Episode 1 | January 13, 2021

Stellar Experiences: Meditation for Releasing Your Triggers by Lucia Giovannini

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to the first Stellar Experience! This episode is going to be a little different from the usual concept. It’s shorter than our regular one-hour sessions, but it’s still packed with great pieces of advice for a better, brighter version of yourself. 

In this episode, Lucia Giovannini joins me once again to share her gift.

Lucia is considered the Italian Louise Hay. She and I had a great conversation together. It was very genuine. It was lovely. If you missed it, please go back and listen. It’s episode number 231, and the title is How to Stay Centered Even When Triggered. 

This Experience is a tool that will help you clear your triggers. So if you experienced something terrible or heavy in your life, this is a way to go back and change things. 

We say stuff, and we do things we regret, and that is okay as long as we are aware of our wrongdoings and do our best to make things right again. It’s essential to accept yourself. It’s important to feel your feelings and be compassionate toward yourself, and it’s okay to make mistakes. This work is never-ending, and we learn every day. 

Lucia’s Stellar Experience session will also give you insights into the next time you feel provoked or uneasy. At the end of this episode, you’ll know how to handle yourself better.

About Today’s Show

Awesome. Now we can do the process?

Hi, I’m Lucia Giovannini. And I’m going to guide you into a very beautiful meditation that is called contacting your inner wisdom. This meditation is originally from the Buddhist meditations and was brought to the mainstream by Tara Brach. And I revisited and used it in some of my retreats. It’s a powerful guided meditation that gives you a visual experience to help you unlock the wisdom of your heart. So all you need to do is just sit comfortably and just follow my advice. 

So take a deep breath. And allow your attention to rest in the breath. Relax with the inhale and relax with the exhale. Inhale and exhale. Inhale fully and exhale completely. From the state of relaxation, begin to scan your life and see if there is some recurrent situation that leads you to react in a way that you regret. It can be a situation most likely with other people. What is some way you tend to get aggressive or withdrawn or get judgmental or careless? You might behave in a way that causes harm to yourself. And watch the situation as if you’re watching a movie. Just see the situation unfolding and notice what is going on. 

Notice what you’re feeling and what you’re inclined to say or do. And now freeze the image. Take a deep breath. And imagine being instantly transported to a much more peaceful and safe space. It might be a space in nature, some sort of sanctuary. Like a beach or a mountaintop or a room where you’re comfortable. Take a few breaths and look around safe space. And know that you’re about to meet a being who is very wise and filled with compassion. Who is that being? It can be Gandhi or Mother Mary or one being filled with compassion. Or Jesus or someone you know personally. Maybe a grandmother or a wise friend. Perhaps it’s the divine version of you or your guardian angel. Just see who is there. This being wants to help you and it will do so by taking over for a while by inhabiting your body and bringing his or her energy to you. From the inside out and take a deep breath and feel the clarity, the calmness. You’re going to become an invisible witness for a while. 

And now you’re going to be transported back into the situation. The situation that you thought about in the beginning, but now this being is going to be navigating the situation, this being is going to respond to the situation. So take a deep breath, when you’re transported back into the situation. And just notice as a witness, how this being responds to the circumstances. And just watch, while this being of wisdom and compassion takes over. What are the changes? You might notice looking through the eyes of compassion. You might notice what this being is perceiving about the other people involved. You might notice, what does he or she say, do, see, or feel. What is the outcome of the situation when this being of wisdom and kindness is navigating through it? How do things change, when this being of wisdom and kindness is navigating through the situation? Just notice while you keep on inhaling and exhaling. Notice how things change. One does a sense of completion in that situation. Go back to where you first encountered that being in that place of safety and peace.

Now go back inside your body, breathing in and out as you feel your senses. While this being is going to whisper in your ears, some words of advice, a message, something valuable for you to remember. And just patiently listen to what this being has to say to you. What is his message or her message for you? Just imagine how in the days and months to come, when a similar situation arises, you know you can pose and have access to your wisdom, you’re awakened at heart. And take a deep breath and exhale completely. And another deep breath and exhale completely. Another deep breath completely. And when you feel ready, you can open your eyes. If you wish you can take some time and just use your journal to write down your experience and to meditate on your experience.

That was beautiful. Thank you so much.

Okay, fantastic.

That was beautiful. Wow, amazing.

You haven’t guided it in a while but it came to mind when you said they should want to guide a small process then this came to mind.

It was beautiful. Lovely.

Yeah, I think that at this moment where there are so many forces, like people living together and like so many hours together. Normally, even in couples or families, people have their own space and their alone time. So there are moments where they go out, they go to work, or they just see other friends. Now it’s not possible. So there is this compression in a way that I think this kind of meditation is particularly needed.

Wow, thank you so much. You’re very special. And I enjoyed it. Thank you. And if you ever want to come and be on the show again, you’re so welcome. I feel like I can talk to you forever.

Same for me. I’m super happy to be on the show. I’m super happy. Thank you.

Check out Lucia Giovannini’s interview with Orion.

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About Lucia Giovannini

Lucia Giovannini is a transformational speaker and author of 13 books. She has been defined as the Italian Louise Hay by prestigious media. She crafts a synergy between psychological techniques and ancient rituals that turn her seminars into profound experiences.

Lucia is an advocate for animal rights. She lives between Bali, Thailand, and Italy.

Lucia is a Doctor in Psychology and Counselling, a Bachelor in Psycho-Anthropology, and an international affiliate of the American Psychology Association.

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