Episode 109 | April 3, 2018

The Optimized Geek with Stephan Spencer

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Mission #110

On Board: Stephan Spencer
Mission: The Optimized Geek

One of the best things about finding the love of your life is exploring all of the things you have in common! My amazing husband, Stephan Spencer, is also a podcaster. A few months ago, he invited me to interview him on his podcast The Optimized Geek for its special 100th episode. We had an incredible conversation in which he shared his wisdom and all the lessons, tips, tricks, tools, and insights he’s learned from the world-class guests on his podcast. The conversation was so interesting and value-packed that I decided to bring it to you here on Stellar Life!

In addition to being my wonderful husband and the love of my life, Stephan is a three-time author and a true genius. He’s also an all-around amazing person! I already mentioned that he hosts The Optimized Geek, but if you’re interested in marketing, SEO, ecommerce, and related topics, you also need to check out his other podcast, Marketing Speak. After you hear all the wisdom he shares in today’s episode, I have a feeling you won’t be able to get enough of his podcasts!

Connect With Stephan:

Stephan Spencer
@sspencer on Twitter
Stephan Spencer on LinkedIn
The Optimized Geek
Marketing Speak

The Mission Log:

  • [02:23] – When Stephan looks back to his first episode of the Optimized Geek almost two years ago, what was he thinking in creating that podcast?
  • [04:43] – We learn about Stephan’s purpose on earth, which is to make a difference for millions of people, and his ideal legacy.
  • [05:42] – Stephan talks about the biggest changes in his life since starting the show, one of which is beginning to study the Kabbalah.
  • [07:15] – In the years that they’ve been together, Orion has seen Stephan evolve a lot. We hear about some of the episodes that have helped Stephan along this path.
  • [09:05] – We hear some of Stephan’s praise for Orion’s podcast, Stellar Life.
  • [09:59] – Stephan shares his thoughts on how spirituality and sexuality are related
  • [11:12] – What is Stephan’s definition of spirituality? He and Orion discuss the topic, then move onto talking about sexual blueprints.
  • [13:13] – Stephan thinks that Gary Chapman’s concept of five love languages is a good analogy for sexual blueprints. We learn how these languages function within his relationship with Orion.
  • [15:52] – What are some of the most interesting ideas that Stephan has gotten from relationship experts on his show, and which ideas is he implementing in his own life?
  • [19:29] – Orion talks about a simple way of drawing more goodness into your life and relationship by focusing on the good.
  • [20:10] – We hear more about what Stephan has learned about relationships from the conversations he has had on the Optimized Geek.
  • [23:58] – What has Stephan learned from the fitness experts on his show? In his answer, we learn that Stephan is already seeing results from going back to the gym.
  • [26:26] – Stephan explains what biohacking is and how it can make a difference. Orion then recommends Dave Asprey.
  • [28:22] – Why do we need stem cell injections, and why do we need to bank our stem cells to use in the future?
  • [31:49] – Let’s talk about brain hacking! We start off by talking about mindset and conditioning your mind for success.
  • [36:08] – How does Stephan prioritize and manage his time?
  • [40:46] – Orion moves on to talking about delegating, which is an important aspect of time management and getting things done.
  • [43:38] – Stephan describes some of the most successful people in the world’s most powerful traits.
  • [46:00] – How can you detect if someone is lying?
  • [48:51] – After Stephan has shared a story about overcoming two of his fears, Orion takes a deeper dive into the subject.
  • [51:51] – Orion explains that she and Stephan are seminar junkies, which is why they know so much about the topics they’ve been discussing in this conversation.
  • [54:24] – Stephan shares his three top tips for optimizing your inner geek: 1. Establish new habits (like morning rituals or affirmations) that will set you up for success. 2. Really question your thoughts, because your thoughts often aren’t true, and suffering is optional. 3. Because knowledge is power, always learn, optimize, and uplevel in every aspect of your life. (One way to do this is by listening to every episode of the Optimized Geek!)

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Strengthen and nurture your spirituality by exploring different teachings that can give light to your true purpose and teach you how to be a better person.

✓ Help people with true intention and not because you want to get something out of it in return but because you simply want to help and share my blessings.

✓ Understand that being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness and that your ego is separate from your true self. The real you is revealed when you peel back all my layers, raw & exposed.

✓ Explore Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages and learn you and your partner’s primary love language so you can be more intentional in your connections.

✓ Study the teachings of Alison Armstrong to get an insight into whether your partner’s hurt is coming from a feminine or masculine side to better understand how to respond appropriately.

✓ Improve your relationship by showing appreciation and focusing on the good through techniques like Imago Therapy.

✓ Get your hormones tested to see if you need to take hormone boosting supplements to be more vital, feel stronger and be more present, powerful, and capable.

✓ Own your body by working out and going to the gym or hiring a personal trainer and experimenting with different techniques that work best for your body type.

✓ Look into different biohacking techniques and explore the teachings of Dave Asprey and the Bulletproof movement.

✓ Have a morning ritual to get in the right mindset to start your day. You can learn more about this technique with Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning.



O: Hello and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. This is your host, Orion. In this podcast, I am actuall sharing an episode I did for his podcast, Optimized Geek. It was so amazing and full of impactful information that I wanted to share that with you. So now without further ado, onto the show! My guest today is a three-time author. He is a genius. He’s an SEO expert. He is amazing, and he is the love of my life.

S: That’s so sweet.

O: Mr. Stephan Spencer. Today you’re gonna hear him speak. You’re gonna hear him share his amazing wisdom. That’s why I married you, baby. Not only because of your good looks, because you’re so, so smart.

S: Thank you.

O: Oh yeah, sorry we’re recording. We just had a moment here. I’m gonna interview Stephan, and Stephan is gonna share with you guys all the lessons and some of his favorite tips and tricks and tools and insights and, like Oprah Winfrey always say, “aha moments” or “lightbulb moments” from the Optimized Geek. It’s been a long road, baby.

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