Episode 98 | January 9, 2018

From a “Mom” to a “Sexy Mama” with Luci Lampe

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Mission #98

On Board: Luci Lampe
Mission: From a “Mom” to a “Sexy Mama”

Sexiness isn’t about your makeup, weight, bra size, or clothes. Instead, it’s about being powerful and confident. A sexy woman knows who she is and has both the courage and freedom to be that person. If you’re not feeling sexy, it might be because you’re resisting something. A shift in attitude can bring back your sexiness and sensuality.

Joining me in this episode to help you rediscover your sexiness is the amazing goddess Luci Lampe. I met Luci when she interviewed me on her podcast, The Sexy Life, and talking to her felt just like talking to an old friend. She’s open, genuine, and deeply aligned with her own message. In addition to hosting her podcast and helping her clients with personal and professional growth, Luci is the author of Achieving Sexy: Redefining Your Momlife & Mombod.

Connect With Luci:

Sexy Mama Movement
Sexy Life
Luci Lampe on LinkedIn
Luci Lampe on Facebook
@sexymamamvmnt on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [04:20] – Luci takes a moment to introduce herself and explain her inspiration to inspire positive change in other.
  • [05:39] – How old was Luci when she got married, and when did she have her first baby?
  • [07:18] – We hear about how Luci’s struggle to be sexy came about, and why becoming a mother actually began to free her to be sexy.
  • [10:17] – Orion points out that lots of people think that once they find and marry their dream partner, everything will just work out.
  • [11:43] – Luci talks more about her sense of not being allowed to be sexy when she was younger, and explains how her children are growing up differently than she is.
  • [13:33] – When was the moment that Luci decided to set herself free and own her sexiness?
  • [16:07] – In 2012, Luci experienced another milestone after she decided to stop constantly “doing for the sake of doing” and to slow down and figure out who she was without all of the activity.
  • [17:42] – Orion talks about her own childhood and experience growing up, as well as the fear of being a “bad girl.”
  • [19:25] – There is no normal, Luci points out, and discusses all the rules that we create for ourselves.
  • [21:06] – What is Luci’s definition of “sexy”?
  • [22:48] – Luci and Orion chat about how they started their movements, as well as about how they come up with names and register the corresponding domains.
  • [25:46] – Orion likes the concept of there never being a convenient time. Luci then expands on the idea.
  • [27:48] – Luci and Orion talk about fitness and their shared history as trainers.
  • [30:01] – We hear about how Luci has helped women so far, and where she has seen the biggest shifts.
  • [32:33] – Luci describes her coaching style with her clients, which combines gentle support with tough love.
  • [34:18] – What is the Enneagram? Does one stay within the same personality type within the system, or move from one type to another?
  • [36:38] – Luci hasn’t dived into physical touch tools, such as tapping.
  • [37:41] – If someone listening doesn’t feel sexy right now, how can they tap into their own sexiness?
  • [40:31] – One of the biggest things that have kept Luci’s relationship with her husband sexy has been keeping communication open, even when it’s uncomfortable to do so.
  • [43:52] – Luci offers advice to any single women who are listening and want to feel sexy without a partner.
  • [44:40] – What are Luci’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Take personal responsibility. 2. Give yourself space to be, without doing all the time. 3. Use your real voice and have the courage to speak up.
  • [46:55] – Where can people find and connect with Luci?

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