Episode 84 | October 3, 2017

Cleansing Your Body & Your Mind with Nykki Hardin

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Mission #84

On Board: Nykki Hardin
Mission: Cleansing Your Body & Your Mind

The Co-Pilot:

Some years ago, I went to Thailand with nothing more than two small backpacks and a big appetite for adventure. Purely by chance (or fate), I ended up at a week-long cleanse program on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. In hindsight, that cleanse wasn’t the best for me. It involved drinking herbs that hurt my stomach and doing uncomfortable colonics. But the experience was transformational, and since then I’ve learned better ways to cleanse.

Today, I’m joined by a woman with whom I have many incredible life parallels, including our love for both travel and cleansing. Nykki Hardin is a wellness expert who formulated her own 21-day cleanse. She holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, a term she’ll explain in our conversation today, and is incredibly passionate about helping people reach their peak potential in both mind and body. We talk today about how intimately the two are linked, and how it’s possible to begin healing and thriving.

Connect With Nykki:

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The Mission Log:

  • [04:31] – Nykki starts off by sharing a little bit about herself, including when she started studying nutrition and her experience with travel.
  • [07:40] – Orion explores some of the similarities between herself and Nykki, and reveals that she’s going to India in a few days.
  • [09:09] – Nykki has lived in Japan three times, she reveals, and explains how her first trip there changed her life. Orion then discovers another parallel in her and Nykki’s stories.
  • [12:53] – What is spiritual psychology?
  • [15:44] – Nykki digs into her perspective on food and how we use it to comfort (or punish) ourselves.
  • [17:28] – How can someone do a better job of showing up for himself or herself? Nykki answers in relation to food, cleansing, and letting go.
  • [20:27] – In response to a hypothetical example from Orion about someone depressed, overweight, and without a real desire to change, Nykki points out that you can’t work with someone who doesn’t have a desire to change. She then explores how she would help a client in a situation like this.
  • [24:51] – What are some of Nykki’s processes to help clients with positive self-talk or self-love?
  • [28:55] – Nykki’s trip to India was spawned by her deep depression, she reveals. She and Orion then talk about her choice of language in saying that someone is “carrying extra weight” instead of “being fat.”
  • [31:48] – The body has an inherent ability to heal and we just need to set it up for success, Nykki explains.
  • [34:27] – Nykki discusses GMOs, explaining what they are and passionately digging into why they’re a problem.
  • [39:02] – Nykki relates what she has been saying about GMOs to something she learned in high school science class about how only a small percentage of our genes determine what we look like.
  • [41:24] – Since so much food in America is genetically modified, what should we eat?
  • [43:28] – Orion shares a story about visiting the Dead Sea with a friend and meeting a man who lived off algae. Nykki then talks about the power of chlorella.
  • [46:42] – What’s wrong with coffee?
  • [49:10] – Nykki talks about why she is so passionate about cleansing, explaining that she did her first cleanse in India. She also discusses what the term “God” means to her in the process of sharing how cleansing became her passion.
  • [55:53] – We learn about Nykki’s 21-day cleanse program, which includes both her therapeutic-grade herbal formulas with a step-by-step food protocol.
  • [58:22] – Where can people find Nykki?
  • [59:12] – What are Nykki’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Cleanse regularly. 2. Meditate. 3. Love from the inside out.

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