Episode 212 | March 17, 2020

Coronavirus: State of Emergency with Orion Talmay

A Personal Note From Orion

The whole world is collectively in the midst of a huge challenge. Over the last several weeks, the news is filled with scary words like “pandemic”, “economy crashing”, and “city-wide lockdown.” The Coronavirus is not just attacking our immune system, it’s also targeting our mental health. A stressed mind leads to unhealthy habits. How does one retain peace of mind amidst all this chaos? 

In this special solo episode, I share a few tips on how to remain calm and collected. I believe a clear mind produces the best decisions and in times like this, we all need to be wise in everything we do. I live in Los Angeles, and the last few days have been crazy! People are panic buying everywhere as if it’s the apocalypse. The media is sensationalizing everything and the entire city is on heightened alert. Even I panicked at first because I have a baby to feed, but all the aisles in the grocery stores are empty. 

It can be debilitating and tiring, and if we don’t control our thoughts, our immune system will be affected. So my dear, let this special Stellar Life podcast episode be your guiding light today. Join me as we take a pause for self-reflection. On with the show!


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About Today’s Show

Hello, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. “Are you ready for, ready for, a perfect storm, perfect storm?  There is no going back. Yes, the planet is having a perfect storm. It’s called a Coronavirus. You probably have heard of it – it’s crazy! Here in Los Angeles, the shelves are empty in the supermarkets. Events are canceled. People are freaking out. Some people get tasered in Costco for toilet paper roll. It’s insane!

Today, we’re going to talk about Coronavirus. And we’re going to talk about how to keep your mindset at bay, how to look for what’s good, how to be a little less stressed and a little happier. How to affect your immune system by affecting your mindset as I’m going to give you some practical tips on how to strengthen it. And also, some tips on how to prepare in this crazy time. I saw this in Psychology Today. It’s an article that states that the Coronavirus is infecting our minds, not our lungs

I don’t know if you notice, but there is this mass hypnosis from the media. And our subconscious minds react to strong words. Words like epidemic, world crisis, the economy crashing, mass panic, mega something- our subconscious mind responds to these words, and it creates stress and fear. Because we are animals, we are affected by their herd, and we are all interconnected. This mass hysteria does affect a lot of people. It definitely affected me. I got really stressed out. 

So, I asked myself, “should I be stressed?” And I thought, “you can if you want, but what good will you do?” But you do want to prepare. I mean, those feelings of anger and stress, they are valid, and they have a place. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” While we are here on the planet, having a human experience, we do have to take care of our bodies, take care of the environment, and get ready for any crisis. 

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So yes, I am for going shopping, filling up your pantry, making sure you have enough water and medicine, and being prepared. And also, in the midst of all this, you do need to take care of your minds. Your vibration is affecting the rest of the world. It’s a ripple effect. Your vibration affects the feel of everybody around you. If you rise up, the people around you automatically rise up. 

Do not get sucked into that downward spiral of depression and scarcity mindset. Be prepared, and yet remember, our brains did not evolve much in the last few million years. We still have this mentality of being scared of the saber-tooth tiger. We are wired to look for danger. That’s why when the media says, epidemic, mass hysteria, breaking the economy, we love it. We eat it up because we are wired to look for danger. And oh my god, there is so much danger in the media. It’s so interesting. I can’t stop looking at Facebook, and I don’t like going on Facebook. 

I’m a part of a mommy group, and there are so many posts and sensationalism. It’s so sensationalized. Like, it’s almost joyful in a way to look at all this discreet hysteria and fear. I mean, I’m sad for the people who are affected by the Coronavirus. And I also know that our media will totally report numbers of deaths and how scary it is. But what about all the amazing people that survived the Coronavirus, and everything is totally hunky-dory and okay? And all the people that got the Coronavirus and didn’t even have symptoms? And the beautiful fact that – do you know how many children are affected by the Coronavirus? Zero. That’s awesome. 

The virus isn’t something we should take lightly, but don’t panic. Instead, stay cautious and gradually prepare yourself for what is yet to come.

So, our subconscious mind is affected by big words. And that’s why we need to make sure to put a filter on social media and calm ourselves down. Because when you are stressed, it affects your immune system. Coronavirus is infecting our minds, not our lungs. Your mind is the most powerful pharmacy. The most intricate scientist in the world cannot create what your brain can create. Your brain can create hormones. Your brain can create antibodies. Your brain can heal yourself. So, thoughts, they matter. And stress matters because if you’re encountering that virus and your immune system is good, you won’t get affected. If you’re stressed, this will push your immune system down. Why let the virus win? Learn how to reduce your stress. Be disciplined in the way you think. Think about your thoughts. 

This virus showed us that we are all interconnected. The virus does not discriminate. If you’re in Australia, if you’re Tom Hanks, if you are In China, it doesn’t matter. The virus does not discriminate. We are all interconnected. It just shows you how connected we are. We are also all connected as far as the field of thought. I found myself this morning, laying down in the bed and nursing my little, magical, beautiful being, adorable, miracle baby. I love him so much. And I was stressed out. I was thinking about oh my god, I need to go shopping, get some water, what can I do? We need some vitamin C. All those thoughts that are going in a loop and are not of the higher vibration. 

So, I’m lying there and nursing this beautiful innocent being- who doesn’t care about the virus, who just wants to nurse, and be happy, and play, and learn about the world- and I’m all stressed out. And I know that as the mother, I am connected to him, and he can feel my stress. I don’t want that to rub on him. I don’t want him to take my stress on. So, I decided to change my thoughts. You can change your thoughts in an instant if you like. And you do it by replacing it with better thoughts. 

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So, my fears where were they? Were they here now? Did I really need water now? Did I need vitamin C now? Or multivitamins now? Or fear of not having enough toilet paper? Because I need toilet paper. All those fears were not happening now. They are happening in the future. So, I decided to be mindful and do a mindfulness practice. I started by breathing. Inhaling, exhaling. I’m taking voice lessons now, and I discovered that I don’t breathe well. Like I tend to hold my breath. So, I did some breathing exercises, and I just inhale and exhale. You can do it with me, why not get some oxygen? It’s free. 

You don’t have to wait in line for it. And exhale, and inhale, and exhale. And then I started feeling my physical body- the way the sensation of my skin touching the sheets, the warmth of the bed, the warmth of my little baby on me, nursing half-asleep, and I got in a place of gratitude for everything that I have. I have my health. I am here. Instead of being all stressed, all of a sudden, I was flooded by these beautiful emotions of gratitude, and love, and appreciation for everything that I have in my life. When you find yourself being that stressed, do that. Inhale, exhale, breathe, get some oxygen. You might want to inhale and exhale for five minutes straight. It’s really fun. If you can get hyperventilated, it’s pretty psychedelic. It’s awesome. And then just be in the moment. Feel your body right here, right now and instead of looking at the glass half full, go into gratitude because that moment of gratitude, that moment of love and appreciation, I bet you it boosted my immune system more than a whole box of vitamin C. And you can do the same, and it’s free. 

And there is some really cool stuff that is happening as well because of this craziness. You can also see that humanity and people aren’t all bad. You look at the media – aww, it’s my baby crying in the background. It’s okay. He’s in good hands with his dad. So, there are good things that are happening as far as humanity and human connections. On the media, you see people fighting for toilet paper and scarcity. But when I went to the supermarket yesterday, there was a very kind lady who showed me where to get the toilet paper. And another time, I was looking for a certain vitamin, a lady told me, “oh, they don’t have it.” But then she found it, and she walked from her aisle to my aisle and gave it to me. 

Think of the frontliners that are risking their lives to save others during this time. The best thing you can do to help them is just stay at home.

Especially in times of crisis, you can totally see humanity shine. In 9/11, people were there for each other. When there was a blackout in New York, people were there for each other. I’m from Israel. Every time there is a war or a terror attack, it brings people together. People support each other. People help each other. It’s in our nature to be there for each other. Whatever you want more of, give. If you want more love, give more love. If you want to calm down and be happier, help somebody else to calm down. If you feel alone, reach out to somebody who might feel lonely at this time.

I have a friend who’s so amazing. She planned to take this year to travel the world, and now she is stuck in London. She cannot go back to the US, and she’s by herself. So, I reached out, and we spoke, and it was so nice to connect and share the love. It was good for me. It was good for her. Talk to the people you love. This time in history, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to connect to people. If you have to stay home, it’s a wonderful opportunity to go and do your vision work or read that book that is on the shelf for the last decade. Or play with your kids or make love! 

I saw this on Facebook, and it says, “eventually, everyone will be quarantined to their houses with no sports to watch. And in nine months from now, a boom of babies will be born, and we will call them coronials.” That’s really funny. You want to look for the good, so there is a lot of Coronavirus humor out there. And humor and laughter, in general, is so good for your immune system. Put on your favorite song, dance sexy, feel yourself, and look for funny and inspiring posts. I saw two things that were super inspiring to me on Facebook today. Both are videos from Italy. 

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I love Italians, and I love pasta, and I love pizza. I love it! It’s so cool because in the video, they all have little balconies, and everybody on their balconies is all saying hi to each other, and communicating from the balconies, and are coming together. And I saw another video from CNN Italy, where they all sang together from the windows. They sang something like this Italian operatic harmony, and I had goosebumps. This is so beautiful! 

It’s so beautiful to see people holding each other in that way. What a great time in history to be isolated because we have internet and TV, and we can connect. And I have the opportunity to do this podcast and connect with you, and not get the virus. It’s cool that we have cell phones, we have the internet, and we can connect with each other. And if you don’t have cell phones or the internet, you can go to the window and sing a song with your neighbor. This is so beautiful. Just know, you’re not alone. Loneliness is an illusion. We are never alone. We’re all connected. 

And again, if you feel lonely, go and help somebody else who feels lonely. Go and reach out to your loved ones and tell them how much you love them and how awesome they are. So, it’s time to change your perspective. A lot of people are very logical. They look into science and numbers. And some people say, “oh, it’s so great because the numbers of the Coronavirus are so low. and based on the numbers, we should be totally safe.” And some say, “oh my god, numbers are horrible. Millions and bazillions of people are going to be affected, and it’s going to be the most horrible thing. And because of the numbers, we should feel this way.” 

Keep your immune system in top shape. Eat fresh food and lots of fruits and vegetables, and take at least a 500mg dose of vitamin C as well.

You don’t need to feel any way because of the numbers. Do you know what number I got on the chance of me conceiving a healthy baby? According to my doctor, 5%. That doctor is a smart doctor. He was not the only doctor I saw. Every doctor I went to told me, “your situation, 5%.” I could have listened to those numbers and get really sad about it. But there are things in life that are more than numbers. I believe that we live in a magical universe, and we can manifest good things in our lives. So, don’t look at the numbers. Choose to feel whatever you want to feel. Not because of the media, and not because of numbers. Choose to feel whatever you want to feel because it’s your choice.

Suicide is still killing more people than COVID-19. How about you stock up on kindness and smiles, and stop fighting over a toilet roll? To put things in perspective, there are so many horrible things that thousands and millions of people die from every day. And we don’t give them as much attention as we give the Coronavirus. On the one hand, it’s time to get some perspective on what is important to you, and who you are, and what you want. And it’s also important to help other people and be kind. Share your kindness and share your smiles. Another thing that can bring you hope is that I saw a video of doctors and nurses in Wuhan who are taking off their masks. They were all lined up, and the camera was zooming in their faces, and one by one, they took off their masks.

Here are some realistic tips on how to deal with this. So as far as your own health and your own immune system, maybe you won’t find pasta on shelves in Los Angeles, but the aisles of organic fruits and vegetables are totally full. Except for potatoes. It was hard to find potatoes. But you can find greens and vegetables. Start eating more greens, more vegetables, just strengthen your immune system. Get some vitamin C. 50 tons of vitamin C were sent to Wuhan in China because they discovered that high doses of vitamin C kill the virus. So, make sure you have tons of vitamin C and some liquid vitamins that are easily absorbed. 

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Just do everything to keep your immune system the best it can be. I also got probiotics because gut health can definitely affect your immune system. And one more thing that I got was ginger. I’m a big fan of organic ginger, and I’m going to peel it in and freeze it in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator. You want to keep your core temperature high. So, hot water with ginger, that also creates heat in your body. It’s very, very good for you. So make sure you have your vitamin C, make sure you have your ginger. If you have children, if you are on medication, make sure you have all your medication that you need that is good for two or three months, just in case. And stock up on dried goods. 

I also got some protein powders and some green juice powders in case there is a shortage of fruits and vegetables, or we’re not allowed to go to the supermarkets. I saw a post from this lady who lives in Italy right now, and she said it’s okay to overdo it. It’s okay to overbuy. Just in case, worst-case scenario, you use it later, or you give it to somebody in need. But make sure that you have enough for your family. It’s not about getting stressed and hysteric. It is about being realistic in taking care of your family. Making sure they have everything they need that you guys will have enough food and water for two months or more. And then put the scare, the fear, and the worry aside because it doesn’t belong in the present. As long as you are prepared, you’re good. 

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Somebody sent me an article where the author took it up a notch and said, “get a generator. Get a camping stove, get some candles. Really prepare yourself for the worse.” I don’t know if I’m going to get it. I might or might not, but at least I know we have enough food and water. One quote that I saw was, “from a place of us needing to keep distance, formed a unity.” From this place of separation, there is unity, and I’m sure that people are going to help other people. And I’m sure that If you are going to run out of toilet paper, somehow somebody will give you a roll of toilet paper, or whatever you need because people are good. And people do help each other.

Be a force of good. This is your time to rise up and help shift the vibration of this planet by being helpful, by being loving, and by being kind. Meditate and trust that this shift in consciousness, this shift that is happening globally, is happening for you. Whatever that is going to happen is for our greatest benefit. We don’t know what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen yet, but this is for the greater good. I don’t know how, but it is. And it can help you connect to your destiny, and what’s important in your life, and the person that you want to be. 

This is something that – I read it in Hebrew, and I loosely translated it to English. “Why did Coronavirus appear? Just like any other problem and hardship, it is to make us look inward.” What are we doing here? A tiny virus showed us that we are all equal. It showed us how much we depend on each other and obligates us to take care of each other. Even if we are on the other end of the world, we are one humanity living on a beautiful planet. And we also need to take care of nature because we are all dependent on her, Mama Gaia

So, take care of yourself. Remember to focus on the good, be prepared. Play. This is a very serious time. So, bring more energy of playfulness. It’s so important. Just play, release the stress, feel good, and feel better. I hope you enjoyed this podcast. And if you’re watching this on YouTube, I would love to see your comments. If you are listening on stellarlifepodcast.com or on iTunes, please send me a message. Let me know if you liked it. And also, if you can review the podcast, because the more reviews I get, the more I can spread the light and spread this podcast to more people. Share this with your friends, and below if you see it on Facebook. Let me know if this was of value to you. I wish you a healthy, happy, and joyful time. I want you to feel good. I want you to remember that we are all connected. There is beauty, and there is hope, and that we are here for each other. Until next time, this is Orion, signing off. Bye.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Keep your immune system in top shape. Eat fresh foods and lots of fruits and vegetables, and take at least a 500mg dose of Vitamin C as well. 
{✓} Take care of your mental health, too. Do not get sucked into that downward spiral of depression and scarcity mindset during these times of uncertainty. 
{✓} Be mindful when reading the news and other people’s social media posts. Avoid sharing fake news and only share what is factual and helpful.
{✓} Do some breathing exercises whenever you feel anxious. Be aware of your anxiety patterns, so when you feel like you’re having a panic attack, you immediately know what to do. 
{✓} Take your challenges one day at a time. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. During times like this, it’s mentally healthy to focus on the now and be cautious with your present choices.
{✓} Extend a helping hand whenever you can even in times of crisis. Everyone is going through their own struggles, the least we can do is be kind and compassionate. 
{✓} Check in with your family, friends, and colleagues every now and then. You never know who’s struggling and are in need of a good company.  
{✓} Find the good in times of trouble. Humor and laughter have the power to heal an anxious heart. 
{✓} Be creative in keeping yourself busy in the midst of the lockdown and social distancing. Take on a project you’ve put aside way too long, or read a book that’s been sitting on your shelf for a long time. 
{✓} Be prepared physically, emotionally, and mentally. Equip yourself with the best tools, skills, and knowledge to overcome any type of crisis in your life.

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