Episode 89 | November 7, 2017

How to Turn Your Low Carb & GF Diet Into a Delicious Lifestyle with Carolyn Ketchum

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Mission #89

On Board: Carolyn Ketchum
Mission: How to Turn Your Low Carb & GF Diet Into a Delicious Lifestyle

The Co-Pilot:

I have a confession to make to all of my listeners: I love carbs! In fact, I may have an addiction to them. The only problem is carbs don’t love my body. I looked and felt so much better when I experimented with cutting carbs out of my diet. In hindsight, the reason I fell off the low-carb wagon was because my food was bland, boring, and repetitive. If you’ve tried a low-carb diet, you’ve probably had a similar experience!

The vibrant Carolyn Ketchum joins me in this episode to bring color and flavor into the subject of low-carb diets! Carolyn is the writer and photographer behind the successful blog All Day I Dream About Food, which gets over one million views per month. Her recipes and photography have been featured in Women’s Health, Glamour, The Huffington Post, Shape, and many more. She’s here to show that a low-carb diet doesn’t have to be boring and to offer inspiration on making the transition to a healthier life.

Connect With Carolyn:

All Day I Dream About Food
@AllDayIDreamAbout Food on Facebook
@fooddreamer on Instagram
@dreamaboutfood on Twitter
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The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen by Carolyn Ketchum

The Mission Log:

  • [04:08] – Carolyn starts things off by sharing a little bit about herself and her background in sharing recipes.
  • [06:13] – We hear about Carolyn’s first blog post, which she explains wasn’t even low carb. She then talks about getting her first fans, and discusses when brands started paying attention to her blog.
  • [08:51] – What did Carolyn figure out as far as marketing her blog?
  • [10:20] – Carolyn discusses what happens after she hit about 100,000 page views per month.
  • [12:20] – We learn about how Carolyn manages to stay slender even though she dreams about food all day.
  • [14:13] – When was the moment that Carolyn realized that she loved creating foods and recipes?
  • [15:33] – Carolyn thinks that the vast majority of the population could benefit from a low-carb diet. She then discusses the difference between vegetable oils and animal fat.
  • [18:13] – What cooking oils does Carolyn use?
  • [19:51] – Carolyn discusses her approach compared to Dave Asprey’s approach.
  • [22:02] – Carolyn doesn’t love routine, so she doesn’t have a regular breakfast. Instead, she often eats last night’s leftovers.
  • [23:31] – We learn about how Carolyn manages a work-life balance, and how she handles her workload.
  • [26:27] – Carolyn has thought of hiring one of her fans as her assistant, because she needs one who knows at least something about both low-carb diets and blogging.
  • [27:42] – Carolyn describes how her book came to be and raves about her publisher, Victory Belt Publishing.
  • [29:19] – Orion reveals that she has been in the process of writing two books, and shares her fear that an editor will change her works in such a way that they’ll no longer sound like her.
  • [32:39] – Orion has a big problem with Carolyn’s book: it’s is so beautiful that it makes her hungry.
  • [34:45] – We hear Carolyn’s thoughts on how to stay humble and real in the midst of all the noise and success?
  • [36:04] – Orion’s second problem with Carolyn’s book is that her husband is vegetarian, making it hard for her to share these dishes with him. What’s Carolyn’s advice for someone in this situation?
  • [40:17] – If Carolyn had to eat only one food for the rest of her life, it would be smoked salmon.
  • [40:40] – What are Carolyn’s recommendations from someone who wants to switch from a standard American diet to a ketogenic diet?
  • [41:37] – Carolyn offers advice on what to do if you’re on a keto diet and have an intense craving for pizza.
  • [42:26] – What specific foods do Carolyn avoid eating?
  • [44:51] – Carolyn shares the story of a recipe failure, revealing that not all of her recipes are successful.
  • [46:08] – We hear about Carolyn’s book tour and how she planned it. She also describes what surprised her on the tour, and why the Portland stop wasn’t ideal.
  • [49:08] – In a couple locations on the book tour, Carolyn was struck by how successful couples were when they changed their diet together.
  • [50:45] – Carolyn’s biggest tip for the holidays is to be prepared. Her second tip is to find recipes that recreate the dishes that you love.
  • [51:51] – Orion shares her story about last year’s Thanksgiving, which was just a couple of weeks before she and her husband got married.
  • [53:56] – What other holiday tips does Carolyn have?
  • [55:39] – What are Carolyn’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Love what you do. 2. Keep the people who you love close. 3. Be the best that you can be.
  • [57:14] – Where can people find Carolyn?

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