Episode 209 | February 25, 2020

Hacking your Happiness with Scott Donnell

A Personal Note From Orion

Today, we’re going to learn how to hack your happiness with Scott Donnell. Scott is a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to both physical and mental health. He is the founder of Apex Leadership Company, a fitness and fundraising program for schools. Apex has raised $75 million for schools and now has 115 franchises and 3 million customers. He then founded a platform for kid entrepreneurs called MyFirstSale.

Recently, Scott joined the biotech world as the CEO of Hapbee. Hapbee specializes in ultra-low frequencies, and with its patented technology, it can record small magnetic fields from chemical solutions. With the use of a wearable device, Hapbee can deliver dozens of safe, comfortable feelings to your body at the click of a button.

You can feel alert, calm, relaxed, sleepy, or focused, to name a few. Hapbee products will hit the market in March, and it has the potential to be what Dan Sullivan calls “the next consumer-generated revolution.”

It’s going to be revolutionary! Instead of taking drugs that can create side effects- where people who need to go to sleep or need some drugs for depression, or caffeine to feel more awake- you can eliminate all those substances and side effects by using this machine.

Now, Scott says that it’s not a replacement for those, but it can be. Technology is evolving in the speed of light, and this is a technology for your feelings. For you to just sit, relax, and wear this wearable necklace or put it as a headband and feel amazing with just a click of a button. It lets you choose whatever you want to feel.

I had a fantastic conversation with Scott. He’s a brilliant guy, and in this episode, you’re going to learn all about how you can hack your happiness and feel even happier. And now without further ado, on to the show.


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About Today’s Show

Hey, Scott. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast.

Great to be here. Thanks for having me. I am excited.

Thanks for being here. I am excited. I am even more excited than you are because we’re talking about happiness, how to hack your happiness, how to be more in the world, and be more of your true potential. Before we start, can you share a little bit about yourself?

Absolutely. Scott Donnell is my name. I am a husband, father, and entrepreneur. I live here in Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up in Seattle, north of Seattle on Whidbey Island. My wife is Amy, she is an absolute sweetheart and a rock star. We have two little kids, Regan and Sawyer, three and one, and one on the way. That’s my life. I run businesses, I start businesses, and I help people.

I love it and I love your priorities.

Thank you.

I like the order of how you said that because I think the most important thing—that’s what you promote at the end of the day—is feeling love, feeling the connection, being happy, being surrounded by your loved ones. The rest is wonderful. When you combine the boat, you shine, you are more of your true potential.

Absolutely right.

Do you consider yourself a biohacker?

Yes, I do. I think the name is picking up credibility, I think the biohacking community started as a bunch of crazies, people that would put on anything, try anything, and eat anything. It started on the margins, but I think now, the biohacking community is growing by leaps and bounds. There are millions and millions of biohackers now.

I think that word used to be controversial, now it stands for anybody who’s trying to get a leg up on their mind, on their body, anything, whether it’s technology, food, meditation, a new product, a way to sleep better, get time back, relationships back, or whatever it is. I think now, it’s becoming more mainstream. For sure, I’m definitely a biohacker.

I believe Dave Asprey was the one who coined that term.

He’s the father of biohacking if you look him up online. Literally, that’s his coined term. He is a good friend of mine through our business, and he’s a partner of ours. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him over the last year or plus. Amazing guy.

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He’s amazing. I interviewed him here on the podcast. Listeners, if you want to know more about Dave Asprey and his biohacking tips, just go and search for his episode on stellarlifepodcast.com.

He got some crazy stories.

Oh, my God. He’s amazing.

I don’t know if he told you this, but we were talking last year, and he told me one day that he used to literally try anything and everything. He accidentally went blind for three hours one time. He tried laser therapy and it literally was so red and dry that he couldn’t see for three hours. It was supposed to help with, I think, mitochondria and energy.

After that, I think he toned it down a little bit. He decided to do all of his research before testing and plugging things. Now, I think the last several years, he’s become the guru because he really does his homework, and he has to make sure that everything checks out. He had some funny stories back in the day.

My husband and I are big fans. We used to live in Santa Monica where the Bulletproof Labs is. I visited the lab a few times and tried some of their cool machines. We also did stem-cell surgery. We had the doctor harvest our stem cells from our adipose tissue, our fat tissue, and from our bone marrow, spun it around, and injected it in different parts of our body. That was really helpful.

We definitely know the world of stem cells, for sure. We have one of the top stem cell doctors in America as one of our advisors, Dr. Halland Chen. This is fun, we just filmed a video, it’s going to be launched at Sundance this summer about the future of healing, the name is to be determined, we can’t say that yet to the public.

You should call it the future of healing.

It literally might be, but yeah, we got together a bunch of celebrities for three days—this was back in November, I believe, or late October, November—it was the guy who directed Dumb and Dumber. It was at his house. He has this massive three-acre mansion in Beverly Hills. We brought in all this new technology, our company was one of them because we can basically help you choose how you feel on command by replicating certain molecules in your body. It’s really fun but there were all these technologies. Brooke Burke was there, Paul Oakenfold, Jim Kwik who’s the brain coach to the stars, The Sleep Doctor was there, Michael Breus.

He was on the podcast, too.

Oh, Michael? Those people are a lot of fun. They all loved our tech, but we talked a ton about stem cells, NAD injections, and anything you can do to refresh mitochondria, jumpstart the thymus gland, get better sleep. There are just so many things out there right now to help people hack their bodies, be healthier, and happier. It’s amazing.

How did you get involved in your company?

This is crazy. The company is called Hapbee, hapbee.com. Our logo is a bee and we want people to feel happy. That’s why. That’s the only reason. The domain was available and we got the trademark easily. So there you go, Hapbee, that’s who we are. I actually like the idea of Hapbee because even if it’s spelled a little different, I love the idea that people can just associate our brand and our company with feeling better. I just want them to think of our company and feel better. Right there. That, to me, would be a win.

Anyway, this technology is wild. About 15 years ago, some of our PhDs, we’ve got about a dozen scientists in a lab that have been working on this for 15 years. There are 35 patents, there’s $80 million into this technology. What they’re able to do is they actually were able to use the technology that the Navy has had for a long time called a magnetometer. It’s basically a magnetic frequency recorder. What they’re able to do is—it took several years—they’re able to listen in at the molecular level of solvated molecules.

In layman’s terms, the parent company literally was able to take an off-patent chemotherapy drug, this is up in Seattle, and they turned it into a frequency. They were able to record the electrostatic surface potential of these molecules from the drug Taxol, and they turned it into a frequency. There’s no drug, obviously, but what it can do is it can deliver similar effects. Now, they’ve been in clinical trials for over seven years. It had very promising and very exciting results.

Literally, there are people who should have died with brain tumors who are wearing our devices around their heads 24/7 right now because it’s delivering, for years and years, for six years straight, they’ve been wearing this thing because it staves off the brain tumor.

My God, I just got chills.

It’s revolutionary stuff. I’ve been an investor for 10 years. I’m an entrepreneur. I went off and built the largest school fundraising company in America franchise system, it’s called Apex Leadership Co. We’ve got about 120 franchise territories. We raise money for elementary and middle schools, about 600 people up nationwide that do this, really fun. That’s been my life for the last 10 years. I am not a Ph.D. molecular biologist, but I am an entrepreneur, a marketer, and I understand the consumer world.

Anyway, long story short, the board came to me a couple of years ago, a little over a year ago actually, two Christmases ago. They said, “Scott, we know you know this technology,” and a lot of my family and friends are invested in angels, different VCs, and groups, but they said, “We know that you’re very good with the consumer world and the generic wellness consumer products, consumer tech. Would you be interested in potentially leading the generic over-the-counter applications of this technology?”

Basically, is there a way to use the technology that they created which can create a frequency to help you feel the way you need to feel, to help you with diet, feeling calm, feeling sleepy, or whatever it would be? They can get these frequencies and deliver them to your body completely safe. The ultra-low frequency, they’ve never had a serious adverse event or safety issue, that’s their stamp, it’s their mark of approval. They’ve had amazing efficacy as well.

Health is wealth, and most people only realize how important it is to take care of yourself when you’re already sick.

They basically said, “Scott, would you be interested in leading the consumer arm of this tech?” I said, “All right, let’s do this.” We launched Hapbee, and we built a necklace or a headband that you can wear around your forehead or around your neck underneath your shirt so no one really knows you’re even wearing it or you can have the logo. The logo shines through your shirt if you want so you look like Iron Man. It’s really cool.

By the way, Dave Asprey loves that. He turns on the pick-me-up signal which is a mix between focus and chill. It’s a little bit of a buzz, it’s just an awesome signal. The goal was to try to mimic when people would take a smoke, obviously, you don’t have to smoke or anything, but if someone takes a smoke break, they do that to get energy, get focused, get reset, and then calm themselves. We are trying to mimic that feeling in the body without toxins or any carcinogens or anything bad.

He loves that signal. It hits him in just a couple of minutes. He loves putting it under his shirt because the logo is really bright and it breathes through the shirt. He really looks like Iron Man. That’s his favorite part about it.

Anyway, long story short, that’s how I got into this. These guys, they know me and I trust them, but a lot of them are just longtime doctors and scientists. Our chief scientist in the parent company, he helped develop Cialis. He is a big name in the science community and in the medical community. We have a lot of rock stars on our team taking this for the world.

I just mentioned Dave, Jim Kwik, Joe Polish, and those types of guys, Dan Sullivan. They all know, love, and want to help us bring this technology to the world because of how we impact people.

You said he talked about signals. What type of signals can you have on that device?

It is unlimited, but we’re starting with six. The idea here is that you wear the device and it connects Bluetooth to our app. The app looks like the Calm app and there’s a playlist in there of feelings. You click the feeling you want and it starts to deliver the frequency over Bluetooth to your body. Within minutes, sometimes, the first time, it can take up to 20, 25, 30 minutes even, but the more you do it, the faster you start to feel it.

Our six signals, we have happy, which is basically like a happy-hour signal. Relax after a long workday or a long work week. It’s really nice, mellowy, you’re giggly, a little bit flushed cheeks, you feel like you’ve had a couple of happy hour drinks. It’s pretty cool. That’s the happy signal.

The other one that I like a lot is the calm signal. That one is perfect whenever you want to drown out outside noise and just relax for a little bit. It helps you not think about 10 things at once because, for me, I’m like ADD, I’m thinking about a million things all the time. The calm signal really just mellows you out, great for watching a movie. If you’ve got way too much stress going on, it’s great for that.

There’s another one called relax. Relax helps melt your muscles. It’s like a muscle relaxant except there’s no drug. We don’t have any medical applications, it’s just a feeling, but it does relax your body and melts you down. It’s nothing for your head, it’s more of your shoulders down.

Then we have the pick-me-up which I mentioned which is like a focused feeling, a relaxant, and then alert, our goal is to mimic like a couple of cups of coffee or an energy drink. It makes you feel focused, actually, it raises your heart rate, makes you feel more alert, energized like you’ve had an espresso or two.

That’s amazing because I don’t drink coffee and I need it.

You need it. I love the smell, but I’m not a huge fan of the taste. Here’s the thing. We’re not trying to get people to never drink alcohol, coffee, or whatever, but the idea would be you don’t always have those things readily available and maybe you do want to cut back, or if you want to cut cold turkey, fine, replace your habit if you can. We’re not trying to tell people to stop because I love a good Manhattan, I love Scotch, but I love doing it with a Hapbee signal, honestly, because with the Hapbee signal, it feels like I’ve had several drinks but I don’t have to put all those nasty chemicals in my body.

I’ll try to limit myself to one drink, slow sip, do that for hours, and then feel the Hapbee signal. It feels wonderful. But did you know that when you drink alcohol, the byproduct is formaldehyde out of your liver?

I did not know that but I don’t drink, so I don’t get it.

There you go. For alcohol drinkers out there, this is why people die, kidneys, liver, and spleen. Literally, the output is poison, that’s why your body is trying to build a tolerance against it. That’s why alcohol poisoning or people that become alcoholics or drink too much, it just knocks you flat. Try to cut back and that’s why, for me, I’m never going to just stop drinking altogether, I love a good glass of whiskey once in a while or a glass of wine with my wife when she’s not pregnant, but that’s the idea behind the signals.

Then there’s one more I forgot that’s probably one of our most popular, which is the sleepy signal. I think sleep is probably one of the biggest opportunities for this whole thing. If you can give somebody a signal that they can wear as they’re taking their makeup off at night, their evening routine, or just half-hour before bed, it literally just makes you start yawning, heavy your eyes and shoulders, you’re ready for sleep. It’s basically inspired by sleep aids.

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If you take an Ambien—we can’t mimic Ambien or anything like that—you’re all groggy, nasty in the morning, and you’re miserable. This doesn’t do that because there are no side effects. There’s no metabolic side effects, digestion, or anything like that. There are no things in your body. All we’re doing is triggering receptor sites or maybe ion channels in the brain. All we’re doing is delivering the feeling.

I love the idea of healing through frequency. I just took a sound bath last Sunday and it was so rejuvenating. It was so good.

Do you know why it’s so important to feel the frequency?

Tell me.

Our bodies have a frequency, everybody does. It’s all living things. You have to vibrate at a certain level to be alive. A rock doesn’t really have a frequency but plants have a frequency. It’s how they actually communicate through the roots underground. Bees have a frequency. Did you know that a bee knows how to basically hum at an exact level to release pollen from plants?

Oh, wow.

The world communicates literally through sound. If people understand this, it will change their lives. Dr. Don Wood—you’ve got to have him on your program, he became one of my close friends, he’s one of the top trauma counselors on the planet—just got published in Psychology Today just like last week. He is huge on this. He’s partnered with our company now. Sound therapies and frequencies that can basically keep you in balance, that can keep your internal megahertz level high, that can keep you in homeostasis to keep you balanced as much as possible, that is good for your body.

By the way, processed foods and canned foods have zero frequency, they have zero hertz at all. But when you eat plants and organic vegetables, they literally have a frequency to them. This is a big world, it’s been unknown, science hasn’t been able to get a lot of evidence until just the last 15 years, so many people are starting to learn about this. If 60 megahertz is a healthy human, 60+. Your brain can be around 72–80, maybe up to 90 is an extremely vibrant, healthy, strong brain but if your body goes below 60 megahertz, that’s where sickness comes in, an illness. At 57–58 megahertz, in a scanner and things like that. Actually, any electrocardiogram, I’m a cardiologist, you can literally give you a reading on your heart.

Everybody has a frequency, and we want to make sure that we’re doing things that keep you balanced, that keep your body in maintenance mode, that keep you at peace. If you have looped trauma, more than lack of sleep, bad diet, or anything, trauma is basically sucking half of the neurons in your brain. Everybody’s got some trauma, it doesn’t matter what it is, everybody’s got it. Where it came from, it could be from childhood, adulthood, relationships, stress, work, or whatever. Everybody has trauma.

If you loop that trauma, you’re not allowed to let your body be in maintenance mode, your brain is the computer telling your body the printer what to print. If your brain is stuck and you’re not able to vibrate at a high enough level to be healthy, flu and sickness comes in at around 57–58 megahertz. Cancer has a frequency of 42 megahertz. Death is at 25 or less. There’s a lot, I’m just giving you one angle.

There are so many things that affect aging, whether it’s radiation from the earth or the thymus gland that stops helping you at 40 and it has more until you’re 60 years old, but once you’re 60, all this stuff just starts to take effect. Your telomeres dissolve, your T-cells stop being productive in the body. Those things all affect aging and death, but if you really want to look at the overall currency of the body, its frequency. If your frequency goes down, you’re less vibrant, you’re less able to heal, you’re less able to process food or emotions. For us, our technology, we’re learning every day. There are 35 patents around this, we have a massive science team.

It sounds like there are infinite possibilities with that device or with a knowledge of frequency, in general, to heal everything.

Exactly. It’s a big thing for us to keep people balanced. For me, my sole goal here is to reduce suffering and to help people stay balanced. If you can turn to us to help you stay balanced in a completely healthy, safe way rather than turning to, the list goes on–pornography, alcohol, drugs. A lot of people get addicted to things because they’re running to something from something. If we can help people come up with a healthy way to stay balanced, because everybody does, they need something. Meditation is a wonderful way to stay balanced, good sleep, prayer, those things are good, healthy eating. Those are all great ways to stay balanced.

But if you’re going to ask me, I’m on the bleeding edge of biotech and technology, I think that whatever you can do to keep your internal frequency high and be vibrant, all the other stuff helps relate to that.

I used to do yoga when I lived in Santa Monica, I’ve Naam yoga. We used to chant a lot and it was so rejuvenating, so beautiful.

I love it. Here’s something that might resonate with a lot of people, I’m a Christian, I grew up in the northwest, was a church kid my whole life, I love Jesus but I think the community where I come from, they think of yoga, meditation, or spiritual energies, they’re like, “That stuff—”

Is the devil.

Yeah. My grandma’s like, “Don’t even say those words.” It’s not about throwing out your faith. I feel like this is maybe a stronger man of faith. What I’m realizing is I feel like we’re the link between maybe Eastern and Western because you have the Eastern therapies and Eastern medicine, Eastern way of thinking and the Western, the newer and the medical. I feel like I’m in this position now where I have this vision, where I want to try to connect east and west. You should never throw out 6000 years of wisdom, like the Chinese herbs are massively powerful.

Acupuncture. I do acupuncture on a regular basis and I swear by it.

Yeah, meditation, prayer. These things are powerful for you. I really want to be careful because I know there are a lot of stigmas around certain things, and I’m also not advocating for anything. But what I’m saying is people need to be more open to try and to learn about what else is out there.

Find new and innovative ways to combat future illnesses and generally maintain a healthy and optimized lifestyle.

You know, Scott, I hang out with people that are very open and on the leading edge of biohacking, very spiritual, people that are really out there. Sometimes, when I go to places where people are closed off, it shocks me and it reminds me that I need to calibrate because they’re not ready yet. It seems to me like everything that I know and everything I do seems so natural to me that when I come to somebody, when I interact with somebody who doesn’t know, it can be a little bit of a shock to them, and they can be very resistant to change.

I think it’s just such an interesting world that we live in, it’s unbelievable to think about how everybody lives every day, has completely different experiences, things that can help their life, and change their lives for the better. My whole thing is just to try to listen, learn, and love each other. The more we can do that, I think the higher consciousness we’ll have, the more we can all grow in our faith.

For me, I love learning about this world because for me, I believe God made us and it’s actually more amazing. I think it’s the coolest thing because I’m now learning how the world is even cooler or as it evolved and developed.

You get a glimpse into creation when it comes to frequency. What you’re looking at is probably 0.000001 of what is possible.

Yes, there’s so much more possible. This whole abundance mindset, I know that I talked to Stephan about this a ton, the Abundance 360, the abundance mindset. Honestly, that does also relate to your mindset, your body, and how you think. If you actually think that the world has an abundant future, that there is more out there to learn, to know, to harness, and to enjoy, that changes your state, that changes your mindset, it changes your emotional state, it changes your health. Instead of saying that we’re all going to hell in a handbasket, it’s great to think that the future has opportunity, the victory is won, that we’re okay.

The Future Is Faster Than You Think by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler

I just have, right in front of me, Peter Diamandis’ book, The Future Is Faster Than You Think.

Absolutely. I love it.

I think we are bombarded through social media, and in the media in general, with all the death, destruction, viruses, danger, scarcity mindset, be scared, and you’re going to die of a virus or a terrorist. We are bombarded by all this negativity, but we need to remember that the earth has the power to heal herself and when the forces of darkness rise, the forces of the light rise just as much. It’s almost like the yin and yang, it’s just an expansion, darkness and light, it’s just an expansion.

I’ve noticed that some of the darkest, hardest, most difficult times in my life are immediately followed by the most beautiful and sweetest times of my life. I don’t know what it is, but that’s your form of redemption, honestly.

I wanted to ask you about the EMF frequency and 5G that is going to be covering the planet, how will that affect the frequency of bees, animals, humans?

Great question. I spoke at Genius Network last month and gave everybody EMF blockers for their phones.

I love Abundance 360 and the idea of The Future Is Better Than You Think, and they are promoting 5G. They are like, “5G is going to be amazing. We’re going to have so much fast technology.” I think in the last conference, Joe Polish asked something about it and got a very short lame answer. They didn’t address the dangers of 5G. I just feel like everybody except Joe Polish wanted to be the cool kid on the block and nobody really spoke up about the danger.

It’s because no one knows. That’s the problem. I don’t know. I see a sticker on your phone to block out unnecessary radiation and electromagnetic frequency. I just see those as an insurance policy, why not? Who knows if this stuff is going to cause cancer, tumors, and blah blah blah? 

I don’t know if it’s going to kill all the bees. I just don’t know, but I also know that studying frequencies in the body, the body is the currency of the world. I am a firm believer in that and because I am a firm believer of that, I would take the insurance policy any day every day.

What do you do to prevent yourself from being affected by EMF frequencies?

This is an important thing to say. There’s ionizing radiation and there’s non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing is like gamma rays, MRI machines, and nuclear bombs. That penetrates your body and that’s why people die. That is really high on the frequency scale.

Is an MRI really dangerous? I didn’t know that.

If you are in an MRI for five years straight, it can be dangerous. But I’m saying gamma rays and nuclear bombs are way farther than MRI, but if you are in an MRI for a couple of minutes, it’s not that big of a deal. Or if people under power lines, very strong power lines. They can be affected over time. There was a huge study in the 70s that showcased the level of health and awareness around a few cities where the whole city was right under a huge power line. 

There’s a lot of things that can hurt you, but there’s also the non-ionizing which, in the world of 5G, it is still non-ionizing. Our technology—just to make sure of the disclaimer here—is in the old frequency space. I’m talking 3–10,000 less than any phone that you put in your pocket. We are ultra-low frequency. You are getting a few milligals of a magnetic field. I’m talking about half of what a toaster throws off. 

The whole point of what we are doing is safety. Safety first, do no harm, so the scientist, doctors behind our technology, we want to deliver a safe, healthy frequency for your body that we can help you stay in balance rather than more of a carpet bomb of frequency. That’s the bad stuff.

I think the thing about 5G that people didn’t realize is that it is a hundred times more powerful than 4G was just a couple of years ago. A hundred times. Then 6G is going to be a thousand times that.

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Oh my goodness.

We just don’t know. Our frequencies for our devices are 20 kilohertz. The frequencies from our phone are 600-1000 megahertz. Three, 10, 20, 30,000 times as much EMFs. There’s EMFs coming from your electrical sockets in your house, from vacuum cleaners, from lights, from power lines. Anywhere there’s a power source, it’s just there. We just don’t know what’s going to happen after you experience all of this all-around your body. It’s exponentially growing at all times for 30 years. We just don’t know. You can’t do a 30-year study. There’s no way to speed it up.

As a father of three?

Two and one on the way. 

How do you protect your kids?

There are just some simple things. Limiting screen time is a big one, but that’s also for emotional development. 

I just read a research by the age of three, the baby’s neurology is developing. If you put screens in front of them, it really messes it up. 

Exactly. Try to limit screen time for a lot of reasons. Keeping your bed 5–10 feet away from any sockets is an easy thing to do. I think putting your phone not in your pocket, guys. This has been a wives’ tale for a long time—

My husband keeps doing it. He’s a biohacker and he knows everything. He keeps doing it and I’m like, “Stop!”

If you got the sticker, the EMF blocker at the back helps. I’m not as worried when you do that.

What sticker is that?

You can literally go to Amazon and just put a quantum science EMF blocker, or just search it and for $5 or $6 you can get a handful of the stickers that you can put at the back of a phone or a computer. I know the Upgrade Labs are selling EMF blocker hats, if you want to buy them. There’s a lot of little things you can do—

I don’t like wearing hats unless it’s a very beautiful hat. I don’t want to wear it.

Okay, fair enough. That’s why I built you a necklace. That’s why our device is not a hat, it’s a necklace that you put under your shirt. No one will see it, but they’ll see the logo shine through like Iron Man or you can turn the logo off.

I know that Dave Asprey put blockers at his outlets. I haven’t done that yet, but there are just little tips and tricks. I think we weren’t meant to be fully around science all day long, staring at screens, and dealing with electricity. I like the fact that people can go out to nature. Michael Breus, the sleep doctor, his tip to us was every morning put your bare feet on earth for 10 minutes. Go outside, put your feet on the dirt. Walk on the grass, just be connected to the earth. 

He’s like, “I have scientific explanations, but I’m just telling you can check out of other things and just be connected to the earth, something happens. I can’t explain it, I’ve just seen it a hundred thousand times with people. Just touch the dirt with your bare feet and it will balance you.” That’s what meditation, prayer, devotion, and those types of things do. 

What do you do for yourself? What are your rituals?

I get up in the morning, pray, read scripture, and do CrossFit. I don’t need coffee or anything like that. I usually wake up, I get thrown out of bed every morning.

What time?

It varies. I’m not a super early riser, [6:00] or [7:00]. Sometimes [8:00], but I’m an odd bird, I’m an entrepreneur, so twice a week I get up at [3:00] in the morning because I have something in my mind that just has to get out and get fixed because I mull in my sleep.

Twice a week I’m up at [3:00] AM working because I can get four or five good hours in before other people bother me. That’s the entrepreneur’s life. Sometimes you are working until midnight, [1:00] AM. Sometimes you are getting up early, so I try to keep sleep as regular as possible. It’s just tough, little kids and entrepreneurs, but the more you can regulate that stuff, the better off you’ll be.

You mentioned Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish. We are both members of Genius Network and Strategic Coach.

Yeah, me too.

I just want to know what were the coolest experiences you had there? Who are the coolest people? And what are some tools you are using?

That’s a great question. I’ll just say this, anyone out there who is not in Strategic Coach or Genius Network that is an entrepreneur is losing out big time. I went from—this is 2½ years ago—wanting to quit my business, sell it, and get out, and hating my life working 80 hours a week. Nine months of being in Strategic Coach tripled the income and I went down to 10 hours a week. 

I loved the business again, fell in love with it. Now I have a CEO in place. The business is self-multiplying without me needing to be there to do everything. It means the world, and I now get to focus on driving the mission forward. The same is happening in this current biotech business we are launching. We got the right people on the team. Basically, you sit with word-class business owners, and they teach you how to build a real, sustainable, self-managing company then it teaches you to have freedom. 

Freedom of time, freedom of money, freedom of purpose or relationships. That is the value of being in Genius Network and Strategic Coach. Genius Network is all about health. Easy, lucrative, and fun. That’s how your life should be, personally and professionally. It’s all who, not how. 

Certain types of foods and products contain small amounts of harmful chemicals. Go as natural and organic as possible.

Here’s a good example. When we launched this biotech company, Dan Sullivan immediately grabbed onto it. He said, “What you got is the biggest tiger by the tail I’ve ever seen” He said, “I haven’t seen anything like this since electricity was invented.”

Oh my God. Since peanut butter and jelly sandwich was invented.

He literally said that. It’s on video. If you go to hapbee.com/go, you can go to our Indiegogo campaign that just launched a couple of days ago. We have been one of the top-funded projects in the world.

By the way, how did that happen?

It exploded. We were supposed to just go with our family friends in our investor community. People just started sharing it like wildfire. Dave shared it with tons of people.

We got the device. We already got it.

It blew up. We sold 700 devices in just a couple of days and still, every few minutes another person’s buying one from somewhere in the world. It’s really cool to see that people want this. People want to find a solution. 

People want happiness.

They want to feel better without turning to the negative stuff. I think that’s what’s really resonating. Here’s the thing. In Genius Network, just like you guys, you find the people that can solve the biggest problems for you in your business or life. They are just sitting right there and all they want to do is give. They don’t want to take, they just want to give and help. That’s what makes the network amazing. 

We got Joe Polish on our advisory board now. He’s an investor of ours to help with recovery. Think about how our technology can help somebody who is recovering and help them get off, maybe secede from certain things, cut back, or replace habits. This is a massive technology for that. Obviously, Dave is involved because it’s an unbelievable biohacking product.

We’ve got Lee Richter. She’s one of the top PR Companies on the planet and a massive veterinary care. She’s in our advisory group. Lisa Cini, she’s got millions of senior care and aging people as her customers, and she wants every single one of them to use this tech. Imagine just feeling relaxed throughout the day with tension, soreness and things like that, helping you sleep better at night. It’s not just going to be fun for young millennials and tech-savvy Palo Alto people. It’s going to be massively influential for everybody. 

These people are just coming out of the woodworks and it’s because if you get in the room with the best people on the planet, you are going to become who you are around all the time. That’s why Genius Network and Strategic Coach, I plug them to everybody. Six of my close buddies are now in Strategic Coach and a couple at Genius Network as well.

Last time I was in Strategic Coach, I took my baby. He was in the hotel room with the babysitter and I had to be in the room, go check on him, breastfeed, come back. It was so challenging for me to be focused in the room.

I don’t know how you moms do it. You guys are literally my superhero. My wife is like literally a kid in the hip, a kid in the belly, and she’s doing ten things at once. We are building a house right now, and she’s doing all of that. She’s managing the whole home because I’m traveling nonstop. We have massive partners all over the world who want to be a part of this thing.

She’s incredibly doing an amazing job on the home front, but she’s also doing real estate to help build the house and sell our house. She’s a rock star. I literally don’t know how you women have the energy. I tip my hat. I don’t know how you do it, but it’s amazing. My wife is an absolute rock star.

Thank you. Scott, what are you most excited about for the future of humanity?

I am in a group of people in some of the Masterminds I’m in, who think about this all day every day. What does the future look like? Whether it’s consciousness, longevity, tech, travel, transportation, medicine, all that stuff. I am very excited to think about the ways that we can reduce massive amounts of suffering throughout the world with business and technology. 

Try to listen and learn to love each other. The more you do that, the higher consciousness you'll have. Click To Tweet

I’m not going to make any political statements, but I’m a die-hard entrepreneur and I have seen time and time again how amazing technologies in businesses can take people. Bill Gates took 700 million people out of dollar a day poverty just with their technology. Right now Tony Robbins is helping feed a billion people through several of his businesses and partnerships. Businesses can literally change the world.

Think about the smartphone and how that has helped the technology. Think about getting two billion people worldwide getting them on the Internet. Having them literally access knowledge and education. Khan Academy is a free YouTube video with hundreds of millions of people that are learning preschool all the way to master’s degrees on free YouTube classes in India.

That gives me the chills. Wow.

That’s just the intellectual side. We’re on the frequency and our sister companies on the medical. We’re not medical at all but think about the technology that we have. If we can (for pennies on the dollar) give you a click of the button to help you feel better, get through the day better, have less stress or suffering, sleep better and wake up better, aches… The list goes on. We have a diet signal that we are working on the labs to help people with diet.

We are working on a focus signal for memory. We are working on a bunch I can’t talk about because they are top secret in the lab, but we are going to be literally launching one every two months like Netflix into the app for $15 a month. There’s really unbelievable stuff. Think about what’s going to happen in 15 years if half the world is utilizing certain technologies.

Think about the middle of Africa. If we can bring an ability for them to have better agriculture with technology, to feel better with technology without having to ship a bunch of medicine. There’s massive abundance coming just in the next few decades and I’m very excited about that. We are learning more and more every day about the body, about how we age, how we heal, how we think.

I just always sit with a group of people. I was actually at Abundance 360, we were watching Samumed. Samumed is one of the top stem cell companies on the planet right now. It’s a  $15 billion pre-money biotech or Biomed company, and they are using stem cells to literally help people with blindness, fractures, regenerating disks, Alzheimer’s, and the list goes on and on about this. They literally made a mouse age and look gray in a matter of a week with his brother sitting next to him looking like he’s a three weeks old. It’s the craziest thing I have ever seen. I invested in them, I have no stake in them. I just watched it. They showed us all of the video and slides, and I was sitting there jaw-dropped. The future is unbelievable and I’m really excited about it.

Amen. That’s beautiful. What are your three top tips to living a Stellar Life?

I got to think about that. First and foremost, here’s a fun story. When my parents dropped me off for college, my dad shook my hand and gave me a hug. There’s a $50 in his hand, he gave it to me, and he goes, “Tip well.” That was his advice and he got in the car.

If you're not living life in the service of others, then there is no real purpose in it. Click To Tweet

Tip well, okay. I love it.

Tip well and it’s funny, but it means a lot if you really think about it. We have a life of generosity. We have a life of abundance. Tip well. My mom gave me a hug and said, “If it doesn’t point to Jesus, what’s the point?” If you really think about it, there’s a lot deeper there, too. If you are not living a life for others, selflessness to others, in service of others, if you’re just trying to live for yourself, there’s no point in that. 

Those two things are the two things I always carried with me ever since. The third one I would say, Tim Chang shared this with everyone and I loved it. It actually relates perfectly to our company, which is called Hapbee. He said, “I follow SMILE: Sleep, Meditate, Intermittent fasting, Laugh, and Exercise.” That’s it. SMILE. Sleep, Meditate, Intermittent fasting, Laugh, and Exercise. There you go.

Beautiful, and where can people get your device?

hapbee.com just for the next 30 days, we are launching our pre-sales program, and then we are shutting it off because we are on manufacturing right now for our first 10,000 here. hapbee.com/go, they can grab the device. It will take a right to the campaign page, so they can secure one of the devices. The first level is already sold out, but there’s still a cheap level that they can get. That’s how they can find us, and then we are going to be launching new signals. We are going to be shipping those products late April or May, and then we’ll have many more for people after that.

I’m so excited. I can’t wait to use it and feel happy. 

I’m excited for you to use it, too. It will be fun.

And shine through my shirt with the logo glowing like Iron Man. 

There you go. Thank you so much. This has been a wonderful hour, and I really enjoy what you are doing, and I love the podcast and your family. You guys are awesome.

Thank you, Scott. You were amazing. Thank you for everything you shared with us. It was awesome and thank you, listeners. Remember to tip well, live your life in service of others, and follow a SMILE. 

There you go.

This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Prioritize your health and wellbeing. Health is wealth, and most people only realize how important it is to take care of themselves when they’re already sick. 
{✓} Research more about biohacking. Find new and innovative ways to combat future illnesses and generally maintain a healthy and optimized lifestyle.
{✓} Find ways to calm yourself down. Run yourself a nice hot bath after a stressful day or do yoga to release tension in your muscles. 
{✓} Monitor your emotional patterns by describing how you feel in a mood journal. This will help you realize if there is a particular emotion you need to deal with when you get overwhelmed.  
{✓} Limit your alcohol intake or refrain from drinking at all. Alcoholic beverages may help you become more social or relaxed, but they can actually harm your liver in the long run.  
{✓} Pay close attention to what you eat and put in your body. Certain foods and products contain small amounts of harmful chemicals. Go as natural and organic as you can.
{✓} Focus on getting high-quality sleep every night. Be aware of your REM to maintain the right amount of deep sleep and get your body the rest it needs. 
{✓} Avoid eating processed foods and at fast-food chains and restaurants. Home-cooked meals ensure you know everything that goes into your dish.
{✓} Follow SMILE. Sleep. Meditate, Intermittent fasting. Laugh. Exercise. A simple way to keep you healthy. 
{✓} Check out Hapbee, the first wearable device that helps you feel calm, alert, focused, or sleepy on command.

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Scott Donnell is a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to both physical and mental health. He is the Founder of Apex Leadership Company, a fitness and fundraising program for schools. Apex has raised $75M for schools, and now has 115 franchises and 3 million customers.

More recently, Scott has joined the biotech world as the CEO of Hapbee. Hapbee specializes in ultra-low frequencies, and with its patented technology, it can record small magnetic fields from chemical solutions. With the use of a wearable device, Hapbee can deliver dozens of safe, comfortable feelings to your body at the click of a button. You can feel Alert, Calm, Relaxed, Sleepy or Focused, to name a few. Hapbee products will hit the market in March, and it has the potential to be what Dan Sullivan calls “the next consumer-generated revolution.”

In his work, Scott has partnered or collaborated with many other world-class experts in the frequency and energy space.

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