Episode 251 | June 15, 2021

Choose Your Destiny with Simone Milasas

A Personal Note From Orion

Conscious decisions make for a better, more holistic reality. When you learn how life-changing it can be to pause, evaluate your options, and make sound decisions it can help you lead a happy and fulfilling life. You are in for the ride of your life. On top of that, just understanding that you have the power to shift gears no matter what your past is or where you are in life is so freeing. 

On this Stellar Life Podcast, Simone Milasas joins me as we talk about the adventures and misadventures of life, how we can all cope by expanding our consciousness, and what to look forward to in the future after some newly gained knowledge. 

Simone is a self-made millionaire, best-selling author, and Business Development Manager of Access Consciousness®. Simone joyfully sees the prospect of possibility and future in every choice she chooses. She is the founder of Joy of Business, mentoring entrepreneurs around the globe to create more incredible wealth and happiness, and has been at the forefront of cutting-edge creation and development for over two decades. So without further ado, on with the show!


In this Episode

  • [00:59] – Orion introduces Simone Milasas, a self-made millionaire, best-selling author and Business Development Manager of Access Consciousness®. 
  • [06:13] – Simone tells us one of her best achievements in her life that led her to be in allowance of her choices.
  • [12:24] – Simone points out the importance of knowing what works for you best in creating your reality and not limiting yourself by the influence of others.
  • [16:43] – Simone expounds what Gary Douglas, Founder of the Access Consciousness, said, “Don’t trust me, trust you.”
  • [21:10] – What are the changes you need to do in making life choices to grow as a person.
  • [27:43] – How do you increase confidence?
  • [33:33] – Simone shares an example of how she makes choices based on each day.
  • [38:16] – Simone explains a process on how to manifest things in your life.
  • [45:50] – Orion and Simone discuss the things they are grateful for that happened during the pandemic.
  • [50:42] – Visit Simone Milasas’ website at simonemilasas.com to check out her blog, books, podcast, and learn more about her.

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About Today’s Show

Hey Simone, and welcome to Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here

Thank you for having me. I’m so grateful to be here. 

Thank you. Before we begin, can you share a little bit of your passion and how did you get to where you are today?

Well, I’m going to say that I got where I am today through choosing what works for me, not choosing what works for everybody else. Even in high school, people were talking about getting married, having kids, it’s like going to university, college. I was like, I want to see the world. I want to see all the war and I want to see it now. 

I kept choosing what worked for me.

It was a different choice than what most people were making, and I’ve always done that. I remember at one stage, my family always said that, “You’re the black sheep of the family” or I was always looked at as being different, which is sometimes a really judgmental offense in this reality. Yet, I kept choosing what worked for me, including traveling all over the world. I told everyone I was going away for six months, and I ended up staying for three years, then coming home and working in so many different businesses.

Where did you go, may I ask? Which countries did you visit? 

Well, the first place I went to was America and I went to Hawaii first, which was probably a really good spot to stop off at because Hawaii is very easy. The next place I found myself was in Los Angeles, in Venice Beach. It was one of those days in Venice Beach that had all the fog coming in. Walking down that main strip, I felt like I was in a movie, all these different characters sort of coming towards me. I was 19. 

I really remember thinking, oh my God, what am I doing here? Am I safe? Am I going to be okay? This is an adventure and that’s what I looked at it as. Then New York, and then I actually lived in Miami for a month on the Miami University campus with some friends of friends of friends that we knew, which was a real eye-opener to an Australian going to America and staying on the Miami University campus. I learned a lot, I felt like I was in the middle of a Hollywood movie. 

I traveled and did lots of different businesses and just kept choosing. Anytime I would say that I would become complacent with where I was at, it was like, okay, what next, what next, what next? I’ve created my life where it is today by never being bored—always knowing that there’s something different to choose from. Like, even yesterday, I was looking at all these different projects that I’m working on, and sort of like, can I have some extra hours in the day, please? 

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While I was hiking, I still do things like that. I took myself off hiking yesterday for a couple of hours because I knew that I needed some time in nature. It was wonderful. So just keep choosing and keep choosing and seeing what shows up. I’ve always looked at my life as an adventure, not as something that I have to get right.

What do you see as one of the best achievements of your life or a few of them?

Without sounding like a cliché, I’m going to say, to stop judging myself, being an allowance of my choices. I mean, that’s a hard nut to crack. 

How did you do that because I’m full of judgment for myself? 

it’s like you use that muscle every day. I mean, even the last few days, I was looking at it going, if you ask yourself the question, it’s like, are you more in the judgment of you or are you more in allowance of you? 


You can put anything in there. Are you more in judgment or more in allowance of your body, of your business, of your relationship? Whatever it is—of your parenting. Whatever that topic that comes up, ask that question—am I more in judgment, or am I more in allowance? I started looking at this as I’m so much more out of judgment of myself than I have been for years. Practicing (I’m going to say) those random acts of allowance with yourself by yourself.

Can you tell me random acts of allowance? What does that mean?

If you start with the small things, even here in Australia the birds are awake really early, so you get up super early. Even for a nanosecond, I noticed that if I get after 7 AM there’s this moment that I judged myself for not getting up earlier. That’s insane. What does that create? Nothing. 

What would it take for today to be greater than yesterday?

What if you stop judging yourself for the small things and just have these random acts of allowance. Something I’ve been doing lately is lying in bed when I wake up, and just putting my hands on my body somewhere and being grateful for my body because my body sticks with me every day all day. It’s like asking, okay, so what would it take for today to be greater than yesterday? 


And not raise judgment. What else is possible today? What else am I capable of that I have not yet chosen? And being in question with that. It really is that nanosecond of judgment. Say you go to the gym and you plan on working out for 45 minutes or something, and then after 30 minutes you’re like, I’m done. You have that nanosecond of judging that you didn’t work out longer. 

Listen to your body, listen to your business, listen to whatever it is that you’re looking at, ask questions, and then follow that energy—be in allowance of what shows up. To me, being in allowance is allowing your life to be truly an adventure, not something that you have to plan. Your life is not linear. It’s not one day that you go to bed at night and go, well, my day turned out exactly as I thought it was going to show up. Every day is different.

Nice. It doesn’t matter if it’s nature or nurture that we judge ourselves. Maybe we were judged when we were kids, or maybe now we’re judging because this is our nature. It’s not even nature, it’s a pattern. It’s a habit. It’s something that we wired our brain for judgment, self-judgment. Like you said, that nanosecond is just a moment of rewiring your brain, rewiring your patterns, and finding a different path.

I would say a great tool to use from Access Consciousness, which is what I work with, is who does this belong to? When you have all of these thoughts, feelings, and emotions going on, what if 100% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not yours? We’re so psychic, we pick up on everybody else. 

A great example. You walk into a room and you know. what’s going on.— You know if people are happy and laughing, or you know if someone’s cranky. You get the energy, and then you start to either get paranoid by it’s yours. You think I’m so angry and it’s like, what am I angry about? Especially now in the world, what is being projected at everybody is you should be fearful. It’s like, of what?

Resources are abundant, and there’s always something new as long as you face each day with a curious mind.

Of what exactly?

I’m sorry, I’m going to say it like I think it is. This whole thing is like a pandemic. It’s a level of control that there’s going to be some movies.

I’m with you on that. A few years from now, people will look at the silly cloth that we put on our faces and say, what were they thinking? What just happened there?

I know it’s different throughout the world because I do work with so many people throughout the world as well, you get different feedback of what’s going on. We have an incredible amount of (I’m going to say) pretense of freedom here in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast because we’ve got everything happening, but you can’t get out or in. 

To me, you’ve got to do your own research, stop, look. This is with everything. This has just become so obvious with everything. If you’ve got a business, do your own research of what works for you. Create greater wealth. Do your own research of what works for you. 

Parenting, there’s no parenting book that works for every kid, do your own research of what works for you. Now, when we’re in this pandemic, do your own research and know what works for you. I mean, to me, we have an amazing immune system. Our bodies are incredible. Why not use the immune system instead of getting an experimental drug called a vaccine.

It’s not even a vaccine, it’s gene therapy.

Exactly. It is. They’re calling it the jab because if a vaccine by definition alone is you need to have tested it for at least 10 years, and I do a lot of research and get people to tell me different things. One of the things I was reading is that in most vaccines that are created, there’s 2% that the FDA ends up taking on after 10 years and then this hasn’t even been tested. They’re calling it the jab because that will take them out of the legality of it because you can’t call it a vaccine, it needs to be called something different because it’s not legal. 

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There are so many things like that. Like I said, in the years to come, there’s going to be movies, there’s going to be documentaries, and everything about the stupidity of people following what they hear on the media or following what they perceive as authorities. 

In their defense, the media is using very successfully lots of hypnotic techniques and techniques of persuasions, especially when people are watching TV, they are already in a trance state. So whatever is coming to their mind, their mind is so open. Some people spend a lot of time watching TV or just being so influenced by their family members. It’s like you said, those thoughts that are coming from the collective, and if you don’t put the boundaries, they will affect you.

What if we weren’t doing team anti-consciousness and team unconsciousness? Everyone’s like, come on, let’s all jump in and choose something that isn’t really working. What if you actually started to choose for you? That’s what I look at with a lot of the classes, seminars, and different things that I do. What works for you, and even asks the question today.

If you were choosing your reality, what would you choose? You can put up anything in that. If you were choosing your reality with finance, with business, with relationships, with sex, anything, what would you choose? What works for you? If we stopped looking at everybody else for a reference point and what if we kicked these doors down of limitations now and opened these doors up? 

What if the purpose of life was to have fun?

The universe has got our back, consciousness has our back. There’s a lot of possibilities available. If we keep buying into the limited reality, then that’s all you’ll ever have. But if you kick those doors down and go, you know what, I’m busting through this. I’m going to find out on the other side, and I’m going to show up as me, all of me, and have way too much fun. What if the purpose of life was to have fun?

Nice, I like that. I like your story about traveling because I did something similar. I am from Israel, I served in the IDF, and I performed in this entertainment team in a hotel for a year or so. I had only about $700 and I decided to go to Japan. $700 in Japan was good enough for a couple of days.

You didn’t pick a very good country with $700.

Oh my god, no. I went there and I found a job. For me, it was like I’m going for three weeks and I ended up falling in love with an incredible Japanese gentleman and staying there for three and a half years. It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. Me too, I love traveling. I think I’ve been to more than 40 countries around the world pre-COVID. 

I love living in adventure. What can I do to make myself laugh? I have a son, he is a year and seven, what can I do to make him laugh? I do fall into other people telling me how to parent. I had a girlfriend come over and she had a lot to say about a lot of things. In the beginning, I was just like, oh, maybe she knows better. For a second there, maybe she knows better. 

As the time went on, actually, no, I think I’m doing a pretty good job and my son is extraordinary. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing the way I’m doing it without listening to the outside noise.

That’s perfect the way you said. So many people look at life in any area of life and think maybe they know better. Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, sent this to me like 20 years ago and that’s when I think I went, oh, I need to find out more about what access is. He said to me, “Don’t trust me, trust you.” If you’re listening to this, don’t trust me, don’t trust Orion. Trust you, trust what you know. Listen to other people. 

Get some much-needed vitamin D from the sun, breathe fresh air, and just enjoy the tranquil space around you.

I mean, one of the biggest things I would talk about, especially with business, is to have some consults with people, with financial advisors, with accountants, with lawyers, et cetera. Find out what works for you, but don’t buy everything that they’re saying as the reality that you must choose. Listen to the whispers of things that ping, and you go, oh, that. Like you going to Japan with $700. That doesn’t make logical sense to go to Japan with $700.

No. Luckily, God gifted me with a very wealthy boyfriend. My shopping was Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci. It was pretty nice. I didn’t even care at the time. I was like Dolce who? Who cares? It looks nice.

It feels good. But you followed the energy. One thing I want to say is—as we’re sort of talking about choice here as well—how many people sit back and try and figure out what is going to be the right choice rather than just choosing? Most people would rather be right than be free. 

Wow, that’s big. 

One of the tools that we talk about is choosing in 10-second increments, which most people go, what? How can you choose in 10-second increments? Choose this in 10 seconds, for the next 10 seconds you can choose again. What if you kept choosing, kept choosing, and some of your choices you go, oh, okay, maybe I wasn’t very smart there but I get to choose again. 

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been yesterday, it’s what are you going to choose today? Don’t hate your future based on the reference of the judgments you have of your past. What are you going to create today? What action can you take today to create the life that you would truly like to have? To me, this is not a dry run, this is no test run, this is your life. Are you actually living it the way you’d like to?

Most people would rather be right than be free.

What if you try to control things a little bit too much? Sometimes I feel like I want everything to just turn out the way I want it to turn out. I feel like the more I hold on to control, the less I have control.

Well, that’s true. Trust me, I’m a control freak of magnitude. I know there’s a lot of people out there who somewhere we brought into this commonality—if we control it, it will show up as we ask. It doesn’t work like that, nothing like that. There’s absolutely no proof of that working. I don’t know why insanely we keep choosing it. 

What I would ask is what would your life look like if you’re willing to be out of control? I’m not talking about dancing on tabletops. I’m talking out of control with your ability and your capacity to receive. What if you received from everything and everyone, including the entirety of the planet, the entirety of the universe? When you receive like that, more possibilities show up. Then you go, oh, that. 

I was born and bred in Sydney, Australia, and then I moved—did a whole bunch of things including traveling and all of that. Then I decided I was going to be a naturopath and I enrolled in this school in Brisbane. I paid the fees and everything and moved up there to go study naturopathy. I went to this mind, body, and spirit festival. I walked and I walked around, and then I came across the Access Consciousness stand and was like, what is this? This looks so weird and strange. Spoke to a guy, got one of the hands-on processes called Bars, et cetera. 

It just pinged me so much I woke up the next day and I was like, wow, what is this? Then I ended up going and talking to this guy about it and going to a few classes. I never went to college, I ended up working with Access, being an Access Consciousness facilitator. I see so many people who go, “Oh, I paid for the college, that’s what I enrolled, that is where I am heading,” rather than go, “Oh, wow, how grateful am I that got me to Brisbane so that I could jump onto the next stepping stone of the next adventure of where I’m really heading.” 

If we control our lives, I’d be a naturopath now and probably be really unhappy. If you keep following the energy—like to me, I don’t have an answer at all. What I’d be is in question every day, does this work for me? You should be in question with everything. Does this work? The choices that I’m making right now, are they actually expanding my life? Is it creating something greater? If not, then okay, what can I change here? 

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Just because you choose something doesn’t mean you have to keep choosing it. That creates it to be this necessity in your life rather than a choice. Your life should be a choice. 

It seems like you need to be super flexible to do so. 

Well, it goes back to being an allowance. When something shows up, and you go, “Oh, I’m going to choose this.” I mean, if you take it to the smallest of things. When you go to a restaurant and you go, “Okay, I’m going to order this meal,” and then all of a sudden, you’re like, “Actually, no, I’d like to change my order.” Do you change your order, or do you eat what you ordered and not enjoy it? Do you know what I mean? If you take the smallest of things and you start looking at what you can choose, then you’ll take it into what are the bigger choices in life. 

I mean, I had a session one day with someone who had been in a relationship, they were married, and they basically weren’t having fun, and they wanted out. Okay, so I asked them the truth because the truth is like this universal law, you’ll end up knowing the truth. I said, “Truth, when did you leave the marriage?” They were like, “Oh, before we even got married.” 

Oh my God. Wow.

What it came down to with a whole bunch of questions that I asked them is they’d already sent the invites out. They knew they didn’t want to get married, but they’d sent the invitations out. So they still got married. That’s pulling the plug, I think it was 12 years or something that they were married. You give yourself that—I said yes, we sent the invite, so I better follow through. 

What if you didn’t have to follow through with anything? You just kept choosing every day. If you’re in a relationship, wake up and ask, okay, so truth, does this work for me today? I’m not saying pack your bags and leave, but if something’s not making you happy and not working, then look at it and go, okay, so what could I change here? What else could I choose? What could I institute? What can I do and be different? 

Being in allowance of whom you’re with is what actually creates a great relationship.

I don’t mean controlling the other person because there are so many ladies out there who I know just want to get a man to control him or change him. That doesn’t create a great relationship. Being in allowance of whom you’re with is what actually creates a great relationship. If you’re in question, then you’ll be in allowance of more possibilities showing up. It’s just the way it works and it’s way easier.

What do you do every day to feel more aligned so other people’s choices will not move you to directions you don’t want to go? Because people can be influential, especially people that are close to you. It can come in a moment of weakness, somebody tells you something and you make a bad choice. What do you do every day to be more inside your heart, close to your intuition, and not allow other influences to affect you?

A few things that I have been mentioning, but the main one is asking questions like being in question. So if you wake up, here are some questions you can use as soon as you wake up in the morning—who am I today, and what grand and glorious adventures can I have? If I was choosing my reality, what would I choose today, and also, what is my reality and where can I find it?

Use that tool. I briefly mentioned before who does this belong to, and ask every thought, feeling, and emotion that shows up. Ask the question, who does this belong to? If it lightens up, it’s not yours. As a really small example, if you like money, so many people love to invent a problem with money. The next time you know you hear people starting to talk about money—whether it’s family, friends, colleagues—do you start to align and agree with the problem? Are you in allowance of them inventing their own problems and you with your own reality?

Like I said before, we start to choose this team anti-consciousness or team unconsciousness. It’s like we all hold hands together and go, “Okay, we’re in this together.” Well, what if we aren’t in it together? What if we all get to choose our own reality? That’s what creates something greater. Not allowing the brain to go, yes, oh my God, there are so many bills, I’m poor, and the scarcity. My relationship is bad. It’s like no, what if you could be the one that chooses something different that actually chooses what makes you happy?

Most of the time, our worst critic is ourselves. Your thoughts have the power to alter your mood and outlook on life.

On top of that, how did these choices serve you? Sometimes, it’s easier to just sit and complain instead of shifting something.

Is that one of the biggest lies we’ve got that it’s easier to complain? What does it create with you in your body? It doesn’t create anything greater. We’re so used to it, though. Like you said before, we’re so entrained if we complain. Like we’ve briefly mentioned, it’s like what’s going on in the world today. Getting angry, getting cranky, fighting, and all of that are not going to change anything, that only creates conflict. 

My suggestion and what I do and be is if I’m in allowance of all of it, but I don’t stop choosing what works for me. I research and I choose what works for me, but it’s not about putting my hands up and going into a fight. You will not stop me from being me. I will not do what you’re telling me that I should do. I will choose for me and my body always.

How do you increase confidence?

That’s a good question. Start by acknowledging what you’re grateful for with you. Over the years, I’m sure there are so many people who have spoken about that. But even if you start by writing down 5 or 10 things that you’re grateful for of you, like anything—the way you’ve done something, the way you are with your body, the way you move, or the way you are great with cooking, money, or anything. Start writing down what you’re grateful for with you, and then ask to increase that every day. What if you added something every single day?

Start by acknowledging what you’re grateful for.

That’s beautiful. My husband and I got this exercise from Harville Hendrix. Almost every night, we try not to miss a day. We share gratitude and I tell him three things that I appreciate about him, and he tells me three things that he appreciates about me—it’s usually way more than three things. It can be the smallest thing. It can be thank you for doing the dishes, thank you for looking at me that way, thank you for watching the baby—little things because our minds are wired to look for the saber-toothed tiger, to look for danger, and to look for what’s not working.

When we get into a relationship with someone, in the beginning, we look at everything—oh, everything is perfect, they’re just beautiful. Then it changes over time and over the years, and we start to look at the glass half empty, what’s wrong, where’s the danger, and we go into what’s not working. 

So by doing this gratitude exercise, we remember why we are with this person from the beginning. We look at them in a more beautiful way and we appreciate them more. So I like what you said about doing a gratitude exercise with yourself as well, not only with your partner, because I think that our best partner, first and foremost, is ourselves. 

When you get into a relationship, it’s not about the other person is going to be completely about I’m working on myself, I am whole and complete, he or she is whole and complete, and then we come together. We create something beautiful together.

I love that you do that. That’s brilliant. As you talk about it, it’s got such beautiful energy. Gratitude has no judgment. No matter what happened throughout the dayI love that when you guys are lying in bedhey, I’m grateful you did the dishes, I’m grateful for this, or whatever.

Gratitude has no judgment.

That’s what you go to sleep with instead of the laundry list of all the things that you haven’t accomplished yet.

I’m going to extend on this. What I would say is write the gratitude list—write one for your body and one for you, the being. So often, people are either very clued into their body or very clued into their being, and in truth, your body and being, being in total communion, will create far greater. Five things that you’re grateful for with your body, and then five things that you’re grateful for with you. 

What a beautiful way to also increase your immune system this way.

Oh, totally. That’s funny that you say that because recently, I keep getting really in tune with my organs at the moment, and it’s not something you see. I’m really aware of them. I was talking to my massage therapist, I’m like, what do my organs require? I can hear them going, hey, Simone. I was looking at different foods, drinks, and different things that I was digesting. It’s like, okay, buddy, what do you require? Not I’m going to force-feed you this. What are you asking for? Because I could really perceive my organs going, hey, all right, I’m listening. You show me, tell me. 

That’s beautiful. Do you listen a lot to your intuition? What is intuition to you and how do you tune into that voice or whisper?

Intuition, I think we define that as your gut instinct. In truth, it’s what you know. I call it the umbrella theory as well. You know when you go to walk out the door, you see the umbrella, and you think, I should take that and you go, no, it’s not raining. Then later in the day, it starts raining, and you go, damn, I knew. 

One of the things that we would refer to in Access Consciousness is you as an infinite being, which you are an infinite being, we just aren’t choosing it at the moment. You, as an infinite being, have the capacity to perceive, know, be, and receive everything, all energies. When you step into that awareness that you can perceive, know, be, and receive everything, then you hear these whispers and you’ll be like, oh, that, that.

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There are so many places I’ve gone to that you go to a city and instead of going, can you recommend me a restaurant? Which you could do that as well, but ask your body and go, buddy, show me where to eat. I’ve done that so many times and found the most unusual places. 

Really? That’s beautiful. Wow.

Yes, amazing food. Your body’s like, you just go left or right? It’s left. You get a hit, you know. You get to this street and it’s like, go left. To me, that’s like the adventure that you play with your body as well. 

I’m going to do that. That sounds phenomenal.

Good. Most people, when you get to the restaurant, you open the menu. Say someone loves chicken so they’ll try and find the chicken dish, or they go, “I had chicken yesterday so let’s find the fish dish.” That’s so linear. Life is not linear. If your body wants to eat chicken every day, eat chicken every day. If it wants to eat meat, eat it every day, if it wants to be vegetarian, choose that. Choose it based on each day, not what I call this no choice universe of saying, “Oh, I don’t eat meat or I don’t do this.” What if you woke up every day and asked your body so that you’re in total communion?

Wow, that’s humongous.

I was a vegetarian for eight years, but I always said I would eat meat when I wanted to, and I did. I was doing it just from choice every day, not from a necessity. We make so many things a necessity rather than a choice, and then you create that no-choice universe. So when you find that restaurant, ask your body to find you somewhere great to eat, open up the menu—destroy and uncreate all of your points of view—and look at the menu and go, “Body, show me what you’d like.” So often, this occurs for me, and I’m like really, you want that? So I ordered it. 

So often you get one thing on the dish and it’s the broccoli that your body really wanted, the tomatoes, or something like that. Your body knows, and if you start to listen to it, it will show you everything. Your business noise, if you start to listen, it will show you, and that goes back to what we were talking about, the willingness to be out of control.

You’re very connected to being conscious and choices. Do you believe in angels and spirit guides? Do you go there?

Your body knows. If you start to listen to it, it will show you the answers. Click To Tweet

I believe that there are definitely entities and beings that don’t have bodies anymore, absolutely. I can hear them for sure. It’s like I have quite a capacity with them as well. So many people make beings that don’t have a body really significant, and they intend to give them more power and potency than themselves. There is no greater being that can choose for you than you. So you can use them, talk to them, et cetera, but you’re the one that knows. Never ever give your power away to anyone or anything is what I would say. Again, that comes back to don’t trust me, trust you, trust what you know.

How do I know if this is the voice of a being or the voice of my higher self?

I would ask. If you’re going to actually chat to entities, ask for beings of consciousness to show up. There’s a lot of entities who just come and screw with you if you can hear them. It’s like jokesters and pranksters sort of thing. If I ask for beings of consciousness to show up to contribute to me, that’s what I would ask for.

Thank you. Let’s go into manifestation. What is your definition of manifestation?

If you actually look at the definition of it in a dictionary before 1937, it has a different meaning. They changed a lot of meanings of words around 1937.

Also in 2021, you can’t say a lot of things.

Exactly. That’s very true. Manifestation means how something shows up, not that it shows up. I see people go, I’d like to manifest this. Well, no. Let’s use money, I’d like to manifest more money. Well, you’re actually asking for how that shows up rather than what I would look at is you have a choice. Well, question, first of all. If you ask a question, what would it take for more money to show up, okay? 

Choice creates awareness.

Then you have a choice. Choice creates awareness. What action can you take today that would actualize something different showing up, some more money showing up, greater finances, or more ease with finances? It doesn’t necessarily have to be more money in the bank account, it could just be that you don’t have a judgment of your money anymore. It’s like you just have ease with it. So to me, it’s about the actualization of what shows up. Manifestation is how something shows up.

Did you ever manifest things into a reality that were shocking to you, that you never even imagined that you can? How did you do that?

That’s an interesting question. Not shocking to me, but shocking to others. My mother always used to say to me, you always choose things that are going to shock everyone. To me, I was choosing, but for her, I was so out of control in her world that she couldn’t control me that it was shocking. Whereas to me I was just choosing it, whatever it is. 

If I ask for something, request something, a lot of the times it shows up. I would say I’ve had a pretty colorful, different life than most, but I’ve also probably made more bad choices than most people have made choices. I haven’t gone, “Oh, now I failed. I can’t do that anymore.” It’s like, well, okay, that was an interesting choice, now, what am I going to choose? And sort of got back up and started walking again. You might stumble and fall, but what are you got to choose now? Get back up. Okay, dust yourself off. That was interesting. 

Do you have a process for manifesting? 

It really is being in question, and then one of the clearing statements that we’re using to Access Consciousness, which you can find out more about it on theclearingstatement.com. It’s like asking a question. Everything that doesn’t allow this to show up with total ease, joy, and glory, destroy, and uncreate it. The clearing statement is right and wrong, good and bad and beyond, which is about going everywhere that you’ve decided something is right, good, bad, perfect, correct.

It’s like getting a computer and just pressing the delete button on everything so that you can have something different show up. If you look at your computer—all the programs and everything, all the platforms, everything you’ve got open—if you look at that as an analogy that that’s everyone else’s point of view and then just went delete, delete, delete, delete, and clean it all, then what would you choose? Because as we’ve been mentioning throughout this chat is that we pick up on so many other people’s points of view, so ask. The mantra of Access Consciousness is all about life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory. 

I love that because it’s the good, the bad, and the ugly because sometimes there’s some really hairy stuff that shows up in life. How are you going to deal with it? All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory. You don’t have to create trauma and drama around something. What if you could ask for the ease with it, the joy, and the glory with it.

How do you handle difficult situations, challenges in your life? What’s your internal dialogue?

All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory.

It really depends on what it is. My first thing would be two things I’ve been mentioning is to not judge what is showing up. Like if I wasn’t judging it, what else is valuable, which is a question. Asking two of my favorite questions, if something shows up and you’re like, oh my goodness. What’s right about this that I’m not getting? For 17 years, I’ve been traveling 10 months of the year. Yeah, everywhere.

Crazy. Difficult. That’s not easy.

Yeah, I know, but actually loving it. Then I was in Budapest, Hungary in March 2020, and funnily enough, I was doing a class there and every time we had a break or lunchtime, I get this hit—I just want to go home, I want to go home. Why do I want to go home? That is what I’m talking about, those whispers. I went into judgment, do I not want to do what I’m doing anymore? What is this? All of a sudden, all these announcements came out and we got the last flight out of Budapest to Australia and came home. I’ve been home ever since.

I came home, and we have these classes. Our business is being very set up on Zoom forever, so we were very set up for that. I had two weeks of self-quarantine in my home and then we did classes. At the end of two weeks, I sat on my couch and I was like, now, what do I do? Then, Australia went into lockdown. There are no restaurants, none of these. So I had to be in question of what’s next? 

I live in a really beautiful area across the road from the beach. There’s a lot of native trees, native birds—everything. I actually sat down and wrote down on an Excel spreadsheet—business, money, relationships, sex, bodies, and geography. I wrote down all of these topics because I want to have a look, what is it that I’m asking for? I have to be at the moment at home, what is it that I truly want with business, money, relationships? I have just broken up with a relationship 18 months prior. I started looking at that going, do I want another relationship because you do this on and off. 

What I’ve broken down for myself I went, oh, there are aspects of relationships I really enjoy, but do I actually want to stop living with someone again? Not really, not at the moment. And then looking at sex as well because people put relationship and sex together all the time, but it’s not. They happened to hold hands together, but you can still have sex without a relationship and vice versa. 

So, I started to look at all these areas, and really question myself on what it is that I desire for me. This whole COVID thing—or the pandemic as we’re calling it—what’s right about it that I’m not getting? There’s been a whole lot of gifts showing up for me personally, and we need to start looking at that too. What’s the gift of COVID? What is the change to you that you haven’t been willing to acknowledge? Now, what do I choose? Do you know what I mean? 

What is the change to you that you haven’t been willing to acknowledge?

I’ve seen businesses around me that have really struggled, but really look outside what they are doing, and there are other businesses who have just flourished because they’ve sat down and gone, okay, things have changed, what are we going to change? They changed with it and created something different. It’s so awesome to see people change. When something gets thrown across your path, are you going to run ahead onto it, or are you going to ask some questions and see what else are you capable of that you have not yet chosen? 

If you ride the waves, then you can move forward. But if you just sit and say, oh there is a wave here, what can I do about it? I don’t like it. I don’t want the wave, the wave will hit you. 

Exactly. That’s a really good analogy for me because we’ve got a really good surf break. You got to choose, you can’t just get slammed or you will get slammed, so am I going over this wave, under this wave? How am I handling this? 

You got lots of gifts from COVID. Your business, a better extension, and it made you even connect more to what you choose and who you are as a person in this whole situation.

Like I said, I’ve traveled for so long, done seminars all around the world, somewhere that became an expectation to come to our city, our country. I did a live class the last two days just where I live here. God, it was so nice to have bodies there, hug someone, and be there. We also had the online aspect as well. One of the areas that really opened up with access is the Middle East, and so many people have been here saying, thank you so much for doing so many classes online. 

Saudi Arabia, that wasn’t on my list to go there, but they’ve had access to us. You really have to look at what has changed, that is the greatness. I don’t know about where you live, but God, the earth just flourished. If we have not to travel for a couple of months a year for the earth to regenerate itself, I’m in. Not from COVID, from let’s work with the earth. When I’ve written those different columns down—business, money, relationship, blah, blah, blah—the one thing that really came very true for me was that I would like to be more in communion with the earth. 

I also had to acknowledge how in communion I already was and then also to beat that even more. A lot of my friends joke with me now, because they’re like, “Can you have too many indoor plants?” I’m like, “No. I have so many it just looks like a jungle.” I love it. I wake up and you can hear the plants being like, morning. I have all these native trees outside, and native birds Australian birds are there as well.

For me too. We were in LA, we spent nine months in Israel, and now we’re in Florida. Right now we are in a temporary place in Florida, but it’s beautiful. It’s on a lake and I see—I don’t know how many birds I’ve seen a day—different types of birds that I have never seen before, and reptiles. We have a duck family in the backyard, it’s just so beautiful. 

Three tips: stop judging you, be in allowance of you, and be in question and have way too much fun.

One thing that happened to me during COVID is I want to be connected to the earth. I need to have my feet on the ground and I want a garden. I want a garden, I want to make stuff, and I want to make soap. I just want to make things that are for myself, for my family that are less processed, more of the earth. That is one of the blessings that came to me throughout this experience. 

Seriously, I’ve got a big smile on my face right now. It almost brings tears to my eyes to hear that because of that beauty and that gratitude, and I’m going to say the elegance of living. What if that’s the gift that all of this has been? I love too when you say make soup and grow things because that’s what I’ve been doing too. 

Two years ago I would’ve said I can’t cook. That would’ve definitely been my reality. Then I came home and was like, I can do salads, cook a steak and chicken, but there’s only so much of that you can eat. My ex was a really, really fabulous cook and he’s living in Texas now. I kept ringing him going, “How did you cook that, how did you cook this?” Now, I’m great at cooking, I’m totally enjoying it. One of my favorite things to do now—in the kitchen, cook with some music on, pour a glass of wine. It’s lovely.

Do you know what’s funny? I didn’t say “soup,” I said “soap,” to wash your body with. I didn’t pronounce it correctly, but I like making soup too. Do you know what happened to me in the kitchen? I started making challah bread. I cook well, but I don’t bake. I started making really good challah bread if I may say so myself. It’s pretty good and I love it. It’s tasty.

What if we no longer had I don’t or I can’t in our reality? What if that was the choice? If I say I don’t cook, and you say I don’t bake. Well, no. What if we are capable of everything, and it’s just a choice we need to choose? 

Yes, beautiful! I really thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with you, Simone. You are so much fun, and you are very wise. It was a pleasure and honor. Thank you for being here.

Thank you. I enjoyed it.

Before we say goodbye, for now, I have two questions for you. What are your three top tips to live a stellar life? The second one is where people can find you?

Three tips are: stop judging you, be in allowance of you, and be in question and have way too much fun. 

Where can people find me? You can go to simonemilasas.com. If you Google Simone Milasas, I’ve never found another Simone Milasas. I’ve got a good name for that. That’s my Instagram, that’s my Facebook, that’s my website, that’s my everything, so it’s very easy.

Beautiful. Simone, thank you so much. Thank you for being here, and thank you for this beautiful conversation.

Thank you for being you. I’m really grateful and very honored. Thank you.

Thank you and thank you, listeners. Remember, stop judging yourself, live in allowance, allowing yourself just to be, questioning everything and even your thoughts, and have fun. Remember that life comes to you with ease, joy, and glory. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Always find something that sparks interest and nourishes your soul. That way you’ll never get bored. Resources are abundant, and there’s always something new as long as you face each day with a curious mind. 
{✓} Spend more time outdoors in nature. Get some much-needed vitamin D from the sun, breathe fresh air, and just enjoy the tranquility around you. This calming and therapeutic activity can help keep you grounded. 
{✓} Stay aware of your inner thoughts and patterns. Most of the time, our worst critic is ourselves. Your thoughts have the power to alter your mood and outlook. Try your best to keep a healthy mindset. 
{✓} Listen closely to your body. The best way to be kind to yourself is to take care of your body. And love involves a lot of discipline. You have to watch what you eat, use, and do to yourself to be in the healthiest shape. 
{✓} Evaluate the choices you make in life. Are they helping expand your consciousness? Are they being made with positive intentions? Are they serving your greater good?
{✓} Change your perspective about scarcity. Life is full of choices and opportunities, even when you feel stuck. Of course, there will be struggles, but there will also always be a way out. 
{✓} Manifest the life of your dreams. There is so much power in visualization. If your brain can grasp it, you’re already halfway to your destination. 
{✓} Spend time clearing your space once in a while. Declutter your mind, your house, and your relationships if they no longer serve you. This makes more room for better opportunities.
{✓} Find the gift in everything. Access your consciousness and learn more about it when you visit Simone Milasas’ website.

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