Episode 376 | June 25, 2024

Reclaiming Your Power, Pleasure, and Primal Feminine With Sheila Kelley

A Personal Note From Orion

Calling all radiant souls on their feminine journey! This latest episode of the Stellar Life Podcast is a sensual serenade for mind, body, and spirit. My guest, the one and only Sheila Kelley, rejoins us for another vulnerable conversation about embracing our feminine energy to the fullest in all realms – body, heart, and business.

Sheila isn’t just any guest—she was on the show in episode 73 and has been a profound mentor for me in reclaiming my own feminine radiance. Her impactful teachings were life-changing then, and I’m honored to have her back to dive even deeper.

Our magnetic star is the pioneer who guided a feminine movement into mainstream awareness through her empowering teachings, studio, and soulful masterclass – the S Factor®.

In this latest episode, my dear friend and mentor Sheila and I go deep into her journey, sharing the indelible wisdom she has embodied and imparted across the world. From Tanzania to the stages of Mindvalley, her teachings transcend the physical form and will leave you radiating light right from the opening notes.

For every seeker, entrepreneur, mother, wife, and individual on this path, this is an essential listen. Tap the play button now and soak in Sheila’s radiant presence and potent teachings. My darlings, I’ll see you in the circle!

In This Episode

  • [04:18] – Orion welcomes Sheila Kelley. Sheila shares the importance of the body in modern society, focusing on a hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania.
  • [15:00] – Sheila explains Huntress, an embodiment event with a small group of women, and her skill set called body whispering to help each woman’s energy.
  • [17:53] – Orion recalls her first step in embracing her feminine energy with the help of Sheila through the song Hurricane.
  • [21:33] – Sheila discusses the importance of awareness in recognizing and understanding the masculine and feminine aspects of the self.
  • [29:45] – Sheila emphasizes how women have been socialized to quiet their bodies, leading to a disconnection from their inherent qualities and source.
  • [34:02] –  Sheila believes that eroticism is cellular aliveness, and God is erotic.
  • [37:48] – Sheila reflects on her leadership and business evolution over six years.
  • [42:28] – Sheila teaches boundary awareness, including intimate and psychic boundaries, and how to set and maintain them in a world of rage and criticism.
  • [48:81] – Sheila enumerates tips for living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Sheila. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

You’re so welcome,  and thank you for having me. 

Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for being a legend. We had an interview that I listened to yesterday night six years ago, and it was phenomenal. It covers a lot about your background and how you became that legend today when teaching women about their sensuality and femininity through sensual movement and pole dancing, where the center of it is the woman herself, not the pole tricks, but more into an expansion and expression of all the emotions and embracing one as a whole being. 

You help women find their power, heal traumas, and own their bodies during this process. We dove deep into how you do it. We dove deep into some of your teaching methods. So, if anybody wants to listen to that, that was episode 73. It was on July 18, 2017. It’s called The Movement of the Feminine with Sheila Kelley. You can go to stellarlifepodcast.com and click on this episode. It is highly recommended. It was a great, great, great episode. 

So, welcome back. Thank you for being here. I want to start with your trip to Africa. Why did you go there, and what did you learn?

I went to Tanzania in November of 2023 because what I teach is coming back to the primal vitality of the body, coming back to a time for the body to actually be the thing that we live through instead of our cognitive brain. There was a time in history when we lived 100% through our bodies. We got our food and water through our bodies. We built homes through our bodies. We didn’t just pay people to do everything for us or call DoorDash. I had to go out and find the food I was going to eat to subsist. There is a hunter-gatherer tribe called the Hadza, and they are in Tanzania, one of the last in the world.

In this modern relationship that we live in, we have extraordinary demands on each other to be 100% of what we need, which I think could strangle any relationship.

A very good friend of mine, Eric Edmeads, has been working with them or going in to study them for his eating program called WILDFIT. I have been doing WILDFIT because it’s about primal eating—eating according to the body’s rhythms. He invited me to come, and I was like, “How could I not come? When am I ever going to go to Tanzania and hang out with the Hadza?” So my husband and I went. It was life-changing, profoundly. Yes, it was rewarding, but it was hard because their lives were not easy. DoorDash is easy, and their lives are not easy. Their lives can be brutal. They are a hunter-gatherer tribe, and a lot of people come to study them, paying a lot of attention to the men who are the hunters. They make their own bows and arrows, their own weapons, and barter with the Datooga tribe, who are metal workers. 

I spent the first couple of hours listening to and meeting the men, the hunters, and their hunting stories. But I noticed the women and the children off around the corner and in the distance, and that’s what I’m interested in. I’m interested in the ancestral lineage of the feminine. I am fascinated by us. I think that we are so misunderstood. I think history has been told through a male gaze. The stories I’ve heard about the Hadza are all about the hunters and then the hunter’s point of view of the women. The women are very standoffish. The hunters are like, “Yeah, come and let me show you what I killed yesterday.” But the women are very elusive and private. I spent many hours just being on the periphery of their circle.

There’s a very, very strong division between the men and the women, and that is something I found really beautiful because, in this modern relationship that we live in, we have extraordinary demands on each other to be 100% of what we need, which I think could strangle any relationship. No one’s going to be 100% what you need. But watching these tribes, the women had their own campfire. The men had their own campfire. The only time I saw them interact was when they would go to bed or do something about the children or get food, water, berries, and honey because this is what the different roles are for them. It was just a really profound and beautiful experience where I got to really observe it and enmesh myself because, after the first two days, they finally accepted me. Then they started laughing at everything I did. They were wonderful, and they were very receptive and open. 

Then, I saw a part of them, and it was incredible to be a part of an ancient matriarchal circle. I even got to interview the chief’s wife and her aunt on camera. That was amazing. I saw how thoroughly through their bodies they live. They don’t have couches and chairs. They don’t have modern conveniences that let the body rest for hours. They are on their teeth, moving constantly, cooking constantly, and crushing up nuts constantly. They were going to get water, and the closest water they could drink was about 3 miles away.

People label certain things so that the world tries to categorize them, but there’s no box for the S factor.

It was so beautiful because I believe so deeply in the wisdom of the body, and I feel like we modern people of the information age, and now going into the AI age, I think we’ve lost our bodies. People label certain things so that the world tries to put them in a box, but there’s no box for S Factor. That’s what I’ve learned over 25 years of teaching. You can say it’s pole dancing, and she moves people through trial. It’s not any of that. It’s one of those things in a world where you are inundated with everybody telling you what everything is. The S Factor is the one thing no one can tell you about. You have to come and experience it.

I totally agree. Were you the only woman who went and sat with those tribal ladies?

I started it, and then once I started it, a few other women in our group would come and hang out with us. But I’m definitely the one who was there morning, noon, and night, right on the outskirts, until they invited me in, and then I got to play with the children. Yes, I was one of the people. Well, because people think, “Oh, the hunters, we’re going to go hunt through the brush. We’re going to run and kill things.” My husband went with them. But very few people understand the mystery, the magic, the mysticism of the feminine circle. It’s not as in your face. It’s so much more internal and emotional and intricate.

Wow. What do you think you’re bringing to your teachings now after being there? What’s the core understanding there?

Well, I think that it reaffirmed what I believe. The biggest part is that it completely confirmed what I’ve been doing for 24 years in a very visceral way: “Your body is everything.” As I said, in our event together, your body is the stone that you throw into the pond of your life. And the clearer, the stronger, and the bigger your body is, the healthier your body is, and the bigger the ripples will be that will cause great and beautiful results in your life.

The feminine has to rise and be the riveting, extraordinary life force that she is so the masculine knows who to protect, provide for, and serve. Share on X

Let’s talk about the event. It’s hard to define what I’ve been through there. I especially think that the shifts that happened there during this last event were insane for me personally because I honestly didn’t sleep before I went to the event. I was so scared because I hadn’t done anything for six years, and I’ve been through childbirth and c-section and a lot of aches and pains in my body and not recognizing my body. She changed a lot, and she’s not as flexible and strong. I had a postpartum depression. So, rising out of that, I was very scared. I saw you on the first day. It’s almost like God had us connect a few times. The first time I saw you, I was like, “Hi, Sheila.” I think what I was scared of was not being accepted. I was at war with my body, and now I have to almost, in a way, feel like I needed to perform or be a good student. I was just really afraid from the get-go. I had a breakdown, and I cried about what I’ve been through in the last six months, being from Israel, and the fear because it’s a trauma. It’s like a secondary trauma. What’s going on there?


And just the way you came and hugged me, I felt safe, so helped, and so loved, and it was so utterly beautiful. I just felt like a light switch was turning on with every dance. I was like, “Okay, I’m back. It’s a little lighter. It’s even more brighter.”

Should we explain to your audience what happened to these events? 

Let’s explain.

I’m trying to bring the feminine back into full embodiment and full expression so she can actually influence the world.

Well, it’s a movement event. It’s an embodiment event. It’s called S Factor’s Huntress, and it’s a very small group of women. This was the first time I did such a small group. I usually do events with hundreds of women. I was like, “I just want to focus on each woman’s individual journey.” I have a skill set called body whispering that I have been honing my whole life, especially the last 20 years with S Factor. But most especially in the last four years since I closed the studios, I have gone to retreats. I’m able to speak to bodies and hear bodies almost more clearly than I hear words. So what happens at these events is women will come. I’ll have two classes, each with about 9 to 13 people. We talked a little bit, and we got to know each other. We do a circle, and then we do a primal feminine movement—moving into the integrity of the feminine body, through the curves of our body, through the sensuality of our bodies and the emotional flow of our bodies. So that you are using every single muscle, every single pleasure center, you are feeling the profound honor it is to live in a feminine body. 

And what will happen is if there are any blockages, if you have been holding certain events or holding certain emotions in your body, when you open your body with this kind of rippling, luscious, yummy, pleasure-filled movement, you will release all of that sh*t. You will release all of that tension, constriction, and fashion, as well as the muscle, and it’s welcomed. I welcome you to release it all so that you can totally flow through fluid and live precisely in the moment as opposed to having things from the past holding you back. It’s about finding your most powerful beauty and expressing it out in the world to be a feminine, radiant light to see that the way we’re going right now is not working. 

We’re yanking over masculinized culture. So I’m trying to bring the feminine back into full embodiment, full expression, so she can actually have an influence on the world. What happens is that after we warm up, each woman will dance to a theme. Where are you right now is the first theme, which is where I saw you shivering a bit in your body, and then your body and I will have a conversation. And if I recall, the conversation we had was music. I just switched the music for you.

Yeah. The first song I played was the song Hurricane. That’s the song that represents Israel for the Eurovision, which is a song competition in Europe. It sounds like a love song, but it was written about October 7; it’s a beautiful song. The video is really cool. They have lots of modern dancers, and it’s a very emotional song. I’ve been listening to that song a lot, and this was the song that would help me release my emotions. Little did I know that the body whisperer in the room was going to put something completely different.

Well, because your body was craving something to push against. She couldn’t feel where she began or ended when you first started. She couldn’t feel herself in the world.

Yes, that is so true, Sheila. Thank you for that. You helped me understand myself now.

I will help you understand yourself better through body whispering, through understanding the state of the body, the erotic state of the body, the emotional state of the body and the state of the feminine within your body. 

The song was beautiful, but you weren’t in a beautiful state. You were seeking something, to feel something. Music is a huge tool I use when I read and whisper because music is emotion in motion. It is emotional energy. It is vital energy. It is a life force energy, and so is the feminine. So, to me, it’s not about dancing to a song. It’s dancing with a song; it’s allowing a song to move you and you to move the song. If anyone knows  The Mug Band, it’s a kind of grizzly hip-hop band. When that song came on, it was like your body turned inside out in a good way. Everything that was inside just came out. It was hot, sexy, emotional, and powerful.

Music is emotion in motion.

Yeah. It was an outlet. I thought that I was sad about what happened, but there was so much rage in this body. The moment you put that song on, it almost felt like there was lightning going through my body, and she’s like, “She wakes up.”

Thank you so much for that. That was amazing. Every woman in that retreat had such a magnificent, beautiful transformation from feeling beautiful to healing the pain and guilt of losing an ex-husband to living your life in the masculine. Then, all of a sudden, allow yourself to be soft and beautiful again. Every woman was so beautiful. And every woman had her own transformation and release. All of us are still bathing in this beautiful experience on the WhatsApp group. 

I also asked my friends to share questions for this interview. I have a question from Shelly. She asks how masculine and feminine mature collectively and how they collaborate with each other. She’s talking about the masculine and feminine within oneself and also the masculine and feminine in the world, men and women.

That’s a very deep question. The masculine follows the feminine when the feminine is present. So if the feminine is present, meaning thoroughly in her body, completely in her body, the masculine will track her and follow her. It’s the biological purpose of a feminine body to the biological purpose of a masculine body. But what’s happened is we’re in a twisted society. We’re in a twisted world of toxic masculine dominance that’s basically out of control at the moment because the feminine has disappeared. Even we who identify more as feminine should hush our feminine, and we elevate our masculine because that’s what’s valued in the world. 

The masculine follows the feminine when the feminine is present.

Masculine is achieving, singularly focused, accumulating, and goal-oriented. It’s a very different energy that the masculine in all of us is the hunter hunting out there for sustenance. The feminine in us is life. Life doesn’t have to hunt out there for sustenance. Life is just life. When we stir up the life within our bodies and awaken all the pleasure, curves, and beauty of the feminine body within all of the emotional flavors, we become life again. Many of us have put a pause on being alive because we’re so busy out there hunting for the career, the job, to be the best mom, be the best. 

How they dance together is allowing both elements of yourself—I’m talking about how recognition is within one body. Number one is awareness. Awareness is the most important tool for the body because once you become aware and recognize, “Well, what part of me is masculine? Where are my masculine attributes?” Like, for you, you’re masculine right now, Orion, because you created a shape for this interview. You’ve written it down, and you’ve got questions. That’s your masculine, and you’re filling it.

But my toes are kind of spread out. They keep moving. My body doesn’t stop moving. The moment I still see you, my body goes like, “Oh, it’s Sheila.”

Well, that’s the truth right there. Think of it this way. Have you ever had a child’s coloring book?

I had one on the plane back that got delayed for 24 hours. Yes, we use that coloring.

The outline of the figure you’re coloring that’s masculine. The colors and the shapes you put in and the way you put the colors in, that’s feminine.

Beautiful. You have the best metaphors for everything.

Awareness is the most important tool for the body because once you become aware of and recognize where your masculine and feminine attributes are.

I think a lot about it, and I study it. I’m a bit of a scientist in soma—a scientist of the emotional and the erotic body. It’s my love and passion.

You should wear a scientist’s outfit and have a dance in it. That would be lovely.

Next time, I will. I love that idea. I hope that helps answer a little bit of the question: the feminine has to rise. She has to come present and be the riveting, extraordinary life force that she is so that the masculine knows who to protect, provide for, and serve. 

I know Joseph Campbell was a mythologist in the seventies and eighties. He is actually one of the people that George Lucas went to to help create Star Wars, the hero’s journey. But he studied mythology all over the world, in every culture, in every time and at every age that he could find. He said that when he compiled all of these mythologies of masculine feminine together, it all came down to this quote, “Woman is life, and man is the servant of life.” Think about that within your own being. How do you fill yourself with life, energy, joy, movement,  laughter, song, dance, intuition, knowing, and deep, mystic energy that the feminine has in her back pocket? The masculine will drive you forward toward goals.

That’s amazing. It’s so profound and powerful. I think in the world with men and women, it’s just about how we can force consciousness upon people. It’s an individual journey. We can just shine our light and people transform by us shining our light as bright as we possibly can.

So, I have a question from Desiree. Is there a process in which a woman’s erotic body comes back online regardless of the specific circumstances of her journey?

Yes, there is a specific process. The movement is designed to start at ground zero, which starts with the pleasure of breath, focusing awareness on the pleasure, breath entering your body and noticing how that breath undulates your body and your spine. 

God built your body. He did not build shame.

If you follow that, inhale with your lungs expanding, reaching your body into a large, open reach. And then you exhale, allow that air to leave, and allow your spine to concave. So you’re opening, you’re closing. That is the kernel of understanding the feminine genius: your unique feminine rhythm. Your body starts at your deepest, longest, slowest, most pleasurable breath. That breath will lead you into circular movement, and then we will get that circular movement even bigger and more open, closed, and expressive. We’re freeing the body to express what it’s feeling. That’s the purpose of the movement: to get women to express pleasure and expand of self, as well as the expansion of movement through the body. As I drew so intricately designed that anyone can do it. Whether you can move a lot and are very athletic, or if you are not able to move a lot, you can still do this movement about turning on the five feminine geniuses.

Because there are issues stored in our tissues, being a mother is a lot of giving and not much getting. I breastfed my son for three years, and I guess my posture got like this. Like, the whole chest area got really locked. So, I’m still working on opening it and making it more flexible every time. It’s quite rigid, but it gives me a sense of freedom when I do it. I found myself in the car starting to like, “We’ll open it just a little bit more and connect,” because this is our center to connect to creation. 

Another question in the group. I’m going to use this one: the manifestation weaving of the erotic body and the soul. We did soul dance. How does soul connecting to soul play into connecting to our body? How do we connect the soul and the body and move in a soulful way where we get otherworldly healing? I experienced that in my soul dance because there was a break. I’m like, “I’ll do some breathing work and activate the gut molecules in my brain.” Then my dance was a lot of shaking, kundalini, and light moving through.

The feminine body is designed to attract attention.

Here’s what I would say. Because we no longer live through our bodies. We quiet them. The more we as women quiet, the more erotic elements of our body quiet. The parts of our body that have brought us shame. We all have experienced the shame of one sort or another because we are showing too much, or we’re not showing enough, or we asked for it, or all the things society says to girls and women that live in our bodies. We’ve quieted and shut the body down. 

I’m going to use a phrase I use. We’ve tried to leap over the inherent qualities of a feminine body. If you are a feminine creature, your body probably does some sort of curving, like an s shape. It could be the curve of your shoulder into your arms. The feminine body is designed to attract attention. It’s designed to emulate something, to hunt. So because we’ve quieted that part of our body, we still want to connect with the source on some level. We have religion, and we have a soul dance where we’re actually moving it through vibration and breath like you did, which was beautiful, but I would encourage you to go back into the integrity of the curves and sensuality and pleasure.

I felt disconnected from the curve. Spirituality was one thing, and the body was completely different. That threw me off for the rest of the day. All of a sudden, I was very confused. Like, “Oh, I went out there,” and almost like it left my body. In a way.

You were hunting for this old dance, so you kind of used masculine energy, which is that you said, “I’m going to do breath work,” right?


It’s really quite beautiful when you surrender your masculinity, which is the one that’s trying to control everything.

You tried to control it as opposed to trusting that if you simply start with touch and breath and curve and sensuality—just trust that your soul is in there, your soul is in your body. If you simply use the intention of bringing this gorgeous feminine body to an undulating aliveness, that whatever soul you have in there—and we have to retrain. We have to get the soul to plug back into the body because the soul has been going, “Body, wake up. I have things to say.” But we’ve been told, “No, don’t touch your breast. No, don’t move your hips. No, don’t show your cleavage. No, don’t be that overt.” A lot of the feminine body all over the world is shut down and linearized so that when you want to find a connection between your feminine body and your soul—

It feels like spirituality is different from money and erotic body. Spirituality seems like a standalone thing, but in reality, the most sacred expression is an integration of the whole.

That’s exactly right.

I saw a clear, almost like a separation, and then there was some shaking in my body where the soul was moving through the body, in a way. You called me on how to move and trust because I was so confused at that moment.

Here’s the thing. When I teach, I’m teaching the body, and when the body is ready to learn, I will provide information to the body and put it into your magical mind. But when the body is going through a process, which yours was going through, at that point, you are having tremors, you are having a breathing connection, and you have left your body in a kind of spiritual way. I wanted you to complete that process so that you could feel a sense of clarity, closure, and a container of your body containing yourself.

That’s what I felt. I felt like that was three minutes. I wanted more. This was just the beginning of the expression and the integration, and there’s more there.

Yeah, there is more there, and it’s simpler. You have to do less.

Less is more. Thank you. That’s like my whole life journey.

Shame came from human beings trying to control other human beings.

Less is more, girl. It’s really quite beautiful when you surrender your masculinity, which is the one that’s trying to control everything. Like, “I know what a soul dance is. I’m going to do breathwork.” That’s leaving your body in a thought. If you just go into my breath, my body, and trust that everyone’s body was born to be an erotic creature. That’s what we are. We propagate the species by being erotic creatures. But we also propagate our lives by allowing erotic energy to live through us 24/7 for our benefit. Not for the benefit of a lover, not for sexuality, but for the erotic is cellular aliveness. That is what it is. It is. How much aliveness can you have coursing through your body?

I guess God is erotic.

Yeah, God is erotic. We have done such a number globally on eroticism and even sexuality, which I think are two separate things. But we have done such a number to make it wrong. God built these bodies. God built these bodies. God did not build shame. Shame came from human beings trying to control other human beings. So you were born into this erotic body; I was born into this erotic body. My soul lives in this body, and to be able to give my body full expression and full expansion gives my soul a louder voice with which to speak.

God lives in every cell of our bodies, and everything is interconnected regardless. So, there is no separation. The critical mind is messing us up.

It’s taking the feminine out of themselves. There are so many things about the science of the body that the critical mind has. Think of the critical mind as Popeye’s muscle. It’s so overly muscled in our culture. The magical mind, the feminine mind, is atrophied in our global culture. We don’t focus as much on the quality of life. We don’t focus as much on the radiant, beautiful life energy. We focus on ownership and accumulating and fighting and dominating. Instead of being present in pleasure, the feminine is present in pleasure and valuing life. If we were living with a balanced culture, we would not be in these vile wars all over the world. We would not have this kind of violence.

Thank you for that. We spoke six years ago, and so much has happened in the last six years. We had lovely COVID, and you had the documentary Strip Down, Rise Up

Now, you speak with Mindvalley and Dave Asprey about the Biohacking Conference. This is the question I asked you last time: How has your leadership evolved since you started? But now, how did it evolve from six years ago till today, having no more physical studio in LA, which I had the privilege of being a part of for a little while and going online and now reaching out to probably millions with all the platforms that you are evolving and becoming a part of this beautiful expansion of you. How are you doing, Sheila?

Hello, Orion. Let me lay back on a couch. Let’s talk about that. The last six years have been six of the most seminal moments in my life, most impactful. The business itself has changed. We did a pivot. We closed all the studios at COVID and are now licensing teachers because I can’t be everywhere all at once. Even though there’s a great movie by that name, I can’t be everywhere all at once. I need to focus my presence on being a leader in this movement of a feminine embodiment. What I learned is I need to focus my attention much more specifically. While I can train other women to open studios, I can train teachers to serve women.

And your teachers are phenomenal.

We live in an economy of attention. Wherever you give your attention, you're giving energy. Choose your attention wisely. Share on X

They’re phenomenal and beautiful. It’s incredible. I’m so blessed. As a factor, I am so blessed. We have the largest teacher training groups that we’ve ever had. We have licensed therapists coming to learn about the soma work. We have yoga instructors, pilates instructors, and we have regular moms, we have regular women of all ages coming to teach or train because they know that that is how they create change in their own world, in their own neighborhood, with their own friends, is to bring it to them. Like I said at the beginning of our talk, this is not something you could say, “Oh, well, it’s this. You go to this place, and you get your hair done.” It’s not that simple. It’s so life-changing.

You get your hair undone.

Yeah, you get your hair undone. That’s good. You’re changing the pattern of the shape your body has been put in in this society with tightened musculature, tucked tail, furrowed brows, and shallow breathing. We have put ourselves in these box shapes. The S Factor is about breaking that down. The teacher training is huge. I believe the S Factor is the strongest manifestation tool on the planet. This means that when you put the animal of your body into full voice—that’s what we’re doing—you create a vortex of energy with the circular movement we teach. You let go of all the blockages and all the obstacles in your body. 

Everything that you desire will come to you.

Everything you desire will come to you. I’m living proof of it. When I closed the studios, I said to myself, “I want to speak in personal growth circles, and I want to speak to larger groups.” This year, I spoke to 5000 people. “I want to speak to both men and women.” So, my work has expanded to the masculine. Yes, I’m working with men, women, and couples.

Nice. It’s so exciting and beautiful.

It is exciting and scary because it’s new, and I’m growing. As you said, I am expanding enormously. And it’s scary and extraordinary. I say to myself, “I now know the power of manifestation movement, of manifesting what you want.” So now I’m not just going to throw any desire out there. I actually have to be sure what I want. I’m speaking to 3000 people at Dave’s Biohacking Conference. My platforms are growing.

Dave was on this show, by the way. I interviewed him a few years ago.

He’s awesome. I love him. He’s becoming a good friend. So that’s how it’s changed. It’s changed a lot, and for the better. My soul is happier. My body’s happier. I’m in Montana. This is my aspect studio, and I teach over there. I’ve got a pole over there. I love it. I’m living my dream.

That’s beautiful. With this dream and expansion, when spiritual teachers grow and expand, you always have the people who absolutely love them. There are always online trolls and bullies and people that are unkind. How do you, within this expansion, create the boundaries? And also, when you come back home to your loved one, to your husband, and you’re even bigger than you were, how does that play into the dynamic of the relationship?

Woman is life, and man is the servant of life.

Those are two very big questions. Let me do the first one. I have this much tolerance for what I am calling the “age of rage.” We’re living in the age of rage. Everybody has pent-up rage and wants to be heard and seen. And we live in a cacophonous age of rage, and I have zero tolerance for that because that is very, very masculine. It’s the overhanging. It’s our Popeye muscle that is pulling us off the course. 

I am about love, freedom, peace, and pleasure. I block and report, and you don’t have access to my feeds, my social media, anything. I ignore the hate. I will not give it energy. I give energy to life, love, women, freedom, and the pleasure of this very short journey that we’re on in this lifetime. That’s part of what I teach. I teach a really deep, conscious awareness of boundaries. There’s the intimate boundary of your skin. There’s the boundary of your glycerin bubble, and there are psychic boundaries. I use my psychic boundaries to mosquito snap and block and report.

I love that. I’m asking because I’m at a point in my life where I want to play a bigger game, go out there, speak, and become more visible. I’ve been pretty much in hiding for the last five years. I even hid my pregnancy because I was afraid that something bad was going to happen. That was a lonely journey. 

We propagate our lives by allowing erotic energy to live through us 24/7 for our benefit. Share on X

It must have been hard. 

Yeah, it was. But I’m looking at you, like, “How does she do that?” Even within class with all these women, you give them space for such huge emotions. How do you keep your peace and then go home and be in peace with your loved one? It takes a very strong and very experienced woman to do that.

That’s so interesting. That’s a great question, Orion. One of the things that has happened in the last six years is I’ve come to peace with knowing my skills and my gifts, being at peace with being able to read and whisper bodies, tune in, and channel from source through the body. Once I came to peace with it and was like, “Okay, I didn’t even know what that meant.” But I do know when I watch a body that, there’s an energy that comes through me that can speak to that body in a way that is revelatory for them and for me. So, coming to peace with that has freed up all of the doubt. “Is that real?” All of my questioning of myself.

I’m able to use the boundaries I teach, the glycerin bubble, everything I just talked to you about, and those boundaries; they’re absolutely paramount for any woman who’s in the public eye to cultivating because, as I said, we’re in an age of rage. Everybody wants to tear everybody down. I can’t even believe how heinous some of the things people dare to write, but I don’t even give it my time. I won’t even read it.

Give your attention to where you want it to grow and fertilize that garden.

Because you have a bigger mission, and you know who you are. It goes back to knowing myself. I took a training with Robert Allen, a speaker trainer, and he said, “You can have a speaking gig, and everybody’s going to smile, but there is this one frowny face in the audience, and then you immediately go to him. Don’t look at the frowny faces.”

I love that so much.

Yeah, I always love you and care for you. There was another tip. She has a company called BEAM Minerals. She said that before she does a speaking gig, she talks to four people from the four corners of the audience. If it’s a very large audience and she makes friends with them, then she’s got friends in the audience.

I love it so much. I love the don’t look at the frowny face. That’s really good, and I agree with that. But think about this. We live in an economy of attention. Wherever you give your attention, you’re giving energy. Choose your attention wisely. So, don’t give it to the frowny face. Don’t give it to the haters. Give it to where you want to grow and fertilize your garden.

I love it. Beautiful.

Yeah. When I get home, Richard is a safe space for me, and I tuck into his shoulder right here, and I melt because it is an enormous amount of energy to hold and serve. So, it does take some time to recover. 

It’s beautiful. You’re a magnificent creature. 

Thank you for being on this planet.

Give your body full expression and expansion to give your soul a louder voice.

Thank you. 

Thank you for coming and hanging out with me, girl.

My husband is that for me, too. He’s the one I will lean on. One thing that came to mind is that when I serve, it’s almost like the same lesson again and again. “Don’t do it yourself. Surrender. Allow God, the angel creation, to flow through you and do the work for you.” Because if I’m put on this earth to serve, then I got back up, right? I got my ancestors, I got my angels, I got my guides, and I got God.

I got everybody to push me forward with that, so that came to mind, too. I want to be respectful of your time. There is so much more to talk to you about. I have many more questions, but three more minutes. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life? And where can people find you?

You can find me on Instagram at Sheila Kelley and S Factor. You can also find me at sfactor.com

I dance every day—number one. Dance every friggin day. Put on essential oils or scents. Fill your body with pleasure, too, whether it’s an aroma you put on. I love the spruce essential oils, and I love to put them on. It just lights me up. The last thing is intentionally allowing your radiant energy and smile out as love—intentionally pierce people with love.

I love that. I’m trying to do that. I can pierce you. I’m doing it to you like this; it’s supposed to do hearts. Here we go.

The feminine genius is your unique feminine rhythm, starting with the pleasure of your breath. Share on X

That is so cool.

Amazing. Thank you, Sheila. I really appreciate you. I’m so grateful for you, and I love you very much.

It was my honor to be with you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, listeners. Remember to dance every day, fill your body with pleasure, intentionally allow your radiance to shine and pierce people with your gaze and love, and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Dance every day and move your body. Set a recurring alarm or notification on your phone to dance for at least 15 glorious minutes per day.

{✓}Fill your body with pleasure through aromas, essential oils, or anything that lights you up. This is your green light to get deliciously sensual and indulgent. 

{✓}Intentionally allow your radiant energy and smile to shine as love. Start your day by gazing into the mirror, smiling at your gorgeous self, and setting an intention to glow like the supernova you are.

{✓}Start with the pleasure of your breath to connect with your feminine rhythm. Get in touch with how the oxygen caresses your body from the inside out.

{✓}Express pleasure and expand your self-expression through movement. When you hear a song that makes you want to move, don’t censor yourself – let that feminine energy flow! 

{✓}Listen to your body’s wisdom and let it guide you. Your body is your primal home, a sacred vessel carrying the seeds of your deepest feminine knowing.

{✓}Embrace the curves, sensuality, and emotional flow of your feminine body. Stop measuring yourself against photoshopped fantasies and start reveling in your embodied, sensual power.

Release blockages and tensions through movements. Wherever you feel gripped, move that area with oozing flow. 

{✓}Trust that your soul is present in your body; integrate them. Let your intuitive movement flow from that soul-body connection without the mind’s judgments getting in the way.

{✓}Connect with the radiant Sheila Kelley by visiting her website, sfactor.com, and following her on Instagram.

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