Episode 81 | September 12, 2017

Confidence & Visibility for Women: Lisa Marie Pepe

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Mission #81

On Board: Lisa Marie Pepe
Mission: Confidence & Visibility for Women

The Co-Pilot:

Believe it or not, I had a lot of fear when I first considered hosting a podcast. English is my second language which has led to more than a few misspoken words and awkward situations. But you’re here and listening, which means you probably enjoy the podcast. Maybe it’s given you something new to think about, provided entertainment, or even helped shape your life or given you a breakthrough. This all happened because I conquered my fears and chose to create a podcast despite feeling both terrified and unworthy.

Today’s guest, Lisa Marie Pepe, knows all about the importance of confidence, bravery, and overcoming your fears to create a better life. Lisa is the confidence coach and online visibility expert for heart-centered women entrepreneurs. She has personal experience with overcoming difficulties and letting them blossom into confidence, self-worth, and success. She’s here today to encourage you, offer strategies for developing more confidence, and tell you that you deserve to be seen and to follow your dreams.

Connect With Lisa:

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The Mission Log:

  • [05:42] – Lisa starts off by talking about who she is, what she does, and what her passion is.
  • [07:25] – Has Lisa always been confident (leading her to naturally want to share this confidence with others), or did she have to go through confidence struggles of her own before reaching this point?
  • [09:59] – Lisa talks about her healing journey and how she regained her confidence after a life-changing car accident. She then shares a story about the moment that her life changed for the better.
  • [13:54] – Is the woman who prompted this change in Lisa’s life still in contact with her?
  • [15:15] – We hear what Lisa did after this life-changing moment. She explains that she realized that she needed to get her life together and start working toward her purpose.
  • [17:33] – Orion draws out what Lisa has said about prayer, explaining how this can help people who haven’t had something happen to change their lives.
  • [18:48] – Lisa discusses how she worked on her internal self, which started with daily meditation and journaling. She also dove into self-help books.
  • [22:28] – It’s vital to reprogram your internal dialogue, Lisa explains. Orion then discusses the right (and wrong) times to say affirmations, and Lisa offers a suggestion for affirmations for listeners who haven’t yet achieved their success.
  • [26:08] – Orion discusses surrendering from a position of faith, not a position of weakness.
  • [27:44] – Why, in Lisa’s opinion, do women struggle with confidence?
  • [29:53] – Everything surrounding us (in media and social media alike) is so filtered and perfect that it makes it hard for women to be confident.
  • [33:09] – Orion and Lisa discuss drag queens (including a very young one, Lactatia), the issues with reality TV, and the issue with children being put on diets.
  • [37:50] – What can someone do to improve his or her confidence? Lisa suggests that you stop comparing yourself to anyone else.
  • [40:32] – Lisa offers advice on what someone should do if they have problems with tuning in or trusting. She also explains why just wishing isn’t enough, and recommends taking what she calls “inspired action.”
  • [43:43] – Orion describes an exercise that she recently walked a client through involving journaling all the times she overcame adversity. She also discusses the possibility of being addicted to pain and victimhood.
  • [46:01] – There is such a thing as being addicted to chaos, Lisa explains, offering an example from her past to illustrate what she means.
  • [50:25] – Orion discusses the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone and the illusion of safety in your job.
  • [51:20] – How does Lisa explain the fact that two people can grow up in the same household and one can turn out to be self-destructive while the other grows up to be successful?
  • [54:22] – Lisa talks about the connection between confidence and visibility in business.
  • [57:53] – What are Lisa’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Express gratitude every single day, for everything from waking up in the morning to having running water. 2. Live life with integrity. To Lisa, this means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. 3. Continuously push yourself to learn new things and to try new things without fear of failure (or, if you have fear, do it anyway).
  • [66:45] – Lisa offers listeners a gift: The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Thriving in Life and Business.

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Lisa Marie Pepe on Facebook
Lisa Marie Pepe on LinkedIn
@PTPWC on Twitter
Lisa Marie Pepe on Instagram
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