Episode 17 | April 12, 2022

Stellar Experiences: Healing Love Meditation with Dr. Diana Kirschner

A Personal Note from Orion

In this fast-pacing world, we are so focused on success, money, work, and family we can forget to set aside time for self-love. We’ve learned to put others first and the importance of success. We learned to work hard and make money. But we don’t know how to best keep ourselves fueled for that journey.

In this Stellar Experience episode, Dr. Diana Kirschner guides you through a loving meditation that will help you trust and empower yourself and your intuition to speak the truth. This meditation will also help you center yourself before you have a tense conversation, calm yourself down after a fight, or stop you from binge eating or drinking. 

PBS Love expert, psychologist, and bestselling author, Diana Kirschner Ph.D., has helped 10s of 1000s of singles and couples find the relationships of their dreams. Along with her team of experts, love mentors, and dating coaches, she uses a unique approach to help women and men heal from heartbreak, create high-value self-confidence, and find lasting, passionate love. Dr. Diana is the author of the bestsellers Loving 90 Days, Sealing the Deal, The Diamond Self Secret, and 30 Days to Love. 

Look for a comfortable, private place for this guided meditation that will restore you to sanity and bring out your diamond self!



About Today’s Show

Start by sitting in a comfortable, private place. Put on uplifting or inspirational music, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths to relax. Listen for about five minutes. 

After the music ends, come back to this audio, close your eyes, and listen to each part of the guided meditation. Imagine it happening. 

This is like feeding yourself extremely nutritious food but food you can use to build your mind instead of your body. It can help you develop positive associations about yourself and your relationship. Feel free to go with any other loving images that might come to mind as you do the meditation. This exercise only takes about 15 minutes, but it is truly powerful.

The Loving Mother, Angel, or Goddess Meditation. Imagine a special place that is just right for you, your own special place. It may be on a beach, in a meadow, or on a mountaintop. It’s a place where you feel safe. You can feel the ground underneath you and see the sky above. 

Feel the air brush against your cheek. Hear the wonderful sounds. You know that you’re in a place that is just right for you—all the right feelings, all the right sights, all the right sounds, and feeling safe, secure, content, happy. Go there now.

Imagine a loving maternal presence—the great earth mother, angel, or goddess—holding you in the tenderest way, a comfortable way that is just right for you. She may remind you of a very loving person you once saw or of a saint or goddess figure. As you feel her tender touch, see her beaming, open smile, feel her eyes looking deeply into yours, catch her lightly perfume scent, it is remarkably easy and effortless to take in her great appreciation and delight in you.

She knows your perfection, the perfection of the Divine. As she looks deep into you, her gaze melts away your fears, your walls, your need to protect. You feel so good and know that all is right.

Imagine gently floating out of your body and into hers so that you can see what she sees and feel what she feels. Hear your voice the way she hears it. Looking through her eyes, you can’t help but be struck by the fact of your real innocence, your special beauty, and radiance.

Now, imagine floating back into your body and feel her love coming to you. You know that it is the love that is meant just for you. It may be like a flowing light that changes colors—now purple, now blue, now golden. That love is filling you with warmth and such a good feeling. The love may come as a melody, a love song that you hear coming from her heart to yours.

Become one with the Great Mother. Now, you have absolute trust in yourself, in your own intuition, your own strength, and your ability to speak truth. Fully empowered and loving, you feel so good about yourself, better than you’ve ever felt before.

Park the feeling of being loved permanently in the deepest part of your heart so that it can be with you 24/7. Take love’s feeling, love’s light, and love’s melody with you, wherever and whenever—while you’re sleeping, while you’re walking down the street, while you work.

Now focus that love into a golden beam of light coming forth from your heart and flowing into your beloved’s heart so that any pains or heartbreak in his heart fall away like dark chips. Send him the healing light.

Imagine purifying, golden beams of light pouring forth from his heart to yours, cleaning out your pain and heartbreak, which fall away like dark chips. Expand the light of love so that it surrounds both of you. Face each other, feel the oneness of your being, and know that your joy is his joy and his joy is yours.

Use this meditation to center yourself before you have a talk, to calm yourself down after a fight, or to stop from binge eating or drinking. Use it to prevent yourself from making a phone call or sending an email or text that you’ll regret later. Nourishing yourself with The Loving Meditation will restore you to sanity and bring out your diamond self. Believe me, all will be brighter.

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