Episode 331 | August 15, 2023

Multi-Dimensional Timeline Shifting with Wendy Paquette

A Personal Note From Orion

I’m delighted to welcome you back to the Stellar Life podcast, where we embark on transformative journeys and uncover the secrets to live a life filled with passion, purpose, and empowerment. This week with the remarkable Wendy Paquette, we dive into the powerful topics of letting go and embracing self-awareness.

As a personal advisor and confidant to some of the world’s most creative visionaries, Wendy has dedicated herself to help individuals break free from the mental obstacles that hold them back. With over a decade of experience, Wendy has pioneered and refined a groundbreaking technique called multi-dimensional timeline shifting. Through this innovative approach, she empowers her clients to shed limiting beliefs, tap into their true potential, and manifest their deepest desires.

Wendy and I delve into the heart of self-awareness and the art of letting go. We explore how our perception of time and reality can shape our experiences, and Wendy shares her wisdom on how to access different timelines to create lasting transformation. We’ll uncover the key to turn on our inner light, learn actionable steps to shift our mindsets, embrace confidence, and step into our authentic power.

As you listen to this episode, I encourage you to reflect on the moments in your life where you’ve held onto beliefs that no longer serve you. Take Wendy’s teachings to heart and consider how multi-dimensional timeline shifting could be the key to unlock your limitless potential. Without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [00:48] – Introducing Wendy Paquette, a personal advisor and confidant to the world’s elite creators, Orion invites her to share the origins of her journey.
  • [08:35] – Wendy unveils a profound awakening, describing her realization of the transformative power of energy.
  • [10:30] – Delving into Wendy’s experiences in the channeling realm, Orion inquires about her beginnings in this fascinating world.
  • [15:41] – Exploring the discernment of favorable timelines and the potential need for timeline adjustments, Wendy imparts her insights.
  • [21:51] – Unveiling the concept of timelines and offering guidance on recognizing constraining patterns, Wendy engages in a discussion.
  • [37:30] – Wendy elaborates on the intricacies of a timeline assessment, shedding light on its purpose and significance.
  • [38:34] – Enumerating her top three recommendations for embracing an exceptional life, Wendy imparts her wisdom on living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Wendy. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you for having me. I’m so delighted. 

Yeah, me too. I’m very excited about everything that you are and everything that you teach. I’m mega curious about the whole thing. Please share a little about your origin story and how you became the magician you are today.

It originated at an awakening when I was creating things in my world that were magical, awesome, and amazing. My last client of the day left my house where they would come for some deep-state hypnosis, and they left having this magical experience. I sat at the kitchen table and realized everything outside looked perfect, but inside of me was a hot screaming mess because I was just unhappy to the point of depression.

Suddenly, I was angry with that word because I realized my outside didn’t match my inside. I had a moment where I started to cry. I took myself into the bathroom, looked myself in the eye, in the mirror, and was like, “If ask and given is true, and if angels, guides, God, and aliens are all true, things I can’t see with my eyes, but can be addressed with my words, then I’m going to ask, and I want it to be given because I’m not happy. I’m asking for whatever is out of alignment to be dropped into alignment now or pluck me off this god-forsaken hurling stone in the multiverse.”

That’s the moment that I got what I asked for. It came from a session I did on myself. I took myself to the bathtub, where all the cool things happened. 

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I had an encounter with a master who happened to be in the likeness of God. At that moment, when I was face to face with him, instead of me being able to spew out all these questions and get answers, he opened up his arms to hug me. I gratefully received that hug, and all the words left my head. While I was hugging him, he disappeared inside of me. Instead of being curious, I felt angry. 

Then he spoke, and that changed everything. He said, “Your first task is to love with my heart.” As much as that is a simple phrase, it took me eight months to determine what happened and what that meant. My transformation was like I was in the chrysalis. Not sure when my butterfly was coming out because it was a mess. 

I would think, “If I hug you and love you, will you know the difference? If I love you with my heart over God’s heart?” I was being super literal. Unbeknownst to me, the gift I was given was when God disappeared inside of me, made that request, and asked that task be fulfilled. What occurred was he removed all separation. 

It took me eight months to actualize through every cell of reality to the point where I was saying these things and doing these things that were transforming emotions into neutrality and, ultimately, love. It came from being angry at something, unleashing my anger momentarily. I found myself asking questions and saying, “What am I going to do with this energy?” 


Infinite timelines with infinite lives exist.


Whatever the energy was, it happened to be something my husband did that I was upset about. It was irritating. I was like, “What is he being? He created opportunities and then didn’t take them for himself.” My initial question was, “Am I that? Am I?” I was holding out my hand, and this energy was really heavy. 

The thought that popped into my head was, in God’s voice, saying, “You know what to do.” I said, “I’m going to love it with God’s heart.” I brought my hand to the front of me, and my entire body breathed. Like this visceral cellular transformation, it sucked my hand into my chest and instantly transformed everything.


The result was the emotion that I was feeling before that experience was anger and fury. I was so mad at my husband for nothing, like neutral. I giggled. I was like, “Hold on, what just happened?” I took anger and transformed it instantaneously to almost joy, to neutral. 

I reverse-engineered what I did, and I did it again. It works every time. At a ladies’ conference, the woman running it said, “Do you have something to tell me? I feel like you have a message for me.” I’m like, “No, but can I try something on you?” And it worked on her too. 

You just put your hand on her. Is that what you did? 

I reverse-engineered my emotions, and it works every time.

No, it was through conversation. What caused me to know what to say to her was that she kept calling herself a control freak and insistent. “I’m a control freak. Because I’m a control freak, I want to do this.” But that word was ringing weirdly in my ear louder than everything else, and I felt incongruent with who she was as a human.

All I did was understand that information about being a control freak, “Are you that? Are you a control freak? Answer from your soul.” She goes, “No. I’m actually not.” I’m like, “Okay, let’s take this energy and take a nice deep breath through your heart space and breathe in and receive back all the energy you’ve been holding separate from yourself, which is the thought process of the programming that you believed you were a control freak, but you’re not.”

She took a breath and closed her eyes, and suddenly she opened them and went, “What did you just do?” I was like, “Oh, look at that. It works on other people.” 

That’s amazing. How long ago was that? 

Nine and a half years ago. Nearly a decade. 

How did that shift into manipulating timelines, and what are timelines? 

That was the initial awakening where you realize that transforming energy instantaneously, literally from anger to joy or anger to neutrality, is instantaneous and happens every time you do it. It blows apart everything you believe to be true about this reality.  When you realize that when you have no separation from your reality, you are everything you see, then now what? It’s limitless and endless. 

I began working with people on the current things and their reality–what’s happening in their world that’s coming up for them creates these emotions? We just keep transforming all these emotions and learning that these are attached to behavior I call programming. We turn off the programming which turns off the emotions.

When you realize that you have no separation from reality, you are everything you see, and you become limitless and endless.

Anything that used to trigger that emotion no longer triggers that emotion. You raise your frequency to higher levels because you’re no longer deep into those lower-frequency emotions. Somehow I got an interview on a YouTube channel. It was wild how it happened. People said, “Hey, I would love to work with you.” I started working with people far more regularly from across the globe on Zoom. This was like nine and a half years ago.

One of my clients worked with me for an entire year and, at the end of the year, told me, “You know what I always would love to have learned? I had this really deep need to channel. My perspective is that when the universe is a reflection of you, you’re only channeling yourself anyway.” 

I said, “Okay, you know you’re channeling yourself.” He’s like, “It’s really cool.” I’m like, “I’ll walk you through it, sit with you, and support you. You see what you can do because there must be a reason why you feel this.” He’s like, “Yeah, okay.”

He ended up channeling a group of entities that called itself The Sound Council. Much like Abraham Hicks, it was a collective energy. This was very similar in that they called themselves the Sound Council, and I still know. I’m like, “You’re channeling an aspect of self anyway, but I kept going with conversation within this space where he was channeling.” He went right out, and this energy spoke to all these magical things. 

At one point, “they” told me, “Wendy, you realize we are you?” I’m like, “Alright, I’m in the right space.” I know I’m good because what I believe to be true and what I see reflects what I know. It happened to be through a vehicle interested in channeling, even though we knew what we knew. That began the journey, and what happened was the sound council said to me, “Would you like to write a book? We would like to know if you would like to write a book.” 

I instantly went into the humanness of, “This is a client. They live across the globe, in another country. Is it calling? How would that work?” I went into my human about it and mentioned it to a friend, and they said, “Let’s back up, Wendy. You’re telling me an aspect of the source, which is also you, I asked you if you’d like to write a book for humanity, and you got to think about it.” I said, “I can’t believe I even went there.” Of course, I went back to him and said I would.

That set us on a journey of a year. What happened was that the book is the key to unlocking the grid on the planet of being trapped in humanity from a programming perspective. The grid of programming. It’s unlocking that for people. I learned how to unlock it through this channeling experience every single week, a book where every week was a lesson. 

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Lessons on astrology and how the planets are the one thing that doesn’t change in our universe. The planets are different in other universes, or maybe there’s one missing. Still, they’re different in every universe, and there are infinite universes until we can no longer understand what they look like from this perspective.

A year went by, and we’re nearly at the three-quarter mark, and the Sound Council—the whole time they were teaching me everything, they brought in other entities to teach me how everything works on the planet—then asked me. They walked me into things if I were to describe it that way. They walked me into learning without me knowing I was learning. You know, sometimes we do that to kids. We kind of walk them into a scenario and teach something without teaching it to them directly. They did that with me almost as though I was a child.

They would ask me to see in my mind’s eye, in the etheric of the energy of this reality, if I could see a planetary map, and for some reason, in that space, instantaneously, I could see it. I was like, “Oh, yeah. Can you see this?” They kept asking me if I could see all these things, and I could instantaneously. It was as though it’s always been there. I was just made aware when I was asked the question. 

As they walked me through it, they said, “Can you see the script running on this planetary map?” “I could see things running, symbols running across this script. Yeah, I could see that.” They say, “Okay, just clear it away and look beyond that.” I did, and I said, “What is that script?” That’s someone living. As they’re living their life, their scripts are being written.”

I was like, “Oh, that’s interesting.” I went beyond the script of living into the programming, and so they walked me into how to see all the programming and what it looks like. One day they said, “Okay, the being channeling us right now.” I said, “Yeah. You know you’re doing that now? Can you see the Sound Council on the map?” I’m like, “Yeah. Can you see the script running? Can you see XYZ?” They’re like, “Okay.” 

Channeling your soul gives you access to the right timeline.

“Now, the program that’s running us through the channel, can you see that?” I’m like, “Yeah. It’s running as a binary sequence of zeros and ones.” They’re like, “Okay, well, shut it off.” They’re walking me through this. I shut it off, and the channel, the person channeling them, opens his eyes and goes, “What just happened?” He goes, “I’m channeling myself?” They had me shut themselves off to have the person channeling their soul. They warned me, but I didn’t even see it coming.

You realize at some point that he won’t channel us anymore. He’s going to channel his soul. I’m like, “Do you see where we are on the map? Can you see our script running?” “Yeah” ‘Can you shut it off?” “Sure.”

If one is channeling aspects of themselves, can one make many mistakes?

They were me. It’s me educating me.

When do they channel themselves meaning source because we are a God, and when do they make mistakes? 

They never make mistakes. What they’re doing is if they believe they’re channeling something other than themselves, that’s the program because you are all that is knowing. It is one thing. Having the concept, of course, oneness is. Understand a concept of oneness, but when you are living as that concept, it’s no longer a concept. It just is. That’s another thing. 

If someone’s channeling, and you know how some people say, “I’m going to channel JFK.” Or whoever is tapping into the data in the matrix and the data in the field of energy and source, channeling the data from that being when they were alive.

That makes sense. 

The only differentiation between what room you’re in is what question you’re asking. We all have access to enlightenment and ‘endarkenment’ at every given time.

There are infinite timelines with infinite lives running, which means they could tap into a life where ideally, with no time, that person, that human’s still living, which would appear like a past or future, but it’s all in the now. 

How do we know if we’ll live with a good timeline? How can we choose the best timeline? 

Channeling your soul is giving you access to the timeline you’re in. Turning programs on and off will move you to a new timeline where those programs never lived, never were activated. 

Let me give you a little tool to understand how. You are in the dark, and you’re in fear. This is a good timeline for me, which is a fear-based question because you don’t know. You’re afraid. “What if it’s not? What if it is? I don’t know. What if I don’t choose to change it? And what if I stay here?”

How we see that is—this is my interpretation, I get visuals for everything—if you’re in a room, there are no doors, no windows, only a light switch and a light, and the light switch is off. You’re like, “I can’t see anything. How do I get out of here? How do I find my way home? How do I find the light switch?” 

Why are you asking how? Because you can’t see it. What do you know? Everything. When? When you’re in the light, and the switch is on. That’s what I would indicate as enlightened. 

When the light’s on, I can see everything around the room. I could see every corner, every spider, the light switch, the light, the floor, the walls. I’m in the light.

When the light is off, we’re in fear. The only differentiation between what room you’re in is what question you’re asking because we all have aspects. We all have access to enlightenment and ‘endarkenment.’ We have both of those aspects available at every given time. What makes us believe we don’t have it in the running programs? 

We buy those programs from religions, families, education, things we made up, something we decided we thought were true and were not. How you know whether you need to change a timeline is a dark question. 

Okay, you are asking a light question. What will the light question be? 

If you were in the light, could you not know? 

If I were in the light, I would know. 

Yeah, absolutely. 

Isn’t it so because we’re human beings, and I don’t think anyone is always in the light and enlightened? We go up and down, and the script changes as we ride this rollercoaster of life, and sometimes we’re up, and sometimes I can be on one rollercoaster in one day. 

I can feel amazing one day, and then something happens less, and something else happens, and I’m good. The script is always changing. Every time I feel great, I have to think about my timeline. It’s very confusing to me right now.

The timeline is just an indicator of where you are.

The timeline is just an indicator of where you are. Whether you want a good or not good timeline will be indicated by the level of emotions you’re experiencing. How many programs do you have running that are causing out-of-aligned experiences in this reality? How do you know what emotions are coming up for you? 

One of the things I love to teach is how to identify limiting programs. You do that by addressing the emotions coming up for you when you’re living your life. I didn’t think about the timelines. I think, “I’m so triggered when my husband does this.” That’s an indicator of a program running that’s out of alignment with my true nature as a source. 

I’m not looking and experiencing an optimal timeline if I have many programs running that keep me in a lower frequency emotional state. That’s how you can tell. The question I often get when I talk about the light in the darkroom is, “If I’m in the dark, how do I turn the light on?”

Isn’t that funny that the question begins with the how? How do you turn it on? Well, turn it on. Just turn it on. Imagine yourself in a dark room and then, in your mind, turn the light on and look around. When you turn it on, the question no longer becomes, “How do I turn the light on?” You already have it on. You know. You just did it. 

Your whole reality is built in that way. It’s never asking how I got somewhere and then going to find out by asking, “How did I get somewhere?” “I want to go from here to there. What does that look like?” I’m asking myself. It might be something that I never expected. I will call my friend and tell her where I’m going, and she might say, “Oh my goodness, I’ve been there before.”

You want me to give you direction because I know exactly how to get there. It’s something that the universe, which is also you, will bring to yourself when you finally realize it’s magical. It appears to be something out of this world.

I wondered how to get there. Because I wanted to go there, I suddenly had the instinct to call my friend, and she told me how to get there without asking me how because you are bringing yourself to yourself. 

Instead of asking how just focus on the outcome of what you want. 

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I would focus on where I want to go, which would be the outcome. Your high awareness gets to come into play here. If you have an instinct, you’re thinking, “Okay, yeah, I’m going to go to the grocery store. I’ve never been to that grocery store before. I’ll plug it into my GPS.” That’s basically what you do. You’re thinking, “Okay, I don’t know the address. I’m going to look it up.” I googled it. The things that you know to do, you’ll already know. 

Whatever the missing gaps are, when you trust that you’re in the light, those will be revealed to you no matter what. Your job is to be highly aware of it. It might not look how you think it should look, which messes most people up. They think it must look a certain way. When they don’t see it, they miss the actual way. 

Amazing. I didn’t understand all of it. It’s really deep. I do have programs that are going back. I get it. You’re manifesting. I go back to the how. 

Exactly, and that’s one of the pieces that most people miss; where are you asking that question from? Are you in the dark? Are you in the light? The thought of someone being enlightened. What we’ve been taught until now is like a guru sitting on a rock who knows everything. That’s a program to defer people from knowing their true selves, which we’re an aspect of the God source, not God as in like a single entity God, but God the source of all that is.

When we know that, we’re all enlightened to know. It’s not a question of whether you got to be a certain person who lives in a certain way, or you got to be deemed a deity, or you got to be deemed someone special. We are all that. We are a source of energy, which is God’s source. How could we not be that? When you’re in the light enlightened, you are that. There’s no doubt in the way. There’s no fear in the way. If you’re in fear, turn the light on. 

We are an aspect of the God source.

Yes, but how? I’m sorry. I always come back to do that, like turn the light on. I can get it. I can go and do my meditations or my hypnosis and turn the light on that way. But for me, it doesn’t happen where I’m just like turning on a switch, and suddenly it’s there. It’s always a process, but that’s one of my programs too. 

Yeah, absolutely. Now you’re seeing it. How do you know? Because you’re on the light. It’s that easy. It’s thinking that everything is hard. To get there is hard. There’s a process for everything. You have to go through the process is long and tedious, and annoying.

It’s as easy as turning the light on. How do we turn the light on? I’m like, “Can you imagine a pink circle in your mind’s eye or your imagination? 


Okay, can you turn that pink circle into a blue circle? 


Okay, now you’re in a dark room, and it’s dark everywhere. Can you turn it into a light room? 


You just turned the light on. That’s how easy it is. That’s as far as the process goes. It’s that easy and not as easy to think about those things when you’re in a moment of despair. 

When you’re in a moment of deep fear, and you’re triggered by the programming that you have that something dangerous is happening, or you are in trouble, some people have that fear triggers where and when they feel threatened, they just shut down. I never said it was easy to come out of that space. 

It’s easy to turn the light on. You can turn the light on from that deep space by practicing turning the light on from anywhere. When you’re in that deep scary space, turn the light on, sit there, and look around the room until you come into the light further.

The main message is that it is just that easy to turn the light on. You don’t have to be anyone special. I’m not anyone special. I’m you and everyone else. 

If you’re in fear, turn the light on.

I went on your website, and it says you could swim underwater until you learned it’s impossible.

I could breathe underwater. I remember it distinctly when I was little, we had an in-ground swimming pool, and I was swimming underwater and breathing underwater. I’m thinking, “I could breathe underwater. It was amazing. I could do it every time.” 

Then one day, I decided to share that with my mother thinking she would know. She was like, “Yeah, right. Nobody can breathe underwater. You drown and die.” I could no longer do it from that moment on because of what she said. 

You can also write backward, right?

Yeah, I don’t know why I can write everything backward. It just comes out.

It seems like you are special. 

It seems that way, but I’m not. Other people can do it too. I just met someone the other day who said she read that about breathing underwater, and she goes, “Oh my god, the same thing happened to me. I just never met anybody who had that experience before.” I said, “You’ve probably met people before, and nobody is brave enough or crazy enough to write it. I’m not worried about it because it happened.”

What are the craziest things you were able to manifest since this awakening for yourself and your clients? 

Creating a transformation with someone when they’re ready and willing is easy.

A complete transformation of reality. There are varying degrees of transformation. It is the most fun with my clients because it’s so easy for me to create a transformation with someone when they’re ready and willing and when they want it when they want to change—something to change in their life. 

If you were to compare the gentleman that I still work with, that client that I work with, when he worked with me for a year, we’re at levels of unbelievable experience and human optimization. He doesn’t even look like the same person. If I put a before picture back in 2019 when we began working together and now you wouldn’t even know it was the same person. Completely different shapes, look, size, facial structure, and eloquence. It’s just absolutely astronomical, and I said that to him today.

I should put up the before and after pictures. I’ll take a photo from one of your first sessions until now. He goes, “No way. I don’t want to see it, but it’s life-changing.” Marriages come together because what you see in a spouse, in a relationship when things aren’t working, reflects your programs, especially those that don’t work. 

I just returned from the biohacking conference and was extremely tired on the second day, with very low energy. I did a brain scan before and after the brain tap session. Just looking at the brain scans, it was incredible. Turning on my light. In the physical realm, everything that was red turned green. 

It’s almost like when I came. My brain was almost wanting to fall asleep. My hormones were low. Everything was off. After 20 minutes, I guess, being in the light, touching, or experiencing everything was green, and seeing it in its physicality was shockingly amazing.

Same thing, and that’s in 20 minutes. Imagine if we shut off all the binary sequencing of all the running programs that cause emotional stress or cause emotional responses in your world. What I work with is where you want to be. What’s your vision?

What’s that target you’d like to get to? Then I can see all the programming in the way of getting there to that target. Imagine if we saw all the programming in the way and we shut all those programming pieces off the gateway and the pathways wide open. It happens ten times faster because you have nothing in the way you need to handle or deal with or try to get around or work with and slow down. Now you’re just walking straight at it.

The timeline you experience is impacted by your emotions.

People that have been struggling with money and they’re having money issues are now suddenly having these $200,000 opportunities drop in their lap. I’m not exaggerating at all. These are like actual client experiences. Having things where they were struggling with debt of $200,000 then having those amounts of money show up with clients or opportunities. 

Did you have remarkable healing that happened to people? 

Healing in what way? 

Like they were sick, and then they got better, physical healing.

I’ll be honest with you,  things are different now, but at the beginning, I was like, “I don’t want to deal with people who have physical ailments because their programming is so thick that I don’t want to go there with them because it’s going to take too long and cost too much money for them.” I wouldn’t work with anybody in that realm. Other people are doing that. If they want to go to Joe Dispenza, they want to go somewhere where they can learn a different aspect of doing it. Let those people deal with those things. 

I want to work with high-performing humans who are already at their success level, and they know that there’s something greater beyond that, but they have this monkey on their back that they have been able to handle but not get rid of. I wanted to work with that person, so I didn’t lean into physical stuff. 

Now, did they occur? Of course, it did. Because by nature, when you are shifting and transforming all of your life from that perspective, that stuff handles itself in some way. But I did not focus on anything that was a physical body itself. It was something I avoided. I’m still not interested in it, but my whole premise with mindset and body runs in that vein. Eating well, breathing well, and living well all go together. I just don’t focus on it in my practice. 

By nature, when you shift and transform your life from a specific perspective, the physical stuff somehow handles itself.

Is there a certain success story that you remember that shocked you? 

I don’t have a lot of shock. Imagine a decade of shutting off all my programming. When the lower frequency programs are shut off, your lower frequency emotions go with it, so you have a neutral to joy experience regularly. Even in the world, we live in now with COVID and all that crazy stuff. Shock isn’t usually where I’m at. I expect that something shocking will occur to someone. 

I like that. 

That’s the level of expectation.

Like the rest of us, you experienced COVID and how hard it was. What was your experience? How do you react to external situations now? If you see what happened in the world, do you tell yourself I just manifested everything that occurred in the last few years? 

I don’t use the word manifested because manifestation has been completely bastardized. The word as a process has become how I view my reality as a reflection of my inner being. Whatever I am being, I am seeing. How does that translate? When I see how our prime minister is running our country, I become infuriated when I run into things like COVID, and I live in Canada. He’s reflecting on a program within me that I get to handle. 

There’s no more blame, shame, guilt, or judgment because what I’m seeing is who I’m being. Then I look at the programs living and running within me that are creating this experience of my reality that I’m infuriated by, and then I go along and shut them all off. That’s my job. 

Does it mean that I don’t have emotions ever? No. Does it mean that I don’t get infuriated? No. It means that I am still human in a human skin suit when I do. I handle them like I would handle my clients. I am my first client. I know this works. It works every time. I’m 100% certain. It happened to me first, and I’m still doing it. It’s been a decade, and everyone I work with has that. 

If I were to use someone else’s process, what I’ve learned is someone else’s process done by a practitioner has doubt baked right in, which means it works for some and not for everyone. Why? The program of doubt is baked into the practitioner. Why? Because it didn’t come through 100%. It came to them, and they actualized and facilitated something that wasn’t theirs.

It makes sense. 

Anyone doing a process that is someone else’s already has doubt baked right in.

Anyone doing a process that is someone else’s process already has doubt baked right in. Those programs of doubt are baked right in. When it comes to doing your own thing, I’m like, “Finally, this is your unique skin suit, soul, unique signature, biosignature, and cosmic signature. All unique to you.” And it’s the most magical, valuable thing you will ever choose in this lifetime.

Amazing. What is a timeline assessment? 

A timeline assessment, if you’re referring to what’s on my website, means that I have the explicit privilege to communicate with everyone to see where they’re at. If they’re looking to say you were to book one with me, I have the opportunity to support you in seeing where you’re at, where you want to go, and what that timeline looks like. It’s an assessment of your current timeline based on where you want to go. 

Most people will use to come and not have a freaking clue what they want to do or where they want to go, which is why they vacillate wildly and unhappily in their reality because they haven’t chosen where they want to go, not even a single pathway that they can change at any given time. 

The timeline assessment, the one that you can get on my website, is an absolute assessment of where you are. What timeline are you in right now? Where are you now? Where would you like to go, and what does that pathway look like? Then from that space, that is why I say privileges. I get to see who would have some potential to work with me in a way that could be life-changing.

That’s beautiful. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life? 

My interpretation of stellar is your highest, best life. The three top tips would be one, let everything go—absolutely everything. Your attachment to anything will slow you down from having the greatest joy you could ever experience.

Love fully with source, God, and the heart of all that is.

The second thing would be to be self-aware. Know when you are having an emotional response to something before you engage in a massive drag-down, knock down argent with your spouse, significant other, child, or friend. Know that what you’re seeing reflects who you’re being. If it’s just a program running and reflecting on someone else, it’s not them. It’s you. It’s never them. It’s always you. The first thing is to love fully the source, God, the heart of all that is. 

I love that. Where can people find you, get your book, and book a session with you?

My website is wendypaquette.com, so that you can find me there. The timeline assessment’s on there. It does have a fee because it’s not for the free takers who want to explore and ask me questions, which is what used to happen a long time ago. It is for someone who feels called to this work. When you feel called, you know you feel called. By saying that, people know what I’m talking about. 

Regarding getting the book, I have four coming out at once. It happened that way. I have a children’s book that’s coming out. It’s ready to go. It should be out. 

Nice. What is it about? 

It’s called I am Magic and So Are You. 

I love it. 

Yeah, super cute. It’ll be on my website as soon as it’s out. I’m going to start promoting it now. Then I have the one that I’m in the middle of writing. I’m done with most of it. I’m at 75% through you. I’m not going to reveal the name of that book yet until it’s complete so that it has its journey. From now until then, they’ll all start coming out one after the other. It’s just one of those times.

As well as, if someone wants to hop on my newsletter list on my website, you can get to it. If not, it’ll be up soon enough. I’m going to be sharing so much more. Some courses are coming out because the first question people ask me is usually, how do I learn how to do this? Can you teach me how to do this?

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I’ve done some workshops on how to identify your limiting programming. I’ve put that into a small DIY understanding, so you can go back through it, learn how to identify and become self-aware to identify your limiting programs. 

Then there will be some next-level stuff where you can learn how to do this for yourself so that you’re not just taking the formula that comes through me. You’re going to discover how to pull it through yourself and have your magic, and then you can turn that into a business or just use it for yourself and your family or what have you, but that’s all coming out as well, so it’s going to be super fun second half of 2023.

I like what you said about when you do something, some other people’s method, there is always a doubt about it because it’s not yours, it’s not your channeling. That was very profound for me. Thank you for that. 

Yeah, good. It’s my honor, for sure. 

Thank you for this fascinating interview. 

I’m so happy to meet you and so happy to be here. Thank you for the invitation to be here with you. 

Thank you, and thank you, listener. Remember to let everything go and be self-awareness. What you’re seeing is just a program. It’s just a reflection of you. Love fully, and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Embrace moments of awakening. Reflect on the misalignment between your external world and internal state. Recognize that this awareness is the first step toward transformation.

{✓}Seek realignment to the universe to reveal the power of your intention. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you need, whether it’s guidance, clarity, or healing. 

{✓}Trust your intuition and let wisdom flow through you. This helps you channel your soul and connect with higher energies. Remember that you are the creator of your reality. 

{✓}Release your fear of mistakes. Trust that your intention and connection will guide you. Don’t let fear hold you back from exploring your innate abilities.

{✓}Embody oneness as a way of life. Strive to fully embody understanding. Realize that you are connected to everything in the universe and can tap into boundless wisdom and energy.

{✓}Release the need to know “how.” Focusing on “how” can be a trap and keep you in a state of uncertainty. Instead of fixating on how things will unfold, focus on where you want to go and remain open to unexpected paths and solutions.

{✓}Turn on the light in your mind’s eye whenever you feel stuck or lost. This exercise represents the ease with which you can shift your perspective and illuminate your path.

{✓}Practice emotional alchemy. When triggered by negative emotions, recognize them as indicators that you need to shift your perspectives and methods. Turn inward to work on transformation  and experience emotional alchemy that leads to positive change.

{✓}Be patient and kind to yourself. Keep in mind that transformation takes time. Be compassionate with yourself as you navigate your journey toward self-awareness and empowerment.

{✓}Check out Wendy Paquette’s website to get your timeline assessment and access her books and other resources.

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