Episode 71 | July 4, 2017

Create a 5 Star Relationship: Jacqualyn Burnson

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Mission #71

On Board: Jacqualyn Burnson
Mission: Create a 5 Star Relationship

The Co-Pilot:

Take a moment to ask yourself a simple question: how would you relate differently to your partner if you saw him or her at the soul level? Just as you are far more than the sum of your experiences in this life and body, so is your partner. Once you manage to relate to each other’s souls, instead of on a more physical or earthly level, you can truly become soulmates.

Today’s amazing guest, Jacqualyn Burnson, is here to explore that concept in more detail. Jacqualyn is a former biologist who is now a coach along with her soulmate, Andrew. Together, they developed the 5 Star Relationship System. This kind of soulmate relationship and partnership may sound too good to be true, and Jacqualyn is charmingly relatable as she reveals that she and Andrew have had their share of difficulties. She then offers incredible insight and advice on how to move beyond negative interactions with your partner.

Connect With Jacqualyn:

Jacqualyn Burnson on LinkedIn
Jacqualyn Burnson on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [02:59] – Jacqualyn explains what she has been doing professionally since 2010.
  • [04:11] – What brought Jacqualyn into the love business? In her answer, she shares some of the details of her childhood that brought her to where she is today.
  • [06:28] – We learn what the catalyst was for Jacqualyn’s change from thinking she would never be loveable or find a husband to walking down the path she’s on now.
  • [08:12] – Jacqualyn walks us through some of the steps she took once she decided that she was going to find her soulmate.
  • [08:50] – What was Jacqualyn’s first date with her soulmate Andrew like?
  • [10:51] – Jacqualyn defines what “soulmate” means to her, which involves seeing past the body and this life’s accomplishments. Orion then shares a striking quote about soulmates by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • [13:22] – Orion takes a moment to discuss her own relationship. Jacqualyn then digs deeper into the mirror concept that she and Orion have been discussing.
  • [15:45] – The three things that make you grow the most, explains Orion, are having a business, having kids, and relationships.
  • [16:39] – Jacqualyn talks about the five-star relationship system she and Andrew came up with, and explains how this has applied to their relationship.
  • [18:29] – What sorts of mistakes did Jacqualyn make when she was dating? After answering, she explains what the glue is that held her and Andrew together even when things weren’t going well for them.
  • [20:55] – Jacqualyn explains the actions she and Andrew committed to taking in order to improve their relationship. She explains the important role that New Earth by Eckhart Tolle had in her transformation and growth.
  • [23:35] – We learn some of the things that changed in Jacqualyn’s relationship once she identified the fact that her ego is not herself.
  • [24:43] – What are some relationship tools that Jacqualyn teaches her clients?
  • [27:07] – Orion talks about a powerful communication tool that she and Stephan use to keep their relationship healthy.
  • [29:25] – Jacqualyn responds to the tool Orion has just talked about, discussing why it’s so successful.
  • [31:07] – What does Jacqualyn recommend for overcoming a power struggle in a relationship between two competitive people?
  • [32:58] – Jacqualyn talks more about escaping from the perspective of being in competition with your partner.
  • [33:34] – Meditation actually rewires your brain, Jacqualyn explains. She then talks about other powerful tools and techniques.
  • [37:02] – Jacqualyn lists some of the biggest keys to success in relationships.
  • [39:54] – Jacqualyn offers her definition of happiness, and explains why it’s so important to seek out the joy and beauty of the world.
  • [42:13] – How do you pick the right person for you, or know if someone you’ve found is the right fit for you?
  • [44:38] – We learn what the six factors on Jacqualyn’s ladder of compatibility are, with her explaining each one and why it’s important. She and Orion then discuss the importance of deeply knowing yourself.
  • [48:11] – Jacqualyn offers some words of wisdom for people who are staying with the wrong person for the sake of not being alone.
  • [51:01] – What are Jacqualyn’s three tips for living a stellar life? 1. You don’t have a life; you are life. 2. Recognize that you are an infinite soul with infinite possibility. 3. Live authentically.
  • [53:09} – Jacqualyn offers listeners the free gift of a morning love meditation. To get it, go to andrewandjacqualyn.com/p/morninglovemeditation.

Links and Resources:

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Jacqualyn Burnson on Facebook
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