Episode 115 | May 8, 2018

Build a Tribe and Leave Your Mark with Elisa Camahort Page

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Mission #115

On Board: Elisa Camahort Page
Mission: Build a Tribe and Leave Your Mark

There’s a secret weapon in building a business or growing a community: empathy. Most people are so wrapped up in their lives and concerns that they don’t think about you at all. If you come to the table having thought about their wants and needs, it can be really disarming. This strategy can help you get what you want without acting like what the other person wants is “wrong”. This is just one of the many gems of wisdom that today’s incredible guest will share in our conversation.

Elisa Camahort Page was a marketing person in Silicon Valley before co-founding a company called BlogHer in 2005. Since then, this scrappy startup has turned into a global women’s media company. In 2014, the company was acquired by SheKnows. Elisa has transitioned into a free agent role where she consults with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, executives, and organizations of every size to turn big ideas and visions to life. Elisa’s debut book, Roadmap for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All will be published this September. If you enjoy this conversation (and I believe you will), go pre-order it!

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The Mission Log:

  • [02:17] – Elisa starts things off by sharing a bit about herself, her background, and her mission in life.
  • [04:08] – We hear about Elisa’s experience with growing a community from scratch with BlogHer.
  • [07:55] – What happens if you build a community, and you give and give and give, but don’t see fruits from your labor?
  • [11:47] – For Elisa, it’s deeply personal to help other women share their stories, especially because so much of history is written by men.
  • [12:56] – Orion has heard a recommendation to record an interview your parents and ask them questions about their lives.
  • [15:42] – Looking back, what were the biggest lessons that Elisa took away from building her blogging community?
  • [20:46] – Elisa talks about how to prepare herself to be in the situation she has been describing, and suggests getting over the automatic emotional response.
  • [22:32] – Orion takes a moment to recap the three pieces of advice that Elisa has just offered to listeners.
  • [23:45] – We hear more of Elisa’s thoughts on failure, with her asking when we decided that failure was to be avoided at all costs.
  • [25:29] – What are some of the secrets and challenges of women collaborating together?
  • [29:12] – Elisa has a conflicted relationship with the word “girl” when it refers to adult women, she explains.
  • [30:38] – We learn about Elisa’s forthcoming book, which will be available in September 2018 and is already available for pre-order!
  • [32:51] – Orion just recently got dual citizenship because of what’s going on politically. Elisa then points out that if people got engaged more in their own communities, it would help address some of the polarization.
  • [34:32] – What are some of the tips or issues that Elisa touches on in her forthcoming book?
  • [39:01] – Elisa believes that we cannot be happy if we’re not activating on behalf of the things that we believe in. She also discusses her perspective on boundaries.
  • [41:55] – Orion shares her experiences in coming from Israel, which is a very direct culture, and sne and Elise discuss culturally different communication styles.
  • [45:11] – Elise tends to err on the side of being direct and forthright.
  • [47:36] – What are Elise’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Behave in alignment with your values. 2. Appreciate your own boundaries. 3. Respect what drives you and what doesn’t drive you.
  • [49:09] – Elisa talks about where people can find her and her new book.

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Use the internet as platform to share your message. With the technology today, reaching out and sharing your gift to others has never been easier.

✓ Provide value to your followers. Make sure that anything that comes from you is either helpful, enlightening or compelling.

✓ Be active on social media and use it for good by creating quality content for your followers to learn from and appreciate.

✓ Attend conferences to expand your network and connect with people. Use these events to learn something new or to sharpen a skill.

✓ Respect others’ opinions and openly communicate when building an online community. Let your followers feel your presence and guidance.

✓ Own your style. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are and to be yourself. Your true tribe will appreciate you no matter what.

✓ Take a leap of faith. Don’t be afraid to start your own online presence and become an influencer in your own way.

✓ Don’t take negative feedback personally. Accept that you can’t please everybody and understand that staying true to yourself is what’s really important.

✓ Find ways to collaborate with others. This is a perfect opportunity to grow your network and start new ventures.

✓ Set your own boundaries and know your limits. You can’t give everything to everybody without leaving some for yourself.



O: Hi, welcome to Stellar Life podcast. Today I have with me Elisa Camahort Page. She’s known as the co-founder and COO of the scrappy startup turned global women’s media company called BlogHer. Elisa is now focused on consulting with entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, authors, executives in organizations in every size to make vision reality, to take big ideas and bring them to life, and help them reach the next level. She is a force to be reckoned with and you are going to be enjoying this conversation tremendously. Elisa’s debuted book, Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All is gonna be published this September. Go pre-order it, buy it, it’s gonna be fantastic. Now, without further ado, onto the show. Hello, Elisa. Welcome to Stellar Life Podcast.

E: Hi, Orion. Thank you so much for having me.

O: Thank you so much for being here. This is going to be a very interesting conversation I think because of who you are. I just love hearing you speak, you’re very eloquent and you’re a very good communicator.

E: Oh, thank you so much.

O: Yeah. Before we start, why don’t you just share a little bit about yourself, your background, and your mission in life?

E: Oh, absolutely. My name is Elisa Camahort Page. After being a marketing person and high tech in Silicon Valley and going through the boom and the bust, I ended up co-founding a company called BlogHer in 2005. We worked with women who were beginning to express themselves online through blogging and social media. We help them get exposure for their work but we also help them make money because we felt it was really important to know your worth and to attach the appropriate amount of value to what you are doing.

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