Episode 114 | May 1, 2018

The Sacred Wisdom of Spirituality & Awakening with Douglas Bentley

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Mission #114

On Board: Douglas Bentley
Mission: The Sacred Wisdom of Spirituality & Awakening

When you think of spirituality, you may think of a white-clad monk sitting and chanting on a mountaintop. You don’t have to be a monk to be spiritual. Spirituality is about finding inner happiness, feeling love, and coming to a place where you’re authentically at peace. This isn’t as straightforward as it may sound. You must find out what it means to truly be happy to reach this kind of spirituality.

Here to explore these complexities and unravel the confusion is one of my spiritual mentors, the extraordinary Douglas Bentley. Douglas spent a decade in India as a monk before his spiritual master blessed him to move back to the West to teach, guide, and inspire others. His passion is helping people flower on the journey of spiritual awakening, and that’s exactly what he does in our amazing conversation today. Listen in and learn about how to integrate spirituality and awakening into everyday life!

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The Mission Log:

  • [04:49] – Douglas talks about what his guru told him, and how he ended up getting sent home to help others.
  • [06:00] – How did Douglas become a monk?
  • [09:46] – We hear about Douglas’ transition from being a monk to living in the Western world again, which in some ways was surprisingly easy.
  • [12:15] – Douglas discusses why he loves and respects his master so much, and raves about how special it is to spend time around him.
  • [13:45] – What’s a being, or an avatar? And is Douglas himself an avatar in the sense that he has been describing?
  • [16:33] – Orion takes a moment to share a powerful experience that she had at Oneness University in India. Douglas then explains some of what happened in the experience that Orion has described.
  • [20:48] – Douglas points out that high states of consciousness are not the end goal, but they’re very special things that change your perception forever.
  • [21:41] – What is Douglas’ definition of spirituality, and what is it to be spiritual?
  • [26:10] – Orion has a hard time accepting things when they’re hard, or when there’s a major gap between reality and expectation. Douglas points out that she’s not alone.
  • [29:55] – The first step is just to understand that you happen to be in a physical, animal body that has a brain that constantly labels, assess, and compares sensory inputs.
  • [34:11] – Douglas always tell people that they’ve been duped by the mind for their entire lives. The key is to fall out of resistance and not get sucked back into being engaged as the mind fighting the mind.
  • [36:04] – Something that really helped Orion to be present with her body in the moment was taking pole dancing classes.
  • [39:06] – Why can’t we just stop suffering? In his answer, Douglas shares something that his teacher told him once: unless you start staying in the present moment, there is no more growth.
  • [43:38] – Douglas talks about how to react proactively in the moment when someone treats you badly.
  • [46:29] – What’s the difference between being spiritual in the sense of being present in the moment and expressing your feelings (including anger), and being a destructive jerk?
  • [50:22] – Douglas discusses how we can live more in awakened states.
  • [53:22] – When Orion was younger, she used to do what Douglas has been recommending.
  • [54:32] – One of the things that’s important, but that people have to discover in their own way, is how incorrectly you’re breathing.
  • [60:35] – What are Douglas’ three top tips for living a stellar life? He doesn’t have three, but rather one powerful message: realize that you can come out of suffering internally by stepping out of daydreaming and stepping into a state of vast beingness.
  • [61:13] – Douglas talks about where listeners can find him.

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Don’t be afraid to open up to life. Find what makes you inspired, content and happy to get closer to your spirit.

✓ Find a mentor who can help awaken your spirit and kickstart your journey of transformation.

✓ Travel to discover yourself. You learn a lot about yourself when you’re in an unfamiliar environment. 

✓ Visit a high state of consciousness through Diksha, an Indian spiritual ceremony that awakens your being and lets you connect with your higher self.

✓ Deal with your anxiety and struggles from a spiritual point of view. Be proactive in your thoughts and actions instead of being reactive.  

✓ Learn to accept unforeseen events that are out of your control. Don’t  let them stress you out or affect your actions towards others.

✓ Be present and in the moment. Don’t overthink the future and dwell too long in the past; today is a “present” so don’t waste it.

✓ Learn to differentiate your spiritual and physical needs and always let your spirit guide you to what is right.

✓ Constantly invest in yourself. It’s a never ending journey but continuing to grow in all aspects of life is the best thing you can do for yourself.

✓ Trust the process. Finding your light and true awakening is not an easy feat but it will be worth it.



O: When you think of spirituality, what do you think about? Do you think about somebody who’s wearing white, sitting cross-legged, on the top of the mountain, and chanting? What is spirituality? What is awakening? How can we integrate spirituality and awakening into everyday life and into our human existence with everything that we’re going through, with all the hardships, with everything that makes us reactive with all her very natural human emotion and human suffering? How can we deal with all that? Today, I brought to you a very extraordinary guest. He’s one of my spiritual teachers and his name is Douglas Bentley. His passion is helping people from all walks of life, flower on the journey of spiritual awakening and God realization. After spending a decade in India as a monk, Douglas was blessed by his spiritual master to move back to the West to teach, guide, and inspire others on their path of awakening. I had the pleasure of studying with Douglas, I had the honor of meeting his spiritual guru in India, his name is Sri Bhagavan and spend some time with him. I am so happy to have him here on the show and really share from the heart what spirituality and awakening really is. This conversation was super amazing and super fascinating, and I know you are going to love it. If you love it, if you want to give me some love, and gain some good karma points, I want to invite you to review Stellar Life Podcast. I want to send a big, warm thank you to Brooke who gave me a five-star review on iTunes. Thank you, I love you, I appreciate you. You rock. Thanks, girl. I really appreciate it because I work really hard on bringing you guys the most amazing guests and just producing the show. It’s a labor of love but it’s also a labor, it’s a lot of freaking work. I bring all these amazing guest. I want to share my message with the world and I want everybody to know about these amazing guest and amazing knowledge because there are too many people out there that are suffering on many different levels. There is good knowledge that can help them feel inspired, feel awakened, feel like they are irresistible and loved. I want people to feel loved and I want you to feel how much I love you because I love you. Thank you again for listening to Stellar Life Podcast. Thank you so much for supporting me and supporting the show. I appreciate you and I love you. Whoever you are, I love you, you are loved, and you are amazing. Now, onto the show. Hey Douglas, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast.

D: Hey, thanks so much. Thanks for having me here.

O: Thank you for being here. I’m so honored to have you here because you are part of my most remarkable spiritual awakening or breakthrough or depth or whatever it is. I just want to start with gratitude. I’m so grateful for you and your teachings. Everything that I learned from you, Oneness University, all of it. I went to India and we went to Oneness University and it was awesome. You were their teacher but then the big guru told you, what did he tell you?

D: He had actually been working with us for several years. I was a monk for several years and I ran into my life partner, her name’s Prima. She’s somebody who’s been on her spiritual path since the age of seven, and she’s actually worked with several awakened masters.

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