Episode 56 | March 21, 2017

Express Your True Essence: Karen Hoyos

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Mission #56

On Board: Karen Hoyos
Mission: Express Your True Essence

The Co-Pilot:

You may have already heard of today’s wonderful guest, Karen Hoyos. She’s a global transformational leader, celebrity coach, speaker, and bestselling author who moved to the United States from Colombia “with her suitcase full of dreams and her belly filled with her twin babies” as she so memorably puts it.

Karen has dedicated herself to empowering people to find, live, and share their life’s purpose. Once she discovered that this was her true purpose and began following it, she was able to reach over 40 million people within ten months. In this episode, you’ll learn how to separate yourself from your ego, who “Carmen”  is and what she can teach you about becoming friends with your ego, how to allow yourself to shine and be seen — and how to make a lot of money in the process!

Connect With Karen:

Karen Hoyos
Karen Hoyos on Facebook
karenhoyos on Instagram
@karenhoyos on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [03:13] – Karen starts things off by telling us a bit about herself and what she does.
  • [04:26] – What is the ego? Karen explains that it’s our false identity.
  • [06:44] – Karen discusses why it’s limiting to describe ourselves as the labels of the mind.
  • [08:35] – When was the first time that Karen felt she was pure possibility?
  • [11:31] – In response to Karen’s tale of domestic violence, Orion shares her own experience with the subject.
  • [13:06] – The gift of awakening comes to us in many different forms. Karen explains what she means, then talks about her experience with Landmark.
  • [16:54] – Karen clarifies what she means about taking responsibility.
  • [19:20] – We learn about two different methods of experiencing sadness: fully experiencing the emotion (as Orion has just mentioned), or observing the difference between the ego and the essence.
  • [22:56] – Karen talks about spirituality having the potential to be a mask for the ego.
  • [26:30] – What does being a woman mean to Karen?
  • [27:41] – How can we get over the feeling of not being enough?
  • [29:45] – Karen talks to us about Carmen, her ego. She explains how she discovered the name of her ego, and discusses her conversations with God.
  • [34:44] – We learn more about how Karen integrates Carmen into her everyday life, and how she reacts when Carmen shows up unexpectedly or uninvited.
  • [37:17] – What are Karen’s daily practices? Her answers include gratitude, purpose, and being fully present.
  • [41:44] – Karen explains that about 1% of the population is living according to our own purpose.
  • [43:41] – What are some of the particular challenges of leaders and coaches?
  • [47:11] – Orion takes a moment to share how much she loves this conversation. She then talks about her experiences in moving to the United States after living in Israel and Japan.
  • [50:17] – The danger of personal growth when we’re not fully present is that we might try to “fix” (rather than discover and reveal) who we are.
  • [52:15] – Karen talks about the connection between money and spirituality. She goes into depth about her personal experience with making money while following her purpose, and talks about the experiences of others as well.
  • [59:32] – What are Karen’s three tips to living a stellar life? 1. Always be present to the perfection of what you’re living. 2. Live your purpose, no matter what your ego says. 3. Learn from people who have what you want to have.

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. Differentiate between my ego self and my essence self. In essence, I am God, I have no limitations, and we are all one.
  2. Phrase and observe my experiences as exactly that: experiences. “I experience anger,” not “I am angry.”
  3. Remember that the gift of awakening comes to different people in different ways. I don’t need to suffer to become closer to God.

Links and Resources:

Karen Hoyos
Karen Hoyos on Facebook
karenhoyos on Instagram
@karenhoyos on Twitter
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
Wayne Dyer


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