Episode 85 | October 10, 2017

How to Eradicate Fear and PTSD Fast with Fred Gallo

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Mission #85

On Board: Fred Gallo
Mission: How to Eradicate Fear and PTSD Fast

The Co-Pilot:

Do you have issues dealing with a phobia or trauma? You’re not alone. Many of us accept that we’ll either live with them for our entire lives or will have to spend months or years dealing with painstaking treatments to fix them. Under the care of a true expert, however, many of them can be treated or permanently cured in a matter of minutes. The secret is a powerful technique called tapping.

My guest today, Fred Gallo, is an expert in human psychology who has studied multiple therapy modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, NLP, TFD, and many more. He developed energy consciousness therapy, has published eight books, and has helped treat amazing people like Tony Robbins. Perhaps most importantly, though, Fred is a world expert on tapping. I saw firsthand how powerful this method is when it cured my husband’s phobias of heights and water.

Connect With Fred:

About Dr. Fred Gallo, Ph.D.
Fred Gallo on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [03:50] – Fred talks about who he is and describes his background. He also introduces the concept of tapping.
  • [06:01] – We hear a specific example of how tapping helped one of Fred’s clients.
  • [09:13] – Was Fred surprised by how quickly and powerfully tapping worked for this client? He answers, then discusses another, even more powerful instance in which tapping helped the same client.
  • [12:58] – Fred had worked with this client for many months using different techniques before she achieved the breakthroughs that she achieved through tapping, he explains.
  • [14:57] – Orion points out that Fred started working with a relatively small issue with this client, which built the trust necessary to face the bigger, deeper issue.
  • [16:33] – We hear that Fred has helped Orion’s husband, Stephan, with two deep fears he held: heights and water. Fred goes into depth about how completely Stephan overcame these fears with the help of tapping.
  • [19:10] – Did Fred do another tapping treatment on Stephan before the next canoe ride, or were the effects from the previous session still effective?
  • [21:51] – What are Fred’s spiritual beliefs, and how are they involved in the ways he treats people? As he answers, he shares some incredible things that have happened throughout his life journey, including how he ended up treating Tony Robbins.
  • [27:17] – Fred explains why Tony Robbins thought that he was “the man” before they had met for the first time.
  • [29:03] – Does tapping work (and offer benefits) for everybody? It’s very effective for most people, Fred answers, but a few don’t like it.
  • [31:00] – Fred gives an example of a case in which tapping was a permanent cure for a young woman’s emotional trauma.
  • [38:25] – Orion points out that Fred’s tapping is unique because of his background in other therapies. Fred then explains that while people can do tapping on themselves to some extent, they likely won’t need to.
  • [41:29] – Does Fred feel that some people are attached to their memories and are afraid to let go, perhaps because they are attached to their victim mentality? In his answer, he digs into a case in which a man who was sabotaging his life didn’t believe that he would ever be happy.
  • [48:26] – Visualization isn’t necessary, Fred explains, but explains how it can be helpful. He also offers a strategy for getting around it for people who struggle with visualizing things.
  • [50:55] – Fred talks about his strategies for treating ADHD.
  • [54:45] – Where can people find Fred and learn more about what he does?

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