Episode 101 | January 30, 2018

Styling Your Life to Your Highest Potential with Luke Storey

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Mission #101

On Board: Luke Storey
Mission: Styling Your Life to Your Highest Potential

Imagine growing older without fearing the onset of diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, or heart failure. Imagine being able to take charge of your own biology and to be responsible for and autonomous over your own body. This isn’t just a fantasy or a science fiction concept that might exist someday. You can start dramatically improving your life and health for decades to come by biohacking.

My guest in this episode is Luke Storey, who is not only a biohacking expert but also an experienced life stylist. Luke will take a deep dive into biohacking, a relatively new concept that involves using science, technology, and research to hack your body and brain. We’ll talk about his life and his various transitions, as well as concepts like the importance of sunlight, choosing the best drinking water,, and what a fulfilling morning routine looks like.

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The Mission Log:

  • [07:13] – Luke shares a bit about himself and talks about his life story. He explains that he has had a classic hero’s journey, and even dealt with drug addiction from a shockingly early age.
  • [11:00] – We hear about what Luke did with the trauma he experienced as a kid, and how easily he got addicted to various substances. He also discusses the reasons that he didn’t follow through with his suicidal ideas.
  • [14:09] – On the positive side, things became so dark and painful by Luke’s mid-20s that he was able to explore his shadow self in depth early in his life. This thoroughly prepared him to study spirituality when he was 26.
  • [16:36] – Luke talks about his next steps professionally, as he began working as a stylist. He then discusses his complete career shift two years ago, when he reinvented himself as a life stylist.
  • [19:46] – Orion feels and understands Luke’s passion, and has a similar passion for her work.
  • [21:06] – Luke discusses the fear behind his transition, as well as the result of the transition.
  • [25:18] – After 17 years as a stylist, it became clear to Luke that fashion wasn’t his true passion and he wasn’t fulfilled by it. Instead, the thing that puts him in the best mood is helping other people. He talks about how he discovered this.
  • [27:46] – Orion points out that when people pay, they pay attention.
  • [29:52] – Luke shifts into talking about biohacking by discussing how difficult it is to achieve success in personal refinement and development when your biology is suffering.
  • [33:24] – What is Luke’s definition of biohacking?
  • [36:15] – Luke talks about what has and hasn’t worked in getting our species to where we are. As our technology advances, he points out, we get further and further away from our natural environment.
  • [39:20] – Last night, Orion put her TrueDark glasses on before she went to bed. This morning, she soaked up the sunlight on the beach.
  • [40:26] – One of Luke’s biggest sleep hacks is to get at least 20 minutes of natural daylight as early in the day as you can. He then raves about the experience of collecting your own spring water.
  • [42:50] – Luke has created a document talking about his water priorities. He explains the best kind of water to drink, and why commercially available water has nothing beneficial alive in it.
  • [50:31] – Luke has only found one company that he believes has done filtration right: PristineHydro. Their filter mimics what a spring would do to water. He then offers a code that will save you 20% on your first order there.
  • [54:18] – What is Luke’s morning routine for nourishing his mind and body? He details this process, which he says is identical from day to day.
  • [57:20] – Dr. David R. Hawkins is one of Luke’s favorite people to listen to in the morning. He lists some of his other favorites as well.
  • [60:06] – After listening to a podcast in the morning, Luke makes an herbal elixir. He lists many of the ingredients that he often includes. He then describes the next steps in his morning routine.
  • [68:01] – Luke ends his morning routine with some spiritual reading on his porch in the sun, then does a few minutes on his Bellicon trampoline.
  • [69:49] – What are Luke’s three top tips for living a stellar life?
    1. Develop a relationship with whatever energy or power created the planet and everything on it.
    2. Monitor your own thinking and thoughts, and guard yourself from thoughts based in negative energy.
    3. Address the physical level by optimizing the outer environment to be as natural as possible.
  • [73:23] – Where can people find Luke?

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