Episode 17 | June 21, 2016

Dress to Impress with Marcella Scherer

A Personal Note from Orion

Having attended a plethora of conferences in the past year alone, I have come to the conclusion that the best networking does not happen during lunch or session breaks, but in fact, it happens in the ladies room.  That’s where I met Marcella Scherer, and while I don’t remember exactly what we said to each other, I do remember we ended up laughing out loud many times.  Besides being a rockstar woman who knows the language of success, Marcella teaches women how to dress to impress, and represent themselves and their brand in the best way possible.

Your image is important, whether its when your are on stage giving a speech or giving a presentation in the board room, or even showing up to the office, looking your best definitely has correlation with feeling and performing at your best, Marcella understands this connection and helps other women embrace it and incorporate it into their lives. 



About Today’s Show

‏‏Hi, and welcome to another Stellar episode. I’m your host, Orion, and I have the beautiful diva, Marcella Scherer. Marcella Scherer is a Styled to Sell expert transforming female professional speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs with confidence and clarity to earn more money both on and off stage. Marcella is a national speaker and an Amazon bestselling author. Her work has been featured on ESPN, Channel 12, NBC News, and more. I’m so happy to have you here! Hello, Marcella! Welcome to the show!

‏‏Thank you so much! I’m so excited to be here. What a pleasure!

‏‏Tell us a little bit about yourself.

‏‏Oh, gosh! I have been in the fashion and image industry for over 30 years. I’m a certified image consultant and I’m super passionate about empowering others to really unveil their true and authentic self with power and confidence both on and off the stage.

‏‏What does that mean?

‏‏What does that mean?


‏‏Oh gosh, I really help women to discover their inner beauty so they can stand in confidence without the chaos of really getting their message across so they can attract the right client, ask for more money, and draw whatever it is that they desire in their life with showing up.

‏‏Right. Do you find that many women are struggling with confidence and image issues?

‏‏Well, I think all of us at one point or another whether, I don’t know, we’ve gained a few pounds, or we’re not fitting in our clothes the way we’d really like to, or we’re just so focused on building our businesses, or crafting our message that we don’t take the time out for ourselves whether it be around figuring out what looks really great or stepping into a powerful style. Sometimes, those are the challenges that people have. I don’t know. What about you?

We don’t take the time out for ourselves whether it be around figuring out what looks really great or stepping into a powerful style. Click To Tweet

‏‏What about me? I didn’t expect that one! I have different images and different styles. They have been formed over the years. Right now, it’s more of the feminine style so more colors, more flowing, and freedom, but also the other side, which is more red, hot, sexy, happy, sensual, and sexual type of me image.

‏‏Awesome! You know what? I love the fact that you have multiple ones because we do. We have different ways that we like to show up and maybe it’s for different situations, right?

‏‏Right. So, how do we find our true image?

‏‏Well, I have a signature system that I do. I call it The Styled to Sell and How to Upscale Your Image in Seven Steps. I use the acronym U.P.S.C.A.L.E and it stands for: Understand the magnitude of your platform or your message; Prepare for performance both on and off the stage; Style defined-meaning, find your unique signature style; Choose the right colors; Attack the closet; L is for Learn to shop; and then, E is Evaluate quarterly. Those are the seven steps, but I thought, maybe today, since we don’t have a ton of time-that’s like my program. What we could really do is maybe talk about the “A” and that’s the attacking the closet part because I do find that a lot of the confidence really starts in the closet. Think about the last time that, maybe, you got ready to go to either an important meeting or you were giving a presentation and you were so worried about your presentation that you were not really thinking about what to wear and then you’re stressed out and you’re in the closet and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, what am I going to wear?” I always like to say that’s the easy way that we can do, but I can give you five tips on that if you want to go over my steps.

‏‏Yeah, I would like that. It doesn’t matter how many clothes I have in my closet, I never have anything to wear. It’s always either, “Oh my God, I can’t wear it again! It’s a little too boring!” or I always want something new. It seems like, I need to have this magic formula of items in my closet that will be perfect for every event.

‏‏Well, actually, I think you’re right on it, my friend! There really is a magical formula and that’s what I do with my clients. I really create and I use this system to help them to really conquer the chaos and to build the confidence that they need so that they have the basic elements that are going to set them up for success. So literally, you can get dressed in five minutes or faster and just know that you have the key components that are already in your wardrobe to make it function and to make you shine.


‏‏You want to hear?

‏‏Yeah. I did MMA and I did Aikido. MMA was about attack and Aikido was about bending the force so yeah, teach me how to attack my closet-whatever that means-and then teach me how to “Aikido” my closet where I still work with it and just changed it a little bit so it helps my needs.

‏‏I love it, how we can tie this all together! How powerful is that, right? Okay, so there are five components of attacking your closet. The first one is, you really have to set aside the time to do some spring cleaning. Now, there’s a couple different ways that you can do that, but we know that when we have a functioning closet that’s organized and where we can find stuff, it’s so much easier to get ready. I mean, think of the last time when you’re trying to rush and you just couldn’t find the shoes or the necklace that you were thinking about or the earrings, but with the system and the tools that I have, I really can help people do that. The first thing is to set aside some time. Now, you might not have half a day or a whole day to conquer something like this so here’s my easy suggestion: Just take a shopping bag-an empty one-and put it in the bottom of your closet and as you’re trying things on and they’re not serving you, they’re not working, or you’re not feeling it, put it in the shopping bag to get rid of. The second step is to sort and eliminate so that’s one way you can do it. You can think of three different categories: one is, maybe, you had a great suit or a classic piece in there, but maybe you lost a little weight or maybe you’ve gained a few pounds, and it needs to be altered or adjusted, so put it in a category-so these are the things that need to go to the seamstress and be tailored. Number two is to get rid of those things that, maybe, they are really nice things, but they just either don’t serve you or whatever-you can consign them or donate them.

‏‏Do you have any emotional piece of clothes that you’re refusing to get rid of?

‏‏A lot of my clients do that. I have a system that I work with them to help release the things. I bet you know this-when we release things, we make a way for what’s new and create that space. So, yes, I think every single woman has something in their closet that they’re emotionally attached to. For sure!


‏‏So, okay, the part of the sort of eliminate, we talked about altering it, consigning, or donating it, and then the last one is to trash it, right? Because there are just some things that are peeled or torn or whatever and you’re not really going to repair them so that would be the sort and eliminate. The next thing is to categorize. Do you categorize your closet? Is it organized by color? Do you have a certain way that you like to sort?

‏‏Not color, but organized by gym clothes, every day, and evening.

‏‏Yes, so perfect! You can organize it by categories. You can do it by colors. As a matter of fact, I’m going to tell you how you can get my seven tips to declutter your closet as a free bonus gift later. It walks you through step-by-step and exactly how to categorize everything just so it’s a lot easier. I find that when you have a system and things are organized in categories, it certainly is a lot easier to just say, “You know what? I think I really want to wear this blouse today,” and then it’s easier to find the pants or bottom that’s going to go with it when it’s all together. You find that too? Is that easier for you to get dressed?


‏‏One of my favorite things to do is the next step and that is to pull out the core pieces. You are talking about the Aikido-you know, how do you work with what you have? First, once you’ve gotten rid of the things that don’t serve you anymore, you’ve created this space for some new things to come in and we want to see what you have. Always know that women have key pieces in their wardrobe that are definitely going to work so I call it ‘shopping in your closets’. We pull out the core pieces because you’ve got a fabulous jacket, maybe, a great blouse, pair of pants or skirts that you just really rock it in so we pull those things out and then we make a list of what’s missing. That way, you have a specific shopping list that you can go to the stores and add those items to your closet or I can help you with them.

‏‏That’s genius!

‏‏Well, it just makes it simpler. When was the last time you went shopping and kind of haphazardly, like you were saying, “I need something new,” when you don’t really know and then you end up buying all this other stuff?

‏‏Always! I never shop with intention. Maybe, rarely, if there’s an occasion, but yeah, it’s usually like, “I hope they have something in there like a new collection that I like!”

‏‏Which is fine to do it like that, but if you’re really trying to hold a core wardrobe-and we’re talking here, remember the acronym was UPSCALE? We want to upscale our image to be able to attract a more affluent client or to ask more money so we have to upscale our image. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to have key pieces that, maybe, invest a little bit more, but you don’t have to have as many things in your wardrobe to make them work?

We want to upscale our image to be able to attract a more affluent client or to ask more money so we have to upscale our image.

‏‏Absolutely! Less is more, sometimes.

‏‏Yes, exactly! So, once you have those pieces that help create that Aikido working so it functions, right? We can certainly mix and match and show you different ways because here’s another tip: A good wardrobe has two-thirds accessories and one-third clothing.


‏‏Yes, yes, yes! Two-thirds accessories and one-third clothing.

‏‏No way!


‏‏Oh my God, I’m doing it all wrong!

‏‏Well, you’re not the only one! I mean, that’s why I’m around to help. That’s a really easy way to update your wardrobe. If you’re thinking like, “Oh my gosh! I already have a closet full of clothes,” but if we can identify those key things that are like in the right colors for you, that really fit you, you’re rocking it, and are really authentic to who you are-like he said, you want to be that sexy and alluring or maybe, other times, you might want to be elegant or romantic, depending on the situation.


‏‏You have those things in your wardrobe and then we can mix and match them so they don’t look the same by using the accessories and different tools.


‏‏That makes sense. It brings me to the last thing, which is the coordinating the outfit. I have this awesome new tool and I’m so excited about it-I can actually put my client’s closet and their items online-like, in a web portal-and I can show them different ways to mix and match things so if they buy something they can upload it or if I suggest something that might go well with what they already have, it’s wonderful! It’s like putting pieces together of a puzzle. Isn’t that cool?

‏‏Right! But it seems like it’s going to take a long time to do that.

‏‏Actually, it really doesn’t. You can look at it in two ways, but you have to remember that anything worth investing time in is going to pay off. The question here is, do you really want to make more money? Do you really want to stand in your image and confidence? Do you want to attract your ideal clients? If the answer is “yes” to any one of those-

‏‏Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

‏‏Then we’ve got to invest some time. I mean, you are an expert at helping women with their health and looking at the whole aspect. Do you know if we don’t take care of ourselves then we can’t give to others or we can’t be the best version of ourselves? This is the same concept. I have little ways that you can bite it into bite-sized pieces, or just have that one knockout outfit and then we start to build from there. It doesn’t have to take a lot of times, but to really do a full transformation, sometimes, it might take six months, or it might take a year. It just depends on where the person is at and what they want and what they’re stepping into.

‏‏Right. What are the tools to find out your true image-just a few of them?

‏‏Well, I do have something that’s really simple. I’ll go ahead and give it because it’s a free online thing. It’s StyleandColorProfile.com where you can go online and just do a quick, little personality quiz. It will give you different makeup and color suggestions, which is fun and easy. That’s one way, but when I sit with a client, I have another questionnaire that I ask so that really helps to understand what your style is and to understand who you are, how you communicate, and then we can give you suggestions as to what style. For example, let me just give you a quick little nutshell so you can get some value here: This is a real simple assessment. There’s a classic-like a more tailored fashion personality. She likes timeless things. You can think of Jackie O, or Chanel because it’s classic and tailored. Refined and elegant would be ways to describe her. Then, we have natural. You can think of Jennifer Aniston-very wholesome beauty; looks for comfort in their clothing; wears little to no jewelry, probably has the same pocketbook that she wears or same jewelry and watch that she wears with every outfit; and she would much rather be in jeans and a t-shirt than any other you know personality. And then we have our divas or dramatics. That could be Madonna or Cher or Beyoncé; somebody who’s going to really step out; they’re going to take fashion risks; they like to be the trendsetters; they like to be the center of attention; they’re going to wear more accessories and maybe brighter colors and more makeup, but they like to experiment because they’re usually the trendsetters. And then, we have romantic. Romantic would be softer, ruffles and lace, flowy fabrics, gauzy materials, and maybe a little bit more free spirit. That’s just a real simple analysis just to kind of give you some ideas. Maybe you might resonate with one or two so we might have a predominant fashion personality and then the secondary one. So, for example, I heard you saying that sometimes, you like that romantic side, but I know a lot of women out there-if you think about anything that’s in your closet right now that still has tags on it? It might mean either (A) it’s not the right color, (B) it doesn’t fit you well that’s why you haven’t worn it or (C) it’s not in your style category. And so, by knowing-for example, if you’re not a ruffles and lace person and you’ve got stuff like that in your closet, you’re probably never going to wear it because it’s not you.

‏‏Right. Absolutely!

‏‏Does that make sense?

‏‏Completely! Do we need to form ourselves to match a certain box when we’re onstage performing or can we just be in any style and shine our truth?

‏‏I believe that every single woman is unique and she has her own style about her. I want you to think, for just a second, the last time maybe you went to a seminar, a workshop, or a big event where somebody was speaking onstage. When they get up on that stage, a lot of times you really can’t hear their message because you’re so distracted with what they’re wearing. Have you ever seen that happen? Has that ever happened before?

‏‏Not distracted, but just enamored. Not distracted. For example, I went to Traffic and Conversion and-I forgot his name-Perry something, but he was onstage and he was wearing his beautiful suit with a dash of color, and I just thought that it looks amazing.

‏‏Well, when they get it right, that’s what you’re going to remember, but when they get it wrong, sometimes, you can’t even hear what they’re saying.

‏‏I know what you mean! Yeah, I can remember.

‏‏There’s definitely ways for you to show up in your authentic way and that’s really what I help my clients to do-it’s to craft that. So they are authentic, but no, you don’t have to be in a cookie cutter box of how you should look. It’s just the importance of color because color has subliminal meaning behind it. Also, the details are so important because you really want them to hear what you’re saying and not really be distracted by what you’re wearing. You also want to be upscale, so that you really look the part that people want to know, to do business with you, and to trust you. There are ways that you can do that by wearing the right colors. For example, navy. Navy is a great color. It’s actually very popular right now and if it’s a good color for you, navy is a trust color, but for you, the diva that you are, navy might be really boring.

‏‏Actually, I like it! I do like it.

‏‏Awesome! See, there are ways that you can show up in an authentic way without being in the box.

‏‏What is your personal style?

‏‏I am a combination between classic and dramatic. I love bold colors and I love to take fashion risks, but I also like to have an elegant style. One further step and another, which I won’t go into all the details because that’s for another workshop, but I also can be characterized as fire. That’s one of my personality traits so when I get dressed, I like to be in things that are a little more alluring or attract attention. I’m not afraid to take fashion risks. I really enjoy that.

‏‏What is a fashion risk?

‏‏For me, maybe it’s wearing bolder accessories, wearing my hair in different ways, wearing really bright colors, or combining things that you normally wouldn’t necessarily think about together. I love accessories and scarves. I just love coordinating different things.

‏‏How long will it take us-oh sorry, did you say something?

‏‏Oh no, it’s okay. I was just thinking of one thing that I bought that I love and it’s like a magnet every time I wear it. It’s made bottle top caps like pop tops, and it’s a jacket. It’s this really cool, eco-friendly, fashion item that everybody walks up to me and go, “Oh my God! Is that what I think it is?” I love to wear it because it just starts a conversation-I wouldn’t say it’s a fashion risk, but it’s definitely out there.

‏‏Right. I have something that is, I guess, risky. I bought it years ago from Miss Sixty. It’s this yellow with tons of color. It’s a pair of pants with yellow and tons of color. It’s very special and very unique. Every time I wear it, people will comment or come to me or talk to me. It’s a good conversation piece.

‏‏Isn’t that fun? You must have fire in your personality.

You must have fire in your personality. Click To Tweet

‏‏Oh my God! A lot of fire in my personality! Never stopped!



‏‏That’s awesome!

‏‏I’m very happy I have a pool.

‏‏You’re so funny! That’s awesome.

‏‏What is true confidence for you?

‏‏Someone who can really stand in their own skin with power and knowingness about their true self. Just to stand in the greatness for who they are and not really worrying about what others think. If you think about the branding MAC Cosmetics has done-how they’ve really taken a stand for who they are and what they represent, they are so out-of-the-box when it comes to men, women, makeup artists, and people who have tattoos and earrings. They have Iris who’s 92 years old and is now their spokeswoman. They have Miss Piggy. They are not afraid to really stand true to who they are so for me, that’s like someone with confidence who can stand true.

‏‏I like that! Have you seen those viral videos where they take a homeless person and they clean him up, shave him, fix his hair, and all of a sudden, he’s a completely new person?


‏‏And my question is, that person who leaves as a homeless, right? And he looks at himself in the mirror with this new image, will that image affect his internal dialogue or will it just not be as long-lasting? Because there is the external image and the internal image that you need to integrate at some point. What should we do integrate them? I know we’re not as extreme, but sometimes, when we step up and we try to wear something that is outside of our comfort zone, we like it, but it’s like, “Hmm, I don’t know if this is exactly who I am. This outfit is so powerful, but I’m not sure if I am as powerful.” How do we integrate the external and internal power and show up powerfully?

‏‏That’s such a great question and you know what? I have a really awesome story and maybe this will relate it well. About a year ago, I ran a makeover contest for three winners for a big event. One of them came from a women’s homeless shelter because I wanted to give back and do something really amazing for one of these women. They had to fill out the questionnaire-you know, why they wanted the makeover, what it would mean to them, and that sort of thing. I picked this one woman and she just have a really hard life. She have had success and stuff before, but had just really ended up in this place. For her, going through the transformation was like a Cinderella story and I really know that I changed this woman’s life because by the end of it, what I saw in her was that she really had that inner, let’s call it, beauty about her, but what we had to do is make the outside match the inside and sometimes, it’s vice a versa-we have to do the outside for them to see the inner beauty like in this case, or sometimes, we have to work on matching the inner beauty to the outer beauty. It’s like a little bit of lipstick-it can make you feel amazing sometimes or in this case, it was the transformation of finding an outfit that made her feel powerful, but if you saw the difference in her posture, the way she held herself, the way that she smiled and the twinkle in her eye, I knew we hit on something really powerful. After it was over and we had this conversation, it’s like, “Okay, so what was that experience like for you?” and she was like, “Wow, I just needed somebody to show me that I could see this outer beauty in myself to have the interconnection from within and to have that belief.” For her, it was a catalyst that made her get clear that she had a message that she wanted to teach other homeless women: If she could do it, any of them could get out of it. I don’t know if that story helps to kind of answer that question.

‏‏That story helps and I think you showed me the before and after. It was incredible!


‏‏I remember our conversation in the ladies room.

‏‏Yeah, that’s right!

‏‏That was amazing! Yeah, you showed me some of those pictures. Can you send me some so that I can put them in the show notes?

‏‏Yeah, sure! I definitely will. She doesn’t mind me sharing. She has given me permission. She’s just amazing! I have some of the videos on the website too. If you want to see some of the transformations, you can show them too.

‏‏Incredible! What conversation do you have with a woman that feels bad about her self-image?

‏‏I like to ask the question of just like you asked me when we started-it’s “Give me some words that describe you.” If they can’t come up with them then I will ask them to go ask other people what those words are because I know that every woman has something-there’s got to be one thing that they feel beautiful about or confident around or secure. If we can find that one thing and build upon it, I really believe that that’s the starting point. If they’re in the space that’s not so healthy or they’re trying to make the shift into more confidence, that’s where you begin. Start with the words. And if they’re not yours, get somebody else to help you see it.

Every woman has something-there’s got to be one thing that they feel beautiful about or confident around or secure. If we can find that one thing and build upon it, I really believe that that’s the starting point.

‏‏Right. What’s the importance of the texture of the clothes you wear?

‏‏Depending on what you’re-like, our hair. For example, my hair is really naturally curly and so when you have curlier hair, you can wear more texture in your clothing because it balances that out. People who have really smooth skin, clear eyes, and straight, shiny hair, they can wear shiny satin whereas, if you put shiny satin on me, it is not going to look good. I’m going to look heavier and it’s going to be reflective of light and it just doesn’t work for me. Texture can have an important part also. An easy way to take ten pounds off your figure is by changing the texture. Sometimes, when it’s really heavy, it makes you look heavier-especially if you’re going to be on camera, you’re going to be on stage, or if you’re doing a video. You have to watch that.

‏‏What can we do to be powerful onstage?

‏‏Well, not only is your body language really important, you can think of Wonder Woman and how she has that stance with her feet and shoulder width apart, standing with their shoulders back, hands on your hips, and maybe, you’re not going to stand on the stage with your hands on your hips, but I did learn that actually, I think, from Dave, is when you tilt your head back just a teeny bit and that stance produces testosterone so that helps to create that power-you might want to do that before you get on the stage to build your confidence. However, the question was, how do you radiate confidence from the stage, right? Wearing brighter colors that are good for your color-you know, your skin, hair, and eyes-can be like a magnet. If you’ve ever seen anybody in a boring beige who doesn’t look good in that as opposed to something maybe in a brilliant blue, it can have a really powerful effect from the audience. That’s just one tip-it’s wearing colors.

‏‏What are the best colors onstage?

‏‏Well, as I mentioned before, each color have a message behind it. I would say, blue is definitely trust. Brown can also be trust, if you think about UPS. It’s reliable, dependable…

‏‏And boring!

‏‏And boring-right! Yeah, I wouldn’t wear brown onstage, but I’m just saying the meaning behind it. Red, but you have to be careful. Red can be great because it’s an attention-getter, but also from the stage, if you’re selling and you’re asking for money, it also can mean stop so that would be one really big tip about color from the stage-if you’re selling from the stage or let’s say, you’re doing a three-day event and the second day you know let’s say you’re doing a three day event and the second day is the day where you’re going to be presenting your packages or will be asking for money, I wouldn’t wear red that day. It doesn’t mean you can’t wear it the first day, but just strategically, yeah, think about it.

‏‏So, what’s the best color for that?

‏‏For which one?

‏‏For selling onstage.

‏‏Well, blue is great if it’s one of your colors. There are many shades of blue. Turquoise is the universal color that most people look really great in. Blue is trustworthy and that’s what you need. You need people to know, like, and trust you.

‏‏How did you start with this whole imaging business? What started that passion?

‏‏Well, it’s funny. I just want to go visit my parents and I was looking through old photo albums and I found this picture when I was like, I don’t know, eight years old. It was my birthday party and I’m wearing something that looks like a suit. It’s a jacket and it looks like a little St. John’s suit and I was cracking up like, “Oh my gosh, look at me!” I was laughing! Both of my grandmothers were very influential and my mother-they were all style icons and I think I learned a lot from them, but my mom would take me shopping and I would come home and I would see how many different outfits I could make from what we bought and then I’d have a little fashion show for my mom, dad, and brother.


‏‏I would model all my different outfits so I started at a really young age. I also had a passion for dancing. I was a ballet dancer and I taught aerobics for 18 years so I’ve always had that creative element around beauty and performance. I got my degree in marketing and fashion and I started. I worked as a buyer and then I got certified as an image consultant 26 years ago and moved to South Florida. I didn’t want to go backwards. I just wanted to move forwards and that’s when I started doing workshops on professional image and crafts so that’s kind of where it started.

‏‏Right. Do you do any rituals that condition your mind for success?

‏‏Great question! Yes, every morning, whenever possible, I really try to make it at least five days a week. I’ll get up early so that I can meditate and journal. I have a gratitude journal and I just really like to write down my thoughts and do my meditation. I love to exercise because that helps me to get clear and feel good about myself so I guess those would be my rituals. Like, a little self-care and spirituality and all of that.

‏‏Right. What’s your biggest dream?

‏‏Oh gosh! I love to travel. We went to Europe for five weeks this summer. I went to eight different countries. I had so much fun and my dream is to be able to take women overseas for a shopping retreat or a…

‏‏I’m coming!

‏‏So, yes! I really just have so much fun and it’s so fun to explore all the different fashions from around the world and I just thought what a cool thing that would be to be able to take women with me and empower them and explore the world together.

‏‏What makes you happy?


‏‏Aww! What kind of dancing?

‏‏Well, any kind of dancing, but I’m a ballet dancer at heart.

‏‏Wow! Who is your ideal client?

‏‏My ideal client is a professional speaker, an author, a coach, and a leader who is influential and really ready to step things up a notch or upscale. That’s why I use that acronym. They really want to upscale themselves and their business to attract their ideal clients.

‏‏Okay. Can you give three tips that our listeners can do today to improve their self-image?

‏‏Okay, I’m doing this off the top of my head. I would say, one, affirm what you love about yourself. Maybe it’s your eyes, your smile, or your hair. Maybe it’s the nape of your neck, your hands, your nails, or whatever-it could be something small, but what do you love about yourself? Remind yourself every day of how beautiful you really are and what you have to offer the world. Step one is affirm your own beauty in yourself. Number two is to make sure that you take care of yourself with your daily rituals. I shared mine with you around meditation or exercise or whatever. I also have my daily routine that I do with my skin care. I take really awesome care of my skin. I’ve been in the cosmetics and skincare business for 20-something years and that’s important. We can’t neglect those little things. Here’s a tip: If you’re really stressed out, do something that de-stresses you whether it be the nature-like, going to the woods or the ocean or whatever-or you can take a hot bath. A 20-minute bath is equivalent to two hours worth of sleep. I’ll say it again: A 20-minute bath is equivalent to two hours worth of sleep. If we’re really stressed out and we are not performing the best way that we can, we can never give to others and we can never help them be their best. I’m sure all of you are serving people in some way, shape, or form so take care of yourself and do those daily rituals to help you. One, affirming beauty. Two, do the self-care. Three, is to understand the power of image. Know that it can really make a tremendous difference not only in your lives, but those around you. I know many of you are influencers and in today’s world, the more influence you have, the more powerful you are, and the more significant your message is heard. Understand the importance of your image and how that fits in the world and your message.

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‏‏That was beautiful. I got really inspired.


‏‏Yeah, thank you for that! Where can people find you?

‏‏Well, they can go to my website, which is MarcellaScherer.com. Should I spell it out?


‏‏M-A-R-C-E-L-LA. Last name is S-C-H-E-R-E-R so it’s MarcellaScherer.com. You can find me on Facebook as well, but I wanted to tell them-if it’s okay with you?


‏‏I wanted to offer something really special because they showed up today and because you are bringing so much value by giving them all these wonderful things so I wanted to give something back to you and your audience as well. How’s that?

‏‏Thank you. Sounds good!

‏‏Okay, so, what I would love to do is a free 45-minute Upscale Your Image session. What we’ll do in that session is, we will help you to create a sense of clarity about upscaling your image that you really want to have to find out the essential building blocks for having the powerful and profitable image of your dreams; to discover the number one thing stopping you from having that powerful stage presence on and off the stage that you want, identifying the most powerful actions that will move you towards that upscale image you deserve, and then complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing exactly what you need to do to create that powerful presence. So, that’s going to be my little gift and for those of you who will go to my GiftFromMarcella.com, I will throw in an extra bonus and that is something you do right away and that’s Seven Tips to Declutter Your Closet Now and Look Wow-so they’re getting two things. How’s that?

‏‏That’s good. Thank you for that!

‏‏You’re welcome.

‏‏Yeah, and thank you-this whole conversation was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much!

‏‏Thank you so much. You are so beautiful and I am so excited about all the things that are coming your way. Thank you for having me!

‏‏Yeah, thank you! Thank you so much, my lovely listeners! Go upscale your image so you can influence not only your world, but also all the world around you. Have a good day and have a stellar life! I’ll talk to you soon!

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