Episode 112 | April 17, 2018

The Voice of Ego, The Voice of Spirit, & Everyday Magic with Danelle Magtibay

A Personal Note from Orion

If you have ever felt alone, different, disconnected, or unprotected, this week’s episode of Stellar Life Podcast is for you. Suffering comes from the illusion of separation, but you are a part of everything.

This week’s extraordinary guest, Danelle Magtibay, talks about Oneness, love, acceptance and your connection to everything and everyone. My discussion with Danelle reveals things you can do every day to remind you how loved and connected you are.

Danelle Magtibay is a spiritual coach who has studied transformation, breakthrough, success strategies, Universal Laws, and Oneness for the past 25 years. Danelle expands her business by working on her beingness and connecting to her guiding spirits. She doesn’t use PR, a website, or social media. Regardless of being a best kept secret, her clients include billionaires! If you would like to find out her contact info, you can email me directly at orion@nullorionsmethod.com and I will connect you.


In this Episode

  • [04:04] – Danelle introduces herself and gives listeners a quick overview of her life (and coaching) story.
  • [04:57] – What was Danelle’s spiritual awakening like? As she answers, she shares a powerful story about the moment her life changed.
  • [09:58] – Giving on air gives Orion the opportunity to go deeper with people than she might be able to in private conversations.
  • [11:22] – Orion shares an experience of her own about sensing and feeling God as love.
  • [13:42] – Danelle has a son who has autism, who was nonverbal until he was almost seven years old. She connects this to what she and Orion have been saying about the limits of language.
  • [15:37] – A big piece of where our suffering comes from is the illusion of separation, Danelle explains.
  • [17:45] – How does Danelle keep a higher vibration?
  • [19:17] – Danelle talks more about her comment that some of her communication and information comes from non-human beings.
  • [23:32] – Orion and Danelle talk about their lifespan goals (180 and 130, respectively).
  • [25:11] – As Orion grows older, she feels like her connection with her guide isn’t constant. How can she get to the next level and connect constantly and clearly?
  • [31:07] – Danelle talks about how she prevents herself from being reactive in the moment when something triggers her.
  • [34:35] – We hear about Danelle’s father’s death when she was 15 years old.
  • [35:34] – Danelle discusses the observer, as well as the other internal voices and layers of the mind.
  • [38:07] – Why is the problematic little voice so loud, and the truth a whisper?
  • [39:03] – We hear about how alter egos play into the grand scheme of things.
  • [41:05] – Orion talks about recently attending the 90 Day Year seminar with Todd Herman, who teaches people to step into their alter ego.
  • [46:14] – Danelle responds to what Orion has been saying, sharing the visual that she gets based on Orion’s words.
  • [49:44] – What are Danelle’s three top tips to living a stellar life? #1. Be yourself. #2. Know that you belong here. #3. Know that it’s safe to be here.
  • [50:30] – Where can people find Danelle if they want to get in touch with her or work with her?

About Today’s Show

‏‏ I love going to seminars, I love learning from the best people in the world, I love everything in my mind, I love having extraordinary conversations. Sometimes, when I go to all the seminars, especially in the self-development arena, it’s almost like I’m hearing the same thing again and again and again. It, at some point, becomes, for me, a recycled information where it’s good to be reminded but I’ve heard it so many times. There is the idea of I’m hearing the same information but I’m a different person so I’m hearing it differently. Sometimes people quote other people that quote other people. A lot of the self-development experts, they talk about the same thing, they just put a different face on it. It’s nice but it’s not like, “Woah, I just learned something completely new.” This is not the case with this interview. My guest today is pretty extraordinary. I had a very deep conversation with her. It felt like I wanted to listen to her more and more and learn more of her wisdom because she’s different. It’s nice to meet somebody that is different. She’s also very knowledgeable in so many ways. It was extraordinary. Her name is Danelle Magtibay. She’s a spiritual coach who studied transformation, breakthrough, success strategies, Universal Laws, and Oneness for the past 25 years. She became a life coach and a personal trainer in 1999. She does not publish herself, she doesn’t have even a website, she doesn’t go in social media a lot to talk about her business, people that go to her are people that know about her. She’s got clients that make billions of dollars. That’s pretty extraordinary, no website, no social media, only by working on the beingness and connecting to her guidance. That is, to me, the next freaking level of being. I wanna learn as much as I can about how to be that, it’s almost like being a manifestor rather than pushing and doing what everybody else is doing to get what you want. That was awesome, it was pretty cool. I’m gonna let you hear the interview now. I’m really excited because it’s gonna be a very good investment of your time. It’s gonna inspire you, it’s gonna empower you, and maybe it’s gonna you as many goosebumps as I got during the interview, maybe. Are you ready? Onto the show. Hey Danelle, welcome to Stellar Life Podcast.

‏‏ Hello, miss Orion. Thank you for having me, my pleasure.

‏‏ Thank you for being here. I love that you’re here. For the people who don’t know you yet, can you share a little bit about yourself?

‏‏ My name is Danelle, like you said. I am a spiritual life coach, I started life coach back in 1999 when I was living in Los Angeles and then got a callback here to Minnesota. One of my sisters was diagnosed with a terminal illness and my mother asked me to return here. I came here and began my studies, that was in 1992 after a spiritual awakening. I opted for coaching because I love the idea of living your life centered around your values and the things that are most important to you. I took my education in ’99, started coaching in 2001, hung up my real estate career. I was a real estate broker for 17 years, hung that up and started teaching, coaching, lecturing full time because it’s my passion and I’ve been doing that ever since.

‏‏ What was your spiritual awakening like?

‏‏ It was in 1992 when I was living in LA, I was 24 years old. I basically ran away from college, actually I was supposed to be an accountant and I knew that just wasn’t right for me. I left to come support my family, we were having [00:05:12] in the family back in the Philippines and they asked if I would come and support them. I moved to LA and I never went back. It was New Year’s Eve, 1992, we were having a party and had a bunch of people at the house, and the champagne in my hand, half uncorked and we just started the countdown, five, four, three, two, one. Everything just disappeared, all that was around me was this white, luminous mist and thousands of voices were talking at me all at the same time saying, “You must, you must, you must, you must.” I wasn’t pursuing spirituality at the time, I had turned away from the Catholic Church, and I’d convinced myself at 24 that God wasn’t real and that everybody just made religion up. I was living a lie and slowly, slowly dying inside and then I had this experience. I couldn’t explain it, all the voices were telling me I would study for 10 years, that I was leaving Los Angeles after the 10 years was up, that I would bring those teaching out and share light with people. At the time I was basically saying in my head, “I think you have the wrong number.” But they just kept screaming at me, “I think you called the right person.” But they just kept screaming at me, “You must, you must, you must.” And then Happy New Year, the party resumed. We were on a break at the time, I was working at Santa Monica Medical Center for a little Colombian doctor, Jimmy Paris. I went in after the break was over and said, “I think there’s something wrong with me, I think I have a brain lesion, maybe I’m schizophrenic. Something happened to me, I’m hearing these voices.” He just looked deep into my eyes and he smiled and he said, “There’s nothing wrong with you.” I said, “What am I supposed to do?” I was waiting for him to give me this profound answer, what I should do, he said, “Just listen to what they tell you.”

‏‏ You mean the doctor told you that?

‏‏ Yes, the doctor I was working for at the time I was an office manager at Santa Monica Medical Center.

‏‏ What a brilliant doctor

‏‏ He is. He was male clinic trained and my family is all male clinic, we kind of hit it off to start out with. He had people coming from all over the world to see him, it was because of that. He was an endocrinologist, he actually created the panel that male clinics still use today to test thyroid for thyroid cancers and things like that. A brilliant, brilliant man, and sweet. He kind of adopted me because I was out there with no family. That was his advice, he said, “Just listen to what they tell you.” I didn’t know where to begin. I started where I thought was the beginning of history with ancient civilizations, I studied those civilizations and their methodologies, and how that turned into the religions of the world, and how that turned into philosophy, eastern philosophy, western mysticism, and then kept moving forward in the timeline through psychology and physics and biology, and I found this truth. When the 10 years was up and spirits said, “It’s time for you to start bringing your light to the world.” I didn’t understand why, I said, “You’re a God, why don’t you do it?” He said, “Because people need other people to hold onto, they needed to be real.” I think that’s what we do, that’s what people like you and I do, is we allow this love and message to channel through us and people can hold onto us and it makes it real for them. That’s how I began. It was funny, I was in this little tini tiny town outside of Minneapolis, population 10,000. There was a woman who owned a bookstore and a gift shop. She asked me if I would come in and do individual sessions for people or maybe teach classes. I told her, “No, this is my spiritual work. I don’t wanna charge for it.” She said, “You have to, if you’re gonna teach here.” I told her, “No.” I kept having the dreams just like I had when I had my awakening in LA and spirit said, “Do it for me.” I chuckled to myself a little bit as I’m driving down there, I’m thinking, “I came from LA, how many people are gonna come to Northfield Minnesota?” I was booked for the next nine years. To this day, I’ve never advertised or been in a directory or done any of that and yet I have very influential people who come under my council. That’s the way for me to spread the light, is through others.

“Because people need other people to hold onto, they needed to be real.” Click To Tweet

‏‏ So beautiful.

‏‏ You didn’t even know this, you and I have never really had a chance to chat. This is funny, that we’re doing it on air.

‏‏ I know. Being on air, it’s interesting because it gives me an opportunity to go deeper with people. It’s almost like I’m protected behind the mic and I can ask whatever I want.

‏‏ It’s funny because I feel the same way when I’m coaching people. I can be a little more forward, a little more honest, a little more blunt because I’m here to tell you the truth. I’ve learned how to do that in a very compassionate way because that’s what something spirit told me when I started with people, “Don’t alter what I tell you.” If I tell you something, you have to be honest and channel that message, inform the message exactly the way that I tell you. That’s all I’ve done over the course of my entire career, is just share with people what spirit has taught and hopes that they too can have that personal experience with the universe and know themselves to be divine.

‏‏ I really sensed God from a place of love when I went to Oneness University in India. They did a God meditation with us. I felt God, it’s not that I have not felt God before or the presence, but this time it was amplified, I really felt the love and connecting to God from a real true place of love. What they say is that God is an experience, it’s not an idea, people can talk about God and go and pray and read a text but it’s not about the doing, it’s about the experience of what you call a spirit is.

‏‏ That’s right, it’s in the being. For me, I’m not telling anybody what the truth is, I’m just hoping they’ll find the truth that’s inside of them so they can have a personal relationship because I think that’s what makes God living, a living experience. We all have a personal relationship, nobody can know better for us what that is. In everything that I’ve studied, when we get to the science piece, science has proven the oneness to us, proven that there’s one energy and that we all have one collective mind and it’s energy is all powerful in everywhere. They’ve proven the existence of the oneness. The only thing they haven’t proven is that it loves us but anybody has experienced it, that’s what you feel. That’s how I know it’s real, that’s what I choose to label the one energy as, is love. It manifest itself in many ways. We try to put a label on it but any name you put on it will just diminish it. To live it is the best way.

‏‏ Sometimes words are really constructing. They say that kids that don’t speak until a later age are more creative because they don’t have words for things because the moment you call a door, a door, then it has only one meaning. But when you don’t have the language for it, a door can be so many things, there’s infinite possibilities.

‏‏ It’s funny that you bring that up, actually, because I don’t know if you know this, Orion, but I have a son who is autistic. He was almost totally nonverbal until he was almost seven years old. Even now, we are working on speech and development of speech. Not too long ago we got a device to help him construct sentences and he didn’t wanna use it. I said, “Words mean something, honey. You need to learn how to talk so you can communicate with me.” The way he talks is he takes sentences or phrases from Disney movies, that’s how he learned to associate things. He said a line from Pocahontas when I said you need to learn to communicate with me, you need to learn to talk, he said, “Then you have sentenced us to death.”

‏‏ Wow.

‏‏ This is supposed to be my nonverbal child who doesn’t understand and yet he can use something so complex to convey such a massive teaching.

‏‏ Am I gonna get goosebumps throughout this whole interview?

‏‏ I believe that the ineffable name, the unspeakable name. To me, the best prayers are silent. As soon as I try to put words to it, I’ve somehow taken the power away.

‏‏ I did a seven day challenge for self-love with a few hundred women. One of the days was this God meditation. It really works because I had women tell me, “All this loneliness I felt, it’s gone. I feel so connected.” It can be as simple as giving people the tools or the message or the meditation and the space, the safe space to connect, for them to actually feel it.

‏‏ I think that that’s a big piece of where our suffering comes from, that illusion of separation. I know, that’s what I was struggling with at 24 years old, I felt alone, I felt different, I felt disconnected, I felt unprotected. As I studied, I learned [00:12:52] connected to everything. That started to open the door to what leads to suffering, this idea of the other and I’m separate from nature and I’m separate from God and I’m separate from you. But when we understand, we really are just one thing. We can’t be alone if we tried, it’s so empowering. I think there’s not enough of that in the world, right now people are starving for it. That’s what we’re trying feed them with, is you’re not alone and you’re not different. We all struggle with the same thing. More people out there, like you, is just say, “It’s okay to love everyone.” Love means I sincerely, genuinely want you to be well and do well and thrive and be happy. I noticed that in my coaching. My motto was, “There’s nothing you can do, or say, or be, that I will not love and accept you.” I think that’s the reason why so many people resonate with me, because that message is something that all of us are starving for. We all need to hear that.

‏‏ How come we keep forgetting it? Sometimes I get times where I’m like, “I’m in love, I’m connected, the universe is beautiful, there are rainbows and unicorns. I am the best person that I know.” The next day I wake up and I’m like, “What is this? What’s going on? I’m so separated, I’m alone, I’m not there.” All that mind chatter. You know, Danelle, my husband and I, we’re seminar junkies, we studied with the best people and I know a lot about a lot but I still find myself falling into those pitfalls. How do you keep a higher vibration?

‏‏ For me it’s about remembering. What I thought of when I heard your podcast was a stellar life, the first thing I thought of was perspective, to see ourselves as star beings. If we remember that we are from the stars.

‏‏ Are we?

‏‏ Yes, we are.

‏‏ Tell me more about that.

‏‏ When the big bang happened, all this energy was sitting inside, something the size of a head of pen, and then all of a sudden boom, it exploded outward. As it started to solidify, as all that energy started to turn into a solid matter, it wasn’t quite perfect, which this is the part that I love about this story. It wasn’t quite perfect, it was slightly crooked. As a result, when it started to cool, it formed cracks. Inside of the cracks, the stars formed and from the stars, we were born.

‏‏ Do you believe that there are star beings and people in other planets and all that?

‏‏ Absolutely.

‏‏ Tell me more about that.

‏‏ The universe is so huge. Think about the vastness of our little milky way, just our little corner. It’s just a teeny tiny little part. There are as many universes out there in the universe as there are grains of sand on the Earth. I know from my own personal experience that some of the information that I receive are from beings that are not human.

‏‏ Tell me about that.

‏‏ One of the things that resonated with me the most was when I was studying the Yogi Philosophy. The Hindus talked about the idea of the bodhisattva which is like the Christ consciousness. We are seeking to be the highest form of being that we can be. I remember when I first started studying the Yogi Philosophy, they said, “Everybody has a guru.” First of all, your gurus are human. After a while, your gurus will be nonhuman. That’s how you know you’re on your way to becoming a bodhisattva which is my quest for the last 25, 26 years, has been to awaken my higher self because I know if I awaken my higher self, I awaken all of us. That’s the idea of the bodhisattva. In gradience, we offer that to people and we say, “The only way that you are going to help other people is to help yourself.” You can’t help somebody else to understand until you yourself understand it. We can come from a wounded healer and teach what we know but still at the same time, I can’t help somebody if I cannot help myself. We’re taught in this particular timeline that to serve the self isn’t a good thing, then tell me why when the plane is going down, you have to put your own mask on first. I have to fill myself up so that my energy bank account has millions and millions of dollars in it, so when people come to me and say, “I need your help,” I can give it to them freely because I’m overflowing, I have so much energy because I am tied into this infinite source of energy. That’s what we’re all trying to do, is to remember ourselves as these divine beings. That’s what I mean when I saw your podcast, stellar, it’s like, “To help us remember that we are a star being.” One of the first lessons that I learned was when spirit asked me, “Who are you?” I said, “My name is Danelle, I’m a realtor.” I’m checked into myself at the time. The voice said, “That’s what you do. Who are you?” I said, “I am a daughter and I’m a wife.” At the time I wasn’t a mother yet but I’m a sister and I’m a friend. The spirit said, “Those are the roles you play.” Again I’m chuckling to myself, “I like to write, I like to read, I like to take long walks at the beach.” The spirit said, “Those are your characteristics. Tell me who you are.” I said, “I don’t know.” She said, “You are divine, immortal light, and you are not of this world.”

‏‏ Danelle, what’s going on?

‏‏ I started to think about how we define ourselves. That night I had a dream. I was sitting in the middle of this labyrinth. There was a guy there, a Chinese man, Asian man, he said, “Come walk with me and tell me about yourself.” I said, “I was born to a doctor and a teacher. I have this many siblings and this is my cultural background.” We were talking, talking, talking. We made our way outside of the labyrinth. He pointed back to the center and I was sitting there still all by myself and he said, “Did you notice? The more details you got in your description, the farther away you got from yourself.” I started to realize that I defined myself by my physical body, by my past, by my family, by my upbringing, by my experiences, but I really had no clue who I was. That’s a big piece of where I start with people because as a coach, they come to me because they want something. In my mind, if you don’t know who you are, how can you tell me what you want? First of all, I have to find out who you are. You need to find out who you are and remember who you are so that you can see why you’re here, what do you want this life to be, what’s inside of you, what did that put inside of you, written inside of you, what do you love, what would you be doing, what do you choose to do, what’s the most important to you, what you value. That’s why the coaching resonated with me so much to help people remember who they are, why they’re here, that life is really short. Life expectancy is 72 years and we sleep for 33 of them. What are you gonna do with the rest?

‏‏ I’m gonna live until 180.

‏‏ That’s funny, I say that to people too, it’s like, “I’m going for 130.”

‏‏ 180 is a good number because I think with our ever increasing life expectancy and then new science. Also, the spiritual evolution of our specie, I think staying 100 or 120 is like cutting ourselves short. I do think that we are capable of getting into higher numbers in perfect health.

‏‏ Absolutely. We have people on the planet that have lived 130 and 150 years already. I think 180 is definitely a doable task for you.

‏‏ Whales, for example, whales live for 700 years. If we can understand how they do it, then why can’t we?

‏‏ We have history that says that people did live longer than we live right now. I do believe we are energy beings and what we believe is what becomes our truth, our DNA changes every moment everyday with every thought that we have. I don’t really see any limit to what we can do. I think as a humanity, that’s where we’re headed. I agree with you there that there is really no need to have this physical body and this life and death experience that we are spiritual and immortal by nature. We can experience that, it’s possible. There isn’t any science and everything that I’ve studied, there is no science that says that we cannot, only our own heads that put that limitation on us.

We have history that says that people did live longer than we live right now. I do believe we are energy beings and what we believe is what becomes our truth.

‏‏ Danelle, when I was younger, I used to go to my special place and connect with my guide. It seems like as I grow older, it’s more like in and out where it’s not constant connection. When I coach, I do feel like I’m channeling and when I don’t know the answers, I’m just like, “Please help.” And something comes out of my mouth that I wasn’t even planning on saying, I am tuned that way. How do I get to the next level where I can really hear the voices so vividly where I’m even more connected and constantly connected?

‏‏ I continually added divinity to my everyday world. We think that the divinity isn’t here with us but it is. When I’m cleaning, I’m cleansing. When I’m washing I’m face, I’m cleaning my visage and getting down to the nature of the real me.

‏‏ What is visage?

‏‏ The image or the vision of my face. I think we create that, we create that beauty, the beauty comes from the inside out. When I’m preparing food for the family, I’m connecting to the essence of the life force that’s inside the vegetables that we’re eating, I bless the water before my children take their baths, I bless the water that they drink. There isn’t anything that I do in my life that doesn’t have a divine connection to it. My mantra for that was my life is a prayer, I want to live my life as a prayer. What if you recognized everything, even cleaning your toilet as a divine act, then there is no separation from it because in fact, we never do. That connection never stops, it’s all about your perspective of it, are you aware that you are connected at that time? Do you “feel” like you’re not connected even though the feeling definitely isn’t real? I can feel like the earth is [00:25:19] but that isn’t the truth. I can feel like I’m not good enough, but that’s not the truth. Deepening that truth. I taught a class many years ago called Everyday Magic. That’s what it was, was to find magic in everything that you do. Every breath that you take, stop and listen to your heart beating, and then to create an environment of that—I call it the Success Environment—to make it easy to be connected because we’re here in this Earth bound experience. That’s for a reason, I don’t wanna give that up. I could go retreat to the mountain and sit in all day but I don’t think that’s what I’m here for, I think I’m here to connect with the people. Everything that happens, I try to step back and observe and withhold the judgment and say, “How does this fit in to the perfection of things because regardless of how I label it as good or bad, there’s still that perfection there.” That deepening, that awareness of center. When I feel like I’m getting away from the center of myself, you can feel it creeping in. All of a sudden you just feel a little off and you’re not just quite as loving, and you’re not quite as open, and in the flow and we’re starting to focus on things that aren’t going right, I stop right there. I don’t let myself get far off of that center because it’s a vortex and it’s hard to swim back to the middle. As soon as I feel it coming up inside of myself, I stop everything that I’m doing and get back to the middle. I know what brings me there and you know what brings you there. For me it’s nature, it’s connecting with people, inspiring things, beauty brings me there. I know, over the 26 years, will fill me up. It’s not always the same everyday so I have to have a little arsenal around me, then I find the thing that resonates with me. I try to keep it free flowing too because for me, I’m a real freedom baby. If I have 75 things to do in a day, I don’t mind but don’t tell me what to do. Sometimes our power works for us and sometimes it works against us.

‏‏ When somebody tells me what to do, I’ll deliberately do the opposite, which is not always healthy.

‏‏ Exactly, just for the sake of the rebellion. I have to acknowledge that in myself and love that about myself and then respect that and know that if I sit down to the computer to write a chapter or whatever, my computer isn’t working properly and my printer won’t work and I can’t find what I’m looking for and I’m frustrated, I know it’s not the right time for that. I give myself the freedom to say, “Not now.” And go on to something where I do find the flow. Instead of trying to force life to come under my command, I try to put myself in the flow of life and the path of least resistance.

‏‏ What happens in the moment, somebody made you really angry in that moment, somebody did something. How do you prevent yourself from being reactive in the moment? I get the concept of going to nature, those things are amazing and they take a long time. What do you do in the moment where something triggers you and you have to be proactive instead of reactive?

‏‏ The first step is awareness, of course. I don’t want to do away with those things, I don’t try to stop that from happening. I recognize that that’s a part of my passion and I’m going to have the reaction, and I let the reaction happen, and I let the feeling happen but I can detach myself. The first one is what I call the step back, I observe myself and I step back a little bit and say, “Wow, look at that. That made me angry, why am I reacting that way?” I let the anger be there but I’m also acting as the observer and then I say, “Am I reacting to what’s happening in this moment or am I reacting to other moments in the past that resemble this? Am I overreacting to this moment?” While I’m questioning myself, I’m prolonging that instantaneous reaction where I wanna come and lash out at you. That’s where I’m being proactive and saying, “I’m going to postpone my response until I understand it better but I don’t try to stop the flow, the emotion, because that’s like trying to stop the flood.

‏‏ It’s your guiding system as well.

‏‏ That’s right. To me, that impulse of emotion is information. It has something to teach me. If I’m still reacting in that way, if I have a reaction that I don’t have control over, I wanna know what it is and why I’m reacting that way so that I can become more of a master of it because I know if there’s a reaction that I have or an emotion that I have consistently, that I cannot control, it’s because I’m addicted to it. That means I have a wound. If I have a wound, then I’m gonna think that it’s okay to wound other people. Now I’m having a bad day so I’m yelling at you, I don’t wanna do that. It’s catching myself. The thing happens and then I feel the feeling, and I become aware that I have the feeling, and then I step back for a moment and say, “Wow, why am I feeling that? Isn’t that entrusting in feeling that?” If that doesn’t help me, then my second step, I call the rise up. Now I go start to go up above myself and I start to visualize myself from the top down. Right now I’m going up to my ceiling, I’m going up to my roof, I’m looking down at myself and saying, “Look at that woman down there, she’s reacting to something. I know her past, I know why she’s reacting that way. I also know the future that she wants. What does she need right now?” There’s another degree of separation where I can step in as my own guide and my own coach and say, “She just needs to hear that she’s safe, she needs to go a little deeper into that wound with her father, with her son, or whatever it is that’s triggering at that moment. It’s that allowance of the humanity inside of us and then the compassion of the bodhisattva that’s also inside of me, and the recognition that I have a choice. To me that’s what it is, I have a power to choose my perspective. If I don’t wanna choose to give it up, then there’s something there for me to investigate. But I always know that the perspective is my choice. If I were having that reaction right now and somebody gave me a phone call in two minutes, somebody that I love is in trouble, would I care about that? If the answer is no, then I’m gonna let it go right now because for me, it goes back to a memory when I was 15, that’s when my father died. I remember walking out of the funeral home and looking up the beautiful blue sky, I was 15 years old, and I’m like, “Wow, this would be a perfect day if I wasn’t burying my dad.” Every single day when I look outside and see the blue sky, still to this day, I’m 50 years old now, when I look out at the blue sky, I say, “Everything is good, it’s all good.” That’s how I keep my perspective. If I’m having a little temper tantrum about things not going my way today, in the big picture of things, does it really matter? If the answer is no, I’ll choose to let it go, forgive, come from a place of love and move on.

‏‏ You’re talking about the observer. I wanna understand your perspective around the little voice in your head, the observer, and how does the ego play through all that.

‏‏ We have more than one little voice in our head.

‏‏ How many do we have?

‏‏ We have lots of layers in our mind. We have our super conscious self, we have our subconscious, unconscious, conscious, the ego, we have lots of different layer in the mind. If you wanna know about that, the study of Raja yoga is the layers of the mind and how we take the mind under control.

‏‏ We have to study that because this is fascinating to me.

‏‏ You get access to your subconscious mind then you can have it on demand, that’s the Akashic record. Lots of times it’s very beneficial especially when you’re working with other people to learn how to open that trapped doors so you can get information for them at that time. The ones that I usually encourage people to pay attention to is the voice of ego and the voice of spirit. The voice of ego always says, “I am not good enough, I am different than everybody else.” You can’t do that, whatever that is, it’s always a separation statement. Usually it’s like the loud, obnoxious guy at the party that’s standing on a table and telling everybody, “I’m right and you’re wrong, you’re gonna listen to me.” The spirit voice is the quiet whisper that doesn’t need to validate its rightness but the truth is always there. To quiet that voice of ego, I say, “You’ve told me that same statement 75,000 times, do you have something new to tell me now? If there’s something new you wanna tell me, go ahead share it.” It doesn’t like to be called out like that, it’ll become silent immediately. That small little voice of spirit comes up and says, “You know you’re connected to everything, you know that there isn’t anything that isn’t within your power, you know you don’t need to protect yourself because there’s nothing to protect yourself from, you know there is no need to struggle from vulnerability because there is nothing that’s going to wound you. It comes with those truths. To me, that’s my heart speaking. When the heart speaks, it’s very short and concise, you’re loved, that’s not your truth, you’re safe. It’s very to the point where the ego likes to repeat itself, it ruminates, it goes round and round the same thing all the time. When the little voice pops up discernment, for me, as the observer, which aspect of myself is speaking and why.

‏‏ Why is the little voice so loud and the truth is a whisper?

‏‏ Because it is anxious to prove the spirit wrong. Spirit is immortal, it doesn’t need to prove its rightness. Ego is very young, it was born when you were.

‏‏ That was profound.

‏‏ It only knows you as Orion, it doesn’t know you as this immortal spirit. It’s always trying to validate its rightness but spirit will never have to prove itself, it’s that confident.

‏‏ I wanna ask you about the alter ego because throughout my life, I created alter egos that helped me survive and strive and become more of who I am. I also interviewed a couple of people about alter egos, how does that play into the grand scheme of things, into our spiritual game to create an alter ego?

‏‏ I think that’s a coping mechanism. There are certain experiences that are gonna help our soul progress. We may not feel equipped to handle that so we attach an alter ego to help us control or get that sense of control over a situation to motivate ourselves, to push ourselves through challenging situation where we don’t feel in our own selves that we’re strong enough to do that so we lend our power to the alter ego. Hopefully we are able to integrate that after the fact, I used to do that when I was in real estate. It’s not my nature to be very forward and business like, I’m really not a hard sales kind of person obviously but I needed to be that to compete in the real estate world. I have this, what my husband called my wink, Wink Martindale, I don’t know if you know that he’s an old time game show host. He’s like, “You’re just like a game show host when you do that.” That was it, I would just put on this sheet over the top of me and this persona that helped me to ask questions that I wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable asking or to push myself through social situations that I felt really uncomfortable or whatever. For me, I think it’s a tool. It’s a good tool if it helps to push you and challenge you so that you can grow beyond yourself and then lay that alter ego down and reintegrate that back into yourself. Because in psychology, what they say is the larger the difference between the way that you present yourself in different areas of your life, if I present myself very differently in my home life as I do in my work life that I do in my life in the Church and I do in whatever it is, if there’s a big incongruence in all of that that forms the severances in the psyche. I think it’s a good tool as long as we’re aware that it’s a tool and we don’t get caught in in identity crisis thinking that the alter ego is superior to us, that’s where I think it gets to be detrimental.

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‏‏ I just attended a seminar, it’s called the 90 Day Year with Todd Herman. What he does is he goes on stage, he wears glasses, he doesn’t need glasses but he wears glasses, he’s stepping into his alter ego. He also teaches athletes, the best athletes in the world, how to really step into their alter ego. It really changes their game. Some do it on their own where at the moment I get on the field, the hulk, I’m really strong and powerful. It’s almost like there is a version of ourselves in a parallel universe that achieved exactly what we needed. It’s not separate from us but it’s an aspect of us that we did not integrate. We call on that aspect and we step into that aspect so many times that eventually integrates into our real life.

‏‏ There’s a version of that, it’s called Quantum Jumping, that we have access to an infinite number of parallel dimensions. If you can imagine, there’s an infinite number of Orion sitting next to you right now.

‏‏ I can’t wait to meet them.

‏‏ You can jump in to anyone of them you want to and jump back and you can take the parts that you want. It’s there for you and that’s part of it. I think maybe that would be a good tool for you when you are building your success environment to say, “This Orion right here is not liking what’s going on and this situation but somewhere out of these millions of Orions that are sitting next to me, there’s somebody who really wants to be here in this moment. How do I channel her?” That would be a wonderful tool for you. We open up the field of possibility because we see so little, our computer like brains, we have access to 400 trillion bits of information per second but we can only process consciously 2000 of them. For me when I’m coaching people, if you don’t like the 2000 bits that you’re looking at, let’s look at some more, we have 400 trillion options. Let’s find the one that works for you and that feels good. Lots of times when we’re facing difficult decision, should I stay or should I go? Those are two options, we have 400 trillion others, let’s explore some. Our mind opens up a little bit to what that infinite field of possibility is that we’re actually swimming in.

‏‏ One of the things that I’m focusing on in the background of my being is to be more me and embrace everything that I am, that includes my culture, my ethnicity, my accent, the music I grew up with. I had a big birthday party last Saturday, it was a Mediterranean themed party. Everybody came in wearing Mediterranean inspired costumes, from Greek costumes to Cleopatra, it was beautiful. We had a DJ and her name turned out to be DJ Sahara by accident. I brought belly dancers and I played some Mediterranean music and some of the music that is a part of my culture. It felt so good to bring people into my beingness and who I am. People loved it, we had so much fun. The people that were called there were such brilliant, amazing people, such a neglecting group of people that are awesome. What I told Stephan afterwards, I was like, this is the first time where since I arrived to I US, I travelled the world, I travelled over 34 countries and I spent 3 and a half years in Japan and really adopted the Japanese mentality and then many, many years here in the US. I felt like when I arrived here, I really wanted to be like everybody else and dimmed my light to fit into somebody else’s box or deal. I actually, at some point, saw myself as less than because my English was not as good, I couldn’t express myself the way I wanted, people made fun of me especially when you’re younger, people can be mean. I tried to turn myself off and really separate myself from my heritage, I’m like, “No, no, I’m like everybody else.” It came so full circle in that party where I’m like, “This is who I am, this is my culture.” I had tons of Greek food and there were tons of hugs and hospitality and going crazy and belly dancing and dancing. This is the way my culture is, you come to me and people came into my life experience and enjoyed that instead of me trying to reach out of myself to fit somebody else’s way of living. It was so great, it felt so great.

‏‏ For me, when you talk about that, the visual that I get is you’re this beautiful multifaceted diamond, this gemstone, and you’re trying to show this little tiny part of yourself but when you have the all of you, is really when you become the most beautiful. I think lots of times we forget that we’re the prism, that we’re the gemstone and we think that we’re just the little tiny rainbow that gets emitted from it. That’s all we wanna show the world, is the little tiny rainbow. We don’t wanna admit that there’s a shadow that’s on the other side of that rainbow. That’s a part of the reason why I don’t do social media anymore and things like that because I think psychologically, it’s detrimental to always have to put that face forward. This is always my beautiful face, this is always my perfect face, this is when I don’t react, this is when I don’t get angry. I like my coaching kids to know, I am not perfect. I have all of these different facets and they’re wonderful and they’re perfect and they’re the most beautiful when they’re all inclusive. When people talk to me about purpose, how do I fulfill my purpose? My purpose is to talk to spirit and share that with people, to feed that hunger of remembrance to people. It doesn’t matter if I coach, or write, or teach, or lecture, or be a mom, or do yoga, or whatever it is, I give the all of me to that. That never changes, what that is at my core, that never changes regardless of what I’m doing. I don’t think we can even capture the all of you.

That’s all we wanna show the world, is the little tiny rainbow.

‏‏ I don’t think I even know what all of me means. Like you said, I think all of me are those trillions and whatever number is bigger than trillion of versions that are out there. I don’t think through our life we can even discover everything that we can be.

‏‏ No, it’s beyond our comprehension, I think. But we can continue to do that. I remember, when I first got my first billionaire client, I thought to myself, “No, they’re gonna wanna be a trillionaire. I wonder what count comes after trillion.” That’s when that reminded me of when you said that. Now you know, it’s quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, dizillion. Nobody can ever be a bigger number than what I can comprehend. To say that you know me or that I know me or that we know somebody or that we know something to me that’s just a silly ignorance statement because we don’t, we just cannot comprehend the all of what we are. To me, that’s what your podcast represents with that stellar, we’re light, we’re infinite, we’re bigger than anything you can even comprehend. Embracing that and knowing today I understand myself as this. Tomorrow I might understand myself as something else and that’s okay. I don’t wanna keep myself in a box, I don’t want to know because then I’ve closed the door to everything that can be.

‏‏ Danelle, what are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

‏‏ The biggest thing is to be yourself, just what you said, to recognize that you are perfect exactly the way you are, that you don’t need to compete with anybody else, that there is a perfection to this universe, you cannot make a mistake, everything fits somehow and so do you. Knowing who you are, knowing that you belong here, and knowing that it’s safe to be here.

‏‏ How beautiful. This conversation was so powerful, I really appreciate you.

‏‏ Thank you, honey, thank you. I loved it. I absolutely love having these conversations. Thank you for thinking of me and thank you for inviting me. I truly, truly enjoyed it.

‏‏ Where can people find you if they wanna contact you?

‏‏ If they wanna contact me, they have to come through somebody that knows me. I don’t have a website out there, I don’t have a Facebook page.

‏‏ If they contact me, will that be okay?

‏‏ Yup.

‏‏ If you wanna contact Danelle, just contact me. If there is an alignment, you will be able to coach with her.

‏‏ That’s right. Like I said, God puts the people in my chair. I adhere to that. That’s the only way, is by referral. If anybody feels so compelled, that they think that this is the right thing, they can figure out a way to find me, go find me.

‏‏ Thank you so much.

‏‏ You’re welcome, Orion. It was a pleasure. Thank you for doing everything that you do, on behalf of the world, thank you.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Pause and take time to listen to the voice deep inside you. You can clearly hear these whispers when you truly pay attention.

✓ Learn about different spiritual beliefs to find a deeper meaning to life and beyond.

✓ Find the truth that lies inside you. Whatever your truth is, let it guide your way of life.

✓ Pray. It’s also a form of meditation that helps you connect with a higher being and yourself.

✓ Train your brain to handle pitfalls. We’re bound to make mistakes so find a way to get back to your balance.

✓ Focus on yourself first. You can’t help others when you’re not equipped to help yourself.

✓ Believe that there is no limit to what you can do. Don’t let your inner voice be filled with negativity.

✓ Treat every day as a blessing. There is magic in everything that you do.

✓ Learn how to differentiate the voice of ego and the voice of spirit. The voice of ego usually says “I” and the voice of spirit is a quiet whisper but both voices hold the truth.

✓ Be yourself and recognize that you are perfect just the way you are. That’s the most important step in living a life that’s full of magic.

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