Episode 112 | April 17, 2018

The Voice of Ego, The Voice of Spirit, & Everyday Magic with Danelle Magtibay

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Mission #112

On Board: Danelle Magtibay
Mission: The Voice of Ego, The Voice of Spirit, & Everyday Magic

Think back over your life. Can you identify at least one moment in which you felt truly connected to God, the Universe, or a higher consciousness? If so, even if it was only once, you understand the deep sensation of love that accompanies that experience. Imagine if you could live in that sense of connectedness, deep belonging, oneness, and love all the time. That’s a goal I’ve been working toward, and one that today’s guest will dive into.

Danelle Magtibay has such a powerful connection with the universe that she has a full client list without advertisements, self-promotion, or even a website. This remarkable woman is something completely different, who never repeats the concepts you might hear from similar experts. Her guidance is fresh, mind-blowing, and potentially life-changing. She has studied transformation, universal laws, and oneness for 25 years. She brings all of that wisdom to today’s deep conversation that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered.

Connect With Danelle:

@DanelleMagtibay on Twitter
Danelle Magtibay on LinkedIn

The Mission Log:

  • [04:04] – Danelle introduces herself and gives listeners a quick overview of her life (and coaching) story.
  • [04:57] – What was Danelle’s spiritual awakening like? As she answers, she shares a powerful story about the moment her life changed.
  • [09:58] – Giving on air gives Orion the opportunity to go deeper with people than she might be able to in private conversations.
  • [11:22] – Orion shares an experience of her own about sensing and feeling God as love.
  • [13:42] – Danelle has a son who has autism, who was nonverbal until he was almost seven years old. She connects this to what she and Orion have been saying about the limits of language.
  • [15:37] – A big piece of where our suffering comes from is the illusion of separation, Danelle explains.
  • [17:45] – How does Danelle keep a higher vibration?
  • [19:17] – Danelle talks more about her comment that some of her communication and information comes from non-human beings.
  • [23:32] – Orion and Danelle talk about their lifespan goals (180 and 130, respectively).
  • [25:11] – As Orion grows older, she feels like her connection with her guide isn’t constant. How can she get to the next level and connect constantly and clearly?
  • [31:07] – Danelle talks about how she prevents herself from being reactive in the moment when something triggers her.
  • [34:35] – We hear about Danelle’s father’s death when she was 15 years old.
  • [35:34] – Danelle discusses the observer, as well as the other internal voices and layers of the mind.
  • [38:07] – Why is the problematic little voice so loud, and the truth a whisper?
  • [39:03] – We hear about how alter egos play into the grand scheme of things.
  • [41:05] – Orion talks about recently attending the 90 Day Year seminar with Todd Herman, who teaches people to step into their alter ego.
  • [46:14] – Danelle responds to what Orion has been saying, sharing the visual that she gets based on Orion’s words.
  • [49:44] – What are Danelle’s three top tips to living a stellar life? #1. Be yourself. #2. Know that you belong here. #3. Know that it’s safe to be here.
  • [50:30] – Where can people find Danelle if they want to get in touch with her or work with her?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Pause and take time to listen to the voice deep inside you. You can clearly hear these whispers when you truly pay attention.

✓ Learn about different spiritual beliefs to find a deeper meaning to life and beyond.

✓ Find the truth that lies inside you. Whatever your truth is, let it guide your way of life.

✓ Pray. It’s also a form of meditation that helps you connect with a higher being and yourself.

✓ Train your brain to handle pitfalls. We’re bound to make mistakes so find a way to get back to your balance.

✓ Focus on yourself first. You can’t help others when you’re not equipped to help yourself.

✓ Believe that there is no limit to what you can do. Don’t let your inner voice be filled with negativity.

✓ Treat every day as a blessing. There is magic in everything that you do.

✓ Learn how to differentiate the voice of ego and the voice of spirit. The voice of ego usually says “I” and the voice of spirit is a quiet whisper but both voices hold the truth.

✓ Be yourself and recognize that you are perfect just the way you are. That’s the most important step in living a life that’s full of magic.


O: I love going to seminars, I love learning from the best people in the world, I love everything in my mind, I love having extraordinary conversations. Sometimes, when I go to all the seminars, especially in the self-development arena, it’s almost like I’m hearing the same thing again and again and again. It, at some point, becomes, for me, a recycled information where it’s good to be reminded but I’ve heard it so many times. There is the idea of I’m hearing the same information but I’m a different person so I’m hearing it differently. Sometimes people quote other people that quote other people. A lot of the self-development experts, they talk about the same thing, they just put a different face on it. It’s nice but it’s not like, “Woah, I just learned something completely new.” This is not the case with this interview. My guest today is pretty extraordinary. I had a very deep conversation with her. It felt like I wanted to listen to her more and more and learn more of her wisdom because she’s different. It’s nice to meet somebody that is different. She’s also very knowledgeable in so many ways. It was extraordinary. Her name is Danelle Magtibay. She’s a spiritual coach who studied transformation, breakthrough, success strategies, Universal Laws, and Oneness for the past 25 years. She became a life coach and a personal trainer in 1999. She does not publish herself, she doesn’t have even a website, she doesn’t go in social media a lot to talk about her business, people that go to her are people that know about her. She’s got clients that make billions of dollars. That’s pretty extraordinary, no website, no social media, only by working on the beingness and connecting to her guidance. That is, to me, the next freaking level of being. I wanna learn as much as I can about how to be that, it’s almost like being a manifestor rather than pushing and doing what everybody else is doing to get what you want. That was awesome, it was pretty cool. I’m gonna let you hear the interview now. I’m really excited because it’s gonna be a very good investment of your time. It’s gonna inspire you, it’s gonna empower you, and maybe it’s gonna you as many goosebumps as I got during the interview, maybe. Are you ready? Onto the show. Hey Danelle, welcome to Stellar Life Podcast.

D: Hello, miss Orion. Thank you for having me, my pleasure.

O: Thank you for being here. I love that you’re here. For the people who don’t know you yet, can you share a little bit about yourself?

D: My name is Danelle, like you said. I am a spiritual life coach, I started life coach back in 1999 when I was living in Los Angeles and then got a callback here to Minnesota. One of my sisters was diagnosed with a terminal illness and my mother asked me to return here. I came here and began my studies, that was in 1992 after a spiritual awakening. I opted for coaching because I love the idea of living your life centered around your values and the things that are most important to you. I took my education in ’99, started coaching in 2001, hung up my real estate career. I was a real estate broker for 17 years, hung that up and started teaching, coaching, lecturing full time because it’s my passion and I’ve been doing that ever since.

S: What was your spiritual awakening like?

O: It was in 1992 when I was living in LA, I was 24 years old. I basically ran away from college, actually I was supposed to be an accountant and I knew that just wasn’t right for me.

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