Episode 303 | January 31, 2023

Trust the Universe with Orion Talmay

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I’m so excited to share my first solo episode in some time! The word for today’s session is “trust.” There are times in life when you forget that someone out there is navigating your life—someone I call God.

Have you ever wondered why you’ve experienced many difficult seasons? At times, do you blame the universe for your hardships? Projecting blame and negativity can keep you from the joy that awaits you, impact your destiny, and prevent a close connection with God.

Trusting God and his wonderful plans is the first step in shifting your destiny. You have to embrace hardships along with the good to enjoy a blessed life. In this episode, I’ll help you start trusting the process to positively transform. You are powerful beyond measure.

And now, without further ado, onto the show.



In This Episode

  • [01:20] – Orion talks about “trust” and how it can bring miracles in your life.
  • [05:09] – Orion believes in the theory of multiple timelines. How can you shift your destiny?
  • [06:51] – Orion shares her hardships and how she overcame them.
  • [15:35] – Orion talks about forgiveness.
  • [17:35] – How does Orion channels her anger?
  • [20:58] – Here are some tips to help you connect with yourself and God in times of uncertainty.
  • [23:25] – What can you do to become a more powerful version of yourself?

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About Today’s Show

Hi, and welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. This is Orion. Thank you so much for being here.

This is my first solo episode in a long time. I’m very excited and a little bit nervous. My intention in this episode is for my listeners to feel very inspired and connected, almost like breathing in a better and easier way knowing that you are connected, guided, protected, and loved.

Today, we’re going to talk about trust. The word trust is a big word in my life. I remember I was in a seminar, and they gave us a little rock. They asked, “what’s your word for next year?” 

I had so many miracles happen in my life, and often those miracles are a result of very difficult times.

My word was trust, and I keep coming back to that word. Even at times when I forget to trust when I’m all stressed out, nervous, or have big fears of the future or my abilities, I always have to come back to trust. 

That’s the only way for me because there is a power that is running through your veins. There is a power that is making your heart beat without you even thinking about it. There is a power that helps you breathe and make your organs work. You never think about it. There is some source of energy or whatever you call it in your tradition—I call it God—that is moving you and shaping your life without you even knowing.

When you trust and jump into the unknown, saying, “God help me. Miracles happen.” I had so many miracles happen in my life, and often those miracles are a result of very difficult times. When you’re experiencing rock bottom or a very difficult time, it doesn’t look like a miracle. It feels awful. It looks dark. You point your fingers at God and say, “God, why is this happening? Why me?” Sometimes, you have to wait a month, two months, or years for you to look back and say, “wow, this was a gift.” It’s a gift with a bow at the bottom. Sometimes, you have to wait some time until you’re able to unpack it.

When you go through hardships, you also have the power to transform and co-create with the divine to turn difficult things into beautiful outcomes. Click To Tweet

Everyone I asked has been through hard times, really terrible childhoods, or mega hardships. I asked them, “would you change something?” Regardless of whether they’re extremely spiritual or not, everyone said, “I would never change it then because everything I’ve been through made me the person that I am today.”

I know a lot of strong women and men who, like me, experienced a lot of hardships in their childhood and a lot of very difficult times, even throughout their lives. They will never change a thing. 

I believe in the theory of multiple timelines and that we have the power to change our timelines.

Even a friend of mine who I just recently spoke with. He went on a journey. He got the message that he had cancer and took time off of work. He was a workaholic and a very successful man. He took time off of work, went to travel the world, and experienced things. He then met this lady who was teaching Tantra, and they fell in love. He cured his cancer. Looking back, he’s like, “I would never change anything in the world because it made me heal.” 

When you go through a hardship, you also have the power to transform. You do have the power to co-create with the divine and turn difficult things into beautiful outcomes. I believe in the theory of multiple timelines and that we have the power to change our timelines. 

As you are the current you, you have the potential to create infinite different futures for yourself. Every mini decision and thought can shift your destiny. It’s like when you’re hitting a golf ball; if you hit it a millimeter here or there, the outcome at where it’s going to land is going to be very, very different. 

You have the power to alter your future and change your timeline. It begins with a thought. Because you’re the person that created those thoughts, you’re able to change them. Thoughts create feelings, behaviors, actions, and outcomes. When you change the thought, and you’re in a place of allowing and trusting, you’re able to change your future and create a bigger and brighter future.

You have the power to alter your future and change your timeline.

We live on a lake. We have some wild Muscovy ducks in the backyard and some wild geese. About three months ago, we had three Egyptian geese that were raised since they were babies from last year. Three of them stayed, and the rest left. They’re very territorial.

One day, I looked out from my living room window, and I saw this guy carrying an animal that looked like a goose. He was carrying our backyard duck, whose name was Duke and so I asked, “what are you doing?” He’s like, “oh, I just hunted this goose and I’m going to eat it.” 

People who have been through hardships develop a deeper sense of empathy and are more capable of reading people's minds and behavior. Click To Tweet

It was freaking awful. I looked at Duke Duke and he just looked at me so sad. He had about ten arrows in his little body. It was awful to see. And then my husband came out and confronted the guy. My little son came running after us, so the only course of action that I thought was the best thing to do was to take my son home so he won’t witness this duck being so injured. It was basically a screaming match between his father and this guy, who was not very emotional or moved at all with us saying, “this is our pet duck. What are you doing?”

It ended up with the man taking the duck and a couple of geese were left in the backyard. I went to the backyard, and I saw that the female had an arrow in her. It looked like she was dying. I was very, very sad about that. We tried everything. We called a wildlife volunteer expert. We even paid her to come and try to catch her so we could take the arrow out so she won’t die or get an infection. We tried to catch her ourselves. We just couldn’t because she still had her wings working, and she was too fast. I just kept being super worried about her.

I remember the next day. I came and saw her so weak on the floor. I fell to my knees on the grass, looked at her, and said, “listen, you can’t die. This is not how the story is going to end. You can come back here to the backyard and have babies. Please, I want you to survive.” I even gave her this mental image. I remember that very vividly. I almost communicated with her and gave her that mental image of her in the backyard with little ducklings.

Miracles happen, and we do have a part in creating and co-creating the miracles.

As time went on, she started walking better, but I don’t know if she could survive or not. Then, she disappeared for two or three weeks. We both pretty much assumed that she was gone. The male was in the backyard, being super territorial and chasing the Muscovy ducks and basically everything that moved. We were like, “oh, he’s raging because his partner died.”

A few days ago was our anniversary. I woke up in the morning, opened the window, looked at the backyard, and saw her there with three little ducklings. That was the best anniversary gift I’ve ever gotten. It was so beautiful. We still look at them when they’re in the backyard. We bring them food and water. I live in Miami, but we had a very cold weekend here. Very not typical. They survived the cold, so it’s like a miracle after a miracle.

Maybe you’re wondering, “why are you telling me stories about ducks and geese?” It’s because I like them, but also miracles happen, and we do have a part in creating and co-creating the miracles. I believe in my heart that sending her that vivid image gave her some strength to live. 

I actually noticed that I have some animal communication skills, and it’s getting better and better, so I wanted to share this with you.

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Another thing that was a hardship this year was my hip pain. I have been getting these incredible hip pains since my C-section. It’s just weird. I can’t really exercise. Every time I exercise, it comes back and hurts.

This hip pain, I believe, is also emotional. It put me on this path of releasing it both physically and mentally. I believe this is also for my highest and best good, and there is a reason for experiencing that.

The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch

Also, psychologically, not that I recommend you experience a lot of pain in your life, but people that have been through hardships develop a deeper sense of empathy and a deeper sense of reading people. I feel like I can read people very well, which is a blessing and sometimes not because a lot of people put on smiles, and their tone of voice and body language don’t align with their words. When you come across this type of behavior, there is always something that feels a little off about it. You sense it. The more mature I get, the more I’m in tune with that.

I wanted to share with you this book that I’m reading to my son. It’s really beautiful. It’s by Neale Donald Walsch, and it’s called The Little Soul and the Sun. The story is there’s a little soul who comes to God, and it wants to realize itself as someone who’s forgiving because the soul already understood it’s the light and all souls are the lights. It wanted to know what forgiveness feels like. God says, “you’re going to go to planet Earth, and I’m going to send another soul that will come and challenge you so you can experience yourself as forgiveness.”

Then, a beautiful, bright soul stepped in and said, “I’m going to be that person. I’m going to take my bright light, lower it, and be on a lower vibration so you can experience yourself as forgiveness.” The little soul said, “what? Really? Are you going to do this for me? You’re going to dim your beautiful, bright light and come to planet Earth just to help me experience myself as forgiveness? Thank you so much.”

The soul told him that throughout their lifetime, they were dancing together to experience themselves as different things, and they were there for each other. God said, “Of course, this friendly soul is an angel. Everyone is. Always remember, I have sent you nothing but angels. Every difficult interaction with somebody that you perceive as dark that hurts you is an angel in disguise. This is someone that will give you the opportunity to grow even if you don’t feel like it. Forgiveness is hard. It’s not easy to forgive people that hurt you.”

The forgiveness act is something that you do for yourself in order to release yourself from the pain.

From my experience, forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. You don’t forget the lessons. You don’t forget the hurt. You disconnect from that person if you need to. You don’t even have to forgive in person if the person is maybe dangerous. You can write a letter, and you don’t even have to send that letter.

The forgiveness act is something that you do for yourself in order to release yourself from the pain because when you’re angry at somebody else, they don’t feel it. It does not move them, especially if they’re bad people who don’t care how you feel. You can be mad for years and let this anger consume you, create stress and trauma in your body, hurt every relationship that you have in your life, and create illness in your body, but this doesn’t hurt the other person. 

It’s poisonous. It’s the poison that you are drinking and hurting yourself. When you let go of that poison and anger and channel it into different things, this is a win for you when you let go. You forgive that person not for him or her but for yourself. You forgive and let go.

You forgive that person not for him or her but for yourself.

It’s a process. You can’t forgive immediately after you get hurt. Sometimes, it takes months, a year, or two, but you’ll know when you’re ready. You make that decision like, “I’m tired of being angry. I want to take this energy and, instead of letting it consume me, channel it into different things.”

Anger is like fire. Fire can be so helpful. You can cook with fire. You can feel warm around the fire. It can feel very cozy and nice, or it can consume you and slowly kill you. Take this anger, this fire, and channel it.

I know when I was hitting rock bottom in my life that, one of the ways that I channeled anger was first, I had to get rid of how strong it was. I took mixed martial arts and Aikido. I probably looked really calm and nice, but I was not calm and nice around that punching bag. I’m everything like everyone else. I’m very calm and very not calm. I’m nice, and sometimes I’m not nice. I’m everything.

When I was around this punching bag, I was kickass. I would punch, kick, and release all this energy. Instead of this energy of anger putting me down and hurting my system, I channeled it to strengthen my body and get new skills. I channeled it into the energy of revenge but not the “oh, I’m going to go and break his mailbox type of revenge. I will show him that I date somebody better.” That’s not revenge; that is helpful.

My revenge was, “I’m going to heal. I’m going to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. I’m going to be so successful. I’m going to find true love. I’m going to have the family of my dreams.” Thank God I co-created this in my life, where I have a very, very blessed life after a lot of pain. If I did that, you could do it too.

The habits you form come back to you. Give yourself the love and trust you deserve, knowing that you can co-create with God and that He has a bigger plan for you. Click To Tweet

It’s how you channel your energy. It’s what you focus on. It’s the words that you tell yourself when nobody else is listening. It’s the silly jokes, “Oh, I’m so stupid. I’m so this. I’m so that.” You got to talk to yourself in a very kind way, as if you’re talking to a little, precious child.

You can even put a photo of the four-year-old or five-year-old you or a photo you really resonate with that you feel so pure about. You put it in your mirror every morning and tell her I love you. I’m going to be a mother to you. I’m going to be a father to you. I’m going to be a parent. I’m going to love you, protect you, and cherish you. We are together now. 

Miracles happen when you trust and jump into the unknown to ask for God’s help.

You integrate this little child within your heart. Every time you have a bad thought about yourself, you remember, “hey, this little child, I promised to protect her, and I’m not doing it right now. Please forgive me. I love you.”

We’re human. We’re going to have time when we forget. We were going to have moments of awakening and moments of not feeling that awakened, if you know what I mean. It’s the habit that you form in coming back to you, holding you, loving you, and giving yourself the amount of love and trust, knowing that God is there for you and God has a bigger plan for you and a bigger picture. You can co-create with God.

When you feel like you’re about to lose it or you feel so sad, start breathing.

I got some practical tips here for you. When you are in a place of lack of trust or a place where you want to connect, meditation is great. It’s a given. In the heat of the moment, when you feel like you’re about to lose it or you feel so sad, start breathing.

In Hebrew, the words “neshama”, which is soul and “nishima”, which is breath, are almost the same. Through nishima (breathing), you heal your soul. In simple breathing, there are so many different counts that you can do. 

This is just a simple one that is just easy to remember—box breathing. Imagine a box and the number 4-4-4-4, which is also an angel number. Inhale for four, hold for four, exhale for four, and hold for four again. Repeat that. Through that breathing, you start feeling better and better.

Another tip is to write down who you are. Get into a meditative space where nobody is there to bother you and think about the person that you want to become. What kind of qualities does the person you want to become have? What do they have? Create those qualities. Write down those qualities and then affirm who I am. God said, “I am who I am.” With His words, He created our world. Our words can create or destroy.

Hanging on to anger can burn you from the inside out, so lower your vibration and embrace forgiveness.

We’re going to write the good words that are going to create the new version and new timeline that you’re going to step into. I am powerful. I am strong. I am resourceful. I am capable. Everything that is the opposite of I’m a victim, life is happening to me, I have no strength, and whatever story you tell yourself, especially the victim story, because you’re not. You are powerful beyond measure.

You want to be extremely loving and kind to yourself and that little child that has emerged in your heart. The reason why you want to be kind to yourself is that you always do the best thing that you know at any given moment. Be kind. Be sweet to yourself and celebrate your achievements. When something really good happens, just celebrate it.

Trust God’s plan because God has a beautiful plan for you.

Many people achieve things, and then they go on to the next, and there is no celebration. Celebrate your achievements because the more you celebrate your achievements, the more achievements you will attract into your life.

Remember, trust God’s plan because God has a beautiful plan for you. There is a rhyme and reason to why you’re here right now listening to my podcast. 

I hope my intention for this podcast touched your heart and that you are moved and inspired to love yourself more, take care of yourself more, and trust the process, life, and love.

This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Be loving and kind to yourself even through difficult times. Practicing self-love and compassion helps you cultivate an abundance mindset.

{✓}Enjoy and celebrate your achievements. Take pride in your accomplishments to increase confidence and motivation. Celebrate accomplishments, no matter how small, to attract success and joy.

{✓}Keep trusting God’s plan. Any relationship depends on trust, especially your relationship with God. Knowing He is trustworthy allows you to rest and wait for His miracles.

{✓}Make a list of the qualities you want to manifest. Don’t judge yourself, and envision the tangible qualities that will optimize your best self. 

{✓}Positively channel your anger. Deal with anger by accepting your hurt at the hands of others, and boldly letting it go. Discover ways to channel your anger without hurting others, such as strengthening your body or learning new skills.

{✓}Train your brain to think empowering thoughts. Thoughts create feelings, behaviors, actions, and outcomes. When you change your thoughts from a place of trust, you also make a conscious decision to take charge of your destiny.

{✓}Connect with God through breathing and meditation. Meditation and breathing can help calm your mind, and ease feelings of doubt or sadness. Choose a practice that resonates with you for a deeper connection to God.

{✓}Fearlessly express vulnerability. Practice honesty about your emotions to cultivate trusting relationships with others. 

{✓}Honor your commitments. Do everything in your power to keep the promises and agreements you have made. You have to become a trustworthy person for others to trust you, and to build trust in other people. 

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