Episode 106 | March 6, 2018

The Art of Transformation with Stephan Spencer

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Mission #106

On Board: Stephan Spencer
Mission: The Art of Transformation

Imagine you’re so fearless that you can walk over hot coals or even break an arrow with your throat. What other things could you do if you were that brave? How much might your life transform if you had the deep self-confidence that comes from doing such incredible things? The short answer is that you can completely change every facet of your existence. You have the power to transform your health, wealth, spirituality, and even physical appearance.

Here’s your opportunity to hear all about this from a guest who is very near and dear to my heart, my sweet husband Stephan Spencer. Professionally, Stephan is a world-renowned SEO, author, and speaker known for his marketing expertise. Personally, until a few years ago, he was a total geek! After the experiences you’ll hear about in this conversation, he transformed so completely that people who knew the “old Stephan” still sometimes don’t recognize him. Tune in to learn about his transformation, and how you can have one of your own!

Connect With Stephan:

Stephan Spencer
The Optimized Geek
Marketing Speak
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The Mission Log:

  • [01:52] – Stephan kicks things off by sharing a bit about himself, briefly explaining the life path that brought him to where he is today professionally.
  • [03:57] – How did Stephan start his transformation after his 18-year marriage?
    [06:02] – Orion jumps in to explain how much of Stephan’s demeanor was problematic before his transformation. He then talks about how he ended up going to his first Tony Robbins event.
  • [07:42] – We hear about Stephan’s fire walk, and how it relates to the fears he had lived with for much of his life. He also addresses people’s initial reactions to his transformation.
  • [11:54] – What would Stephan offer as advice to listeners who want to start their own transformation journeys?
  • [14:02] – We sometimes underestimate the power of mentorship, Orion points out.
  • [14:32] – When Stephan changed his external appearance, what else changed for him? He answers, then offers more advice for listeners.
  • [19:04] – Stephan discusses what studies have found about smiling.
  • [19:30] – Stephan’s spiritual transformation is more important to him than his physical transformation.
  • [21:21] – In 2010, after going through a lot of physical and mindset changes, Stephan went on a spirituality intensive in India. He describes the experience.
  • [24:05] – If the old, pre-transformation Stephan were in the room listening to all of this, what would he think?
  • [26:02] – Stephan discusses what it means to find God.
  • [28:28] – After having mentioned it a moment ago, Stephan explains what Kabbalah is for unfamiliar listeners.
  • [32:21] – What profound things has Stephan learned from Kabbalah?
  • [35:53] – Stephan offers a quick test for listeners to see whether you’re falling into the trap of undervaluing money.
  • [37:35] – We hear about how Stephan moved past his addiction to sugar. In his explanation, he clarifies the difference between suppression and restriction.
  • [42:29] – Orion shares a recent story about going out to dinner with Stephan and one of his friends, explaining that she’s still in between restriction and suppression.
  • [44:15] – Stephan offers his recommendation for Orion based on what she has just discussed.
  • [47:24] – It’s important to find an outlet so you don’t feel totally deprived, Stephan explains. His own outlet is having sugar on holidays.
  • [48:25] – What are Stephan’s three top tips for living a stellar life? #1. Find a mentor who embodies the attributes you want in that area of your life. #2. Learn with the intention of teaching that thing to others. #3. Get off of Netflix, because you can waste a lot of time binge-watching things.
  • [50:52] – Stephan offers a fourth tip: appreciate your loved one every night before you go to sleep with three specific appreciations.
  • [51:52] – Orion and Stephan give an example of this by giving some appreciations to the audience.

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Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Don’t let fear prevent you from doing what you want. It only takes a few seconds to leap for something that can change your life.

✓ Dwell in a place of positivity and certainty. When you are positive and certain that you are going to make it in life, you will.

✓ Shake things up. Wake up and change your life by freeing yourself from limiting beliefs.

✓ Continue doing things that promote self-improvement. Get a new hobby, learn a new skill, go back to school or attend events or conferences that you’re interested in.

✓ Find a mentor that inspires you and brings out the best in you. Even successful people need the good influence of mentors.

✓ Learn how to control your state of mind and be more aware of your emotions. You can quickly get rid of negative feelings by avoiding slouching and breathing properly with intent.

✓ Keep your body moving by working out, doing yoga or dancing. Exercise releases dopamine, a chemical that makes humans happy.

✓ Nourish your spirit as you find a belief that will transform you into a more enlightened human.

✓ Share what you’ve learned through your transformation with others. There are people out there who need help making their own transformations.

✓ Listen to Stephan’s podcast, The Optimized Geek, and hear stories from inspirational people who talk about their transformations through biohacking, mindset shifts and more.



O: Welcome to Stellar Life Podcast! Today’s guest is somebody who’s very near and dear to my heart, it’s my sweet husband, Stephan Spencer. In his professional life, Stephan is a world renowned SEO, author, speaker. But in his private life and in his podcast, Stephan likes to talk a lot about transformation and spirituality and this is his passion, and also part of his calling in the world, but he’s mostly known for his SEO and marketing. I’m excited to talk to you and share with you about his transformation and he is going to share some extraordinary nuggets of wisdom with you. Hello, Stephan.

S: Hi, my love.

O: Welcome.

S: Great to be here. Thank you for having me.

O: Thank you. So we’re sitting here in San Diego. Actually, the Airbnb, we are at Traffic & Conversion Summit and we’re recording from one mic. It’s probably not going to be the best of quality, but the information is what’s important. Welcome! Why don’t you share a little bit about yourself?

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