Episode 243 | April 13, 2021

Symbolisms and Your Subconscious Mind with Dr. Frances Yahia

A Personal Note From Orion

To pave your future sometimes, you need to look way back into the past and discover who you were and how it’s connected to who you are today. More and more people are starting to believe that the subconscious contains many answers to life’s most profound questions. We’re going to deep dive more into this on today’s Stellar Life podcast with guest Dr. Frances Yahia.

Dr. Frances Yahia is an archetypal astrologer, Akashic records reader, and counselor based in Weston, Fl. She earned her Ph.D. in Mental Health Counseling and Educational Leadership from Barry University and has studied metaphysics for more than three decades. Her mental health counseling and metaphysics background helped her create a therapeutic model that helps her clients gain personal insights and unlock the power of their intuition by removing destructive subconscious programming.

In this episode, we talked about spirituality and astrology and how your subconscious mind works with symbols. We also got into balancing our male and female energies and what it does to your relationships. Without further ado, on to the show.


In this Episode

  • [00:46] – Orion introduces Dr. Frances Yahia, a Mental health Counselor, Akashic Records Reader, and an Archetypal Astrologer.
  • [06:38] – Dr. Frances explains what symbols do to our subconscious mind.
  • [11:00] – What does living a symbolic life mean for Dr. Frances?
  • [18:12] – Dr. Frances shares her experience on how she shifted her consciousness to change her life story.
  • [23:38] – Dr. Frances talks about her book, Witch Bitch: Ceremonies, Rituals, and Magic for Gods and Goddesses, where she wrote a ritual about the birth of Venus party.
  • [30:46] – Dr. Frances shares a Greek mythology about masculine and feminine energies.
  • [35:02] – Dr. Frances speaks about the origin story that she wrote about in her book, The Seven Gates: Seven Steps Beyond Self-Awareness.
  • [43:17] – Dr. Frances explains why she describes relationships to her clients like a snow globe.
  • [48:01] – How to tap into your own psychic abilities?
  • [52:34] – Follow Dr. Frances Yahia on her social media accounts, and visit her website at dryahia.com to check out her books, courses, podcast, and learn more about her.

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About Today’s Show

Hey, Frances. Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. It’s wonderful having you here.

Hi, Orion. Thank you for having me.

Thank you. Before we begin, can you share a little bit about your life story and how you discovered your passions? It looks like you have multiple ones.

Sure. Well, they all kind of meet together, but I was actually born into a cult. Spirituality and spirit were a big focal point for the first 30+ years of my life. I was actually forced into an arranged marriage. Upon leaving the cult and that marriage is when I really discovered spirituality.

I found a quote that changed my life, which is in the Kabbalah that says, “There’s no coercion in spirituality.” I realized at that moment that all I had known was coercion and not spirituality, thus began my quest. Astrology found me shortly after. That was the first tool of personal development that really allowed me to understand myself and one of my big passions. I, later on, found the Akashic records and that changed my life.

Through those two tools, I was led to Shamanism, Egyptian tarot, mythology, symbology, and that’s kind of what I do now. I work a lot with myths and symbols. I work in the Akashic records, primarily. I do have a Ph.D. in mental health counseling, so I am a licensed counselor. But it’s the use of these tools that really allow me in an hour, two-hour session with a client to make huge advancements that they would normally do in traditional counseling in just a few weeks. We really get ahead of the game with all of these tools.

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Wow, that’s amazing. I’ve taken Akashic record readings more than a few times. It was mostly spot-on and sometimes not exactly spot on. Do you know why?

Well, different readers have different styles. I think sometimes people come to spirituality not really sure what they’re looking for. For instance, my client this morning had a very strong focal point of what she wanted the session to be about. We were able to focus. Whereas other times, I have clients that aren’t really sure what they’re looking for. 

When I read the records, I always start off with a symbol. From that symbol, we have a conversation. From there, I ask the client questions. I think it has a lot to do with the state of mind when the person approaches the Akashic records exactly what’s going to come through. 

I have learned in my readings that the spirit guides want to kind of tell you what’s going on, and important for you to know, even though that may not be the focal point of what you came for. I do spend a few minutes talking about what shows up initially in that image. Then, I get into the client’s questions. 

I think it really has to do with the state of mind of the client. You see this oftentimes in tarot as well. I do Egyptian tarot, and you’ll see the state of mind that the person comes with. That needs to be sort of addressed, sort of like energy clearing or addressing issues that are subconscious, that is coming up to be healed before we can go into the direct focus of what the client wants. Does that make sense?

Yeah, it does make sense. When two people are coming together to receive these types of messages, they need to be aligned and in tune. It really helps when both people are at the right frequency to receive clear messages.

Absolutely. I work a lot with the subconscious. My first book is all about working with the subconscious and healing subconscious trauma. One of the things I’m specialized in is working with the subconscious, and that is what I see come up in client sessions initially. 

Even if the person isn’t expecting to discuss that, that tends to come up in that initial symbol so that it’s addressed. Now, if the client wants to go further with that, we do. But I think that addressing subconscious issues is super important in shifting our vibration and shifting our frequency in the way that we’re going to work and live in the world.

The subconscious mind really understands symbols and metaphors more than language. I know with my work with my clients, I work with a little bit of NLP, a little bit of hypnosis. I’m now getting certified with RTT, which is Rapid Transformation Therapy. I’m fascinated by this whole world of the subconscious mind—how to tap into someone’s mind, get the truth out, and then help them heal. 

Can you talk a little bit about what symbols do to the subconscious mind?

Well, a symbol, you hear that saying a picture is worth a thousand words? 


A symbol is so much more than that. We have, in the collective unconscious, generations and generations—and if you believe in lifetimes and reincarnation—lifetimes and lifetimes of information attached to a symbol, both not a negative and positive, of course. 

Keep learning about yourself by trying new things to broaden your horizons.

When I see a symbol, I basically am shown the whole story—past, present, and future. In one symbol, when I open the records, I can see all of the stories of the person’s soul. If they have past life issues, currently what they’re working through in this lifetime, and of course, where the energy we want to shift to move forward. 

The same is with astrology. Astrology is just a symbolic language. Those planets I call the “psychological organs” are simply symbols and they carry so much energy. Reading a person’s astrological chart is basically reading the symbolic language of their soul. You look at a picture, a symbol, or an image and it gives you so much information. That’s one of the things I specialize in is teaching people how to live symbolic lives. 

In my Shaman Consciousness class, we do a lot of symbolic work, obviously, in the Akashic records, in astrology. I’m a university professor, and I try to teach the students to listen symbolically. One of the things I teach students is to listen to the element that the person is speaking from. Are they speaking from air, earth, water, or fire? We speak symbolically, and if we listen, we’re being told everything. The symbol comes not only through an image, but through language and through emotion in many different ways.

That’s amazing. I’ve never heard of listening symbolically. It’s fascinating.

Oh, it’s fascinating. When I do a session, obviously, I’m connected to all my clairs. I’m mainly claircognizant, so I have an inner knowing. I’m clairvoyant but I’m clairaudient. I’m listening to what the person is saying beyond the words. Listening symbolically is a huge gift, a huge tool in therapy. Then if you can attach that to a symbolic image, a dream, or a story, it’s amazing how it unfolds. I was curious about your name. Are you familiar with the story or the symbol of your name?

Just a little bit. I know it’s a constellation.

It’s actually from Greek mythology. When I do astrology, the first thing I do is find the story or the myth that the person’s living. On my website, I say, “Own your story, own your life.” If you understand what story you’re being loyal to, you’ll understand why things are happening. I found it fascinating. In Greek mythology, Orion was actually a hunter who was killed by his lover, Artemis, accidentally. 

I found it fascinating that you found yourself in relationship studies, which is exactly that. It’s like getting these two parts of the lovers back together again. You’re living out your story symbolically through your name. That’s one of many ways that I work with clients.

That’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. You mentioned living a symbolic life. What does that mean? I mean, I understand somebody has to study with you and really understand how to listen symbolically. But in a nutshell, what is living a symbolic life?

Let me use it in speaking from shamanism and then also through analytical psychology. When I teach shamanism, I teach people—and these are not my words, this is Carlos Castaneda’s language. It is an ordinary state of consciousness, which is living in reality from the mind. Most of us, that’s where we live. 

Then there’s a shamanic state of consciousness which is living in the spiritual realm or sort of the imaginary realm. The shaman walks the world. We walk both: the symbolic or the Shamanic consciousness and the ordinary consciousness. Carl Jung called it the objective psyche, which is actually a term that he derived from a Sufi mystic translator who called it mundus imaginalis, which is this idea of living an imaginary world. 

What we call spirit, the psyche, or intuition when you’re constantly in that state of mind as I am, I have a part of my being in the ordinary reality, but I’m always seeing things unfold as a symbol. I may see an image, I might hear, I might feel—I call this being a little to the left. I feel like I’m always a little to the left. That comes from a famous metaphysical image of Merlin kind of peeking out of the ordinary world into the cosmos. I feel like I’m always a little to the left, but that is living a symbolic life. 

When I listen to someone, I’m not listening just to the story. I’m seeing the image, the elements, and the vision that’s portrayed there. Then I get so much more of the story because like I said, I can see the past, present, and future simply through that symbol, story, or that language.

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Wow. It reminds me of when I studied Kabbalah. They describe it as looking beyond the veil into the 99% of the reality beyond reality. I hope I phrase it correctly.

Yes, absolutely. Another term in the spiritual language is transcendence. If we go to the chakras, because all traditions are saying the same thing, basically, just with different languages. If you look at the symbol for Ohm, there is the element of Maya, which is an illusion, which would be this world, and then the transcendence which is beyond this world. 

In the chakra system, you get to the sixth chakra, which is this vision or this third eye. The seventh chakra would be transcendence, where you transcend the form. We can’t get caught up in form, what something should look like, or the idea of dogma. We have to transcend that. 

That’s one of the things I help students understand and clients—that they’re attached to a story. They’re attached to an idea of something because it’s learned. The subconscious is just all programmed that we can then unprogram it and transcend that story, that symbol, that myth that they’re living.

We tell ourselves a bunch of stories about what things are, about who we are, even about our potential, where we can achieve, what we can’t achieve. What can one do to improve their story?

Well, first, you have to know the story you’re living. Actually, a project that I’m working on now is to explain what I call the psychological organs, which are the planets or the archetypes, as is often referred to. 

For instance, if you know that you have a scarcity mentality, this is something you learned from childhood. If you have scarcity, the subconscious is really fascinating. It’s going to decide to use one side of the coin or the other side of the coin. 

You may come from a very impoverished household and you might have a scarcity mentality, but you may make a lot of money, you may marry someone who’s very wealthy, or you may work in a mansion. Your psyche is going to create that story so you’re around wealth or poverty in one extreme or the other. I call this the 0–100. 

My understanding is that the health is between what I call the 48–52, which is the balance. For instance, efficacy would be the balance of scarcity and abundance. I don’t mean abundance that you have to limit yourself. I’m talking about someone who feels entitled or thinks that wealth will define them and make them happy. 

The middle ground or the 48–52 is being efficacious, having your money work for you. You are working hard, but not having a life, balancing your budget, and things that in my book I referred to as the adult that adults would do. 

It’s really easy on the astrology charts to figure this out because if you have what are called hard aspects, which are oppositions and squares, just find the midpoint. The midpoint is the answer to that person’s problem, whatever it is. Whether it’s body image, whether it’s scarcity, whether it’s living too much in poor unhealthy relationships. 

Scarcity is everywhere in our life, or abundance is everywhere in our life. We’re trying to be equanimous and find that middle ground. That’s the first thing is identifying what story you’re living. That’s the first thing I do. 

In the records or in astrology, I tell the person what myth they’re living out. This is very easy to see with the sun, the moon in descendent. Those three planets tell me the whole story that I need to know about the client. Then we have a conversation about how they’re living out that myth. 

Activities that help quiet the mind are meditation, exercise, writing, walking in nature, and decluttering.

I have a thing called #nonewstories. There are no new stories. Your story is not original. It’s been written in the myths of other philosophies—Greek philosophy, Hindu philosophy, or mythology. These stories have been written over and over. 

The only thing you did was make it yours—your location, your family, the way you played out with your costumes, and the people in your life. But if you trace it back—which is one of the things that the shamans do—to mythology, no matter what philosophy you believe in, whether it’s Bible or myth as a philosophy of life, you’re going to find that story and you’re living that out. You can change the ending. 

That’s one of the beauties of mythology. There are so many different endings to how these myths unfold, and that’s the free will concept. I’m a believer that we’re somewhere between determinism and free will. Yes, certain things are determined, perhaps our family, our values, our culture, our religion, but other things are free will. That’s really the way we approach the story, the choice of changing and unraveling the story to build a new one. Most importantly, which is one of the things I’ve learned, is the state of consciousness in which we approach our story. 

I don’t think we’re very complicated individuals. We appear complex, but I’ve been doing this work for so many years. People come with one theme over and over and over. The planetary cycles show it over and over and over again that you’re working on that one issue. Whether it’s money, body image, relationships, or sexual issues, you get faced with that all the time. You decide the level of consciousness in which you approach the problem. 

I think as we get older, we kind of stumble enough that we learn all of the tools that I work with, kind of help bypass the stumbling so that we can approach the story and change it with a higher level of consciousness.

Beautiful. Can you share a client’s story? Someone who was able to—in an extraordinary way—shift their consciousness and changed her story.

Sure. I have a client. Well, you know what, if you don’t mind, I’ll share my story rather than sharing another. 

Even better.

The book that’s coming out later this year, which is The Truth is in the Triangle, is my whole story, my philosophy, and my theory on relationships. That’s been my main issue, kind of what I call my thread. For the listener, your thread or your “problem” that you’re going to confront over and over again. Your nigredo, as it’s called in Alchemy, is the planet Saturn on your chart.

I have Saturn in the seventh, meaning the relationship house. Obviously, that’s going to be the door that I keep knocking on cyclically throughout my life until I figure it out. I realized I had to shift the state of consciousness in which I was approaching this. By that, I wrote this book and this theory to help myself. 

I was forced into this arranged marriage. There was a lot of abuse and violence. As a result, I became very angry. I went through life very, very angry. Anger is another word for Mars, the archetype or the psychological origin of Mars, which rules Ares. Ares is the warrior. We all have a warrior archetype. We all have masculine energy in us, but is it out of whack? 

Mine was absolutely out of whack. I left that marriage. I was able to use my warrior energy to leave and survive. Then I met a man who had prostate cancer, and there were obvious issues in the physical organ of the masculine energy. Well, then I married a man who was transgender. As you can see, I started castrating the male energy from my partner so that mine would grow and grow and grow because I learned in the world that the only way that I could survive is if I overpowered my masculine energy or my Mars-Ares archetype. 

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How did that show up in a low level of consciousness? Conflict, anger, aggression. I used to be the dean of a nursing school. There was an unspoken rule that when I wore my red high heels, I was in a bad mood. That’s the way I channeled my Mars archetype—my Ares, my aggression, my masculinity. My masculinity started to overpower my femininity. 

Now, I’m luckily in a very healthy, loving relationship that I’ve applied my model to. I’ve learned boundaries. I’ve learned to balance the masculine and feminine energies through my breast cancer experience of my own life. Now I’ve manifested this balanced relationship where the male and female energies that we both have because each individual that has both, are more balanced. 

If we learn from childhood that our father, for instance, has the power and we see that as a child, subconsciously we’re saying, “Oh, that’s how I want to live in the world,” which is what I did. Or you have a covert power, let’s say your mother—I’m just using traditional roles, that’s not necessarily how everybody lives it out, it’s how I did—is more feminine, more manipulative, or more covert power than you might choose that way to live in the world. 

Well, I chose the father archetype or the Mars archetype. I showed up, in essence, as the man in my relationships. I had to switch that programming. That’s at a subconscious level. 

When I got breast cancer, I was confronted with the option of having a double mastectomy. That would have meant that I had to basically cut off my femininity, which is my breasts. I said no. Today happens to be five years from that first surgery. It is not a coincidence that it’s International Women’s Day when I chose to have that surgery. The following year, I had a birth of Venus party. 

Witch Bitch by Dr. Frances Yahia

In my book, Witch Bitch, I have a ritual about the birth of Venus party, which is where I allowed the Venus archetype, the feminine energy, or what Jung would call the anima to enter my life. I started embracing my femininity. I started owning my body, my beauty, and all of the feminine qualities that I just castrated as a result of not wanting to embrace the feminine because I saw it as weak, which is not.

I later learned, which is the topic of my newest book on relationships, that we each have an alliance with one of our parents. I chose the alliance with my father, who I deemed to have the power that I wanted, and I, in essence, castrated my mother. I’ve now learned that my mother had a lot of wisdom and then incorporated that feminine archetype into my life. As a result, I’ve manifested a healthy, balanced relationship. 

If you track the energy, if you listen symbolically or live symbolically, you can see what part of yourself or what psychological organs—which are manifested in the astrology chart—are being castrated or being shunned, and you’re not incorporating or integrating them into your life. When I understood that, it all made sense that I had been castrating my feminine. That’s why I had an eating disorder. That’s why I always had self-image issues—everything to deal with the feminine. 

Once I integrated that, I changed my relationship with food. I healed my cancer. My relationship with women improved. My relationship with nature improved. I became a stronger shaman. Everything unfolded as a result of accepting the feminine energy.

Absofreakinlutely. I’ve been in an abusive relationship myself and I became very masculine after that. It was hard for me to even date because I had a feminine exterior. The question there in my life that I came into every relationship with was, how can I not get hurt by you? In order to not get hurt by you, I will have to prove to myself that I’m stronger, more capable, and you’re not going to hurt me.

Isn’t it interesting that your name is Orion? In the story, you’re the hunter, which is the masculine energy but is killed by Artemis, the feminine energy. Therefore, your response was, I’m going to show up even more masculine because you’re not going to hurt me. I just love the symbology of that story. 

I was born into a cult and I was actually named after the spirit guide. Funny enough, spirit guides are not embodied. What did I do? I negated my body, the feminine, until I got cancer. Cancer forced me into the body and I changed everything. I went through a serious bout of depression. I had cancer three times. I mean, I was forced to own my body.

Now, I love my body. I have a healthy body image. I feel sexy, I feel pretty. I have a great relationship with food. I was bulimic for many years. I mean, there’s so much symbology when we decide to castrate one aspect of ourselves. We go to what I said before, the 0–100. I was a 0 in body or matter, and I was 100 in spirit. Yeah, that made me a great psychic, but I was imbalanced. What health can I offer anybody? Now that I live between both worlds and a balance of spirit and matter, now I can be a healer, now I can help.

Amazing. For me, too, I had to learn. I thought that being feminine was being weak, and I didn’t want to be weak. I thought that the word surrender was an awful word. I didn’t want to surrender. I ended up surrendering to my divine, calling upon my beloved, and meeting him within 48 hours. He proposed to me nine days after we met. I said, no.

This whole journey and learning about my body, my femininity, embracing my emotions, being a part of a female community, and loving females—this was all new to me. I’m so blessed that I went through this journey and that I learned so much from it.

This is something that I teach as well. It’s a part of my teaching—helping women to connect to both their male part and their female part. I feel that when a woman is too hard on her masculine, it just feels exhausting. When a woman is too feminine and too passive, that’s not good either. According to where we are in life, we want to maybe draw on that energy or that energy in a way that creates harmony.

Absolutely. I was teaching interpersonal conflict this past month. I teach at the university and those videos are all on my YouTube channel. I was talking about this balance. You wouldn’t show up to war with no weapon. If you are in a war zone, if you are in an area of conflict, then you have to show up appropriately. If you’re not at war and you and I felt that we were at war all the time, so we were prepared and armed all the time. 

According to Dr. Frances Yahia, there are many hidden symbols in this realm that help people find answers to their past, present, and future.

I remember, I bought myself a little dog when I got cancer—a teacup Yorkie. He is the cutest thing. Hopefully, someday I will write the book called Spirit Dog and his beautiful face will be on the cover. I named him Dino. Dino means little sword. I had a labyrinth in the back of my house and I went to walk the labyrinth one day. The labyrinth, for those of you who don’t know, is a beautiful spiritual tool that you can walk or you can do a finger labyrinth. It’s a really meditative tool. 

I built one in my backyard. I was walking it and I have a sword. I actually own a big sword that’s at the base of my altar. I’m putting down the sword, the sword that I used to put to myself of self-hatred, self-destruction. I’m picking up Dino, which was symbolic of the little sword, the nurturing, the baby that I wanted to take care of, my inner child. Later on, I decided that I was going to name him Dino for little sword and also for Dionysus.

Do you mind if I share a beautiful myth about masculine and feminine energies?

Absolutely. Yes, please.

Okay. Dionysus, in Greek mythology, is one of my favorite gods. He’s actually a transgender God. If you see him, you wouldn’t know if he’s male or female. It’s because he represents the balance of the male and female energies. Well, Dionysius was attacked by the Titans and he was eaten alive. There’s a lot of symbolism in the fact that his body was basically fried to a crisp and eaten. 

For anyone who studied spiritual literature, Vedanta, there’s an idea that we are not our body. We are not this body. The body returns to the earth upon death. I think that we’ve kind of taken that—especially now in the spiritual obsession world that we live in—to a whole new meaning as if the body doesn’t matter. That’s what happened to me. I’m disembodied. I’m named after a spirit guide. I don’t need my body, but we do.

Dionysus was burnt to a crisp and he was eaten alive by the Titans, but his heart was thrown out. Athena, the goddess of war but wisdom. Not like Ares, that’s a god of war. There’s a shifting consciousness there. Athena picks up the heart and shoves it into Zeus’ thigh, his father. 

There’s a lot of symbolism in the thigh and the heart. The thigh represents the lower chakras, the animal nature. The heart is the fourth chakra, the divine nature. It is the union of the spirit and the matter, the divine and the animal nature within us that leads us to balance and equanimity. 

As a result, Dionysus represents the balance of the masculine and feminine energies because he actually was what’s considered twice-born. He’s the god that’s considered twice-born. It’s because his flesh was killed, his heart survived, which is like the fourth chakra, the love to others what we call the agape love. The thigh represents the third chakra, which is self-love, and we need to achieve self-love before we can give it to a partner. 

My whole book is about the hieros gamos which is what’s called the “mystical marriage.” I named my dog Dino for little sword. I was putting down the self-destructive sword and picking him up instead—something to love and nurture—so that I could extrapolate that lesson of love and nurturing and then put it to myself. Dionysus because I was twice-born. I buried that old Frances pre-cancer that only lived in the masculine. I united both my spirit, my matter, my masculine, and my feminine. 

I love that myth of Dionysus. It takes me to this idea of the mystical marriage, the hieros gamos. That’s the basis of my relationship model. You have to first birth yourself before you could birth this partnership. 

When you talk about your beloved, what I hear is you did all of this work and as a result, then your appropriate king came to meet his queen. The mystical marriage is that. It’s finding the divine in self, unifying masculine and feminine, the spirit and the matter, and then we can get married externally to our appropriate king or queen.

For me, it was a long journey from self-hatred to self-love, appreciation, and getting into an obsession of basically rising from my own ashes. That was my obsession to heal myself, to find the light. I think that led me in a lot of prayers, a lot of tears, and a lot of co-creation with the divine. That led me to that moment. It didn’t just happen in one moment. It was a process of healing.

The Seven Gates by Dr. Frances Yahia

Absolutely. That was all learned from the subconscious in your origin story. I write about the origin story in my first book, The Seven Gates. The mythology or the story that we’re living out is our origin story. 

I have a four-step model of how the subconscious develops. At the moment of conception, your parents have a state of mind. That level of consciousness at which they conceive you become the mind that you now use to navigate your life.

Can I ask you a question about that?

Of course. 

What about babies that are born through IVF? What is that moment of conception? Because it’s a moment of conception that is happening in a lab, right?

It doesn’t matter and I do specify this. Whether you’re adopted, whether your parent dies at birth, whether you are born in IVF, it does not matter. Every single one of us has an egg and a sperm. The energy of that egg and sperm is consciousness. The consciousness of that union is what creates your mind. That’s the mind you fight with until like you and I decide what I call “I leave the Costco card and then I move into Nordstrom,” because I love Nordstrom. 

You and I decided no more Costco membership. I left the Yahia membership behind and I moved into my own mind, which was my decision making. That’s the consciousness that I chose after I understood and like you, a very long journey of 40 something years. 

The second part of the subconscious, which is the moon in the chart. It’s how we learn to give love, it’s how we want to be loved, but this is how we give it to our partner. It’s not always what they want. It is our moon sign. 

What we learned was, the way that our mother loved us or what she was living externally is the way that we define love. If your mother was in an abusive relationship and her husband kicked her belly, you might have a moon in Ares that understands that love should be violent and aggressive. This is how we live in the world seeking relationships. 

It’s really interesting because Vasant Lad, who’s like the father of Ayurveda says that we spend our whole life trying to get back to the womb. I agree but I think it’s the wrong sort of objective. What we’re really trying to do is get back to the universal womb—the cosmic consciousness. But we as humans are limited. Symbolically, we try to get back to our mother’s womb, which is flawed because, again, it’s just subconscious programming. 

The third part of our subconscious programming is our birth story. This is super important as this is how you shift into the next stage of your life. 

My birth story, my mother had no time for anesthesia. I came out fast and furious, and that’s how I move into every stage of my life. Hence, my masculine archetype. I was in therapy and I saw a poster. It said, “There’s more to life than increasing its speed.” I said, “Wow, talk about my birth story,” and I needed to rewrite it. 

Now, I have to be more patient, hence is a word for Venus and the feminine. In order for me to move into the next stages of life and my belief is into eternal life or the next stage—whether it’s another life or leaving this earthly body and moving into the next lifetime—I have to be patient and I have to slow down. 

Then the fourth is the 0–7 which is when we’re there. That’s where we create our story, our wound, our limitations, our costumes, the people that play out the myth that, like I said earlier, comes from Greek mythology or any other mythology. 

That’s why if I can tie your 0–7 to a myth in mythology, I can figure it out symbolically how you’re living this. The chart just reinforces that. It’s all programming from the moment of conception. 

You learn somewhere that the masculine or what I call the “overt power” was much more valuable. You use the same word as I did as weak for the feminine, which I don’t think my mother is weak. Funny enough, I think she’s a brilliant, amazing woman. But I saw the covert power that she had in the overt power of my father. I chose the currency of the overt power, which was my father so I became more masculine. That’s what I call the “wrong alliance” in the new relationship book.

Wow. Can you remind me of the name of it again?

Yes. This new book is called The Truth is in the Triangle and should be out this summer. I have a bunch of videos on my YouTube channel in relation to the theory for any of your listeners that are interested in doing the model. One of the things that I do is I give the rules.

I don’t know if you know my podcast. It is the Mistress of the Subconscious. The Mistress of the Subconscious, I work a lot with triangles because triangles represent what’s called the law of three in metaphysics that then leads to the law of octaves, which is what my whole first book is based on. That’s how we shift vibration. 

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We don’t shift vibration through our will. We shift our vibration by first having an action potential which is the three—the triad. The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost; Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. The three are repeated in spirituality over and over because it’s the energy of movement of potential. 

But if we don’t stabilize it with the energy of four, which in the Asian cultures, ironically, four is the number of deaths, it relates to the physical world. You have this action potential, let’s call it an idea or a thought. But if you don’t put the human part into it—the boundaries, the rules, the action, the hard work, the sweat, and tears—you’re not going to achieve that. The same goes for the metaphysical law of the law of octaves. 

My book is child three, then the adult is four, and it’s built on that. I use the triangle a lot. In this new book, what I have the reader identify—and the video explains as well—is who did you have the wrong alliance with? At the base of the triangle was you and either your mother or your father. 

A simple way to identify is, who had the overt power and who had the covert power? Which one did you take? Are you more manipulative or are you more outright? I’m not judging manipulative people. We’re all manipulative. We all have a psychological organ of manipulation. No one’s better than anyone else. 

We all have a liver, a pancreas, eyes, and ears. We all have a Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and a moon. This idea that one person’s manipulative or power-hungry and another isn’t is not true. We all have the same organs. 

Once you identify your alliance and that’s at the base of the triangle, the other parent is the mistress. That mistress is the answer to what you need to become whole to have this hieros gamos or this mystical marriage with yourself.

I can’t say if your mother or your father was the feminine, but in my case, it was my mother that had the covert power, so I put her as the mistress of my triangle. When I realized that she was the Venus that I needed to incorporate, I shifted everything to balance that triangle. That’s the way that we can use the parental subconscious—the subconscious mind of the parents—to then move into creating the mind that we want to live with now as adults, which is what I hear you and I both doing.

Wow, that’s amazing. It sounds so original too. Very interesting.

Well, it’s all based on mythology. Zeus and Hera are the quintessential husband and wife. The idea of the husband prancing around town and the wife nagging comes from the mythology of Zeus and Hera. Zeus and Hera had two children. They had Hephaestus that was kicked out of Olympus because he was deformed, and Ares, who—like I mentioned before—is like conflict, aggression, but he was the favorite child. 

When I work with couples, I mention this in the video and in the book, I ask two simple questions. Talk about symbolic life. How did you meet and what was your first fight? 

How did you meet is the fantasy or what I call the “snow globe.” Every relationship is built on a snow globe—a fantasy. When that snow globe cracks, which has to crack, that’s Ares. Hephaestus is the fantasy. 

My belief system is that Hephaestus was the only god kicked out of Olympus. That’s the part of us that our parents said, “No, no, no, you can’t do that.” “You’re too sexy,.” “You’re too talkative.” “You’re too masculine”—whatever it was. Whatever fragmented part of ourselves was told by our parents didn’t belong in the snow globe, we chucked out the window. That’s our Hephaestus.

We meet our partner with someone who has a similar or opposite snow globe and they pick up our fragmented parts and we create a new snow globe on that. Inevitably, every snow globe has to crack. In the first fight, which is Ares, the other child tells me the conflict and that tells me symbolically everything that that couple needs to work on. 

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Then I have a theory called Renegotiation. It’s very common to hear the seven-year itch, it actually comes from astrology and the planet Saturn. Every 5-7 years, our snow globe is supposed to shatter and we’re supposed to renegotiate. We’re supposed to find each other again, build a new snow globe, have a new fight. Then again the 7, the 14, the 21, etc. I just use mythology to inform what’s happening in our lives.

That’s amazing. With the messages that you get, you got the tools to channel, but can you turn it off or see stuff in your dreams?

I do teach Akashic records, I teach psychic development, and I do teach living a symbolic life. I really have to stress, spirit does not control matter, matter controls spirit. Even though it’s an equal partnership, for those of you that are trying to be more intuitive or are living more psychically, you have to give rules to your spirit guides. 

This idea of Theresa Caputo, which obviously is for entertainment purposes, the Long Island Medium. She goes into a deli and she’s like, “I see your dead father.” Well, that’s not the way this works and it shouldn’t work that way. You shouldn’t be woken up in your dreams or your sleep every night. I’m not saying that you can’t have a prophetic dream. Of course, that happens to everybody, even non-psychics. But this day in and day out that spirit overrules your life, you are living more in the spirit than in the body.

I remember being at a yoga class many years ago, this spirit showing up and begging me to tell the yoga teacher a message. I said, “Absolutely not. I will not do that.” She nagged me the whole class. Finally, I went up to the teacher and I said, “Look, this is what’s happening…” she started crying and said, “Thank you so much.”

I told my spirit guides, do not put me in that position again. You put rules on spirit. The boundary is the matter. We are the earth element. We landlock the spirit, which is the water element. We have to give rules to how our spirit is going to live in our life. I do not give unsolicited advice. 

Now, when someone makes an appointment, they’re asking for guidance, so I give it to them. You, of course, read the prayer and that allows you to access the records or the chart. But I do not give unsolicited advice because that’s a spiritual law. You don’t get help unless you ask for it. 

There’s actually a joke where two angels are sitting by a phone and one says to the other, “Have you got any calls today?” People don’t ask, so ask and you shall receive. People that work with this realm are not supposed to give unsolicited advice. We are supposed to give rules to how our spirit works in our lives, not then dictate our life. That’s a misnomer.

What can we do in order to tap more into our psychic abilities and get answers, for example?

I started teaching a year-round Shaman initiation course. I just said today in the group chat, listen to the whispers because the whispers become roars. Intuition is very soft and subtle. It’s not going to be a scream. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times that you need a scream like, “Watch out, there’s a car. You’re going to get in an accident.” And people have said that. 

But for the most part, a spirit is a very subtle whisper. The very typical answer is to quiet down, calm the mind—mindfulness activities, of course, but learn to pay attention. If you believe, like I do, the metaphysical law of the law of correspondence—as above, so below, as within, so without—everything that’s happening to you outside is a symbol, is a message for what you need to correct or evaluate internally. 

Learning to pay attention. If you’re creating a conflicted relationship, there’s obviously some inner conflict you and I figured out that we had to resolve. I’m not saying take the blame for the abusive relationship you were in or I was in.

Take ownership.

Yes, you have agency in what you’re creating. I think that we should definitely own that. The other thing is whatever message you get for another person—I was just talking to someone this morning who wants to develop her spiritual abilities and she’s a hairdresser. I said, “I’m sure you do a lot of therapy more than cutting hair.” She laughed and said, “Yes.” I said, “Well, every message you give is one that you need.” It’s very easy to give others advice. If you’re giving advice, it’s because you need it. That’s a way your spirit guides are talking. 

I have something in my book that if you just stop every day for two seconds, what you hear, what someone else is saying, or what you’re saying is advice, is a message, and is guidance. It’s very easy once you learn the language of the universe to listen and to listen intently. That is again referring to the symbolic light. 

I’ll tell you one of my tricks. Every single session—and I’m busy—that I have, I then take my notes and say, what of this was for me? Every reading I give is about me and something I need to correct in my life. I would be very egotistical and narcissistic to think that I’m giving someone advice that I don’t need myself. 

That’s so powerful. I like that a lot. You’re very fascinating. What are your three top tips to living a stellar life? Where can people find you?

Okay, so I just had a four-year bout with breast cancer, and just to use mythological language, I visited the underworld. You had mentioned rising from the ashes. That’s also a mythological term. That’s the eighth house of Scorpio where we kind of die and are reborn. I learned something down there. Don’t take it personally. 

I grew up as many people with personal mythology or this personal relationship to God as if we were being punished for something that we thought or did. The cosmos is huge. You are a part of the cosmos. You are a microcosm of the cosmos. These planetary forces are working on you, but this is not a punishment. This is not a personal attack on you because you did something or said something. When I learned, don’t take it personally, that changed my life. 

Another bit of advice to live a stellar life is to extract the essence. Every experience, every conversation, every relationship—no matter how good or bad—has an essence to it. In Ayurveda, we call this the Ojas, or the Amrit, or the nectar of the gods—the Ambrosia. Extract the essence of every experience. This doesn’t mean you have to take the blame. It doesn’t mean you have to say, “Oh my God, I’m being punished.” But every experience has an essence that you can extract.

Know your story. You have to know your story so you can rewrite it. Learn your story, study mythology, get an astrology reading, find a way to understand what myth you’re living so that you can rewrite that story.

You can find me at www.dryahia.com. My Instagram is @dryahia, my Facebook is Frances Yahia, and my Twitter is @DrFrancesYahia. You can find me on Amazon. My two books are The Seven Gates and Witch Bitch. The Truth in the Triangle will be coming out later this year.

On my website, if anyone loves videos, I have tons of videos, lectures from the University on Metaphysics, Psychology, Philosophy, and Astrology. On my YouTube channel, Mistress of the Subconscious and Mistress of the Subconscious is also my podcast.

Dr. Frances Yahia, thank you so much for an incredible conversation. I really appreciate you. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much, Orion. Have a beautiful day and Happy International Women’s Day as we celebrate our Venus.

Yes. Thank you so much and thank you so much, listeners. Remember, don’t take it personally, extract the essence of every experience, know your story so you can rewrite it, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Pay attention to who you are- your priorities, choices, and how you come up with decisions. Keep learning about yourself by trying new things to broaden your horizons. 
{✓} Find time to regularly quiet your mind. Activities that help are meditation, exercise, writing, walking in nature, and decluttering.
{✓} Read more books that broaden your way of thinking. Discover new authors with ideologies that help improve people’s lives.
{✓} Identify your strengths and weaknesses but focus more on what you’re good at. 
{✓} Don’t hesitate to get deep down into the rabbit hole. There is more to life than meets the eye.
{✓} Study about symbolism. According to Dr. Frances Yahia, there are many hidden symbols in this realm that help people find answers to their past, present, and future. 
{✓} Balance out your realistic and shamanistic consciousness. Living in a modern, digital world too much can make you feel disconnected from your spiritual self.
{✓} Keep your chakras aligned by taking care of yourself holistically. Ensure you get enough sleep, eat the right food, maintain an active lifestyle and cherish your relationships. 
{✓} Be open to the fact that you can change your narrative and redo it all over again. Life has infinite possibilities, and you have a choice to change your story whenever you feel it doesn’t fit. 
{✓} Visit Dr. Frances Yahia’s website to learn more about the four stages of mind development and tips on becoming more self-aware.

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