Episode 318 | May 16, 2023

Clear Trapped Emotions with Frank Elaridi

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. I hope to connect with you metaphysically, and see our distance become an illusion. My amazing guest, Frank Elaridi, the renowned celebrity healer, shares powerful insights into how our hearts and emotions impact our lives. In this episode, we dive deep into Frank’s healing power to clear negative emotions and blocks. Frank also discusses how he helps people get unstuck from old patterns that keep them from the careers, relationships, and health they desire.

Frank Elaridi is a 4-time Emmy-Award-Winning journalist who has covered everything from Syrian refugee camps to the Academy Awards. In addition, he is a highly sought-after celebrity healer with expertise in wellness and spirituality. With over 40 million views and 150,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Frank’s work has inspired many to activate their pineal gland, explore the benefits of plant medicine, and discover new adventures.

Join us for this captivating podcast episode, where we explore Frank’s journey and how he helps people overcome their emotional blocks. Learn about his approach to release trapped emotions and how it can help you achieve your goals. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Frank Elaridi. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show!



In This Episode

  • [03:01] – Orion welcomes Fran Elaridi, a 4-time Emmy-Award-Winning Journalist who became a highly sought-after celebrity healer.
  • [03:53] – Frank discusses how storytelling became his driving force. He also talks about emotional code and muscle testing.
  • [08:43] – What are the connections between quantum fields and quantum entanglements?
  • [17:00] – Frank discusses the aspects he needed to heal to become who he is today.
  • [20:00] – What is Kriya Yoga?
  • [26:00] – Orion and Frank talk about energy.
  • [34:10] – Frank explains to Orion what might be keeping her from connecting with her spirit.
  • [43:32] – Frank enumerates his top tips for a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hey, Frank. Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Hey, Orion. Thank you for having me. We had to reschedule for Passover last time. Now we’re back.

Yes, we’re back. I’m so excited to be talking to you. You are a very, very special, unique being. The first time I heard you was on Luke Storey’s podcast. That’s how I got to know you. I was so impressed with the interview and who you are that I wanted to have you on the show and get to know you, so here we are.

I’m honored. Anytime I get to be interviewed by someone named Orion, I’m happy.

You’re welcome. Before we begin, can you share your origin story, not from the stars, but from your childhood on how you became a journalist, a storyteller, and a renowned healer?

I have always loved storytelling in every way. It was my driving force in everything that I did growing up. I wanted to be an actor. My mom was like, “Please, go to college.” So, I majored in journalism, and I fell in love with it. It became my passion— telling people’s stories, going out there, seeing what I can get and putting it together is so fulfilling.

Surrendering means trusting that the universe had a different plan and being open to following that path instead of trying to force your own. Click To Tweet

Little did I know that that would lead me to create a YouTube channel where I get to tell the stories I wanted to talk about—spirituality, health, and things like that. That led me to unlock my abilities in being a healer and documenting phenomena worldwide. I thought I was getting into journalism for one thing, and it ended up being completely other things. It was the avenue that took me to my healing abilities and potential.

That’s a very unique path for a journalist. It’s almost like your destiny was supposed to do what you do no matter how you got there.

Surrender is a big one. Massive.

What was your surrender like? 

I remember one time going to a Curandera in Mexico, a healer. My friend, Brian, took me to her. She was telling me in Spanish through the translator that I am a healer. I was like, “No, I’m a journalist.” It’s like being seen as something other than a journalist, even though I liked that she called me a healer. 

In my personal life, I was healing people very similar to what she did. She used magnets to clear things from people, and I did the same, but I wasn’t broadcasting it. I was doing it with friends, family, and whoever they would bring to me. The surrender was trusting that the universe and the creation had a different plan, just to follow that and stop trying to force it.

An inner awakening is just you connecting with the energy that already surrounds you.

How did you start dealing with people? When was the first time you knew you had that gift?

The first time was with Dr. Bradley Nelson. I saw him working with magnets to clear people. He did it for me and showed me how to do it.

He has a method called The Emotion Code and taught me how to do that. It was incredible, that was the thing that permitted me to start working with people.

My guide and my abilities started to come through. My intuition got stronger and stronger. But it’s only the beginning. Something massive will happen when I turn 38, which is in 4 years. That will be the next step in my newer abilities and awakenings.

What is the Emotion Code like? 

The Emotion Code is the starting point of what I do, but it goes much further than that. What it is using muscle testing, which David Hawkins first described in an amazing book called Power vs. Force, is an amazing book.

All these things from childhood that are now creating imbalances in our lives, whether in romance, health, or finances, I find those blocks and clear them using magnets.

I have my podcast, The Quite Frankly, and I always ask the guests to recommend a book. Almost 40% of the guests have mentioned Power vs. Force.

It’s incredible. They talked about muscle testing using your hands. Sometimes you might see a holistic doctor. They put your arm out, they push down, and they see if it’s strong or weak, depending on different herbs that they’re talking about to see if it’s right for your body. That’s called muscle testing.

The Emotion Code is just a series of charts that help guide me to the right place when I identify the block that a person has, which could be a shock from age ten, self-abuse from age five or guilt from age seven. All these things from childhood that are now creating imbalances in our lives, whether in romance, health, or whatever, finances, I find those blocks and just clear them using magnets.

There is a magnet that I got from that healer in Mexico. She showed me how to use it. I got a message this morning from an incredible client, and my whole family dynamic has changed since we started working together. 

Do you do your sessions on Zoom?

90% are on Zoom.

And people get the magnets?

No, I do it for them. We’re all connected. It’s one thing to understand on a logical level. But when you understand it on a metaphysical or energetic level, there is no distance, remote, in-person, online, or offline. Either way, even if I’m working with someone in person, what I do is clear myself using the magnet. Even if you’re standing right next to me because I’m doing it on myself for the person I’m working with.

That’s amazing. I do believe in quantum fields and quantum entanglement. It started for me with the movie What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? I believe in that connection. I also had Philipp and Cru.

I love them. I have a Leela bloc right behind me.

Yeah, I’m close to Cru. I adore her.

That’s awesome. I have her and Philipp on the podcast. I’ve recorded two separate episodes with them. Cru is an amazing healer as well, but she’s not public with her work. It was all just word of mouth.

Yeah, she just launched her website. Did she work with you?

I told her in 2021, “You’re going to start being public in 2023, so don’t worry. Take your time.” I forgot that I told her that. She was like, “You told me I was going to do my first podcast in 2023, but I didn’t know it was going to be yours.” I didn’t know that either at the time.

That’s incredible. When you do healing, do you ever get hurt? Does it ever affect you? Do you take on other people’s suffering?

Figuring out my abilities and realizing that I absorb many things from many people was a learning process.

I did in the beginning, but I don’t anymore. It was a learning process for me, figuring out my abilities and realizing that I absorb a lot of things for a lot of people. I had been doing it my whole life. Cru said it, too. I’m so strong that I didn’t realize I was taking everything on for everybody because I thought I could handle it.

After doing it professionally and working with people around sexual abuse or some big trauma, as soon as we hung up the call, I’d run to the bathroom and start throwing up. I was like, “Okay, I can’t do this anymore.” 

I thought it was only the serious trauma, but then I realized it was happening with all of them. Now I’ve learned to disconnect. I’m not taking it on for the person. I realize this is your experience. I have my own experience. I’m here to facilitate and clear things. But I’m not absorbing it for that person. I’m not going to hold on to it for them.

Do you like to interview people more, or do you like to heal people more?

So different. I love interviewing people because I am interested, and I’m naturally a very curious person. For example, when I was doing a story, when I was doing it as a TV journalist, it was not as fulfilling. But when I’m doing it for YouTube or now my new podcast, it’s so much more fulfilling because I’m just starting with super basic questions.

We’re just having the most basic conversation. But from there, we get to a place where they start telling me the things that keep them up at night and things like that. We go to a really deep place but start very casually. We’re just talking and getting to know each other on camera.

That, for me, is so fulfilling because then, I think I get to learn a lot about the guest, and the people listening get to connect with somebody. I just had Dave Asprey on. I was like, “Listen, in the very beginning, before we started, there are enough videos of you where your people are learning about how to hack your sleep or how to fast. I want to know what drives you and why you want to share everything with the world.”

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins MD, PhD

That’s what I want to know, the real stuff. I think that’s so fulfilling, but there’s nothing like getting these emails and text messages from people every single day about things happening in their lives after a session with me. It’s pretty, pretty balanced.

What do you want to be? It seems like you’re very young and you achieved a lot already. What’s next for you? What do you want?

I love that question. As I was speaking with Dave, I asked him the same thing. I think it‘s just that to always be open to change into a new phase in life. I went from being a journalist to a healer to an author to a YouTuber. Now, who knows?

Now I’m starting a podcast. It’s now coming into a new phase of my life. Just always be open to what’s in front of me instead of me trying to dictate and explain to live what I want. We have no idea what’s coming tomorrow or in the next 20 years. 

I could be living in a cave or a monastery in 10 years. I could find myself in the Himalayas. I can just give it all up tomorrow. Or I might go the opposite route and say, “This is it.” I’m going to make this the biggest podcast in the world. Who knows? Just stay open, but right now, this is what I love.

What about love, relationships, and family?

I don’t see it for myself, but who knows? I’m having a lot of fun right now. 

Cherish those days. I went to the storage unit yesterday. I had to get some old documents, and then I saw some of my writings from 15 years ago. The way I was writing, it was so juicy. I read some of my journals, and I used to be so wild.

Were you documenting it all?

It was nice to see it and see everything that I experienced. My creativity goes more into my family and other things. It just shifts, it changes. There is a part of me that is yearning to go back to that little bit freer, more butterfly-like.

I always tell people we should work on clearing everything around our hearts.

You can. It’s one of these rules that we create. It’s different, but you can like something or add something. It doesn’t have to be as juicy as you said, as it was before, but there’s always something you can add.

Life is beautiful. Just seeing my son every morning and his angelic face is the utmost joy. I can’t even explain what it does to me. We always want things we don’t have. We’re always expanding, evolving, changing, and wanting more things.

What did you have to heal in yourself in order to be who you are today?

Seriously, that is a good question. I’m constantly clearing up for myself all the time. The big ones, and the one that I always tell people that we should work on, is clear everything around your heart. If some people come to me and they’re like, “I don’t know what to do,” I say, “Clear your heart because people can feel your heart as soon as you walk into a room.

How do I clear my heart?

Come to me. That’s what I do for people. Honestly, the biggest thing someone can do is come to people like me. An acupuncturist or energy worker is going to be amazing. But if you’re on your own, the biggest thing to do for a sustainable practice is to start a kriya yoga practice. There are different kinds.

I’ve worked with, and I talked to Luke about this. I don’t know if I talked to him about this on the show that you saw, but I know we’ve talked about it before.

I don’t remember. It was a long time ago. You hear these conversations, and you’re just like, “Oh, that was awesome” when they talk about something.

One of the things I talked about with him—it might have been off camera—is Ayahuasca. I’ve worked with plant medicine so many times. I remember one specific ceremony with a Shipibo Shaman from the Amazon. She was incredible and powerful, the most powerful shaman I’ve ever worked with.

It sent me to a place where I’m connected with the creation and the oneness we all are. I almost was not going to come back to my body; I was done. It took me six months to feel back in my body again. I was so in and out, in and out, in and out. I said I’ll never do this again.

What was so amazing that you didn’t want to come back?

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It wasn’t even that it was so amazing. It was almost like you realized how unreal it is where we are now. The illusion, the dream, just became boring for me. I became so uninterested.

The movie became a movie set.

Exactly. The movie became a movie set. I was like, “Oh, now I understand how the effects work. It’s not fun anymore.” But my whole point is that I did Ayahuasca again because a family member wanted to go, so I took her. We went to Costa Rica, and I was like, “I’m not going to drink.”

I did end up drinking two of the four nights, but I was completely in my power. I did not succumb to the medicine and just sat there in perfect meditation for eight hours. Experiencing it, witnessing it, but not crying, laughing, and purging. No, I was sitting there in meditation. Everyone around me has their tornado experience.

The only difference from that one before to this one, six months later, is that I had started a kriya yoga practice every morning—I still am.

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

What is kriya yoga? I’ve never done that.

The most common one that people in the West know is from Paramahansa Yogananda, who wrote the Autobiography of a Yogi. He has Self-Realization Centers nationwide, and they teach kriya yoga. Sadhguru has one.

There was one where you could join online.

Yeah, exactly. It’s called Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. I’ve done that. Sri Ravi Shankar from the Art of Living has his version of kriya yoga. There are all these different kriya yogas you can be initiated in. They’re all different, but they’re all the same in their effect.

That is the most powerful thing you can do because little by little, every single day, you’re energizing the body, you’re bringing in more light, more breath, and you become this higher version of yourself. Honestly, the best thing I recommend to anyone is getting into kriya yoga. Nobody wants to do it because it’s a lot of work, it’s a commitment, it’s daily, but that’s the way, just having a strong daily practice.

I did a healing session with a couple of guys that they have at Angel Team. In that healing session, I started hearing ringing in my ears. Every once in a while, I hear it. What they say is that its messages are trying to come through but not being decoded. What do you think it is?

That’s not accurate from when I muscle test it. I’m not sure what it is. Luke has a ringing in his ears constantly in one of his ears. It’s constantly loud ringing for 24 hours.

One of my friends and clients told me she sometimes has that. She said it’s the universe. She’s Jewish but Kabbalah, so the mystical side. She’s very deep in Kabbalism. Her teacher said it was probably some kind of message trying to come through.

Yeah, because it only happens at certain times. It doesn’t happen constantly. I feel like someday, I’m going to have a major awakening, and they’ll see the Maya. I had a glimpse of it.

Awakening is just you being aware of what’s already there.

Your heart radiates a warmth felt by others from the moment you enter a room. Make sure you’re radiating positive energy.

Yes. I had moments of awakening, but I’m not fully into it 24/7. I got glimpses into, in Kabbalah, the 1% beyond. We only see the 1% here in this reality. I have glimpsed beyond the veil a few times in my life. I feel like awakening has levels of it. There are moments of it, but it’s not necessarily constant.

In Hindu tradition, there’s Maya. Maya is the Goddess, the illusion. All of this is all Maya. I love the way of my astrologer. He’s a Vedic astrologer. His name is Jade Luna. What I love about him and his teachings is the way he described it.

He says that there are people like you and like me. We pop our heads up through the veil. Maya does that on purpose. She puts this illusion with all these temptations in the past, present, and karma so that you can get distracted, but she’s waiting to see who’s going to pop their head up above the veil and says, “Okay, I’ll use you.” Then we become the teachers, the messengers, and whatever else.

There’s this veil of consciousness where you’re getting a glimpse and peeking your head above the veil. This becomes more awareness little by little. You do things like this podcast. That’s your dharma.

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Yeah. I’m also a coach, and I do hypnotherapy. When I’m in session with people, it’s almost like I become different. It’s like a bubble is created between me and the person. There is this stream of knowing that is going through. If I don’t know what to ask, I’m just asking what’s my next question. Sometimes the weirdest questions come, but they lead to magnificent revelations. Do you ever get stuck in an interview where you don’t know what to say or what to ask?

No, I have the opposite problem where I’m trying to learn how to shut up. We’ll look at the interview, and I’m like, “Man, I talk a lot.”

No, I love you. You are so perfect. Don’t change anything, please. Your interviews are phenomenal. Everyone should go to your YouTube channel and check it out. What’s the name of your YouTube channel?

It’s just my name, Frank Elaridi. If you look for that, they’ll find it, or even youtube.com/frankelaridi. There’s a new tab on the YouTube channel called Quite Frankly, where I’ll be uploading all the interviews of the videos I’m doing on my podcast.

The first three interviews are with Dr. Daniel Amen, Dave Asprey, Brian Austin-Green and his wife, Sharna Burgess. He was on 90210, and she was on Dancing with the Stars, where she and I became friends because I was a host backstage, and she was one of the dancers.

It’s incredible conversations with them and things they’ve never talked about before. Dr. Daniel Amen is an incredible psychiatrist, but he teaches people. He coaches people through having a healthy brain. I learned so much.

Oh, my goodness. Amazing. I did a brain scan with Dr. Amen.

Nice. Did you do it in Costa Mesa or Florida?

In Costa Mesa. A while ago, my brain ran hot. There is so much going on all the time. But what he told me is that I’d rather run hot than run cold. I’m like, “Okay, I’ll go with it.”

Better to be overstimulated than understimulated.

Give me some GABA, and I’ll be fine.

Yeah. Because we’re both Middle Eastern, we have that fire.

It’s better to be overstimulated than understimulated.

Sometimes it’s too much fire. I try to contain it.

Me too. I think they like it.

What’s your fire look like?

It’s intense. The way I look at people is very intense, so I always try to, as you said, dumb it down a little bit.

You are intense in your photos. Your eyes are so beautiful and big. Just looking at your photos, I can be intimidated. Even when you’re so tough, it’s the type of power that you cannot hide even when you try. I feel like I’ve done it and still do it. Maybe we’ll do it in the future, try not to do it, or I will try to dim it down, so other people will feel more comfortable around me. It’s a process for me.

Do you feel like you find yourself wanting to dim your light sometimes?

I feel like I used to, and I don’t anymore. The only time I think I do is when I don’t want to be bothered or questioned or I want to just blend in. I just keep my head down and walk. I can tell anywhere, even if I’m at the airport or something. I just feel people staring.

You’re unique. The way you look is unique, but it’s more than that. I feel like people’s energy comes through their photos as well as in person.

I believe that. I did a class once in Germany. Maybe you saw the video, I’m not sure, where they’ve covered our eyes, and we can still see everything. I learned how to do this. It was in Germany. It’s like activating the third eye.

This is an amazing thing. Please share with us.

One of the reasons why the YouTube channel became so popular is because I started going around the world and showing these events where we would take people’s eyes shut, blindfold them, and they could still see everything. The one in Germany is where I learned how to do it myself.

You can feel somebody’s energy even through a photo.

They wanted me to be careful about what I showed in class because then people would try to do it at home, and it can be dangerous if you don’t do it under a teacher and guidance. What I didn’t show on camera was give us photos, and we would have to tell her which people in the photos were still alive and which were dead. The reason we can do that is because, like you said, even through a photo, you can feel somebody’s energy. It should come through. That was one of the practices we had to do.

Maybe indigenous cultures didn’t want people to take their photos because they felt like they were taking a part of their soul.

Yeah, good point. You’re right. I’m not sure why.

I have 50,000 photos on my phone. Not all of them are mine, most of them are my son’s. Do we have parts of our souls captured in our photos? It’s just an interesting thing.

You know what’s interesting is when you asked that, I muscle-tested it just to ask. I said it is good for the soul, and it tests the weak. When I say it is better not to take photos, it goes strong. Maybe you’re right. Maybe they knew something. I’ll have to explore that further and see why. What you can do is take the photo and put it in a Leela bloc. Do you ever do that?

Yeah, all the time. 

I love doing that all the time. I have my brother’s picture in there right now.

I chose a different necklace before. I chose this one and put it in the Leela bloc, but then it didn’t fit the dress, so this one is not charged in the Leela bloc. Do you upgrade your blocs a lot?

Kriya Yoga is the most powerful thing you can do to energize your body, bring in more light and breath, and become a higher version of yourself.

No, I’ve never done it. I don’t know how to do it. I know they have instructional videos, but I’m too lazy. I have never done it.

It’s so easy. You take them apart. You put it in the other one for 45 minutes. Just every time you upgrade, you have to wait.

If you have two blocs, one and two, you probably charged one in the other when you got them, right?

No. I’ve never charged them. I’ve just put them together, and that’s it.

You charge one inside the other, and then the one you charge becomes number two. You put a sticker on the bottom for number two. Then you charge number one and number two, and it becomes three. Put a sticker on because you’ll forget.

I need to have somebody do that for me. I’m speaking at the Biohacking Conference in June. Maybe I’ll take both with me and ask Philipp to help me.

When you speak, you have a lot of people that you bring on stage, and you show and demonstrate The Emotional Code.

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Yeah, let’s do it. There are two things. We can clear your heart, that’s a good thing to do. Or if there’s anything that comes to mind that you want to work on, a certain area of life that’s being blocked, or even if there’s anything that’s contributing to you feeling like you have to dim yourself down, any of that.

Yes, because when you spoke about Cru, she’s such an amazing, best-kept secret, and now she’s starting to open up. She has a new website and is starting to work with more people. I’m sure she’s going to be very well-known. With me, I feel like when it comes to my career, I play small. Even with this podcast, it could have been way bigger. What do you see around that and around me playing small?

That’s perfect. I’m going to take a second and connect with you. How old are you now?

I don’t want to say it on the show.

Okay, let me see if I can do it without it because I need some of them cleared. Most of them, I won’t need it, so that’s okay. Let’s just do it without it first. The only reason it’s more exciting for people to know when I do it with age is that it’ll match up with a certain event in your life, but you can just tell us if it does or not or if you remember what it is.

Anything keeping you from dimming yourself down should be cleared.

I celebrated my birthday two weeks ago, and I was 27 again, but I’m not 27.

I remember when my mom turned 40 or something, and I was a little kid. She was like, “This is a big deal. You only turn 40 three times.”

Do you know why I’m not doing age right now or not sharing my age? Because I listened to Dr. Dispenza talking about this experiment where they took people to war in their 70s and 80s. For five days, they made them be 22, where they had a Marilyn Monroe poster on the wall and their favorite music, and they played the same games.

For five days, they were 22. They measured biomarkers, the length of their spine, and the length of their nails. Everything changed after five days. Their nails grew longer, and their spine was straighter. I’ve decided to do that myself since my birthday two weeks ago, so I apologize.

Good for you. What age did you choose?


Good, I like it. Perfect.

On my birthday cake was ‘Happy 27th birthday, Orion.’

That’s so cool. All right, let’s see what comes up. I’m going to ask the spirit if I can connect with you.

This body person sets the intention for enlightened consciousness to flow through, to experience a purity of my consciousness and to cast out an expression of consciousness. It’s now fully my own for this session. Please, may I connect with Orion? Whoever she was at birth, whoever she is now, can I clear for her? Okay, anything that’s keeping the light.

Creative insecurity is not stuck in one place like most emotions are. It’s reverberating throughout your whole body.

Anything that’s keeping you from dimming yourself down, you should start with the emotions. We will start with something beyond emotions, post-traumatic, offensive, and mental. The first thing is a mental block. The first thing is that you have no will to receive support.

This is from age 17. Do we need to know more? Can I clear this up? Okay, I can clear it. Something happened at age 17, where you thought, I can do it on my own, I have no will to receive support.

Yeah, I ran away from home. After two days, I came back. 

Wow. We cleared it just like that. That’s gone. This feeling of you running away from home and feeling like, “I have no will to receive support, I’m going to do it on my own,” even though you went back home and everything, that’s still stuck. It’s still there.

I was pretty much a rebel when I was young.

There’s also something else. You also have creative insecurity. This creative insecurity is not stuck in one place like most emotions are. It’s reverberating throughout your whole body. It’s almost like we’re ringing a bell, reverberating everywhere. I’m not going to reveal your age, but I know what age you started. Can I clear this up? 

You also have guilt. I can get the age for that too, but we don’t need to, so we’ll clear that. This is where I wanted to go. There is a misalignment in one of your chakras, and it’s the root chakra, which is usually related to family and relationships. The way we clear this is we’re going to find out the associated imbalance that’s causing the misalignment. 

In this case, it’s a cording, an energetic cord that you have with somebody, someone that cut this cord. Usually, a cord is a codependency you have with someone else, like an attachment. There’s a need for their validation. It’s actually from 17. It could be when you left. You created a cord, but let’s see who it was. It was your dad and your mom. What resonates is with your dad.

Maybe, yes. My dad left our home when I was three, so I haven’t seen him since I was eight.

The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

We can still create a cord with somebody. Sometimes I get them with people who are divorced, and then they’ll have a cord with somebody that they were married to, but the cord got created three years after the divorce. Still, it could be something happened that made them miss that person, want to be with them, or something. A cord was created.

This cord that we cleared from age 17. It’s still testing strong for Dad, so somehow, that was created. This is because you brought it up before five or after five. This is going to be a good one. Self-abuse from age eight. Since that time, you stopped seeing him for abuse. When someone brings up something, it’s 90%. Someone will bring something up, and then suddenly, the next thing I clear is around that because now your subconscious has brought it to the surface. There’s self-abuse. Maybe you thought it was your fault when you stopped seeing your dad.

I told him I didn’t want to see him again because he was abusive toward my mom. My mom asked me to ask him to go. I can’t believe this. This is incredible. Wow. I don’t want to tear out on video, but I feel like tearing up. This is crazy.

People have all kinds of emotions when I work with them, so don’t worry. Let’s clear one more thing. This is something that you started broadcasting out like you’re a radio tower, and you’re just emitting this frequency. It says, leave me alone. This is actually from age 12. It’s older.

There were many things in my childhood, but it was at ages six to twelve, and so on.

Let’s clear something from one of your past lives. Let’s see if I can clear the biggest block that you have from a past life that’s still affecting you now. There’s going to be a mental block.

It’s actually from this lifetime. Sorry. They don’t want me to go to another lifetime. It’s from age eight also, it’s no will to share. Usually, that’s no will to share how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking. That no will to share is still affecting you now.

People have all kinds of emotions whenever I work with them.

That’s another thing like not wanting to share your age, not wanting to share certain things like the most powerful thing, whether in a podcast or anything. It’s going to be willing to be vulnerable and completely open. There’s that part of you that’s a big block because I tried to clear something from another life, and they wanted me to clear this now. This was more important for your subconscious. No will to share.

That’s just wonderful. Thank you so much.

You’re so welcome.

You’re just a cool, handsome, lovely person. Seriously, I’m so happy for you.

You’re so amazing. Thank you. I’m so happy to connect.

I’m so happy we got to meet. When you hear your angels, what does it sound like? Is it a feeling? Do you hear them? Do you see a visual of your angels and guides? Are they angels and guides? Are they aliens? Where do they come from? How do they communicate with you?

I don’t know, honestly. I never asked, but they are different. They’re not all the same. They’re not all angels, and they’re not all guides. One of them is my guide, who I called Lance because it’s a common name that I can use but doesn’t have a name. It’s not even a he or she. It is just a being.

I don’t see them or hear them. I get immediate downloads. I got sudden knowing or a sudden answer, and honestly, amazing blessings. I’ll ask for things that would have seemed impossible. Like yesterday, I asked for something work-related, and within minutes it happened. 

For me, it’s usually just a download. I’ll be meditating, asking a question, and getting the answer almost immediately. And it’s not in the form of a voice. It’s like knowing. The flash drive just got put in, and I got it. I don’t hear them or see them. I feel them, and I get the download.

The Goddess that comes to me a lot when I work with them is Lakshmi. Everything is devotion to her.

The Goddess that comes to me a lot when I work with them is Lakshmi. Everything is devotion to her. If I’m devotional to my cat, I’m honoring Lakshmi in them.

Your cats are thanking you for being devotional.

Yeah, they’re happy. Everything, whether it’s feminine or masculine. I’m always worshiping it, loving it, or being devotional as though it’s the energy of Lakshmi. Everything is Lakshmi to me. It’s like Divine Mother.

I wish I could talk to you longer. I want to respect your time. Before we say goodbye for now, what are your three top tips for living a stellar life, and where can people find you?

First thing, stop drinking from plastic water bottles. Please, I beg you. Just stop using plastic in general. It’s so destructive for our bodies, for the Earth. It’s just insane. I know it doesn’t seem spiritual, but it is because this planet will wipe us out way before we wipe it out.

I’m not worried about the planet. The planet is fine. But if we want to continue to be here, live this life, and enjoy it, then just stop using plastic. Also, when you’re drinking from plastic or using plastic, you’re destroying your body. It kills testosterone. It messes with hormones. That’s the first thing, and it’s the easiest thing. Just drink from glass bottles. Everyone can. Just stop making an excuse. 

The other thing is to begin a morning practice, whether breathwork or kriya. Anything like that is massively helpful.

The third thing is always making room for play, fun, and pampering. So many times, we just take life so seriously. It’s only when people get a massive illness, a sickness, or a wake-up call. I would just say, don’t wait for the wake-up call. This is your wake-up call right now. Just have fun, and play. Give yourself that time. 

If we want to continue to be here, live and enjoy this life, then stop using plastic.

If you’re feeling burned out or close to it, recognize the signs, take the day off, and go to the park or the beach. People say, “Oh, easy for you to say. I’m busy, I have work, and I have to pay my bills.” Well, if you’re in a hospital bed, you won’t be able to do any of those things. It’s so important that we just take care of ourselves.

Spiritually, I say, play, have fun, and have a daily practice, whether it’s breathwork, kriya, meditation or whatever it is, even a morning walk barefoot on the ground outside to connect with Earth, with the negative ions from Earth. The last thing is to reduce plastic. I know it’s hard. I haven’t gotten there yet where it’s full, but at least when drinking water, that’s the easiest way to do it.

Yeah. We have Live Spring Water here at home, which I love. They come in a glass container.

I use it in glass, bottled at the source. Yeah, I use Mountain Valley Spring Water.

Yeah, that’s good, too. Thank you. Where can people find you?

The best thing is on my website. It’s frankelaridi.com. YouTube is Frank Elaridi. On Instagram, the handle is @felaridi. I always check DMs. To book with me, the best way is through the website. Watch the videos on YouTube.

Thank you so much for being here and sharing your beautiful heart with us. Thank you so much for giving me a minute session on air and clearing some old traumas. I appreciate you. I know it sounds cheesy, but I felt your heart, like how pure and beautiful you are. I appreciate you.

Thank you.

Thank you. And thank you, listeners. Remember, stop using plastics because it’s not good for you. Have a morning practice because it is good for you. Always make-up room for play. Have fun. Stop taking yourself so seriously, and have a stellar life. This is Orion. Till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Cultivate healthy boundaries. Don’t absorb the traumas of those around you. Allow yourself the space to process your emotions without being overwhelmed by the pain of others.

{✓}Embrace life’s natural ebb and flow. Recognize that change is inevitable and that every experience can grow you into your highest self.

{✓}Cleanse your heart of any toxic energies or emotions. Allow light and positivity to flow. 

{✓}Seek the guidance of professional healers, acupuncturists, or energy workers who can help you heal your trauma and cultivate emotional balance and well-being.

{✓}Cultivate a sustainable and nourishing spiritual practice by incorporating kriya yoga into your daily routine.

{✓}Embrace a lifestyle of conscious consumption and ecological responsibility. Start with small but powerful changes, such as swapping plastic bottles for reusable alternatives.

{✓}Harness the power of your intention and focus by creating a morning ritual. This will inspire and uplift you and set the stage for a day of productivity, creativity, and joy.

{✓}Tune in to the signals your mind and body are sending you. Heed the warning signs of burnout before they escalate into something more serious. 

{✓}Recognize the importance of balance and self-care in your life. Make a conscious effort to prioritize your needs and well-being alongside your other responsibilities.

{✓}Visit Frank Elaridi’s website to connect with him and to learn more about his wonderful work. Follow him on his Instagram and watch his YouTube videos for powerful tips on how to clear your heart.

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