Episode 297 | August 2, 2022

Natural Wellness and Social Influence with Mona Vand

A Personal Note From Orion

In the age of social media influencers, one of the positive aspects is health and wellness personalities that shed light on clean living and eating. We are at a time where most of the food on grocery shelves is genetically modified with ingredients that we can hardly read! So thank god we have advocates of good eating and living habits not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. 

My guest, Mona Vand, is an expert in nutrition and natural wellness and is a health coach dedicated to keeping people off medications in the first place. In addition, she is a pharmacist who wholeheartedly shares her knowledge with hundreds of thousands of followers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

I love that Mona remains true to herself in what she shares on social media, and it reflects her values of sharing more positivity with the world; Mona and I talk about some of today’s most basic yet important health and wellness advice. 

And now, without further ado, on with the show!



In This Episode

  • [00:40] – Orion presents her guest, Mona Vand, a nutrition and natural wellness expert and a health coach. She will provide some health and wellness tips as part of her commitment to keeping people off medications.
  • [02:37] – Mona ignites their conversation by sharing her background and drive to be who she is today.
  • [04:23] – Mona discusses spirituality and how she maintains it in the business world. She discusses her motivation for adopting a more natural approach to health and wellness. 
  • [07:50] – Mona’s perspective on her role as a social influencer. 
  • [11:55] – Orion wants Mona to share the foods she eats regularly and her favorite healthy foods. Mona explains what an anti-inflammatory diet is.
  • [15:13] – What should you look for to avoid on food labels? How can you meet your daily water needs while also ensuring that it is of good quality?
  • [21:07] – Mona describes her skincare routine and some of the latest biohacks for skin care.
  • [26:01] – Orion is interested in the content of Mona’s TikTok channel as well as her content preparation strategies.
  • [27:43] – What are Mona’s three top tips for living a stellar life? What does she want her legacy to be?
  • [31:27] – Exhibit mindfulness in your health and wellness by following Mona Vand on social media and visiting her website.

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About Today’s Show

Hello, Mona. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here. 

Thank you, Orion. Thank you for having me. 

Thank you. Before we begin, can you share a bit about your passion and how you discovered it? 

Just what do I do? My passion? 


I had a background in health and wellness because I went to pharmacy school and got my doctorate in pharmacy. I really liked what I was learning in school. I remember I find the information so fascinating. I loved learning about how the body worked and how we metabolized different food and medication. I found it really interesting. It’s just that when I went into the work field, I really did not really like the profession. It wasn’t the right fit for me. 

When I graduated, I moved to LA; that’s where I had always planned on living. My family lived there. I was surrounded by a health and wellness culture, and I realized that taking what I learned in school was really like finding itself to be relevant in my life where I was like, oh, I feel like I just know a lot and I’m so interested in diving deeper a little more into the natural side of wellness. 

My passion is a combination of wanting to be the best possible version of myself —healthwise, beauty-wise, and skincare.

My passion probably initially sparked in school. I have to give my degree credit for that, but then a combination of always just wanting to be the best version of myself possible—healthwise, beauty-wise, skincare—and then being surrounded by culture like Los Angeles where everyone is just very wellness-focused. All of those helped push me to pursue that passion.

What do you feel is driving you to be your best every day? 

I just have this desire to constantly want to better myself. I’m not sure, to be honest, when it started or why, but mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, I always want to grow, and I think I’m a forever student. I’m always learning, reading, and listening. I’d say less reading, more listening. I like audio. It’s definitely something that I just focus on and push myself towards. 

What type of spiritual growth have you done? 

I’ve never really been a religious person. I didn’t grow up with much religion. Technically, my family, I guess they’re Muslim, but we never grew up practicing. I grew up with my mom in upstate New York, where no other Persians existed. It was a very limited town in terms of culture and diversity.  

Most people, Catholics or Christians, were celebrating Easter and going to church. I felt this sense of longing to belong to something. I remember even going to church with some of my friends; I just wanted to fit in and be like everyone else. I didn’t look like anyone else. I didn’t have the same practices as anyone else 

That sounds very difficult.

We are just energetic beings; we’re more energy than matter.

It was really difficult. I got made fun of for having hairy arms or darker skin. That’s something I dealt with a lot, just wanting to feel included in something. I always believed in God, but never in an organized way. There is a higher power up there. 

More recently, I’ve really dived into energy and spirituality. I’m very science-driven where, like, prove it to me and then I’ll believe it. I’m learning now more as I get more spiritual to follow my intuition. As I started learning more about energy and all the real science behind it—we are just energetic beings; we’re more energy than matter—I think that and the different experiences I’ve had have pushed me more towards spirituality. Right now, I’m meditating. I know a higher power guiding us, but there’s no religion behind it. It’s just spirituality. 

How do you incorporate spirituality into what you are doing in the world with your business?

My initial driver, which isn’t necessarily good, is I wanted to grow so I could make money and have fun. It was more surface-level things. I’ve always had a good heart and good intentions, but I wouldn’t say that I was really focused on making a difference in the world. 

The more spiritual I’ve gotten, the more I want to change and inspire someone’s life.

I think the more spiritual I’ve gotten, the more I actually want to change someone’s life. I actually really want to inspire someone. I want to make the world a better place. I want to contribute to all of us, the greater consciousness as a whole. I think it’s almost like your intention behind everything you do. 

Nice. You moved from being a pharmacist and dealing with all the chemical ingredients, to more natural. Why did you do that?

At first, I wasn’t so into the term “natural.” I was just into health, wellness, and even supplements. I wasn’t really in the natural world. As I dove more in and as I got more educated, I became more intrigued. Even in pharmacy school, they teach us the very first thing that you’re supposed to do to help anyone in any disease state is lifestyle modifications and diet. 

Even in Western medicine that is respected, it’s just not really practiced or enforced a lot. Then my idea of healthy before was like low calories, that it was just eating off the food pyramid. It wasn’t really, I guess, as sophisticated. 

Then as I started learning more, one of the first people that inspired me was Kimberly Snyder. I really liked all of her knowledge on food combinations and plant-based food. I guess the more I educated myself and the more I grew, the more I felt just naturally drawn to a more natural approach. 

Do you feel like you have a responsibility to the world or to your fans to be a certain way?

When you have a platform and a following, you are responsible for doing good with it and spreading the good.

Yes and no. I think when you have a platform and a following, there’s definitely a responsibility to do some good with it, do good with it, and to spread good. I feel like my general message and my general content is that anyway. I do think that you have to always be authentic and be yourself.

Some people might say, I shouldn’t post a bikini pic because that’s not being a good example to young girls, but I think that’s not to the person, to the celebrity, to the influence, or whoever you have to let everyone be themselves and everyone has different beliefs and values so what is a good example really? It really depends. I think being a good human, being kind, and being compassionate is the most important example you could set. 

Did you always have the courage to be you and show up so powerfully?

No. Even hearing you say that I’m like, oh I do? Because definitely, even when I first started my brand, it was like I wanted to look perfect. If you scroll on my Instagram feed, it’s pretty funny because it was perfectly lit and bright photos and I was just like always smiling with a salad. I felt like I had to be this perfect example of health to people. 

It wasn’t until more recently that my content changed a lot because it gets exhausting and you just eventually want to be yourself. Everyone’s own personality, everyone’s true self has something different to offer the world. Everyone has something special and different. Sharing that will help someone. Just being your authentic self, sharing your stories that really relate to people.

No one wants to have to pretend to be something they’re not or be perfect. Most people watching don’t want to see that they want to connect to something more real anyway. That’s more of a recent thing and I just couldn’t be happier to just kind of be myself.

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What is it like to be you to be yourself? What’s the difference between I have to be perfect, which is an aspect of you. Those beautiful photos, it’s not you’re lying to the world, but it’s an aspect of you, but it’s not the whole of you. Showing up with more layers, more depth, and more ease, what was it like for you?

It feels almost like a weight off your shoulder. It almost feels just satisfying. You just want people to see you and you want to be able to be yourself. I think it can be exhausting because you’re absolutely right, the other side of me was me too. I love beautiful things. I love beauty and everything whether it’s my Instagram feed, a piece of content, or a video. I’ve always taken a lot of pride in my appearance. It’s just I like feeling confident in how I show up. It’s not like I don’t care about that stuff anymore. 

I think it’s just showing the softer side, a more vulnerable side, and also opening up. Before I was afraid to post anything that wasn’t food-related or health-related because I was like no one wants to hear it. This is the only value I bring to the world. Now I realized that just being me brings value just as being yourself. Anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are. It brings value to the world in some way you never know. I think that part’s nice to be able to share more with the world. 

Actually, I’m quite surprised because when I searched for you and I looked over your Instagram, your YouTube videos, and your website, I feel like what I saw and the person that I’m meeting now is a little bit different. You show up and you look differently. I feel like I can connect with you more.

There are so many foods on the earth. They weren’t put here not to be eaten. Some bodies react well to them, and some don’t.

In our video right now?

Yeah, right now. You and me. 

I love that. Do you know what’s interesting? I haven’t filmed on YouTube in a year. I took a year off so you’re seeing my old kind of that old. 

Probably older content? 

Yes. I would say in the last four or five months more, so it’s been a little more me. It’s interesting you say that because I’ve really been like I need to do more videos every day because that’s how people connect. If you see a picture you have no idea of what the person sounds like, what the vibration of the voice is like, or their energy.

When people meet me they’re always like you’re so warm. You’re so connected. You’re so present. I’m like you can’t get that from someone unless you talk to them in person.

So cool. Let’s dive into some health stuff. I have some questions for you. When it comes to food, what type of foods do you usually eat? What do you eat in a day? And what is your favorite top healthiest food ever?

What I eat in a day definitely varies. It’s not always the same, but there’s a general theme that I stick to which is very clean eating. I like really simple foods, as basic as it gets, with minimal ingredients. I don’t like colorings, additives, natural flavors, or artificial flavors. Even when it comes to crackers or chips or things that are obviously processed, I’m vigorously reading ingredients. 

If you’re eating clean, you’re good.

At this point, I know all of the brands that I like that are clean. I really stick to whole foods, and it doesn’t matter what. I used to be pretty big on a plant-based diet or just this kind of diet. Whereas now my take is if you’re eating clean, you’re good. One person might do great on keto, one person might do great on a plant-based diet. It depends on the person, but I think it’s kind of naive to say keto is the best for everyone. 

There are so many foods on the earth. They weren’t put here to not be eaten. I think some bodies react well to them and some don’t. As long as you’re eating clean, that’s my thing. What was your second question? What are my favorite healthy foods?

Yeah. Favorite health foods?

Favorite health foods? Fruits, vegetables, green juices. I love yams, sweet potatoes, beets, wild fish, water, and matcha. I drink a lot of tea. Seaweed, I guess herbs, everything? 

Do you have sugar cravings?

Not really. I do love chocolate.

I have such bad sugar cravings.

I would have more of a salty craving. I love french fries. I love chips. I love crunchy salty things. A lot of times if I’m craving that, I’ll eat them when I want to, but usually I always have a clean version. If I’m trying to not overeat or indulge, I’ll do pickles, or cucumbers, or something with a lot of salt. Sometimes that saltiness will help.

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Satisfy. What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

What does it consist of? 


Right now, science shows uoid seed oils. Anything like sunflower oil, safflower oil, and canola oil, are just really highly processed oils. Even extracting the oil from the seed, they have to use a lot of chemicals. s that an anti-inflammatory diet, there are a couple of ways to look at it. You could go plant-based. Fruits, vegetables, and greens have a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. Avoiding grains is kind of the biggest thing right now. People are avoiding grains and nightshades. Some believe those things can cause inflammation. 

A lot of people believe that even going on a full carnivore diet can reduce inflammation because it doesn’t trigger a lot of autoimmune. There are a lot of different methods in terms of anti-inflammatory. People have a lot of different opinions on it. I’d say I feel like the most widely adopted one would be grain-free, probably seed-free, and nightshade-free. 

Do you stick to this type of diet or do you eat more loose and more flexible?

Yeah, I’m a little more flexible than that.

Yeah. I cannot imagine my life without quinoa. When you go shopping for fruits and you read the labels, what are some things that you always avoid?

I avoid seed oils. Anything like sunflower oil, safflower oil, and canola oil, are just really highly processed oils. Even extracting the oil from the seed, they have to use a lot of chemicals. 

Water is one of those things that your body craves once you get into the habit of drinking it.

Oftentimes, they use deodorizers to get rid of the smell because it gets like a rancid smell. All of these chemicals that are going into these oils aren’t included in the ingredients. Seed oils, in general, are highly inflammatory, so they are in a lot of things. 

You could find an organic popcorn that’s like organic corn and sunflower oil, and you’re like oh, it’s nothing. But just that seed oil is unhealthy. That’s one thing I look for. 

I don’t like natural flavors because the word natural legally means anything from the earth or any animal. It could just be any animal part. A lot of times I always love sharing that it’s the anal glands of a beaver that go into a lot of natural flavors. That’s a very common natural flavor. You can look it up. 

A lot of times natural flavors are added to food to give you that food addiction. When you have a snack and it has this distinct taste that you just love, they put that in there to get you addicted to it. When I see natural flavors, I’m usually like no. 

I’d say those are probably my biggest things. Oh, dyes. Dyes are in so much candy which is unfortunate for kids. Red 40 or Blue whatever. There are all these different lake dyes. You can find organic candy that doesn’t have it. YumEarth is a great brand. I’ll avoid that as well. 

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I’ll write that down. I have a toddler.

YumEarth is a good brand. At this point, I know my brands and I’m always researching if something’s clean. The standard brands that I would eat growing up—that I had no idea, my mom didn’t know, and we didn’t know this stuff then—are just not even on my radar. It’s almost like what’s the food you hate that you just don’t even want? Name something. 

You’re asking me?

Yeah. What’s something you don’t like?

Japan has this fermented soybean. It’s called nato. I can’t even come close to it.

Let’s say it’s not even on your radar. You wouldn’t even think about it. That’s kind of how a lot of these processed foods are for me. It’s just not even a temptation because I can find so many better alternatives. 

Okay, and what about water? What’s your take on water?

Definitely very important to drink. I tried to drink 60–100 ounces a day. I definitely don’t always do that. When I remember, I do. Water is one of those things where once you get in the habit of drinking it your body almost craves it. You think at first I hated it, I never wanted to drink it, but once I started it’s like I need it all the time now. I can see it in my skin. It’s so important.

How do you choose your quality of water? Do you drink only from a glass? Do you drink from plastic? Do you have a filter?

I have this one filter. We just got this kinetic coal filter. It’s the highest by filtration that I could find. We have that in our apartment under our sink and I only drink from a glass. I don’t like getting plastic. All my tupperware is glass.

Is that reverse osmosis? What type of filter is that?

It’s reverse osmosis and I want to say it’s tripled or filtered five times. I’m not sure. 

Sounds good. When we lived in LA, we used to have live spring water. They will just deliver glass jars with live spring water, it was amazing. 

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Oh, that’s great. 

Since I moved here, we’re still drinking from plastic and I’m like, this isn’t good for us at all. I don’t feel comfortable with it. I definitely need to get something for myself. What about shower filters? Do you have something like that?

I actually used to have one in my last apartment, but it was glitchy and it kept spraying in one direction. You know how those things go. I needed to get a new one and then I just never got one. In this apartment I guess they have a filter on everything that comes through, like one filter, I don’t know how strong it is. I do think a shower filter is a great idea too, especially if you live in a city where there are old pipes. You can definitely see the difference. I know a lot of people who love them in their hair and skin.

City water has so much fluoride and other toxins in it. I guess it’s not good for your skin. We just got a new shower filter.

Oh great.

You moved from the traditional pharmaceutical way of creating things to creating very natural products. How did you start creating your products? What was the process there?

I don’t create any products. 

When you’re so passionate about what you’re doing, it doesn’t feel like work.

The products on your website are not yours? 

No, they’re just there. If you click on them, they’re all owned by different brands. They’re the ones that I recommend.

Oh cool. Now I know. I saw this Native deodorant and I was just like oh, she created this. How cool, we are going to interview her. On your website, there are a lot of things that you recommend, do research, and people can find?

Yes, they’re just brands that I recommend. 

How do you take care of your skin?

My skincare routine changes often. It just depends. It’s always rigorously removing makeup, cleanse, a toner, one to two serums, moisturizer, and eye cream. I’ll alternate based on how my skin is feeling.

Do you do any scrubs or anything like that?

Yes, I do.

Do you go even deeper on that? Do you do facials? What else do you do to enhance your skin?

I’m really big on skincare. Sunscreen is huge for me.

I do monthly facials. I’m really big on skincare. Sunscreen is huge for me; I wear a lot of sunscreen. I’m never outside in the sun. I actually try to avoid my face directly in the sun as much as possible. That’s about it. 

I moved to Florida and since I moved here, I noticed my sunspots are getting deeper because there is always sun everywhere regardless of sunscreen. What’s a way to get rid of those? Creams or technologies?

To get rid of sunspots?


There are different lasers and peels that you can do, but unfortunately, it’s a really hard thing to treat. Even mine has been really stubborn. You can use lightening creams. Hydroquinone is kind of the hero ingredient, but it’s really strong and you’re not supposed to use it when you’re pregnant. A lot of women don’t want to use it. It’s the strongest one to use.

Vitamin C is also the one that can help lightening dark spots, but I’ve found that it’s really not that effective when you actually have a melasma spot. It’s never really done for me. Ferulic acid is another ingredient. Again, you can do peels like glycolic acid and lactic acid. These are all things that can kind of help get rid of the top layer of skin and brighten it up, but it is a really hard thing. There’s really no proof this is going to work for everyone.

Is there any natural way to do that?

Vitamin C I would say is the most natural and sunscreen. If there was a natural way to do it, everyone would do it. I don’t think lasers are unnatural, it’s heat and light therapy. It’s not like an actual physical product on your skin. The problem is a lot of times it’ll help and then they’ll come back so it depends. 

Do you know of any new biohacks for skin care, or any technology that me and the listener should know about?

There’s one called Morpheus8 that a lot of people are really into, which is micro-needling with radiofrequency at the same time. They’ll microneedle your skin and then they do this radiofrequency machine that helps tighten. It’s supposed to help tighten your jawline. That one’s been really popular. I would say that and PRP facials probably are the best thing right now. Microcurrent is really good as well, but they’re not new because there have been people who have been doing these for years now.

Did you do any light therapy as well?

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I do sometimes, but I’m a little careful. I’ll do it sometimes so that when I go to the facial, they have a mask at home. If it gets too hot, sometimes that can worsen dark spots on your skin, so I’m a little careful with light therapy and my face. 

Really? That’s good to know. 

It depends because there are masks that go directly on your face. Sometimes they can get hot, so long as it’s not getting hot.

If a light therapy machine gets hot, it can create a darker skin spot. That’s interesting. 

One of my dermatologists told me once that heat can worsen melasma, so whether you’re in a sauna, whether you’re doing hot yoga, anything that’s really creating a lot of heat on your face can worsen it.

I just got this light therapy wand thing that I put on my face, but it does get hot. Okay, good to know. I want to go back to you, your brand, and how you created it. How do you organize your day? How did you manage to accomplish so much?

I think it’s just how bad you want it. Honestly, I had this vision and I really was always fighting for my happiness. I was so unhappy working as a pharmacist and I just knew that I wanted this thing. I wanted to like what I was doing for work. I was willing to work all the time, Friday nights, and Saturdays. I think when you’re so passionate about what you’re doing, it doesn’t really feel like work. It’s a hobby and it’s work. You just want to do it. It’s different when it’s your life’s work. There’s really not that much of a separation between work and life.

Did the pandemic affect your drive or your passion?

Not really. If anything, it kind of showed me that it was going in the wrong direction at the time because I felt like I was getting into a little bit of a rat race with it. I wasn’t feeling as motivated anymore. That’s why it took such a long time. I took a good break off social media and came back remotivated and refreshed. I don’t know if it was necessarily the pandemic. It almost just kind of gave me permission to take a break.

I know so many entrepreneurs that have been taking a break from their social life during the pandemic. It’s almost like a reset for your soul in a way. 


What do you put on your TikTok channel?

I put everything in. I’ve been doing more fashion, skincare, food, and just lifestyle. Just me talking to the camera riffing on things like random tips that I have. I think it’s such a great platform because it’s all video so there’s so much more connection. It’s so much more informative. It’s less forced, I guess. It’s my highest platform. I just reached a million there. It’s my favorite. I love TikTok.

That’s amazing and how do you prepare for a video, for example?

It depends. When I was doing YouTube videos, I would take a couple of days to prepare for three or four videos because what do I really want to research? What do people want to learn about? Then I basically write out in a Google Doc all my thoughts. I want to make sure I hit this point, this point, this point, and bullet notes. 

Then I’ll do the video without reading it, but I’ll just be like okay, did I get everything? I’ll go back and look because I like to just speak naturally and let it go. I would always make a lot of notes of things that I didn’t want to forget to say or points I did not want to forget to make. 

With TikTok, it’s a little different. I’ll think about what can benefit someone in 30 seconds? How can I give them a good tip or give them advice in a short form way, a fun way? Sometimes I’ll prepare things like that to film. Or other times, I’m just sitting here and I think of a thought, I just film it, and post it. That’s the beauty of TikTok, you’re not really worried about making it look perfect.

Have more confidence in loving yourself. Negative self-talk can affect you in many ways.

That’s cool. What are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

Prioritize happiness over everything, not be too hard on yourself. Be gentle with yourself, be patient, and not judge yourself. Don’t get mad when you mess up. Take everything, it’s just a learning experience. 

Another one is to just have more confidence in loving yourself. I think we assume that people are thinking the worst or thinking all the negative things we think about ourselves and negative self-talk can affect you in so many ways. When you realize that no one’s thinking these things except you when you change that, it just exudes through you. Confidence is just so attractive on every level, so really work on that.

Did you ever get trolls or people that were—

Oh, yeah. 

How did you handle that?

I still do. It depends. In the beginning, it would really hurt me and I take it so seriously. My heart would race every time I saw a mean comment or I’d delete it because I would get embarrassed or block the person. There are still moments where someone says something and it instantly gives you that reaction because you’re like this is so untrue. This person doesn’t even know me. 

When you’re happy, you’re not going to leave a negative comment or review on something.

Now I think meditation has helped me see it a little bit differently where I feel bad for the person. You know that whoever’s writing it is in a lot of pain because you don’t spew anger unless you’re upset or hurting. When you’re happy, you’re not going to leave a negative comment or negative review on something.

And there are a lot of people hurting that don’t meditate. It’s almost like they can’t even see that there’s another way you can do meditation and that there are people that can help you with that. You can go and watch a funny YouTube video and elevate your frequency. Even to the simplest things. 

They’re just stuck and I understand why you pity them because it’s sad. I’m glad that people are listening to this podcast because everybody listening to this type of information is somebody who is ready to elevate themselves and to find better ways to live their lives, but not everybody is aware of that. 


What do you want your legacy to be?

Pushing people to fight for their happiness and health would have an amazing impact on the world.

That I really made an impact on people to live a better life, a happier life, and a healthier life. One of my favorite things is when people really connect to oh you left pharmacy to do something to make that really made you happy? I think pushing people to fight for their happiness and their health, I would love that. That would have an amazing impact on the world.

Can you share with me a success story of somebody that you worked with that was impacted by your work?

It’s not like there’s one specific one that reaches that but people have been like because of you I got into health and wellness, changed, and turned my life around, or because of you I completely changed careers. I was so unhappy too and I’m so glad I found your page. Impacting even one person to make their life better is such a bigger deal than we think. We don’t need to have millions of people see our message. Just helping one person that’s just a butterfly effect.

And it’s nice to have millions of people too. 


We don’t need to have millions of people see our message. Just helping one person that’s just a butterfly effect.

I get what you’re saying because when you change one person, you do create a ripple effect. You affect everybody around them, in their circle, and sphere of influence. You never actually know when you help somebody. You don’t know how far this help can reach and how many lives it can change. 

Where can people find you? What are the names of your channels and websites for people who want to connect with you, follow you, and learn from you?

You can find me on Mona Vand on TikTok and Instagram. My YouTube is Dr. Mona Vand, but if you google Mona Vans, you’ll find it. Then my website is monavand.com, but you’ll find most of my stuff on TikTok. 

Perfect. Thank you so much, Mona. That was a delight. I appreciate you so much.

Thank you so much for having me. If you want to send me the recording or anything I can try to share it, too. The video, I mean. 

I will. And thank you, listeners. Remember to prioritize happiness, be gentle with yourself, love yourself, and be confident in loving yourself, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Be the best version of yourself – spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. You don’t need to be perfect; you just need your authentic self that is open to growing in every aspect of your life.

{✓} Follow and trust your intuition. Listening to your intuition helps you avoid unhealthy relationships and situations.

{✓} Be intentional about everything you do. Intentionality helps you understand the importance and purpose of your bigger vision and directs your mind and actions to help you achieve it.

{✓} Be gentle, be patient, and don’t judge yourself. Don’t get mad when you mess up. Instead, take everything as a learning experience. 

{✓} Practice clean eating. Avoid colorings, additives, and natural or artificial flavors in the food you buy and eat. Always read the ingredient list on the food that you purchase. 

{✓} Avoid grains and seed oils. Refined grain consumption can lead to obesity, blood sugar imbalances, mood changes, heart disease and inflammation. At the same time, all seed oils are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that can cause inflammation and toxin accumulation in the body.

{✓} Drink lots of water every day. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, a condition that can cause unclear thinking, result in mood change, cause your body to overheat, and lead to constipation and kidney stones.

{✓} Have a skincare routine. You’re shedding skin cells throughout the day, so keeping your skin glowing and in good condition is important. An effective routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking its best.

{✓} Always wear sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen is one of the best and easiest ways to protect your skin’s appearance and health at any age. Sunscreen helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging.

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