Episode 285 | May 10, 2022

Heal through Music with Barry Goldstein

A Personal Note From Orion

The energy in our bodies has a lot to do with the vibration and frequencies of sound. Such frequencies have the power to alleviate specific illnesses, reverse negative mindsets and attitudes, dissolve creative blocks and improve overall health. In today’s Stellar Life Podcast, my guest explains the science behind this and why it can be applied to everyone. 

Barry Goldstein is an award-winning composer and producer who has charted on Billboard and featured in film, TV, and #1 PBS specials. His book “The Secret Language of the Heart” provides groundbreaking research, experiential processes and musical programs for transforming your life!

Whether you love to listen to music for fun or it is a way to help you cope, I strongly suggest tuning in to this episode. It’s packed with information on how you can improve your healing.



In this Episode

  • [00:51] – Orion introduces her next guest, Barry Goldstein, music composer and producer, with Grammy award-winning productions and innovative product development charted on Billboard and featured in the film, T.V and # 1 PBS specials.
  • [03:21] – Barry shares that part of his passion is music, sound and vibration and further narrates the beginnings of how he discovered it.
  • [07:36] – Barry names the amazing people he has worked with within the transformational field.
  • [10:08] – Orion asks about how music influences people and the responses that Barry gets.
  • [12:21] – Barry explains the effects of music on our brainwave states and our body’s responses to vibrations.
  • [15:43] – Orion requested Barry play music to make everybody listen into a blissful state.
  • Barry talks about using music every day to move his energy and heal him from daily challenges.
  • [22:53] – Orion and Barry discuss music and how it anchors energy, gets you in an emotional state, and can work in shifting belief systems.
  • [29:31] – Barry shares having music for kids put out in a CD called  Lunar Lullabies.
  • [31:35] – Orion asks Barry’s thoughts about the harmful type of music and gives instances when to avoid it.
  • [34:08] – Orion shares the importance of sounds and how we can relate, release traumas, connect to our essence and heal through them.
  • [37:19] – Barry says that music is more than sound. It’s awareness.
  • [41:36] – Orion wants to know some of Barry’s supernatural experiences going into different dimensions or a strong connection to the source.
  • [46:25] – Barry shares his top three tips for living a stellar life.
  • [51:40] – Connect with Barry Goldstein by visiting his website and grabbing his book called The Secret Language of the Heart to learn more about how we can harness the power of music.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Barry. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Orion, I’m glad to be here with you. Looking forward to our conversation today.

Me too. We met recently in Arizona at the Genius Network Event. It was so lovely to see you in person and get to know you.

Same here.

I just have to comment about how you have such a warm, genuine personality. I really like that.

I appreciate that. I’m glad that we got a chance to meet in person. I’m zoomed out a little bit, so it’s nice to see people in person, meet them, and feel their energy in a room again.

Definitely. Before we dive in, I want you to share a little bit about your passion. How did you discover it?

Part of my passion is music, sound, and vibration.

Sure. As you can see, part of my passion is music, sound, and vibration. I’ve been doing it for a very long time, but my fascination started very young. I can even remember my mom taking my hands over the piano and playing the keys and my fascination with hearing the sounds in the room sustaining the notes on the piano. I remember being fascinated by that. 

It’s interesting that if you fast forward many, many years later, part of my signature and sound is how the notes hang in the space between the notes and what happens between those notes, where a lot of the time is where the healing and transformation occur because it gives people a chance to integrate and move into the music as opposed to just listening with their ears. We listen in a multi-dimensional way, but for me, music wasn’t always like that. 

I was a pop producer for many years in New York City, a type-A personality. I was a club kid and produced a lot of house music and hip-hop music. I got burnt out on the music business. Having to deliver a song or 2 every week and spending 50–100 hours of studio time to create a 4-minute song, I was beginning to get anxiety and sleeping challenges. 

I knew I really wanted to move back to my heart and that fascination that we have when we were children. I wanted to regain access to that, so I  asked myself a question. That big question was what would happen if I just let the music come through me? I didn’t know the notes I was composing, nothing was written down. I just allowed myself to take these hour-long journeys. 

The Secret Language of the Heart by Barry Goldstein

I was targeting my heart at a relaxed state which is about 60 beats per minute. I set my metronome for that hoping that the metronome of my computer would synchronize and help synchronize my heart to that state where I was relaxed. I started to take these journeys and move into deep states of trance while I was composing.

I didn’t think anyone would listen to these pieces of music because they were really the opposite of what I had composed for all those years. There’s not a lot of melody and they were hour-long pieces.

I started to give them to some of my friends who were massage therapists, friends who are going to the dentist’s office, and another friend whose mom had Alzheimer’s and dementia. He was using it to help her sleep. Before you knew it, we were starting to get testimonials and endorsements from this music which I named Ambiology which at the time when I looked it up, the word didn’t exist. It was inspiring to me because Am stands for ambiance—and that’s a place of beauty or serenity—and biology is the effect that that has on our physical bodies. 

I set out Ambiology into the world, and we just began to get a lot of testimonials and endorsements. That led to a curiosity about why it was working and what were the mechanisms behind it? It led to me writing a book called The Secret Language of the Heart. That is all about that. 

In a nutshell, I’ve had the blessing of working with some amazing people in the transformational field.

Why don’t you drop the names because people need to know?

Sure. I had the blessing of working with Les Paul. I’ve worked with Joe Dispenza and created music for some of his meditations. Dr. Daniel Amen, Shirley Maclaine, Anita Moorjani, Neale Donald Walsch, and Les Paul, the guy who invented the electric guitar. I co-produced the Grammy Award-winning track with him which won Best Rock Instrumental in 2005.

Wow. That’s so impressive. When you compose, do you feel like you are downloading something from a different realm where you’re not in the way and the music just comes through you?

For me, it’s a combination. Some people move to those states where they don’t remember or feel themselves in the room. For me, I call them divine collaborations because I’m consciously inviting God in when I am composing. Some people call it God, the Universe, unlimited consciousness—whatever you want to call it. I call it God. I think of it as inviting in that unlimited feel to co-create with me. I do remember it and I also am conscious of what I’m playing, but sometimes, I also feel like I’m being guided. It’s really a combination of both.

What are your favorite tools to play with as far as binaural beats or similar things to that?

I usually start with a sound. It’s very similar to an artist when they’re painting. You just find the color that you like and start stroking away with it. It’s the same thing with music. I have a vast library of sounds and I’ve also created many thousands of sounds over the many years that I’ve composed.

I think of it as inviting in that unlimited feel to co-create with me.

For me, when I hear a sound that inspires me, that usually starts a composition or a flow. Sometimes, I start with an intention as well before the session actually starts. Sometimes, I feel the intention coming in as I’m composing. But it usually starts with a sound. That’s my paint on the palette.

It’s beautiful. With your friend, his mom with Alzheimer’s, and the people that were listening to your tracks, how did it influence them? What are some of the responses that you get?

Actually, the music for that was created beforehand, so I didn’t create it specifically for that. When I was working on the Ambiology series, they had a basic intention that I started with which was that it served the highest capacity for healing for each individual who listens to it. 

Then, as I said, we started getting testimonials from people and they began to move into different departments, so to speak, like Genesis which was Ambiology number six. Across the board, people said, I love that one for sleep. That became one that we started to recommend for sleeping challenges. 

Ambiology number five which is called Eden, we got a lot of people letting us know that they were using it for creating more harmony in the brain. Children who have ADHD or autistic people on the spectrum seem to gravitate toward that one. That was the one I recommended for my friend because his mom had dementia, and it worked really well for her in masking the sounds of the busy streets in New York at night which were keeping her awake. 

Initially, she was skeptical. She was like, I don’t need any music. Then, she started to use it. When she found success with it and she found that her anxiety was diminishing, she began to ask her son, Phil, for her music every night. She was like, Phil, please put on my music. It was a lot of comfort for her, but also, as a caretaker who’s taking care of someone with those challenges, they can use some relaxation as well. They were both very thankful.

When I hear a sound that inspires me, a composition or a flow usually starts.

Beautiful. Do you ever have somebody measure the effects of your music?

Yeah. Actually, in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops when I was playing live at events, they would actually brain scan people who were in the meditations. They found that they can move into more peaceful states and move from beta to alpha and theta. Sometimes in just 20, 30, or 40 seconds, they could already begin to see shifts in the brainwave states when they listen to the music. We know that it’s moving people to what’s called the parasympathetic state which is a more coherent state where your heart can literally synchronize to the music to create more orderly rhythms. 

Part of the technology that I use in most of my music is heart entrainment where our internal heart has the ability to adapt to the tempo of the music. It’s really easy to shift our state and moods when we’re utilizing music for relaxation and stress reduction. Sometimes, you can move to that state during your day in a minute or two. It doesn’t take a lot. It’s more about the awareness of when to utilize it.

Why do you think our bodies respond to vibrations in this way?

Our bodies are vibrations, so they’re not necessarily responding to them. They are responding too, but they’re resonating with it because when something resonates, it’s actually amplifying a vibration. Just like if you hit a tuning fork at E in the same room as a piano, that tuning fork will make the string on the piano vibrate from across the room without even touching the piano. It’s really the same thing if we think of ourselves as the piano.

There are vibrations and frequencies within our body. Then, when we listen to music, I’m sure you’ve had this experience where you’re listening to a piece of music and you say, wow, that really resonates with me. I can not just hear that, I can feel that in my body. You get God bumps or you feel a certain part of your body vibrating. It’s the same effect because it’s resonating. 

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We are made of frequency, so we’re constantly responding to frequency. You’re responding to my voice now and I’m responding to your voice. Our voices are of different frequencies. We make judgments and calls constantly in the day based on the words they’re saying, the tones in their voice, the way they say it, and the emotion behind it of whether or not we resonate with a person, or we find them dissonant where we’re like, I don’t know, there’s something about that person I wasn’t quite trusting. Why is that? It’s something in their voice, the way they said something, or their body language. We’re made up of sound and energy.

Before we keep going into asking more questions and learning more from you, I want everybody to experience your incredible music. I think you just got to put everybody that is listening into a state of bliss. Can you please play something for us?

Sure. It might take me a second here to transition. Let’s all close our eyes, place our hands on our heart, slow our breathing rate down, and give ourselves a moment or two in silence to just connect with the own vibration of our heart. Slowly begin to breathe in through your heart and exhale with a big sigh out. Then, when the music comes on, just allow yourself to receive it.

[music [00:15:43][00:19:43]

Wow, that was beautiful.

Thank you.

You just brought me myself and let me experience myself. It was very beautiful and very healing. I’m getting emotional. Thank you so much. This was beautiful.

I think that our heart is always there waiting for us.

You’re welcome. I think that our heart is always there waiting for us. Sometimes, it’s about giving ourselves permission to receive music and listen to it in a different way. We’re so used to listening to it as art and entertainment, but when we actually let ourselves just receive it, it can be very healing. A lot of times, what you’re experiencing allows you to acknowledge energy or release energy that we’re holding that we don’t even know is there.

Yeah. For me, it was quite a tough day. I came to this interview and I’m just like, okay, be on it, Orion. Let’s do it. You just gave me permission to be. It was just very beautiful.

That part of you is already there. As we were talking about, that resonance and beauty is already there in yourself. The music just found its way towards showing you that.

Did you heal some of your own past traumas or pains through music?

Yeah. I use music every day in that respect. I’m constantly using music to move energy in some way, whether it’s to open it up and be more present or to move energy because something happened in my day that was challenging. 

Based on what’s going on, I say, wow, I really need to do something with big drums in it. I need to move my energy and feel some bass. There are other times where I’ll play something really soft like we just did at the end or beginning of the day to start things out.

This is something I invite the listeners to do as well. Ask yourself the question where am I now emotionally? Where do I want to go emotionally? What piece of music will take me there?

Music is more than sound. It's awareness. When you're aware of what your body needs, you can nourish it just as you do with food. Click To Tweet

Most of us have playlists and playlists of music and a lot of music in our library, but we don’t usually use it in that way as a bridge. That is really how music nourishes us and heals us. It’s when we begin to navigate the energy of our day utilizing music, sound, and vibration. 

We’re headed where we want to go because so many of us have these amazing gifts that we’re here to share, but something happens in your day, and all of a sudden, it snowballs and becomes one of those days where it’s like, wow, I know I started my day off great. How did it get to move to this?

We can just bring in awareness during our day when it starts to move out of our intentions and (again) then ask ourselves that question, what piece of music can I utilize to get me back on track? 

It doesn’t always have to be relaxing music. It could be something fun, a song that makes you happy. Mine, for instance, is The Love You Save by The Jackson 5. When I listen to that song, it’s really hard for me to be in a bad mood. It re-energizes me, helps me get my focus back, and says, okay, let me get back into my own energy here. Because most of the time we’re picking up on other people’s energy, and it’s either draining our energy or we’re giving it away to them. That song has been one of my favorite songs since I was a kid, so it’s part of my vibration that I have when I listen to it.

Music is a low-cost, non-invasive way to deal with moving emotions.

I did everything Tony Robbins. I did all his workshops and followed them a few times. He definitely uses that anchoring through music. There are certain songs that I can hear and it was in these seminars. He gets you in an emotional state, and then it’s linked to a certain song. 

Every time I hear Barracuda, it really energizes me. I heard that in these seminars. Some of the songs are like, oh, maybe I should listen to this playlist because it is anchored in really powerful experiences.

Yeah. They’re not random. They understand. Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, and Dr. Joe Dispenza know the neuroscience behind music and how it can anchor that energy, but it also can work on shifting belief systems as well.

They’re programming what I call autobiographical memories. Your mind creates a marker, and then when you hear it again, you go back to that event where you were feeling up and inspired. Or it could be when you’re at that event, you hear it and say, wow, I used to love this song as a child. You remember that energy, but you can also anchor in new memories with music as well.

That’s why I invite people to go beyond those workshops and take on the role of becoming the DJ of their own lives. Tony Robbins became the DJ for that event, but what happens when the event’s over? You have specific songs that you want to utilize in your life, so you have the ability to take on that role of DJ.

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For me, the three most important times of your day that you could plug music in are the start of your day when you wake up in the morning and something to set the intention for your day, whatever that may be, whether it’s moving to a more relaxed and present state, or maybe you want something funky and fun to start your day.

I create playlists with three songs each in them. In the morning, I have a gratitude playlist. That is Sly & The Family Stone, Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself Again which is very up and funky, Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World, and then there’s some softer music from a series I created called The Heart Codes that puts me in a place of gratitude. That starts my day.

Can people get your music? Can you buy it somewhere?

I hope so. It’s pretty much everywhere you can buy music from—iTunes and Amazon. I have a Spotify channel that has a lot of my music, and my YouTube channel also has a good deal of sound tools, videos, and music as well. There are a lot of things out there. My book is also available.

So just look for your name, Barry Goldstein.

Yeah. Type in Barry Goldstein and music, and you’ll find me.

That’s easy enough. Do you have something for kids?

We have to think of music as individualized medicine.

I do. Actually, I just put out a CD called Lunar Lullabies. Right now, it’s not on iTunes or Amazon yet. It will probably be by the time we do this interview, but it’s on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s website. It’s called Lunar Lullabies. It’s sleep music for children of all ages. It is very childlike, but it works well for adults also. It’s just very nurturing.

That sounds amazing. I’m going to get it from my son. We talked about really great music and putting great intention behind the music, but what about music that is harmful? You hear it and you already feel like, ah, this is not that great. It brings me into lower consciousness. What about this type of music? Do you hear it? Do you listen to it? Do you avoid it? Do you recommend avoiding it?

When you’re listening to a piece of music, the criteria that I use is I ask myself a question, does the music make me feel more expansive like I’m on the top of the mountain, my arms are wide open, I’m underneath a night sky, and it just feels amazing, or does the music make me feel contracted where I’m cold, I feel like I need to take cover or protect myself, or I don’t feel good after I listen to it?

It’s similar to food as well. Someone could suggest, you try this dish. It’s an amazing dish with broccoli. Broccoli is great for you. It’s known to fight cancer. But if you’re allergic to broccoli and when you eat it, it makes you feel nauseous or it creates inflammation, then it’s not going to be good for you.

We really have to think of music as individualized medicine. Every song that you listen to, you can make a call whether you feel it makes you feel expansive or contracted. If it makes you feel contracted and it’s creating dissonance in you every time that you listen to it, then don’t listen to it.

There are times when dissonance in small doses can help. Sometimes, it can help you move to a more expansive state but, as I said, in small doses. Sometimes, in the middle of a song, you might hear something where it gets really tense. It feels like, oh, that’s rubbing against the music, but then all of a sudden, it opens up into something really, really beautiful to contrast with it. Dissonance has a place in that it sometimes can help us move to the contrast of darkness and light.

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Yeah. We can’t always be light. The world is not always light. We need light and we need some darkness every once in a while. This is how the world is. We need to have junk food every once in a while. We can’t be 100% perfectionists all the time.

I studied with Sheila Kelley from S Factor. Do you know of it?

No, I don’t.

It’s pole dancing, but you pole dance in a way that helps you connect to your feminine essence and release emotion. We didn’t have mirrors in the studios. We were mirrors to each other. We used to practice with very dim, red lights. It’s almost pitch dark when you enter the studio, and we move really slowly. Then, in the end, there is a portion of some pole tricks, but this is not the point. The point is the connection to our essence, releasing a lot of traumas, and healing. 

You sample outfits and songs. Every week, I come up with different songs that I’m going to dance to. It’s like, oh, I’m going to explore this super heavy metal song, get out this raging energy, let it move through my body, feel the energies in my muscles, and expand through that.

There was a week where it was this really sexy, sultry music. It’s nothing that I would love to listen to on the radio, but my body responded to that music. She responded to the movement. She moved with it. It was just another way to gain more energy and maybe lighten up my sexuality and sensuality.

I remember one week where I did this song. I don’t remember the name of it, but it’s a really beautiful song. I felt like experiencing God at that moment where my chest went up. I was just moving really slow and connecting. The music really helped me with that. 

Give yourself a little bit of time at the end of your evening to wind down, honor yourself, and release the stressful parts of your day.

You can say, oh, this music is good or this music is bad, but what is bad and what is good? It’s good and bad. A knife can be really, really good when you cut a beautiful salad, but a knife can be really, really bad. It’s about how you use the tool. Fire can burn, but fire can make you warm and cozy. You can have some marshmallows. 

It’s about the way you experience the tools. Talking with you makes me realize how important all sounds are and how we can relate to them and heal from them.

Yeah. Like I said, music is more than sound. It’s awareness. And like you said, when you’re aware of what your body needs, you can nourish it just as you do with food. You can do that with music as well.

I think that most of us are familiar with music being used to move emotions, but we don’t necessarily use it as a go-to. In other words, we don’t ask ourselves enough in our day, wow, I can really use (fill in the blank). Some people might say chocolate. I could really use coffee, I could really use a drink, or whatever it is. You don’t really hear people saying, wow, I could really use this song right now, or I could use this type of music to help me. 

It’s an important awareness to bring in that next time you think about, wow, I could really use something, think of music as opposed to something else that you’re reaching for that might be more addictive or harmful to you.

When you're listening to music, ask yourself, does the music make me feel more expansive, or does the music make me feel contracted after I listen to it? Click To Tweet

That’s a very good weight loss suggestion.

There you go. Yeah, because music can be sweet as well. If you’re reaching for a sweet, listen to a piece of sweet music. I call them acoustic ceuticals because music can be used in the same way as we’re using other things to deal with our emotions. We’re becoming a society that is abusing the way that we’re dealing with our emotions primarily through pharmaceuticals. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t use pharmaceuticals because, of course, everyone has to find their own path with that and do what works for them. 

There are many, many different ways to do that, but music is a low-cost, non-invasive way to deal with moving emotions or putting yourself to sleep at night with music. Over 75 million people have insomnia in this country and many millions of people are on pharmaceuticals for that. 

You can try music with that to bridge your day into night. An hour before sleep, put on a piece of peaceful music and start to condition your body just like Pavlov conditioned his dogs by playing a bell before he would feed them. You can do that with music. Before you go to sleep every night, just start to put on some very ambient, peaceful music in your space, move to a more sacred place in winding down, and disconnect. Give yourself an hour to disconnect before you sleep. 

I know people are saying, well, I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I’m watching TV. Don’t shut off completely. Do what works for you, but you can give yourself a little bit of time at the end of your evening to wind down and honor yourself because you want to clear your energy and release the parts of your day that were stressful. 

Take time to acknowledge the beauty and gratitude of things.

You want to take time to acknowledge the beauty and gratitude of things that happened in your day as well. If you just go to sleep, you’re taking yesterday with you and you’re waking up with yesterday’s energy. It’s like taking a sonic shower when you listen to music in the evening. You can cleanse yourself of the things that don’t serve you in your day and acknowledge the beautiful things that did serve you. That’s where you recharge every day. You wake up and have the energy to create.

For me, that is essential. I love creating something from nothing every day. Whether it’s music or a beautiful moment, I don’t want to ever not have enough energy to do that.

What are some of your supernatural experiences? Some experiences where you went into different dimensions or really had a strong connection to the source.

I’ve had a lot of different experiences. One of the experiences I had was in a recording studio. Actually, there are graphs in music when you’re actually doing it within the software for volume and different things. You can’t crisscross those things or points. They’re just dots. In the software, you can’t possibly crisscross them and make them look like a maze.

I had a client in New York. We were working together on a very beautiful project. It was geared towards her mom who had passed. Her mom used to send her messages. We were working on this project. When I went to look back on the volume graph, it was completely crisscrossed. Literally, I couldn’t recreate it. I showed her. I can’t draw that and possibly do that on my own. She had just said that she was feeling the presence of her mom in the room earlier. 

I love creating something from nothing every day.

I think that loved ones and larger and more expensive access occur. Music is a gateway for that, especially if you’re bringing in that awareness that that’s what you’re connecting to when you’re doing that. I’ve had many experiences where I just feel that energy. 

I’ll give you one more. I was composing that same album that I was talking about called The Heart Codes. Every time I composed for this specific album, I could feel the energy coming in very strong ways. The intention of The Heart Codes was really to assist people in moving to those smoother, orderly heart rhythms so that they could claim their own giftedness and own divine purpose.

As I was composing this album, my wife (at the time) was not my wife. She was my girlfriend. You’ve met my wife.

Yeah. And I love her. She was on the show.

My wife was Dr. Donese Worden. She was on your show. She is very much a type-A, very up energy. When I was composing this piece, she would come into the studio and say, “Listen, I need to get work done and this music is taking me out there. No matter what I do, it’s just relaxing me. Can you work in headphones?” I said, sure. 

I thought it was really funny because as a kid, my mom used to knock on my door, but it was to tell me to lower my electric guitar. Here’s my wife knocking at my door, saying, “Can you lower your beautiful, relaxing music so that I could work?” I thought that was very funny.

As I was composing, an energetic field was being made.

I worked in headphones. About 10 minutes later, she knocked on my door again and said, “It doesn’t really matter if you’re using headphones or not because it’s not just what I’m hearing, it’s the energy that you’re creating when you’re composing. It’s still taking me out and putting me into a very altered state.”

I think it’s amazing. A lot of people on your show are probably familiar with the HeartMath Institute. It talks about our heart emitting this amazing, magnetic, energetic field that emanates from the heart when we’re in these spaces. That’s really exactly what was happening when I was composing The Heart Codes. As I was composing, an energetic field was being created that was not only going into the music but was filling the space. That album was probably the most popular album that I have. Obviously, people are feeling the energy that was put into it. 

I think that we all have the ability to create those supernatural experiences where we’re putting our energy and love into our creations, whatever they are, whether it’s a recipe for food, a relationship, or your next book. That feeling that I’m talking about can be put into any form of creation.

I love it. We don’t have much time and I want to be respectful. Before we say goodbye for now, what are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

My three top tips. Tip number one—I’m going to stay on the subject of the heart—every day before you start your day, place your hands on your heart and just connect with your own unique vibration because music is not just something that happens to you. It’s something that’s happening in you as well. You start your day feeling your own energy and coming back to your heart. Just breathe into your heart and let out a big sigh whenever you’re breathing out. Do that for a few minutes to start your morning, just connecting with your heart and listening to your breath.

You start your day feeling your energy coming back to your heart.

Then, my next tip is going to be to give yourself the gift of music once during your day whether it is in the afternoon or in the evening. If it’s in the afternoon, I like to take what I call five-minute vacations where I’m listening to a piece of music from another part of the world and just allowing myself to be transported to that environment, feel the air, and smell the smells, kind of like taking a midday vacation out of wherever you are. At night, as I said, listen to a piece of music an hour before bedtime and allow yourself to wind down.

My third thing is to create every day in your life. I’m not just saying this for people who are songwriters or artists, but we have the ability to create moments in our lives and other people’s lives.

You’re in a bank and you’re talking to the teller. You tell her, wow, I love that collared shirt. It really looks great with your eyes. You’ve just created a moment that might have just shifted her day. Or on the phone with someone, if you’re really present and listening, you let them know that you’re there for them. 

Creation is not just about being artistic. It’s about transforming and upgrading the energy from a situation that’s going on and taking it up to another emotion. If we all did that every day, we’d just be creating amazing moments in each other’s lives and it would ripple out exponentially.

There are a lot of beautiful moments that are created in the background. We have a guest and I don’t think they are aware that we’re talking. You might have heard some fun, cute things in the background.

Listen to a piece of music an hour before bedtime and allow yourself to wind down.

Right. It’s probably your family members.

Yeah. A friend of ours came to visit and he’s playing with David.

That’s a beautiful sound, right?

I know. Those little sounds when I hear my son speak, I’m like, oh my God, he’s got his little toddler voice. It’s so cute. I can just listen to this forever. It’s so beautiful.

Yeah. There’s so much music that happens outside of just notes. Things like that are just musical.

Yeah. We rescued a duckling, so I like listening to the duckling. That’s a whole new story. We rescued a duckling. The geese were chasing its mom and it was just a few days old. I hear the duckling’s sounds, my son’s sounds, and my husband’s voice. All those sounds are so profound. The sounds of your loved ones, if we just tune into that, it’s a really beautiful symphony.

Absolutely. And to bring that presence into every day. I think that your listeners—if they’re not doing it already—would find enormous benefit in just looking at music in a slightly different way. I think we all tend to take music slightly for granted.

Yes, we do.

Schedule your day tomorrow. Look at your schedule and schedule a few pieces of music in your day. I put my music schedule in a different color block. If you have a meeting in the morning, okay, well, what piece of music do I want to listen to before this? If you have an afternoon podcast that you’re doing with someone, okay, what piece of music do I want to listen to before I start that? And then in the evening. Just start scheduling and putting it in, and you’ll find some amazing gateways and expansions that are opening up.

Music is not just something that happens to you. It’s something that’s happening in you as well.

Barry, thank you so, so much. Can you please remind everybody the name of your book, where they can get it, where they can get your extraordinary music, and connect with you if anybody wants to have you help them compose a piece?

Sure. My website is barrygoldsteinmusic.com. My book is called The Secret Language of the Heart. It’s available on Amazon. All my music is available on iTunes and Amazon. You can reach out to me also on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram—any of those—as well. I also have been facilitating workshops with The Shift Network and doing a lot more teaching and sessions as well. Feel free to go to my website and explore.

Thank you so much. I am so happy I know you. This was a wonderful conversation. Thank you for giving me the gift of your music today, your presence, and for sharing all your wisdom with us.

My pleasure. Thanks for having me. I hope to do it again with you.

Yes, we will. I hope so too.

Have a great and beautiful day.

Thank you, you too. Thank you, listeners. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. This was just a beautiful experience for me. Remember to connect with your heart every day as you start your day, give yourself the gift of music at least once a day, create beautiful moments every day, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Learn about the effects of rhythmic pulse on the heart rate, also known as entrainment. This talks about how musical tempo influences heart performance. 

{✓}Allow the music to energize and heal you. Certain tones and vibrations have a way of relaxing the nerves, making it a modality for healing.

{✓}Become more aware of the ways to utilize music to heal your soul. Find what suits your preference best even if certain notes are initially composed for healing. 

{✓}Deepen your connection with yourself, so you become more in tune with your body’s needs. Sometimes you should pause and truly listen to what your intuition tells you. 

{✓}Evaluate the types of music you listen to. If something isn’t helping you cope, connect, and feel, it is most probably not the best genre for you.

{✓}Nourish and maintain your physical health; it is more responsive to music therapy when you are in your best shape. 

{✓}Deal with your emotions in a healthy way. So often, when we are in pain, we tend to depend on vices. However, there are many better ways to help you heal and go through your struggles. 

{✓}Give yourself an hour to disconnect before you sleep. Turn off your digital devices’ notifications and calm yourself with soothing music. 

{✓}Start your day by placing your hand on your chest to be more in tune with your vibration. Doing so will help ground you better and set you up for the day.

{✓}Check out Barry Goldstein’s musical masterpieces when you visit his website and grab a copy of his book, The Secret Language of the Heart.

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What do Les Paul, Shirley MacLaine, Dr Daniel Amen, And Dr. Joe Dispenza have in common? Music produced or composed by Barry Goldstein!
His Grammy award winning productions and innovated product development have charted on Billboard, been featured in film, T.V and # 1 PBS specials. His book The Secret Language of the Heart provides groundbreaking research, experiential processes and musical programs for transforming your life!

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