Episode 3 | March 7, 2016

Discover Your Desires Through Your Sexual Blueprint with Jaiya

We all deserve to have hot, juicy sex lives-but many of us don’t know how or where to start. Jaiya is the ultimate sex educator, and she shares the best tips to get started on a fulfilling sex life.

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Mission # 3

On board: Jaiya
Mission: Discover Your Desires Through Your Sexual Blueprint

The Co-pilot

Jaiya is one of the most progressive and well educated sexual wellness experts. She works with couples and singles to help them overcome intimacy issues, deepening their connection and communication which leads to more fulfilling relationships. When Random House needed their newest sex expert they sought out Jaiya and she co-authored the book Red Hot Touch: A Head To Toe Handbook for Mind-Blowing Orgasms with her co-teacher Jon Hanauer. Jaiya explains how to take your sex life from lukewarm to mind-blowing by finding your sexual blueprint. She has devoted her life to helping others find their passion, and we are about to ignite the spark.

Mission Log:

  • Sex vs. Porn-how real sex puts porn to shame.
  • Eliminate frustration in bed through perfect pillow talk.
  • Understand your sexual blueprint and experience more pleasure.
  • Discover new ecstasy by playing with sex labs.
  • Your must-haves for the bedroom and aphrodisiac foods.

Your Pre-flight Checklist

  • Take Jaiya’s online quiz to find your blueprint-go to MissJaiya.com, click on the banner at the top and fill out the quiz.
  • Don’t fake it! Allow yourself to speak up and give honest feedback about what you like, dislike, and want more of.
  • Is there something that you’ve always wanted to try-a new position, or toy? Hold your first sex lab, decide on the amount of time you want first, then have fun with it!

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From all of us here at Stellar life; the Captain, Copilot and the entire crew, I’d like to Thank You for joining us on this trip! We are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a nice stay and thank you for choosing to live your life to the fullest!








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