Episode 329 | August 1, 2023

S.M.I.L.E. with Barry Shore

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to the Stellar Life Podcast! I am beyond excited to share this week’s episode with you. Our special guest is the incredible Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY. Together, we explore the profound wisdom he has to offer on mental wellness, resilience, the power of spreading happiness, and the pursuit of boundless joy.

Barry Shore’s journey is awe-inspiring. A Mental Wellness Activist, philanthropist, multi-patent-holding entrepreneur, speaker, author, and podcaster, Barry battled a rare disease that left him quadriplegic. However, his indomitable spirit and unyielding determination led him to create the “Keep Smiling” movement. Keep Smiling has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide, including numerous celebrities. Barry’s podcast, The JOY of LIVING, ranks in the Top 2% of all podcasts and resonates with audiences across the globe.

In this episode, Barry Shore shares his transformational journey and the immense challenges he’s had to overcome. His story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the infinite potential that resides within all of us.

Remember, the power to heal and transform lies within you. Embrace it fully and watch as your life unfolds in miraculous ways. Without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [02:56] – The Ambassador of Joy, Barry Shore, recalls his transformation journey.
  • [10:58] – Barry shares how he overcame his situation and achieved calmness.
  • [14:11] – Barry shares the definition of joy and the process of living positively and purposely.
  • [18:43] – What can you do to bring yourself back?
  • [21:06] – Barry emphasizes the importance of showing practical gratitude consciously and conscientiously./span>
  • [28:13] – Barry talks about his relationship with God.
  • [32:19] – Barry explains the importance of investing in your time and the most important skill you should possess.?
  • [41:11] – What goal should you achieve in this lifetime?
  • [44:12] – Barry Shore’s top three stellar life tips.

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About Today’s Show

Hi there, and welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here. 

Good day, beautiful balance of beloved immortal beings, good-looking people, and a wonderful Orion. How can I make the categorical statement that all the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people listening or watching this podcast, are all good-looking because they tune in to listen to you? It means they’re always looking for and finding the good in life. That’s a good-looking person looking for and finding the good in life. I am deeply humbled and honored to be here with you today and to share wondrous insights into living with joy daily.

Yes, that’s amazing. I would like to dive into your backstory on how you can be that person that promotes joy. You could share your origin story.

The Joy of Living by Barry Shore

I would like to do that because it helps people. I love it. Sometimes you don’t realize it when you’re in it, but people who hear it like it. I want to share two things before we begin this journey. People often listen to podcasts to seek information on how to get wealthier or happier. 

Often, people are looking for inspiration. But you know what happens the next morning or two days later? You just back down. Let’s talk about transformation because that’s what people want.

People want that ability to shift just that little bit in their perspective so they are transformed to become the best them possible. When I speak about the story of Barry Shore and what he’s been going through, I mention that we discussed the three fundamentals of life because they’re important as the basis.

The first fundamental is that life has a purpose when you live a purpose-driven life. Number two, you go MAD—Make A Difference. Lead a purpose-driven life and make a difference in the world. The third fundamental is to unlock everyday words’ power and sequence. 

For example, a smile is a word everybody knows and loves. When you hear the acronym for SMILE, you’ll smile even more because SMILE stands for Seeing Miracles In Life Everyday. Recently, I spoke to a nice group, with no masks or anything like that, with 11,076 people hugging and lots of energy, and I’m telling the story about Barry Shore’s SMILE. 

Imagine if you can, standing up in the morning, hale and hearty, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. That night I was in the hospital totally, completely paralyzed. It was not an automobile accident. It was not a spinal injury. It was a rare disease that took my body, which I had never heard of the day before, called quadriplegia

People who may know a quadriplegic means you’re paralyzed from the neck down. Nothing in the body moves. I can only communicate by blinking my eyes. I spent 144 days in the hospital. I was in a hospital bed in my own home for two years. I couldn’t turn by myself. I was in a wheelchair for four years. I had braces on my legs and my hips to my ankles, which was progress. Thank God today I can be vertical ambulatory with the help of a seven-foot walking wand. 

I’m a tripod, not a biped. I can’t walk up the stairs or a curb by myself. But you hear my voice positively, also powerful and pleasant. It’s all because of this one word. The ability to see miracles in life every day makes all the difference. 

When I speak to groups of people virtually or in person, people raise their hands. I asked them, “Are you here? Can you hear? Can you stand still? I can’t do that. Can you walk? I can barely do that. Do you have water, food, a place to sleep, your family and friends?” Every single one of those, Orion, is a miracle. 

The ability to see daily miracles in life makes all the difference.

A million people didn’t get out of bed this morning. Do you know why? They die. Therefore we have an obligation to live life to the fullest when we can. That’s the backstory, standing up in the morning, completely paralyzed, not from an automobile accident, not a spinal injury, and now sharing with you that everything is possible.

Amazing. When you lay in bed, unable to move your limbs, how did you find the strength to overcome that situation? 

Here is a quick story in the hospital that might illustrate what you just asked because it’s the obvious question. What do you do in a situation like that? When I was in the hospital, they would always move me about to do tests until they found out exactly what was needed to help stabilize and maybe get me better.

I had a male nurse. When we were doing tests, he stopped the gurney in the hallway and said, “Mr. Shore, can I ask you a personal question?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “How come you’re not bitter and angry? I’ve never met anybody in your situation who is not bitter and angry.” I realized, Orion, that he was asking me the great existential question, “Why me, God? Why did you do this to me?” That’s not what I was asking myself. That’s what he was asking. I asked, “Okay, dear God, I’m just a regular guy. What am I supposed to do? What was I supposed to learn from it? What do you want?” 

I had a calmness that came over me. It had never been known in 55 years. I have no idea what is going to happen. I didn’t know if I could move again or walk again. But at that moment, I was completely calm, knowing that I was completely in the hands of the good Lord. 

Oh Shift! by Barry Shore

Bedsores are one of the biggest difficulties of being in the hospital for a long period. It’s a major issue. Most people never stay in a hospital more than three to five days a week. 

They had to bring me a special hospital bed, an air mattress that goes up and down. Otherwise, you get problems. When we were discharged, they gave us the hospital bed, this time about a $50,000 hospital bed. We had it in my home. 

My visualization was to be able to sit up and put my feet over the side of the bed. I wasn’t visualizing, “Okay, I’m going to walk. I’m going to run a marathon.” But I was working with me, and my visualization is to sit up on my feet over the bed. 

It took me two years, but I did it. Now I realize, “If I could do that, what more could I do?” I focused on the ability to move my body. 

I lived on this beautiful tree-lined street in Venice Beach, California. It’s a lovely place. We moved recently. The tree-lined street is a cul-de-sac. My attendant is bringing me out of the wheelchair to get fresh air. One of my neighbors runs over to me and says, “I know what happened. I’ll have you up and out of that chair walking within a year.”

He says, “I am the greatest Aquatic Therapist in all of America.” He would get in the water, do things, and regain some of my movements. “Oh, hey, Vince, I’m open to anything. Let’s do it.” 

He got me in the water. He uses people to move me and do things called flotation devices, my arms, my body, and all of that—another year of these movements. Then one day, Orion, I could put my arms over my head by myself. I did one on the other. I did a backstroke and moved to three movements in the pool. I hit my head against the edge of the pool.

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I was able to turn myself around and move the other way. I didn’t stop moving for 98 minutes. I didn’t want to stop. Because it was outside in Santa Monica, the sunshine was beautiful. I swim a mile in 98 minutes on my back, just like that. 

I’m persevering, I am focused, and I love life. I said we could do it once I do it again. I did it twice a week, then three times. We put things right. I’ll make the story shorter now. I now swim six days a week, two miles at a time. After a few years, I could turn on my tummy and swim the regular crawl. 

I wear paddles on my hand because my fingers don’t close. I have flotation devices on my legs so they won’t sink, or otherwise, I can’t swim. I use a snorkel, but it’s two miles at a time. Now it takes me 100 minutes to two miles. 

Humans are channels of goodness.

That’s incredible. Wow, so beautiful.

Isn’t that wonderful? That’s called life. It is never giving up, always moving forward.

This is rare. How did you get that passion? What was it in you that made you switch? Were you always like this? 

The simple answer is yes. The complex answer is no. I’m a human being, and I’m blessed with what we call a regular family. I have a mother and a father. They’re both departed. I have two younger sisters. I’m the firstborn boy of a Jewish family. 

My mother was born with a red wine stain over three-quarters of her face. It was pockmarked. You’re a beautiful woman, Orion. Imagine being covered with a red wine stain and pockmark around your face. She was born 100 years ago. Talk about bullying in school. 

Pocketful of Acronyms Boo by Barry Shore

We learned this from some of her friends that we met later who went to high school with her. My mother was the most outgoing, upbeat, positive, loving being you’d ever meet. She didn’t just get through it. Instead, “Okay, well, this is who I am. I’ll get through it.”

She lived with it. She married a handsome man, my father. I mean, he saw her beyond her. She was the essence of joy. Let me tell everybody what the word JOY stands for ‘Journey of You.’ 

I was blessed with a model of people who can live positively, purposely, and pleasantly. It had nothing to do with how much or little we had. It was beside the point. It was an affirmation of life. It’s not simple. You still got to have something. You still have to be aware. I’ve often had this question, “Barry Shore, have you ever had a bad day?”

“No.” “How’s that possible?” “Have I had difficult hours in my day? Yeah, everybody does.” But here’s the secret of life, Orion. Something can happen. You get up in the morning, you’re supposed to get to a place, and the car doesn’t start. Stuff happens. 

You can’t let that ruin your whole day. This is the idea of understanding your life, time, and being that you’re not going to have an entire day ruined because this thing happened. 

People always talk about mood. If you spell mood backwards, what does it say? 


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That’s right, that’s what a mood is. You’re doomed. “I’ve got a mood. Don’t bother me.”

Okay, so for you, and what you were modeling at home, you’re an extraordinary mom, and also probably in your epigenetics, in your DNA, you still have that joyful gene. Yet, when you are going throughout the day, maybe it’s a difficult hour. What do you do to bring yourself back? Is there a certain process that you do to get yourself out of that funk?

LOVE stands for Living On Vibrant Energy. SHARE stands for Spreading Happiness And Rejuvenating Energy. That’s what a human being is. We are channels of goodness. You’re a COG, Orion—a Channel of Goodness and a Child of God. 

L-O-V-E stands for Living on Vibrant Energy.

I will share with you three things that people can do right now. You don’t need special equipment. You don’t even need Barry Shore hanging around your earlobe. The first one is to learn how to BLAB. In English, blab stands for speaking.

The acronym means Breathe Like a Baby. Intellectually, when you get past a certain age, people recognize breathing is an important aspect of life. We don’t talk about shallow breathing into the lung. We’re talking about deep internal breathing. We call it diaphragmatic breathing. 

97.8% of people can’t spell diaphragm, and 98% have no idea where it is on their body. Even though we all have one, they don’t know where it is. The important thing about breathing is not to breathe into your lungs but to breathe deep into what I call the tummy.

We call breathing into your tummy, which you want to breathe in through your nose, deep into your tummy. Then let it out slowly through your lips, pursed lips, and let that happen four times, and you do it slowly and consciously. It will take around two minutes. In those two minutes, you will have acquired a calm, clear, loving dimension. Naturally, babies breathe deep into the tummy or the diaphragm. 

What you want to do is to either stand or sit whenever you need to do just for a moment, and we’re going to bring you into calmness. Calm is a wonderful thing. The result is that you’ll be calm, quiet, and aware. When that happens, you now have the ability to choose how you want to respond in any given situation. I will share the six most important words you could ever internalize, utilize, and leverage. 

When calm, you can choose how you want to respond in any situation.

They are “Choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” How you choose to respond in any given situation will show you the trajectory of where you’re going. 

The second one is what we call practical gratitude. Practical gratitude is the ability to use the two most powerful words in the English language three times a day consciously and conscientiously—thank you. THANK stands for To Harmonize And Nurture Kindness. 

The Dalai Lama said, “Be kind whenever possible.” He says it’s always possible. The ability to say to another being, “Thank you,” and to do it consciously and conscientiously three times a day from now and the rest of your life will enable you, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and all living beings to be happier, healthier, and wealthier. That’s what’s going to happen when you practice gratitude. Practical gratitude is saying thank you consciously and conscientiously.

There is also the concept of saying thank you for the good thing and for what’s not working for you. Because we never know the bigger picture, we don’t know why things are happening to us or how it will affect our destiny. What we see here is less than 1%. We don’t see beyond the 1% into the 99% of reality. Now it creates miracles in people’s lives.

You’re touching upon something so vital. It’s that ability, let’s call it the iceberg syndrome that we all know, that is 5% or 10% of consciousness that we live in. The great unconscious or subconscious is where everything happens. The ability for us to touch the subconscious and direct it to everything good, positive, purposeful, powerful, and pleasant is what we’re talking about here. 

Laughter is vital for a positive life.

I thank you for that insight. That’s what breathing like a baby is about. It’s the ability to get yourself centered. What I share with people when we do our workshop is to learn to do that twice a day, to do the breathing technique, whether you need it or not. Twice a day, once before noon and once in the afternoon.

Yes, then you can stack them together when you breathe. Just say thank you while you’re breathing.

Absolutely. There are a few things on this planet that one can do. It doesn’t matter if you have the wealth of Elon Musk, the drive of Nelson Mandela, or Mother Teresa. It doesn’t matter what you have. It’s what you’re doing. It’s where you’re directing your being because you are that unique being created to do one thing: a channel of goodness into the world. 

I want that.

Practical gratitude is saying thank you consciously and conscientiously.

Everybody tuning in wants that. You achieve it by breathing, saying thank you, and being your best. When you smile, you start creating a tsunami of goodness in the world.

My eight-year-old niece came over to me a few weeks ago. She said, “Uncle Barry, can we spell smile, S-M-I-E-L?” I thought about it, and it sounds the same. She says, “Because it would stand for Seeing Miracles In Everyday Life.” An eight-year-old knows what she is doing. She was creating the kind of world she wanted to live in. 

Now C-R-E-A-T-E stands for Causing Rethinking Enabling All To Excel. It’s rethinking life like how I’ve found my mother rethink life. “Okay, you’re paralyzed. What do you do now?” “Well, just be calm.” The rethinking of life enables you to recognize that you are causing a tsunami of goodness by breathing, thanking, and thinking.

Do you feel that your connection with God has improved since the accident? Do you see God as your friend or your business partner?

First of all, the best news is that the good Lord and I have a deep relationship. The reality of life is that I recognize that everything that happens in my life is God-centered and God-given. Because of that, I am sometimes overwhelmed with joy, happiness, peace, and especially love.

When I do my webinars and seminars, I’ve mentioned that the good Lord needs my attention. That’s why he said, “Barry Shore, I’m going to lay you down for a bit right now.” That’s why he had me become a quadriplegic. That was the best way to get my attention.

We can get ourselves centered when we learn to breathe like a baby.

Amazing. Do you have conversations with God every day? How do you do that?

Yes. For me, it’s called singing and dancing. For other people, they call it prayer. I love singing and dancing with the Lord and with fellow co-religionists. I enjoy singing what other people call Psalms. In the original Hebrew, it was called Tehillim. It’s all about singing from the soul. In other words, recognizing that we are soul-based beings and our physical structure is wondrous, fabulous, and animated by something called the soul. 

Your name has something to do with a constellation of stars, Orion. Recently, I was asked to do something before speaking to a group. I want to look it up for myself. I searched, “How many cells are in the human body?” Then there were different numbers. Who counts these things? But suffice it to say that one of them in an authoritative piece returned from the University of Florida. The number came back at 100 trillion cells in the human body. That’s a big number. 

We sent out these probes into outer space over the past few years, and we’ve been able to see farther than ever before in history. I put it there and said, “How many stars are now visible to us with all this magnificent space exploration we have?” 100 trillion stars.

Oh, wow. That’s beautiful.

A star that is at least the size of the Earth, most of them. To put things in perspective, 1.3 million Earths fit into a star called the sun, and the sun is considered a medium star. Why am I telling you all these things? Because we’re talking about expanding the mind, the heart, the openness and saying, “I’m a creative human being that the good Lord decided he needs me here and wants me here.” We have a mission. We have a purpose on earth. Everything we do, when we eat, we sing to the Lord. 

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I love that. And when things get rough, everything we’ve been through in the last few years, many changes in governments and policies and now the extreme acceleration of AI, life is changing fast. I feel like people that are not anchored within themselves or don’t have the tools to come back to themselves, to the God within, to their connection with their source, it can get lost. When I say them, I also say me because I get lost every once in a while. How do we deal with all this to still keep a higher vibration?

Well, it’s wonderful. I was asked recently, “Barry Shore, what’s your take on ChatGPT and AI?” On several levels, ChatGPT and AI will change everything in the next 10-25 years. The world will be so different than you see it today. 

Much like trying to imagine the world before Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Uber, all these things 25 years ago. It’s a different world. The people who are now the ages of one to six will be native to ChatGPT and AI, so everything from the perspective of how people may interact with each other and do things will all be shifted.

By the same token, like you just said so brilliantly. Human nature doesn’t change. People are still striving for love, validation, community, caring, and the ability to nurture. These fundamental aspects of human nature are what we need to be about. For me, it’s where I invest my time. Because let’s be blunt, is it great to have the wealth of Elon Musk and be unhappy and unable to relate to people? No.

Human nature doesn’t change. People are still striving for love, validation, community, caring, and the ability to nurture.

Wouldn’t you rather have what you need and want regarding life’s comforts and have family, friends, and people you relate with that you can laugh, share, and cry? Those are wonderful things. What happens is when I do a session, specifically on time management, I happen to be a lover of time. T-I-M-E stands for Thinking It’s Miraculous Everyday. That’s what the time is. It’s miraculous. 

When you do time management, often, people have these sheets, you have a to-do list, and you block out this hour and that hour. I’ve met with some of the most well-known people in time management that exist on the planet. I tried them sometimes and said, “Excuse me, where do you have time for character development here?”

I try to look at the three or four areas that I want to focus on becoming more capable of sharing, listening, comforting, etc., whatever the particular items are. How much time is dedicated to those? If the answer is, “I will do that on the weekend,” you don’t do it. If the answer is that it’s part of what you do during your day, as much as it is making phone calls, making more business, whatever the process is, it’s character development. That is going to make the difference. 

When you’re anchored in your being, and you know that because of your relationship with those you love, you can be vulnerable and open up and appreciate what other people call criticism. But you know, it’s something that’s coming to your benefit no matter what happens in ChatGPT or AI; those are tools. That’s like saying, “Well, I have something called an automobile. That’s a lot better than walking 30 miles.”

We need to work on ourselves. Recognize that as things change, they change with great velocity.

We need to work on ourselves. Again, this is all about you. Recognizing that as things change, they change with great velocity. Keeping you sane will be the best use of your time, energy, money, and everything about you. 

That is so deep. I agree 100%. It’s not what’s happening around you; it’s what’s happening inside you. It’s about that journey and investing in that journey. Because, as you said, when you are anchored within, you won’t be moved by every little wind. When you are in a place of joy, abundance and connection, and you make God your business partner, you are invincible, and nothing can harm you. 

You will learn ways to leverage those changes. The only thing that will happen for sure is that we will experience a lot of change. We are changing every day. It’s about riding the waves rather than trying to run somewhere because there is nowhere to run. You are here right now, and what’s happening is happening right away.

Absolutely. Become a surfing champion. By the way, that is a wonderful skill. I work with a very wonderful friend of mine known as the chief happiness officer. We say that the two edges are two sides of the same coin, and that is the ability to learn to be happy and the ability to learn to live in joy daily. These are skills like any other. 

Your material possessions don’t define you. Your impact on the world comes from how you approach life and how you treat others.

If you want to learn how to drive a car, surf, type, or text, it’s a skill. The more skill you become in it, the better it is because you can share with others. The genius of a skill is to be able to share. S-H-A-R-E stands for Spreading Happiness And Rejuvenating Energy. We are energy. 

That’s what you are, Orion. Your name says it all. You are a starburst. When that energy is manifested and shared, it becomes the best possible. That’s the genius of life. L-I-F-E stands for Living Inspirationally For Eternity. We are eternal beings.

The ability to learn to be happy and the ability to learn to live in joy daily are skills we must possess.

I love that you said that happiness is a practice. People think that if they listen to something, go on YouTube, get their little dopamine hit, or eat something good, they will be happy and reach a destination. But happiness is an everyday practice. It’s about rewiring your neurology for happiness. 

If your mind is like a jungle, and you pave the path of sadness every day, then that path is going to be so wide that every time you will go into happiness, your brain will be like, “Actually, let’s take the easier route,” which is sadness, which is what we’re used to because we’re comfortable there. But if every day you will pave the path of happiness more, then this will be your default, and then you’ll become very sure. That default was built over the years. It’s nature and nurture.

Absolutely. I could have the model of my mother. But if I chose to be cranky or upset or see what happened to me, you’re right. You’ll be fostering that. That’s not what you want to do. Choice, not chance, determines your destiny and how you respond. That’s consciousness. That’s why we’re human beings, to get to choose.

We are wondrous. There’s nothing more delightful and delicious than being on the planet and sharing with Orion at this very moment, and this smiling beam and how this will touch thousands and thousands of people, and all we’re asking you is to share this with five people. Touch five people, and we’ll create a tsunami of goodness in the world. 

L-I-F-E stands for Living Inspirationally for Eternity because we are eternal beings.

Transformation happens, called just a gentle shift in perspective. I got to tell you something funny, wonderful Orion. It’s the title of my latest book called Oh Shift! It’s been three years that I’ve been working with people. 97.2% of all people drop the F in shifts, and the other stuff happens. 

That’s all it is. But a gentle, slight shift creates the path of happiness. Keep trotting that path and build it before you know it. Laughter is one of the most important things that you can do in your life. Every day, I laugh. If I have to tickle myself, I’ll do it. 

You’re talking about the essence of humans coming through in laughter. You see it, especially in kids. But when you’re at a certain age, people get ossified. 

That’s what’s called LSD—laughter, singing, and dancing. The drug.

Very nice, amazing. I appreciate you, and because I want to respect your time, before we say goodbye for now, what are your three top tips for living a stellar life before we say goodbye for now? Where can people find you?

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People can find me at www.barryshore.com. I would like to suggest that you get a copy of one of my three best-selling books, absolutely free as an ebook. I urge you to do this. It’s a $14.95 value. That’s how much we sell it for. But it’s been interesting enough, Orion. It’s being underwritten by a wonderful couple who have put up the money to distribute 100,000 copies. They’re paying for it. 

You go to www.barryshore.com/ebook and choose one of the books. You have The Joy of Living, Pocketful of Acronyms, or Oh Shift! At no cost.

A gentle, slight shift in our perspective creates the path of happiness.

Remember, three fundamentals of life. Life has purpose. When you lead a purpose-driven life, you will go mad and make a difference in life. Open up and touch the positive purpose of powerful, pleasant aspects of everyday words and terms like SMILE (Seeing Miracles in Life Everyday or Seeing Miracles in Everyday Life), WWW (What a Wonderful World), LOVE (Living on Vibrant Energy), and SHARE (Spreading Happiness and Rejuvenating Energy). 

What I’d like to do now is to give you a hug, Orion and embrace the tens of thousands of people that are watching. I want to share with everybody what hug stands for. HUG stands for Heartfelt, Unlimited Giving. 

Go forth, and live exuberantly. Spread the seeds of joy, happiness, and peace, and make a difference.

Beautiful. Thank you so much. I appreciate you. I enjoyed our time together. Thank you for spreading so much joy and love in the world. Thank you for the big hug. 

You’re welcome.

Thank you, and thank you, listeners. Remember to live purposefully, in love, spread happiness, and have a stellar life. This is Orion. Till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Calm yourself and find clarity by breathing through your diaphragm. This creates awareness and helps you to respond to life’s challenges.

{✓}Seek transformation and embrace a purpose-driven life so you can make a positive difference in the world.

{✓}Embrace your journey. Remember, you are the star of your journey. A world of possibilities opens when you believe in yourself.

{✓}Recognize the power of choice in your life. Each moment presents you with choices, and these choices shape your path.

{✓}Practice perseverance. No matter how tough life gets, keep moving forward with a positive mindset. 

{✓}Intentionally say “thank you” to embrace practical gratitude. This helps to harmonize and nurture kindness, and can bring happiness, health, and wealth.

{✓}Witness daily miracles in your life. Every day, reflect the small miracles that unfold before you. Embracing life’s simple pleasures reveals the magic in the ordinary.

{✓}Harness life’s vibrant energy. Spread positive energy through acts of kindness and compassion. Small gestures can brighten someone’s day and create a ripple effect of positivity.

{✓}Laugh daily and experience the profound benefits of laughter. Laughter is a powerful tool to enhance your well-being and spread positivity.

{✓}Visit Barry Shore’s website to access his podcasts, free e-books, and resources to lift your spirit and transform your perspective. Learn from his experiences and teachings to cultivate a life filled with boundless joy. 

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After a rare disease paralyzed Barry from the neck down, he created The Keep Smiling movement that has reached multiple celebrities and distributed millions of Keep Smiling cards worldwide,

Barry’s podcast, The JOY of LIVING, is in the Top 2% of all podcasts and is heard globally by hundreds of thousands.

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