too.

You often serve from the places of your greatest suffering.

Wow, beautiful.

It’s a different way of seeing things. I straddle the world sometimes, go out, and speak at conferences that are pretty material in reality. In those environments, I tend not to get so esoteric. We don’t talk about energy bodies and—

Toroidal ingredients and sourcing.

We talk about ingredients. We talk about menopause and hormones.

I did want to talk to you about that, too. You might have to come back if you have time. 

I am not opposed to hormone replacement therapy or patches. I love them. I have a little one. I do the Winona patch. That’s a plug for Winona. But I have no relationship with them—just disclaiming.

I’m really into biohacking with peptides right now. I’m learning a lot about peptides and keeping the telomeres, neurons, and brain cells happy and connected. The best thing for anti-aging and not anti-aging, but being pro-positive aging and having an enlivened experience of midlife and elderhood, is to continually clear the accumulation of emotional baggage, like clearing it. You go through trauma healing as a one-time thing with your MDMA therapy or your therapist, or whatever you’re going to do, getting that out of your body. But those are happening every day—these small assaults on your system.

People say that the thought form of the past is still alive.

Like brushing your teeth, you have to keep doing it. I wanted to ask you about peptides. Do you inject peptides? Are you going to put them in your products? Are they FDA-approved, or is the FDA trying to block us from enjoying peptides?

I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist on big pharma. I don’t, but sometimes I am. Peptides are quite amazing. I’m injecting one called MOXI, which is for the telomere length in the brain, and one called epitalon, which is for muscle tone.

How often do you have to do it?

Once a week.

Oh, cool. Wow.

Yeah. Some have been on a ban list.

Where would I go if I wanted to do that? 

It is a good compounding pharmacy that you order from online, and you inject yourself. I inject myself. It doesn’t hurt. It’s just like a strange new practice. But I will say breathwork, movement, clearing your daily accumulated b*llsh*ts, and living more of a devotional life. Don’t smoke, and don’t drink alcohol. I know there are all those stories about somebody’s grandmother who drank and smoked till she was 90 and was fine, but it wears and tears the skin. It wears and tears your energy body, but you’ll be fine. The second half of life is quite beautiful.

Beautiful. Wow. Thank you for all that. You are an amazing human being, inspiring and beautiful from the inside out. It was a pleasure talking to you today. Thank you for being here. 

When you're doing your own internal work, you can be present with your own feelings. Share on X

I have a new book coming out called The Nine Lives of Women: Sensual, Sexual, and Reproductive Stages from Birth to 100. I’ve been serializing it on the Rosebud site, which is rosewoman.com, so if you’re interested in more about this, transgenerational or not. Transgenerational experience and communicating from what it’s like to go through all these stages. Or if you’re a man who is just curious about what the female embodied experiences, like what the other 50% of the people on the planet go through in their bodies, you might like it.

I’m sure it’s amazing. Can everybody go to the website and read it?

Yeah, you can read it in chapters or grab the full book.

I’m excited about that one. It sounds amazing. Well, thank you so much, Christine. I really appreciate you. Thank you for joining me on my mission to light people up and change lives around the world. I hope today’s conversation inspires you to step up, go after the light of your dreams, and be who you want to be.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Reflect on what activities, relationships, or pursuits bring you a sense of fulfillment and joy beyond temporary pleasure. 

{✓}Develop the ability to attune to others’ emotions while staying grounded in your own center and maintaining healthy boundaries.

{✓}Establish simple routines or rituals, such as exercise, meditation, or creative pursuits, that provide a sense of familiarity and grounding.

{✓}Send love, gratitude, and healing energy back through your lineage, acknowledging their sacrifices and struggles.

{✓}Embrace a beginner’s mindset, always open to learning and evolving. Foster a lifelong commitment to personal growth and expanding consciousness.

{✓}Explore various breathwork techniques, such as pranayama, Wim Hof method, or holotropic breathwork.

{✓}Consider seeking support from a therapist or healer to process and release deep-rooted emotional patterns or traumas.

{✓}Embrace a devotional lifestyle free from smoking and excessive alcohol. Prioritize self-care and self-love by making choices that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

{✓}Explore biohacking tools like peptides for longevity and brain health. Research reputable sources and consult with qualified professionals to understand the benefits and risks of peptide therapy.

{✓}Visit rosewoman.com to explore Christine Marie Mason’s products and book, The Nine Lives of Women.

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