Episode 272 | December 21, 2021

Love, Healing and Quantum Technology with Philipp & Cru von Holtzendorff-Fehling

A Personal Note From Orion

Holistic health considers multidimensional aspects of wellness. To truly achieve optimal wellness in the physical, mental, and spiritual sense, you need to view and support the body as an incredible system it is. 

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling is a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer. In parallel to a successful international business career (during which he worked as an executive for several well-known companies, including as Vice President at T-Mobile), he started to also see energy fields and got trained in past life work and shamanic healing.

Cru von Holtzendorff-Fehling is a coach, alpha chi teacher and energy healer. Cru was already born with the ability to see energy fields and people’s auras and then further developed her unique skills as a healer. She has coached and helped countless individual and business clients in Europe, USA and Asia for about 20 years.

In this episode, Philipp and Cru share their spiritual journey as they support each other as a husband and wife. They also share how Cru’s illness helped them see the true meaning of being healthy and how they were led to quantum technology. Tune in!



In this Episode

  • [01:07] – Orion introduces her next guest, Philipp & Cru von Holtzendorff-Fehling, a corporate mindfulness trainer and founder of Breathwork Detox. Philipp Samor is a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer and Cru is a coach, alpha chi teacher and energy healer.
  • [03:37] – Philipp and Cru share about how they work together as a couple.
  • [08:42] – Orion asks about Philipp’s awakening, the transition out of the business world, and the environment’s reaction to his new venture.
  • [11:20] – Cru shares memories, remembering her past lives and living in consciousness.
  • [17:01] – Philipp shares his journey and the approaches he took to find a solution to help Cru relentlessly.
  • [21:18] – Orion emphasizes that having somebody who believes in you is already a cure in itself. Orion, then, wants to know what helped Cru overcome his sickness.
  • [24:20] – Cru and Philip discuss Carbon 60 and how scientists researched it.
  • [28:39] – Philipp shared his journey in finding Leela Lab and Leela Quantum Tech and the obstacles he encountered along the way.
  • [32:13] – Cru explains quantum energy and fields, which reminds us that we are that unique, powerful, self-empowered, complete, and whole system that can heal itself.
  • [36:47] – Orion asks Philipp about Quantum Bloc and the Infinity Bloc and the difference between the two.
  • 42: 14 – Philipp explains the steps to do in using Quantum Bloc and Infinity Bloc.
  • [46:03] – Orion asks the results of taking somebody that is not in the strong field and putting their picture for 24 hours.
  • [52:06] – Philipp and Cru share their three tips for living a stellar life.
  • [55:59] – Connect with Philipp and Cru on Telegram if you learn and ask questions, and visit Leela Quantum Tech’s website to learn more about their products.

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About Today’s Show

Hello, Cru and Philipp. Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I’m super excited that you’re here. Thank you so much.

C: Hi, Orion. It’s so nice to be here with you.

Thank you.

P: Thanks for having us.

Thank you. Before we begin, can you guys share a little bit about yourselves as an individual? You’re married, so maybe a little bit about yourself and how you operate in the world together.

P: Sounds good. I was just asked to start. So I’m going to do that. Just in a nutshell, I’m from Germany originally. I grew up there and then moved to the US in the ‘90s. In 2005, I met my wife, Cru, who’s now right next to me. We figured that we both loved it in the US and that we would be back together. That’s what we made happen. We have two kids together. Now we’ve lived in the US since 2010, actually.

For me, just so people that haven’t heard about me yet, I used to be in corporate Europe and in corporate America. I also worked as a vice president at T-Mobile, which is interesting because we do a lot of EMF harmonization stuff nowadays, and at that time, I was kind of on the other side, if you will. 

But since the beginning of the 2000s, I really started to work more on myself, figuring out that there’s a lot more than just the material world that I had been so focused on. Because I had really forgotten who I was, and then I started to go through shamanic workshops and past life workshops. I was actually trained in that as well. 

It kind of sparked within me to always find the next best stuff.

With meeting my wife, Cru, we will talk about her abilities and everything, of course, herself, but she has had some amazing abilities since birth. That actually amplified my journey. At some point, a lot of things came together. Since 2016, I’ve not been in corporate anymore at all, which was really a stretch in the end because of the energetic, spiritual journey that didn’t really fit too much with the corporate world.

So I’ve been, since that time, only doing pretty much what I felt called to do. That ultimately led to what Leela Quantum Tech is about today, what I’m working on there, and we can go into more details, of course. But there was one thing that I’ve always been asked. The health and wellness space, how did you end up there?

That passion that really had in me in a dormant way came to life when Cru was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. Of course, she has her own healing abilities and all of that, but it kind of sparked within me to always find the next best stuff. In that way, that was pretty helpful. That is certainly one of the cornerstones that also led to Leela Quantum Tech ultimately.

Wow, that’s beautiful.

C: So I was the guinea pig.

You were the muse.

C: Yes, I like that much better. I would have liked to be a muse in a less painful way. Where do I start? Remembering who I was, I have never lost the ability to know about past lives and who I am as a being. I had a very wonderful and insightful mother that nourished that notion. She did not say, ‘oh, you’re crazy, stop talking about those things, grow up, and be like everybody else.’

With getting older, I was starting to focus more on not seeing everything and not figuring out what is right and what is wrong.

She was really helping me to maintain this ability to see things on a holistic level like the soul, the auras, the beings, the nature, and things like that where it’s real in nature. When I was little, it became more focused on people. With getting older, of course, there was a time when I wanted to be like everybody else, and I didn’t want to see the world in a way that no one else was going. I was actually able to see things. 

With becoming an adult and also becoming a mother, I started to really focus on being this being, that can see and turn it into something that can be beneficial for the world around me. In the beginning, it was really my children that started to kick that in gear. And then it turned into practice now that I’m working with people all over the world on helping them understand themselves better, discover who they really are, and what they really want to express themselves within this life.

We had one session together and it was so profound. It was so good. I just really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed your energy.

C: Thank you.

Thank you so much for that one. Philipp, when you had your awakening, you’re transitioning out of the business world, and you’re becoming this woo-woo guy with the past life regressions and shamanic work, how did the environment react to you? What was your awakening like?

P: I think one important thing is that often it’s misunderstood that you cross the street and then you’re suddenly enlightened. That may be possible in some rare instances. Usually, it’s a process. That’s also what it was for me—a very long process of peeling the onion if you will. I must say, while I was in corporate in these positions, it wasn’t really something that I talked about because it wasn’t something at the time.

It may change now these years, but at the time, it wasn’t something you could really talk about. It was too far away from just the regular material and how you’re supposed to view the world kind of thing. It was almost like a parallel life in a way, but I noticed, of course, that things changed. As I was changing, things around me also changed. But at some point, that stretch was just too big, I couldn’t really do that anymore.

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I had to be myself all the time. It was also difficult in our relationship when I was just in this other world all the time. You come home after a busy day and then you need to switch back right away into this real self if you will. It’s hard to do that.

Yes, of living two different lives.

P: Yeah, and it was very freeing for me. That was certainly also a process to learn how to do it in a completely different way. But just always being able to show who you are, be that, and then follow what you feel called to do, that’s an aspect of freedom that’s very valuable that I didn’t know at the time.

Cru, I really liked that your mom was so understanding and was open to you being just who you are, which is so important for a kid and for an evolved soul to feel safe in this world. You said that you remember your past lives. What kind of things did you remember as a child?

C: In the beginning, I didn’t even understand the difference between this and another one. Of course, we know that the soul is immortal. So there is no real death if you live in consciousness. It was all things that were melting together. These were not stories, but when I met people, I knew that I had met them before.

If I need to know something from the past, I’ll look, but I learned how to switch things on and off.

When I saw the nature around me, when I was in church—I was raised Catholic—I was understanding the stories that they tell, they’re not the truth in every way. I almost felt like I knew the truth, but I couldn’t express it as a child. I couldn’t say, ‘hey, what you’re telling us is just partly the truth or you’re taking things out of the story.’

Can you give me an example of a story that you’ve been told and it wasn’t the right one?

C: For instance, in general, people were told that they were sinners and that they have to try so hard. I remember, I was six years old and I was in church because we have the Holy Communion. I was six and so I was in church a lot. We had to listen to all these stories that we always—and so wrong at things. I was looking around in the church and I thought, that is not true.

I can see all the things that are maybe sideways and not quite right, but I could also see all the really beautiful things. There was this God that was supposed to be so judgmental and He’s going to judge over us at the end of the day. I’m 47, so this has been a long time ago. In Germany, things were very different then than they are today in church.

Everything was very strict and still very driven by guilt. I constantly felt like I was always looking at Jesus and I thought, I know you, I know that this is not the truth. I was like, it cannot be true, I see it differently. So I had conversations with the angels and with Jesus himself. All I felt the whole time was so much love and so much acceptance.

So I didn’t get it together, what the surrounding world was telling me and what I felt like was the truth. Of course, when you’re the only one knowing the truth, you eventually start to question whether maybe you are wrong and everybody else is right. With getting older, I was starting to focus more and more on trying to not see everything and not try to figure out what is right and what is wrong. But there were a lot of these things from past lives that I remember.

It’s different when you live in consciousness and not very connected to the physical experience because I was not good at being human.

As a child, I was very vividly remembering, then later, not so much, but in general, it was almost like everything was familiar to me. Everything was something that I have done before or it’s not so much stories. It’s more like understanding that I have always been there, that I never went away, and that I know everybody. It sounds weird, but it’s different when you live in consciousness and not very connected to the physical experience because I was not good at being human.

In a sense, I wasn’t really eating a lot. I was not very attached to that physical form. Actually, thanks to my husband and Lyme disease, I am, today, very well-immersed into my human experience of this life because he brought all that ground. Just as much as my abilities helped him to awaken, his ability to be so strong in this human world has helped me so much to put my feet on the ground.

That’s so beautiful.

C: Yes, it was, really. I feel like we both have kind of safety to each other, which was not always so easy.

It never is. It’s easy on Instagram.

C: Yeah. I had a very different experience as a child than I have today being psychic. Today, I don’t even look into past life because today, I believe that the present moment is the only moment that I can be active and powerful within. 

I looked from outside to this very limited body and didn’t want to treat it the way it should have been treated.

So if I need to know something from the past then I’ll go look, but that is really something I don’t—I learned how to switch things on and off. Whether it is for a client, if it is on the street, in the city with tons of people, or it is just being with myself there’s a switch. If I need to see something, then I will look. If I don’t, if it’s not necessary for the moment, then I won’t.

It’s beautiful. Philipp, I just love what you just said about how she was your muse to go out there and relentlessly find solutions to help her. Can you share a little bit about that journey and how did you approach it?

P: Yes. When she got diagnosed with Lyme disease, she already had quite some impact, but it got worse. Then we moved to the US and really, she was not doing well at all.

What’s not doing well? I don’t know what’s the effect of Lyme disease.

P: A lot of fatigue and pain, sleeplessness, issues with digesting certain foods, and stuff like that. I started to just read a whole lot, to listen a lot, and to just follow my impulses on, okay, so what maybe the next article that I should read or the next thing we should try?

What did you try?

P: Ultimately, it led us to certain different aspects of healing modalities. I guess she tried the Rife machine, she went to Dr. Klinghardt, she tried various supplements.

C: Which is actually all been you because, at that time, I have to say that I was very stubborn not accepting that I really was that sick, and I was so sick. I could be up maybe three, four hours for the kids a day and then the rest of the time, I was just suffering through the day. You found all these things. You found Dr. Klinghardt, you found the acupuncturist.

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Who is that doctor?

P: Dr. Klinghardt, he’s probably a Lyme disease guru. He’s known all over the world. He is in the Seattle area. He’s very well-known in the US and all over the world. He has a very alternative approach to healing—really very holistic. It wouldn’t be of a surprise to anybody if he suggests that you should go to a shaman, for example, as part of the whole healing journey. There’s certainly a lot of different supplements.

In his office, frankly, he looks at the person and figures out, okay, what individually would help? That was really not the only thing, but I think it was a good ingredient to open our minds further. There were certain other things that also helped along the way.

C: Especially, you’re always going against that resistance that I had so much at that time.

P: To drink water?

C: He called me five times a day to ask if I had taken my things and drank my water.

That’s true love.

Quants are the smallest particles of matter, and that everything in it is moving.

C: He really saved my life even though at that time, I thought I was so exhausted. I was so helpless to figure out how to do this in this body. I was not fighting for myself and you were really the one that made me fight. Every time when I didn’t want anymore, he pulled me on my hair to the next shaman.

P: The good news is, obviously, that she completely healed the Lyme disease, and it was chronic.

How many years did you suffer from it?

C: Thirteen.

P: She was diagnosed very late. Many, many years after the actual tick bite, she was diagnosed and she had not known she had it. I think that’s important to know because there wasn’t anything that could be done so quickly, so it really was a journey. I think looking back, it was a great teacher for her, it was a great teacher for me. Now that she also overcame it completely, I think it gives hope to everybody that has Lyme disease. I may never get rid of this disease, but it’s absolutely possible. We know that firsthand.

What do you think helped? Apparently, his love helped the most because he never gave up. Having somebody who believes in you so much is already a cure. So you went to that doctor and you did the supplements. What do you think was the thing that really helped you or was it a combination of things?

C: It was definitely a combination of things. I needed to understand why I have Lyme disease because I think that every disease is actually a message that we didn’t listen to in time. I needed to understand definitely why I had it. For me, I needed to start to respect the limitations, which I saw as limitations of the physical body, which of course, I understand today that there is no limitation in the physical body either, but I didn’t see it from that side.

So I looked from outside to this very limited body and didn’t want to treat it the way it should have been treated. I was just always on an energetic level. I was so extremely high performance-oriented and never really took a break. It didn’t matter to me either until my body eventually gave in and said, no, we cannot do this for the rest of your life. You need to learn how to treat me in a way that I am one with you and that you care also for my physical needs so I can highly perform until the end of the days.

This is just our conditioning, the way we live our lives that takes disability away.

Once I learned that and I accepted that, that was definitely a spiritual journey. Plus, all of the things really taking care of the different organs that were so damaged with supplements, with acupuncture, pain management, better sleep. And then eventually, I changed my diet to all vegan and no sugar. That has really, really, really improved. I was already quite far with that healing process.

Then we found C60, which I thought he came with another thing and I’m like, okay, I’ll take it. I was already pretty good at that time. Also getting out of that state of pain the whole time by actually moving again, I started playing tennis. In the beginning, it was 10 minutes a week, and I had to recover for the whole week until I could play again. At some point, I was able to play three hours in the Memphis sun.

P: On one day.

C: On one day, yeah. The other few times in the week, I was also biking a lot more. We went back to yoga. I did a lot of yoga. The C60 came at the end where I just couldn’t get rid of some of the detritus that kept creeping in over the winter and made me really miserable when things got cold.

Can you share what C60 is? What is that?

C: C60, that’s Carbon 60. Maybe you talk a little bit about that.

P: Sure. It’s a special molecule. It’s carbon, but it’s carbon in a very specific shape. It has some absolutely amazing qualities. It’s more expensive than gold. Frankly, if you dissolve it in oil and a lipid, then the body can actually leverage it. The way that it was found out actually that it has healing abilities was in 2012 because before that time, C60 was already used in various products. It optimized every product that they put it in. Even in car tires and things like that, it was just way too expensive for something like that.

NASA started using it. They did a toxicity study at the University of Paris, which is frankly a very reputable university in Europe. They wanted to find the lethal doses of it because that’s what you typically do with substances that you don’t know much about that are being used in industrial applications and so on. So they did a rat study and half of the rats got the C60 and the other half didn’t get the C60.

The truth is that we are all complete beings, and we have learned to think in certain patterns that don’t allow us to even look for things within ourselves and the quantum fields that we have created.

Long story short, all of the rats that did not get the C60 died at their normal age, which was pre-programmed to two years. They have those p52 knockout rats for the people that know about this. All the rats that got the C60 kept living, frankly, until the point where they said, we wanted to find the lethal doses and we can’t. They nearly shoved the C60 down the throats of the rats, if you will, and they just couldn’t kill the rats. It wouldn’t even have a negative effect on them.

They hit them with lethal doses of radiation, it couldn’t kill the rats. They gave them cancer-causing medication, it didn’t kill the rats. Those rats basically that got the C60 lived twice as long, and the last rat that actually even had to kill. After that, they cut the rats open that had gotten the C60, looked at the organs, and they were all in absolutely great shape. That was the first time where something really crazy happened.

From there, a lot of scientists started researching it more. Actually, someone that discovered the C60 molecule also had gotten the Nobel Prize. I think that was in the late ‘80s. That’s in a nutshell, pretty much, the story of C60.

Is that available for everyone to buy?

It’s a constant reminder that you are everything you are designed to be.

P: Yes. It’s available for everybody. It’s not available everywhere, though. It’s just, certain companies produce it. We do have a company that makes it in the US and in Europe, but then there are other companies as well. So you can definitely find it. It should be available in most countries by now.

C: Yeah, it’s amazing.

P: But you wouldn’t find it in a grocery store or something like that. It hasn’t made its way into Whole Foods yet and things like that, but you can find it definitely online.

You think everyone should take it? Do you guys still take it?

C: Yes.

P: Yeah, we still take it.

So you’re going to live to what, like 180?

P: It hasn’t been done.

C: It hasn’t been around long enough, but likely.

P: To answer that question, frankly, yeah. I have no problem with that. That doesn’t relate to C60, frankly, because there’s no reason we shouldn’t get way older. It’s absolutely possible. I think it’s just a program to think that we all need to die before we turn 100, and it’s not really the case. That’s a different story. C60 is just one thing that may help on that journey.

Distance and time don’t matter in that space. As a result, you can instantly create certain things you couldn’t outside of that field.

Right. I want to know how you got from working at T-Mobile to—you could have told me about your journey, but how did you find Leela Quantum Tech?

P: The C60 actually happened at a special moment. I was listening to a podcast that had nothing to do with C60. I was very interested in the topic that they were discussing. I remember I was on a business travel. I was not anymore in corporate at the time.

They suddenly talked about C60. I instantly knew I needed to pay attention like this is something super special. Then I started researching it very deeply and heavily. We actually started making it ourselves, for us, for friends, and then a business turned out of that. Similarly with Quantum technology, it also happened that—

Which business came out of the C60?

P: It’s called Leela Labs. We make C60 products.

Oh, you do? Okay. Because I know about the quantum cube and all that.

P: Leela Quantum Tech is definitely my main focus. I don’t talk too much about Leela Labs nowadays. Leela Quantum Tech is way more unique because there are also other companies that do C60, but it all happened out of this moment where I knew there’s something very, very important that I or we should follow.

The same pretty much happened with quantum technology when I was—basically, a lot of different things came together. It was also the possibility of merging science and consciousness, and creating certain energies and frequencies that can promote healing and health with the product world. Basically, you can go to a healer that helps you energetically with certain frequency adjustments and other things. But on a certain level, we have found a way on how you can recreate that with products.

That is something where I also felt this calling that yeah, this is something. There were obstacles on the way. A lot of obstacles where I could have said, okay, no, I’ll turn my back to this now.

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What kind of obstacles?

P: Just regular things that you would encounter, I guess, everybody encounters when it’s about business. Certainly, products that are just like that, if you don’t have any scientific results, people would be like, okay, is this really something that works? I doubled down on it, actually, each time there was an obstacle.

In regards to science, by the way, we have created so many different studies and third-party test results. Now we have certified products all over the place. It was because it was the time for it, it was the right thing to do. That’s why we’re here and it’s quite some cool stuff that we use to ourselves every day.


P: It’s so much fun too because it really merges this world of science and consciousness. Working together with some of the most amazing healers, which Cru is one of them, and then trying to come up with products that really help people, and that’s the wonderful thing.

Cru, what is quantum energy in a nutshell?

C: I always explain it. The other day, I explained it to, actually, a friend of our 14-year-old. He wanted to know what that is. I explained to him that quants are the smallest particles of matter, and that everything in it is moving. When things are moving with one another, they create fields. It’s like a laser. When you have one light beam, it doesn’t do much, but when you bundle them together, it becomes a very powerful laser.

The same is with quantum fields that we are all based on quants. We all are quantum fields. Everything out there in creation is based on quantum fields. We all have them. If we bundle them together, then we become strong fields that can work like a healer.

It’s something that can make us remember how we originally wanted to be before we put all sorts of conditioning on our consciousness that prevents us from knowing how we could be in a very whole way because all of us naturally can be everything whole, complete, healed, and high performing.

The difference between the Quantum Bloc and the Infinity Bloc is basically that the Infinity Bloc is much stronger.

This is really just our conditioning, the way we live our lives that takes disability away, but it’s often just a matter of remembering. Also remembering the physical body, and those really concentrated quantum fields, they are basically a very, very loud reminder to our quantum fields—when we’re exposed to that concentrated quantum field—that we are that amazing, powerful, self-empowered, complete, and a whole system that can heal itself, which is we so often think that we need something from the outside in order to be whole.

That is just an illusion. The truth is that we are all complete beings, that we have just forgotten where we put stuff, and that we have learned to think in certain patterns that don’t allow us to even look for things within ourselves and the quantum fields that we have created. Again, think of it like light beams becoming very bundled. This is the same thing, quantum fields becoming very bundled, so they become very concentrated.

They can support us in this whole journey of remembering that it’s a constant reminder of hey, you are whole. You are everything that you are designed to be. Disease is an illusion. I’m not saying that everything that comes with a disease is an illusion. Definitely, we’re living it, we’re feeling the pain, and there’s a whole lot of really awful stuff out there. But what is the illusion is that we need something other than ourselves.

Definitely, we need it until we have totally remembered how to fix everything within ourselves, and enter all of those depots that we have created where we stopped things away and then forget about them. These products are an amazing bridge to where we originally came from as beings and then go to, again, now on that journey of becoming conscious and whole. That’s very basic. I’m sure that there’s a whole lot of people that can explain it scientifically, much better than that. This is easy enough.

Sometimes the most simple explanation is the one that resonates with people. A lot of people can use big words and explanations scientifically. They have their place. But when you were talking, I felt the energy behind the words and it really resonated with me. For me, it was the best quantum explanation ever. Congratulations.

C: Thank you.

Philipp, I want to ask you about the magic. We have at home two Infinity Blocs. We opened one, we haven’t opened the other one. We just purchased it at the Biohacking Conference. I don’t know. Was it two months ago or three months ago?

P: Yeah, I think it’s the end of September.

C: Six weeks.

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So what is the Quantum Bloc, what is the Infinity Bloc, and what is the difference between the two?

P: We call it the actual technology that we make available that way so that people can leverage, really, the full breadth and depth of this energy. We use, basically, similar devices to make all the other products that we offer like the water bottles, the capsules, and all of that. What it is in between the plates of the Quantum Bloc as well as the Infinity Bloc, there’s a multi-dimensional, highly concentrated quantum energy space.

Distance and time don’t matter in that space. That means you can instantly create certain things that you couldn’t outside of that field. If you put something inside like a frequency, let’s say, a vitamin C pill or frankincense, then you can copy that frequency almost instantly into another object that’s in the same space, so in between the plates. Also, if you put a product in like a watch, a ring, or anything, then you can imprint it with pure quantum energy. That happens in a permanent way. 

If you take a golden Rolex watch, for example, that’s already, I would say, probably a pretty beautiful piece. If you put it in there, after that, you’ll feel and see even higher vibration of it, and it becomes more beautiful. That’s the minimum of what people will notice, that it is more beautiful. Certainly, people that can see energies or notice energies really well, they’ll feel and see the higher vibration of it.

Certainly, you can put any other product in there like your water or raspberries that you can enhance that way energetically. Those are some things you can do with it because of this super-concentrated field. But you don’t even have to do anything with it. You can just put it in your home. It has this constant field all the time. This is very, very concentrated inside the plates. But outside of that, there’s still quite a large radius with a less dense field. That also resonates constantly with the human cells, with animal cells, or plants even. It harmonizes and neutralizes EMF. 

The difference between the Quantum Bloc and the Infinity Bloc is basically that the Infinity Bloc is much stronger. It’s about 6 1/2 times stronger—the basic Infinity Bloc—than the Quantum Bloc. 

The Quantum Bloc has a field of about 145 feet. That’s the radius. Within about 50% of that, it harmonizes all EMF. The Infinity Bloc has a field of about a kilometer. Within 40%–50% of that, it neutralizes and harmonizes EMF, and certainly other frequencies as well. It’s just that EMF is what most people are familiar with. They instantly know what that is and how that works, to some extent at least.

Those are some of the main differences between the two products. With the Infinity Bloc, you have two. You have the luxury of having two, which we call the Infinity Bloc Package because if you physically have two, then you can actually even upgrade the concentration of the field as often as you want or need in the future, which is something that you may want to do overtime. It is certainly not a thing that you would do every week because it would be way too powerful too quickly. It’s quite powerful.

We’ve had multiple people that have actually reported amazing results.

How do you guys put the quantum field into the device?

P: That’s a proprietary method. That’s the only thing that we can’t share.

It is the only thing that I’m curious about since I got that. I was like, how did they put the thing into the thing?

P: We’ve done a lot of testing also to refine it exactly to the functions it has. It has something pretty amazing actually because what’s destructive to life and destructive to consciousness is being neutralized, and you also cannot manipulate it. Whatever is not part of the universal plan or your soul’s plan, for example, couldn’t be manipulated. But everything that is within this realm of possibilities, you can manifest it way, way quicker.

Two questions. How do I heal? Maybe it’s the mix of the kimchi and some new spore biotics that I got. I don’t know what it is, but I had food poisoning for the last two weeks. I went from cramps, to heartburn, to all kinds of things. I’m feeling really weak. Today, I feel good, but the last two weeks were really awful.

How do I use the Quantum Bloc to heal? How do I use the Infinity Bloc to manifest?

P: Great questions. First of all, of course, since we’re also representing Leela Quantum Tech, we need to say and mention that our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. But that being said, we’ve had multiple people actually that have reported amazing results. We have all those different studies, for example, blood improvement and all of these things.

Yeah. Always consult a doctor.

P: What do you do? The one thing I haven’t mentioned is that we work with specific frequencies also for various use cases and even for certain problems, even for physiological problems, we do have certain frequencies. Sometimes, it’s good to introduce one of those and also work with those. 

Aside from that, you can put your hands, feet, or another body part inside the block a couple of times a day or three times a day. You could even put a picture of yourself inside. You can add an affirmation or an intention to that picture. Let’s say you print out a relatively current picture of yourself. You can write down healing, for example, or whatever you feel would be needed now for yourself, and put it inside.

For some people, that may sound crazy, but it’s not crazy at all actually. It works 100%. It works all the time. We’ve proven that and we’re actually also not the only ones that prove that quantum entanglement works. That’s been proven multiple times in labs. It just happens to be that with our technology, you can now at home do that yourself.

For how long do I put the photo in?

You can strengthen your blood and your whole system with the Quantum Bloc.

P: That’s where the difference comes in between a TV, a radio, and a quantum device like that because for TV, you can say exactly, this is the manual and everybody has to use it that way for it to function exactly this way. But with a quantum device, it really takes into account that everybody is so different. You have a very different story, state of body, and energetic system than I do, than Cru does, and that everybody else does, so it needs to be adjusted to that. 

That’s why we can only generalize that in the beginning, rather shorter, maybe 5–10 minutes, especially for people that have never been exposed to quantum energy and have not done any healing work of that kind. Start shorter, then you can increase it certainly.

If someone has done a lot of work like that, I can put my picture in there for 24 hours and it’s fine. I feel good, but I’ve worked with this for a long, long time.

C: And we live in a very strong field. We have five blocs in a radius of 20 meters. We are exposed to a very strong field all the time because they start communicating with one another once there’s more than one. They will create a really, really much stronger field also outside of them. We’re used to it a lot.

What will happen if I’ll take somebody that is not in that strong field and put their picture there for 24 hours? Are they going to explode?

C: No. It could be in there. Once when I was in Germany. I think it was during my girly days and I needed some support. He put me in there and he forgot me for two hours or something like that. It was the very first time. It’s quite a long time ago. 

I was wondering why I wouldn’t sleep. I was so highly awake all night. I had trouble falling asleep. I was so awake. I slept for four hours and then I was wide awake again. That went on for a couple of days until we finally made the connection that I was so energized that I just didn’t need any sleep. It didn’t really do anything negative to me. I just had very little sleep. 

I think eventually, we can be like that, but we’re not there yet as humans. We don’t need to sleep at all when we eat foods that we eat momentarily and live the way we live. It wasn’t harmful. That is something that happens for a lot of people. They become so energized and not really find that downtime so easy if it’s too much, but eventually, it will run out, that energy.

P: It can start detox effects and it can have an impact on the nervous system so that you really feel it, you need to drink a lot, and maybe pause. What we tell people always is to really listen to your intuition. For yourself and even if you do that for someone else. Maybe you have a friend that at some point doesn’t feel so good and has something going on. Maybe you can help her by putting the picture in. You can feel what is the right time. 

Every disease is a message that we didn't listen to in time. Click To Tweet

If you’re not so certain, just put the picture in. At some point, you’ll know when it’s the right time to take it out. Again, in the beginning, rather not so long and then you can increase it. It’s very important because we have that knowledge. We always encourage people to use that knowledge. It’s not about thinking about what’s the right time, it’s feeling. Even if that sounds difficult, that’s how it works.

C: There’s actually another way that is really amazing with the quantum fields. Yes, you can put your hands in there, your picture, and all of that, but it works also on a very profound level. 

Let’s say you have a Quantum Bloc, an Infinity Bloc, or more than one at your house. You can definitely be sure if you have something that eventually, something that will help you to overcome it will show up. Even though you don’t have any intentions towards that or you don’t even want it, you will definitely learn about something. 

Somebody comes and tells us about this really new whatever that is then curing your tummy problem or something else. I have this really big heartache because I was left in a long-term relationship or whatever and my heart is broken. Definitely, eventually, something will show up and help you to overcome even though you don’t put your hands and your feet in there. 

This is something that is very profound. It’s almost like training your whole system to be open to solutions no matter what your problem is. If you have food poisoning, you need something that eliminates the poison within your food and helps you to get rid of whatever weakens your body. 

You can strengthen your blood and your whole system with the Quantum Bloc, but I’m sure that somebody will show up and tell you exactly—that might be us after this podcast—what else you can do. 

It is always like that with everybody that I know that has these blocs at home now. We have noticed that there’s always a solution just around the corner no matter what problem you have. You’re attracting solutions overstaying in stagnation, distraction, or even destruction.

Feel what’s right for you.

I can say that when we just assembled it and I put my hand there, I felt so hot for 10 minutes. I was so hot. There was this surge of energy in my body. 

Then, my toddler came in—he’s two years old—he put his hand on it for two seconds, and he just immediately took it back. I guess it was really strong. He just touched it and pulled it back so fast. He gave me this little look and smile. Ten minutes later, he came in and did it again really quickly. It’s so cute.

C: Kids are so perceptive. They totally know this kind of stuff. Especially the kids from today. They come with such high consciousness so they totally understand what is within this field. There’s consciousness within these fields. It’s what we are all made of. They’re recognizing this is me, even though it’s not. 

This can be very spiritual if we go deeper into this consciousness talk, but in the end, there’s no difference between our consciousness and their consciousness because we are all whole, amazing, and complete. It’s just that we still have so much conditioning that keeps us, and kids don’t have so much conditioning so they recognize these things much easier.

For sure. I want to be respectful of your time even though I want to keep talking to you both. Before we say goodbye, for now, I have two questions. One is what are your three top tips to living a stellar life? Number two is where can people find you?

P: I’ll start with the last question first. We have a Telegram Group. It’s a private user group, so you wouldn’t be able to find it in the search function, but I’ll send you—if I haven’t done that already—the invite link in case anybody’s interested because there, you can find a lot more information and ask tons of questions. You can even find me personally there and then you can private message me. That’s the best way to find me.

We have a website and everything, but to learn more and get in touch, that will be the recommended way.

What are the three recommendations? Follow your heart. That may have been overused over time, but it doesn’t get old. It’s really to follow your heart at the end of the day.

That’s my tagline on Skype.

P: I had no idea. I think that’s the main thing. I don’t know if there’s actually so much else. That’s my number one thing. Then just maybe some practical things because, in today’s world, people are struggling with everything that’s going on. There’s a lot of fear-mongering and all of that out there. 

If we can just connect with ourselves in the mornings and the evenings—when we wake up and before we go to bed—if we constantly do that and feel us a little bit more, then everything becomes a lot easier. It really does. These are just some things where you don’t have to meditate for 30 minutes a day. Meditation is great, but just a couple of minutes here and there can help quite a lot. It has helped me quite a bit.

Then just try to be healthy on all levels. That includes your mind, body, and emotions. You don’t have to overdo it.

Feel what’s right for you. Cru mentioned she had turned vegan at the time. That helped her so much. I firmly believe being vegan is not the right solution for everybody. You have to check what’s the right solution for you. Being vegan can be the solution, but it doesn’t need to be the solution. There are too many concepts out there and we need to check-in, okay, what’s the right thing for us?

Everybody’s journey is so extremely individual that we can only be successful if we allow ourselves to change all the time, adjust, and orient to what has become true for the current moment that might not have been true for a moment before.

C: That may change all the time. What was right then might not be right now. I don’t have a protocol, but when people ask me, how do you work? I say I can’t tell you how I would work with you until you tell me what you want from me because there is no protocol that I will apply to clients.

Everybody’s journey is so extremely individual that we can only be successful if we are allowing ourselves to change all the time, adjust, and orient on what has become true for the current moment that might not have been true for a moment before. The flexibility and being without concept is something that I truly believe is leading to a stellar life.

If somebody wants to work with you, where will they find you?

C: That’s a really good question because I am so overbooked that I have kept myself very quietly in all these open spaces. The best way probably to reach me is through Philipp.

P: There’s another trick. In that Telegram Group, you also find Cru. You can search for that and then you can send her a message. I don’t know if she’s so good about responding.

C: I’m getting an assistant now, so it’s getting better.

P: You can definitely try it there. If she doesn’t respond within 48 hours, you can text me there. That’s a good way to get in touch.

For people who want to get quantum technology, where do they go?

P: The website is leelaq.com. Then again, that Telegram Group is a great way to learn, to ask questions, and all of that. We have over 1300 active users there now that talk about it. Those are the two main places I recommend.

Guys, thank you so much. During this conversation, I felt like we were together in a past life, seriously. I was like, oh, I love them so much. They’re so great.

C: I’m sure we have been. The way you picked up on us when we were just in a split second seeing each other on the way out of that conference, that was an old connection. 

For sure. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, listeners. Remember to follow your heart, connect with yourself constantly, be healthy on all levels, do what’s right for you now at the moment, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Be patient with your awakening process. Awakening takes time, but you will notice changes in yourself and the world around you as time goes by.
{✓} Take care of your body. You need to learn how to treat your body correctly to increase your energy levels and to have a better ability to accomplish goals.
{✓} Listen to your intuition. Trusting your intuition is the ultimate act of trusting yourself. Listening to your intuition helps you avoid unhealthy relationships and situations. 
{✓} Train your whole system to be open to solutions no matter your problem. Effective problem-solving skills will result in a happier, more confident, and more independent self.
{✓} Follow your heart. When faced with a decision or conflict, your mind may develop numerous logical reasons why you should act a certain way. Still, if you listen to and trust your heart—however illogical it may seem—it is usually right, and you’ll be happier as a result.
{✓} Learn to meditate. Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit your emotional well-being and overall health.
{✓} Be healthy on all levels. Holistic health is about caring for the whole person — providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. All these aspects affect your overall health, and being unwell in one can affect you in others. 
{✓} Know what’s suitable for your body, observe what works and what does not. Everyone is not the same. Some approaches to health may work for others but may not work for you. 
{✓} Visit Leela Quantum Tech’s website to learn more about their products. Also, connect with Philipp and Cru on Telegram if you have questions.


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