Episode 350 | December 26, 2023

The Healing Power of Reiki with Torsten Lange

A Personal Note From Orion

I’m thrilled to welcome you to another transformational episode of Stellar Life. In this episode, we explore the transformative world of energy healing. My special guest today is Reiki master Torsten Lange, who shares his incredible life story. Reiki brought Torsten back from the brink of despair, and set him on an enlightened path of self-discovery.

Reiki Master Torsten A. Lange is the visionary founder and director of the esteemed Reiki Science Academy in London. Torsten is a beacon of wisdom in the world of energy healing and is also the exclusive Hay House author for Reiki.

Torsten truly walks his talk and lives a heart-centered, purpose-driven life. Throughout our conversation, he radiates positivity and his infectious conviction that we all have untapped gifts to offer this world. I found so much wisdom in his words about self-reflection, our interconnectedness, and how to embrace our energetic nature.

It’s my hope you’ll come away from this episode feeling uplifted, inspired, and more closely aligned with your highest self. Torsten eloquently shares the power we each have to transform our lives through practices like Reiki. He also discusses our collective responsibility to become our best selves and positively impact our world. I can’t wait for you to hear this soul-nourishing conversation. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [02:55] – Torsten Lange shares his personal journey from entrepreneur to Reiki master, revealing new insights into the healing potential of energy therapy.
  • [05:39] – Torsten describes how his mother’s Reiki practice affected them both energetically and physically, leading him to learn Reiki himself.
  • [08:24] – Torsten talks about his experience with Reiki and water, noting that Reiki can improve the quality of water and that symbols used in Reiki can change the structure and flavor of water.
  • [14:17] – Torsten and Orion discuss energy, spirituality, and past lives, connecting them to their current work and beliefs.
  • [19:53] – Torsten elaborates on his belief about Reiki as an awakening.
  • [28:40] – Orion asks how one does self-healing through Reiki without an initiation, and Torsten explains that intention is key to making sure it’s Reiki.
  • [33:51] – Torsten gives his top tips for living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

 Hi, Torsten. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you, Orion. Thank you so much for having me. It’s great to see you.

It’s great to see you. Can you share a little bit about your origin story? How did you find your passion? Why do you do what you do today?

That’s a good question. I could argue that it literally saved my life and put my life back on track. For me, Reiki is not just a complementary therapy. It’s very much a lifestyle. It’s an outlook on life. This is what really changed for me.

Reiki is not just a complementary therapy; it’s very much a lifestyle.

I used to be very different things. I was a politician. I studied political sciences, and I was in politics for a while. Then, I started a business, and it went bankrupt. I just tried everything to get back on track, and it didn’t work. Eventually, I went to a point where I could hardly feed myself and basically got to the brink of thinking, “Do I really want to carry on? Do I want to live anymore?”

At some stage, my mom, with whom I shared all this difficult time, read a book and mentioned Reiki. She wanted to learn it, so she did. Around that time, I got a very basic job. I was cleaning somehow to make ends meet. I got a job doing some decoration and refurbishment of a whole apartment. That financially put me back on track.

A year later,  the day I started that job, my mom started learning Reiki. It’s a coincidence, but I’ve trained over 10, 000 students in Reiki over the last decade. This is not just a coincidence, it just happens.

When something changes in our lives, we affect other people. Our whole circumstances are affected. That’s energy theory, and that happened to me. When I realized that, this is when I really got hooked.

Reiki Made Easy by Torsten Lange

You said it saved your life. How do you think Reiki directly affected this whole situation? One can say, “Oh, you got a nice job and made some money, so you decided it’s good to live.”

Yes, there were two things. First of all, my life became more stable again. I had more income, and I was able to put my life back on track. That was obviously very helpful. One could argue it’s a coincidence that it happened on the same day my mother learned Reiki.

So she would treat you every day?

The very same day. I still remember it was a Friday. She was apologetic that she couldn’t help me because she went to learn Reiki. In my experience now, when something affects us energetically, we change completely. Reiki has the benefit of aligning us with our life path again.

Do you think your mom healed herself epigenetically, and that’s why you healed? Or did your mom do Reiki on you?

Both. I really feel that we were so close, and we still are. When she started to get on this journey, and she felt this energetic alignment, it automatically affected me as well because we were living together. We were going through this difficult time together. Once she was affected, it had an effect on me as well.

When did you adapt Reiki as your own?

When something changes in our lives, we affect other people. Our whole circumstances are affected.

She gave me a Reiki course for Christmas. I thought, “I now need to get back on track, really work hard, and just get out of this difficult situation.” But she decided I should learn Reiki as well, so she gave me a Reiki course for Christmas.

Reiki starts with your hands. Your hands get warm. You feel something. When you place your hands on somebody else, they can also feel something. It has medically proven effects. It’s used in 800 hospitals. In the United States, based on stress reductions, there are over a hundred scientific studies into the efficacy.

What I found most incredible is you can feel it. This really got me on this path of trying to find out. “If I can feel something, something must be happening. What’s happening? Is it in my body, or is there something channeled in energy, higher vibrations? What is it?” And that got me on this path that I wanted to learn.

You were more of a left-brain thinker and didn’t believe as much in energies. What created that shift where, all of a sudden, Reiki seemed to be a great path for you?

Reiki is a profound channel that allows us to connect with higher vibration energy.

It really was the experience. Energy was very much something scientific, something used in physics and chemistry. It’s just there. Everything is energy, I understood that. We can change things so that our whole energy can be affected positively.

This was the experience of Reiki when I suddenly felt my hands getting warm, getting these healing hands, and realizing there was a connection. Energy, for me now, is very much about connection. It’s not that everything is energy, but that everything is somehow connected and that we are connected to nature, other people, and higher vibrations in the universe.

For me, this experience very much turned into a very practical spiritual understanding. I was so excited that I wanted to learn more and more. This is when I eventually started becoming a Reiki master and teaching people.

Reiki has the benefit of aligning us with our life path again.

Do you feel like, as a Reiki master, you reach the summit, or do you learn more every day?

It was a big step. The biggest step was teaching Reiki and learning from other people’s experiences because it is foolproof. You don’t have to believe in it. You can just come on a two-day course. You can even do an online course. I do a lot of online training, and then people send me emails that suddenly make them feel a connection, their hands getting warm. That dog was coming in, and when they had a problem, they placed their hands on the dog, or the husband had a back problem, and it got better when they placed their hands on it straight after learning Reiki.

This really brought a big, big breakthrough. What really was fascinating was when I started using Reiki on water. I always ask my students to fill two glasses with tap water, place their hands around one, give it Reiki a little bit, and then taste the difference. Normally, there is a huge difference. It’s softer, it’s smoother, and it just tastes better.

I found this laboratory in Switzerland. That was just amazing. I went there, and I did Reiki on the samples of water they had there, and they could scientifically prove that it improves water quality.

That’s amazing. That’s like Dr. Emoto’s experiment, where he used the words love or anger. The words change the molecule. Now, the energy changes not only the structure but the flavor. That’s great. 

In Reiki, when you go deeper into it, there are three levels of learning, and the second level introduces some symbols, which was very voodoo, very weird, not me. But when I started using them, they were like keys or shortcuts to different vibration levels. One is for physical healing, more guidance and stress reduction, and interconnectedness or love.

When I used that on the water, the water changed in different ways. You could really see the different vibrational levels in the crystallization. This was, for me, the big breakthrough. I wrote a book about these levels, how I discovered them, and about the Reiki symbols, and then researched their deeper meanings in Japan. It was just a fascinating journey.

I have so many questions for you. Anyway, I heard a podcast interview with this lady who experiments on water, where she thinks of something and projects it into the water. In the morning, you can see that symbol in the water. She even puts a glass of water by her bed and dreams about a ship and a storm. In the morning, when they checked that sample under a microscope, it showed a wave and a boat. It’s so fascinating. So you went to Japan to study Reiki?

Energy is the essence of connection, intertwining our existence with the profound threads of nature, humanity, and the higher vibrations resonating throughout the universe. Click To Tweet

I don’t know that particular example. I don’t want to discount that at all. That shows that everything is energy. Everything reacts. When we think, we can have an effect. We know that when somebody around us is angry or sad, we can just sit next to them. We don’t even look at them. We can feel what’s going on there. When they’re happy or in love, we can feel that as well.

Our energy has a contagious effect. Since everything is energy, the trees, nature, and water are the source of all life on this planet, so it does have an effect. That’s why it’s so important to start a fine caring for the environment, caring for water, ensuring it is safe, is looked after, is natural, keeps the quality not polluted, and so on.

This is also something that came for me when I got more and more into Reiki to realize our everyday actions. We can affect things, not just our thoughts but also what we eat, what we drink, what we consume, and how we use anything from technology to transport to shopping—everything. Everything has an effect. We become much more aware.

Yes. Did you spend a lot of time in Japan?

Our energy has a contagious effect.

I went there twice a few weeks each time. I went to the place where Reiki originated. It was born in 1923.

Where was it? Where did Reiki originate?

In Kyoto.

I lived in Japan.

A very similar life path. It’s interesting. He lived in Tokyo, and then he went bankrupt. His whole life fell apart. Through Reiki, it was put together. He went on this meditation on a mountain near Kyoto, where he suddenly felt light and energy, and he realized afterward that he had what he termed healing hands or a healing power. That was fascinating. That’s what’s happening to everybody today as well. As soon as you learn Reiki, you have this healing power.

That’s beautiful. Japan is really magical. I spent three and a half years there, and I absolutely love that. I was very immersed in the culture as well.

It’s fascinating. If you look at Reiki and the culture exactly, there is such a connection.

Yes. You said everybody has Reiki in their hands, right?

Higher vibration levels get us more intuitive, which can actually have a healing effect on the body.

I wouldn’t say that. I would say everybody can make this connection. Reiki feels very much like higher vibration energy. We are opening up to it, and it’s channeled through us. I wouldn’t say it’s natural in us. It is an opening so that we can start connecting to these higher vibration levels.

Where does it come from?

That’s a good thing. One could argue to ask whether there is an inside or outside because everything is connected. We are a microcosm, and then there’s a macrocosm. Whether something is coming from the outside or deep within us, ultimately, it doesn’t matter.

For me, there is a level of existence beyond the physical level. That is the level of our thoughts, emotions, and intuition of feeling somehow more connected. For me, it’s a spiritual level. In Reiki, when we feel this connection, we realize we are a spiritual being. It’s very much being a soul in a body. The body comes, and the body eventually goes, but something stays in our consciousness, soul, higher vibration, energy, or whatever you want to call it.

A few years after I learned Reiki, I learned past life regression and exercises so people can remember their past lives. I know my past lives. My second book is about my past life over the last thousand years. This comes together for me.

Yes. I was a witch and an herbalist in my past life.

Wow. I’m not surprised. This is probably why you do the work on a very different level using technology but still healing.

There is a level of existence beyond the physical level. That is the level of our thoughts, emotions, and intuition.

I think I still am, though. I definitely believe in energies, manifestation, and all that. This world has more than the eyes can see. I believe in different dimensions. We can jump timelines. I believe in a lot of things that are considered woo-woo. My soul knows that. Sometimes, I’m very curious about herbs. I will do some herbal medicine or even herbal facial products. It’s one of my little hobbies that I don’t do constantly, but I’ll do it every once in a while.

It’s all connected. It’s all energy. Energy is another word for spirituality, ultimately.

Yeah, okay. You said that the hands get warm. Did you have students who experienced different sensations other than warmth?

Yes. Some people feel tingling or pulsating. Some people feel it getting cold underneath for a short period. 95% primarily feel their hands getting a little bit warm. It’s not even the hands getting warm; it’s a feeling. Once you place your hands on yourself or on somebody else, it gets warm underneath. It’s not really that you heat up, but while you apply Reiki, it’s getting warm.

Nice, because when I do Reiki, sometimes I’ll put my hand on my little son. I get tingles. Especially if he’s very sick, the tingles come to a point where it almost hurts slightly. It’s very uncomfortable. What is that?

I assume you feel Reiki working so strongly that you feel a sensation that feels odd, weird, or something like that. But it’s not that it’s doing something to your body. You just feel it working, and it’s a temporary sensation while you do it. You get very much involved and feel the energy brings something out or goes deep inside.

Embracing Reiki is a journey. Learning becomes a gateway to innate healing power.

I know some people who feel it so intense they’re quite shocked. Sometimes, people sense what’s going on in the recipient’s body or even in the recipient’s life. They get ideas, images, even names, or something like that. In the Reiki 1 course, right on the very first day, two people gave each other Reiki, and one said, “That’s very odd. I got a name. I don’t know what it was, something like Paul. It was a very simple name, and I saw a hill. I don’t know if that means something to you.”

That person said, “Well, I grew up on a hill. My best friend was Paul. The whole day today, for some odd reason, I was thinking about my childhood all the time.” We really deepen this intuition, this connection to the past and so on with Reiki. Sometimes this also gets to physical situations or sensations.

You feel something in your hands, but you may also feel pain in your body. It’s reflecting the pain the other person has. It’s not that you take it on, but it’s that you feel it. It’s your or some people’s way of intuition that they can feel the pain in the body.

Energy is another word for spirituality.

I once had that with a guy who had a toe amputated. When I was around his feet, I suddenly felt my big toe hurting, and I thought, “That’s odd.” I don’t know why I didn’t put the two together. It just really took me a few minutes to realize, “Of course, he had his toe amputated.” And I feel the pain in my body.

Oh, my goodness. Wow.

There are lots of different ways of intuition. I had a partner with a homeopath. She said when she got back home and saw all the homeopathic remedies, she saw different energies around all the bottles. Lots of really amazing things are happening.

It creates a real awakening in the practitioners or the receivers.

I find that is really what Reiki primarily is. It’s an awakening to the fact that there is higher vibrational energy. We are energy. That means we can work on our body, we can share that, we can work with other people, and we can align more.

I do this challenge in January, a 31-day program, where every day we do exercises to align more with the universe, with our life path, with our true selves, even to the point that we look at all the shortcomings we have, whatever bad memory or something like that, and realize this is part of what makes us the way we are. And that’s a good thing because that makes us this special creation in this lifetime with certain experiences. For me, Reiki was this big opening to understanding this.

Reiki is an awakening to the fact that there is higher vibrational energy.

Do you think there is a negative way to do Reiki, where the practitioner may take on someone else’s suffering and get really sick because of that?

Not in my experience—my experience is that whenever I hear this, people say, “I’ve read it on the internet.” I’ve heard it from somebody, but not that people have had experiences like that. Of course, there is a fear. There’s always a certain fear with anything we do in life. We kind of project this fear onto Reiki. “What if something negative comes out? What if I get a negative result or even take something on?”

If somebody has a cold and sneezes, I would wear a mask or do distant Reiki. I wouldn’t sit right next to them. I’m just very practical. But if somebody has cancer, I would never—the slightest thing that I can take anything on at all. We sense what’s going on. I think that is what prompts the fear. You can sense what’s going on in the body, feel connected, and feel very sad for the person.

If somebody has stage four cancer and I give them Reiki, of course, my heart is almost bleeding. It’s terrible to sense the suffering, pain, and difficulties. But then I also realized that Reiki can be very beneficial. Often, they have a pain reduction, and it takes away the side effects of medication of radiotherapy.

I remind myself that what I’m doing is good, positive, and helpful, the best that can happen to the person. This makes me feel better. But when water is polluted, you could see while there are fungi in there, whatever, and you give it Reiki, the question is, “Does it increase the pollution? Does it increase the fungi? Or does it actually help improve the quality?” In every single experiment, it improves the quality of water.

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For me, this is scientific proof that Reiki cannot do anything negative. It will always work for the best outcome on a physical level, but of course, also on an emotional level, which doesn’t mean that we get what we want. I had quite a few people who had difficulties with their partners. After they learned Reiki, they finally felt the momentum of saying goodbye and had the freedom and the strength to do that.

In other cases, they also got back together. They had a deeper understanding, but it’s not necessarily like a holiday romance that when we give Reiki, everything eventually falls into place the way we want. There can be challenges, we learn, and we understand more on the way, but ultimately, I find it’s incredibly helpful.

I can give you a first-hand story that is not from the internet. My mom does Reiki. She studied. She’s a Reiki master. I was exposed to the idea of Reiki as a teenager, and I loved it. When I was in the IDF, Israel Defense Force, and I wasn’t at home, there was one guy that came there that had a concussion. I’ve never done Reiki, but I felt compelled to put my hands on his head.

We really deepen this intuition and connection to the past with Reiki. Sometimes, this also gets to physical situations or sensations.

This guy was not in great shape. I put my hand on his head and channeled whatever good intentions. I feel my hand maybe getting warm or whatever, and I’ve never had migraines before that. After I gave him that treatment, I went back to my room, and I had the most excruciating migraine.

I never had anything like this in my life. I never had a migraine or headache in my life. I was 18, never. I was mega healthy. It went to the level where I actually remember banging my head on the wall because the pain was so severe and lasted for three days. Since then, I’ve never done Reiki on anybody.

Maybe I’ll put my hand on my husband or on my child, but nobody else. I’m just like, “Nope. I don’t want to take that risk.” What do you think happened there? Because that guy, a day or two later, he was fine. He got out of bed, started walking, and was fine. I was with the most terrible headache of my life for three days straight.

First of all, I think you’re very much an empath. You felt the pain, and this then manifested in your body. I’ve never come across something that people had for longer periods after treatment. Sometimes, you can feel the pain during treatment, and it may stay on for a while. I’ve not heard that it stays for three days, which is quite something.

It was crazy. Never in my life ever had I had the slightest of a headache. I didn’t know what a headache was.

Did you have a Reiki attunement before? Were you connected to Reiki before through your mother?

No, I didn’t study it. I didn’t know.

Reiki cannot do anything negative. It will always work for the best outcome on a physical and emotional level.

Basically, you did not do Reiki. You can only do Reiki once you have an attunement. That is an energetic connection. It takes a few minutes. There are normally four attunements in the first course and so on. If you do not have an attunement, you can use any intention in the world, but it’s not Reiki. This is the key to understanding Reiki. You need this initiation.

I assume that with your opening, being so empathic, being so connected, and trying so hard to help and being in there, you picked something up sensed something in your body that then stayed there for a while. But it’s something that I don’t find happens in Reiki treatments. This is why I wanted to double-check.

Reiki is not trademarked. Anybody can call Reiki whatever they like. But when we get to the scientifically researched Reiki, it needs to have this attunement, this initiation.

Students are even given a lineage. The Reiki master who gives this attunement has been attuned by another Reiki master, and that Reiki master again has been attuned. That goes back to the founder of Reiki. To keep this system the way it is and make sure it’s actual Reiki and not something else, even though they’re amazing other healing systems, but to keep the specialty of Reiki, people need to have this lineage. They know, “This is my Reiki master who attuned me,” and they were tuned by somebody else, and it goes on and on.

I recently had a whole episode of my YouTube channel about the lineage, looking at different lineages and explaining that because that is a key part for me. Otherwise, we talk about general energy healing, and there are many different modalities. Some people channel their own healing energy, some people channel angelic energy, and some people do slight body manipulation. Ultimately, everything from reflexology to acupuncture is energy healing, but it just works in different ways from Reiki.

Right. I called it Reiki. I guess I didn’t understand. Maybe it was a different healing system. Maybe I was using my own life force.

I think that’s very much what I suppose happened. Often, we are very depleted. Even natural healers with this natural healing ability are often depleted when they give healing because they use their energy. With Reiki, the consensus basically is that you’re not depleted because you are getting Reiki at the same time. When I give Reiki to somebody, I can still feel that I’m getting Reiki at the same time. It’s coming in and being shared.

How does one not use their own life force?

For me, it’s intention. I intend to use Reiki, then I start feeling something in my hands, and then I use that on myself and other people. The intention is the key to making sure it is Reiki. My understanding is that you can only really do that once you’ve had this initial introduction and the attunement.

If you do not have an attunement, you can use any intention in the world, but it’s not Reiki.

Thank you for that distinction. How does one do self-healing like self-Reiki? Does everybody who wants to do Reiki need to be initiated in order to open up some kind of Reiki channel? Or can it be spontaneous? My rebellious side was like, “Nope, I did Reiki for sure. It was 100% Reiki energy. I don’t need to be initiated. I’m a master from previous lives. I’m fine.”

I don’t want to discount that there is anything possibly still there. The way you come across, I’m sure you have natural healing abilities and a lot of empathy. When we share love and warmth, in Japan, there is a word that means natural palm healing. The idea is that everybody can, to a certain degree, naturally heal with their hands.

We do that with children. We just place our hands on children when they fall and scratch themselves. We have to feel there’s something going on. That is general palm healing, but with Reiki, this gets much more intensified.

You really need this introduction, whether it’s an online course. I just try to condense it and have this eight-hour online course. In eight hours, you get the attunements, which are live with me. People connect at a certain time, then I can send that over a distance. Or you go to any Reiki school, any Reiki teacher. It’s always Reiki.

I do that every morning. I just start every morning like that. I just place my hands on myself, and I just go along the body and place my hands on my heart. In some areas, I feel it is much stronger. It’s really interesting. It’s quite fascinating. At the moment, my partner is away. When I did it this morning, I felt a lot around my heart because I was just missing my partner.

Proof of Reiki, Proof of Eternity by Torsten Lange

This is really interesting. Sometimes, I feel it in other areas more. Sometimes I feel it’s working on my back or something like that, and then I notice something is out of alignment. It just goes where it’s needed.

Great. You said you have a challenge coming up. What is that challenge, and where can people find it?

It’s a 31-day program that I’m running throughout the month of January. People get an email every day with an exercise. Every exercise is videotaped. I’m going to talk to people through the exercise. That’s the first.

So far, people had to read it and then do their own exercise. Now they can just switch on the video or even just listen to it, and I talk to them through exercises. It has three steps or three phases every week. The first is the realization that we are an energetic being, that we are multifaceted, and that we are connected.

The second level is change, how that changes our perception from self-acceptance to looking at people around us in different ways. Then it’s application, how to bring every situation in our everyday life from our workplace to going out.

It’s interesting. I find that often, people segment themselves. They have an hour of being spiritual, meditating, and doing some exercises. I think, “Okay, now I’m being normal again. Now I do my accounts. Now I go to work. Now I do shopping.” But, of course, we are integrated beings. We can be spiritual at work. We can share the love, even when we do accounts or I don’t know. We can just still be in this connection. That’s the third week.

The fourth week is about how to bring that into the world and find our role in this world, in this life. If we believe in this idea, we’ve been here before, then the question is, “Why are we here this time? What’s the purpose? Are we rising up to the challenge?” This is this four-week program that I’m doing. It’s on my website, thereikirevolution.com.

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That’s great. That sounds like it can benefit everyone. It sounds like a great program. You also have a school, right?

I have a school in London called the Reiki Science Academy. There are Reiki 1 courses and lots of workshops every month. I run that together with a colleague. When I’m traveling, and I do a lot of traveling, at the moment, I’m in California, and he is running the courses. We just work amazingly hand in hand.

Perfect. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

Ultimately, I find everything we experience and find unpleasant in other people and in the world is a reflection of our inner struggles. If we see wars, then the question is, “When inside do I not feel peace?” It goes back to, “How do I feel? How can I improve myself, and what is reflected at the present?” This is what I would say.

Reiki unfolds through attunement. Attunement with our bodies and universal energy connects us to the transformative power of healing energy.

The other thing is we have had so many disappointments in our lives that, at some stage, we hold back our love and our connection because we’ve been hurt. This is really closing us down. Once we are open, just share, and if we feel it’s not reaching people, they’re taking advantage, go on and try it again. When we live from our heart, this gives us the greatest happiness.

The third idea would be to spend some time with yourself. I often take a deep breath, hold my breath for a moment, and in this moment, I feel I’m spiritual. I’m connected. I’m part of this universe. This is my quick fix: creating a bridge to the universe and reminding myself I am connected. I can have intuition. I can find guidance. These three aspects are really important for me.

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I love it. I love holding my breath out. When I hold my breath out, I get even more deeply connected. Thank you for reminding me to breathe.

We do it naturally anyway, but often, we don’t do it consciously.

Yes. Thank you for reminding me to breathe consciously, and thank you so much for coming here and sharing your wisdom with me and the listeners. I appreciate you. Thank you, listeners. Remember, other people’s situations are your reflection. Share your love openly. Spend time with yourself. Take a deep breath, connect, and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Embrace Reiki as a lifestyle choice. Reiki is a complementary therapy, a lifestyle, and an outlook on life. Consider integrating Reiki principles into your daily routine for your holistic well-being.

{✓}Learn Reiki techniques to apply healing energy to yourself. Foster a deep connection with your own well-being.

{✓}Explore the second level of Reiki to understand the symbols for physical healing, guidance, stress reduction, and interconnectedness.

{✓}Expand Reiki practices, including Reiki water techniques, to deepen your understanding of and connection with energy.

{✓}Acknowledge and explore intuitive sensations during Reiki sessions. Recognize sensations as potential signs of energetic connection.

{✓}Spend quiet moments reconnecting your breath to your inner universe. Practice Reiki self-healing techniques through your own physical touch. 

{✓}Recognize that negativity in others is a reflection of their own internal struggles. Avoid allowing past hurts to keep you from sharing love with yourself and others.

{✓}Maintain an open heart and allow love to flow freely. Live from the heart to promote your own genuine happiness.

{✓}Take moments to consciously breathe and recognize your connection to the universe. Deep breaths serve as a quick bridge to spiritual awareness.

{✓}Schedule a spiritual coaching session with Torsten Lange on his website or through ReikiScience Academy’s website.

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About Torsten Lange

Reiki Master Torsten A. Lange is the founder and director of the renowned ReikiScience Academy in London and the only Hay House author for Reiki. His remarkable personal journey took him from being a successful international entrepreneur to bankruptcy, homelessness, and verging on the brink of ending his life, to a deep transformation through Reiki.

Amazed and puzzled by how an energy therapy could bring such radical positive change, he began discovering the deep spirituality behind Reiki. His ground-breaking research revealed new information about the Reiki history in Japan and led him to find the world’s first independent scientific proof of the different vibrational levels of Reiki.

Today, he has trained over 10000 students in his live and online courses.

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