Episode 15 | May 31, 2016

Celebrities’ Best Kept Beauty Secrets with Dr. Matea Polisoto

A Personal Note from Orion

Life is full of ups and downs, and Loren Slocum has written  so many books on this subject, that she is just the ultimate expert on mastering life’s complexities and living a life full  of love, happiness, and courage.  She has the formula for you to get what you want, to unleash your inner magic, and most importantly, to spread that magic and joy to others. 

My talk with her really cemented how important some daily details can be in reminding ourselves of who we are, and our  values.  Things like sticking to your morning ritual, or putting  on makeup as a sign of femininity, really impact how you carry yourself for the rest of the day.  It’s eye opening once you pay attention! 



About Today’s Show

‏‏Hi, and welcome to Stellar Life podcast. Today, I’m going to be talking with a doctor who is the best-kept secret in Hollywood. Her private clients are the biggest icons in the music business and entertainment industry today. She is the one they call after rocking huge stadiums and she helps them with peak performance. Dr. Matea has a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry. She has worked with many thought leaders in holistic medicine including Doris Rapp, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and Robert Young. In addition to her background in science and medicine, Dr. Matea has studied spiritual and emotional healing methods. She is a gifted intuitive healer, vocalist, and musician. Dr. Matea is also the founder of Aroma Divina, a line of high quality essential oils. Today, she’s going to share with us health and beauty secrets of the rich and famous. Dr. Matea, welcome to the show!

‏‏Welcome! Thank you so much for having me. It’s really an honor to share with you. I’m so happy to be with you!

‏‏You know, your biography was a challenge for me because you’ve done so many things in your life and you are so versatile in everything that you’re doing. You’re so extraordinary, I can’t wait! Listeners, this is going to be one of the most amazing Stellar Life episodes ever because this woman is extraordinary.

‏‏Oh, you’re so kind! You’re so sweet, thank you so much. I better step up and I better deliver.

‏‏You will. I mean, you don’t need to step up-you’re already up there.

‏‏Well, I’m so glad that you actually got to get a treatment from me so that you can get a taste of what I do.

‏‏Yeah, it was awesome! We’ll talk about it later but before we start, what made you become a doctor?

‏‏Well, my aunt’s best friend became a famous holistic M.D. and she became a New York Times best-selling author and is really considered a legend and a pioneer in holistic medicine. She paved the way for a lot of doctors. I grew up with her. I didn’t really know-in school, I just decided to become a Chem major and was kind of like, “Okay, I’ll be pre-med.” However, after working with her, I just didn’t couldn’t do conventional medicine. I didn’t want to write prescriptions after seeing what nutrition and homeopathy could do for people. Then, I was a singer and I wanted to just take some time off. I’m young, I wanted to just travel, sing, and perform, but then when I found out about naturopathic medicine where it combines both-you learn the same way you learn western medicine so we learned how to give prescriptions, diagnose, run labs, and all those things but we also learned all these natural healing methods: we learned herbs, we learned chiropractic, homeopathic, body treatments-in fact I do lymphatic treatments, cranial sacral, aromatherapy, and all these beautiful therapies. I was like, “That’s for me!”, and I felt ready at that point. When I was younger, I went to college before I graduated high school in a special honors program and I was so young I just didn’t feel like ready to take on that responsibility of being a doctor. I think of it as a calling because school is really tough, it’s really expensive, and it’s really stressful. A lot of people just don’t make it and for a lot of people, it’s very difficult to be a doctor and to practice, especially private practice, and we don’t necessarily have jobs out there. We have to pave our own way so you really have to be a trailblazer. It takes a lot of dedication and courage and I feel like it was a calling like I was just called into it but I also felt like it was really beautiful-the blessing of getting to work with world thought leaders and from knowing this doctor, traveling with her, representing her foundation, and learning from so many great people. It was like synchronicity and it was meant to be.

We have to pave our own way so you really have to be a trailblazer. It takes a lot of dedication and courage. Share on X

‏‏Right, and what was your experience like working with Dr. Joseph Mercola or Robert Young?

‏‏All the doctors that I worked with was fantastic. It was an amazing experience. I got so much chance to grow and to share what I knew and to synergize our knowledge together and help people. I love Dr. Mercola because he’s just so genuine and sincere about wanting to help as many people as possible and teach. He has this enthusiasm and he is so open-minded. I started off with him when he was just getting into holistic medicine and so, he was just learning and trying new things. We’re building from the ground floor up and that’s what’s really great about him-being open-minded and just letting others flourish and just giving me the tools and to say, “Here, do what you can do!” He would give me the difficult patients in his practice who weren’t responding and he’s like, “Here, try this with them, try this.” and people would get better. However, the core of it was always nutrition. The core of what I do is-I have my favorite tool-but it’s always nutrition. No matter who you are, what age, how old, what job you do, everyone needs to learn how to eat better, eat well, eat for vitality, and eat for longevity so that’s always been a core for me. It’s teaching people where to eat, how to eat, how to cook, how to prepare, and what’s important. That was a huge part of working there and I grew a lot. It was a great. It was funny because I moved to Chicago to sing-for my singing career and I was in a band-and I just only met him because I was at a conference and I used to represent Dr. Rapp and her foundation and he goes, “What’s it like to work for her?” Everyone admired her. I said, “Oh, I don’t anymore. I’m here, I’m in Chicago!” He said, “What are you doing?” I’m like, “I sing!” He was like, “Oh my God, you have all this experience, you need to come work for me!” Medicine always pulled me in and music was just a part-time thing, which was great. That was my dad, he was the musician-my parents were musicians. They had day jobs and they played at night and so, it was just a beautiful family life using music and so, I always did that part-time but now, I’m happy because I could combine the two together and use it for good and for healing instead of entertaining people, which is beautiful. I got to use my voice to heal people, which is really an amazing thing that I just continue to grow, expand, and experiment with.

‏‏Yeah, and you also work with the biggest musicians in world. They call you when there’s an emergency. They call you at 2 AM or 4 AM., whenever they need your help so they can go out there to sing and cater to the world. How is that like? What is that like?

‏‏It’s such an honor. I mean, last night, I think I finished seeing patients like ten after midnight and I was so pumped, I couldn’t sleep, and I was so excited because I was helping someone who’s just releasing a new project and they’re having all these appearances they have to do and I was really focusing and I was really working on how to make them look absolutely red-carpet like they have to look electric, glowing, and vibrant. Sometimes, I have trouble sleeping because I’m so excited and I had no one else to talk to. I have the best job in the planet-that’s all I can say. When I drive home, I’m like, “I love my job! I have the best job on the planet!”

‏‏Wow! You’re not allowed to mention any of their names, right?

‏‏No, I think we shouldn’t go there but I mean, I tell people like, “Okay, I’m backstage at the Grammy’s.” You know, I helped her at awards shows. I think it’s better not to.

‏‏Right. So, just to give an idea of the type of people she works with, it’s the level of Michael Jackson or Prince. They were really huge icons. That’s pretty special. It’s pretty special especially because not too many doctors can even make it. I mean, why do they call you?

‏‏I was just thinking about that because I think the most important thing for a doctor is to be humble. Actually, I think about doctors being a servant and that’s how I really feel. If you saw me, people think I’m the nurse because I’ll be giving an I.V. and I’ll rub their feet and I might need to have to draw their blood and run this to the hospital. I go to hospital and they’ll be like, “Sign in,” and I’m like, “No, I’m a doctor!” but they’ll say, “No, you’re not!” because I wear sweats and I have my hair in a ponytail or something. I don’t like to just go on that I’m special. I look at it as just having an amazing assignment. I was given a great assignment and I have great mentors and one thing is that, I’m really dedicated, I work really hard, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes-waiting, staying up late, traveling, and doing whatever it takes. I think it is a kick. I can’t get over it because I remember I was 16 when MTV first came out and all the first videos of all the big stars and they came out and sometimes I’m just kind of like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe that!” Actually, some of them, I sing to them to help them. I do sound healing for them and I do therapies to help them sleep and that really cracks me up. I just laugh so much like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m singing!”

The most important thing for a doctor is to be humble.

‏‏You’re singing to them?

‏‏Yes! They just sold a hundred million records and I’m singing to them! It’s just really funny.

‏‏Why is that?

‏‏Why is it funny?

‏‏No, why do you sing for them?

‏‏Oh, I say the two biggest things that I help with are having more energy and sleeping. Those are the two biggest problems for anyone who has a really demanding career. I treat CEO’s of companies and busy executives but in the entertainment industry, if you’ve been performing and you had 80,000 people screaming at you, it’s very high energy, high adrenaline, and it’s hard to calm the nervous system down. If you don’t sleep, you can’t repair your tissues. You don’t go to REM sleep, you don’t relax, and digestion is compromised. It’s so, so important so I went through trying everything I could. When I do some healing, I play crystal singing bowls and I do what’s called vocal toning. I learned how to do different energy healing like Reiki and things like that so when someone is laying down to get a drip or sitting there-not everyone does this, some people just text and they’re doing work-but I want them to take advantage of my healing tools. My biggest focus is trying to get them to relax. Most people are in too much of sympathetic overdrive-we have two parts to our nervous system. We have the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. People don’t think about this. Parasympathetic is digest and rest so when you rest, you don’t digest and if you don’t digest, you have no energy. It’s a vicious cycle. The first thing I need to do with people is, one, help them have energy in a healthy way. If you’re working more than eight hours a day or ten hours a day, it’s incredible how much people work in the entertainment industry-10, 12, 14, 20-hour days and up all night sometimes to do a video shoot or if we have deadlines and things like that, there are crews, there are budgets, but when you work long hours, people use coffee and sugar to amp up, and they use wine and pot to amp down, and that can escalate to worse things. At first, it’s insidious. These substances are addictive so they start with one cup of coffee and then a year later, they’re doing four. There are people who are doing pots of coffee in a day and they don’t realize that this is like using a credit card at 20% interest-it’s going to catch up with you and you’re going to pay for that because you become acidic and then you have more pain and inflammation. The first thing I do is teach people my tools and tips, my tricks, to how to have more energy in a healthy way and then, we need to amp you down and sleep without using drugs so I use herbs for that, the nutraceuticals, and then, the sound healing. Some people say, “Well, I don’t want to take pills!” and I’m like, “They’re vitamins.” However, they may feel that way and I’m like, “That’s crazy!” It’s because vitamins and nutrients are the currency of health to have health energy. When people buy a supplement and say, “Well, I don’t want to take these pills,” that’s like saying you don’t want to cash your paycheck. This is your fuel. This is your energy. Most people are chronically deficient. The sound healing-sometimes, nothing works when people don’t sleep and even me, I get excited when I’m working on a project and I just never get tired sometimes. I’m writing, I’m doing things, and it will be like, 1, 2, 3, 4…

‏‏You’re like the Energizer bunny.

‏‏Yeah, exactly! I think what I was blessed with is my mentor. She was living her purpose and she knew her purpose from age five and that’s one of the gifts for me-it’s to be around people who are the top in their field and they’re living their Dharma, their mission, their purpose, and they knew what it was. People like that operate on a different level. They think differently and they have different disciplines and lifestyles. They don’t waste time and they don’t dwell on negative people and negative things normally. They have a certain perspective on life. Being in their aura and in their energy field is inspiring and I’m inspired by who I help. I help them serve in a better capacity because if you overdo and you are overworking and you’re using all these things like coffee, sugar, and wine, when you hit the wall, you hit it hard. A lot of people cannot afford downtime. When you’re doing a world tour, when you’re filming, there’s a budget, and you’re filming 18 hours a day or something, or you’re doing live TV, you can’t afford to hit the wall and be sick for days on end.


‏‏That’s the first thing. The sound healing helps calm the nervous system. It helps quiet the brain. I’m a meditator but that took me a lot of time and dedication. Some people aren’t able to dedicate that much time so I’m trying to find a way calm them down. What’s hysterical is sometimes, we’re multitasking. Some people like their treatment at home when nothing else is going on. For some people, it calms them so here I am backstage and there’s hair, nails, makeup, lights-everyone has a different limit and I’m there in the midst of giving a needle and pumping vitamin into them and hydration. It’s really funny thing to watch!

‏‏Let’s talk about the pumping the vitamin IV. What is that all about?

‏‏Well, most people are chronically deficient and it’s something doctors don’t look at. You have, what I say is, what you output on a daily basis. Like you, for example, what do you expect yourself to do? You want yourself to work-out, you’re building a business, you’re connecting, how much people do you know-Western culture is very much doing, doing, doing and being busy. We’re proud of being busy and the more overextended and busy you are, everyone loves that and you’re important. However, for most people, the output of energy that they want themselves to do on a daily basis, the nutrition never is equal.


‏‏You’re always running at a deficit. I tell people that they have a health bank account. There are two types of people: the suspenders and the savers. You know who they are. You know the people like, when the financials just hit, I had patients who are, “Oh, we saw it coming. We diversify, we plan, we budge, and we’re fine!” and then there are other people who, Oh my God, have huge mansions or beautiful cars and they have no cash in their bank account. Who’s calmer? Who’s agitated? When the body doesn’t know where it’s going to get its energy from, the body is really in a state of agitation so it’s constantly trying to calm down and looking for scraps of food fuel. Taking a supplement is a good thing but it’s like, let’s say, you are broke and your bills are $10,000 a month-your rent, your insurance, or whatever-and all of a sudden, you lost your job and you have no cash flow and I said, “Oh, Orion, I can give you a dollar a day. Will that help you?’ You’ll be like, “Thanks, Matea.” That’s like the thing with a piggy bank. If you have a child and he wants to buy a car when he’s 16 or let’s say, a 12-year-old wants to buy a car when he’s 16. He says, “Dad, I’m going to put a quarter in my piggy bank!” Would you tell him not to? You wouldn’t discourage him but you’ll tell him that it’s going to take him a while to get there so a supplement, to me, would be like putting $25 in your bank account. It takes about one to two months for people to really feel the effect of being on a supplement regime and you have to be disciplined with it. Some things are best taken divided by three times a day. How many people do you know can take their supplement and they’re religiously taking it three times a day? Day after day after day? For a month? For two months?

‏‏No, I do not know anyone.

‏‏You travel, you forget You eat out at night instead of eating at home. Taking a vitamin shot in the muscle is like putting a $1,000 in your bank account. You’ll get instant energy from that. Doing an IV is like putting $10,000 in your bank account. You can get some real fuel from that.

‏‏We met a few days ago-was it like four or five days ago?


‏‏And we met a friend of ours and you gave me that IV. My first vitamin IV ever! Is there a name for it?

‏‏Well, I have six main different IV’s that I give. People will just say “I’m getting a vitamin IV drip,” but there are different purposes. The Myers Cocktail is vitamins. There are different formulas but it was named after an M.D. and ironically enough, that people think that we’re so off-the-wall being holistic but it was an M.D from Stanford. He started giving them to people, really feeling that deficiencies had something to do with illness, and started getting great healing happening from migraines and all sorts of problems. We give vitamins so right away, we’re giving vitamins, and all of them are water-soluble. It’s safe because you’ll just urine out what you don’t need but it’s going to immediately give you what you need. When you take a supplement, only a certain percentage of it is absorbed so it depends on your digestion too. It has to go through the digestive tract and get processed by the liver. First, we’re getting vitamins then I’m giving substances that detoxifies the body, especially the liver. Liver congestion leads to many, many health problems. It causes irritability; you start getting brown spots or red bumps like cherry, human genomes on the body; the irises of your eyes will not look white and clear. There are different symptoms but medicines like the diagnostic tests that doctors do for a checkup, they don’t pick up congestion or sluggishness. They only find things once there’s a real, severe disease and it’s kind of like heart disease. It’s silent and by the time, people have chest pain, they might have 80% blockage in their artery. We detoxify the liver. It helps the skin a lot. One of the reasons I get called is to help people. I get the funniest calls-oh my God, at 10PM, I’m driving down PCH, “Can you come right away?” I’m like, “Sure, okay!” and I’m thinking, “Okay, maybe they’re sick or they’re strung out, they have a cold, or something bad,” and they’re like, “Look at this zit!” I really had to bite my lip and I was like, “Oh my God!” but if you’re flying to your photo shoot and you’re going to be on the cover of magazines, okay, I guess, that’s a crisis. It’s funny but yeah, these are the things I deal with some other issues. I get a lot of calls to help them with their skin and one of the IV’s I gave you repairs the cell membrane and it helps the skin glow. I have multiple people who give me feedback like that. Before they go on television, they will have me give them that particular treatment because they want to look as radiant as possible before they’re on camera. So, what did I give you? I gave you-yeah, glutathione is really good for the liver. We give the Myers cocktail. I think I’m a little bit different in my protocols and I customize per person. The big thing we do is, I hydrate people, and I alkalinize people so I give alkaline buffers and hydration to the body as well because the biggest problem people have is hydration, acidity, and deficiency. Those are the three things that I first start working on with people. All those involve changing habits, which are difficult, take time, and take education. First thing I want to do right away is, hydrate people, get them energy, and then we’re going to educate what can you do in between this kind of treatment to keep yourself in top shape.

‏‏Right. What is adrenal fatigue?

‏‏Adrenal fatigue-well, your adrenal glands sit on your kidneys and they secrete cortisol, which is your fuel. When you overwork, there’s different phases of exhaustion. You can be pumping out too high of cortisol and that will lead to you building belly fat and difficulty getting rid of belly fat. So many entrepreneurs I treat, they will say that up to their first year of starting a business, they all have a couple and little extra half inch or inch on their belly.

‏‏Me too!

‏‏Yeah, don’t you notice that?

‏‏Oh my God, yeah! My body looks like completely different. Since I’m working so hard on my business and just spending hours in front of the computer, it’s different, for sure. I think my adrenals are not at peak performance right now.

‏‏Yeah, exactly. I treat a lot of athletes. I’ve treated professional athletes and people who are pro-ball players, triathlon runners, and marathon runners. I do a conventional testing on people-your blood chemistry, cholesterol, thyroid, and all those checks but the first thing I do is, there’s also it’s called functional testing, really there’s a bunch of exciting new tests that we can run to see if your body’s in optimal shape. The first thing I like to do is have people do the adrenal stress test. It’s a saliva test, it’s very easy to do, but we check for samples during the day. We want to see what your body is putting out. If you’ve been exhausted for a while, you can be too low, and what time of day you’re low tells us something too-when you’re low in the afternoon, that’s thyroid usually; when you’re low in the morning, that’s usually cortisol. Sometimes, people are flipped-it should be highest in the morning and then, gradually, slow down, but some people are high in the evening and that’s when they have insomnia problems. It’s a really good test to run because if we can get cortisol balanced. One of the things I do is put people on herbs because of a lot of holistic doctors there. I find that I’m fulfilling the model that a lot of them follow. You go to them, they listen to you, and then just give you what supplements to take-and people go home mad. They’re like, “Oh my God! I paid $300 for a visit and they only give me $300 or $500 worth of supplements. I could have just gone to Whole Foods!” That doesn’t really give dramatic impact and change to people right away so I focus on just the most impactful tools, which you can start right away. It’s how to have more energy like on your own if you can these IV’s. First off, you have to start doing green juice. One to three per day-more, if you’re doing a really intense project. You start off the day with green juice and then, you learn how do you sea salt. The other thing that I do that’s different is, I spend a lot of time with people because I give the IV’s myself. Sometimes, doctors pass that off to a nurse or they don’t see people that much. I spend time with people so I can teach them. I live it, I bring it to them, I show them what to do. It sounds like a simple thing but in California-here-everyone is drinking green juice. I’m making a list of all the places you can buy it and it’s like three pages long. I also teach people how to think differently. I want to give paradigm shifts so the first thing is to understand that your body runs on electricity-not sugar. Let me say this again: If you want energy, the body runs on electricity and not sugar. The best way to connect with electricity is through salt water. I teach people how to use greens and energy to have energy. If you had a slump during the day, most people are going to want to reach for a candy or they’re going to have coffee with sugar in it, which is, to me, is like poison. I never drink coffee. If I drink coffee, I feel like I’m having a seizure. If I ever want to feel in with the crowd, I’ll have a decaf or I just go have steamed milk or steamed soy, almond milk, or some type of drink like that, but coffee, to me, would be like I’m out of cash so I’m just going to a loan shark and borrow a $1,000 and pay 40% interest. It just doesn’t make any sense to me to drink coffee. I don’t care if it’s Bulletproof. I don’t care what you’re doing with it. The acid that it’s going to produce is going to make you sore. It causes soreness. It’s the worst feeling to wake up and feel achy and pain.

‏‏What about pre-workouts that contain…?

‏‏It’s horrible! I always have this fight with the celebrity trainers, especially with these big studios. I work with a star doing a film and I get them off coffee. I was an athlete growing up-two hours in swim team, tennis team, and dancing. I would work up to six hours a day and I never ever used caffeine. To me, I love working with athletes because they feel the things that we asked them to do. If you wake up and you have a green juice and some sea salt in it-I teach people how to B shots-and you do a B shot, then you work-out, and you drink salt water while you working out, you are going to have so much better performance and you’re not going to be sore. I’ve had patients who got off caffeine and they did everything I said, and then when they’re off of their project, they’re back home, and back to normal routine. One time, my other patient just came and looked at me, kind of confession-like, she goes, “I’m back on coffee!” I asked, “Why?” She said, “Somebody gave me that cute, little espresso.” I said, “Who cares? Put in the trash!” I was just quiet and…

‏‏It’s addictive! Actually, it fires the same centers in the brain as cocaine or…

‏‏Yes! I mean, I was actually going to prepare-I was like, “Let me do a blog on why not to do coffee. Like, the 10 reasons.” I can do a hundred reasons but the number one is, it’s an addictive substance. I want to be a master. I wanted to be master of my biology-my body. When I go workout in the morning, you’re like, “Okay, what’s happening there? Okay, my shoulders are tight and when I do extra stretching, my hamstrings are tight, I got to stretch those.” You’re scanning your body and planning what your workout should be, what you need to emphasize, what’s more vulnerable that day, and how much energy you have. You push with your mind. Some of the performers that I see who have the longest longevity are the most disciplined people and the healthiest. They don’t allow themselves to have bad habits. Some people do those things. One patient I saw was like, “Oh!” She was like, “Well, that’s just what we did.” That’s just what people do. They go, have a bagel and a coffee. I always experiment on myself. They were telling this patient to take one of the-I wish I could name it, I’m not going to make it-but it was an energy drink before you workout. It’s popular and you see at GNC with all the workout supplements. I said, “Let me try it,” because I was running at the time and I was training two hours a day at the gym. I took it. I drew my blood and it tripled my liver enzymes. I had a heart attack. One of my patients who died of liver cancer and who became an alcoholic, his liver enzymes were so high and it tripled my liver enzymes.


‏‏Another interesting fact is, when all these functional medicine testing came out, they came out with a test called the liver function test to see. When doctors run a blood chemistry on you, liver enzymes are what they run-AST and ALT. Like I said, you can be unhealthy long before those will show so they came up with the test to check liver function because there’s two phases of things that go on. The liver is so important because all the toxin in the body just can’t get out of the body. It’s like, if you want to go to Mexico, you just can’t drive through the desert. You have to go through customs and you have to go through the link to get processed, right? So, in your liver, there’s a process. There is methylation and glucuronidation. The toxins have to get processed. What they did was, they said, “Well, we’re going to test your liver by giving them caffeine, test their pee, and see how long it takes for it to come out of the body. The person then drinks, eats fried food, and sugar, his liver can it be sick, it will take them longer to process that caffeine. Caffeine is like a liver toxin. I know this is not going to be-I’m not going to be remembered as a popular doctor but I don’t understand the purpose of using caffeine before workouts to charge yourself up. You’re just not being aware of the downside of it-that it’s stressing the liver with the acidity level. When this actor said to me, “I’m on coffee again,” I don’t chastise the people, I just said, “I have one question: Do you have more pain?”


‏‏And when you’re training…

‏‏You get really sore.

‏‏You get really sore! I can’t stand that! I like to feel good every day. When you wake up…

‏‏If I train too hard, I get grumpy.

‏‏You get grouchy. Oh my God! It makes you irritable. But I’m saying, that’s what’s so amazing-when I put, especially runners, and I put them on alkaline salts and greens, they’re just like, “My times are better.” They’re really pumped. When I put people who lift weights, I put them on B shots in my program. They call me and they are like, “Oh my God, I can do stuff I couldn’t do before in the gym.”


‏‏I hear that so much. “I could do stuff I couldn’t do before” It’s the best feeling of feeling flow, feeling like-you don’t need inflammation. You don’t need to make inflammation because you work your muscle so hard, the last thing you want to do is put more in through your mouth. The biggest sadness that football players make or even other athletes is they think they can eat whatever they want because they burn a lot of calories. That’s terrible because you eat a burger, fries, and a Coke, you’re going to make like, glue your connective tissues and your IT bands. I do body work on people and I know exactly what they’ve eaten when I touch them. I ask them, “What did you do this weekend? Did you have some fried chicken? That’s crazy!” I really, really harp on people to eat healthy. If you want to be a master of your body and you want to be the best, you have to put the purest substance in there. With hydration, you watch your Ph. The more alkaline you’re going to be, the less inflammation.

‏‏Does that mean not eating meat as well?

‏‏Well, that’s a tough one. I don’t eat meat. I just never liked it. Since age 16, when I moved out of my parents’ house, I was like, “I’m not eating meat. Period.” But I find that and what I’ve learned in the 30 years that I’ve been into nutritional coaching is that, biochemical individuality. There’s really no one path for everybody so when people come to see me, like I said, the first thing I’m focused on is, for food is quality. The most important thing is, how long has it been since your food saw the ground when you’re eating vegetables. We’re so blessed here in California. I go to the farmer’s market and I get food that was just picked yesterday or sometimes, even that morning. The vitality, if you want vitality on your body, you have to eat food that has vitality. I try to focus on what I want people to add first instead of giving the long list, instead of chastising them on what not to eat but I have vegan athletes, vegetarian athletes, pescetarian athletes, and sometimes, I’ll have men who work out, have good muscle mass, and they try to be vegetarian. They come to me and they’re just like, “I’m starving! I’m starving!” I feed them. I give them a meal. We eat a vegan meal, we’re talking, an hour later, they go, “I’m hungry!” You know some person like that?You’ve got cultural issues, you have pleasure. I mean, I don’t find it pleasurable but if I put someone on some really intense protocol that doesn’t have pleasure into it, how long can they stick to it? There’s so many factors that come in to it but the problem is, the trend that we’re in now in nutrition is to vilify carbs and overdo protein. The problem with overdoing protein is that you become constipated, you become more acidic, and it’s hard on the kidneys. Your kidney “Jing” in Chinese medicine, that’s your life force. Your vitality. These are the issues that I watch for and so, again, I have this conversation of quality. If you’re going to eat meat, you eat the highest quality and the best you can find. Eat ROSIE chicken if you’re going to eat chicken. It’s at Whole Foods and it’s the best quality. The chickens run around, they’re grass-fed that’s organic. You can taste the difference in the chicken. If you’re going to eat meat, you want to eat grass-fed meats. No ground beef-you don’t know where it came from or from how many animals. Go get a quality steak.


‏‏I really harp on that. The problem is like, portion control. You don’t need to eat so much portion but I use a lot of digestive enzymes of meat-eaters because what I tell people is, whatever went down your throat should’ve been liquid. It’s very hard to liquefy a steak. Most people eat too fast because their adrenaline pumped up or they’re not eating with habits, you should be sitting down, present, chewing 50 times, etc, etc, but who does that?

‏‏Mm-hmm. Not me!

‏‏Yeah, I hope nobody does! I have a whole new digestion program, which is like digestive enzymes-hydros digestive enzymes-because I’ve also had men who can’t gain weight, which is a pro problem when they want to build muscle mass. We put them on hydros digestive enzymes and they can actually gain weight so it’s not just what you eat, it’s how you are digesting it and assimilating it. I like using whey protein even though I’ve been on different phases like vegan sometimes. My nature is just to be vegan but I listen to people and try to solve the problems. I’m not like the dictator that loves the doctor, I’m the expert, and I know everything. I’m about what works, about getting results per person, and so I have guys who tell me like they tried vegan protein but when they’re mass-lifting, they don’t feel as…


‏‏Yeah, with soy whey. So, then, like I said, I found the best way. I don’t if you saw that post I’ve put about this organic-and they’re like, “Oh, we can’t be organic!” but I try to find the best farm-wherever they care about quality, how they’re processing it, and the big things like the fillers, flavors, and things like that.

‏‏What do you think about protein powders?

‏‏Well, for years, I didn’t do them. I was obsessed with freshness. When I became a raw foodist-I’m telling you-when you do it right, there’s a lot of vegetarians that becomes starchaholics. They’re having rice, beans, pizza, and cheese. I did that when I was a teenager. Then, I realized that-the biggest gift I got from Dr. Young is looking at blood under the microscope and seeing an anemic-looking blood that most people have that don’t eat green vegetables and how amazing the body looks on the inside and the outside when you add a lot of greens. Nobody but nobody eats enough greens so when I assess someone’s health and I’m looking at-you can see it. If someone drinks-you should try it-just three green juices a day, all green with no fruit, for three days, you’ll start to see a rosy glow in your cheeks that just looks like vitality.

If someone drinks-you should try it-just three green juices a day, all green with no fruit, for three days, you’ll start to see a rosy glow in your cheeks that just looks like vitality. Share on X

‏‏What do you think about a juice cleanse? Because I did a cleanse of organic, green but I did add fruit to it for 11 days, I felt amazing but I couldn’t sustain it.

‏‏Yeah, you can’t sustain it. I mean, amazingly, Dr. Young taught me because he has in his pH Miracle Book is the 10-Day Liquid Feast, I don’t like to do just cleansing unless I’m on a retreat, doing yoga, and I don’t have to work. I don’t like that because you don’t have the energy you need to really function on a busy schedule.


‏‏And it’s not necessary. I do a lot of cleansing diet. Some people come to me like, “I want to fast. I want to juice cleanse!” and I look at their life and I’m like, “Okay, I understand. Your ultimate goal is to look beautiful. You have an acting career. You smell toxic and you feel toxic and you want to get clean.” You can do that much better with a cleansing diet or a liquid feast. What he has is, you add green smoothies and green soups to it. I love that. I did 21 days of all-green liquids, which I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t actually means that much weight but your body just feels-and it’s easy because if you’re a person who’s working a lot, you don’t want to sit and take time. One of the joys of cleansing to me is not having to cook, shop, and spend time figuring out what you’re going to eat. It’s a bonus! But you get weak and tired, you get catabolic, and you start breaking down.

‏‏Yeah, I know. I lost muscle mass.

‏‏Yeah, you’ll lose some mass.

‏‏And I gained my weight. I lost about 10 pounds and then I gained them in the next couple of months.

‏‏You’ll gain it back.


‏‏It’s good if you had a binge, you’re on vacation, and just went for broke drinking, eating, and partying and you got some acne. It’s good like that but I think there are better ways to do it. Anyway, my point was, when I did raw food, raw food is, if they do it right and have tons of greens, their skin looks amazing and their eyes glow. Since I do a lot of food preparation, I’m a chef and I love to cook for people, I’m Italian, and feed them. I bring my client’s food. I’m always obsessed with, “Where is the most delicious food I can find for people?” and it’s the farmer’s market. I’m obsessed with freshness so for a while, I was like, people buy this big tubs of protein and when I started formulating products, I was like, “How long has that been since they ground up that protein?” It feels like a nut party with nuts, almond powder, or pea powder so how old is it? I didn’t do any protein powders for years but I just ate fresh food.


‏‏But I do think that when I wanted to work on training more-when I started really weight-lifting again, I noticed that if I added some more protein to my meals, I was very satiated and it’s harder to build muscle mass when you don’t get protein and when you have a busy lifestyle so I like protein powders now but I’m picky. I just keep trying one after another and after another since it’s my work but I can’t stand when someone uses Stevia-that tastes horrible. You have to have quality. You really the most for this to read labels.


‏‏First thing I do is, there are times they are adding fillers to make it creamy.


‏‏First thing is, is it organic-the protein source? Because sometimes, you can go to a health food store, they look like a great package and they look holistic, but then bottom line, it’s not organic.


‏‏I read a study in 1986 or 1988 when I was in college and it was about how organic food has more nutrient levels and I was like, “Oh, okay, let me level on it. Of course, I’m sure, it will have a little more at 30%,” I’ve looked up in those charts and I saw 300% more calcium, 400% more magnesium an organic broccoli versus non-organic. From that moment on, I decided to go organic and that’s it. To me, how can you not afford not to? That would be like saying, you can buy this gas, and it’s going to get you fifteen more you know for tank or something-heck, yeah, I would do that! I’m going to save money like if you want energy.

‏‏Yeah, it’s either you pay now or you pay later, unfortunately.

‏‏Yeah. It’s so funny when I see skeptical people who don’t want to buy organic. I’m like, “Yeah, sure, there’s some shysters and sometimes, you’re fully buying organic and it’s not, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep trying to get the best.


‏‏Just because there’s a couple rip-off artists who are out there. Anybody who has any sense, you can taste the difference. When people come over and I fed them-I had a friend come over and she’s like, “That’s the best salad I’ve ever had!” so I tell her, “That’s picked yesterday!” You can’t tell me you can’t taste the difference!

‏‏Yeah, it’s fresh and crunchy!


‏‏Can you share a juice recipe with us?

‏‏Yes! My favorite juice, when I go to the farmers market on Saturday, I get lacinato kale, not the curly kale. Lacinato is also called dinosaur kale. I juice a whole bunch of that and it makes about one cup of that deep, dark liquid. That is the elixir of life. That is going to give the glowing, rosy skin. It will cleanse your liver. It will detoxify your intestines. It’s the elixir of life. It doesn’t taste good by itself so we add things to it-I add celery. My formula is, a whole head of lacinato kale, a whole head of celery-organic, of course, everything. The celery has great salts for the body and then…

‏‏And it boosts testosterone.

‏‏Yes. I don’t know. I think it takes a lot more than that. I add 3-4 cucumbers. That’s my base juice. Sometimes, I alternate the kale with chard-a really beautiful rainbow chard or chard from the farmers market. I use that or I use spinach. The thing is, the kale’s bitter but if you add 3-4 cucumbers, it tastes like cucumber juice. It’s really, really good. That’s my base. If I, like ladies retain water so if I feel like I’m retaining water, I’ll add parsley because that’s a diuretic. I also like the flavor of cilantro so sometimes, I add cilantro, and it’s also believed to help the body get rid of heavy metals. If I get cold in the winter, I’ll put ginger in it. If I feel like a little bit of lemon, I add lemon. That’s my staple. If I have somebody who’s really wimpy about having their greens-they’re whining and they don’t like the taste, I’ll have them use spinach instead of kale because it tastes better. I have no use for romaine in juice. I don’t know why they’re adding it. I think it tastes horrid because I’m always buying green juice and I’m always on about different towns and I pop in to different health food stores to get juice. I look at them and I’m just like, “Oh, who had an idea to put romaine in there?” It’s not even a dark, leafy, green. It’s fine if it’s chewing for salad but get it out of my green juice. I don’t use apples, carrots, or beets because they’re sugar. Like I said, we’re going to go for a run, Friday-we’re going, you can try this: have a green juice an hour before and put some sea salt in it, you’re going to have a much better run. Forget your coffee and no apples, carrots, and beets. Also, the coolest thing when I was trying out this as an experiment, and one time I’ll go shopping, I love Target-I’ll be out there for hours buying trinkets, stuff, and whatever junk, and if you get low blood sugar, you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I don’t have food and I can’t eat here.” There’s nothing acceptable that’s not toxic for my body when I’m out and about because I don’t eat fast food so I said, “What am I going to do?” Because when you have that blood sugar, and I said, “Okay, I’m dancing with this paradigm that I’m learning that the body doesn’t run on sugar, it runs on electricity,”

Have a green juice an hour before and put some sea salt in it, you’re going to have a much better run. Forget your coffee and no apples, carrots, and beets.


‏‏And I just lick-I have people who have either like a liquid salt that you spray on your mouth or you have sea salt that you just lick with your tongue.


‏‏And lick salt and just drink some water. All of a sudden, your brain is alert-it wakes up!




‏‏Even if you’re just at your desk and let’s say, you’re writing an article and you’re having brain fatigue. You do salts and essential oils, you will have so much more brain endurance. It will blow you away!


‏‏Because I get asked to make study blends. When I was studying for our boards, we we were so stressed out and we’d have that afternoon slump after class, our professor would say, “I’m going to wrap the class early because you, guys, are falling asleep,” and we’re like, “No, no, no! We have to wake up, we paid for this review class!” and I just pull a rosemary and thyme and have everyone smell it. It’s like, all of our brain woke up. I do a lot of work on brain function. There’s an amazing thing now where we can test neurotransmitters. We can test to see, are you low in serotonin? How’s your dopamine and your norepinephrine? We can do peak performance, which is keeping your brain in peak shapes so there’s a whole focus in nutrition now of brain health.

‏‏Dr. Matea, do you know what I just did?


‏‏I just sprayed myself with your love potion.

‏‏Oh my God! How did you like it? That’s so funny! We’re like twin powers!

‏‏I love it!

‏‏I have mine in front of me. I just sprayed it just before we started talking.

‏‏I have also the Archangel Michael. I have all of them! Everything you gave me! It’s so nice, thank you. I love your sprays and oils. They’re incredible!

‏‏Thank you so much!

‏‏So, tell me, what’s your ritual when you blend your oils and you do those things?

‏‏Oh my gosh, I studied with Native American teachers and they were part of our curriculum. The school worked together with the tribes and they would come in and when the medicine woman came in, they talked to the plants, and asked them what you need. If I want to make Orion’s Master Tonic…

‏‏That sounds so good!

‏‏Yeah, I can make it! I have a dozen of tinctures downstairs and I custom-blend. It’s the coolest thing! Because I really have high quality-you could go to a health food store and just get like an adrenal formula. What I want people to understand is, making a tincture is an art form-it’s like fine wine with different qualities-and then, they under dose. I don’t do really strong dosing but let’s say, there are 11 or 12 herbs I would use for adrenals, we’re going to the plants and say, “Who wants to help Orion?” and then Rhodiola comes forth, “I’m her woman-man. I’m a her man.” But so much of medicine is ego, so everyone thinks they have the answer to this, they have a PhD, they name their program after their name or whatever and I’m like, who cares? They want to justify why a scientific study is the reason why you should do this. I’m like, scientific studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Why should I listen to them with what to do with my body? I do with my body what works-number one; what I feel-because I pay attention; and what’s been demonstrated through empirical results. I mean, naturopathy is folk medicine. I just got a kick out of last night, I have an actress doing a castor oil pack, which is one of my most powerful tools to help her sleep. That’s like so cute to me. It costs $10. We do fancy things like, giving them an IV and doing some peptides for growth hormones but sometimes, it’s the simplest things. My process downstairs-you come over and you’ll see it-I have my big, long counter with my mixing station, I have my essential oils on one side, and my tinctures on the other.


‏‏But every plant is an intelligence. We call them Devas-that means, shining one. That’s a plant’s-I ask them, “Who wants to help?” and I acknowledge. The medicine women, they would give only plant medicine that they grew from seed so they were like, “Oh my God, you poor children! You’re like girls, you’re like guys, you’re prescribing from this bottle, and you never even knew this plant!” They taught me to bless the plant and invoke the deva so that it has more energy. That’s why, I think the oils, we can see, with photography, you can feel it.


‏‏And I think you get better results from it when you have a reverence for nature and respect. It’s just like, if you’re going to someone else’s house who has their own garden and cooks you food, you can feel the love in that food.


‏‏You’re meant to have a reciprocal relationship with nature so when you go to a farmers market and you eat food from a local farm, you’re eating deeply to the earth.


‏‏And those plants, they feel us. They want to be connected with us. They want to be near us. To me, blending is like the sacred communion with the plants. I go into meditation, I feel your soul, I feel-and just from getting to know the plants-what resonates with you. It’s just like-if you’re going to refer someone, if you’re girlfriend goes, “Okay, I need a gynecologist. Who should I go like, maybe, in town?” Okay, she needs someone really soft. Some people needs someone who yells at them and tell them what to do because they’re usually like, they need that. Some people want an intellectual who’s going to them a study. You’re trying to match personalities. It’s the same thing with practitioners. I look at the plants since I was healing practitioners-who do you resonate with? That’s the art of it and that’s what I teach when I have students.

‏‏Your oils smell a little different than others-you gave me eucalyptus and lavender and they smell gentler. They smell more pure to me.

‏‏Oh, thank you so much! You know, it blew me away when I started to teach because-well, after that the medicine woman taught that, they would have us take the bottle, I open it, and you feel it. First, you say “Thank you,” to that plant for this medicine and then you will look at Dr. Emoto’s work with water. The water, the crystal was there.

‏‏Dr. Emoto has many research with water. When they bless the water, the molecules change. When they say the word “love,” the molecules look like really beautiful crystals. When they say the word “hate,” they put that word on the bottle overnight, they look at the molecules of the water under a microscope, and they just look ugly and brown. If you want to learn more, just Google Dr. Emoto’s water experiment and you will learn that whatever energy we put into the water, changes the water and since we human beings are 80% or more water, every word we say, every thought we think, negative or positive, directly affects the molecules of water in our body, which is everything, directly affect our lives.

‏‏Yes, and the same thing with plant materials. I just want to point this out that, with the oils and the herbs, when we would bless them and thank the plants and when we were to ask them what we wanted from them-that’s huge. The herbalist, the Native American, said, “You have to tell the plant what you wanted it to do for you,” so when we bless the IV bag, we’re like, okay, I want you to energize her, hydrate her, detoxify her liver, and make her skin glow! I’m directing it-intelligence into the body because words and intentions are so powerful. What was really cool was when I started to teach a class, first thing I did was, the bottles are violet glass and I found this glass-the gentleman who made it did 11 years of research to find the shade of glass that would best hold energy medicine.


‏‏Homeopathics. And it has crushed amethyst in it. I doubt if people recycle it because they stopped making it for a while. It’s precious. I was importing it from Switzerland. I have this attitude of like, one thing I would impart, when we do a summary or takeaway points for me is, when I said they’re going to ask the nature’s spirits and the Native Americans the medicine and like, “What’s our problem with our health?” The first thing that came to me was, “We don’t make it a priority.” Look at what’s people’s priorities are. People want to be rich, they want a house, they want a nice car, they want a sexy body, they want people to love them, they want a lover, or I don’t know, all these things that we want but so many people sacrifice their health for their career. Everybody who is an entrepreneur that works burns the midnight oil and they sacrifice the little things: sleep, not the best food, this, and all that. It’s slowly eroding their health. Making your health a priority is number one. I want to search out the best of everything and I think that’s why the best people in the entertainment business-I mean, there are so many of them-but I’m sometimes amazed that the people who call me-but I think that’s because I’m obsessed with quality and results and doing whatever it takes. I just always have been a really German person in general but open-minded, exploring, and trying new things. That violet glass-when other people wanted to take my oils to a bigger volume of sales and try to help me, they’re like, “Oh, why are spending so much on violet glass?” but you can actually see it through photography. I felt that it changed the auric feel of the plant medicine. But when I had a class, I took some oil that I got in from a distillery-they always ship it in aluminum, I’d put it in the violet, and then we did our blessing to it. Some weeks later, I pulled them out to compare the energy of it…

‏‏It’s different.

‏‏They smell differently!


‏‏That just blew me away!

‏‏No, they smell different! I’ve never smelled eucalyptus or lavender that smelled like this.

‏‏I know! And I get results that are-I mean, the first time I sprayed the Archangel Michael spray, it was for a group of kids, and they were meditating. It was amazing-spiritual kids. We were meditating and I was teaching them about my work and the plant spirits and I sprayed them. The kids range from age 8 to 16. Two weeks later, a girl came up to me and said, “I’m going to college. I just finished high school. I’ve had nightmares every night of my life for 10 years but ever since you sprayed me with that oil, I had none.”


‏‏It was one spray over the head. I looked at the bottle and I was like, “Woah! How is it doing that?” That one took me a long time. I just basically go to the plants and say, “Hey, we have a purpose. We have an issue here. We need help. Who wants to help?” 36 oils are in that blend. It’s kind of strange. One aromatherapist I met was really kind of snooty and she goes, “Oh, that’s not correct to do that. You shouldn’t have more than seven,” and I’m like, “Au contraire! Excuse me, but that’s like saying in a band that you can’t have a concert band, you can only have a quartet.” If you’re a good conductor, you can have anyone you want in there. I don’t follow these rules of blending-low note, high note, or whatever. Whoever wants to help comes to help. I look at it as, when you spray that, there’s 36 angelic devas, plant spirits that just came to hug you. I feel like, I jumped out of the bottle and hugged many people with my love because I’m with the oils-they’re my friends.

‏‏Wow! So, I have about 100 or more of them because I just sprayed all three of them. No, the sprays-not the oils. I smell the oils and I spray the sprays. When you travel, what do you do when you travel? It’s so hard-I travel so much. I travel, I don’t know, twenty days out of the month sometimes and it’s so hard to eat healthy and green.


‏‏What do you do?

‏‏You must see my instaposts today. Did you see it?

‏‏No, I didn’t.

‏‏Oh my God! The last two this week were preaching about eating healthy on the road. I mean, sometimes, I just don’t want to but I’m intense like, okay, I have to go to a conference in Seattle, I know the biggest Whole Foods is there, so I pick my hotels based on where the health food stores are, the co-ops, or I rent a car.


‏‏I mean, it’s crazy! It’s just like, come on, Orion! You’re into fitness so you know people are going to stay in shape no matter what if they haven’t eaten at 8 AM conference-6 AM, they’re running; 7, they’re in the shower; they start the day at 8. I am fanatic about it. Actually, I read something that people that call someone a “fanatic” are-I don’t know, I have to look up this quote-but it’s basically saying that they’re lazy. Well, people that say we’re “fanatics” are just undedicated or something-we’re just committed.


‏‏Fanatic is a really bad word-erase!

‏‏Committed is good.

‏‏I’m committed!

‏‏With the integrity of your goals.

‏‏But the other thing is like, okay, I just went to New York, sometimes, people fly me there and I don’t have choice where I stay and they put me in whatever. I want to stay in the same hotel as the project that’s going on so I’m close to everybody, but when I fly myself, I love Columbus Circle but actually, got better juice at Westerly Market and there’s less of a line. I walk up in the morning, I go there, and they make it fresh. There’s always good, better, best. Here’s the best thing you can do. Let me tell you this: This is a testimony to-it sounds so simple like, what is this magic that’s getting people to do green juice? It’s the level of intensity of commitment but I have a belief in it and what results do people get. I’m preach-teaching, I had two CEO’s who travel all over the world all the time, completely burn-out. They got so much better and fit from trying the all-green juice-the lacinato kale. They became so committed to the quality of it and noticing like, when you go to shelf and you just grab all the green that’s already made. First, it’s hard to find all green, then they throw in the awful romaine, and then they’re stingy with the kale. If you make that juice that I told you by yourself, there’s a post on my instagram where I show the difference between the juice bar juice and mine. They’ll put 1 or 2 piece of kale-they’re basically giving you cucumber juice with a few pieces of kale in it.


‏‏That whole, that 1 cup of kale, the energy I get from it, it far suppresses the energy it took me to go get it. It’s just like people who don’t work out is really-it feel excruciating than someone who has the energy to workout? When the same person goes for a 30-minute run, it’s no big deal-it’s like sneezing. The same thing with cooking, the same thing doing healthy habits. To me, I hop on my hotel room. Now, you can do post-mix. You just pop over there, ask them to make you a green one while you go get your salad or whatever, and it’s done. It’s down the hatch and there you go.


‏‏Every city I traveled, I know where the health food stores are and the co-ops. I mean, only when I go to India, that’s a crisis. For me, when people get really committed to green juice and they do it all green and they do it consistently, a bottom line: Try it. Three green juices, three times a day, on an empty stomach with no fruits. In three days, you’re going to see changes in your skin.

‏‏I will!

‏‏Sometimes, I’m not perfect and I get sick of it. I’m like, “I don’t want my green juice today!” If I miss more than three days, I start weaning in energy and then you start wanting sugar.


‏‏But when I go to India…

‏‏How do you get off sugar?

‏‏It’s minerals-trace minerals. It’s a huge thing-minerals and trace minerals. Doing green juice, B shots, and trace minerals. An amazing thing, Dr. Young said, that if you’re craving sugar, you’re just really craving salts so spray salt in your mouth and that actually sometimes work. However, it’s difficult because sometimes, you just want it for the pleasure of it but I don’t think, unless you have a disease or you’re dying or whatever, I mean, I’ll leave you with this concept: When you’re going through your day and you’re having a lull in energy, you just ask your body, “What do I need?” It’s either good fats, greens, salt, or water.


‏‏Those are the four things that build good blood that I’ve learned and those will give you energy. Like I said, if you’re out to do anything with your honey, you’re feeling romantic, and you want to share some fondue or chocolate strawberries because they’re fun, that’s cool but if you are, during the day, you don’t have enough magnesium, calcium, or trace minerals and you worked a long day, and now you want sugar, that’s a different intent or there’s a different issue going on. That’s an insidious and dangerous situation because you’re now, reaching for something that is unhealthy, addictive, and it’s not allowing you to hear what your body really wants.

‏‏And it’s often an emotional addiction as well.

‏‏Yeah, and that’s harder to treat because it’s quick and there’s this rush. I mean, my God, you put a chocolate or a truffle in your mouth, it’s like an explosion of fun. When you’re an athlete, you want to feel good, you’ll feel it immediately.


‏‏But a lot of people settle for symptoms that they shouldn’t. I mean, I want to feel good and I want to feel energized so I think because I did a lot of cleansing in my life-I’ve been on so many cleanses because it’s my profession. Some people never know how good you can truly feel by doing great cleanse.


‏‏They’re operating in a certain level of health and they expect to be in pain, expect to be aching, expect to get irritable, and you can feel so much better to feel in peak shape. That’s why I kind of call what I’m doing “peak performance” because I treat people that have to perform. They have to be at the peak of their career. They have to bring people to a peak experience. They have to thrill the audience.


‏‏So, what can we do to energize them? And it’s the B shots, the alkaline water, the tons of greens, and sea salt. Those are the big things.

‏‏We are at the top of the hour but before we finish, I want to talk a little bit about your music. Your creative process and what is it for? And then, let’s just with our listeners, where they can find you, where they can find your supplements, your music, and how to get in touch with you.

‏‏Oh, great! Thank you!

‏‏So, let’s start with your music?

‏‏Well, the story is, in naturopathic school, it was the year 2000, I think, I learned Reiki. I learned how to do Reiki and I was practicing on my friends and all of a sudden, I saw an angel appear and she said, “Tone into the person’s body,” and I was like, “No!” She said, “What? You perform in front of 10,000 people singing but you can’t tone?” so I put my hands and I was really squeaky. My friends were jealous, “We wish we could see an angel, why do you argue with them?”, and I said, “I know, I was just shy!” I got over it, I stopped arguing with them, and I just started to tone. For example, I’m going to feel you on the other and feel like, “Wow, your forehead has a little bit of tension because your third eye is spinning, you’re really focusing, and you’re really trying hard right now to do this great, great podcast-if I was going to tone for you, my thing would be like, okay, I just started experimenting different pitches and different vowels to see how I can clear the body. When I started doing energy work, I started seeing the aura around a person and started to be able see the chakras. Some people’s aura was brown and muddy, some people are beautiful, and some people have blocked energy in different places like the stomach is frequently an area. I stated toning. I was trying to send someone dear a solar plexus because if you’re like me and you tend to be like a nervous person and shy so I feel like the nerves in your stomach, oh, let’s send some energy there! But I just could see things clear faster while doing the toning so I started doing that for people. Not everyone because I thought, oh my God! Some people are going to think I’m nuts! But now, I guess, in California, everybody’s like, and “You see angels? How cool!” so I’ll say, “I didn’t want to tell you because you wouldn’t think I’m legit,” and she goes, “It’s because you see them, that’s why I think you’re legit!” Actually, the guys that make the crystal bowl came to see me and they shared the balls to me. It was instant love affair both ways and I started adding that to the mix. It’s funny because like my patients know that I’m always just like, why not? I’m open-minded, let’s try something new! I’d play the crystal bowl while people get their IV and it would relax them so I combined both. When I started treating patients, for a while, I started treating patients who had terminal illnesses, or were in hospice, or facing terminal cancer and I was like, “Oh my gosh!” All this juicing and all these things we’re doing IV’s, I couldn’t stand to watch them suffer and it broke my heart.


‏‏So, I started doing music therapy and I started using harp therapy. They taught that every human being has their own keynote. Isn’t that beautiful? You have your own note and your own music of your soul. And so, with that, you tune in to the heart chakra and figure out what that note is, and so, there’s all different notes-I mean, there are different notes in the scale-and I try to figure out what your note is. There are 96 different crystals so if I feel like you’re having a heart issue, I’m going to use rose quartz because that’s in the chest area. If I feel like you’re not grounded, I might use charcoal, I might use a bigger bowl and a different note.


‏‏It’s an amazing science! I met a PhD ethnomusicologist and I studied classical Indian music and I would use different healing ragas, they’re called-different music but what I saw was that, I’ll come to a house call to see a patient who’s in agony and he’s terrified, we would play the ball, do energy work, and they would go to a state of deep peace. I also go to the hospital. I ask my patient, “What did it do for you? I just played it for a little while,” and he goes, “All the tension and fear in my body just left me and I feel at peace.” I want to cry and I felt so moved so I just went home and I said, “I need to record this so that they can play it.” I wanted to do a different CD for each archangels-there are seven archangels. They have a different purpose and different rays of healing energy that they flow to you. I wanted to make a set. I did it with the first CD but I wanted to make a different-I didn’t want people to put it on auto-repeat. I was like, oh my God, I don’t want them listening to the same CD for twelve hours, so I wanted to seven one-hour CDs for the seven archangels. I’m still in the process of it but I felt like, my mentors are really loving people. They love people into health. We bring them food and we hug them. Love is the ultimate healer and so, I feel like, I want to sing people to sleep. I want to help them sleep and I want to help them be calm.

‏‏Yeah, your music is beautiful. I know that a lot of our listeners will want to work with you but not everybody can because of distance and you do work with very high-end people. Are you going to have any online programs you’re going to open to the public?

‏‏Yes, I’m really working on that. I’m working on launching a webinar series. I want to teach aromatherapy and how to use these practical tools at home. I wanted to do a live streaming webcast of the sound healing so that’s in the works. I want to learn how to do Periscope and do live streaming so I’m getting the equipment and we’re testing it out. The only problem I have is that, I travel so much and I’m on-call. I know that I have friends who do radio shows and then around the world, they stop, they pull over, they get a hotel, and they’re on-air but it’s scary to commit myself to a live thing. I really, really do want to do a live program so it’s coming soon.

‏‏And your music is available, right?

‏‏Yeah, you can download that right now from my website-it’s DrMatea.com. That’s D-R-M-A-T-E-A dot com and under “Services,” there’s “Music,” and there’s instant MP3 download you can. We can also mail you a USB.

‏‏You’re going to have a practice opening up in Los Angeles, right?

‏‏Yeah, in Beverly Hills. I think my practice has been closed for three years. I have just been busy with my same regulars but now, I’m opening up an office in probably the next week where people can schedule appointments and come see me in person. I do want to do group classes too. The big thing and what’s popular now are “sound baths” so sometimes, I’ll do a sound bath in a yoga studio. I’ve been telling people to sign up for my newsletter and give me their emails to stay in touch or follow my instagram because we’ll be announcing any group stuff and live stuff on air or something that I’ll be doing but it’s coming. I’ve been planning it, studying it, and getting ready to execute it for four years now.

‏‏Okay, awesome! I just want to say how much I appreciate you being here on the podcast. I appreciate your knowledge. How lovely, modest, and kind you are! Everything that you shared with us and shared with me. Thank you so, so much for being here!

‏‏Oh! Thank you for inviting me. It’s a gift to be able to share. You’re the most beautiful, loving, and kind-hearted person I know. I’m so glad to call you my friend and to get to know you. I can’t wait to see your work flourishing and be on this journey together with you. We both want to help inspire the planet, we want people to take their health serious priority, and to make the best of their health because it’s the foundation of a good life.

We want people to take their health serious priority, and to make the best of their health because it’s the foundation of a good life. Share on X

‏‏Yeah, amen! It’s the foundation of a stellar life!



‏‏My love to everyone! Please sign up for my newsletter, email me, I’ll share whatever knowledge I can help, and be in touch with everyone.

‏‏Yeah, and thank you, everybody, for listening! I’ll talk to you next time! Have a wonderful day!


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