Episode 84 | October 3, 2017

Cleansing Your Body & Your Mind with Nykki Hardin

A Personal Note from Orion

12 years ago, I took one of the most spontaneous trips of my life – a flight to Ko Samui, an island in Thailand, for a cleanse. The cleanse itself wasn’t one of the better ones I’ve done – the bitter herb mixes and daily colonics were uncomfortable. But the entire experience itself was worth it because afterwards, I felt so much lighter and full of energy. Cleansing is so vital to your mental, emotional, and physical well being. When you cleanse, you feel better in your body and in your life.

My guest today knows all about cleansing and the incredible effects it has on the body. Nykki Hardin holds a master in Spiritual Psychology and has created her own cleanse which other people swear by. Plus, she and I have experienced parallel journeys in our lives – from living in Japan to currently living just blocks from each other in sunny Santa Monica, Nykki’s life path and how that led to her knowledge of cleansing to better your health is definitely worth listening to!



In this Episode

  • [04:31] – Nykki starts off by sharing a little bit about herself, including when she started studying nutrition and her experience with travel.
  • [07:40] – Orion explores some of the similarities between herself and Nykki, and reveals that she’s going to India in a few days.
  • [09:09] – Nykki has lived in Japan three times, she reveals, and explains how her first trip there changed her life. Orion then discovers another parallel in her and Nykki’s stories.
  • [12:53] – What is spiritual psychology?
  • [15:44] – Nykki digs into her perspective on food and how we use it to comfort (or punish) ourselves.
  • [17:28] – How can someone do a better job of showing up for himself or herself? Nykki answers in relation to food, cleansing, and letting go.
  • [20:27] – In response to a hypothetical example from Orion about someone depressed, overweight, and without a real desire to change, Nykki points out that you can’t work with someone who doesn’t have a desire to change. She then explores how she would help a client in a situation like this.
  • [24:51] – What are some of Nykki’s processes to help clients with positive self-talk or self-love?
  • [28:55] – Nykki’s trip to India was spawned by her deep depression, she reveals. She and Orion then talk about her choice of language in saying that someone is “carrying extra weight” instead of “being fat.”
  • [31:48] – The body has an inherent ability to heal and we just need to set it up for success, Nykki explains.
  • [34:27] – Nykki discusses GMOs, explaining what they are and passionately digging into why they’re a problem.
  • [39:02] – Nykki relates what she has been saying about GMOs to something she learned in high school science class about how only a small percentage of our genes determine what we look like.
  • [41:24] – Since so much food in America is genetically modified, what should we eat?
  • [43:28] – Orion shares a story about visiting the Dead Sea with a friend and meeting a man who lived off algae. Nykki then talks about the power of chlorella.
  • [46:42] – What’s wrong with coffee?
  • [49:10] – Nykki talks about why she is so passionate about cleansing, explaining that she did her first cleanse in India. She also discusses what the term “God” means to her in the process of sharing how cleansing became her passion.
  • [55:53] – We learn about Nykki’s 21-day cleanse program, which includes both her therapeutic-grade herbal formulas with a step-by-step food protocol.
  • [58:22] – Where can people find Nykki?
  • [59:12] – What are Nykki’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Cleanse regularly. 2. Meditate. 3. Love from the inside out.

About Today’s Show

‏‏I don’t know if I pack more these days because I’m older or because I’m more spoiled. Because back in the days, it was so much easier. These days, when I go travel, I have to research my destination, I have to make sure that I have everything with me, everything. My vitamins, my this and my that. Back then it was so much lighter. I remember 12 years ago when I went to Thailand. I went to Thailand with just a little backpack and with a general destination, Thailand. I arrived to Bangkok, to Khao San street, and people told me where to go. I talked to other backpackers, other travelers and they said, “Hey, go to Koh Samui, it’s a great island.” I bought a ticket to Ko Samui. On my flight to Ko Samui, I met this lady, European lady. I think she was from Sweden, tall, beautiful, blonde, and we became friends right away. She told me that she was going on a cleansing retreat in the island of Samui. I said, “Great, why don’t I join you?” I think I invited myself or maybe she invited me. I don’t remember. We ended up going on a week-long cleanse at a cleansing retreat in Ko Samui. Honestly, the experience was not that pleasant because they made me drink all those bitter herbs five times a day that made my tummy hurt and I had to do Colonic at night. It wasn’t that great but at least I was in this beautiful island and this beautiful beach. What I remember at the end of the cleanse was that I felt really good after everything. They sent me a little box of papaya and I had only two bites and I felt so full then I went and I kept travelling and I ate whenever I wanted. But I learned better ways to cleanse. Right now, my preferred method is juice cleansing. I did one when I was in Fiji at Life Mastery with Tony Robbins. They gave us juices and light soups at the evening and Udo’s oil. That was a really good cleanse. There are better ways to do a cleanse than to just travel to a remote destination without even researching the facility you’re going to. My guest today, she’s Nykki Hardin. She’s a wellness expert and she formulated her own cleanse. She holds a masters in Spiritual Psychology and she also coaches people to reach their peak potential by cleansing their mind and cleansing their bodies. What’s really interesting about Nykki and I is that we have so many similar stories, so many parallels in our life story that is mind blowing. I really enjoyed my conversation with her. I hope you will enjoy too. It will help you cleanse and feel lighter and feel better in your body and in your life. Now onto the show.

‏‏Hey Nykki and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast! It’s nice to have you here.

‏‏Thank you so much for the opportunity to be here. This is absolutely amazing.

‏‏It’s going to be very, very cool because you are a master at anything cleansing and body and really understanding how to get somebody to be in a better state of energy and to feel better. But before we start talking about all that, why don’t you just share a little bit about yourself?

‏‏Oh my goodness. The pressure is on. Where do I start?


‏‏H2. That’s perfect. It’s interesting, I actually started studying nutrition at the age of 15 and I am just about to turn a corner, a little milestone here and I’m turning 40 in just a few weeks.

‏‏Oh my god. You still don’t look it. You like you’re 30.

‏‏Thank you. Thanks. Sometimes I get asked what I’m studying. Like, “What’s your major?”

‏‏Wow like, “Oh, 20 years ago?”

‏‏I really started at 15 and at that time, I was a three-sport athlete. I was also a valedictorian. I was a straight A student. For me, it was all about performance. It became so clear how food could affect not only my physical performance but also my mental and emotional health. From there, nutrition just became the line of my personal interest which then began to start to drive some of my choices in the way of career and what I did. Actually, what ended up happening was I went on this personal and world journey with about 40 countries under my belt. I was always in search of natural healing, solutions, and tools for transformation. I lived in India studying Ayurveda at a 8th generation healing clinic, studying Ashtanga yoga and then also Transcendental meditation. I lived in Thailand managing detox programs like cleansing and fasting resorts. I lived in Japan and did all kinds of interesting things, learning to master their language. Australia, it’s so fascinating. That’s where I started really getting into the study of herbs and nutraceuticals. I managed to meet beautiful women who taught me how to macerate herbs which is how you create herbal tinctures. That was kind of the beginning of the creation of my products which then started my business. It’s just always having this true belief that from our deepest opportunity for healing and growth comes the opportunity to really add the most value and be of greater service in the world. That’s been a pleasure. As the business has grown, what became so clear was just how there’s an opportunity to heal at an even deeper level beyond just repairing the physical body and optimizing the mind but to really work on the emotional and the spiritual bodies. That sent me to USM to get my master’s in Spiritual Psychology. Here I am today, building my business and coaching and helping people transform their lives.

It’s just always having this true belief that from our deepest opportunity for healing and growth comes the opportunity to really add the most value and be of greater service in the world. Click To Tweet

‏‏That is so fascinating. I think the reason why we click so well is that we have a similar kind of seeker energy where I too travelled about 40 countries. I’m actually going to India in three days.

‏‏Oh my god, that’s amazing.

‏‏I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.

‏‏Oh my god, I love it.

‏‏I’m going to Dharmasthala and I might see the Dalai Lama but I’m not sure. I know that he’s got a public talk but if I can, he’s going to be one of my bucket list items. I spent about two months in Thailand where I went to a cleansing facility. It was on the beach.

‏‏Not really a facility, right? I was literally in the land of luxury, paradise.

‏‏They gave me all kinds of—I’m not sure it was the best cleanse because they gave me all kinds of herbs that made my tummy ache and I did Colonics every day. I remember my first meal after the cleanse was a papaya. I took two bites of the papaya and it felt like I just had a huge meal.

‏‏It’s crazy.

‏‏It was really cool. Japan, how long did you spend in Japan?

‏‏I actually lived there three times.

‏‏Where in Japan?

‏‏I was north of Tokyo when I was in undergrad. A little freshman in college decided she doesn’t want to be in America and just picked up and did a study abroad in Japan. I went there for three and a half months. That experience really transformed me. It was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. Here’s why. I actually grew up really poor. I came from a single parent family where there was a lot of substance abuse, a lot of drama at a really young age and as a result ended up being in a single parent family growing up poor, for a lack of better words. When I graduated college—it wasn’t until I was in my mid-20s that we ever actually had our first family vacation. Going to Japan—you can imagine, I think, I’d been on an airplane two times and they were both because I had really good friends that invited me to go on a trip. Here I was this sophomore and I just kind of took the world by storm. I was like, “I’m going and doing this.” I was fortunate enough to be able to do it because of the scholarship that I was on for my academics. I was able to go over there and it just really opened my mind to the world, to the different ways of living, to a really new experience of myself as a really, truly, empowered being.

‏‏I just found another parallel in our story.

‏‏Oh gosh, what do you got?

‏‏I was raised by mom. It was me, my mom, and my sister. We lived in a fancy neighborhood but our house, we were the poorest in the neighborhood. We were very poor. My first travel abroad was when I was 21. I never took a flight out of the country. It was to go to Japan. I went on my own. I went there for three weeks. I thought I was going for three weeks. I ended up staying for three and a half years. I travelled the whole country. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

‏‏Wow. That’s so ironic.

‏‏Is it destiny?

‏‏I know. We should just let the audience know that quite synchronistically, we actually only live a few blocks from each other. It’s just so funny, isn’t it?

‏‏It’s amazing. Well, I think there’s a reason why you’re here right now because you’re going to blow the minds of our listeners with your knowledge of anything nutrition. Before we start, what is Spiritual Psychology?

‏‏Wow, there’s going to be so many definitions. The way that I really understand and like to communicate it is the practices and principles that we can apply inside ourselves and in our lives to really transform from upset to empowerment and to move into the loving. It’s a way of dissolving those barriers to love and to really being able to take a lens approach to life so that you could have a deeper perspective rather than to really stay in the microcosm of me, I, separateness and all of that. It’s just moving back into oneness, and what other tools and principles that you can use to apply to do that.

‏‏I have another parallel.

‏‏Okay, what do you got?

‏‏Spend some time with Oneness, University in India.

‏‏In what city is that?

‏‏It’s in Chennai. It was the experience of oneness because there’s the illusion of separation. That’s why so many people are self-sabotaging themselves. They self-sabotage their health. They don’t eat well. They don’t treat their body with respect because sometimes, food can be a substitute to fill the void that people feel inside when we are overwhelmed with emotions. Me too, when I’m angry, when I’m sad, when I feel anxiety or overwhelmed, I go straight for chocolate or pizza or anything that is a comfort food.

‏‏It’s really amazing just obviously, working within myself and with so many people to just see how food essentially becomes the band aid and whether it’s choosing food or not choosing food because it can be used both ways. There’s a self-punishment sometimes. I see people go to it when it’s stress, anxiety, anger, fear, and also like I said, some people punish themselves with it. There’s no judgment in any of this. I really believe that how we relate to food is how we relate to everything in our life. We can really break down the different areas of how we’re relating to ourselves and the things in our lives based on the food choices that we’re making.

Food essentially becomes the band aid and whether it’s choosing food or not choosing food because it can be used both ways.

‏‏Can you share a bit more about that?

‏‏I mean, for instance, if you’re feeling stressed, there’s something outside in your world that is activating inside of you the experience of stress. Many people will choose to, rather than actually look at an experience that stress and try to understand and dissect that stress because it’s uncomfortable, these emotions are uncomfortable. It’s easier to just suppress those emotions with something like chocolate or wine or pizza or whatever. If we can start to kill the layers of why we’re choosing what we’re choosing and instead just be with the uncomfortable emotion, we start to really come back into our power. You become empowered. It’s really from that place of empowerment that you can actually create change. Most often, it has to deal with unhealthy relationships, lack of boundaries, unhappiness in a career, and also when you don’t show up for yourself, a lot of people don’t want to look at that. So it’s easier to drink wine or eat chocolate or choose whatever it is than to look at, “Gosh, I’m not doing what’s right for me right now.” There’s like a comatose. It’s kind of like, “Oh, it’s okay. I don’t have to deal with that.”

‏‏How can one show up more for him or herself?

‏‏I guess we’ll just look at it in the context of what we’re talking about. I can share many aspects to this. If we’re going to dissect it from a food point of view—this is one of the most miraculous things, this is one of the reasons why I became so hooked on cleansing. It’s that when you let go—and you could probably speak to this too from your experience. When you’re committed to your path, you have it laid out and you’re doing your program and you let go of everything else, letting go of everything else that’s not in alignment with your path, and when I say path—let’s talk about what’s right for you at the cellular level. You know you’re not hungry but you’re feeding your body whatever it is because you’re upset. If you’re on the path of saying, “You know what, this isn’t actually in my program so I’m not going to choose that, I’m not going to eat that, I’m going to sit here with this really uncomfortable emotion because I have to get through this, because it’s not in my program. Now, I’m going to be with this and I have an opportunity to work through this or just simply let it go.” Here’s the deal about these uncomfortable emotions, it’s like 30 seconds tops or something like this, if we could just sit with it, they could really disintegrate and dissolve. What can often be on the other side of it is an awakening, an awareness of what is actually causing that uncomfortable experience. There’s an opportunity to look at what is the misinterpretation that I’ve created based on the outside circumstances. Because truly, everything that happens in our world happens in neutrality. It’s just the judgment or the interpretation that we put on those things and what we make it mean about ourselves that causes the upset or the uncomfortable experience. Am I making sense to you or is it too generic?

‏‏You make sense to me and I would like to get more specific action steps. For example, let’s theoretically think about somebody who’s 100 pounds overweight, they’re just recovering from a break up and they’re binging at night, every night at like [10:00] PM. What will you do to shift that on the emotional level? They’re so stuck in the habit, they don’t even have the desire to change or eat better or they say they do but they don’t really.

‏‏This is what’s really important, Orion. You can’t work with someone that doesn’t have the desire to change. There has to be a willingness to make a change and if there’s no willingness, it doesn’t serve anybody.

‏‏How do you find the leverage? Do you do any processes with your clients to find the leverage?

‏‏One of the things that we do when I’m working with someone in a coaching format—within my business, there’s kind of a few arms. One arm is my 21 Cleanse product and that really operates like turnkey, you order the product online and it can go out. If you want extra coaching, that’s something that we can work out. I just want to help you understand that that’s another arm of my company. I run an ecommerce business and I do coaching. A lot of times, they’re connected but it’s not every single person that comes through on my Cleanse program that I work with in a coaching format. When I’m doing deeper work, first of all, I only work in longer contracts. It won’t be like a one session. It’s really for about six months that we start to see real transformation. What happens is when you get to—there’s little markers where a person, and I see it in myself, in my own consciousness, in my behavior, where right about when things are about to shift there’s an even deeper level of uncomfortability.

‏‏It’s a rollercoaster.

‏‏It’s like right before you have an orgasm, you’re at a climax. That’s so funny, I can’t believe I just said but I can totally believe I just said that. When you’re cleansing and you get the crap out of your body, your hormones are going. Anyways, it’s really important. When I work with people, we work in more of a six-month approach. One of the things that we’re really going to do is we’re going to start to identify what are the triggers for the upsets is number one, and what are these self-care practices that we can put in place that are going to start to shift, they’re reaching for the cookies to finding the self-love and the self-nutrients that they’re really longing for from the inside out. Typically, what I find with a lot of times, and you can speak in generals and there are also patterns of behavior. One of the biggest patterns of behavior that come from people who carry extra weight is that there’s a lot of self-criticism in a serious attacking way. The body is actually holding onto weight because from the inside out, from the emotional, spiritual body, they’re trying to protect themselves from themselves.

‏‏For sure.

‏‏What we do is we start to dissect what are these conversations that are going on. Can we just look at them and not react to them but just look at them, then through a process, start to shift them and find a new way of loving ourselves from the inside out? Typically, what happens is a lot of my clients, the weight starts falling off. It’s not a lot of effort. The effort comes through really invoking that emotional, that self-love and the positive self-talk. When there’s that experience, then there’s a desire to want to take care of yourself and to make positive choices.

‏‏What are some of your processes for positive self-talk or self-love? Do you do affirmations? Do you do mirror work?

‏‏Really what I do is I meet clients where they are. I find that for some clients, mirror work is just a little bit too much. But that client can sit down and do a lot of free form writing. Free form writing is a great way to get all of that crap out of your consciousness and that act of continuing to show up for yourself just through the process of showing up to write is a big thing that I’m really passionate about which is the art of devotion, being devoted to yourself and being devoted to the things that are important to you in your life and putting energy into that. A big part of the reason also that clients will add extra weight and or not actually even take initiative to change anything is because they’ve let themselves down so many times before that the pain of doing it again is almost unbearable.

‏‏How do you mend those broken pieces? How do you connect somebody to the courage of devoting themselves one more time?

‏‏The thing that’s so important for us to really remember is that we are a work in progress.

‏‏I am perfect, excuse me.

‏‏Speak for yourself, girl. It’s like even what people would perceive as being the most perfect person, they’re going to fall out of tune, they’re going to fall off whack and make choices—you look at the most successful people, I find a lot of them, rather than sitting there and beating themselves up for their behavior, they just make change in the moment. They’re like, “Oh my god. I can’t believe I did that. Okay, I’m stopping doing that, I’m doing this.” There’s no emotion there. There’s just progress. They just see progress. Truly, let go of the past. The only thing that we can really be in control of is our experiences right now and to put our energy into what it is we want to create rather than what the track record shows. I know you understand this as well because of the work that you do. You can learn from that past but you don’t need to hold onto that story. You don’t need to hold onto that shit. Sorry, that’s part of the beauty of the cleansing process. It’s that when you really have a really good cleanse and you have really high quality herbs and therapeutic grade products, they help pull the mental and the emotional suffering out of yourselves and your tissues. You can just let go of that, with all the physical toxins. When you let go of that, you really free yourself to create whatever it is you want. We are that strong. We’re unlimited. I know that you know that too because of the Oneness.

Speak for yourself, girl. Click To Tweet

‏‏I think I knew it when I was born and I have to remind myself. I always felt unlimited even though I’ve been through trauma and I’ve been through hardships. I’ve been through a lot in my life, as a child, as a teenager, in my 20s, in my 30s. I’ve been through hell and back but I always felt that there is a light inside that I can hold onto, that I could always rise like the phoenix. When you are aware of that light inside you, you can come back to devotion. It just takes a moment of courage to look inside and see that light and not hide behind victim mentality that holds you back.

‏‏You know what, it’s so true. Thank you so much for saying that. My trip to India was spawned by my deep, deep, deep state of depression.

‏‏I was there. I get it.

‏‏That’s six months of not getting out of bed and participating in the world and not giving a rat’s booty. That’s what sent me to India, honestly. I tell you, when I was India, I was like—because everybody wanted me to go on pharmaceutical medication, they’re like, “You are borderline suicidal. We’re petrified for you. You’re not answering your phone, you’re not getting out of bed. Do something.” I was like, “I’m not doing that. That’s going to screw with me even more. The fact is I am depressed right now because there is something that’s inside myself that is incongruent with the truth of who I am and if I just take an antidepressant, it’s going to numb that out and I will not get to the root of the problem and I will not know how to be with myself.” This will just repeat. When I went to India, the first three, four months, all I could do is to drag my butt out of bed every single day and show up for myself on the mat but I did it. That’s exactly like it. It’s like that little place inside that just knows. There’s something greater that’s available for me and I am capable of that experience.

‏‏I love it. I like the way that you choose your words, where you say people that carry extra weight rather than people that are fat. Because when somebody’s fat, it’s already an identity but when somebody is carrying extra weight, there’s a separation. It’s not a part of their identity. Okay, right now I’m carrying extra weight. It’s almost like saying I am sad or I am experiencing sadness. There’s a little bit of separation where me, myself, my being, is not the definition of sadness or depression. It’s not who I am, it’s something that I experience. This is not the core of me. This is probably temporary and if I’ll show up for myself a little bit everyday like you did on the mat every day, eventually, something will shift.

‏‏Totally. I remember the day. Thank you so much for pointing that out because that’s truly the way that I look at this. I really believe that the body has an inherent ability to heal. That’s actually what it wants. We just have to set it up for success. My approach has always been to take the physical, you heal at the cellular level and you heal at the level of the belief system. When you can work at those two levels, then the belief system—that’s why I work on the spiritual and the emotional—then the mental and the emotional kind of falls into place. So much of this fat, obesity, the labels that people want to put on other people, it’s just projecting all of that judgment and those assumptions and associations onto those people. The truth is that they’re actually existing in perfection.

‏‏There’s still external things that do affect our weight and our well-being like toxins and GMO. I know you’re very passionate about that. Let me get you started.

‏‏Oh my gosh, you’re so cute. It just really stirs up something deep inside of me. It’s not anger at all Orion, it’s just a matter of sadness and also concern. A big part of my mission is to really empower people with education so that they understand what is really going on and how the choices that they’re making are really impacting their body, from food, to air, to water, to products, to all of that because most people don’t know. They don’t know. Education. Not only educating people and what’s actually going on but providing solutions that are natural and organic to make as substitutions and also to repair the damage. I know that’s why god sent me back to America and brought what I’m doing now through me. There’s just that passion inside. We’ve got to make new choices. One of the biggest things that has come forward in my belief and what I’ve seen is GMO for instance. GMO is a common term. Most people now won’t understand. “Oh yeah, GMO.” But most people don’t. It’s like because it’s become such a household term, they don’t truly know what it means and what that means.

‏‏GMO, the only thing that I know is that it’s Genetically Modified Organism meaning there is some genetical interference that was done by mankind that can cause illnesses and it can cause even infertility in people that consumed this product plus they are depleted from nutrients.

‏‏Exactly. If we want to look at a definition, a GMO is a Genetically Modified Organism. It’s when the DNA of an organism, not a plant, an organism, has been genetically wired with genes of a virus, a bacteria, a plant or an organism. Basically, that means organisms. There’s so much going on with how bad health is and how people’s brains are off kilter and their hormones are out of whack. Let’s just go back to this, the DNA of an organism—I just love this because I use these generic terms so we don’t really understand what it is.

‏‏You know when you say that, I imagine something from aliens.

‏‏That’s it. Now get this, according to Dr. Oz, 80% of every choice that the average American is making every day has genetically modified organisms in it. 80%, at least 80%. I thought Whole Foods—they put up educational signs. I love that they put them in these tiny little things. I want to share with you a really powerful story. But first, I want to tell you that I saw Whole Foods—I told you, I get really passionate about this—it is probable, they did not say possible, it is probable that there is no such thing as a truly organic food in America due to cross pollination indirect. That’s the truth. Mother nature, you cannot mess with mother nature. When you’re planting seeds, real seeds, they grow in the same regions. You have a broccoli field that’s 100% organic growing in the same field as the broccoli field that’s GMO. You don’t think that mother nature is going to take some of that pollen and that GMO seed is now on the broccoli that’s organic? No, no way. You do not mess with mother nature. Let’s just look at this, we have an organism that’s being infused with a virus, a bacteria, an insecticide, or a plant. That basically means our food is bloated with viruses, bacteria, insecticides which are a.k.a. poisons, it’s what they put to plants to kill things, and organisms. You start to think, okay, well that’s alarming. Then they are taking those seeds and they’re creating things like citric acid, natural flavors. That’s how they’re labeled in our foods. Then you want to take it one step further. I was thinking about this and this is really scary. It’s like everything is a science project. No wonder why people are so sick, they have these mystery illnesses. I have so many good stories for you. Then, I started to think back to remembering when we were in Science class. In Science class, I remember learning that there was such a small percentage of our genes that actually determined what we looked like. Do you remember that? Did you learn that?

‏‏I was probably out in the park playing my guitar.

‏‏Okay. I am a Science geek and I can sit and meditate for days and get lost in the ethers.

‏‏You know what’s funny? I became geeky as I grew older. It’s kind of interesting.

‏‏I started remembering how we learned how very small our actual genes are. The smallest percentage of our genes actually determined what we actually look like and they are always talking about how we’re actually mostly the same with this small little percentage. I started doing some research. There’s a stat in the New York Times that quoted one of the high level medical professionals at a Manhattan-based hospital. According to the stat that came forward, only 0.01% of our genes make up what we look like. That means that 99.99% of our genes don’t have anything to do with what we look like on the outside. Does that makes sense to you?


‏‏Then, I just started to think about how does this translate to food and GMO, like GMO foods? If I have a piece of broccoli, I like to use the broccoli analysis, is really 0.01% of the genes of that broccoli actual broccoli, and then the 99.99% the bacteria and the organism and the insecticides? Do you see what I’m saying? When you start to mess with the genes of the food, we don’t know how much of that GMO food is GMO and how much of that might actually be food.

‏‏What will be your advice to what can we eat?

‏‏This is the best thing we could do in America, is we seriously have to go 100% organic. You have to go 100% organic and not only do you have to do that but to take it one step further, and I’m not going to put have to have to, but I do stand by with organic but I strongly recommend shifting from animal products to a predominantly plant-based diet. Here’s why, because animals consume grains and genetically modified feed. A lot of the animals are eating GMO feed and that’s feeding and developing the animals. Then we’re eating that animal. We’re not eating the GMO directly but we’re eating the animal that’s eating that. We are the food that we eat.

‏‏Even with organic grass fed, pasture raised?

‏‏When you do the deeper research, you start to see that there’s some interesting language about how much actually has to be organic. Most of it isn’t 100%. It’s just what I recommend. I know that it’s not the easiest for everyone. Truthfully, your body, it spends so much energy digesting animal products anyways that that is actually stealing your life force. Here’s another thing, media and marketing are so brilliant. Protein is not animal, protein is amino acids. It’s just about getting your amino acids combined in the right way. Chlorella, an algae, a superfood, I love this product, I stand by it, it’s just in my cleanse protocol, it has more protein per ounce than red meat.

Protein is not animal, protein is amino acids.

‏‏A few years ago, it was a long time ago, it’s more than a few years ago, maybe 18 years ago, I went to a part of the Dead Sea that is not very touristy and it’s kind of wild. I went there with a friend of mine and we camped the night there. It’s really wild and you have the Dead Sea and you have natural sweet water pools and mud pools, it’s really cool. We met there a very strange man. He was actually American. He was obviously crazy but he was super skinny and super ripped and he looked like somebody who lived on an island for years by himself. He has this vision that the world is going to come to an end and he’s going to survive on algae. This is the only thing he ate. He just ate algae which could make you really sick if you’re not used to it. This was his main source of food. He looked pretty healthy but it was very weird.

‏‏It’s pretty incredible, when you look at Chlorella, it’s ability to quadruple its RNA is off the charts.

‏‏What’s a RNA?

‏‏Basically, that’s like DNA. RNA is like a form of DNA. It basically tells your cells what to do. It’s like free cells. It’s like free perfect DNA, free perfect cells. It’s so amazing. Then it has so many other incredible factors. It’s a complete fat. It has the perfect fatty chain. It has all the proteins. It’s an antioxidant. It binds with inorganic materials in the GI tract and it helps pull chemicals through. Another thing to share, people don’t know this but there’s like 7 million chemicals created and 85,000 of them are commonly used in our lifestyle products, on our paints, in our food, they’re in our food. None of these have been tested for human safety. We have radioactive elements in our water supply. The cities don’t purify the water, they treat the water. That means they add more chemicals. Then there’s the by product. These are the things that I get really passionate about. When people are hanging onto their morning coffee and they’re so petrified to give it up for just a couple of days. It’s like, “Well, you guys, I just would love to see you to do something to be preventive.”

‏‏What’s wrong with coffee?

‏‏Coffee is an incredible hormone disruptor and it’s also super acidic. Those are just the two big things. You know what, you’re probably going to find research—here’s the truth about nutrition, whatever research they want to find to prove, they will. Then there’ll be a new study. But the truth is, coffee is acidic. It goes into your intestines and it starts to rip up your intestines. Boom. It also blocks your hormones. Terrible for women, terrible.

‏‏I just had Dave Asprey from Bulletproof Coffee on the show. He will disagree with you.

‏‏I know. It’s interesting. I love Dave. Dave’s great. He’s really wonderful. He’s getting people so motivated. I love it. I love his energy and his drive. He’s all about performance and I’m all about performance. For him, it’s bulletproof coffee. My secret ingredient for performance is cleansing and I do it not by trying to figure out how to manipulate this so that it’ll work, I’m going back to nature. I just want to get back to the basics. The true healing properties of coffee are more in the aroma. The aroma is the true healing for that. Sometimes it’s food, sometimes things are to rub on the skin. Coffee, it’s about the aroma. I think that’s one of the reasons people stay so addicted because our sense of smell is so powerful. It’s one of the most powerful things we have.

‏‏Caffeine is very addictive just like sugar. It fires parts in the brain that create addiction. By the way listeners, if you want to listen to Dave Asprey’s episode, just go check out episode 38. We actually didn’t talk about coffee but we talked about body hacking and mind hacking. If you love this episode, you’re going to love Dave’s episode, episode 38. Let’s talk about cleansing and why you are so passionate about cleansing and how do you cleanse.

‏‏Okay, I’m going to share with you how I got hooked on cleansing. I did my first cleanse in India. I was scared to death. When I went through this process, I finally surrendered and I was like, “Okay, I’m letting go of this illusion of control.” I checked to the ashram and I just said, “Whatever you guys feed me and have for me, I’m doing it,” It was really through using specific foods and special herbs. What happened Orion was my life—another one of those pivotal, life-changing experiences. Within a matter of three days, I picked up a science book and read it like it was the 15th time. So much to the point I understood all of the concepts, I remembered all of the Sanskrit words, I could talk scientifically and I went in and I scheduled an appointment with the doctors because I had to talk about what I was learning because I’m a geek. And I really like people, so I’m really social too.

‏‏You’re a social geek.

‏‏I am. I’m a social geek.

‏‏My husband has a podcast. It’s called The Optimized Geek.


‏‏Oh yeah. He’s a geek gone wild. But it’s basically about optimizing your mind, body, spirit, everything.

‏‏I think he and I might really get along because that’s exactly what I do with the cleanse. It’s all about optimizing your physical, mental, and emotional body so that you can truly be a spiritual being having a human experience and bringing your authentic self into the world.

‏‏Dr. Wayne Dyer. That’s what I heard him saying. We are a spiritual being having a human experience.

‏‏Wow. Wayne Dyer. He’s one of the legends, right?

‏‏I love him, yes.

‏‏My brain totally changed. I was like, “Wow, this is addictive.” It was like Einstein. A few days later, I woke up and weight had just literally fallen off of my body so fast and so rapidly. They actually sent me home early from the detox.


‏‏They didn’t believe that I was purging. They didn’t believe I was eating. I was the only one actually ordering seconds at every meal. Then, I finished my detox and two days later, I woke up and I literally watched myself vibrate and release mental and emotional suffering. I was like holy crap. When I let that go, I watched it. There was a lot of purging out of my body. I excreted all of my toxins out of my body. Orion, I was unstoppable. I was so empowered, so alive. I had energy like I’ve never experienced my entire life. I had freedom. And I just knew that I could do anything. I also had a total clarity and connectivity with spirit. For me, I like to say God. I don’t use God in a biblical term. I use God as that deeper experience of there’s an energy that’s greater that’s obviously working somehow in our galaxy if you will. That to me is God. I just felt super tuned in, tuned in to myself, super clear and it’s unstoppable. I was like, “I am hooked.” That’s how I got into it. Like I said, I ended up going and I was at a healing clinic with an Ayurvedic practitioner and his whole team helping people that were working with cancer and tumors. I was the only student in there learning with them. I was there. Then I went to Thailand and I had to learn about how to cleanse and detox and manage the detox programs and really learn the ins and outs. Then I went to Australia, then I got really into just the deeper dive of how to macerate these herbs. By this point, I learned the importance of herbs as a way to get these toxins, the physical, the mental, and the emotional, and when they’re extracted right, you can actually get the energetic property and the medicinal property of the herbs. It really needs to be done in a way so that it’s therapeutic grade. Because if you’re going to do this, you want to use the absolute, most powerful potent herbs that you can, the formulas, because you want to have the greatest impact. That’s how I got so passionate about it. When I was in Australia, people were asking me. I was lecturing on the metabolism. I also managed a metabolic testing lab here in Los Angeles. I knew the science and I could see and help people understand from a scientific perspective why it is so critical to consistently detox because your toxins are what’s blocking metabolic reactions. That’s like 90% of your moment to moment experience. When they’re coming into your body through your food, through the air that you’re breathing and through your lifestyle products that you’re putting on your face, on your skin, paints, the chemicals on your laundry detergents, your body’s bombarded. You’ve got to get them out and you need to do it consistently. All my cute little students, they’re like, “Well, put us on something.” I said, “There’s not a product on the market that I would even use because no one’s doing it at the level that I believe it needs to be done.” They said, “Well then create something.” I grit my teeth, and swallowed a little bit and I did.

‏‏I know you have your own brand, your own cleanse. Why don’t you share a bit about that?

‏‏Totally. Thank you so much. It’s a 21-day cleansing nutrition program that really walks you through a process to pull the toxins out of your body, reset your metabolism, get your hormones, your brain, your energy back up where it can operate in its peak performance while simultaneously aligning your food choices with plant-based nutrition. It’s not about starvation and deprivation, it’s about aligning with real whole foods and we provide a step-by-step protocol. It’s really a turnkey detox in a box and it uses my therapeutic grade herbal formulas. The formulas are really special. It’s really special because first of all, all of the ingredients are 100% organic or wildcrafted, there’s no fillers, there’s no binders, there’s no sweeteners, there’s no preservatives. It’s truly just mother nature medicine in a powerful punch. We individually extract each herb according to its unique alchemy with alcohol, water, and glycerin. Because most products that you’re seeing on the market, people will put all the herbs in one bat, they’ll throw low-level of alcohol in there because it’s very expensive. To save on product and to save on labor, they just do it all together. Then the herbs, the medicinal property, will be low grade. Instead, what we do is we do each herb individually so that it could really work its individual alchemy with the alcohol water content. Each herb also has a slightly different extraction process based on how that herb is in nature and how we can actually also harness the energetic properties of the herb. We blend them and once they’re blended, we send out or testing for heavy metals, agatoxin, arsenic, e. coli, and microbacteria. We really go above and beyond to ensure that it’s only the best. I won’t take anything that’s not.

Each herb also has a slightly different extraction process based on how that herb is in nature. Click To Tweet

‏‏Nice. Where can people find you?

‏‏People can find me on my website. It’s nykkihardin.com. That’s where I am, that’s where the product sells. I’m also there to answer any questions if anyone has any questions or if I can provide education for any audiences if people have groups of people that they feel would value from learning this education. I’m really here to help spread the education so people can make different choices and then provide solutions for those if it’s right for them, to really be proactive and preventive in their health.

‏‏Wonderful. Before we finish, what are your three quick steps to living a stellar life?

‏‏Cleanse, obviously. I do it four times a year. That, to me, just keeps your physical, your mental, and your emotional at the top of its game. You have so much drive and so much clarity, and the confidence to just go. It’s awesome. Then you also want to back that with meditation. I believe meditation is one of the key things to really understanding what’s going on in the more subtle bodies so that you can relieve stress, it’s one of the incredible ways and it’s also to see what’s going on in your consciousness so you can make shifts. The third thing I want to say is love. To me, that will also be devotion. They kind of go together in my mind because love is so important. It’s important to have love from the inside out and to have that devotion to doing what’s right for you, to making choices that are right for you, that are in line with your path. It’s important to have that love and that devotion to your spiritual practice and that connection to something that’s greater than we are because I think when you have that deep connection to something that’s greater than us, there’s a level of support that comes in that can really help solidify you at the center. Because no matter what you go through, you know that spirit’s got your back. Then, the third expression of love and devotion is to really make sure that you’re putting that focus out in our life, in your relationships and showing up with the people that you love in a space of love and acceptance and practicing making devotion to really supporting them and being that loving vessel out in the world.

‏‏Beautiful. Thank you very much, Nykki. I appreciate you.

‏‏Thank you so much. This has been so wonderful. Thank you for letting me talk your ear off.

‏‏Thank you. Bye.


Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Start your body cleanse by clearing out the unhealthy food in your fridge. Food affects your overall performance so it’s best to get rid of toxins and fuel right. 

✓ Avoid GMOs and change to 100% organic when buying your groceries. Know where your food is coming from and keep your diet predominantly plant-based. 

✓ Go on an adventure by visiting a new country. Learn from a different culture and meet new people to broaden your understanding of the world. 

✓ Control your emotions during stressful or anxious situations so that you don’t succumb to stress related eating. Instead, address that feeling with something healthier such as exercise or meditation. 

✓ Push your will to change, commit to your goals and follow a clear path that will lead you to complete transformation. It will not be easy but it will be worth it. 

✓ Avoid self-criticism and continue to find the good in you every day. Instead of focusing on the bad, highlight the good and be hopeful and determined that you will reach your goal.

✓ Avoid bottling your feelings up and find ways to express yourself freely. It can be through writing in a journal, creating art, or making music. 

✓ Refrain from drinking too much caffeine because it’s high in acidity and it disrupts the hormones.

✓ Spend quality time “off the grid” and connect with nature. The outdoors are perfect for mental and spiritual cleansing. 

✓ Do an overall cleanse 2-4 times a year. Attend Nykki’s 21-day cleansing nutrition program that helps you get rid of all the toxins in your body. You can find her at www.nykkihardin.com

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