Episode 109 | March 27, 2018

Entrepreneurial Transformation & Brand Response with Dustin Mathews

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Mission #109

On Board: Dustin Mathews
Mission: Entrepreneurial Transformation & Brand Response

We all know how hard it is to make potentially valuable professional connections, especially when you’re going in cold and don’t already have a link with the prospect in question. Instead of being just another voice in the crowd of people looking for a partner, stand out by mailing that person a (nice, clean, new) shoe. It’s sure to prompt questions, which you can then answer by saying you wanted to “get a foot in the door.” And just like that, you’ve opened a conversation.

Dustin Mathews shares this tidbit of creative wisdom, and many others, in our conversation today! Dustin transforms businesses and brands, and helped take a company from $1 million to $14 million when he was just out of school. Since then, he’s only grown in his remarkable ability. In addition to being the author of bestselling books, Dustin is an innovator in the arena of brand response. I’m also lucky to count this wonderful, bright man as a friend and mentor, and I can’t wait to share him with you today!

Connect With Dustin:

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@dustinmathews on Twitter
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The Mission Log:

  • [04:31] – Dustin shares how he felt about Orion when he met her, and points out that he immediately saw her fire and passion.
  • [05:27] – We learn a bit about Dustin, including that he was once deathly afraid of public speaking. He also discusses how he got into marketing.
  • [07:39] – How did Dustin learn about influence? As he answers, he talks about how he got out of public speaking in school, and how he eventually needed to give a talk in public.
  • [10:51] – Dustin discusses how it went when he finally gave his public talk.
  • [13:00] – Orion takes a moment to share some of her own fears before she speaks in front of an audience. Dustin then discusses the tools he uses to get over those limiting beliefs.
  • [15:02] – Many athletes practice in their minds, Orion points out. She and Dustin then talk about Japan.
  • [18:12] – What did Dustin visualize for himself?
  • [21:21] – Dustin discusses leaving Speaking Empire and what it was like to take on that decision after nine years there.
  • [25:07] – Orion shares a story of what happened the day before she went to Japan.
  • [27:53] – We hear about the spiritual aspects of Dustin’s transition.
  • [30:57] – Dustin discusses brand response and how we can become better at branding.
  • [34:37] – Orion has been putting a lot of good content out there, but doesn’t feel she’s getting the response she should be getting. What are Dustin’s words of wisdom for her, or for listeners in her situation?
  • [39:33] – What does Dustin do to increase his own brand response?
  • [42:04] – Dustin offers more advice, some of it very unconventional and creative, on finding and approaching potential affiliates.
  • [48:19] – Dustin squeezes in one last tip on the subject he and Orion have been talking about.
  • [49:55] – What are Dustin’s three top tips to living a stellar life? #1. Education, and always coming from a student’s mindset. #2. Be happy! #3. Move your body.
  • [53:58] – Where can people go to learn more about Dustin?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Take a moment to recognize the life-changing opportunities in your life. New opportunities may be challenging, but they are worth fighting for.

✓ Don’t hesitate to share your passion, thoughts, and insights to your tribe. You never know who needs to hear your message and follow your advocacy.

✓ Train yourself to become an effective speaker and catch your audience’s attention. Attend classes and find a mentor to elevate your skills.

✓ Build a strong brand that is recognizable and memorable to your audience.

✓ Get yourself out there and optimize your public relations by integrating a variety of strategies such as press releases, speaking gigs, and TV appearances.

✓ Always be the best version of yourself. Carry a strong, positive energy wherever you go and spread that positivity all around.

✓ Be social, approachable, and outgoing. Let this build opportunities for friendships and collaboration.

✓ Spice things up and change your style to keep your audience engaged.

✓ Analyze your audience’s response through their feedback. Make them aware that they can voice their opinions and their constructive criticisms.  

✓ Take time to slow down and reevaluate your strategies. You can see your true purpose and the bigger picture by pausing to reflect.



O: Welcome to Stellar Life Podcast! This is Orion. Thank you, first of all, for listening to the show, thank you for taking this time to improve yourself, I don’t take it lightly, I know that you are busy and you have so much to do, and so many other podcasts that you can listen too. Thank you for choosing this one. I appreciate you, you freaking rock! Today, I started a juice cleanse because I’ve been eating a lot of junk lately and not taking care of my body as I should or wanted to. Because this is going to be a new year for me, my birthday is coming up on March 31st, I’ve decided to cleanse my body, take care of my body, and really give her some nourishment, and cleanse whatever junk I put in my body because she deserves better, she serves me well, and she deserves to feel more energetic, and more vibrant. I’m really excited, I’m taking care of my body, creating an intention for my new personal year, creating a powerful intention for my business. This is the month of Aries, there is a lot of fire energy, and I’m fired up to go and become bigger, better, stronger, and just more! I want to feel more, I want to have more, I want to experience life to the fullest. My guest today is Dustin Mathews. He transforms businesses and brands. Right out of school, Dustin helped take company from $1 million to $14 million. And number 35 of Inc. list of Fastest Growing Companies. Along with best selling books in the arenas of marketing and sales, and life, Dustin quantified a process of creating and selling products, and services, and irresistible offers, and is currently innovating the arena of brand response. Dustin is a good friends, he’s also a mentor. I studied a lot from him, he’s just a wonderful, bright human being. I love surrounding myself with these type of people; they are super successful, they’re heart driven, they are leaders. Because when you hang out with the best of the best, guess what, something will stick. I’m happy to have him on the show. This conversation was super awesome, super fun, there are so many nuggets of wisdom, and so much goodness in this episode. I’m really excited for you to listen to it. Without further ado, on to the show. Hello Dustin, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast! How are you doing?

D: I am doing fabulous, yourself?

O: I’m doing great! I’m so happy to be talking to you. We have a long history together. Don’t we?

D: That’s right. I’m excited! I’m really pumped today.

O: Yeah. This is really cool. First time I met you was at Speaking Empire, when I was learning how to become a better speaker. You know what, every time I interacted with you, even when we didn’t really know each other, I always felt this very kind vibe from you. I always felt like you were a very sweet person, very loving, and very gracious.

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