Episode 2 | March 7, 2016

Transforming Your Life With Sound Therapy with Cheryl Angela

About Today’s Show

‏‏Hello and welcome to another stellar episode. I’m your host Orion and today I have a very special guest. I have with me the heavenly Cheryl Angela. Cheryl is a life and business coach focusing on transformation at the energetic vibrational level. She’s also a therapeutic musician and performer. Her favorite music instrument is the harp and her music is being described as angelic and heavenly and deeply touching the most profound center of the soul. I’ve met her attending Black belt mastermind by talking more and immediately felt like I knew her for my whole life. She is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most angelic women I know.

‏‏Hi, Orion, thank you so much for that and thank you for having me today.

‏‏Thank you so much. I’m sure our listeners are going to have a blast just listening to your voice and your knowledge and everything that you’re going to share today because I know it’s going to be amazing. Why don’t we start by telling our listeners a little bit about yourself – who you are, what you do?

‏‏Well, I’m actually originally from the UK. I have Irish parents and I grew up in England in Nottingham the ‘Land of Robin Hood’. I’ve lived my adult life in the United States. I currently live in San Diego. What I do – Well my intention in life really is to serve and to be the best expression of my own soul and to help other people to tap into that for themselves and to really tap into the gift. I believe everybody has a gift and Einstein even said so too so I’m in good company with that. We all have a genius. It’s just sometimes we get put in a situation that doesn’t allow us to express our gift and our genius.

We all have a genius. It’s just sometimes we get put in a situation that doesn’t allow us to express our gift and our genius. Click To Tweet

What I love to do in my work is really help people get in touch with that which is really what I would call your soul blueprint and it’s also being called soul signature because it’s as unique as your signature, as unique as your fingerprint. Then really bring that out and let that flower and blossom. People can then build their whole life from that place of their gift and it’s really all about being connected-connected with your truth, connected with your source. I love the work I get to do. I love who I get to work with. I’m just really grateful.

‏‏You create music in the frequency of love. Can you tell us a little more about that?

‏‏The major instrument that I play is the harp. I also sing and I just love music, always loved music. From a very early age actually I was very intuitive and I started doing energetic healing with people as young as 14. I was actually always picking up things all the time before that. It was a path that–just kept going down the path I was being led on to from within. As I got more proficient with the harp and started to really see how healing and music-how there’s so much healing within music and everything’s vibrational and everything’s frequency and how it can shift a person’s energy field just by using music that just fascinated me and I just went down that route big time.

I’ve been working with people with this and the harp itself as it resonates in the frequency of love. We tend to associate that instrument with heavenly things and with love itself and that’s why it’s often requested at weddings and romantic but it’s a very heart-opening instrument. It literally resonates with the frequency of the harp in the Harp Chakra within the seventh Chakra system. But within that, I can also actually access all kinds of frequencies, all the Chakras, and change the frequency according to what that individual person resonates with the most. Everybody actually has their own unique frequency.

One of the things I do when I work with people is to find what that is for them, what their unique key is, and use music in that key, play music specifically for them to bring them into harmony with themselves. Once we’re in harmony with ourselves then we can heal emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually so it’s all about coming into harmony.

Once we’re in harmony with ourselves then we can heal emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually so it’s all about coming into harmony.

There was actually a guy probably a lot of people have heard of him, Dr. David Hawkins who did measurements of frequencies from zero to a thousand is how he scaled it. Everything above 500luv was measured at a frequency around 538 so anything 528 hertz. Anything above that frequency you were in this range of vibrational fields where there’s love, joy, gratitude all the way up to a thousand was considered enlightenment and below 500 we get–I never like to call anything bad because all emotions we need to feel them. But emotions are actually slower-moving, denser frequencies such as fear. Guilt and shame in fact happen to be the slowest that was measured. The key is to bring our frequency into 500 and above and using music we can do that. When I recorded my last album All About Love that was recorded in the frequency of 528 or above that. It sits in there a lot just because it was for the love frequency of heart-opening and heart healing. So yes it’s pretty awesome. It’s very scientific actually but yet very virtual at the same time.

‏‏It is very beautiful and very spiritual. I think a couple of weeks ago I spent some time in St. Petersburg in Tampa, Florida, and I got to meet in person an Indian guru in an ashram. I spent the evening with her and a group of us were there. We meditated and he was serving healthy food and basically just talking to us. One of the things that she did mention was music and how the frequency of music can affect our vibration. There is a lot of angry music out there, hateful music out there, and it that can actually shift someone’s own vibration. How does that happen?

‏‏Well because everything is energy and that again goes back to me science – Einstein again. I love Einstein. He said everything is energy and he was right. We can measure that. In fact, very interestingly NASA just developed some probes where on them – I’m not obviously an astronaut but where they had – whatever it is that’s out there in space checking out the planets, they were able to then develop probes on those to hear the vibrational frequency that the planets were giving out when they recorded it. You could actually hear the vibrational sound of Jupiter and Saturn and some of that. It’s pretty awesome.

Everything is energy and so are we, so is everything around us. We are constantly interacting with other vibrational fields and music just happens to be a very, very powerful process. It brings up very powerful emotions. When we listen to music it does actually change our vibration. It literally does have an impact on our vibration. Probably everyone’s experienced where you go into a room and everybody’s really happy and most of the time you’ll start to feel raised up. Or you could go into a room or an environment when you weren’t happy to go, to start with, then you go into it and it’s a very heavy atmosphere and everybody’s more depressed and sad, and you could, especially the more sensitive you are, you could come out feeling the same way because you’re picking up on the vibrations around you.

There is a lot of music with some pretty jagged rhythms and then, of course, the other thing about is the musician that’s actually delivering it. If the musicians have a lot of anger at the time they’re delivering the music or the message is also angry that will come through. There are some people within the music and healing who do feel like there are times when that can be therapeutic in terms of really acknowledging how we really feel about something. If we’re sitting on top of an anger that we’re not acknowledging, but just not something that you’d want to immerse in all the time.

‏‏I agree, because sometimes when I dance I’ll dance to angry music or dark music because it helps me release and I released through movement. I believe that we can release a lot through movement and through sound. I definitely understand and agree with you that this is not something to do to listen to every day all day long. Everything is everything as a tool. In the morning maybe put something in the frequency of love to condition yourself for the day and then there is some angry. All our emotions are valid. It’s okay to feel everything.

When I went to Oneness University in India one of their teachings were; “Let the tiger devour you.” That means feel your emotions. But the key was not to stay in those emotions for too long. One of the tools might be, as it translated to my life, was if I feel those negative emotions I will listen to one of those low-frequency music songs and I’ll dance to it and that will be a way to let the tiger devour me and then release it and let it go. I mean, stay in that negative emotion but you can stay there for10 minutes. You don’t need to stay there for more than 10 minutes or half an hour that’s enough. And that’s the key.

‏‏Yeah, I totally agree, too, and with working with people with coaching, I definitely have them get present to an emotion that they’re feeling. Then, once your present to it, but your present to it with-you bring the love to it just by holding that emotion and letting it know it’s ok that it’s there. It’s not wrong or bad and you’re not trying to just cut it off or label it or anything. It’s always like that to win a child falls down and cut’s their knees and the best thing for that is to just hold them. They feel better just being held and being acknowledged.

Even in the music I do which is very hard to produce angry music on a harp. It’s quite difficult. I have to do something else for that. There’s always a place if I do a full session with someone processing a lot of things through with them. For example ‘grief’, that’s a really good example. Grief doesn’t actually transform by just trying to be happy. It transforms by being fully present to the grief and acknowledging it and the music can do that. It will even get a little melancholy or give the grief a voice. Many times it’s stuffed down in there and it needing a voice and then it’s ready to move into something else. But it’s like we have to go where is first and be present to it. Once you’re present usually things shift pretty quickly. That thing about “Let the tiger devour you” is becoming present, really, is what it sounds like.

‏‏I just got goosebumps when you were talking about that. I really liked what you said-going back to what you said previously is that frequency does not communicate only with this planet and with the people and creatures, plants and minerals, and everything that is on this planet but also with the stars. I’m like, that’s incredible. I was just curious, do you remember what frequency was Jupiter? Are those stars in a high frequency or low frequency?

‏‏They didn’t actually give it a measurement. At least if they did they didn’t say what it was. It sounded like gongs going off. You could actually search for it on YouTube. It’s like NASA discovers that even the planets emit these vibrations that we can actually measure. It just sounds like if you’ve ever gone to a gong bath where people do those, it sounds quite like that from what they’re getting, and of course, this is with the equipment that they have. We know that dogs hear things that we don’t hear and so there’s probably a lot that we still can’t measure yet, not because it doesn’t exist but because we just don’t have the instruments to measure them. As science progresses and we have more ability to measure I think we’ll discover more and more and more. There are the great sages and philosophers enlighten people that thousands of years ago would say all this stuff but now they’re being validated by science.

‏‏Music can shift the internal relationship with ourselves. Can music shift or relationship with others?

‏‏Yes totally. The reason is because it shifts our relationship with ourselves and everything is a reflection of that. Once we shift our relationship with ourselves we have the opportunity to have a different relationship with other people. They start relating to us differently. The more we love ourselves, the more people show up reflecting that back to us. So that’s always primary because people will come to me and say, “I’m having a really difficult relationship with my husband” or a friend or many times they want to address that. I always start with them and start with that primary relationship and then from there we can move to the other.

I have done sessions for couples where I’ll find both of their resonance and then find the resonance where they meet up. It’s like you’ve got-say something is a resonance of d and the resonance of b then they tend to meet up within one resonance. Usually, it’s one of those but not always but for the most part it is and it might be because that’s the predominant person. It’s interesting because you’ll find that-I found that people even like the activities that are associated with that chakra that also corresponds to and that’s what they love to do together.

I can play music for them in the key where they come together and that can create a lot of harmonization between them because usually where we have our strength we also have our challenges and the same for a couple. Where they’re meeting up with one kind of energy frequency but have a lot that’s great there but they’re also having challenges in that same area so that can happen. That can be directly impacting both of them. But again it goes back to–I always notice when I’m doing those sessions that at one moment I’m addressing one of the people and another moment I’m addressing the other one and then where they meet. It does still go back to that primary relationship of self-love and everything coming out of that.

‏‏Did you come across people that come to you and say “I want it real just tell me the truth? I just want to know what it is” and then you tell them the truth and they’re not very happy about it?

‏‏You mean about in what area?

‏‏In the area of them having to change themselves.

‏‏Oh yes. Well, sometimes that is disappointing. I think all human beings at some level want to think it’s something outside of us that we can point to and say it’s this or this is why this is showing up rather than actual self-responsibility. It can be a little bit of a shift sometimes for people to go, “I’m actually the one that’s setting this up. How could that be?” I would never do that.

‏‏Those people that are open to receive and get it, that it’s about their own transformation and that’s the key to transforming their lives, their relationship, their business, everything. What type of breakthroughs do they get through your sound therapy?

‏‏Wow, it’s so varied but just huge things. People will-within coaching, I coach them so I’m getting them actual tools and action steps and all of that. I do all of the energetic stuff which is energy healing and I’ll use sound therapy as a part of that. Usually, when people have, I’d say not even usually, I’d say pretty much always, when people have sound therapy with the harp for the first time it’s always a massive breakthrough. Usually, it’s from an emotional level first. It can be also physical as well as a physical always does get impacted, but it can even be impacted immediately. Emotionally speaking, things will emerge that they’ve been holding on to that many times they didn’t know they were holding on to. It could be an old heartache, an abandonment issue that comes up really big and they finally can really release it. I’ve had somebody when I was even doing a group session actually and right after that they wrote to me and said they literally went out after that session and stopped smoking.


‏‏I know. That was like I said it was a group session and it was for the throat chakra so it had everything to do with that. And that was a total blessing for them because they found out later that they already had lung cancer and that got resolved, their lung cancer got resolved, not totally just from sound therapy but it definitely played a part. They definitely needed to stop smoking and they didn’t even know that they’d already had this going on.

‏‏Wow, I’m getting goosebumps again and now on my thighs.

‏‏Oh good. It’s just amazing stuff. It’s very common for people to cry a lot of the time because they’re just releasing so much emotion that’s been held in. They can have big healings with their parents, with significant people in their lives, releasing trauma. I’ve done a lot with trauma and abuse; sexual abuse and these kinds of things. I’ve even worked with wounded warriors in the marines with their PTSD. People will say they finally went home and slept for the first time in years, truly slept when they had insomnia and anxiety, and so on.

It’s so varied and I’m always amazed. There are so many things that sound therapy can address, including animals. I’ve had a great response because animals usually are very fast to respond, and really don’t have any objections to things, even then going out of separation anxiety, settling down and sleeping. It’s really been phenomenal for me just to hear the feedback and even sometimes just from recordings to have people write to me who I’ve never met and say “I listen to your CD and I went out of pain. I was able to find sleep. I let go of something I’ve been holding onto, this grief.” It’s just been amazing and it’s what motivates me to keep going and to do more and reach more people and expand.

‏‏Wow. I saw this video. It’s a viral video, I saw it on Facebook. This little dog is listening to sleeping and there’s music in the background and then Frozen come up on the radio, the famous song from Frozen. The dog is like opening his eyes, perking his ears and looking and then like “err-err-err” and singing. They definitely are connected. I wonder what’s the frequency of Frozen. That Frozen song is really good because a lot of people like it, a lot of kids like it. I think kids are very receptive. They’re very energetic.

‏‏They are. Definitely, the music that I’ve used with kids all over like directly with me but also just from recordings, teachers are using them in the classroom and teens love it too, which sometimes we think teens don’t like that kind of mellow music, but they love it too. In fact, it gets me every time I think of the story. One of the things they do is–I play music during Lisa Nichols, if you know of her, she was in the movie The Secret.  Her company is Motivating the Masses, and then she has the company Motivating the Team Spirit. I’ve been playing for them at their events for the last 4 years. I love it. It’s an amazing place to be in and to support people, I’m playing while they’re doing their transformational exercises. With the teens, we’ve been playing for them for four years. It’s been going on for 5.

One of the workshops had two days. I was there and there was a young man, I guess he was about 17 and he was in a group home. He had been in trouble before. I gave him a CD, I gifted the teenagers CDs who came up and said they’d like to have one. He went off with the CD and he came back to another workshop 6 months later or something like that. He came up to me and he told me, he said, “I went back and this was amazing but actually did I get into trouble. I did something else, I got into trouble and they put me in confinement. I was only allowed to have one thing brought in each day.” He said, “the one thing I asked is for your CD. They brought the CD and I would listen to it and it just got me through it and broke me out of it.”

It took him back not only the music itself but also to the experience of being in the room, in that transformation and he just had a breakthrough from that. He was back again to do the workshop again. He was just on a really good track. Lisa will often tell that story to people and I can barely hear it. I’m telling it now. I actually am doing pretty good because I can barely hear it again without tearing up because it’s just so meaningful to have that kind of impact on a young person’s life, just from music like that. And of course, the transformational experience that he was in with the other teens with the amazing staff that they have. Lisa is phenomenal. It’s pretty cool. Even the teens they actually super love it as they are receptive. They shift so much more quickly many times than adults.

‏‏You’re a very heartfelt person. You’re very warm. You’re very kind. I’m sure you have your days too. What do you do? You go there and you have to be on stage, or you have to be present with your clients and you got to be in that frequency because this is what you’re working with. Do you have any morning rituals or any type of rituals that brings you to that state of love and state of serving?

‏‏I’m always in self-work. I’m always doing the work myself. Anything I ever share with anybody else, I’m doing it. I really truly believe in that. We’re always a working progress. Life is evolution so we’re never ever done. We’re just always evolving and growing and expanding. I find meditation to be foremost in my life being present. For me meditating is not a big complicated process. It’s just really connecting with the breath and becoming present. I actually recently was in a workshop with Deepak Chopra, and Panache Desai was there too, I absolutely adore both of them.

We led a meditation and one of the things he did, which I love to do and share it because a beautiful thing, was as you get present just having us listen to the sounds in the room, notice the different sounds, notice our breathing and then ask the question “Who is it that’s listening?” You realize yourself in that moment when you ask yourself “Who is it that’s present to my breathing?” and “Who is it that’s present to the sounds of the birds singing or the ocean or the wind or even the traffic sound whatever it is. It’s that greater presence that we have and we realize that’s what we are. So that’s my practice; that’s my foremost practice is to just be in that so it’s all about being connected that keeps me centered and that prepares me for being able to work with people, that and prayer, and then yoga. I love to do actual physical yoga.

It’s that greater presence that we have and we realize that’s what we are. Click To Tweet

Again focusing on that breath, focusing on that connection, really being connected to the movement and what I’m doing. At this point, I’ve journeyed through lots of different aspects of spiritual practice throughout my life and spent time actually four months living in Tibet with monks at one point. They’re amazing. They’re so amazing. What’s funny about that is I actually laughed probably more than I’ve ever laughed in four-month period ever. That sounds funny because you’re there, you’re meditating and you’re doing practices and devotions.

‏‏You actually went all the way to Tibet?

‏‏I was in India and Nepal in monasteries with Tibet and monks and then journeyed around holy sites.

‏‏How did the toy get there? What brought you there?

‏‏I was just very connected to the Tibetan community and to their cause actually. I had been supporting children, Tibetan refugees in Nepal and India who were in schools there and also monks are sponsoring them because of that connection they invited me. Some of the lamas invited me to come spend time. It was meet them and I did. I got to meet the ones I had been sponsoring and also just practice with them.

‏‏Did you play for them?

‏‏No, I didn’t have my harp with me. I had to put that aside for 4 months. I did lots of chanting though. We would play soccer with them. It was just a really–they’re very, very fun and they’re very, very jovial and they’re always seeing the positive about things. Here they are actually living as refugees in other countries and so it’s not even their home country, but they just have this Great Spirit and this great attitude. For me it’s about being present, bringing myself back to present awareness all the time so that meditation isn’t something separate from the rest of my day but that I am bringing myself present. So that also means being present to everything I might feel at any given time and just bring the love to that. If I feel thrown, if I feel agitated, if I’m feeling some fear to just be with that and be present to it so I can say I’m doing the work. I’m on the journey.

‏‏We all are, absolutely. How do you get in the flow of creation? What inspires you to create?

‏‏For me, it’s that its inspiration, so it’s really an inspiration is-again it comes from that connection. One of the things that really inspires me is nature. When I’m in nature this is the cathedral. This is the sacred space so that’s very inspiring to me. Although people also really inspire me and I’ve even felt very inspired in really busy cities too. Nature definitely has that. It’s very in harmony with itself. In fact, it’s more what’s imposed on it that tends to throw it out of harmony, so that really inspires me.

People inspire me by what they do. I think all inspiration just that word suggests it’s like something that’s breathed into you. It’s coming from spirit. It’s coming from that connection. When I play for people I compose in the moment for them. How I was able to just let go and do that is that trust into that spiritual connection. Growing up I use to feel like I was a bit of an oddity because I did have that connection with angels and things like that, now I completely embrace it and just go, “It’s okay,” because that’s who I am. I go there. In my consciousness, I connect in with that. I connect in with the angelic world and just let that flow through me and through the music and just let it happen. I just feel like I’m an instrument rather than I’m the originator.

All inspiration just that word suggests it’s like something that’s breathed into you. It’s coming from spirit. It’s coming from that connection.

‏‏Did you create any special piece after your experience with the Tibetan monks?

‏‏No. I actually did a little bit but I haven’t recorded it. I used to play with a Tibetan flutist, native Tibetan flute. I composed some pieces around that but didn’t record them so I got to get back in. I have a lot of recordings coming up. There’s going to be a lot coming out and in fact, I would even love to do some music and then put some of the Tibetan monks sound with it.

‏‏Yes, I can’t wait to hear that. That’s going to be extraordinary. I mean it’s extraordinary as it is.

‏‏I love collaborations so bringing those different elements together, same with lights, with the different native sounds. I love all that. I actually love all kinds of music which people don’t always think because they think you only like a certain thing when you play the harp. I wouldn’t stay in angry music or anything for a length of time but I love all kinds of music. I love to dance. I love R&B. I love all kinds of stuff from classical to pop. To me, it’s also about the message. It’s about the upbeatness and I love all kinds of instruments. Music is a terrific language, and of course, we can use it in many different ways. Actually Confucius said “If you want to change the world change the music” because it’s just that powerful.

‏‏Did he say “yo” at the end?

‏‏Did he say “yo”? He probably did. He probably did the hand movement with it.

‏‏Change the music yo.

‏‏Yes, I’d like to see Confucius doing that now.

‏‏You mentioned getting inspired in busy cities. Many people in busy cities lose their inspiration because of life and stuff. Every day we have stuff and new things and sometimes surprises that we don’t really like. How can we find more love and harmony and self-acceptance where we are?

‏‏Making peace with it. Everything that we have a problem with we have to first look at what we’re resisting and it’s going out of resistance, going into non-resistance, making peace with it. It doesn’t mean that we have to just be stuck with it. It’s just that we can’t authentically change something when we’re in resistance. Resistance in and of itself causes a counter effect, there’s like a pulling action. But if we make peace with it, what is, then we come into harmony, and from harmony then there’s a chance to take true action and we know what the action is. I always look at that first if I’m having a challenge with something-what am I resisting about it being there in the first place? That’s always the thing we want to push away. We want to push away something that we don’t like rather than embracing it.

For someone like me, I was always very sensitive to things and always pick up what people are feeling which is great for healing but sometimes could be problematic until I got more of a sense of how to really manage that. Sometimes being in a big busy city where it’s never stopping and its constant noise could be a little overload. For me, yeah you can find a way to get into peaceful places but also to just make peace with what it is like to feel like that’s all part of life too. As soon as we make peace with something that’s when love comes in because we’re loving it. We’re embracing everything that that is. Then there’s a chance then to just-not a chance, in fact, the opening is there, actually open into incredible wonderful things whether they’re seeing “Oh this was really a gift after all”, or, which it always will be. And then “No, is there something else I can do?” It’s like we can see it clearly but we’re more in resistance, all we’re doing is butting our head against something and it’s hard work.

‏‏It’s our natural tendencies to try to avoid challenges. For example people in relationships, a lot of people to avoid a relationship that they’ll go and they’re going to leave. When you get a house and something breaks you don’t go to the house you go fix it. I totally agree with that.

‏‏Yes and first it’s like something breaks in your house and if you can’t fix it right then you kind of make peace with that’s what happens.

‏‏Yes, oh well.

‏‏Not in a way that’s denial because that’s not going to serve anything but just this is what it is and I’ll be able to take the right actions but maybe it’s the middle of the night and I can’t right now. Whatever it is, just making peace with the situation and it’s a lot easier to move through it when we have peace within it.

‏‏How does one find their genius; their creative genius, their financial genius?

‏‏First of all, I think it’s really tapping into yourself, really coming home to yourself and tapping into it. They’re definitely key pointers that we can use such as what makes us passionate? What do we love? What do we tend to not enjoy doing? What do we love doing? What is it that we would do no matter what? We just love it so much we could almost stay up all day and night doing it, those kinds of things. Even if it’s something that doesn’t look like its money-making it’s good to identify what that is. Sometimes people find their love of life. You might have someone who’s working in an office and when you ask them to identify their passions they actually come up with; “Well you know what I really love are dolphins”. They end up becoming like an animal communicator because of this realization that “Oh my gosh.”

A lot of times we’re trained in our society that certain things are the things to be revered and certain other qualities are not whereas, of course, everything is a genius to have a mechanical genius, or a creative genius, or a people genius. Recently in my work, I’ve come across the work of Roger James Hamilton and I started actually working with him. He has a wonderful system of finding your genius in terms of what puts you into the best flow financially. He has a test that you can take so you can get your profile and see what that is. I’m using that with clients because I became a consultant with them and that’s been very helpful too, to see where their path of flow to wealth. Where is their path of least resistance when it comes to wealth creation? Which is that they get to be in there genius so within that system it’s actually based on the etching so we’re still hanging out there with the Chinese masters.

There are five major elements and what we turn to again is frequency. It all comes down to frequency. We tend to resonate or generally, everyone resonates with one frequency more than any of the others. It’s that frequency out of the five elements: there is water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Then there are certain job type qualities that are suited those different metal elements such as someone with fire element very good with people and someone with a metal element is very good with systems and so on. Doing that profiling system, finding out where our natural strengths lie, and playing to our strengths. So that’s a very, very helpful profiling system and then also identifying our passions is also really helpful.

What I do with sound and everything, it taps right into your core resonant tone which also corresponds with a chakra. So knowing what that is as well-someone with a key of G for example resonates with a throat chakra. They will naturally be gifted in speaking, communication, anything around that. Even if they’ve had challenges there their natural gift actually lives there sometimes it’s covered over.

The music is super powerful too to help people bring out their genius and really see even “This is my path to wealth creation. I’m really great with people. I’m also a throat chakra resonance so I really need to be communicating. I really need to be through written spoken words. And that helps people to tap into themselves and get in touch with that unique gift that fingerprint, that blueprint that we all come in with. It’s our design and everybody’s going to have a slightly different nuance no matter how much we might want to put people in a category and really getting in tune, in touch with that core essence through these different things I just mentioned is super helpful. Then of course it starts to bloom and blossom. It tends to lead. It leads the person from within itself. When you’re in tune with your soul you’re in touch with that unique signature that you have. It is the guiding, it is like a GPS that’s going to start guiding you and leading you and creating all the synchronicities and so on.

‏‏Yes, that’s really interesting. I’m curious to know what my personal frequency vibration gift element is.

‏‏Well, I could tell you what your resonant tone is.

‏‏Really what is it?

‏‏It’s the key of A which resonates with the third eye. That’s a very visionary. You have a vision; you’re able to carry it out. They make good leaders because they’re visionary they often hold a vision where other people might give up on.

It’s the key of A which resonates with the third eye. That’s a very visionary. You have a vision; you’re able to carry it out. Click To Tweet

‏‏Thank you for that. That’s beautiful.

‏‏Yes, and there’s a lot more to it.

‏‏Yes, we’ll talk.

‏‏We’ll have to talk, yes.

‏‏Yes, thank you. Thank you for sharing that. What has been the most surprising thing about your journey?

‏‏I think in a way I embraced unexpected things. I can’t be too surprised too much. I think maybe it’s just when it comes to the music side of things just how universal that really is and how such varied people from so many different walks of life from marines to kids teenagers to the health field and the places where you might think it would be the most received, how they’ve all received it and the impact that that has been having on people. In a way that surprises me and in another way doesn’t.

I almost have to think about that one because I think I’m just always-I’m never surprised because the journey to me, there’s always a sense of wonder about it and what’s going to show up and how is that going to show up. I think it’s in the how that sometimes the surprise comes because I’ll get a vision of what’s about to come or I’m going in a certain direction and how that happens is often like i’ll have no idea sometimes how that’s all going to happen but then it happens. The how that gets orchestrated is always like “wow okay so it happened like this, how amazing.” I have to contemplate that one more I think.

‏‏That can be a cool exercise actually because you’re going to get deeper into all those beautiful memories and happy things in your life. People are probably blown away by everything you shared with us today. I know I am. I had a blast. Where can they find you?

‏‏Okay, wow, on my website it’s fairly easy. It’s just my name so it’s Cherylangela.com and you can find me there. You can get in touch with me through that. I’m also on Facebook as Cheryl Angela. Then I have fan pages; ‘Transform your frequency, Transform your life’ and ‘Cheryl Angela Harp, voice and soul’.

‏‏Very good and last but not least can you please give our listeners three tips? Can we have your best tips to live a stellar life?

‏‏Yes. Tip number one, and just know I’ll always doing the work so I’m always in this tip number one: love yourself. Definitely everything core issue comes down to that working with hundreds of people it definitely comes down to self-love, love yourself. Number 2– I don’t know if you want me to elaborate so I’ll just name them. Number two, ‏‏make peace it what is. We went over that a little bit and just embrace what is, make peace with what is and that’s when the solutions come and the things appear. Number 3 is to have fun. I always ask myself. I always ask myself with everything I do “Am I having fun?” Because if I’m not, I either need to shift the way I’m doing it or what I’m doing. I don’t think fun should be separate from our work. I think that everything should have that element of fun and lightness, be a child, have fun, play.

‏‏Thank you so much for joining us. It was my absolute pleasure having you here and talking to you.

‏‏It’s been so much fun talking to you. Thank you so much for hosting me.

‏‏Oh, thank you. Thank you, our beautiful, awesome listeners. Enjoy the music of your life and have a stellar life. Bye.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ We find more joy when we are listening to mellow music that has a higher frequency.

✓ Avoid angry music that has jagged rhythms.

✓ Raise your personal frequency vibration through daily tasks such as meditation and practicing acts of kindness.  Sound therapy doesn’t have to be live.  Find CDs or audio files that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

✓ Love yourself. Write down 10 things that you are great at, or that you enjoy about yourself.

✓ Only stay in negative emotions for ten minutes, then move out of a negative space.

✓ Look within and decide what you can change to become a more joyful person to help your relationships become stronger.

✓ Use the Roger James Hamilton system for finding your genius and determine what elements you relate to most.

✓ Attend a sound therapy group session.

✓ Make peace with difficult situations and think about what is positive, something better could be coming or that you learned a lesson.

✓ Remember to have fun! Enjoy every aspect of your life, from your work to hobbies and relationships.

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