Episode 338 | October 3, 2023

Awaken to Your Divine Reality with Dr. Kirby Hotchner

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to a transformational episode, Stellar Life listeners! I’m excited to introduce you to the extraordinary journey of healing. In this week’s episode with the incredible Dr. Kirby Hotchner,, we delve into the profound topic of awakening to your divine reality. 

Dr. Kirby Hotchner has over four decades of medical expertise and his profound spiritual connection has allowed him to help countless others. As a physician for 40 years and a spiritual healing minister, Dr. Hotchner’s passionate dedication helps people unveil their true identities and understand the essence of genuine healing, which he believes begins in the mind. Through his programs, Dr. Hotchner empowers individuals to attain optimal health by emphasizing the foundation spiritual healing provides.

In this can’t miss episode, Dr. Hotchner shares his invaluable wisdom on achieving true healing through spiritual awakening. Tune in to discover his unique, integrative approach and non-conventional methods to optimize your health. Without further ado, let’s dive into the show! 

In This Episode

  • [02:20] – Dr. Kirby Hotchner shares a personal journey of spiritual awakening, including experiences with homeopathy, and emphasizes the importance of consciousness and openness to spiritual guidance.
  • [06:28] – Dr. Kirby differentiates illusion from reality and emphasizes making daily periods of contact to experience God’s fullness.
  • [13:18] – Dr. Kirby emphasizes the importance of awakening to one’s divine reality rather than focusing solely on physical health and wellness.
  • [16:57] – Orion asks Dr. Kirby the types of meditation he practices.
  • [27:05] – Dr. Kirby describes the nature of suffering and the importance of practicing spiritual principles to connect with God to avoid being affected by worldly tragedies and suffering.
  • [29:10] – Dr. Kirby explains the concept of The Hundredth Monkey in terms of awakening our divine potential and a global shift in consciousness.
  • [35:23] – Dr. Kirby shares insights on how to connect with God in group situations, citing examples from Jesus’ teachings and miracles.
  • [43:09] – Dr. Kirby offers three top tips for living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Dr. Hotchner. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

It’s a great pleasure to be here with you today, Orion, and share with you.

Can you share a bit about your origin story and how you became the healer, the guide, and then the multi-layered doctor you are today?

First of all, I’m not a healer. We’re just the channels through which the healing energy comes. It’s been a process for all of us. My awakening probably started when I was 16 years old. My mom had a book on yoga by a yoga master. I read the whole book in one day.

Immediately the next day, I knew I wanted to do yoga. I started meditating. I changed my diet. I became a certified yoga and meditation instructor in college. I used to teach classes in that. I got involved with some spiritual groups to help me share some of that information.

Starting in sixth grade, I knew I wanted to become a doctor. I had a science teacher who inspired me, but I knew I always wanted to practice a different way of medicine, a more holistic way. I met a homeopath who helped me. After I finished medical school, in my internship, I spent a year with him studying homeopathy.

Over the last 42 years, I’ve just been guided to learn different things. I try to learn it with my patients. I try to learn new things all the time, and I keep my mind completely open to being guided by spirit to what it is that I need to learn so I can share that with my patients.

The true focus and the true awakening is the awakening in spirit, the awakening of our conscious, the truth to God and us. That’s been both a personal thing. I’ve had many experiences.

One of the greatest ones was 30 years ago when I had a book materialized in my home from a mystic that I never heard about. His name was Joel Goldsmith. He had passed. He made his transition in the 1960s. I read his book, and it changed my life.

Joel spent his whole life dedicated to helping people teach these basic principles that we can take into our consciousness and practice and set ourselves free from the hypnotic beliefs in this world. I started practicing these three principles. Within a very short time, many of the issues I had left were just opening consciousness to the truth.

It’s been a progressive unfoldment. It is for all of us. Our consciousness is constantly unfolding and awakening to God, our reality, but that has to be a conscious process. Each of us has to take the time to open our consciousness every day in this world, which is our divine reality spirit.

True focus and true awakening is the awakening in spirit.

If we don’t do that, all the hypnotic or universal beliefs in this world we’re born into come into our minds all day long. They’re hypnotizing our minds. They’re telling us to believe in reality. It’s not God. Of course, there is no such thing. But the mind then is full of shadows, false beliefs, dreams, and illusions in the dream world. Just like the dream world at night, the dream world at day time is no different. It’s made of the same substance.

As our consciousness opens to the light, God, and truth, the mind becomes more and more awakened in a moment to that which we are only in the light until the shadows start disappearing. If we’re looking for the answers out there in the shadows, good luck. You’re not going to find them because you don’t find solutions in the dark. The solutions are already within inside us, in the light.

I teach everybody how to connect the divine presence, how to open to that consciously, and to rest in that spirit, in that presence, and bear witness to what it’s doing in your life. That’s the most important thing I’ve learned that I share with everybody.

Everybody thinks it’s about doing a thousand things, taking a thousand supplements, changing your diet, and exercising. Those things are great, and I’d say they’re not great. But if your consciousness isn’t open to truth, none of that is going to bring permanent healing into your life, only through the realization that God brings permanent healing and awakening to truth.

Can you go deeper into the illusions? How can we make the difference between what’s real and what’s an illusion?

When we’re born into this world, every one of us is born into this mesmeric hypnotic matrix. It’s filling our world with sights, sounds, and smells created out of mental substance—universal beliefs. The only reality is God’s creation in the kingdom of God. There’s nothing outside of that, and there is nothing besides that that’s different.

You don’t find solutions in the dark. The solutions are already within us, in the light.

For millions of years, we’ve had this universal dream, and we keep coming back into it repeatedly, which we’ve accepted as a reality—beliefs in weather, germs, medical, theological, physical, and material beliefs. None of them are true. None of them may have anything to do with our reality, but they’re accepted as being real. And we’ve accepted them out of ignorance.

They act upon us because what we accept and believe affects us. The great revelation that Joel had, that mystic, was either just universal beliefs—beliefs in two powers: good and evil. They’re not personal. They have nothing to do with you and me. They have to do with universal, impersonal beliefs.

He would always say, and this was his first principle, “To impersonalize everything that’s coming into your mind from this world.” “This isn’t mine. If I’m feeling anxious, that anxiety is not mine. That didn’t come from within God. That came from this world.”

He teaches you, and this is what I teach to my patients: not to react. Practice being indifferent, cold, stone, steel, and different from the appearances of this world—non-reactive. Don’t pay any attention to which isn’t real, a shadow, or dark. Don’t fight it. As Jesus said, “Don’t resist the appearances of evil. Don’t raise your sword and fight with them. Don’t try to change them. Don’t try to overcome them. Don’t try to do anything to them.”

When you put your focus and energy on that, which isn’t real, you’re going to magnify its effect, and it’s going to affect you more. That which isn’t of God has no power over us other than the belief we’ve given to it. Now, we have to turn within and open our consciousness to God within us. God manifests for each of us as our individual soul, mind, consciousness, the life that flows through us, and the substance of our being.

Our real being is made of God. We’re given a spiritual body, perfect health, made out of him out of the spirit that’s eternal, and it’s immortal that we’re asleep too. If we don’t open to it or connect with it in our consciousness, we’re going to feel the shadows and illusions and accept them as the real world.

When we go within to connect with spirit, we’re coming in empty, with no thoughts, feelings or beliefs of our own. We drop all those universal beliefs. We’re coming just to experience our oneness of God. There is no other desire in our hearts just to experience God.

We suffer because we’re ignorant of our divine reality.

Now we’re open or receptive, and we can bear witness, behold, but God’s doing. Let him pray, let him meditate, and let him heal through us. We’re not doing it. The outer self doesn’t know how to do that. We’re allowing that within us—the Divine, the Christ, the Child of God—to pray and meditate through us. That’s what brings miracles and transformation to our lives.

We have to make those periods of contact every day. I tell people to submit two minutes three times a day. Firstly, when you get up, mid-day, and before you go to bed. Make that content. You’re not going there to heal anything. You’re not going there to ask for anything. You’re going there to experience that, which you are. The fullness of God is flowing infinitely through all of us all the time in infinite light, love, peace, joy, miracles, and grace. We already have it.

We are the kingdom of God, but we’re not connected. It’s like opening the water valve or plugging into the light, and then it flows. You got to plug in. We have to connect and be still. Forget all the other thoughts in your mind. Let them be. You don’t have to do anything with them. They’re not yours; they’re not real. Just bring yourself back that desire to experience God.

That spirit of God—the Holy Spirit— or whatever you want to call it, will help you make that connection. Make it nice and strong, so you’ll feel it every day. More and more, you’ll feel wisdom and strength flowing through you that will guide, speak, heal, blast, and forgive you.

Whatever you need, it’s already flowing through you, but it has to come out into the visible, through your consciousness, for you to experience it. Even abundance is inside and invisible in God. It’s not out there; it’s flowing from within to without.

God manifests for each of us as our individual soul, mind, consciousness, the life that flows through us, and the substance of our being.

Right. As you were speaking, I had so many questions pop in. I’m like, “Where am I going to dig this?” This is very interesting. Maybe start with who or what is your definition of God.

God can’t be defined. Anything you think you say or know about God, drop it because it’s not God. God that can be described is not God. It has to be experienced. God is an experience. It’s a personal experience inside each of us with our reality. And it’s going to manifest in each of us in a different way.

We have to go within to be fed, led, and awakened by God within us, so let go of all religious definitions. The closest that gets said is the holy word back at the Jews they would say is “I Am.” The sacred word in the temples was the I Am, the experience that Moses had with the burning bush.

The I Am that I Am, that’s the name of God. It wasn’t allowed to be pronounced except once a year in the Temple of Solomon, but the high priests did. That I Am the presence that we are is our divine reality. It’s the individual expression of God in us. God is not to be stated or analyzed. He’s to be experienced as our very self.

In some circles, it’s not even cool to say the word ‘God.” I hear a lot of interviews, and I’ve done it too. I’m like, “Do you believe in God, the Holy Spirit, or source? It’s almost like there is a bit of shame around saying the word “God” just to get everyone included.

Many people today have been turned off by the religious concepts of God, and rightly so, because religion is twisted and manipulated to their use and benefit of the word “God,” so they can control the people and control their way to God. Whatever people feel comfortable with, “creator, source, divine light, divine wisdom, Buddha, or mind,” it doesn’t matter. Forget the words; it’s about having the experience.

They need the words. We hold on to those words so that we have to have a definition.

Joel would call it the infinite, invisible field of which everything arises. Hence, we call it the infinite way, the infinite invisible flowing through us all the time to which everything arises.

In your practice, how do you combine God within your practice? You do so many different types of medicine.

God is not to be stated or analyzed. He’s to be experienced as our very self.

I always tell people, “That’s your priority.” The first and most important thing you’re going to do is make that connection with spirit every day. If you don’t do that, forget everything else. You’ll feel better physically, but you will not achieve a change in your consciousness, permanent healing, or permanent awakening by eating lettuce, taking a supplement, or exercising. Those are great things.

I teach everybody how to optimize their diet and biochemistry, take optimal supplements, and exercise. We should do all those things. They’re great things to do, but they’re secondary to the awakening in spirit. That’s always primary. It’s always my focus. 

How do we optimize our bodies?

The spiritual body, the real cell, is made out of God, it’s made out of spirit, it’s made out of light. Only in consciousness can that be realized. It’s already perfect, it’s already whole, and it’s your only reality. That body doesn’t need to be changed, fixed, or healed. It needs to be awakened.

Everything else is a misperception that you’ve been taught by somebody who you think you are. People forget those misperceptions. We’re not here to change the physical body. We’re here to awaken to the divine body, the divine health—the perfect health our Father gave us.

The other thing He’s already given us is a temporary boost, a crutch, a temporary help so we can feel a little bit better while awakening the spirit. Eating better, exercising, and taking supplements can make you feel temporarily better and give you a sense of temporary well-being, but that can be taken away by anything in this world quickly if we’re not awakening the spirit. That’s why I say that’s not enough.

I see many patients who eat great diets, take their supplements, do intermittent fasting, exercise, and don’t feel good. They’re getting worse because they’re missing the spiritual component. Nobody is sharing with them. That’s the key.

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I know everybody wants to focus on the physical body, losing a few pounds, and all that, but they got their focus backward. You always put your focus on spirit first. As the divine light, that grace, and all that flows through you, which is projected outwardly, will correspond to that which you realize inwardly because everything out here is coming into consciousness, but your consciousness has been distorted by the beliefs you’ve accepted in your mind.

We’re not here to change this world. We’re here to awaken from the false perceptions we have in our minds and let that, which is real, be projected. It’s like the sun or the moon reflecting the light, and we’ll see it in an image.

What you see here is an image. It’s a reflection, either of the misperceptions you’re holding in your consciousness or your awakening to your divine reality. You have to choose what you want to experience. Do you want to experience what you are? Or do you want to continue to experience an illusion? No matter how beautiful the illusion is, it doesn’t compare anywhere to who you are. Nowhere near the divine reality of who you are.

Everybody who’s had that new death experience and has come back will tell you what it’s like. The incredible connection, oneness, unity, peace, joy, and love they feel when they’re out of that sense of being in the physical body is indescribable. Only through meditation, which is the rural road, all the mystics have taught, “Can we start bringing about that awakening into our consciousness?” Every single initiator or mythical school taught meditation in communion with the divine.

Right. What type of meditation do you do? And what do you recommend?

Meditation is not visualization. It’s not an act of thinking our thoughts or anything else. It’s opening our consciousness with the intention of experiencing God, being open and receptive, and allowing the spirit to pray and meditate through you. Say, “Father, speak. I’m listening. I’m open.”

We’re not here to change the physical body. We’re here to awaken to the divine body, the divine health—the perfect health our Father gave us.

The deepest meditation in prayer is the prayer of silence, no words, no thoughts, just holding your heart open to God and letting God move and meditate through you. That’s the deepest meditation. Everything else is not meditation, and it’s a contemplation or a visualization. That’s working on the mental plane. You’re not going to rise to the spiritual plane by doing thoughts.

That can prepare the table for meditation, but meditation is done in communion, in your heart, with God when you surrender in silence, open to God, forgetting about the world, the other thoughts, and the desire to experience oneness.

When you do muscle testing on your clients or patients, do you hear a voice in your head?

I connect with spirit first. I do it silently. I connect with the Holy Spirit so that it can be guided to what is the right thing. When I’m muscle testing, I’m just asking the spirit or Jesus, “What do we need to remove all the obstacles to our awakening? Show us what we need to do to make the perfect protocol for prevention and healing.” It’ll guide me to what is the best thing.

I’m tuning into that divine intelligence. As Jesus said in A Course in Miracles, “Ask me even the smallest little thing you need in your day, and I will tell you the best thing for you.” Consult with me, and I consult with him, “What does his person need?” I don’t tell that to most people.

“What are the best supplements? What’s the best diet? What’s the best therapy? What do they need?” I just listen to whatever comes through. I don’t always understand it, but it’s always the right thing for the person. We get out of the way. It’s the tuning in.

Yes. Also, in my experience with you, you always learn new things. You always evolve. There is a saying that there is a doctor with 20 years of experience, but he’s repeating the same year over and over again for 20 years. Your case is very different because you keep evolving.

Every week, I’m learning new things, leaving the things behind that aren’t working as well, trying to learn better ways of doing everything, being open to the spirit, allowing the spirit to guide me to better ways to do things right, and bringing the right people into my life that can teach me, or the right book, or the right course. “There’s so much out there; you can get lost in everything. So, guide me to where they need to learn right now.”

Patients will see, when they come back six months later, that everything’s different. A different way, different tests, the testing is in a better way. The spirit is infinite; it’s always revealing itself in a deeper, more infinite way. We’ll never stop learning, none of us ever, even if we’re not on the side of the veil. We’ll continuously go to deeper and deeper layers of awareness of God.

Healing is a personal journey that embraces change and positive transformation.

The wisdom that flows will take us deeper and deeper into that wisdom. It’s a never-ending process that we continuously open to, so it’s not supposed to ever end. We have all the benefits now these days of all the new technologies, testing, supplements, and so many things that were coming out that weren’t available even five years ago. They just weren’t.

That’s so true. It’s going to get more and more evolved. It’s really fast. A lot of the new modalities are around sound frequency and light therapies.

They’re discovering that frequency and using energy is often a quicker way of healing the body than crude things like a vitamin. They all have their place. I focus on the spirit, the energy, and the vibration. I do because that’s what significantly changes people’s systems quickly.

What did you learn recently that was mind-boggling or life-changing?

A lot of things. But the latest thing I’ve been looking into is there’s a doctor in California, a Ph.D. psychiatrist, Dr. Goodenow, who has developed over 30 years of patented technology for testing 1:2 of blood, hundreds of biomarkers in the blood, where he can look at deviations from optimal patterns when a person is young. Through simple lifestyle changes, diet, and supplements, we can restore their biochemistry to optimal.

These are tests that nobody else is looking at. He’s got the most sophisticated laboratory in the world. Many of these markers, nobody else has studied over hundreds of thousands of samples over many, many years. He just finished his doctor’s training. The things known by research scientists that were not taught in medical school are mind-blowing.

Like what?

The deepest meditation in prayer is the prayer of silence. No words or thoughts needed, just holding your heart open to God. Click To Tweet

For example, doctors don’t know what cholesterol means, cholesterol metabolism, optimal markers, or what’s going on in the system. What’s it telling us? There are all kinds of simple biochemical things we can look at. Traditional medicine gives us the opposite of bad information about what we must do.

They’re saying high cholesterol is bad when the higher cholesterol is beneficial, and people live longer and healthier. It’s a marker for overall good health, and suppressing it with a stat or some at the lower levels increases your risk of death or causes mortality, cardiovascular mortality, and all kinds of chronic issues. That’s just one example of many.

We’re not tied to medical school to what optimal markers look like in biochemistry. We’re not taught to do anything except use a drug or surgery to treat an effect and to diagnose a disease. The focus needs to be optimizing health, keeping the person in good health, and not focusing on the disease and just getting rid of a disease with a drug.

I’m not saying the drugs aren’t sometimes necessary. They are for band-aid situations and serious emergencies. But for healing, they have no place, even chronic diseases. They don’t bring healing; they just make people sicker and cause more side effects.

Do you get criticized by other doctors in your field?

I don’t pay attention to that. I used to teach in medical school and would get that all the time from the other professors there. That’s why I left after 15 years because they were always criticizing me for the way I looked at things.

I’ve never cared what other people think. I always care about my patients’ well-being and health, teaching them what they need to do. That’s what’s important to me, and you know it. I’m not here to stroke another doctor’s ego or go with the status quo. I’m here to learn what my patients need to optimize their health and to teach them that. My patients know that.

Right, yes.

When you surrender in silence, meditation happens in communion, in your heart, with God.

We’re going to look at things in a very different way than you would if you were to go to a traditional doctor. We spend a lot of time with our patients. We’ll spend 40 to 50 minutes for a follow-up visit, where the regular doctor is spending 5 to 7 minutes. You can’t do anything in 5 to 7 minutes. That’s not possible.

Right, it’s not possible. In the future, looking at all those new blood tests, with all the thousands of markers, do you think the doctors will use AI to figure that out or to help it?

Yes, those doctors are open-minded. We’ll be able to use computer technology to interpret some of the things we know. We don’t have to do it by hand each time. We analyze it by hand and get the results quicker, so we don’t have to spend so much time.

I was just having that conversation today with the process or the scans. Yes, it’s going to get to that point. More and more doctors, as they get the information, will be trained in techniques first. I guess many doctors are getting disenchanted with the way they practice.

I think you’ve seen the same person repeatedly, the same problem because nobody ever healed with some regular medicine. They don’t get better. They’re just paling the symptoms. We want to see people get better, get them off their drugs when possible, and have less dependence on these things they have to take.

Right. People are very addicted to their drugs. You take a certain drug, and you have to take it for the rest of your life.

Yeah, because it’s not healing anything. You have to have a lot of experience to know what you’re doing. People have certain medications that have to be weaned off of because it’s dangerous to stop them. I never pull anybody off anything until they’re ready to fix the underlying issues, and the person is better, and then we start weaning it down. Certain medications are going to be written off that aren’t necessary and are harmful.

That’s where your clinical experience has to come in. You can’t just yank a person off certain cardiac or psychiatric medicines. They have to be weaned down when it’s appropriate in the appropriate way. Often, people are weaned to fast stuff, such as psychiatric medicines, which causes a problem with medicines. You have to have a lot of experience in what you’re doing. I don’t recommend anybody ever doing that for themselves.

The spirit reveals itself in a deep, infinite way.

Do you believe chronic issues that people say doctors say they will never be cured can be cured? Is there a cure for everything?

Of course. If that which is disease is not your divine reality. Your divine reality is always whole. Of course, spirit can wake us up from that. Everything can be healed. It won’t necessarily be healed for everybody because not everybody’s willing to do what they need to be healed, but it’s certainly within the realms of possibility. It’s been happening.

Every single disease under the sun, whatever you call it, has been healed by some people, meaning that it certainly is possible. But each case is a new case. What is the person willing to do? Are you willing to do what you need to do spiritually to awaken? Are you willing to do some of the things like change your diet and let go of some of the drugs? Not everybody wants to do that.

They’re so attached to their beliefs and how they’re doing things, or they’re getting secondary gains. Somebody’s taking care of them. They’re not willing to make those changes.

We cannot do it for the other person. We can’t eat for them. We can’t meditate for them. We can help them, love them, and support them, but that only goes so far if the person is resistant to making the change. Each of us has a responsibility to do some of these things.

What is the nature of suffering? Why do we suffer?

We suffer because we’re ignorant of our divine reality. Buddha had that great revelation. He spent 30 years wondering, from when he left the palace to when he did illumination, going from master to master, trying to find the answer to suffering and disease. And he couldn’t.

He didn’t find it until he fell asleep under the Bodhi tree, had its illumination, and then they asked him, “What is it now that you know that you didn’t know before?” He said, “Now I’m awake. I’m awake from the dream. I realized I was dreaming, the illusion. I was asleep.” The source of all suffering is being attached to the dream—ignorance of who our divine reality is and not being awake in spirit to the truth.

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When you’re attached to that, which isn’t real, it’s a shadow, a dream, or an illusion. You’re holding on to it. That’s the source of the suffering because now you’re attached to something that isn’t of God. Anything in this world can come into your mind when you’re not connected. A tragedy, accident, disease, relationship, or disaster. Those things of this world come in when we’re not connected.

Joel always say that when you’re connected and open, you know the spirit, and you’re practicing these principles; 90-95% of the garbage coming in from the world as it touches your consciousness will not affect you. It’ll be dissolved as it touches the light of your consciousness.

It’s not going to be 100% of this world. They even used sweat and blood and were in fear the last night in The Garden of Gethsemane. We’re not looking for it to be 100%, but as you connect with the spirit, 80-90% will not touch you, and the other that comes into your consciousness, we meet very quickly with your consciousness as you just connect a little bit longer. That’s been my experience over and over again.

I’m not being at the level that you’re at, and being in the illusion, and being affected by the world and tragedies, political turmoil, and all that. How do you do it? You say I connect to God. Still, it seems so hard not to get sucked into it.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have compassion for people who are still in ignorance and do not process it. It deepens your compassion. “Father, forgive them for their ignorance. They don’t know what they do. Open their eyes through grace and the spirit so they can be awakened and remembered.” But again, it’s up to the person to practice it.

Peace comes one by one individually as we open to the piece that’s guiding us. It radiates through you. I love that peace, that joy everywhere to everyone open. As we do this in mass, which is happening on the planet now, more and more people are waking, connecting, and opening. That critical mass is building up to where it gets to maybe 1%, like the Hundredth Monkey Effect, and then the whole morphogenic field explodes, and everybody starts waking up.

We’re getting very close. We’re in the last throes on the planet now of the shadows, the evil trying to make its last attempt, which is what went on with COVID-19. It failed. Of course, it’s going to fail. It’s not part of God’s plan. God’s plan is for every one of his children to awaken and remember that the government’s on his shoulders, not anybody on the earth. Peace is only the piece of God realized in each of us that’s shared with each other. You will not find it in treaties, bombs, weapons, or anything. Those never brought peace to any country. The more people realize that and come together and connect with God at the table to talk and share, the more they will have true peace. 

You mentioned the 100th Monkey. Can you explain that concept to people who don’t know it?

That’s the story in the Australian islands, all these islands that are separated. A monkey started washing the fruit for the first time. Another monkey saw him and started doing it too. By the time it got to the 100th monkey, all the other monkeys started washing the fruit, too. With the 100th monkey effect, the morphogenic field of consciousness exploded.

Site crystals. Crystals crystallize when they happen in enough places and enough laboratories. It’ll happen in all the laboratories around the world independently. It’s like they did an experiment once with Transcendental Meditation, I don’t know if you remember that. You might be too young. I think it was in the 1970s.

I know of it.

When they got 1% of the planet to meditate, one day, whenever they were meditating across the whole planet, crime decreased, and hospital admissions decreased because everybody was meditating. Conscious 1% of the population, these other consciousnesses are up in the God, and then it’ll take place everywhere. We’re getting close.

I see a lot of people awakening, but I also see a lot of people suffering.

Every light intensifies unconsciously on the planet, which we’re holding on to of the shadow, and resisting will make us suffer more because we’re holding on. It’s dragging us back into the shadows.

If we’re not embracing the light, we will feel it more. You’re going to feel more suffering, more pain, and a lot of people are still holding on to the old ways, the old institutions, the shadows, and it’s just going to cause suffering. Eventually, we’ll all let go of it; we’re all going to wake up.

If somebody’s listening right now and suffering, what steps can they take to relieve it or even see through the illusion? It’s almost like when you’re in it, you can’t see through. It’s like fish in the water.

When you’re right in the middle of pain and suffering, physical and emotional pain, it’s challenging because you don’t want to do anything. You don’t want to meditate. You don’t want to pray. You don’t want to change anything. And I get that. We’ve all been there and done that.

A Parenthesis in Eternity by Joel Goldsmith

Those things drive us to the bottom of the pit, where we can surrender. “I don’t know what to do for myself.” You can surrender—totally empty—to God within you. And you allow the spirit through. Everybody will get to that point.

You can certainly seek somebody else at a higher level of awakening to help you temporarily, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Joel did it, and I’ll do it. Other people do it. We can help each other that way, but that’s temporary while we’re learning to do it ourselves. That’s the ultimate goal.

Seek help where you can, but allow the heart to open and surrender to the divine and make that connection a few times a day. You don’t have to do anything except connect. It’s like asking the light to come into this room without plugging in the cord and flipping the switch.

I don’t care how well the laws of electricity are working; the room is wired for light. If we don’t flip the switch, which is our intention or desire to connect with God, and we’re not plugged in, no light will come into our consciousness. It’s not going to flow through you. It’s not possible. All you’re going to experience are shadows and darkness.

It’s a choice each one of us has to make. Do you want to be suffering and experiencing the darkness? Or do you want to embrace the light within you? It takes no effort on your part. It’s just empty, surrendering, listening, allowing the spirit to connect and pray through you. 

How do you protect your energy?

You don’t have to. It’s God’s energy; it’s not mine. God doesn’t need any protection. There’s nothing but God. Why would you need to protect yourself when God is all there is?

I feel that sometimes, when I shine brightly, when I’m really in my power, when I’m connected, it seems like other people don’t enjoy watching that, or they will try to drag me into their suffering.

There will be some people who, when they feel the light of God radiate from you, don’t want to be around you because it makes them uncomfortable. That happens to everybody. That’s okay, that’s their choice. But those that will be drawn to, and even from many places in the world, will be many more than those repelled by it.

Even Jesus walked away from many people. He didn’t heal a single person in his hometown. They just saw him as the carpenter’s son. He said, “Shake the dirt off your foot and walk on to those that want to receive the gifts of spirit.” It’s not for everybody.

You don’t have to do anything except connect with the divine.

Nobody can take away the light of God in you because it’s always flowing when you’re connected. You don’t have to protect yourself. You’re automatically protected when you’re connected.

I hosted a meeting. There were 20 women there. I was just hosting and didn’t voluntarily help out. At the end of that meeting, I felt so depleted. It’s almost like I gave all of me. I went home, and I was just exhausted. The next day, I was so tired.

That’s what used to happen when I hadn’t learned to connect with spirit, and I was just working off my energy. When it’s your own energy, and you’re just doing that kind of thing, you’ll be drained quickly because you have a very small amount of energy. But if it was the divine life force and light flowing through you, there’s no effort on your part. God’s flowing through, God’s doing the healing, praying, and meditation. You’re not doing anything. You’re just being a channel. It doesn’t drain you one bit.

I arrive home no different than when I left in the morning because it’s not my energy. I don’t give any of my own energy. I don’t know what the person needs. I don’t know how to heal. Jesus will tell you the same thing. “I, myself, can do nothing. It’s the Father within. He’s the one that does the work.” When you’re feeling depleted and tired, that’s a sign you’re not connecting. You’re trying to use your own brain, mind, and stuff.

That’s a great point. It’s like when you do Reiki. When you try to use your life force, you come before it. How can I connect to God in this type of situation?

Reiki, acupuncture, hands-on healing, massage, or whatever technique you’re doing, it’s not the technique that heals the person. It’s the consciousness, the light of God flowing through you through that needle going through your hands, that’s bringing the healing. You could put one needle anywhere in the body. If that consciousness or God flows through you, that person can get into healing.

You can put 10 needles on them and your consciousness in there, and they won’t heal. You can massage the person. If you’re using your own life force, you’ll get tired, and they’ll get some temporary benefit. But if the light of God is flowing through you while you’re doing it, they will get treatment.

Nobody can take away the light of God in you because it’s always flowing when you’re connected.

That’s the difference between the two practitioners: one is connected to God, and the other just uses his intellectual knowledge—totally different results.

Yeah, thank you for that. I’ll connect and ask for help.

When you plug into the light, you have to ask the light what to do or tell it what to do. It goes everywhere. It knows what to do. Is it the light of God’s doing that all the time to one that’s connected? Of course, it is. You don’t need to know what to say, do, or think.

It will put the words in your mouth. It will heal through you. Jesus said it all the time, “I can’t do anything, I can’t heal anyone.” If he couldn’t tell anyone, you can’t, I can’t. It’s the Father within, the Holy Spirit, the Christ, the light of God, and you that’s moving through you that’s doing the healing.

It’s interesting because when I do one-on-one hypnosis or coaching sessions, I always stay to that moment to connect and pray for God to flow through me. It’s like I’m a different person. Words come out.

Now you’re a different person. You are connecting more to the divine within you, and that’s your reality. When you’re not connecting, you’re dependent on your training and your knowledge of this world, but it’s very limited.

Very limited, so limited. I totally get it.

But not near the benefit they’ll get when the wisdom of the universe is flowing through your lips, for the light of God is right through your heart.

Yeah. I really appreciate that you’re sharing that because I never thought of doing it in group situations.

Did it matter to Jesus when he did it with one person or 10,000 people? No, it doesn’t matter. We’re all one. The Christ, or the Holy Child of God, is in every single one, the same person. The same thing happened when he multiplied the bread. He didn’t do it. There’s only a few pieces of bread, and he fed thousands of people because there’s an infinite supply through God in us all the time that’s flowing, and he just connected with that.

He multiplied the bread, multiplied the fishes, healed the multitudes and forgave the sinners. That’s what it does. It’s the Christ, the Child of God in you. Stop trying to do it yourself. That doesn’t work. You’re going to frustrate yourself, you’re going to tire yourself, and then people are going to get limited responses.

We’re not here to change this world. We’re here to shed our illusions, live our purpose, and find peace.

That’s amazing. I love that. Thank you for that reminder. It’s such a beautiful thing to remind me.

Remember, meditation is not a mental thing or mental knowing. It’s an experiential thing, where you’re feeling like Jesus, “Now the spirit of God is upon me. Now I can go out and ordain to heal the sick.”

Not until that moment did he do a single healing. The spirit of God is going to be upon you. You’ve got to be connected. The spirit of God flowing through you brings the healing, not you. It’s not about us, it’s never about us. It’s not about me; I’m not the healer. Nobody does. There’s nothing healed.

After we connect, and even for us who are connected, do we leave in a physical body?

You’re living the illusion of being in a physical body. It has nothing to do with your divine reality. You’re not in the body. This world is inside of your consciousness. It’s being projected from the ego mind, this whole world. Like I said, it’s a dream, and none of it’s there at all. Only what God created is there.

Jesus said a thousand times, “The kingdom of God is right in the midst of you, and you see it not. You have ears, and you don’t hear, and you have eyes, and you don’t see. Lo, it’s right in the midst of you, but you have to go within. In your closet, close your eyes, go within there in silence, commune with your Father.”

You’re not going to see it with your physical eyes or hear it with your physical ears. You’re going to know it with your inner eyes, your inner vision. You’re going to feel that peace of God as you connect with Him. You don’t need to see lights, sounds, visions, or anything special. You’ll just feel peace, the peace of God.

Sometimes, you might hear a word. I’ve been meditating for it, but I’ve never heard anything. It’s not about having those mystical visions and all that stuff. Forget that. Just connect and let the peace of God fill you and share it.

The spirit of God flowing through you brings healing, not your personal actions.

I don’t use you. You don’t even have to. He’ll use you as a channel. He’s using you and your show as a channel. This is what this is all about. You’re trying to get this out through your show, the words you speak, your eyes, your heart, your thoughts, everything that’s coming through you as it’s imbued with God’s consciousness. All those listeners that are listening to you are going to feel it.

I hope somebody’s feeling something. If you’re feeling something, please leave a review. Let us know. You realize, “I want to know what you feel right now.” I feel it already. Since the beginning of the interview, there’s been a shift happening within me.

You’re glowing. You feel it. You’re so bright right now.

You’re so sweet. Thank you.

You are. You can feel it.

Thank you. I’ll take it. I know an illusion; we are divine beings, yet I would like to ask you. What are some non-conventional advice that you can give around supplements, our way of life, or things that might be beneficial for us to do for our health on a daily basis?

We can speak about general things that are good for everybody. But when it gets down to each case, you have to customize the supplements they take and fine-tune it to what’s going on in their biochemistry and what’s going on with them before we go for the muscle testing.

Things in general that are good obviously healthy diet, organic food, natural food, more of a plant-based diet, getting rid of processed food, not overdoing things like excess meat, dairy, gluten, and inflammatory food. Doing exercise regularly, especially resistance exercise with weights to keep the muscle mass up, teaches your body to burn fat, which is its primary fuel. Some fasting appropriately, like intermittent fasting, teaches your body to burn fat. Getting seven hours of sleep and meditation is really important.

Those are simple things everybody can do: meditation, getting good sleep, making your diet better, and doing some exercise. Those are all things we do anyway, and most are free. It’s buying food, which we got to do anyway. Besides that, the extra things we need would be on a case-by-case basis based on what we’re seeing and different tests, muscle tests, biochemical tests, energetic testing, etc.

Yes, thank you. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

A Course in Miracles by Foundation For Inner Peace

(1) Connect with God—meditate and let God pray for you. (2) Same as number one. (3) Same as number two and number one.

Okay, cool. 

Those are the three top tips. The other things are the gravy—getting your seven hours of sleep and taking time to have fun and relax. Make your system more parasympathetic, which we give people exercise to do. Eat a good diet, and do some exercise.

Again, many people say, “Oh, that’s too much for me.” Start by just making the connection with spirit because if that won’t change your whole life, then there’s no willpower. If you have an addiction, the addiction will start falling away naturally. If you’re craving sugar, it’ll start flying away naturally, running, trying to use willpower. Your diet will naturally change. You’ll naturally be motivated to exercise.

The other way around, it doesn’t work so well. When you’re trying to force yourself by willpower to change your diet or exercise, that’s really hard for many people to do. That’s why the connection first is really important. Put the horse in front of the cart, not backward.

Yes, because people often focus on those things and lose their connection.

And then they get overwhelmed, which takes them totally out of their connection. They don’t do it; they get rebellious. So number one, two, and three. While you’re connecting, start introducing some of these other things gradually. How does it feel to speak to you?

How do you see the future in your practice? Where do you see yourself going in the future?

Wherever God leads me, whatever he wants me to learn, bring with the people who truly want to heal. I don’t know. If I look at my practice a year ago, it’s so totally different. I don’t know what it will be like next year. I don’t need to know because God knows. God’s got the plan. God’s got a perfect plan for each of us.

We don’t know what will happen a second from now, much less a year from now. But as we stay connected in the holy instant or the eternal now, it will just unfold. Don’t worry about a year from now. Let it unfold each day by making your connection, and let God’s revelations unfold through you and bring to you what you and your clients need.

Stop worrying about the future or the past. They don’t exist; only the eternal now, the holy instant, exists. That’s your point of power. We live in eternity, and we don’t live in time. Time’s an illusion. We live in God in eternity. We’re just asleep to that right now.

Connect through the now with what’s going on and pay no attention to the past or the future because they have no power over you. We get lost by going into the past or the future. You’ll be guided to what you need to do for the future from this point of view right now. That’s about it.

Yeah, thank you for that. That’s beautiful. I’m very curious to see where you are in a year or two and what will happen.

We’re all going to be having some very different revelatory experiences happening to us over the next few years. As the consciousness of the whole planet is awakening and shifting, we can all look forward to many transformative changes. We go along for the ride, open to it, and awaken, or we resist it and suffer. Suffering is no fun. We don’t have to resist that, which is our reality.

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It’s frightful. The ego mind puts a lot of fear in us to look within, to connect, and to be willing to see and remember who we are. It’s beautiful beyond description, but the ego doesn’t want you to go there. It’s turning away. You’re going to be destroyed and sucked into God and disappear. No, that’s not what happens.

Your expression of God, your reality, will be revealed to you more and more. It’s like the wave of the ocean. The wave doesn’t disappear. It’s still, but it’s one with the ocean. The sun doesn’t disappear; it’s one with the sun, but the fullness of the ocean and the sun are in that sun being in that way. Just as you are the fullness of God, manifest, not the human being, the divine reality.

We can either polish our glass and be glass transparent or let more mud and illusion cake for glass. What we see is a distorted image of who we are. We will polish the glass as we meditate, pray, open, allow the divine light through, and keep the channel open. That’s my parting words.

Amen. Where can people find you and get involved with you?

We’re not taking new patients. Our practice is full-on because we’ve had way too many people want to come in. We may at some point later on. I do a healing service open to anybody once a month, on the second Saturday. I wish they could tune in through our Instagram.

They can go to my website, www.drhotcher.com. They can call the office, 305-856-8185, to get information about the healing service. Right now, I’ll do a seminar or podcast like this every once in a while. I only see about eight patients a day because we spend a lot of time with the patients, so I can only see so many people on the way. We have hundreds of people that want to come in, and we see it. I’m just one person. I can’t see them all individually.

Thank you so much. Dr. Hotchner. It was a pleasure. It made me feel really good inside.

I’d say for some of the listeners, too.

Thank you. Thank you, listeners. Remember to connect to God, meditate, and allow God’s healing to flow through you. Take care of yourself, take care of your body, take care of your heart, and have a stellar life.

Amen. Thank you very much. Bless you.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Start your day with a deep connection to the divine. Open yourself to God’s presence, saying, “Father, speak, I’m listening, I’m open.”

{✓} Dedicate time each day for meditation. Spend at least two minutes, three times a day, in meditation or communion with the divine. This is a crucial practice to awaken to your divine reality.

{✓} Realize that your spiritual body is already perfect and whole. It doesn’t need fixing or healing; it needs awakening. Physical health practices should complement your spiritual journey.

{✓} Choose your experiences. Prevent the experience of negative illusions and awaken to your divine reality. 

{✓} Shift your perspective from drug treatment to health optimization. Seek to understand and address the root causes of health issues. Emphasize sickness prevention and holistic well-being.

{✓} Believe in the possibility of healing. Maintain the perspective that healing is possible for any condition. 

{✓} Seek divine guidance. Before making decisions, consult with the Holy Spirit or your higher self. Ask for guidance on the right health, relationship, and life paths.

{✓} Surrender to the divine when suffering or facing challenges. Empty yourself and relinquish control. Allow the Spirit to guide and heal you.

{✓} Release your attachments. Understand that suffering often arises from clinging to the illusions of this world. Practice detachment and surrender to God’s plan for your life.

{✓} If you’re interested in Dr. Kirby Hotchner’s healing services, consider participating in his monthly healing service every second Saturday of the month and tune in via Instagram.

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