Episode 16 | June 7, 2016

Real Talk About Life Mastery: Loren Slocum Lahav

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Mission # 16

On board: Loren Slocum Lahav
Mission: Real Talk About Life Mastery

The Co-pilot

Loren Slocum Lahav is the CEO, founder, and president of LoBella International, an organization inspired to help women stay true to who they are. Loren is the author of Life Tuneups, voted by People Magazine as one of the top three books of 2010. She’s the author of The Greatest Love, a co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Time to Thrive, and her newest book is Courage to Raise a Gentleman.

Mission Log:

  • Seeing life as an adventure. Sometimes it’s fun, scary, or pure relaxation-but you have to enjoy it through the good, the bad, and the hard times to truly appreciate life.
  • Creating a community of like-minded people. When you’re surrounded by others who lift you up and help you reach your goals, you can achieve anything that you want in life.
  • How to unleash the magic within you and find your true gifts at any age.
  • Making others feel important using the five love languages-affirmation, deeds of service, physical touch, quality time, and gifts.
  • The importance of establishing a great work ethic and getting hungry-not just for material things, but to be in a position to give to others.
  • How to manage a go-getter personality while still being sweet, loving, and feminine.

Your Pre-flight Checklist:

  • When you doubt yourself, grab a pen in your dominate hand, and write STOP. This will remind you to stop the negative thoughts and allow you to unleash the superhero within you.
  • Be happy and grateful for what you have in your life.
  • Always stand up for yourself to find mutual respect. In business and in personal relationships, speak up if something is not okay or if someone is not treating you right.

Links and Resources Mentioned
LoBella International
Life Tuneups
The Greatest Love
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Time to Thrive
The Courage to Raise A Gentleman
Loren Slocum Lahav

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From all of us here at Stellar life; the Captain, Copilot and the entire crew, I’d like to Thank You for joining us on this trip! We are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a nice stay and thank you for choosing to live your life to the fullest!

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