Episode 214 | March 31, 2020

Immuned Mind & Body in Stressful Times with Dr. Varshini Soobiah

A Personal Note From Orion

This episode is very important to your mental health and physical health. My guest is a very smart woman, a very smart doctor, and a super achiever. She will teach you what supplements to take in these times, how to strengthen your immune system, and what to do to strengthen your mind if your mind is racing, or if you have anxiety. Life is hard these days, and we need all the help that we can get. Please stay tuned because this episode will make your day.

Dr. Varshini Soobiah specializes in integrative medicine protocols for disease management and disease prevention. Varshini spent four years in the Stem Cell and Neurosurgery Research Department at Cedars Sinai Medical Institute, investigating adaptive immunity and age-related immune dysfunction related to disease, and the central nervous system.

What’s also fascinating to me is that she was raised in a temple, studied the Hindu Scriptures since the age of five, and practiced many different forms of meditation. She also teaches meditation to strengthen core energy and treat pain; mental, emotional, and physical disease in the body. Varshini’s passion is healing, helping you harness positive energy, embrace balance, vitality, and inner strength; and we all need this these days.

I really enjoyed this episode; it made my day. We are bombarded with so much stressful information. This episode will actually hold you, will make you feel better about this reality, how to handle it, and how to handle all the stress that you have so you can thrive regardless of whatever is going on around you.

And now, without further ado, onto the show.


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About Today’s Show

Hey, Dr. Varshini, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. It’s a pleasure having you here. 

Thank you so much. Good morning. 

Good morning. You’re in beautiful Bali right now. 

I am. 

How did you get there? 

On the last flight that left America for Indonesia, actually. 

Oh, my God. 

Four hours after I left, they shut flights to Indonesia down. So, I just caught that last one; I’m so grateful. 

Wow. We had a conversation before we started this recording and you shared that this was an intuitive moment, and you just decided that you needed to go there in order to serve on the highest level. 

Yeah. I’m a research scientist in neurosurgery and stem cell, so there’s a bunch of people throughout the years of research that are scientists, that are into different studies of medicine, and different studies of frequencies, I guess is the best word to use. The conversations that were happening and the questions that were left unanswered had me left feeling uneasy.

Having worked at Cedars Sinai and being in conversations with team members there and with my patients who had gone to Cedars Sinai (which is a beautiful, wonderful, competent hospital in Beverly Hills, and they’re an incredible facility, both for research and for treatment), and there were a bunch of head-scratching situations of why can’t we get tested and why can’t we be treated. 

There were a bunch of things that were so outside of protocol, that it was very confusing to me about what was happening. I just didn’t understand where things were going and I just wanted to escape, to be honest. I just wanted to take a moment to make sure that I could be in a space where I’ve really evolved my practice to doing FaceTime sessions with my patients, and I can do that from anywhere. 

So, me having the ability to be mobile, and I thought, where would I want to be if I could just escape everything for a little bit and be quarantined but be okay being quarantined. I took a year off work and I traveled around the world. When I was in Bali and Mauritius, they were the two places that I could truly escape; news, media. The energies that were not my own, that I am affected by. I am very much affected by the energies around me when I tune to the energies of the people around me.

Living in LA, sometimes that’s such a blessing. And sometimes, it can be quite a challenge. It was built to be more of a challenge than a blessing at that moment. I thought, where I can be in complete control, do my own thing, be quarantined, and still enjoy it? It would probably be Bali. That’s why I jumped on a plane and thought that’s where I’m going to go. 

That’s pretty awesome. In your everyday practice before this coronavirus situation started, what do you specialize in? What do you help people with? 

Integrative medicine and clinical practice. I specialized in central nervous system disorders, so treating neck-up problems. As a microbiologist in research, I focus on the microbiome that helps with the brain-gut connection. Anytime you want to treat the brain, you’ve got to calm down and heal the gut. That’s really important. I custom-make probiotics for my patients based on deficiencies in their microbiome. 

The Coronavirus quarantine is an opportunity to reboot, reset, and reinvent yourself. If you're healthy and safe at home, consider it a blessing and focus on what you can control. Share on X

That’s a practice that’s very ancient. It’s a 10,000-year-old Ayurvedic practice that I learned when I was in medical school in India, coupled with the research that I’ve done in neurosurgery. It really enhanced the understanding and the target of creating balance in the body and in the mind, from the training I’ve had being raised as Hindu. It’s in a temple with very conscious parents and grandparents about health and wellness, spiritual understanding, and spiritual practices. It just sort of infused to create the Quantum Clinic. It’s a mind, body, and spirit, an integrative medicine practice, but I specialize in central nervous systems. 

Beautiful. Our intention for this episode is to help someone heal, to give potent and helpful information on how you can keep your body in top shape, what kind of supplements can improve and boost your immune system, and, of course, the most important thing is the mindset. It just seems like everybody is going through such difficult times. We all have our good days and our bad days, but this is such an incredible time of so much uncertainty. It is scary. It is scary to watch the news. It is scary that you want to protect your family and your own health. This is going to be almost like a chill pill that can help you feel better, and also be prepared and boost your immune system. 

Absolutely. To touch base on what you just said, there are a few points that you made that are important. Yes, we’re going to address what can you do to prevent and increase the odds of you being not affected by these flu-like symptoms—they’re calling it coronavirus. But I think in a time of stress, which has created a lot of stress, it is the most challenging thing to your immune system, is to be under stress conditions, and the forced quarantine, the finances, the challenges that people are faced with their finances. 


That’s another one. In respect of all the challenges that have been created by this quarantine, there’s a lot more that we have to do to play the role of prevention and to support our immune system. It’s not just what we’ve taken in the form of supplements, which are important right now. It’s also what we are doing to hack our own brains, our own minds, our daily conversations that we’re having with ourselves, and the conversations that we’re having with other people. I want everyone to pay attention because now is the time. 

This quarantine is an opportunity to reboot, reset, and reinvent yourself. We should take this as a blessing and focus on that more so than the challenge. 

I just saw a viral video. There is an older guy from Israel. He’s a Zionist and he was in jail for about nine years. Sometimes, in the very secure jail, where he was just alone in a little cell. He was completely isolated for a very long time. He gave five tips on how to deal with isolation. One was when you think about how long you’re going to be in your home, don’t expect it to be two weeks, four weeks, or in six weeks, it’s going to end because then, you can get disappointed. Don’t put a deadline on it so you won’t be disappointed. 

Another thing that he said was to get a hobby. He’s a great chess player. He did not have a chessboard. But when he was alone in a little cell in the dark, he used to play chess in his mind. One more thing that he said, “You have to remind yourself of the reason why you’re there. You are here to protect yourself, you are at home to protect others,” and we are actually helping each other as a community to heal this thing while staying at home. 

Right, and the more seriously that we take it as a collective, the shorter the length of time of this incubation phase will be. 

I’m on this chat with other moms, and some of them did not take it seriously up until now. I was not the cool kid on the block because I was like, “Be careful, stay at home, no playdates.” They were like, “We’re moms. We know what’s good for our children.” Now they’re realizing that there is more to what I said that they thought, unfortunately. But, yeah, people need to take it seriously. 

Absolutely. Now is the time. 

As far as mindset, what will be some of your most important tips? 

I think just understanding that we are so much more than our feelings than we are anything else. In science, we’re very pragmatic about looking at the molecules if there’s an infection, that’s because there are many pathogens. There’s not enough immune response, immune cells, T cells, and dendritic cells. We’re very mathematical sometimes in one aspect of looking at disease and dis-ease in the body. 

Right now, what we need to look at is the impact of our emotions. If you wake up, you turn the news on right away, not a good idea. You’re going to set yourself up for destruction, for a real self-destructive day. I use an app called the Five Minute Journal, and it’s a gratitude app literally. It gives you a section for listing off three things that you’re grateful for, three things that you’re going to do to have a good day, and you can post a picture on there.

I love it because the picture that I post every day creates this visual collage, and I play those stakes pretty high. Oprah Winfrey said to do five gratitudes. On the third line, I add the number 4, then I add another gratitude. Then, I add the number 5, and I put in another gratitude. So, I do five. Then, I reflect back on it, and I look at it. For example, if I say, “I’m really grateful for my mom.” I’ve been very close to my mom since all of this has been going on because she’s 74 right now. 

Yeah, my mom, too. 

Okay, good. 

She’s far away, too. She’s in Israel and I’m here. That’s quite stressful. 

My mom’s in Canada and I’m in Bali. She is so fun and so funny. She’s down for a laugh and a new adventure, and she’s this real bubbly personality. I know that in times like this, I’m telling her to stay home. She’s a hotfoot, they call people who are busy bees. They’re everywhere, they’d go everywhere, they do everything. She’s the best grandma and the best mom. She runs the temple and she does so much community service activity. She’s a real livewire.

I know that this can be really challenging for her taking her car keys away and saying, “Sit.” And that’s a tough one for a woman like my mom.  I’ve been to a lot of talks and conversations with her. It’s really interesting hearing her and talking to her about what she’s doing. She’s not really doing much.

The most important thing is to check in with the people that you love. My family has chat threads and we send a lot of jokes. My sister’s got a real good funny bone in her and she sends a lot of jokes that crack me up, and that’s really helpful. So, engaging with the people that are so close to you and finding ways to make them laugh and to entertain them.

My mom is very interesting and very well-educated. If I send her a video on something to listen to that’s a lecture, she’ll do it. She’ll open up a conversation about it. I think right now, it’s important to find your tribe. Be that your family, be that your friends, whoever it is, create an assignment. Tell them, “You’re my tribe. I love you, I care about you. Let’s figure out three things that we really want to engage in. I’ll bring you three ideas, and you bring me three ideas.” Really start to build conversations and content that you can share and engage in, and discuss like study groups or little laughing groups. 

I have a group called My Girls in Whatsapp, and it’s the people that I love the most. We chat all day, it’s lighthearted, it’s important serious stuff, but it’s the stuff that we are collectively interested in. It’s a way that I can always know.

I know there are certain people in my life that will always send me the news. Some of them are scientists, some of them are doctors, some of them are my friends, some of them are gossipers, but they send me the stuff that I really need to not miss in a day, so I don’t have to be glued to the TV, I don’t have to watch the news. I just can check certain communications and know that I’ve been caught up. Those are important. That saves me from tuning in and starting a rough day with the news. The news is really difficult.

I’m from South Africa. In South Africa, there are two news channels. They report what’s important, what you need to know. But in America, it feels like 100 news channels. It’s 24/7 on and they’re constantly feeding you. I’ve fallen into this problem where I felt like I can’t not watch the news because I’m going to miss something really important.

When you’re healthy, you diminish the chances of harming other people.

What I did is I stopped. I literally turned my cable off. I downloaded a couple of apps, I put notifications on, and I never go into the app unless I see a notification of something that I know I need to know about, then I go into the article. That’s all I need to know, it’s just the article. I don’t want to know the whole partisan conversations, I don’t need to know too much about politics. I need to know the facts. 

That’s a good hack, it is to tune out a lot. 

Yeah, and it’s so difficult because it’s very addictive. You want to know what happened. Even I belong to a few groups. You want to know what this person said and what this person thinks. It’s also because of the need to connect. Sometimes, you get the stuff that you want, and sometimes you get stuff that I wish I didn’t read that. 

I have that problem as well. What I did is I pulled out of all these different chat threads, and I created my own chat thread. Like I said, my favorite is called My Girls. They’re my favorite girls from my whole life. I started the chat and I said to them, “You guys are my favorite people. I love you so much. So many of you are smart and funny, and that’s how I want to engage here. Let’s share what’s really going on, that’s important for us to share, and let’s share funny things.” That’s all we do in that chat thread and I love it. 

You don’t always have to subscribe to what people want you. You don’t always have to give people what they’re trying to take from you but be conscious of these relationships. If they’re important relationships, have that sit-down conversation with them. Or just over the phone. FaceTime them and say, “Look, I love you, but I really don’t like the tone of our conversations lately. I know you’re scared. I have moments where I feel afraid but I know you love funny animal videos, I know you love music. Why don’t we promise each other once a day, or three times a day, that we’ll chime in related to the ways we want to interact and what will really empower us to get through this time.” 

One thing I’m sending my mom every day is little videos of her grandchild. 

Oh, sweet. Your baby is so cute. She must love that. 

Yeah. She says, “Oh, please send those. It really makes me happy.” She’s older. She’s alone at home and she feels very isolated. She’s the type of person that likes to go out. It’s hard for her to stay at home. I try to cheer her up and I probably call her twice a day just to make sure we are staying connected. 

That’s really good. This whole thing about our moms who are similar, who like to get out of the house, it’s very poetic for me. As a doctor, the parallel I see with certain patients. I studied and practice Ayurvedic medicine, and the integrative medicine is working out of America and understanding the science in integrating that more into the practice, but as an Ayurvedic doctor, you’re trained to listen to your patients, most especially to what they’re not saying and what they’re not identifying because that’s what we’re here for, is to show you your shadow, is to understand what you’re not eating, what you’re not saying as part of your medicine, and guiding people into that. 

The poetic thing about what’s happening right now is most people who are hotfoots and are running around from place to place and thing to thing, they’re escapism. It’s escapism. They’re escaping something, either their own feelings, thoughts, or conversations they just don’t want to have. In that escapism, the spiritual good part, the blessing of this time, of quarantine, is to really face those conversations and face those things.

Take inventory. How am I feeling every day? How do I feel when I get off the phone with person A? How do I feel when I get off the phone with person B and person C? How do I feel after I’ve hung out with person A, B, and C? Then make your way all the way through Z, the letter Z, your whole alphabet of people that you interact with. Now is the time to take inventory. Who’s wearing a good hat and who’s wearing a bad hat? 

Distance. Distance yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically from those people. You clearly can now physically, but in every other way, or if it’s an important relationship like a family member, have a conversation about what you really enjoy doing with them, and just stick to that. Make some healthy and clear boundaries with those people. 

I’ve had to do that so many times that I got so comfortable with that because it was very uncomfortable for me, and I couldn’t quite figure it out. Eventually, I did. It was in a really loving conversation over lunch or over a phone call to say, “Hey, you know what? I’ve been really swamped emotionally, and with work, the hours that I’m clocking in. Every time I get on the phone with you it seems to gear into a negative space where I feel even more drained.

I couldn’t even believe I had anything left to give. I gave you that last drop that I needed to get settled in my personal life before going to bed and calling it done. I need that little bit that I have, and I feel like when we get on the phone, you’re pulling everything left in me. I don’t like that feeling, so, now I’ve been avoiding your calls, I’ve been avoiding responding to your messages, and I don’t want to do that because I love you, and I want to interact with you.

So, here’s what I’m going to say,” and this worked for me. I said, “Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to give us a code word, I’m going to make an agreement with you.” The common thing among people is that we know where we disagree, but we don’t really know where we agree. If we turn our arguments or grievances with each other into agreements, it’s a huge psychological shift, and we build great affinity with that person. What I say is, “I’m going to use the word ‘care.’” When Negative Nancy calls me, and they’re saying something negative, they’re spending out, and they’re pulling on me like a parasite, the last bit of energy I have, I say, “Care. Remember our agreement?”

This is that moment because a lot of these things that happen, these bad conversations, it’s an unconscious reactivity that’s happening for that person. It’s just a habit of how they are moving in their life. They’re moving with a lot of negativity. To pull them back to the Jedi masters, they just need that codeword, they just need that agreement with someone who loves them and cares for them, to remind them, “Oh, you know what? You’re slipping into that rabbit hole again. Let’s get out of there. Let’s go to these beautiful pastures. Let’s go towards this rain forest of a conversation.”

When you beget consciousness, you have to raise the bar for the people around you. That’s the best service you can do as a healer. You don’t even need a label for it. Just do it as a good person, doing that for your friends and family. 

I don’t need to do that with my mom. She’s a breath of joy, but there are people in my life that I have to do that with. I only had to do it with them for maybe three months, and then we just start dancing a whole new dance that I enjoy. 

Be aware of the impact of your emotions. Your thoughts and feelings can affect your actions toward yourself and others. Share on X

Beautiful. I’m going through RTT training right now. It’s called Rapid Transformational Therapy by Marissa Peer. The premise of it is in 1–3 sessions to quickly heal past trauma. It’s almost like neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis on steroids. It’s super powerful.

One of the things that Marissa said about the situation is that you must change the pictures in your mind because we can sit at home, spiral down, and just seeing all those very horrible pictures of what can happen to us, to our loved ones, to the planet, or we can change the picture to where we want to be after this thing ends.

Let me interject because that is so important what you said. Where are we getting those pictures from that are stuck in our minds when we’re sitting to have a good moment of meditation? We’re getting it from the news. This is why I tuned out of cable and I tuned into the apps, and only looked at the notifications. 

Not only the news. We link back to all the post-apocalyptic movies we’ve seen our whole lives. 

True, but where do we change those thoughts? It’s vision boards, the things we choose to subscribe to. When I meditate, I’m very visual. I close my eyes, and I go into this universe that I’ve created where it’s so beautiful, everybody is so happy and so healthy, all their needs are met, they have everything that they want, and they are just having so much joy. It’s an important place for me, I spend more time these days than this reality. Bali is really easy for me to look around and see happy people. Everybody’s praying. I’m in Ubud, which is the most religious part. It’s very Hindu and the city literally shuts down at nine. People don’t drink. It’s a very religious-oriented area, so for me, this is a good lane. 

When I’m in LA, I have a great time with the people that I interact with. They’re fun and good people. But if I tune-in too much into the news, I’m having too many bad pictures. What you’re talking about with RTT is creating good images. I have vision boards. I have virtual vision boards that are on my phone, in my iPhotos of different things. My vision board for friendships, my vision board for personal care, my vision board for my career, my vision board for family; wanting to get married, and wanting to have children. 

I love vision boards. I did a vision board before I had my baby. You probably don’t know my story, but they gave me only a 5% chance to conceive. It was a very long journey, and it took a lot of effort—mentally, spiritually, physically. I just believe in vision boards so much. Also, before I met my husband, I did a vision board. 

I believe in vision boards, and on orionsmethod.com, there are two articles about vision boards if somebody wants to check it out. This is my website, and this is where stellarlifepodcast.com is on that website, too. 

With vision boards, what’s important is to do what you are doing. To look at the vision board for information, but also make it real, vivid, and potent in your mind. See it in color and see it as a movie of what you want to have. You want to really see it, not only on paper, but bring it to life in your own mind. 

Absolutely. You don’t just look at a picture like I don’t just look at a picture. When I look at my vision board, it’s a collage of images that emote a lot of emotions from me. I will have pictures of delicious, nutritious foods. I will have pictures of me doing yoga or people who have bodies that inspire me doing yoga. I will have pictures of travel. I will have pictures of people laughing. I love to laugh. I love comedy. 

I’ll have all these important things that are meaningful that represent the life I want to have. When I look at those pictures, I think about the times that I’ve engaged like that, or the things that I find really delicious, the food. I literally visualize my food, my diet, and my nutrition. And I try to create that in my kitchen. I have a whole psychology of how to eat because I’m very emotional about food, so I’m particular. I love to cook and I like to be in my own kitchen because I can put together the things that are just perfect for me. I have vision boards around it. 

One day, I’m going to come to visit you, and we’re going to put together…

I’d love that. I’d love that. We’ll have a great time. We will, especially because you’re from… where are you from? 


You’re from Israel. I love Israeli food. That crispy rice at the bottom of the pot is my favorite, and I’m Indian. We can put together, hodge-podge, mix-match, and do some great fusions in my kitchen, you and I. We’ll do that. That’s a date. 

We may be living in uncertain times, but stressing out over the unknown can affect your immune system.

It’s amazing. 

This vision board totally changes the way that I’m feeling, if I’m upset about something, one of my patients who’s in chemotherapy isn’t doing well, or had a bad diagnosis, or an MRI came back, and some things, a new patient. I feel for my patients. I really connect to them, the journey, and the plight of getting well. It’s why I’m so focused on not just being a doctor of the physical body, but looking at the emotional and spiritual component. I teach premeditation out of my clinic. I teach meditation via FaceTime one-on-ones around the world. 

There’s a lot of ways that I intervene to help them. This whole vision board is so important for them because if you get a grim diagnosis or you’re dealing with a challenging time like a quarantine, you need to tune in to a place that is your paradise, and you need to create that. I am grateful that I’ve built those muscles around it, so in a heartbeat, I can be in my own inner paradise. But it took time to build that—pictures, emotions, shifting things, this quarantine.

I am living the vision board of where I would want to be currently because I’ve learned so quickly over the years how to create that. But now, I’ve got to drop into that reality, which is why I jumped on a plane. If I wasn’t here, I’d be sitting there, focusing on all the different places that I have been and tuning in, looking at the videos, looking at the pictures, and remembering all the beautiful people and family members that loved me. We had fun times that I would be relishing in those. 

Now is the time to do that. Pull up your videos, pull up your photos, and sit in a place you call sacred in your home. Light a candle, turn the lights low, turn the music on if it helps you, turn the music off if it’s distracting to you. Find your space that’s so unique. Every single person has a different way to get comfortable within themselves. Find what that looks like to you and go through these images. When something really pulls the fun, good, beautiful, emotional side of you, that’s something that belongs on your vision board. 

That is so freaking powerful. This is amazing. I was listening to a little bit of a recording from one of my Kabbalah teachers, David Ghiyam, and what he said is, “You want to create in your mind certainty beyond logic because we live in a magical universe. We can manifest different things and different realities. I believe in multiple dimensions, multiple realities. I believe that we can exchange versions of ourselves, even from a version of a sick person to a version of a very healthy person if we tap into this magical universe and if we have that certainty beyond logic.”

When I wanted to conceive, I worked on having that certainty beyond logic because logically, it would never have happened. Especially at times like that, this is the time to get certain and connected to faith, to God, higher power, and believe that the universe is working for you.

I’m going to jump into a little bit of neuroscience around what you’re saying to support what you’re saying. There’s a part of the brain called the limbic system. It’s embedded in the amygdala part of your brain. It’s the part of your brain where, if I tell you I’m coming over and we’re going to have a cup of tea, and I walk into your home and you’re baking brownies, my mouth will immediately start to salivate. I didn’t eat any brownies, I just smelled it and my olfactory nerve told my brain that told my stomach, “Oh, my gosh. She has baked brownies for us, we should get ready to digest that,” and my mouth starts to salivate. What I’m saying is, our thoughts create physical reactions in our bodies.

On the negative side of it, imagine if a woman was in a horrible car accident with her husband and he passed away in her arms—really tragic. A year later, she is crossing the street with her 5-year-old grandson and there is a tiny, small, bumper-to-bumper accident. Nobody was injured, but it triggered her physical reaction to having a stroke from the trauma that she relieved which we hold our trauma at a cellular level. We’re getting into this whole other practice of understanding of science and neuroscience.

If we turn our arguments or grievances into agreements, a psychological shift happens that leads to affinity and unity. Share on X

What you’re saying is, when the science was stacked against you and you decided to change the way your body responded to the thoughts, ideas, and your belief system, you were able to have your body do something superhuman that you were told it couldn’t do. That’s powerful stuff and that’s what we’re talking about today. It’s about taking control of your monkey mind and having your mind, body, and spirit be exactly as you want for it to be. We are able to do that, we are in control. It’s not magic, it’s a practice of understanding who you really are. 

Yeah. For me, I also see it as a co-creation. It’s not only me. I believe that there is a higher force that was co-creating with me. Almost like the universe is testing how certain you are at some points in your life. 

Yeah, it’s a bold move. Well done, you. 

Thank you. We’ve all done that. We’ve all done things that’s why this is important. Each and every one of us, you, me, anyone that is listening right now, we all did stuff in life that we never imagined possible. We achieve things that are unimaginable and we beat the odds in certain things.

If you go back to your life and you look at all those points in time where you’ve been told, “You can’t do this,” and you did, or you got the things that you never imagined you can have, these things happen because you are a great manifestor. Even in this time of chaos, thoughts become things, thoughts become hormones, and they affect your body. Especially in this time, you want to have that certainty beyond logic so you can manifest what you want in your life. Especially at this time. 

This is all good and great. What if somebody is listening to us right now and he’s like, “These girls, they got it. They are so certain. They’re awesome. And they are experiencing fear and anxiety.” I just want to say, the fact that I sound certain right now does not mean that I did not experience a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety around this whole thing. It didn’t mean that I didn’t cry. It didn’t mean that, as a mother, I was super afraid for my loved ones, or as a daughter who’s super afraid for my loved ones.

Those feelings are so natural and there is anxiety in the air. Like you, I’m very emphatic. I receive the collective consciousness. I tap into that and it’s hard. This is a very difficult time to be on the planet, especially when you look at the news and you hear about everything that is going on. Feelings are valid and I felt those feelings too, but every time I feel those feelings, what I do is I try to reach for a better thought, call a friend, talk to my husband, or talk to my mom or my sister. There was one night where I couldn’t fall asleep. I called my sister and she calmed me down. 

I’ve had these moments, too. Do you know what I do? I call it the gratitude game. I have three people that I can call in different parts of the world, so I always hit the right time zone. I call them and I say, “Okay. I’m having a real poop day and we got to play the gratitude game.” It goes like this. They’ll start and they’ll say, “Okay, well, I’m grateful for…” whatever it may be that they’re grateful for. Maybe their child or maybe their spouse. “I’m grateful for that person.” We don’t just play small. We play big. So, “I’m grateful for my husband because he makes me smile from the depths of my soul.” Then it’s my turn. I’m probably going to struggle with this because I’m not in a good space because I’m in my fear, I’m in my gut, my stuff, so I’m probably not thinking so clearly about all the blessings that are happening in my life.

This game helps you pull yourself out of the mud and wash yourself off. I’ll say, “I’m grateful for my dragon.” I think about what’s in my home. I’ve got this little bearded dragon that runs around like a puppy around the house and she’s really cute. We just have this interesting bond. She cuddles me. It’s interesting because you wouldn’t imagine this little thing could, but she does. So, I’ll say, “I’m grateful for Tigerlily. I’m grateful for her because she reminds me to be calm and to get still. That it’s a beautiful thing to do because it’s beautiful to do it with her.”

Be a part of your community and spread goodness around you.

Then, it’s her turn. She may say, “Well, I’m grateful that it’s a very beautiful sunny day,” where she may be in the world. Then, it’s my turn. I’ll say, “Yeah. I’m really grateful for the patients that I’m working with right now. I learn and I heal personally from guiding them to their wellness. I’m really grateful that this is the line of work that I’m in.”

It’s not just saying, “I’m grateful for my dog, I’m grateful for my cat, I’m grateful for my health, I’m grateful for my car.” No, that’s not playing the gratitude game. Playing the gratitude game is identifying it and really thinking thoughtfully what is it about that thing or that person that brings me pure joy.

Wow. I like that. That’s next level. 

It’s so simple and it’s cheap, too. It’s a phone call away. You have to engage with people. Here’s the thing. I think the underlying common denominator of all these conversations we’ve had thus far is we have to be more conscious and aware, and have these conversations with important people in our lives to say, “This is who we are. This is what we’re going to agree to.” If you’re in a relationship that’s pretty volatile, it’s okay. It can be healed. It can be repaired.

I do marriage counseling, family counseling, crisis counseling, and I’ve worked with suicidal patients. All of the work that I’ve done has amassed me to understand that the worst-case scenario can heal. The changes and the inspiration I’ve had from my patients have brought me to my knees and brought me to tears of gratitude that is not me. It’s not that I am a great doctor. It’s not that. It’s that I listen to what they’re saying and what they’re not saying. And then we open up conversations. We make agreements about what we’re going to do as a team to get through it. Then, I hold them accountable and hold myself accountable to contribute. 

Every patient has a different protocol because every patient has a different prognosis and a diagnosis. I don’t have any blanket protocols. You and I were introduced through the METal group. What I wrote for METal is a completely different protocol than I’ve written for any other patient. Every patient gets their own custom protocol written because they are so unique in who they are, what they’ve been through, and where they want to go.

If we start looking in every relationship at the protocol, where have we been, where are we, and where do we want to go, we start having conversations about where we want to go. Let’s make agreements around it. We always know where we don’t agree because we fight about that. How to let go of arguments, the fighting, and the rough part or the not good part of our relationships is in assessing it and saying, “You know, I really love when we do XYZ. I really love when we talk about XYZ.”

Get to know yourself to have that conversation outside of yourself. Who are you? Where have you been? Where are you and where do you want to go? Now is a great time to contemplate that in this quarantine. What’s the best part of you? Where do you need to improve? And start working on that. Who can help you? Who else is like that? Deficient in that way? That you two can make yourselves accountability partners and work together to improve. It’s a great opportunity.

It is. It’s beautiful. You have so much knowledge around supplements. You’re so good. When I listened to your presentation, I was so impressed. I know everybody has their own individual protocol that will help them, but overall, to boost the immune system so our bodies on the physical plane can deal better with COVID-19 and everything that’s going on, what do we absolutely must take?

Okay, I’m not going to go too deep into each one, but I’m going to hit a broad overview of what’s really important and primary to focus on. Sleep is the most sacred thing because you want the machine of your body to function properly. It does that when you sleep. When you sleep, that’s what repairs and boosts your immune system. Sleep is very sacred. If everybody can choose a time that they are going to shut it down and be loyal to that time that they’re going to shut it down and go to sleep, that is really important. 

I don’t like this tip and I’ll tell you why. I’m a new mom and I don’t sleep much. I can’t sleep much. 

You’re in a specific category of this new mom. In respect of that, what you would do is, you and your husband would have an agreement about sleeping schedules. There has to be a four-hour time block, hopefully, a six-hour time frame that you two say, “It’s my time. It’s your time.” You two need to work that. 

It’s kind of hard because I’m nursing. I’m breastfeeding. He is teething and he’s crying throughout the night. He cries throughout the day, he cries throughout the night. He’s in a lot of pain. I don’t remember the last time I got more than 3-4 hours straight. 

Fair enough. And that makes sense because you’re breastfeeding. 

I wake up an hour, every two hours. Sometimes I’ll have a gap where I’ll just be completely awake and I’ll get a total of maybe five, six hours a night.

Right. Look, motherhood at your phase is not easy. It’s just there are no answers. There’s nothing, there are no pro tips that I can give you where you’re going to get eight hours of sleep. There isn’t. It’s just not your reality right now. What do you do, is you try your best to have those naps when he’s napping and you do your best to be as present as you can. It’s a time that interestingly enough, your body has been designed to produce certain hormones that will help you cope. It will be frustrating and difficult but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You use Pranayama breathing techniques, which I’ll teach you after the call, different breathing techniques to help you stay in a relaxed state while you’re breastfeeding that will help your mind calm down and help incite a better immune response. That’s another way that you can do it. You’re awake, you’re breastfeeding, but you’re using that time when the baby is clutched to focus on your own immune support. 

That sounds really good. Okay, now I like the tip. 

Okay. For those who are not breastfeeding and don’t have a sweet little baby like you do at home, sleep is sacred. Going to sleep at a certain time. When I say go to bed, I mean shut it down, off technology, lay in bed. You can be on technology if you have the night feature. That’s fine, but I try to engage in only fun and happy things at night time. 

I will not watch the news, I will not keep up to date with the drama and the traumas of business, etc. I try to do fun, light-hearted things. I talk to people that I love, people that love me and catch up on good things. Reading a good book, that’s awesome if you like reading books. But I have to read professionally all day, so I don’t want to get into bed and continue reading. I want to do something different. That’s why I tune in to other things. 

I watch or listen to something funny. I have Pandora and I love Bill Burr, and I love different comedians, Dave Chappelle. I actually listen to their comedy. Even though it’s repetitive sometimes, I listen to their comedy and it makes me laugh and it puts me in a good space. Russell Peters is hilarious. There are still old stuff that I haven’t watched and listened to. Sometimes I put on YouTube, but I’m not looking at the screen, I’m just listening. Little hacks like that, but that starts at nine to ten in the evening. I’m always asleep by eleven. Sometimes I’m asleep at nine or ten, depending on how my day has gone, but in that time frame from nine to eleven that’s my grace period of it’s me time, time to shut it down, get serious about sleep, be in bed, and do those things.

If I’m at a point where I’m not in good health or I’ve been traveling overseas and I’m dealing with a little bit of jetlag, there are other tools that I use like Pranayama breathing exercises, meditation. I listen to binaural sounds, I listen to guided meditation, and I really focus on getting myself to be more sedentary at that time if I’m really active in those hours where I’m supposed to be sleeping. Maybe you and I will do another talk about sleep hacks. 

We can do that for sure. 

Another time. We’ll get more into that. So, sleep is sacred. The next point is the gut-brain connection. Eating good, nutritious food is so important. It’s important right now, considering the stress factors. If you don’t know much about nutrition, get on YouTube, whatever diet you are on or are not on that you’ve always aspired to be, time to research, get on YouTube.

Here’s a hack as a researcher. If I want to know what’s the most important thing I need to know about, let’s say, Keto, I’ll type in “understanding Keto” in the search panel on YouTube. Then, I’ll go into the filters and I’ll say most view counts. I’ll look at it because we as a herd community subscribe to what’s really smart. If somebody’s saying something that’s really smart, they’ll be going to get a lot of hits. It’s going to be viewed several times. People are going to play it forward, pass it onto people. They’re going to have a lot of views. I want to look at those first and hear what the main conversation is. Then, I’ll have questions. Then, I’ll start typing in more specificity of what I want to search and research.

So start there, look at a good diet, think about, “I’ve always wanted to be vegan,” or, “I’ve always wanted to be a vegetarian,” or, “I’ve always wanted to be a pescatarian,” or, “I’ve always wanted to do Keto.” They call it Veto, Vegan-Keto. Think about what you want to do, play with it, see how you can get through it, but know, knowledge is key. Study it really well right now. The gut-brain connection is sacred. If you need to calm the gut and have the right diet that works for you, your brain will work optimally which will help your sleep patterns. 

Next point. Probiotics. If you don’t know about probiotics and how incredibly fundamental they are to the building blocks of your immune system, to prevent disease in your body, and to metabolize the nutrients of the good food that you spend a lot of money on. Pay a lot of time and attention to preparing delicious, nutritious foods for your family. Learn about probiotics. 

Go on to YouTube and search probiotics. Go to Chrome and search probiotics. Why are they good for me? What do I need to know about fermented food? Understand that because if you can understand how they are your soldiers and the army that fights the good fight for you everyday in every single way – mind, body, and spirit. Fighting and preventing infections, there’s nothing more important than probiotics.

I have an excellent line of probiotics for Quantum Clinic over the years as a microbiologist and working with patients. I cannot custom-make probiotics for the number of patients in my roster right now. I have one comprehensive formulation that is for the human microbiome that will sustain an optimum immune system, strength, emotional health, and well-being for treating neurological conditions. It’s being used in top facilities around the world. The best doctors in health and wellness are using it in their clinic and are just that one-hit-wonder. It just works phenomenally. 

When you have a good probiotic that is really strong, mine is liquid, it’s anaerobic bacteria that have not been dehydrated, dried out into capsules, or freeze-dried. It’s live liquid, it goes in the body and it just plates beautifully. 

Is it good for babies too?

It is good for babies, but we have to talk about those things because babies take very small doses. We’ll talk about that after. If somebody wanted to get into something like that, incorporate supplements to their children, they do need to have a doctor review it with them because not everything in high amounts will be good for your child. Probiotics, yes, but in the right dose. 

You had a tip of having apple cider vinegar to help the probiotics absorb better. 

Yeah, that’s because when you wake up, you’re very acidic. I like to neutralize my pH before I take a really strong probiotic. I want my probiotics to be taken in the best environment opportunity. I neutralize the acidity of my digestion by taking two apple cider vinegar capsules, which total 1500 mg. There are lots of brands across. 

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Is that like a spoon or a teaspoon?

I don’t do the liquid. 

Because of the enamel.

The amount, 1500 mg in a capsule, the amount of liquid is 2–4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. I don’t like the taste of that sour vinegar. I really don’t like it. The amount of water I have to add to it to dilute it, I can’t drink 24 oz in a sitting just before I take my probiotics. For me, I take the capsules and I drink 12 oz of water in the form of tea, green tea. I add my fulvic minerals to it. I also have this ayurvedic digestive tea of different herbs and spices that I blend together. I simmer that for 10 minutes and make a pot, and I drink that throughout the day. But what I want to do, Orion, is that I want to knock it to advance. 

I just want to be you for a day just to see everything.

Come and hang out in my kitchen, and I’ll show you what I’m up to. But let’s just keep this really simple. What’s really simple is get good sleep, have a good probiotic, eat fermented foods if you don’t have probiotics or if you want to keep the bill low and not spend too much money. There are lots of do-it-yourself, how to ferment and make kimchi and sauerkraut online. If you don’t like cabbage, you could do it with cauliflower, broccoli, and carrot. 

I love cabbage. I should do that. 

Yeah. You totally should do that. It’s so simple. Vitamin D. You should be at minimum, 5000 international units a day. I don’t like popping pills so I take one capsule of 50,000 IU a week. 

I take the drops. I take two drops, so I take 8000 every day, especially because I’m breastfeeding. 

Yes. That’s really important. That works for you. Everybody has to find what works for them. As far as capsules, liquid, and how much is the right dose based on their most recent blood work, look at their vitamin D levels. If their levels are low, before they start increasing the amount of vitamin D that they’re taking, they need to get on probiotics, improve their metabolism of nutrients because vitamin D absorbs in the gut and metabolizes in the gut. A lot of nutrient deficiencies are problems in the gut. That’s why probiotics are so important to build the integrity of your digestion. 

I started taking probiotics and enzymes and I feel so much better now.

Good. If people who are against taking supplements, want to look for whole food sources, we’re talking about cod liver oil, fish, flaxseed oils, they contain vitamin D. If you Google vitamin D-rich foods, you’re going to see peas, butter, eggs, certain cheeses have it, salmon. Find your diet first, decide what your diet is, and then look at whole food sources of foods within your diet.

Vitamin C, same thing. I love a whole food source of vitamin C, but right now, if you’re going to supplement liposomal vitamin C, which is a lipid of fat attached to vitamin C, it improves metabolism and absorption of vitamin C.

I’ve heard Dave Asprey talk about mega-dosing with vitamin C if somebody has COVID-19. He talked about taking between 8–15 mg. He said that when you take these higher dosages, you can take vitamin C that is based on fat because it’s going to be too hard on your body so you want to take the simpler version. 

Yes. I would agree with that. Essential fatty acids are important to bring down the inflammation. It depends on the formulation of the liposomal vitamin C. What fat are they attaching to vitamin C? Again, I don’t like taking supplements. If I can take my essential fatty acid and vitamin C at the same time in one capsule, great. Taking 8 grams of vitamin C would be taking 16 capsules of liposomal vitamin C. If you’re looking at the formulation of liposomal and it’s an essential fatty acid from salmon or from flaxseeds, you’re fine to take in a liposomal formula. When you look at the gram intake of 8000 mg of essential fatty acids in a day, you’re bringing down the inflammation in your body. 

You’re also not taking 8 grams of vitamin C in 1 dose. He’s probably telling you to sparsely have it throughout the day. Maybe 2000 mg in the morning, 2000 mg in the early afternoon, 2000 mg in the late afternoon, and 2000 mg in the evening. You can’t take 8 grams in one dose because that would thin your blood out too much, which would have other side effects that we don’t need to get into. It’s just too much to take in one dose. You would want to separate it and space it out in the day. If you’re doing it like that, then what does essential fatty acid do to our body? It brings down inflammation, it improves brain function and cardiovascular support. 

This amount of vitamin C, again for the listeners, is only if you’re megadosing, if you do have the COVID-19. 

I don’t recommend it. I do not recommend 8 grams of vitamin C without a doctor’s guidance with that. It needs to be decided which form of vitamin C you’re using, when you’re taking it, how you’re taking it, what medications you’re on, which can have a reaction to you if you’re on blood thinners already. That amount of vitamin C can thin your blood out again.

Also, what about wound healing? What if it’s a diabetic patient? What if they have an injury that they’re healing? There are loads of drug interactions. Supplements are not drugs, but when you take it in high doses, it becomes interpreted as a drug in the body. I don’t recommend if you feel like you’re sick or you think you might have COVID taking 8000mg, consult with a doctor. There are lots of online doctors, you can contact me via email. Don’t just get on self-medicating, don’t do that. It’s not safe. Just because you think innocently vitamin C is in orange, it must be safe to take. High levels like that, you need some doctor’s guidance. 

Okay. That’s really important to know. Thank you! On an everyday basis, how much should we take for our own health? 2000?

1000 is great if you’re in good health. If you’re not in good health and it’s immune-related, 1000 in the morning, 1000 before dinner. 

What about pregnant women? Can they take it? Or breastfeeding? 

Again, case-to-case, I’m not going to speak on that. 

Case-to-case, speak to your doctor.

You need to discuss it with your doctor, yes. Vitamin C sources, you get it from broccoli, red peppers, cabbage, kiwi, lime, bananas, blueberries, tomatoes, oranges, lemons, garlic. I know that you know a bunch of what I just said, but maybe I said something that you didn’t know as a source of vitamin C.

Now is the time. We don’t have anything but time in our hands. It’s a blessing. Jump online, type in vitamin C-rich foods, look at where you’re getting your sources of vitamin C. See your servings of that. How much are you getting? Supplement if you need to. But you don’t have to power down on so many supplements if you’re having a really nutritious diet. You need to focus on probiotics and you need to focus on metabolism.

Cool. Thank you so much. Thank you for clarifying that thing with vitamin C. It’s really important. 

You’re welcome. 

That’s so important. You were also talking about zinc, magnesium, and turmeric.

Correct. Sources of zinc. Again, we’re overlapping with broccoli, but asparagus, cashews, tofu, spinach, legumes, mushrooms. Those are all sources of zinc, whole food sources. But you can supplement it. If you’re going to supplement, 40-50 mg a day is good. Zinc is kind of a trace and fulvic mineral, so just check the minerals that you’re already taking and see the amount of zinc present there.

You don’t need to overdose on zinc. I like whole food sources or plant-based supplements. If you take too much of it, it’s going to come out in your urine.  Zinc is important for regulating the body, boosting the immune system, improving memory, it helps with pregnancy. When you look at prenatal vitamins it always has good levels of zinc in it. It helps with inflammatory processes.

Another one is calcium. Really important right now. Prevents cardiovascular problems and it supports cardiovascular problems, it helps with weight, it helps with your bones, with de-stressing when you take it with magnesium. It helps to absorb it with the magnesium into your bones and throughout your body. It prevents osteoporosis, it helps with kidney functions. There are loads of plant foods that are calcium-rich, so look that one up.

Magnesium is one of my favorite supplements of all time. I’d say before in that talk you listened to, if I could have taken three things to an island with me, I would take probiotics, magnesium, and curcumin. And I did. I brought that with me. 

And you’re on an island. 

Right, and I know myself, I know my own body. I know that I have a tendency to stress out by being overwhelmed by taking on too many things because I’m super active and I want to help the world. I know that magnesium helps me to relax and stay calm. I know probiotics are going to calm my mind, improve my sleep, help my immune system really function and fight the good fight I expect it to every day. My soldiers are going to show up for me every day if I have strong, good probiotics. I brought that with me.

The curcumin is going to go after the pathogens. Whatever I may be exposed to out here, even though there aren’t any cases nearby me, if I were to be exposed because again, asymptomatic for 10 days, if already been exposed, I would take copious amounts of curcumin. There are a plethora of opportunities for me to go to herbs shops here, in the kitchen here where I’m staying. They already have. I already gave them a bunch of medicines that I brought and they know how to prepare them. I chatted with the chef and it’s all on deck.

Again, in this quarantine, what I want to remind everybody is “patient, heal thyself.” You cannot depend on the hospitals. If you are not critically ill, do not go to the hospitals. If you don’t have access to your doctor. 

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They won’t even talk to you, right?

That’s the case right now. Apparently, there are some cases.

They don’t have the capacity. It’s not that they don’t want to, they just don’t have the capacity.

I think I’m going to get on some lives. I’ve never done Instagram or Facebook Live, but I think I’m going to do that. That’s something I could really contribute, is just open the line and say, “If anybody has any questions, let me just give you some free advice.”

Absolutely. So, just to recap, we’re saying sleep, a good diet, probiotics, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc—40 grams. Vitamin D, you said about 4000 or 5000. Vitamin C, you said about a thousand. 

Let me go back to vitamin D. Vitamin D, on average 5000 international units (IU) a day. But if you’re dark-skinned like me, I would say 10,000 a day. I do 50,000 international units, one capsule a week. My levels are perfect if I showed you my blood work. My levels are perfect. A big reason my levels are perfect is that I do focus on probiotics and take that every day. That is a sacred practice for me and that helps to metabolize my nutrients better. If your levels are low, focus on your digestion first and then worry about the supplementation if your levels haven’t leveled out. 

Right, and Zinc, was that 40 grams?

40–50 mg a day.

Milligrams. How much calcium and how much magnesium?

It depends on the form and how you’re taking it. For me, I’m using Natural Calm. My favorite calcium formulation is by Garden of Life, it’s called Grow Bone. It’s interesting because they had a money-back guarantee for three months if you took their product. It’s two bottles. One is an enzymatic formula and it has all these different supplements in it that help improve the digestion and then the evening formula is magnesium, vitamin D, and calcium. That one they proved that if you take it for three months, it will increase your bone density. That’s how faithful they are in their product and it really works. I’ve seen my patients, I’ve recommended it. I’ve seen their before and after bone density test. It’s awesome.

I need that. 

We all do. We’re all predisposed to osteopenia. If you’re on pharmaceuticals, you are. If you’re eating food produced in America, you are, because we don’t follow biodynamic farming principles. Our food is nutrient-deficient. 

Yes. I don’t remember the last time I exercised when I was seven months pregnant. I used to be lifting weights and really keeping my body in top shape. 

Do you know what I do? I always have a yoga mat with me and I love this app called Down Dog. Down Dog is an app for yoga. I have a fractured shoulder and elbow that I’m still healing. I can avoid my shoulder, I can avoid my arm and I can set five minutes or two-hour practice. Whatever time frame I want. I can have with or without music, I can have a male or a female voice, I can have an accent or no accent, I can have a silent and just visualize, watch the person training me and not have any sound. It’s such a customizable app that works for so many people. I love that app, Down Dog. 

I would suggest doing that. Avoid it if you have lower back problems or neck problems, whatever it is. I get frustrated going into random yoga classes because I have to avoid or constantly adjust. I need to customize it from where I’m at right now with my body. But also, Dolvett. He’s a personal trainer, he’s from the Biggest Loser, he’s a celebrity trainer, and he does free workouts on his live feed on Instagram. I would be tuning in there if I didn’t have my private classes here. 

That’s so cool. Amazing. 

It’s great. There are lots of options. We’re on an opportunity right now. It’s like a wave of reset and creates the life you’ve always wanted to have. It seems like there are a lot of challenges and there are, but there’s a lot more opportunities and challenges and we need to focus on those. 

Wow. It was such a pleasure having this conversation with you. I’m so grateful for all the mindset tips. I’m so grateful for everything that you shared in this episode. I think we had a good intention and I’m sure people will get so much out of this episode. I’m sure everybody that is listening is in agreement.

If you’re listening and you like the show, then comment, leave us a review, you can leave Stellar Life Podcast a review on iTunes if this was helpful to you. You can also email me. You can go on stellarlifepodcast.com and you can contact me there. How can people contact you? If somebody needs your probiotics, if somebody wants to consult with you, if somebody wants to follow you on social media, or learn more about your practice, how can they connect with you?

This is quite embarrassing. I don’t have a proper setup for that. I have my personal account on Instagram @varshini and it’s really literally my personal account. There are such silly things on there, it’s not a medical account.

There is a Quantum Clinic profile on Instagram, but when it comes to clinical practice, I’ve been so blessed. We’re so busy, we’ve also been three weeks to three months advance booked. I’ve never had to do marketing and branding. Actually, I’m going to be picking your husband’s brain about that. We set it up. info@nullquantum-clinic.com is a way to email. @varshini for now, I guess. I’m on Facebook, varshinisoobiah. That’s it.

I do have a Twitter account. I never log in to Twitter because I try to manage myself. I will stay there for hours and read anything. I obsess over the scientist and the doctors that I follow. I will just stay on there for hours and hours and eat a day or five from Twitter. I stay off Twitter because I love it too much. That’s about it for now. 

Thank you so much, Dr. Varshini. I really appreciate you. 

My pleasure. I just wanted to tell you, you and I had an intention and our discussion before we got on this podcast, and I think you nailed it. Thank you. 

Awesome. Thank you, and thank you so much, listeners. Remember to make sure that you are setting your mindset for good, have a vision board, plan for the future that you want to have, remember to sleep, eat a good diet, avoid sugars, add probiotics in your diet, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and calcium. Just be happy, healthy, connect with your loved ones, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Prioritize your immune system more than anything else during the COVID-19 outbreak. When you’re healthy, you diminish the chances of harming other people.
{✓} Don’t give in to stress. We may be living in uncertain times, but stressing out over the unknown can affect your immune system. Find time to meditate and focus on the good things.
{✓} Learn to hack your mind with a few NLP strategies. There are plenty of free resources on the Internet, especially YouTube where experts can teach you how to improve your mental health. 
{✓} Aim for the best collectively. Be a part of your community and spread goodness around you. When everyone follows doctors’ orders to stay at home, practice social distancing, and wash their hands, the curve will flatten faster.  
{✓} Meditate or journal in the morning instead of reading the news or going on social media first thing when you wake up. Conditioning your mind helps you maintain a sound mindset.
{✓} Cultivate humor in your life no matter what. Laughter is the best medicine, and it’s always a good thing to virtually brighten someone else’s day with jokes, memes, or funny videos.
{✓} Limit what you need to consume. Learn to tune out to things that are not good for you mentally. If something is out of your control, it’s best not to worry about it.  
{✓} Take this time to evaluate your life. Meditate and look within yourself. Try to reflect on the choices you made and determine what you should do to become a better person when this is all over.
{✓} Find ways to help others as well. It’s normal to prioritize yourself and your family during times of stress, but whenever you have the opportunity to share, help those in need. 
{✓} Check out Quantum Clinic to learn more about Dr. Varshani Shoobiah’s expertise and services.

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About Dr. Varshini Soobiah

Dr. Varshini Soobiah specializes in Integrative medicine protocols for disease management and disease prevention. Dr. Varshini spent four years in the Stem Cell and Neurosurgery Research Department at Cedars Sinai Medical Institute investigating adaptive immunity and age-related immune dysfunction related to disease and the central nervous system.

She was raised in a temple and has studied the Hindu scriptures since the age of five, and practiced many different forms of meditation. She also teaches meditation to strengthen core energy and treat pain, mental, emotional and physical disease in the body. Dr. Varshini’s passion is healing and helping people harness positive energy embrace balance, vitality, and inner strength.

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