Episode 336 | September 19, 2023

Inner Peace and Outer Success with Jennifer Lyall

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome, dear listeners! I’m so excited to have Jennifer Lyall with me today on the Stellar Life podcast. Jennifer is an intuitive business mentor who helps entrepreneurs release their inner blocks in order to shine confidently, create impact, and thrive.

In our conversation, Jennifer shares her own incredible spiritual experiences that led her to discover automatic writing and create her own connect-to-you modality. She gives us tips on how to move through imposter syndrome, procrastination, and resistance so you can surrender and allow the universe to fully support you.

Jennifer also discusses the power of dreams, daily rituals, prayer, and how to shift your identity through disciplines to focus on who you want to become. There is so much wisdom here today!

Get ready to open up, tap in, and elevate your life as you learn from the luminous Jennifer Lyall. Without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [01:52] – Orion interviews Jennifer Lyall on her journey as an entrepreneur and how she helps visionary entrepreneurs create a strategy and trust themselves to bring their million-dollar ideas to life.
  • [05:41] – Jennifer recounts her spiritual experiences and how she overcomes imposter syndrome.
  • [11:27] – Jennifer explains how she breaks through barriers, overcoming past traumas and programming for success.
  • [18:41] – Orion shares her struggles with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, prompting Jennifer to emphasize the importance of self-awareness and listening to intuition.
  • [28:10] – Jennifer describes how disconnecting from technology and immersing in nature can lead to pure magic and sales waiting upon return.
  • [34:02] – Orion and Jennifer discuss the importance of language and self-talk in shaping our identity and beliefs and how changing habits and neural pathways requires consistent effort.
  • [38:48] – Orion and Jennifer discuss the use of AI in business, with Orion highlighting its potential advantages.
  • [43:58] – Jennifer and Orion discuss dreams and their significance.
  • [46:24] – Jennifer shares her experience with lucid dreaming and how it helped overcome a challenging situation.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Jennifer. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you.

Before we begin, can you share your origin story? And how did you discover your passion?

I started a business in 2008. My intention with that business was to inspire people to be proactive about their health. The focus was a video podcast, so this is before podcasting is cool. I had a co-host who was a naturopathic doctor. My intention was to inspire people to be proactive about their health. I wanted to work part-time while the kids were in school and generate revenue from advertising.

I had a friend who had a successful tech podcast. He gave me everything I needed to get started, set me up perfectly, lent me equipment, and connected me with this naturopathy. But the problem was that I didn’t believe in myself.

I was wondering, “Why will people advertise on this new platform?” Because podcasting was in its infancy. The wellness movement was just building momentum at that time as well. I was just a mom passionate about wellness. I didn’t have any credentials. Why would they want to support me?

I landed a few clients and thought, “What else can I do because this is not building the momentum the way I thought?” I have a background in marketing and event planning. It’s like, “Oh, but let’s do corporate wellness then because that aligns.” That was starting to build momentum.

In 2008—you might remember what was happening in the economy—I would go door-knocking. There’d be all these places that were shutting down. They’re for lease signs, for sale signs up all over the place. There’s no receptionist there. It’s like, “Pick up the phone and call the person you’re supposed to meet. Don’t bother us.” I got a handful of clients to do the corporate wellness stuff, but it was still so much harder than it needed to be.

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I got to this place where I was expecting full-time results when working part-time in my business while my kids were in school. I gave myself permission to discover what made my heart sing. It was a scary moment in some ways because I had heard on this summit about a woman who had this moment of surrender of what she had just put out to the universe—I guess that was the language she would have used.

I didn’t know what I believed in at that point. She’s like, “I’m ready to do a really quick deep transformation.” She had this horrible experience of a home invasion and being in the hospital. That’s how she opened up to her intuitive gifts. It was fascinating, but I did not want to have an experience like that.

I did it very gently at 6 AM, pitch black; in March 2010, the kids were still asleep. I just remember sitting on the couch just like I gave myself permission to discover what made my heart sing. Then, I started to have all these incredible spiritual experiences. I discovered automatic writing and dowsing meditation.

For about a year, through automatic writing, I was given my own modality called connect-to-you. Then I had to go through the whole journey of diving into this spiritual world and gaining the confidence to share myself as a spiritual practitioner, going from somebody who was in a corporate, university graduate with honors, a real smarty pants, and a real control freak. It was an undoing, a surrendering, and trusting.

That’s beautiful. What are some of your spiritual experiences?

The first one was off-putting because I didn’t quite understand it. I was setting my intention for the day. I felt like something was poking inside my stomach, and then I felt like something was poking around in my head. When I sat down to do the automatic writing, I said, “What was that?”

Unlock and open the door to your soul so you can be a little more free.

And I got, “We’re unlocking and opening the door to your soul so you can be a little more free. The door’s always been unlocked, but you’ve just not had the courage to let it out.” In my head, it felt like there was this hand going between my brain and my skull around the perimeter. It said, “We’re making room for your ego because the soul is going to be more in control.”

With that, I felt flighty for about two weeks. I remember that day—it was a snowstorm—telling my son, “Aiden, you must go upstairs and be nice,” because he was fighting with his little brother. “Be nice and presently go upstairs. Take a moment and think about how you’re treating your brother.”

The language coming out of my mouth was not what I would usually say nor the cadence of how I would normally talk. He just looked at me and went upstairs. It was a snowstorm, the school buses were canceled, and the roads were being cleared. When school buses are canceled, I have to drive him to school.

I was working on a contract at that time for some event planning. I went into the office and started working on it. Nobody else was there except for the executive director of this association. She’s like, “What are you doing here? Whenever the school buses are canceled, we’re closed.” I said, “Oh, I just had stuff I needed to get done.”

I was so flighty. I couldn’t focus or concentrate. I just was discombobulated, and things started settling down. It just deepened this idea of going within, listening, trusting, and getting all these incredible messages through the automatic writing, and then giving a stick diagram of, “Okay, you’re going to do this soul connection. You’re going to do this for other people, too. Here’s a stick drawing. Move the energy this way, move it that way. Through automatic writing, here’s a script for meditation. Go do a case study and then trust in that.”

Wow, that’s amazing. Do you know who was the one that was communicating with you?

Initially, I felt like I was connecting with Bridget and Archangel Michael, and then it felt like it was just God. That’s what I think. 

How did your family react to that change?

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It was interesting because I remember asking my husband. I’d be telling him some of my experiences. I’d say, “Do you think I’m crazy yet?” He’s like, “Would you just stop saying that?”

In September or October of that fall that year, I went down to Sedona, Arizona and had a soul adventure. That was transformative. What they did with that was I had an intuitive call. Before I went down, they tuned into who I was, what I had going on, how many days I could be down there, and then they created an itinerary for me with different practitioners.

I experienced this introductory meditation in one of the beautiful vortices in Sedona, and then I had a guide there to support me. They would check in with me, and I could have conversations to help me process whatever was coming up when I was there—goddess meditation, astrology, and different energy clearings. It was absolutely transformative.

I was like, “I could do that where I live. I could figure it out, create a community, and do the same thing.” I started to connect with practitioners and said, “I don’t know what all these modalities are.” I got a little, again, that impostor syndrome of, “Can I really do this? Who am I to do this?” It was finding my way through.

Imposter syndrome is something that a lot of us come across. When you work with clients, do you see that a lot? How do we get over it?

Yes. It’s an invisible barrier. I’m being shown right now that there’s a person on one side and this invisible barrier. It reminds me of—I don’t know if you’re a Star Wars fan, but there would be clear forcefield doors that would come down. It’s an invisible barrier that you have to have the confidence you can walk through.

Yes, I’m a fan.

I liked it. And it was just believing that you can do it.

Yes. How do you break through that barrier if it’s invisible? Just by believing? Sometimes, we believe cognitively, but something in our subconscious or below the surface moves us in different directions. It’s almost like a war between two voices in your head. One that says, “Oh, you can do it. You’re amazing. You’re qualified. Go for it.” And the other one is the one that’s holding you back.

One of the ways that I have been working through that—because this still comes up, I still have my moments, and it’s a process that I teach all my clients as well—whether I’m working with them in a group program or one-on-one, is this idea of checking your inner battery. This is a pause to check in to see how I am feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually on a scale of 1-10.

When you break it down to those different areas of energy, you get a sense of, “Who am I being right now? Am I being tangled up in old paradigms? Or am I in 8, 9, or 10 in this thriving and flow state?”

When you’re at that 8, 9, or 10, you believe in yourself. You’re confident. When you’re down in suffering around 5, 6, or 7, you flip-flopping between the two. When the energy gets depleted 1, 2, 3, or 4, you tend to be ruminating and caught up in those old ways.

Being disciplined and taking that pause throughout the day to check in, see where you’re at, and then, if your numbers are lower than you want them to be, sometimes stuff goes on in life. You just have to give yourself the space and grace to move through it. You’ve lost a dear one and need the space and grace degree.

If your numbers are lower than you want them to be, sometimes stuff goes on in life.

If you’re just getting caught up in the crap in your mind repeatedly, that’s just purgatory. It’s torture. You’re self-tortured. Take that pause, check in, and say, “Okay, do I want to continue this way, or am I going to pause and boost my inner battery?” That could be going barefoot on the grass.

I took a moment and did a little Palo Santo because I was feeling foggy behind my eyes. We were having a conversation about feeling a little unwell, and my sinuses were acting up over the last few days and releasing it. That is still the same energy, just showing up more in the physical form rather than in the mental.

My lowest numbers are when I don’t sleep or am sick. That’s where I feel like the worst. I didn’t sleep much the last few days because my little one was sick, and everything looked darker. Everything was like, “I don’t like my life. It’s so hard. I can’t move forward.”

Last night, I got some sleep, and I’m like, “Oh, actually, life is pretty good.” What helps me—and I do it, I check in and notice—is I love what you said about giving yourself the grace and saying, “Okay, today, the house can be messy. I’m going to be messy. It’s a messy day.” The moment you allow yourself to feel that it creates an opening because you’re not pushing against something. You’re like, “It is what it is,” and then you allow something good to come in.

Yes. You’re no longer pushing against the resistance.

More good things can come when you don’t push. You spoke about surrender. What’s your take on surrender?

That is letting go of the old paradigm and trusting in a whisper, a feeling of something more. That could be possible.

How do you get there? How do you get to the place of trust?

It’s a journey. It’s just gradual each time. It’s a lot like learning to float in the water. That first time, it’s like, “I’m really going to do it.” You might even come to a place where you’ve practiced it, get good at it, and then you’re not in the water for some time. You try to flow it again, then go through that scene, relaxing into it.

Yes. Sometimes, trusting or surrendering, I feel like I came from a place of despair, like, “I can’t do it anymore.” “I just let go and let God,” and then there is this type of surrender as well.

Let go of the old paradigm and trust in a whisper, a feeling of something more.

Yes. That’s a different kind when you’re at the end of your rope and just so tired of pushing and pulling in all the hard work. “Why am I even bothering anymore?” The universe is like, “Yeah, why are you pushing so hard? Let go, let us do some work.”

Did you have anything you needed to overcome when it came to working on past traumas, programming, or habits that were on your way to success?

Absolutely, and still chipping away. My family had their own business. My mom would leave at 7 in the morning and not come home till 11 at night. I’m the baby of seven. There’d be an older sibling that would be home.

Then, in the summertime, I’d often go up to the shop and either hang out in the office, helping with some packing or be at home with my older sister. If she had stuff to do with her friends, I’d have to just hang around at the periphery because she didn’t want me hanging around, but I couldn’t be home alone.

That was tough. That must have taught you a lot, though.

A lot of independence. Yes, having so many role models who were way older than me is very independent.

Yes, and it probably increased your imagination and creativity. If you’re by yourself a lot, you have to make up stuff. I know that as a child, not because my mom wasn’t home, but because I would love it. I would spend hours and hours in the backyard by myself, watching little feral cats and their kittens and making up many stories. I was very imaginative as a child.

Yes, I was imaginative as well, and then to share ideas and have people say, “What are you thinking about that? Stop going there. Stop dreaming about that. Get your head out of the clouds.”

With your clients, did they have a lot of experiences like that, where they were trying to do something, and there were other people’s voices in their heads that prevented them?

Yes, even just today, I have two calls. My mom’s voice was there in my head, saying, “Don’t be, just stay in the middle of the road, don’t share your suffering. Don’t share your celebrations. Just keep doing your thing. Don’t be out there bragging or anything.”

Somebody else shared about how she had an amazing career. But then, as soon as she started her own business, where it was her that needed to be out there, she started to hear these old voices of like, “Who do you think you are that you could do that? It’s incredible how it comes up for everyone in some way, shape, or form.

Dreams can be powerful life tools.

I would love to come to a point where I don’t care about what other people think completely and utterly. It seems hard not to care about what other people think, even the voices in my head. I have a website called Orion’s Method. It’s pretty old, and I need to renew it. I have people that can work on my website.

I went to Costa Rica, and I did an incredible photoshoot. I worked with another branding person about how to do my brand. I still can’t get myself to move forward and work on the new website.

“Why do you not want to know what you want?” I don’t know, but it’s a weird question. I think there’s something even bigger and bolder that’s calling to you that isn’t quite fine-tuned enough, that keeps you from wanting to spend much time creating something that you know that you’re just going to have to recreate again, and yet it’s not until you go through that evolution process of the moment of, “Okay, I’m going to sit down and just do this. We’re going to redo the website,” and then seeing it just like, “This isn’t me.”

Maybe. It’s not a shapeshifter. I just feel like, in the last couple of years, I’ve evolved so much. I got into a depth and deep work that I’ve never done in my life, even though I thought I did a lot of work, unlike what happened in the last two years. I guess it’s a part of it.

Another part of it is doing it. When I saw my photos in Costa Rica, they were so stunning and gorgeous that it was the imposter syndrome of, “No, I can’t put this online. It’s too much. People won’t relate to that. They look too beautiful.”

If my pictures look so pretty, I’ll have to step into that and be that all the time. It’s so weird, like the weird conversations we have in our minds. That voice is holding you back from moving forward.

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Yeah, and yet we are so multifaceted. We don’t look at a diamond that’s been carved and expect it just to be flat. We expect it to sparkle. But why not allow that same space for us to sparkle in so many different ways for ourselves, too?

Do you feel like you have something like that, where you’re holding yourself from really sparkling to the extent that you can?

It’s really fascinating. With this process of checking your inner battery, I have a vision of reaching and inspiring a million people to do it. I have been playing a waiting game of “What do I call this methodology that embraces the power of it?” It sounds beautiful, so someone would want to say, “I’m that facilitator.” Is it just a check you’re in a battery facilitator or something bigger, prettier, and bolder? I’ve been holding back on claiming that.

When we have a sense of procrastination like I do, or in your case with finding the name, there is always something behind it. It’s not about being lazy. It’s not about not being capable. It’s something emotional, psychological, and spiritual that we need to work through.

A treasure, too.

What are some things that we can do around procrastination and moving forward with our desires? Especially, I’m asking you about me, like I want to do it, and I still hold back. I’m capable. Everything is aligned. Everything is ready for me to say, “Hey, let’s just put this here, and let’s go.” It’s all ready to go, and yet I’m holding back.

What I sense, and you can tell me if this is true, is that you don’t want that to limit you because the term that you lucidly used, and you know that it’s not true, it’s just such a shapeshifter, and so multifaceted. It almost puts you in a box, and you don’t want to be in it. It’s impossible for you, especially to be in a box, and that’s the box online.

Yeah. The boxes are imaginary. They’re not really there. Because even if you put something incredible methods online, you can totally change it as you change. It’s not forever. Nothing is forever. Even with your program, whatever name you give it now can always change. It’s about taking the first step and moving forward.

Give yourself the space, grace, and the possibility to be okay with taking a pause to check in.

Yes. I’m writing a book. It’s interesting, though. I feel like I have to do it right. With thinking about trademarking and all that stuff, there is more involved with that commitment. That’s what it is. It’s the commitment to it. I’m really committing to it.

That’s amazing. When will you publish it?

My intention is to publish my book this year. I just recently got my developmental edit from my book coach. I need to review the book and finish it up.

What is it about?

It’s Checking Your Inner Battery.

You could share some wisdom that you’ve put there.

Yeah. It’s about giving yourself the space, grace, and the possibility to be okay with taking the pause to check in and see how you’re doing and the transformation that starts to occur as you do those pauses and recognize the different subconscious blocks holding you back. I’ve taken a few different group programs through this process, too. There was one participant that, whenever she found something, she would say, “You find those sneaky patterns, I’m on to you.”

It’s just so fascinating. You expand your self-awareness—it is such a gift—your intuition amplifies. You become more self-compassionate because you recognize, “I’m not feeling so hot at this moment, so I should be giving myself that space and grace.” Or, “Okay, I can see that pattern coming up. What’s going on here?” You can do that reflection, learning different things about yourself.

As you learn more about yourself, you recognize how it shows up in other people, too. You become more compassionate with others because you’re like, “Oh, dang, I see that expression in the face. I feel that you become more sensitive to me.” I’ve witnessed with my clients they’re sensitive to the tone of voice, the energy of how somebody’s showing up, the subtleties that you wouldn’t normally pick up on if you’re rushing through things all the time. It causes you to slow down and connect with people deeper, too.

When you slow down so much, don’t you prevent forward movement?

No, it takes the action steps off your plate and lets the universe do a little bit more of the heavy lifting.

I like that. Many times when I stepped back, things just showed up. But when I truly stepped back, I’m not just, “Okay, now I’m stepping back. Where is it? I did step back.” When you truly step back, you’re in complete surrender and allow things to happen the way you want them to happen, then all kinds of opportunities show up. It’s so randomly and beautifully orchestrated.

For example, my mom is going to come to visit us for the holidays from Israel. She’s elderly. She speaks very little English. I wanted her to have friends here, so I created a WhatsApp group for elderly ladies, like 60 and up. We met a few times, and I felt like the group went silent.

When you begin to expand your self-awareness, your intuition amplifies.

The day after I bought her ticket, I randomly was in contact with this lady. She said that she’s opening a group for ladies over 60. I told her, “Well, I opened a group and have some ladies there, let’s join forces.” We joined forces. Within the last 24 hours, there were 32 ladies there. It’s all happening, feeling divinely orchestrated.

I didn’t pay attention. God is like, “Oh, let’s take care of your mom and get her some friends while she is visiting.” I just love it. I like to speak, and I haven’t spoken in front of a group in a while, and all of a sudden, there’s a group to speak with. I’m an admin, so I can speak in it. Things just happen.

Beautiful. It’s when we take the foot off the gas pedal. My husband and I loved camping. We did this backcountry camping trip, where it’s canoe camping, and we had to canoe across two lakes to get to our campsite. There was no cell phone reception there.

It was two days immersed in nature, just the two of us. It’s just pure magic. I love that when I come back out online, there are sales there waiting for me. You totally disconnect and let the universe do its thing.

Do you have daily rituals that bring you to that point where you’re allowing and more connected?

I do have a process that I do in the morning. I have a smorgasbord of things that I like to weave into my day. Some of them I’ll do in the morning, depending on how much time I have that day, how well I slept the night before, how things are structured for my day when my first appointment is, and whatnot.

Some things are delicious in the morning, and others trickle through my day. Art and creativity is really surprising. That’s been important for me to do every day, even if it’s just a couple of minutes of coloring in a coloring book. Some other mornings, it’s doing a quick watercolor painting. That is really surprising for me because I had not embraced that my whole life.

Art was just like art. I disliked it in school. I was too smarty pants, “We don’t need art.” That’s been surprising for me, diving into meditation, energy clearing, and grounding. I work with different codes and symbols, so I’m just taking a moment to pause and connect with those symbols.

What kind of codes and symbols?

For instance, the Star of David has been significant throughout my spiritual journey. As above, so below. I connect with that every day. It’s just a reminder of that. The Fibonacci swirl has also been very significant for me.

This is a little trinket of a gift I’ve given to people who have been through my ready-to-be-seen program. It’s just about the sacred geometry of it. It is about anchoring in, “What it is that I’m ready for what I’m committing to?” I channeled different symbols at different times, worked with different ones at different times, and just trusted in them.

I love that. Why do you think people are afraid to be seen?

It’s that imposter syndrome. They’ve had so many people telling them that they’re not good enough. They have money worries. They have the story of, “I can’t. I don’t know how.” Or they just get overwhelmed and confused. It’s just all the old programming that keeps them in their comfort zone.

There are so many different energies just being directed at people that if they don’t understand how to let that go and take care of their own energy, they constantly get dragged down or held back by the entanglement with those other thoughts, beliefs and systems.

What are some of the exercises or aha moments that people love the most in your program?

That program, in particular, is over three weeks, in which we do six deep-dive energy clearings that release the top blocks that hold entrepreneurs back. Those are two sessions a week. We do a teaching around what the block is, an energy clearing, and then a bit of sharing as well. And then they’re asked to take action in their business.

People are always amazed at how easy things are because they’re not pushing against their own inner resistance. One person was working on her business part-time while she was in the program. She said, “My goodness, I’ve done more in three weeks than in the last five years.” Her husband said, “Who are you?” Because she just totally transformed as a person.

Other people finally launched their websites, wrote a book, finally did their very first Facebook Live, or multiplied their income, and landed their first $15,000 per month retainer client. When the resistance is gone, things get easy. It’s like, “Why was I making this so hard?” In one of my groups, somebody landed a five-figure client and another five-figure client within those three weeks. It’s just incredible.

People are always amazed at how easy things are because they are not pushing their own inner resistance.

It is incredible. What do you think it is? Do you think it’s the teaching, the wisdom? Is it the energy clearing, or is it the group support that creates the breakthroughs?

There is something significant about the group capacity and others seeing other people who are also breaking through so they know they’re not alone. That does help. The energy clearings in the cumulative energy clearings are in such a short time because we’re doing it in three weeks.

I’ve had some other participants who have been at this crossroads of transformation in their lives. One person had sold their multimillion-dollar business and was going in a new direction. She felt like it was a big purge of an old identity and helped her step into a new one.

Another person was on a year-long sabbatical trying to figure out what his next step would be. The three weeks, he said, “You know what, this is just potent. It was three weeks. It was the extra little oomph I needed to get clarity on what my next chapter would be.” Then he landed on his feet and got the perfect clarity for the next chapter of his business, and he has been doing really well.

That’s amazing. It’s a lot about identity shift. It’s the way we see ourselves. If we see ourselves as mega people, mega-successful, or if we see things as hard. I noticed that throughout this interview, I used the words it’s hard, and maybe I should change my language because everything we say out loud will affect our subconscious mind and programming.

If we say that something’s hard so many more times than when things are easy, the subconscious mind that is very loyal to us will say, “No, you trade me. You told me this is hard, so we will make it hard for you.” It is also about changing the language that you speak and the way you see yourself.

And think.

And think and uplift the energy. Like you said, checking in. “What level am I right now? Where do I want to be?”

Your language transforms based on whether you’re in the thriving, suffering, or surviving zone. What you believe is possible for you, in your business, and in your relationships totally transforms based on where your energy is.

What do you think about habit-changing? It’s so hard to change habits or many addictions like your phone.

There’s significance about other group capacity and others seeing other people who are also breaking through so they know they’re not alone.

It is, and it’s a decision. It comes down to being a decision. “Am I going to stay as that person, or am I more committed to the vision of what it is that I’m here to do and here to become?” That’s the choice to make. Every moment we overcome that old version of ourselves, it just gets easier and easier to be committed to what we’re here to do. It’s not a one-and-done thing; it’s an everyday.

Yes, it is definitely every day. Because if you change your pathway, that’s great. But it will go back to the default if you’re not going to keep doing it again and again until it is almost like a strong plant in your mind. You can plant a little and expect it to grow. You have to give it water and nurture it.

I’ve started to do some gardening lately. That’s a good example for me. I love seeing something grow from a seed, nurturing it, and waking up in the morning and checking on it. If we give this much attention to our thoughts, we can be invincible.

Absolutely. It takes discipline to do it. In June, we took a week-long vacation to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We went up to the Rocky Mountains.

That’s very important. There are so many people who don’t make it to their 5th or 10th year, so congratulations.

Thank you.

You guys are really committed to each other and loving each other.

Yeah, thank you. In doing so, I minimized my personal practice while I was gone because I didn’t want to inconvenience. It was my husband and my son for the first part of the trip. Then my son left, and it was just me and my husband for the last part. But I still minimized my daily practice and kept it more internal because I didn’t want to bother them with me having to do this and taking time away from getting on the road because we’re doing a lot of progress on the trip we’re making.

You eat differently, and then you indulge. Oh, it’s just a treat. I’m just on vacation. A couple of weeks later, a dear friend came to visit. “I’m on vacation with my friend now and indulging in different things.” All that indulging was nice at the moment, but then it left me feeling, after four weeks, like, “Yeah, this isn’t serving me.”

It’s wonderful to see how easy it was to get back on track. I was getting sugar cravings really bad because I was having sweet stuff. It’s just like, “Oh, it was easy to come off of it,” easier than I thought, which is good.

Yeah, because you made it a lifelong practice.

Lifelong roller coaster. To be transparent, right? There are times where it’s just like, up, up, and it’s good, then there’s the build-up, and then there’s the crash. It’s just swirling around. It’s like, “Okay, let’s get back on track again.”

Do you have your clients using AI for their businesses lately?

That has not come up in conversation. I am not going there. I don’t know how I feel about it myself. Are you using it?

Intentionally take daily time to play.

I use it a little bit. I play a little bit with ChatGPT or other AIs to ask questions. I think it’s fascinating. Even though the future of AI is very uncertain as far as whether it will hurt us or build us, I think that we are in a state where people who are using it will have more advantages over people who are not using it.

My husband and I are encouraging our whole team to use it, even for graphic design. We’re using Midjourney, and it gives you real quick thumbnails. You use ChatGPT to write something for you, and then you go and re-edit it. It’s not like AI is going to do anything that you want. You always have to have some control over it and fix it.

Sometimes, it gives you the right answers, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes, there are AI hallucinations, where it will just make up a link or a statistic that is not even there.

And the fact-checking you need to do with that.

You need to do some fact-checking, but there are so many advantages. Businesses that use AI will be superior to businesses that do not because we can’t stop it. It’s getting smarter and smarter every day. We might as well learn how to use it even a little bit.

I am curious about it. I haven’t carved out time to do it. I’ve watched a couple of videos, but I need to do a deeper dive into it and play with it. One of my copywriters had said, “It’s a great place to do the brainstorming,” and as you said, doing the first draft of something you’re trying to create.

Your language transforms based on whether you’re in the thriving, suffering, or surviving zone.

Some of the things that the AI writes are incredible. It’s well-written. You have to tweak it here and there. But even for blog posts or articles, you can produce so much more in a short time. I’m sure many people on Fiverr, for example, are selling you a logo for $2000 and just used an AI to do it repeatedly and some Photoshop.

I’ve seen a message come through from somebody whose list I’m on, who is a lawyer, that talks about the legal aspects of it because you don’t know what kind of copyright there could be from where it’s pulling the information from.

I never thought of that. Yes, that’s right.

Yeah, because the article she shared talked about somebody who had written a book using AI. They couldn’t get the book copy written because it wasn’t all their own content. It wasn’t their own original ideas, and then it didn’t have the proper referencing of knowing somebody else’s ideas.

Yes. That’s why if I use it, I’ll say, “Listen to my solo podcast on this and write something from my content.”

That’s brilliant.

I get the first draft of something that is my IP, my ideas. It takes seconds, whereas if you give it to a writer, it takes three days, and then you go back and forth. It just saves you a lot of time.

I like that. Thank you for sharing that gem.

Of course. We’ve been playing in it just a little bit. We haven’t done much with it, but it’s something to look into for any entrepreneur or anyone. Anyone who wants to find a new job, just learn how to prompt AI and be like an AI engineer, or learn how to use some of those tools, and you can make a lot of money.

Very true. If it’s their passion, then they’re fine with curiosity.

Yes. If somebody has a passion for art, it will be nice to go and play with Midjourney and see what it comes up with. If they have Photoshop skills, then they can just add on top of it. It just gives you the first great draft, and then you work from there. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

Take pauses for play, and check your inner battery. The last one that wants to come up is to pray every day. For me, that’s about being intentional in your focus on what you want to bring into your world. However, somebody might pray, whether intentionally through the religion they are a part of or in the intentionality of their thoughts and what they’re committed to.

As you learn more about yourself, you discover insights into other people, too. You become more compassionate and sensitive to the energy around you. You slow down and connect in a deeper way. Click To Tweet

Thank you for the inspiration. I think I will go and do some intuitive writing about my block with the website, figure it out, and have a little conversation with God about it. I’ll ask him, “Why? How can I move through it?”

I find dreams very powerful, too. I don’t know if you ever played with that.

I had a weird freaking dream today. It was almost nightmarish. Something happened in one timeline, then moved and changed in a different timeline, but not for the good. It happened with those entities over and over again. It’s bizarre.

I would ask if there’s anything related to that. I had a really weird dream last night, but it was also very telling of some of the things that I’ve been witnessing in myself. It was interesting to see who was there and who wasn’t there. It was fascinating, so I just journaled around that. I wrote out what happened in the dream, and then I wrote my interpretation of what everything signified. I always get so much from those dreams.

When I woke up this morning, I sat on the bed, trying to remember what happened in the dream. I saw some images, but I really could not remember anything. It’s a bizarre feeling and dream. Do dreams help you get insights so you go and write them in your journal?

Absolutely. I don’t write down and process every dream, but sometimes it’s like, “Okay, there’s something here.” I would have a recurring dream about being a server at a restaurant. When I was in university, I was a server at a restaurant. That’s how I made money during school.

I’d have different iterations of the dream. I’d go to work, and it was my first day. I didn’t know the menu. There’d be another iteration of the dream where the restaurant looked different, and I wouldn’t check on my tables or give them their checks. It was about how I was showing up in my business and how I was serving my clients.

Personal growth is possible if you cultivate space and grace for yourself.

People are there looking to give me money, and I wouldn’t be there asking for the sale. I wouldn’t give him the bill. I did some deliberate healing work around the dream, where I recreated the ending to be what I wanted. In saying that, it’s like, “Yeah, let’s recreate the dream you had last night to make it the way you want it to be.” I was like, “Okay, let’s go do that.”

You created in your mind consciously, or did you have another dream?

Great question. I went into a meditative state, brought up my memory of the dream, and then shifted it so that I couldn’t remember which iteration of the restaurant experience I had done it with. I was just taking great care of my tables, and everything was happy, getting fantastic tips, and everything was just unfolding perfectly rather than whatever ending it was.

That’s so powerful because your mind works with symbols. When you give him that story, the mind says, “Oh, I get it,” because it likes metaphors. It likes stories and symbols. That’s an incredible way to break through something like that.

Thank you so much. Where can people find you, connect with you, get your courses, and study with you?

Thank you so much for asking. They can visit my website, jlyall.com. From there, they can see about upcoming workshops and my one-to-one work. There’s a link to me on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Thank you so much. Thank you, listeners. Remember to pause for play, check your inner battery, pray everyday, and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Implement a self-check ritual. Throughout your day, assess your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. This practice can recharge your inner battery.

{✓}Embrace imperfection. Grant yourself grace on days when your energy is low. It’s okay to have a messy house or allow imperfections in your work.

{✓}Trust the universe. Let go of resistance and have faith in the universe. This will unburden you from trying to handle every aspect of your day on your own.

{✓}Engage in empowering self-talk. Shift your inner dialogue from “everything is so hard” to empowering affirmations that support your journey.

{✓}Create daily spiritual practices, such as meditation, energy clearing, and connecting with symbols or codes to nurture your spiritual well-being.

{✓}Transform your identity and habits. Make a daily commitment to align your habits and self-identity with who you aspire to become. Discipline paves the way for lasting change.

{✓}Nurture creative insights. Experiment with intuitive writing. Reflect on your dreams for valuable insights to break through stagnation.

{✓}Re-script your dreams. Transform nightmares into positive storylines through conscious re-scripting. This process can reshape your subconscious fears.

{✓}Cultivate a habit of daily prayer or set positive intentions to channel your energy and focus toward your desired outcomes.

{✓}To learn more about Jennifer Lyall, visit jlyall.com. You can explore Jennifer’s upcoming workshops and inquire about one-to-one sessions. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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